Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 7, 1965 · Page 2
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 2

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1965
Page 2
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Death Bill Stopped In Texas . . .. . AUSTIN, Tex. (UPI)— Two views witl1 tourists visiting New, The most often recalled tour- and entered the state through 'lin.inary hearing for representatives—James E. Nu-^ exico in 1981 by a state ^i"'' 51 attraction in New Mexico Tiiniinonri '20.1 per centi. He olcl Tucumcari man, 1961 Tourist Survey Shows Ad Money Wasted SANTA FE (DPI)— Inter-five or more times. Tucumcari Man Paces Hearing list left Texas (33,6 per cenh. I.SANTA FE (UPI) — A pre- a 25-year- geht of Kerrviileand" John nance Apartment researcher was the Indian pueblo-;, the re- arrive;! in Santa Fe bent."on va"-i a i lc S c d attempted" aimed rob- Wright of Dallas — again have been b ro "ght to light and port said. But of all points of ratio!! and pleasure (79.5 per lboi- y in Santa Fe 1 a |s t month, succeeded in preventing a bill' iindicate mucn of tne state ' s ad-jinterest recaile;!. Bandelier \a- centi and spent about fivei lias bccn sct for May: 14. abolishing the death penalty! vertisi "g doll ar may be wasted tiona! Monument specifically ni-his in a motel while in the I-awronce Trujillo wlas shot in from reaching the House floorJ in national magazines with hea-jwas named by the most. state. H^ had been here at tne r 'g flt buttock byi liquor After a wild melee in the- vy distribl| ti°n in the Kast. \ I'.aiuHicr Tops 'leas: once before <"5.3 per cent* slnre owner Eugene S. Foster Criminal Jurisprudence Com-^ The survey, conducted by Dr. i Bandelier was named by 10 nnd would drive about 575 miles ! of Santa Fe as Trujilldi allegedly mittee Wednesday night in which; (5erald ll - N°. v 'e. concluded that per cent of those questioned as in the state. He spent $10.82 was toeing the scene 6f the rob- a legislator threw on ash trav lhe bulk of Ncw Mexico's tour- being most memorable, while per day on non-auto expenses ! berv< * GREEK GOD CANDIDATES — One of hamton, N.Y., sophomore, Alpna Aipha • these four fraternity men at Eastern New Chi; T. J. Grizzle, Levelland, Tex., junior, Mexico University will be named Greek God Sigma Nu; Richard James, Portales junior, in an assembly Tuesday to reign over Greek Sigma Alpha Epsilon; and Ronnie Burks, Week activities through May 15. One candi- Carlsbad senior, Kappa Sigma. Not pictured date was chosen by each national fraternity is Robert Alexander, Lovington sophomore, on campus and the winner will be chosen in Pi Kappa Alpha. The Greek God will reign an all-Greek vote Monday evening. Candi- with a Goddess chosen from three sorority dates, left to right, are Grant Snyder, Bing- candidates. a legislator threw on ash tray..---- -• ...»..•..,..,., ^.m- and the sergeant-at-arms had to!' s ' s come fr°rn western states. Carlsbad Caverns was ni"n'io:i- an; restore order, Rep. J. Charles' and * nal 75 -^ P er cer >t have ed by 8.4 per cent Hyde Park 'ha Whitfield of Houston tried to' been in tnc state at least once at Santa Fe was named by 1 ' r.-iit'." get a vote on his anti-capital;:before . per cent, and White Sands by punishment bill. j Th e survey was brought to 3.4 per cent. Nugent and Wright offered alS^^^.^",. 1 :.". 1 l .. e «? Among the state's cities. Al- —. . 1 P later was treated jta Ke hospital, transfe at a San- 'red to the t*a I C* buquerf|iie i>ugeni ana vvngnt Oitereci a n ">•<-" «-• M i i c u series of amendments and de-j , , ss Intcrna 'ional found that manded extensive debate on 1 . east three surveys of tour- each. Finally the committee:!; 5111 '" ! he stato nad bet> n con- ,. , voted 10-4 to shut off debate, i ducted '" the 1' ast dozen > lp ars. ' ; but before a vote on the bill nono . of whic;i had been made . , ,, ". nn ..i,i U- *-i ji f* . tvihlin tvaiisuau cited by 2'.i (\ per cent as hein:: most memorable. TatK was c led by 27 nt. with (ialhip a n d runtime: third and 'fourth resiuvtivei\ had an income of more sifl.nno per year (367 per !ta fe Hospital, trai !state penitentiary and .„„„. 4V .;leased to Santa Fe County an- Purpose of the survey. Boyle thorities. wote. was "to provide some, The Santa Fe district attor- ba-c information which may be ne . v ' s office said tho prelimin- '.isei'ul in bringing more con- ar - v hearing was delayed be- Miners to the product." (cause Trujillo's attorlney another case to handlei h a Early Bird Evidences 'Built-in Morality HOLLYWOOD (UPI)—A prin-j about Early Bird is that it is cipal message of the new Early ' on a course with the most im- Bird satellite now in its first ! portant thing in television—not week of television use. is that .entertainment or even news or technology has a sort of built-in sports events individually, but www w — » v* v- M f v/iv UI1 IHC UIJ1 : ,,. could be taken, the House went publlc into session. Committees may; Fourth Survey not meet during a House ses-< A '""rth .survey, conducted in! More t!jj;i i'o!i;--!i;U: sion without unanimous consent' 1 ? 6 ' 1 h - v a New Vor! < research Santa Fr- tour;-;- i;a( permission. j' irm for the State Developmen' of $5.n,';o or m -!o t Committee chairman. RepJ Department also had boen held Duoy Mann of El Paso called back - t .. ,. ,-,- P n °n X H^ W H' ° ft f drives man to do good in spite that corab '" atlo " s of enable human co " tact Kelly May Run For Governor iiiiiuiciu sum last nigni ne ^ i " yi -.' ".» uuvif ramp i WASHINGTON (UPI)— Assis would a PP cal Mann's ruling to, intprvicw s in August. 1061, »„ tant Secretary of Interior John House S P eak " Ben Barnes, but 2^ tourists visiting the Star of t another meeting later today. Refused to Recognize contained some criti- occupations cism of the state's tourist val- trchnica ties as well as the advertisin:: ,:.;!- r Development 11 1 JM ••• \: M. Mann touched off the squab- prn " rani of ble last night by refusing to Department. recognize Whitfield on the bill.j Conclusions drawn in th" 1%; Whitfield said last night he survey by Hoyle In New Mexico, after a day's fishing beer's the one.., for good taste, good fun f r o m o " tact M Kelly said Thu dhe has ^icated beings ";.£'* H« ? « v s his mind , art center Fe. The report said - - s ' de ' ad thls oftc " a better 1 oftc " a better several persons had talked to beings-but basically of techni-,^' J" d ^ v """ ~ --"" several persons had talked to supporters said cians, urged on by a few men! 5 ' him about it but that he bed with vision, yet working main-! Thus the impersonality of the!r" a de no decision. tee, but others said he was : "'V,' ly in terms of scientific ad-j sky above may have enormous! K ell.v said that "as in the bound to follow regular parli-'" V, H ' S ' W ', h .' lfl tmir '^ ' vancement. It is in the nature Affect on the mud below. The! case of all presidential appoin-' mentary rules wmcn require T^'f^onn H • s ' " of science that men do not in-.television shows across thei tees '" ni s resignation is on the one ' f vp y - K} - 000 tr 'P f!:n vent principles or achieve- oceans will be important only president's desk to be accepted- ' :'!. state - The report s.i!d merely discover what is al- in the way they cumulatively! at tne cnief executive's conven- ; Mann said, "we'll hear the flt ^ ircs cnrne d ready there and possible. Thus, i create a basic way of thinking | ience - | appeal on the ruling of the l s Bureau of the built-in moralitv. .that has a wider scope than I K pl1v siirt h» ov™Pt 0 H * n ' Cha ,' r f 1 9 °' clock < totj ay>." but survey taken in I ,. . ... * i JvclJySdlQ nC GXDGClGQ lOT1P01prtprl In CQ»» \cViofA 4 f*«». 1 Ji 0 P rov l nc* J 'i 11 s m i n rl TI*I TTIP h i T 1 * j t * • • ***'f5*»-vtcL* iv/ octy »vuciir. /\i it, i The most important thins • '• '• - ••' • s P end llls n.nvis AljIlIT n I HEAD OK CIUI LI^TION BY UTTI.E MKRCHANT C/RHIKH 1.73 m<wUHv In artvnnrp. Bv rrnl! Ir- Curry aM lui-njunrtinr o.m'itle. Ji-.i"! fo' oi:» year: JS l<i lo< ',tx nnmth«; S4 25 for threr months; Jl.50 lor one month. By mall outiirte Clo. vn trade tcrntorv. JiSiiO inr o-1- yi-rr; $M 50 for six mci.lhs: $.", iai lor three months: IL7S fnr ore ittnnth ALL SI/HSCRIKI'IONS PAYABLE IN ADVANCE. Second clasj P""t»?i> paid at Oovu, .New Mexico. Published rtallv except Saturaav <>v the CI.OVLS NEWS-JOURNAL Sixth * Pile, Oavli. New Mexlca Ph. 763-3431. T i • L ^ |Jo!-.nsor. s "Great Society will 'not. he allowed to ho isolated. That built-in morality a;;ain. ' , Kany l.ird Is merely i extension of television's story in that the in recess," picked up his gavel Cf ,,,,,. and walked out on the after- ^.^'.p math. '••"'%• No Vote Taken , !he-e ( ,,.j,, in . 1 , (1 . 1 fnp .— the shouting, he said. Kelly was appointed Assistant'.'^ e ^ nic .J 1 -;^ Secretary of Interior for min- '" cral resources by the late Pres- 1 a j°Ki-.ident John F. Kennedy. .,,.. , tlu IIJV .- However, the Albuquerque, iinm has a quantitative rath- •Journal's Washington Bureau! Rep Paul Haring of Goliad \ n \ M •• • than a qualitative impor-i^[ uoted Kel) y a s saying Wednes-; shrieked, "we didn't vote on j- m -; JexKO: ' l' a ^- t/;; " ul; - ; ' : •e through nothing but ex-! da > r thal he feels he has "pret-;the motion to recess" and ire m:,riP i-vor nnri n ,,nr ty much finished up my tour,hurled an ashtray across the Murh from Four Stairs of duty here and is ready to !pr ess table where the commit- 1 The survey also <a;d "V-o New Mexico, possiblyitee was sitting, leaving a scar'ha!f of Santa Fc's to^rics - fpr_governor. on the table. jfrom the four Mate adiarr.-; New Mexico: An/cv.a. f-.; r Oklahoma and Tox;-.- • I \\*!irrn.'pr you fish for sport—on the •-••/ hv ihr l)oominj; surf, or on some ^w qt.,< t country pond, it's $icat at the end ti-.r d.iv tn hrnd for a rewnrding ^lau of beer. ;r vMi'rr f.ilkin-rucr i he ones that got away, liiv^ t!;c ones didn't, you enjoy Uie ! c-K)l rclirv'intcnt only a glaAJ of vh.itcvcr yotir ; or gardening nuxc* a. greater by technical progress only. This is not flattering. j'ourist. (cent. .\r- '.iio'.ild he a Texas alone over f"e-th:rd r.f T'v.e c-'iic';:-:-:;^ poi-t >;;id. ; i ouiitriev he totals. e\;ro ,T! r, . Cal'for Tc>.: ;r. ratio 4 per cent New Y '" ced only 27 per CI-M state's to^ri-'-' The re-port aNo ^aid '-i- made the c!io:-. e r,f N,-H c:l '.n 'J") JMT ccvt i'f !!." -i \;, 199 per con! .J i reported! v were per ci-nt <>f tin- ca-e-. Minos! !•() ;n-r cert <•.' !our:-S :r,;i-r\'ii'\M-d tr.r. <• • f-ar to N.-w Mexico, w :": ; hii- a .'id airplane afco::;-,!!". tho re'i-.ainder in " .>• -."!-•! Tiicumertri Ten Hntr\ i T'.icumcar; wa« t.'ie rno.-t ular ivi;n! of cn'rv for t^:; ir:'» \'-'.v Mf.v.c i ?n 1 r- • five FORD COUNTRY Have you ever driven out across one of our Great Southwest roads along about sundown and felt theawe-inspiringstrength and silence and bigness of this rugged land. If you know the feeling, you'll really appreciate the new Ford Galaxie 500 LTD. This is the luxury car in the low price class, spaces. It's made to There's nothing like it order for interior plush- for sheer stable smooth ness and pure pleasure, silent performance. It's In fact the new Ford LTD made to order for com- is made to order from... fortable quiet drives across the wide open YOUR GREAT SOUTHWEST FORD DEALER for R 7 pf>r cent Ca counted l c 'T '):. \- '', 7 The report sa:d '* -New MfXi'. o toun>t «• ter\ieued sfKTt ah - niuhts in a nu.''- 1 ; !. n Only 15 -1 [••••• c»'.n» -! friends in prua'e !;-irr:<^ «;•.•'»• 13 3 per cent i ,ini->«-i o-;' T-.c average touri.-'. group cont.ii'U"! 3 5 persons and 66 per cer.t of those were adults , The report a!. •><..» sai;! the average tourist traveled ah .-.t 57 r ) : miles while in New MCXK ••>. 1 Boyle concluded in MS !'-:iort ithat New Mexico UHIM-'* were ^for the most part repeater? to 'the state Mure than 7"> per cent of the visitors were back for at leas! a second look at i Santa Fe, he said and morv :than 4() i>er cent had been here Bob Harper Ford Sales A A K * m » MO Main Clovk, New MMJCO COMPARE! CABIN STILL Kentucky •*;| Straight Bourbon 86 Proof niTlKl, UtUKK WhHT SEIL'EMFASI BCtWERS ASSOCIATION, JNC. : .if IVcw MAKIS FT tASY TO ArFORD THlJOTS OP FULL- GARAT of DIAMONDS Your Choice at only NO MONEY DOWN ,' , •: . -,. *- r-e Ceil c ^ .-.. ,u :u « for vo«f monuy. KSV4VTO3 Corner of 4th & Mgin

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