The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 18, 1924 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Tuesday, November 18, 1924
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VAGE TWO. B. - THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. l-lSMIThR For Thanksgiving IMPORTED SMYRNA FIGS 50c lb. FRUIT CAKE BULK POPCORN 3 lbs. 25c GnDER YOUR TURKEY NOW Fresh Shipment NEW CROP NUTS Swift's Premium Mams P er Pound by the ham SMALL PIG HAMS Phone 1500 7 South Main I GROCERYRMARKEJJ PICKED UP AROUND TOWN Bernard Leo has gone to SaHna •where, lie has accepted a position with a drug company. Itay llngcmnnslfr anil W. K. Palton, of McNaghlcu's wont to Abilene on business yesterday. Charles LiUk', employee at the T. M. C. A, has returned to work nftor a week's confinement in the Gince hospital. J".. K. Brown, Missouri Pacific as"nt, rotnrn"(i yetUcrday from Kansas City where ho visited over tlio week end. Mrs. Chas. Oliver of this city left yrfttertlay evening for Los Angeles to spend the wlnttr with hor daughter, Mrs. Kffie Kleiner. 'The Young People's society of the Zlon I.miieran church will hold n Thanksgiving social tonight in tho church social rooms. Miss Hazel Chamber., ami brother, Robert, went to Lawrence t > tend the football gains today, and fr. j i. ..) wjnt to J n City to spend Sunday. * Tho homo missionary society of the Church of God wll meet this evening at o'clock at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Miller, &20 Second avo. east. -Miss Edna Martins, 3 Atwood Flats, who Is employed at the florn- limiL-li.Wiley Store, has been confined to her home for the past week on account of sickness. Uev. 3. S. Miller and his wife of this city, left yesterday evening for l.ns Angeles where they will spend the winter with their dktightcr and Jut husband, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. G. Affile TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1M4 LINCOLN SCHOOL TO BE OPENED TO PUBLIC TONIGHT Special Program Will Be Given by Pupilt of the School LUNCHEON TOMORROW Chamber of Commerce to Have Weekly Luncheon at New Building. Tonight's program of Hutchinson's Educational Weak observance will hn held ut the Lincoln school, the handsome new grado school building on South Maple street. Ton!*;- tho new building will be formally dedicated and opened to tro f:'*neral public. The program will start at 8 p. hi., nnd will be given by the pupilB of Lincoln school. A W. McCnndlesa, prosi- flrnt of the board of education will preside. To Present Building. Don Sloan, supervisor of high school music will have charge of the musical numbers. Tho new building will be formally presented to the community by Judge Chas. Pulton on behalf of the bontd of education. The responso for the people of the community will be made by Judge R. P. B. Wilson. Mayor Walter F, Jones, on behalf of the city commission, Chas. Colladay, for the Chamber of Commerce and Prof. R. A- Schwegler, of Kansas university, will make brief remarks. Luncheon Tomorrow. Tomorrow noon the business men of Hutchinson will have opportunity to see the children 'n their classes In the new buildinsr, for the mid-week luncheon of the Chamber of Commerce will be held thero tomorrow noon. After the luncheon school classes will be visited. Dean Schwegler, of Kansas university will make a brief address at the luncheon. W. Y. Morgan, editor of the Hutchinson News-Herald, will preside. At the luncheon groups of children from Lincoln school will give a demonstration showing tho objectives of education. Organize a Co-Op Club at McPherson HOM^ DEMONSTRATION LEADERS IN TRAINING. The Reno county home demonstration leaders attended a training school which was held at tho court licuisu today. Mrs. Margaret Allard, retention home demonstration ex- Jurt from the Kansas State Agricultural college was In charge. Thero wero ton leaders here from various parts of the country. Members of the Cooperative club motored to McPherson last evening to organize a club In that city. Those who went were: Ray Street, er, president; Emerson Carey, vice president; Rev. M. L. Kain,. secretory; J. TT. Hausam, director; A. C. Hedrlck, treasurer; M. P. Ryan, sergeant at arms and Frank Colladay. Dinner was served at the Union hotel nnd 2a McPherson men were present, Paul Wl lis, of Kansas City, Mo., International third rice I president, presided as tem-irary ' Frank K. Bonnoy, also of Kansas City international president explained the objectives of the club. Talks were made by Ray Streeter, Father Kain nnd Emerson Carey. Bakers of .--col land have a Bakery students' Scholarship ftiud which provides 5500 to the pupil •who excels as a baksr and <in his general education. RAILROAD TIME TABLE I" i~ 7— 31 — «[>— fil- 67- 4l»- SANTA FC Westbound Trains Arrive* Tho S POU I C:Jo pro Calit. JJiniUni .. pin Colo, Excess &:"() pin rttrgo Kxprf .^B . 3:;.n pm The N HVUJO .... 4:tr, ; ,m Colo. Kasi Mull., 'HUU am Local IMK.H 4 : lu pni Local Vasa. (Kx Sun.) Pfi.«H<*nfr'-f S;20 am U A fi 1 'aBB. (South) EactbouncJ Trains Arrlv-s The Navujo , Calif. •/.United; •Oiii'UBo Tho -K C. liver J'jlhri.Dr'T , L., ;it Pass • ]! .12: .. pin ..11 :3. r t uin ..1!:-'(' prn .. S:f-f) mil t .l":^Tj am ...Ji inn ;,Hi:HJ jmi .. cm pm Departs 7:0.^ pir. 3:3S iur. [t :&0 pm pm 4 toll am 3: UM an. •{•[10 inn y; 1 ii ft nr 9:00 arn 12:50 pm 2: li> l>» 11 -lu »m 11 :W prr. y '1., nn ID'.D piv. ex. Sun. ,Na' 7 iiu«'n not carry itu^-i-tigem. ROCK ISLAND. Easthound. No. 1 - fi.-jMon Plate Limited.. < \tiif')i iilitii , 3U— l.'Xnl I'.ii s'-n^-'r Westbound I\'n. ;j—Or.lflt'D tftuto Lini!ii*d 1~ (;a!!fofrui!i Sit— Liu'iii PiisBfneer ..... M-Lcra' Kri^.tiht fcy—Lucal Krt 'lfc'lit THE DAILY RECORD Deeds. N. K. WTMnRix to J. A. HodSf. W 50 ft let ?,2 nil M hk i Ellsworth & Lawn on add Hutchinson s 1.00. J;utio* II. Wolf to AmiatKCI* Martin™, lots S3 32 34 bk 1 on & Tewki- bury add Huti:Mnson Jt.OftO. Hime to same, lots 35 :;tf lik 1 Ott &. 'IVtvlialnirys. :idd IIutr:h[i :.srin $1.00. n. N. Ueldon to J. II. Knlr, SEV1 S-'.!I-3 W of SEH i-'JI -s SWil 4-22-S W'a of SWVi 10-22-9 il.00. J. A. Peters to Ktnnley narrott, M' SS ft tract 24 AVoudblna Heights add Hutchinson $1.00. W. s. Hamby to Samuel G. Dero- orut, lot 1 sub illv lot 1 bk 3 & E 3 ft lot IS bk 3 Nelson add Hutchinson $1 "0. W, E. Woodson to Bert E. Mltchner. W'j lot 9 & all 10 11 15 13 bk 4 Slmnks lfat add Hutchinson $1.00. Marriage Licenses. 3aw.iv i.. K«-!n. 21, Hutchinson, and l.l*/!r HtutT.tnnti. "3. Haven. Sl-phi'n J. Hubboll, 21. Burrton. and Coberly. Zl. Hutchinson. l'r.iiiit .Tatm-s Hcno, 3S, Hutr.hlnson, nnd Nellie Kidlur, 28. Wichita. More/Producers In the Burbank Sand Wlnfleld, Kan.. Nov. IS.—Detmer No. i nnd Herman No. 1, both two miles east of Winfleld. are showing all indications of making TM MR DARK WITH SAGE TEA Departs , .11 :u<) ii tn ,. luiiv tun .. ;im lVparta .. 3:41) pic .. H:;,:, am .. l»:;oi pm . .VJ -4^ nm ,. l '-*45 pni Westbound, Kn, DoiiiiMs 4t-': -I'iissonKor 9:?rj;im 4111—I'.-ov'ii'nt.'er 3:12 l>m 4'J3—1-,'xn] FrctKht 11:45 am Eastbound. No. Doivtns -tit—Pn-pongi?r 1:07 pm 444 —IhiBs.-nb'er 3:1V pm 4!ii;—J-oual Ficisht 10:05 urn ARKANSAS VALLEY INTERURBAN 1,1'llVi /^ r ii>al ... t >:-0 am *,n at ... 7:4:, tun Wmlted . »:-" am J >ji -.'it .,.]«:-'.'. win ..imtti.^. .li:4„ aic )j<<c:t\ ... 1: ,,; > I'm Umlled.. -":.'0 pm LiniUn-d. l.uca) .. l .'i ,:;il .. I.united. J .ot-iii .. 1.' l .i pin 4:20 inn 5:10 tun tl:2j ptn 7:50 VI n y :-to put .11:40 inn Local Lifal i im- .lUM'.'i atr Limltiid .H:'.'0um l.ocul ...12'4;*» pm 1:4ti pm ]j|>liliea t.'.,-ill .. 1,1 ill I tod Local ., Limited ; Local . L,oc:il . Limited Local . Locul , 3-20 pm . 4:1S pm . ,'i::t,'i tmi . ti:18 pin . 7::>li pin . S:to pm . »:ti0 tun ,!!:&& pm l:tiO am All traJns nio Dally TiabiH una arr IhrijiiFb tralna between Hulchlnson mill Wichita, and nil trains mono dl- ici't ctiiiuiH-llonti at Van Aradale lor Nuwtun. Kan. If Mixed with Sulphur Darkens so Nst'irally Noboby can Tell. It Tho old-time mixture or Sage Ten and Sulphur for dttrltenins pray, etroaked and faded hair is lirapilinother's recipe, and folks are :ij :al :i u.-in:: It to keep their hair n Rood, oven color, which Is ipilto sensible, as we aro living in an iige when n youthful appearance is of tho greatest advantage. NowadayH, though, we don't have Ihe troublesome task ot Katherlug tho ,«ago nnd the mussy mixing at home. All drutj stores sell the rendy-louso product improved by the addition of other iptuodienls, called "YVyoth's Sage and Sulphur Compound." it Is very popular because nobody cau dUcoier It has boon npplled. Simply moisten your comb or a soft brush with It and draw this through your hair, taking one small strand at a time; by mornlnj! the uray hair disappears, but what delights the Indies with Wyeth's Sa;:e and Sulphur Compound Is that bealdes beautifully darkening tho hair after a few applications, it also produces that soft lustre and appenranco of abundance which 1 b so attractive. OUT OUR WAY "ThAEFATTtO CALF AND PROOMSAk-. Clw IY mu s^wics. isc J fine producers in the Burbank sand today. The J. A. Hull company is drill!n>? into the sand, topped ct 29S9 feet, on the Detmer No. 4 which is located In the southeast ot tho north half of the southwest 24-32•1. At noon today 250 feet of oil was standing in the well, with a little showing of gas. However oil men said that the big pay was yet to be picked up. North of the field the Marlatl Oil company struck oil at 2993 feet on tho Llerman No. 1 in the southeast of the south half of the southwest of 13-244. Today the five Inch pipe was being run with 5f>0 feet of oil standing in the wi :!l. The well will be brought In tonight or tomorrow morning. The Chevrolets Are Almost As Bad A» the "Lizzies" A Cherrelet is a Chevrolet according to Lewis Bainter, whether bis hns n motor meter on it or not. At least that is how it happened that his mother, Mrs. A. H. Bainter and T. E. Foster reported to police the theft of their Chevrolet touring cars. Mr. Foster, of Foster and Main clothing store, parked his car outside the Stanley hotel this noon while he went in to lunch. Lewis Bainter, a son of Mrs. A. H. Bainter. office secretary of the Red Crosa parked his right along side of Mr. Foster's. Both were Chevrolet touring cars, but the Bainter car had a motor meter. On return- lug to his car the Bainter hoy took tho Foster car by mistake and none tho wiser, left It for his mother outside the Bed Cross Tooms. It so happened that both owners ot the cars had to walk home and each reported the theft to the police who began to surmise a good joke. They got on tho trail and before long the mix up was straightened up and the cars returned to their owners. Miss Vada Holm and .Miss Hejen Wyler were initiated iu'o the A. O. U. W. lodge at the regular meeting last night. Tho members of ' the building committee for tho new Masonic tomple decided last ulght at the regular meeting of the Reno Chapter No. 34 to make their report at the homecoming meeting Thursday nlghl, ot this week. A program and refreshments will be prepared for all thoso who attend.the homecoming that evening. The party scheduled last night for the members of the Knights of Columbus and their families in the K. of C. hall has been postponed indefinitely. Joe Rauh iwho had charge of the program waa called (6 Dallas, Texas on business and will not return until some tlroe tomorrow. Tonight is past matron night for the chapter of Eastern Star with Mrs. Edward Crocker presiding i worthy matron. A program will be given and refreshment* will bo served at tho close of the evening. A number of candidates will be initialed and the donations to the fruit shower will ho received. GRIDIRON CLUB HEARS ABOUT DAWES PLAN MINISTERS AND LAYMEN TO MEET District Conference of United Brethren Churches Here Thursday. A district convention of ministers and laymen of the United Brethren ohurches of this district will be held in Hutchinson Thursday at the Calvary U. B. church, corner of Avenue A and Monroe streets. Rev. and Mrs. C. L. JlUler, ot Pleasant Grove will be the chorister nnd pianist for the day. A Christian Endeavor rally of the young people will be held in the evening. The orchestra of the First TJ. d. church, Hutchinson, the Pleasant Grove church choir and quartet and others will furnish »pc:lal music. The program a announced as follows: 10:30 a. m. Quiet Hour, led by Mrs. F. Hern of Cavalary church. 10:50—"Proprram for the New Year" by 'V7. H. Hedden of Sylvia. • 11:20—Sermon by T. D. Halbert ot Petisacola. Dinner. L:00 p. m., "Meditations," led by Ouy Matlock of Pleasant Grove. 2:15—"W. H. A. InEvangelbm." By Mrs. E. A. Hoof of Hutchinson Kim. 2:45—"Evangelism In the S. K." t>y S. E. Veacli of St. John. 3:16—"Biblical Methods of Evangelism," by W. T. Snyder of Calvary. 3:45—-Bustneps. C. E. Rslly. 7:30—Sons Service, conducted by Walter Harris, Choi-later of Pleasant Grove and Miss Dora Kltngman, pianist of West Salem. 8:00—Syhiposlum on Evangelism: (each speaker limited to five minutes.) "Tho C. E. aa an Evangelistic Force," by Harmon Harrison, president of Calvary Local. "Preparation of C. E. Members for Evangelism," by Mcs. Mlna Klncatu of Pleasant Grove Local. "C. K. and Music In Evangelism," by Miss Dora ICllngtnan of West Salem Local. "Plaeo of Prayer in C. E. Evangelism," by Mrs. Audry Dame's of Hutchinson First Local. "C. E. and Personal Work in Evan- peiism," by Miss Anna Oak of Pensa- t-ola Local. "C E. Co-operating with the Pastor In Evangelism," by John Marshall ot yylvla Local. "Resume," by E. E., McAfcrty. each township and community after the total cost per vote has been calculated. FARMER COMES OUT OF KINKS IN FINE SHAPE Exodu* from Farms Caused by Agriculture's Blow. SUFFERED BIG LOSS Big Business On the Santa Fe Now Buying long-distance tickets on the Santa Fe la the tall and winter business ot • great many folks, from tie look* of the crowded trains to California and tho West. It also shows tn the extra service east-bound as well. Every day the Santa Fe has two sections of" Its California limited train both east and west, because ot the large amount of tra-el to tho Pacific coast and also to the East. In addition No». 1 and 9 have n bli bunch of customers for California every day. Local trains are not doing nearly as much as a tew years ago but tie through services are filled about all of the time by people who make the long trips across the country. Colorado travel IB not as large as during the Bummer months but trains Nos. 5 and 11, west bound, and 6 and 12 east bound are popular ones even at thla season. But at Last, Says President Barrett, of National Farmers Union, the Rainbow. Oklahoma City, Okla., Nov. IS.— For four years the farmers of the country have suffered cruelly and sustained losses which can only be absorbed In their capital account, but they nre now coming out ot tho depression. President Charles S. Barrett declared In bis annual address her% today before the National Farmers' Union. A 140,000,000,000 lost was suffered by agriculture »lnce 1920-21, and in a single year 1,200.000 farm­ ering peoplo were driven from their homes and forced to take refuge In the city, he declared. Exodus from Farm. Those facts constitute the real reason for the exodus from the farms nnd explain, be said, why many state and county officials have found It so difficult to collect taxes during the last t four years and way there have been so many foreclosures. "It is clear that'In some manner our own federal government has been to blame," Mr, Barrett asserted. "Jt dismantled Its war production machinery without making provision for readjustments; but It encouraged tanners to continue their maximum efforts of production even Into the crop of 1920. Then came the tear at Washington ot Inflation tendencies. Then the Crash. "That was followed by s drastic depression policy inaugurated by the federal reserve board. Then the crash came. On top of this came the raising of freight rates for which the federal govej-nment was responsible and which put the farmers of the middle west at a great disadvantage by forcing them to pay peak prices to transport products whose value had shrunk alarmingly." The Farmers National Union 's co-operative enterprises in many states are in a flourishing condition, Mr, Barrett to!d the convention. The nature and volume of business turnover in grain elevators, warehouses, wholesale organizations, insurance and livestock associations Is enormous. TO PROVIDE CHRI3TMA8 TREAT FOR POOR The Hutchjnson Salvation Army succeeded in raising a fund of f3ii2 In the Saturday tag day campaign tor the carrying on of charitable enterprises. Some of that fund will be used in jrovlding a Christmas treat for the poor children of the city, according to Ensign W. F. Nevitt. Honors Thrust On Pawnee Co. Woman Lamed, Kan., Nov. 18—Although women office holders are scarce In this part of tho state, Mrs. Fannie Christian of Rozel, Grant township, finds herself In tho predicament of being elected to two offices. The official count of the recent election shows that she was chosen for the offices both of township justice of the peace and constable. The honor* thus thrust upon Mrs. Christian, who did not know she was a candidate for either place, are recognized as the result of a joke perpetrated by her friends. On Hallowe'en Mfs. Christian saw to It that the town was properly policed to prevent work of pranksters. Her effort was successful for that specific occasion, but one the following night, when no special officers were on tho job, the town was turned topsyturvy. Mrs. Christian's friends conspired to place the responsibility for law enforcement upon her, and with one accord, wrote In her name on the ballot for the two township officers. The. "Dawes Plan" was tho subject which was taken up for discussion at tho : gular i..eetlng of the Cridiron club last nu;ht at the Ilorabnusli-Wllcy Tea room. Bert Mitchner was the principal speaker of tho evening. Richard Hall presided. A poetical contest between thoso present waB a featuru ot tho program. The Colored HIY. The colored Hl-Y club will meet this evening at tho V. SI. C. A. A. A. Remington will slve a talk on education In tho home, following up the regular Ut-Y education pro gram. Suddenly Stricken While On a Visit Leonard H. Johnston, aged ti years, of Eldorado died suddenly last night at the borne of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cox in Little Valley township, McPherson county, Mr. and Mrs. Johnston had been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Cox, who were relatives, and the heart attack which proved fatal, came on suddenly. Short services will be held tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cox, the body will be taken to Eldorado for burial. He Is survived by his wife and several children. They Punished Neighbor's Boy As a result ot the old folks tak lng the part of their children In a neighborhood kid squabble, E. E, Kilmor and his wife of 101 Seventh avenue west are under arrest, charged with assault and battery, It is alleged that they punished a neighbor boy, who Is claimed to have pushed their children off bicycle. They took the lad down to A. B. Leigh, probation officer's office, where the boy agreed to behave. The case against Mr. and Mrs. Kilmer will be tried this evening In police court. ADDITIONAL SPORT Haskell Indians Lose Star Players Lawrence, Kan., Nov. IS.—The Haskell Indian football team paid for its victory over Brown with the loss of Fullback John Levi and Quarterback Carpenter tor the remainder of the season, it became known today. Both men were Injured In the game with Brown and Coach Hanley said today their In Juries would keep them out of the two remaining games on the Haskell schedule. The Indians will leave here Thursday on their last trip of the season. They will play Butler College at Indianapolis Saturday and St. Xavier at Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day. ROASTERS Turkey is cheaper than chicken— SEE US FOR ROASTERS Complete Line. Priced $105 to $&SQ Our Motto: Quality First, thsn Pries— ana the Price Is Right! HOSKINS & YOUNG HARDWARE—TIN SHOP (Home of FRONT RANK FURNACE) Phone 3752 22 West First Prize Fighter Is Under Arrest After "Knockout" Los Angeles, Nov. 18.—Fred Fulton, heavyweight prize figuter, who "took the count" after 35 seconds in the ring last night at Culver Cits/, near here, with Tony Fuente, Mexican heavyweight, was arrested today and rushed to the district attorney's office for examination. Manhattan High In Special Car The Manhattan high school foot- bail club and boosters are to have a special car to Hutchinson over the Rock Island on the eveulng of 'Wednesday Nov. 3G, bringing in the team and followers for the game the next day with Hutchinson high. The special car will arrive at 6:20 p. m. via Herington. WHIPPED PUG ONCE DIDN'T BLUFF COPS COURT OF HONOR TO JUDGE THE SCOUTS The Boy Scout court of honor will meet this evening at Scout headrjunrters In Convention hall Pt 7:00 o'clock to Judge first class and merit badge scouts. Members of tho court of honor are: J. \V. Gowons, Henry Pegues, William Roddick, Dr. G. A. Chick- erirnt, Clover Colladay, John Starr, H. W. Davis, W. M. Sldllngor and R, S. Himniin. —^ __„ w Allow Election Bills. Tlio county commissioners were busy today in allowing the claims for the expense of the election. The bills will all he paid by the county, the cotsts will be charged back to Thomas Pollock. 412 Fourth east, tailed In his effort to bluff Detective Benjamin and Prohibition' Officer James Robinson, when they arrl\ed at hla house this noonsto arreBt him for violation of tho bone (IBry law. When the officers entered the house Pollock swore at them and intimated that if they valued their lives, they had better leave him alone, He even told of bavins whipped a prize fighter once. The officers weren't at nil scarfed. They then took him to the police station. Auditing Books. O. Holford, representative of the Holford-Clayvllle Auditing Co.. or Topeka Is auditing the fee books ot the county pfficials, Including the sheriff, county clerk, clerk ot court, county attorney, probate judge and register of dooojs, MURRAY HULBERT HEADS AMATEUR ATHLETIC UNION, (By The Associated Press) Atlantic City, N. J., Nov. 18—The Amateur Athletic Union ot its closing session today elected Murray Hulbert of New York, as president to Bucceed William C. Proufc, of Boston, selected Pittsburgh as tho 1925 convention city and approved two sprinting records, one by Louis Clarke, and the other by Charley Paddock, after a spirited controversy. We Close All Day ving Next week we will have six days work to do in five. In order to maintain our high standard work and service we ask your co-operation at this time. Send us your laundry and dry cleaning as early as possible. Phone 107 or 108 ' American Steam Laundry Hutton & Oswald, Props. Hutchinson, Kansas Hutchinson Baker} 7 & Confectionery INVITES YOU TO COME IN SUBURBAN DAY Caramel Rolls 25c each Wednesday Only ......... Fruit Butter Rolls, doz. ....................... ...40c Wednesday Only, per dot. ,.»v«. 2|)£ 24 N. Main Phone 81 WANT MORE GRAND STAND AT FAIR State Fair Board to Ask Legislature for $200,000 for This Purpose. EXTEMPORANEOUS TALKS AT TEN POINTCLUJ. The Ten Point Club held its regular meeting last night at the Y. M. C. A- with W. V: O'Connel), instructor In dramatic art nnd public speaking at the Senior high school presiding. Kach member was required to give u three minute talk on a subject which was OS: signed by some othor member. The speeches were entirely extemporaneous as the subjects wore assigned by tho preceding speaker Just as ba cloaad hla own SDsech. The board of directors of the Kansas State Fair at tho meeting held in Topeka yesterday after considering the needs of the Fair, decided to ask the coming legislature for an appropriation of $200,000 ror a new steel grand stand to seat 10,000 people at the Htuchlnson grounds. All of the members of the board, Including President H. S. Thompson ot Sylvia and secretary A. L. Sponsler of Hutchinson, attended the meeting there. In the Reports made at this session It was shown that the fair had made a profit of (12,000 this year as compared with a loss ot •7,000 last year. The needs oi new grand stand room, to help take care of the needs ot the visitors was quite apparent. DEATHS AND FUNERALS | AN AGED ARLINGTON WOMAN IS OEAC Carmack act can bo begun in states by attaching tho property of a nonresident railroad company, the supreme court ruled today. Threw^ Himself In Front of Train Wichita, Kari., Nov. IS.—Dan Blesslngton, 21, Wichita youth, commltteed sucide within a block of his home bore by throwing himself (n front of the Sunflower Special ot the Missouri Pacific. Parts of his body were scattered for 100 feet along the right-of-way. One hand clutching his hat was found 70 feet from the scene of the tragedy. Several persons who. witnessed tho tragedy say the man had been walking up and down the railroad track for more than an hour before the train approached, and when It wos almost upon him threw hlmsslf directly In front of the engine. Despondency from unemployment is believed to have prompted the act. Knot Hols Gang. Lawrence, Nov. 18.—A "harmonica ensemble" Is one of tho recent activities of the Knot Hole Gang, a local organization of small boys. A number ot mouth-organ, clubs have been formed by the hoys. Mrs. Lucy Norris, 71 years o: age, a resident of Arlington for the past twelve yearB died last night at her home. She is a pio neer resident of Kansas having lived many years at Newton prior to moving to Arlington. She is survived by three cbll dren, Mrs. May Elliott of Arlinc. ton; Rollie Norris of Newton am Thomas Norris of Black Rock, Ark URGE THE NUMBERINB \ OF ALL THE STORES FOR ALL A&S Many think cod-liver oil U mainly useful for children. The fact is Scott's Emulsion to those of any age is a strength-maker that is worth Its weight in gold. Take Scott's Emulsion. Scott a Bowse. Bloomfitld, W, 1. IH The city commissioners have been petitioned by the Hutchinson Exchange club to take some action to make property ownors see that their houses or business hulldlni;s are properly numbered and that the street corners which are not marked be marked. The members of the club passed a resolution to that effect at the regular meeting last nlgbt at the Rose Room of the Stainey hotel, May Attach Property. Washington, Nov. 18.—Suits in attachment proceedings under the PISOS , /•" coughs Qmitk iblM 1A pluuni C S K H V * tyiua. •v. 35c >ui60c ilui _ M Aad ««nwll» UM Pisa's — itou sad dust .Look for mo tomorrow night; I'll Iiayo something Interesting to say.

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