Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 21, 1961 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 21, 1961
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e 1 wo h o p I r A R Hurt I < j A Wednesday, June 2i, They Just Didn't Watch Pay TV LITTLE ROCK (API - Vvnllcr Elliott of Toronto, n prol'cssionnl poll-taker testified today (lint 34 to 49 per cent of pay television owners in Toronto watched no pay TV programs during Uvo recent survey periods. Elliott appeared before (lie Arkansas Public -Service Commis- Letters to the Editor This is your newspaper Write to it. Letters criticizing the editorial policy or commenting upon facts in the news columns, are equally welcome. Every writer must sign his name and address but publication of name may be withheld if requested. Editor The Star: My wife and f have recently come lo Hope from (the upper Midwest. In the very s'iorTon "behalf oT 'theater" owners i lwcnt I J51S ' ' have made 9 cities who is opposing n proposed pnv!'"- v homt ' m \ V; "7' n 8 lc"R«hs of television experiment in LiltU- llmc - No doubt nboul ll ' Ho ' )c > s Rock. Elliott said a survey conducted last October shewed :M per cent of the families with pay TV did the friendliest place we by fill I know. ! i couldn't name all the people ] who have SOIK.' out of their way ,. j lo make us feel at home. Perhaps not watch any show for nn entire j, sh()U , dn . t try , jccnuse rm sure week. The figure was 49 per cent • in a March survey, he said. j others would have done the same 'had they tho opportunity. The The surveys showed. Elliott ip t , op i c O f Hope may well be proud said, that the average family i of tnis tradition and perhaps the spent 81 cents a week for pay TV j chamber of Commerce is missing programs. j n l )t >t by not billing Hope, Arkan- Midwest Video Corp., has asked i sas as "The Friendliest City in I>SC to require Southwestern Bell im> USA." Telephone Co.. to install trans- R. L. MOERS mission lines and other equipment i June 19. IOG1 for the Little Rock experiment. JKlipsch & Associates, Inc. Bell witnesses told the cmnmis-jCily sion Monday that it would co.st $258,000 to install the equipment and it would have to charge Midwest $7,320 a month for (ho services. ,Bell also wants Midwest to pos^ some kind of bond for 10 years to guarantee payment. . .The bond, etc., 3rd graf LR17. Weather Continued from Page Oae day 80-flG, low tonight 05-70. Wriy'Good-Time" Charlie Suffers Unwise eating or drinking may be a source of mild, but annoying bladder irritations — making you feel resiless, ten'se, and uncomfortable. And if restless nights, with nagging backache, headache or muscular aches and pains due to ove'r-exenion,-strain or emotional upset, are adding to your misery — don't wait — try Doan's Pills. Dean's Pills act 3 ways for speedy lelief. I —They have a soothing effect on bladder irritations. 2 — A fast pain- relieving action on nagging backache, headaches, muscular aches and pains. 3 —A wonderfully mild diuretic action thru the kidneys, tending to increase the output of the 15 miles of kidney tubes. So, get the same happy relief millions have enjoyed for over 60 years. Large, economy size saves money. Cet Doan's Pius today! Doan's G4 62 .. 90 62 .. 69 GG 2.58 84 .55 .. 84 63 .. 51 51 50 54 52 47 58 63 63 60 65 C5 81 75 64 74 86 94 .36 .25 THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE .By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS HighLow Pr. Albany, cloudy Albuquerque, clear Atlanta, rain Jismarck, clear 3oston, cloudy Buffalo, cloudy Chicago., clear leveland, rain Denver, clear Des Moines, clear Detroit, cloudy Fairbanks, cloudy Fort Worth, clear Helena, clear Honolulu, M Indianapolis, cloudy Juneau, cloudy Kansas City, clear Los Angeles, cloudy Louisville, cloudy Memphis, cloudy Miami, cloudy Milwaukee, clear Mpls.-St. Paul, cloudy 75 New Orleans, cloudy 82 New York, cloudy 84 Oklahoma City, clear 80 Omaha, cloudy „ ; 73 Philadelphia, cloudy 83 Phoenix,. clear 110 Pittsburgh, rain 81 Portland, Me., cloudy 79 Portland, Ore., clear 73 Rapid City, clear 89 Richmond, rain 87 St. Louis, clear 69 Salt Lake City, clear 100 San Diego, cloudy 69 San Francisco, clear 68 Seatle, cloudy 67 52 Tampa, cloudy 91 78 Washington, rain 86 68 (M-Missing; T-Trace) Hearings on Programming in TV Start -** NFW YORK f API—A scries of j hearings opened here today as jparl of tho Federal Communications Commission's effort to determine whether changes should in television program' SAVES STEPS - AN IMPORTANT TELEPHONE MESSAGE is relayed to this farmer by his wife, who is in the house, via the new Bell farm interphone system. The message is sent over a long-range, two-way loudspeaker in the yard. Without leaving his tractor seat, the farmer can, for example, give his wife the information needed and she can then switch her phone from intercom to recular telephone service and resume her conversation with the outside party. made rning. First to he heard was a group of writers. Scheduled to folloiw arc producers, entertainers, directors, and representatives of Ivortisers and the networks. The hearings arc expected to isl. ;iboul two weeks with James Cunningham, chief hearing ex- miner for the FCC. in charge. Kenneth A. Co.v. chief of the TC Broadcast Bureau, said in n opening statement that the in- uiry was another phase in the nmmission's over-all program >egun in HI59. About 100 witnesses ppearcd at previous hearings ere and in Washington. He said the purpose is to "pro- ide the commission, the ow- icrs. Inn industry and the public ilh a sound factual basis for onsidering whether action is ceded on the part of the govern- Tiont or the industry lo effect hanges in the public interest." The first witness, writer Erick New Suits in Race Fight Are Filed By TMt ASSOCIATED PRtSS Five Negroes have filed what (Maxwell D. Taylor, former Army i Georgia' state official says is jchief of staff, is being considered probably the first federal court i for a post on President Kennedy's »uit in the nation against segre- stall the White House said today M 67 54 73 79 78 73 85 64 M 53 46 55 60 62 64 83 44 43 70 64 56 53 M 80 57 60 51 59 67 49 62 61 54 .62 .13 .05 .04 16 A Short Short Storv REVENGE WITHOUT MUSIC ' By LESER ARNO The Old Hack and The Young Writer stood watching at the corner. A little woman pushed a battered street-piano to a rtop at the curb. The instrument stood on warped wheels, its tortured insidcs covered by a faded piece of canvas secured by a worn rope. She set the 'hand crank in place and began turning it. "I should like to do a piece abbut the poor, old crone," said Horace, The Young Writer. "I should like to tell her tragic story." "And how do you know 11 is a tragic tale?" asked Homer, The Old Hack. "She came from Venice as a child. She '.still remembered the sons of the gondoliersm. And she sang them in her first happy years in Chicago. Then she married a handsome young Sicilian and,.she bore him six, children. AncThe was killed in one of the old gang wars of Prohibition. And her children married or died or 1961 by NEA, In T Geological evidence indicates that during many million years Arkansas was covered by encroaching and receding seas. SPECIAL DEMONSTRATION OFFER! Legal Notice NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF MAMIE CRITCHLOW, deceased No. 1473 Last known address of decedent: De Ann, R. F. D. 3, Hope, Arkansas Date of death: June 7, 1961. An instrument dated April 13, 1961, was on the 13th day of June, 1961, admitted to probate as the last will of the above named decedent, and the undersigned has been appointed executor there- under. A contest of the probate of the will can be effected only by filing a petition within the time provided by law. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit theni, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published 14th day of June 1961. Irvin Burke Executor Route 3, Hope, Arkansas June 14, 21, 1961 She set the hand crank and began turning it. moved away. And now she is alone with her street piano and the few pennies she can earn each day from the back-breaking labor of pushing it from her home ot Taylor Street. She goes out earlj each flay and pushes her stree piano and she return to her house at night, exhausted, spent. Then she cranks up a carefully polishec phonograph. One of the old fashioned kind. And she lenderlj places a recording of the grea Enrico Caruso on the worn fcl turntable and lovingly guides tone arm to the first groove fills the squalic hen she has used it as an in- ti'timciU of revenge upon a world ho hales." The Old Hack paused. "But surely there is more to mm cynical story?" The Young Vriler asked. "Ye?," the other agreed. "My lory has more lo it. It has an iiul ,ns did yours. I, loo, follow his old woman as she pushes her piano in the dark of night. I fol- ovv her home. And I enter her ionic with her. Bui I find no old wlished phonograph. No recordings of Caruso. "In my story. I find amidst the squalor a modern television set. [ se her walk toward it. I see icr turn the switch that turns on the picture tube, I see the tube slowly light up and an image come upon it. I see her switch ho channels until she finds whai she seeks. The face of a singer "And then I see her smile hci crone's smile as she turns down the knob marked "sound". The singer grimaces and opens his mouth and closes his eyes and tosses back his head. But there is no sound in that hovel that is her home. "No sound. For that is this miserable creature's vengeance on a world that is filled with wonder- fur sound and glorious music. "She has stilled the sound of the world. "I call my story 'Revenge With- Gen. Taylor May Join JFK's Staff WASHINGTON 'API - Gen. ;ated polling places. The suit, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court at Albany, Ga., seeks desegregation of polling 'laces and voting lists in Albany nd Dougherty County. A deputy assistant state attorney general who specializes in segregation suits, Freeman Lev- jrett of Elberton, said he knew of no such action filed in the past. In other racial developments: Nine "Freedom Riders" arrived n Montgomery, Ala., but were lot allowed to enter the Grey- immd bus depot where officers .vcre investigating an anonymous jomb threat. A spokesman said <] he biracial group would spend]; he night in Negro homes in the Alabama capital and continue to Jackson, Miss., by bus some time oday. Fourteen Freedom Riders left New Orleans by train to complete heir trip from Berkeley, Calif., to Jackson, vowing to integrate he Mississippi capital's train ter- ninal or be jailed. When they •cached Jackson the 11 white persons and 3 Negroes were arrested Andrew T. Hatcher, assistant press secretary, declined to describe the nature of the job. ,Taylor, who retired as Army chief of staff in 1959, is at present conducting an investigation of this country's capabilities in the field of paramilitary warfare. This includes intelligence activities and guerrilla combat. Kennedy ordered the inquiry after the failure of the Cuban refugee invasion which had a degree of support from the U.S. government. Hatcher was asked to comment, on a report in today's New York Times that Kennedy is consider- ng appointment of Taylor as rVhitc House military adviser. ID effect that would make him a per on breach of peace charges and convicted, bringing to 131 the number convicted since anti-segregation attempts began May 24 Sheriff J. R. Gilfoy said Freedom Riders at Mississippi's State Penitentiary were not treated liko felons as charged by an official of the Congress of Racial Equality. . At Memphis, Tcnn., seven young Negroes arrested when they took seats at an Assembly of God youth rally were fined &200 each on charges of interfering with public worship. The operators of Fountaine Ferry Park at Louisville, Ky., obtained a court order to restrict pro-integration picketing at the pivately owned amusement park. The president of Georgia Tech in Atlanta, pointing to a longtime policy, refused to explain to nine Negroes why the college rejected their applications for admission. Tech has admitted three Negroei or the fall quarter. The County Board of Education at Dunn, N.C., voted to admit 20 ndian pupils to the white high school, but refused to allow 20 ndian children to enter the white elementary school. A negro woman at Rivordale, Jtah, Mrs. James H. Gillespie, said she and her family will move nto their new $15,000 home in a ivhite neighborhood even though someone smeared the house with ar. Some negroes live in a housing developrrmt adjacent to the neighborhood. out Music.' (THE END Barnouw, complained that the television author today "has very little contol ever the final form of his work" when it is sponsored commercially. , "The situation is now," he said "where the writer deals with an editor who ' relays suggestion; from the advertising agency anc sponsor — sometimes conflicting slightly.^yith each other." Hope Star Published every it** Ale*, fc. WeifchaM, Scey.TreM. ft th» $»•» •*il#n« VM9 . •* ',IMp9 fV9r/ rt9$9 19t7 fltl-14 Joyfh Walnut Street M*M, Arkansas (lei. M. Waifihum, fcflfor * Pout M. Jonei, ftUnaglrt Oonnl talker, Advertising M«f. MM. Jean Adlcr, Classified Mg». C. M. .(Pad) Roger, ; Jr., Clrc'l. Mat, Searf* W. Manner, Meeli. Svpt. Entered •» fceand elan naffer • the Pe*r. Off tee at Mepe, ArksMM under the Act of March 3, 1*97. Member of the Audit •urea* «f Clreutatlaflf Subscription Rotes (payable In advance) f By carrier in Hope ond neighbor!, Per week v $ .t. One month M{ fer year 11.6( By , mall . in Hempstead, Nevada LoFoyette, Howard ond Miller Coun- Hes — One month $ .i! Three monthi 1.8! Six month! S.St One year ».5t All ether mail — fhr«e monthi l.*t Six monthi 7.11 One- year ;. : 1S.6« Nat'l AdVeitls'ng Repreientatlvl.. \fkansas Dailies, Inc., 1602 Sterick Bldg. Memphis 2, Tenn.; SOB Texoj Sank Bldg., Dalla? 2, Texas; 340 N Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III,; 40 E. 42nd St., New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich. Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okla, ' ' Member •( Th* Associated Prei* The Associated Press I. entitled exclusively to the use for republicatlofi of; all- the local news printed in th/i newspaper, . as well a* all AP new •lispatches. j •' sonal chief of staff to the President. Adm. William D. Leahy acted in that capacity for Presidents Franklin D. Rosevelt and Harry S. Truman. 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" Homer, The Old Hack, lit a cigarette and looked sadly at his i friend. "Here is my story," he said. "She came from Venice as a child. But she did not remmeher the songs of the gondoliers. For she hated music. She hated music as she hated everything. She was one of those who are born bitter. One of the queer ones who are of this earth yet never a part of it. "Finally she ran away from home and never returned. She found a room in the basement of a tenement. There she made her abode. She scavenged alleys and brought the flotsam and jetsam of a thousand trash cans to her room. "One day she found yon old street piano. Abandoned. Since YOU MAY WIN A G-C STEAM IRON during MMS s HOME FURNITURE (0. NfXT 000ft TO FIRST NATIONAL BANK 191 f. SICOND ST. HOff. ARK. IN THE PROBATE COURT Of HBMPSTBAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OP THE ESTATE OF Fester Taylor, deceased No. 1474 Last known address of decedent: Rt. 4, Box 386, Hope, Arkansas Date of death: 21st day of May, 196J. An instrument dated August 15th, 1960, was on the 13th day of June, 1961 admitted to probate as the last will of the above named decedent, and the undersigned has been appointed executrix them under. A contest of the probate of the will can be effected only by filing a petition within the time provided by law. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published 14 day of June 1961. Daisy Taylor Executrix Rt. 4; Box 38* Hope, Arkansas June 14, 21, 1961 HAROLD HENDRIX PULPWOOD DEALER ef Fin* and Hep* Yard Pr«scoH Yard Urh & La. N. en Hwy. H 7-431! 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