The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 15, 1934 · Page 9
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 9

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 15, 1934
Page 9
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;/JULY«L 1*34 -1 fTHT PARIS NEWS, r A Weekly Review of Paris Business and Industry ff ^ -, ~ " ' ~ f~~ " ' ~ ." "" ~' . ' . • . - . * . J Published Each Sunday In The Paris[News Reflecting Actimty Of Paris Institutions » A ^-.. . .. ... ^ 1 . ~ '* M — —. —•-.. M. *- * - — - - •'• -1?-—* •». ~-* "- - • - — — - -. -— • • ' " *^™" " *--—--- ~*J^. . — —* •* . _. ^ ^^V ^T -V IOTO SUPPLY HOUSE TRADE 1$ INCREASING One of the many features that are making Burd piston rings »o popular in Paris, according to Krn- eat W- Hooten and Ernest "W- AH- ard; owners of Hooten-Ailard Auto Supply, is the quick seating feature that has been built into Burd /P <i_uilc Seal rin^s, which mates It easily "possible for the rings to seat property within a very short mll«- *S«, as against a thousand miles or znore f or other brands. The manufacturers of -Burd Quik Seal -rings are listed amon* th«r oldest in the United State*, *nd ar« responsible for many new innovations 5n automobile build- This firm started the manufac- tur* of piston rings in 1914. and was the first manufacturer to introduce high compression piston rlns*. I» 1S1S the <2 uiJc seating channel type piston ring was developed, and many other important Additions to the Burd Une have been made since that time. j we have been handling j short Summer Resorts Beckon to Holiday Seekers HILDEBRAND'S TO RUN BOARD ELECTION NIGHT A large crowd is,expected by Dan Baker, manager of Hlldebrand**. to be present on election ni«ht to witness the race of aspirants to Lamar count" offices, where returns will be posted as fast as they can be relayed from tb,e-~ office of the Paris Newa- it is throsffh the courtesy of j The Paris Xews that this board is operated every year, Mr. Baker stated, since all of tile returns ar« furnished by xhis paper, which also operates a board of irs otrn- The election board to be run by Hildebrand's is the same as that used for the past year, which provides for a. summary of the total votes of each candidate frona th§ different voting boxes as th are received, and are tabulated in chalk on a hugre blackboard mounted just west-of HildebrannTs corner. A King of the Track and Two Aces Bard piston rings only a time, since we opened our azito few months ago. with parts business a. •«•«- ar* particularly i. sales we - are making of .t5 tri>«t& the big Increase. in. sales of Bur<i products to the fact that taey make a. Duality line of pis- i ton rins« and also to the fact that I '-wrfcile' other manufacturers have r~ increased prices or Taaln- the same price during the few months, the manufactur- of Burd rings have made reductions rangins from 20 per cent to 30 per cent, which is a decided r\ELJGHTFTJL racation re*ort* off;the nsnal_beatea track can be readied easily -with a Ford V-S cabriolet, *^ illustrated above. For that reason. It is In great demazd for -week-ends In the. woods, at the lake or the •eashore. FlasMns power of the Ford V-S engine is -equally available for a high-speed cross-country run or polling along -a rutted Trood!»'roa,d at the end of the Journey- The seat has- plenty of-room for three- Two others can ride in the ramble .seat or~ the rear deck space can be used for carrying luggage- If a stozan threatens the folding top can be quicMy raised. CAR ACCIDENTS MOUNT DURING VACATION TIME DRIVERS OF U. S. TIRES GET BIG MILEAGE RECORDS In Tammany Race - While a relatively yotsng iirso In. Paris, this new auto supply store i* reported by its owners to be *Tio"*TH5 "an increase- In business «a«v ssonth. The offices are located on South Twentieth street in th* 3>odson building"- For Complete -ALEMITE £,u1&rica.tion Britip Your Car To JOHN SCARBOROUGH EVERYBODY'S SERVICE ..,_..... .STATIONS . For G«s axid OH Owner PHONE 32 OR 33 Cwtpl«<« PERM A2TENT *J.*S to : A1J Work Gaaraatced SANITARY BEAUTY SHOP Jl L»mra. Avcnne Phone SS In a recent tire mileage test conducted by the United States Rubber Company, in which 30 drivers participated, it "was discovered that toe ten best drivers gx>t an average of" "20.231 miles out of their tires, as. contrasted with the average of 10.— 7T3 miles obtained by the ten hardest drivers. The ten medium drivers I averaged 14.95S miles. Each <5rix*er used -the same make and model of car. - each used the same make -of tires, -and -each drove in the same section of the country. Out of the- 30 cars measured, five obtained "from 7,200 to I».4Q0 railes from their tires i" seven obtained 14.3OO to 15.SOO- lailes: six got 19.100 to IS,TOO miles; and' five obtained 20.730 to 37.605? miles. The driver who starts, and stops with moderation and, who seldom exceeds 40 miles per hour, company engineers say. -will -get at least twice the tire mileage obtained by the slam-ban.?: operator. And. they add. either type of driver will jc«t from seven to 3S p*r cent more Tn.5I«age from tires built c-f tempered rubber. The -oca.1 TTnJted States tire dealer, the Ross Ilir? Motor Company. report mileage records on TJnit<?<J State.® tires, Tn a recent nove! contest in which ft, wards were made for best mileage records cf SO.GOO mii*?^ or more- a large number of entries -were received Sc HughPahncr Motor Company Parts and Scrrlce BIG IMPROVEMENTS IN FIRESTONE TIRES FOR 1934 The next two months usually show an increase of 15 per cent or | more in automobile accidents over the ax-erage month, stated David E. Rainey. of Rainey. Ix>ve and company, local insurance agents, which is brought about through the greatly increased number of automobiles on the highvrays head- ec for various vacation spots. "There is certainly no better [ time to insure vocrself and vour The Firestone fleet of test cars j car ggalsst the dangers of a running day and night over all j <orrecked aiitoniobi-e and damage kinds of roads and highvi-ays j to oneself than this particular time throughout the country. 12 months • of the year," said ilr, Rainey. "We in the year, have proven. the s usually find that summer time, •worth of improvements in. the nevr I vrhen the vacation trips are plan- Kirestone High Speed Tire for 1934. ! ned. usually causes the subject'of xviiich gives 50 per cent longer son- [ insurance on car and person to" be skid life, according to Frank I^ang- 1 brought up, and a large number of ford, Firestone dealer of this city. ! policies are written at this time of "Five major improvements mark j ""f.^t.^-— T A •-•„<•' -^ • - ^ the new tire," Mr. Langford said.! ^ ^^ e - ers — c _ clae "j P° ilc > J 5 • ,._ , ., . , - i or*e of the best, ana we nave oth- — flatter tread, wicer tread, aeep- ,. . , .,. „ __ , , ., , . , ; er uolicies »vili nt everv need | er noa-sKid, greater jfcictvnesa, • ' more and tougher rubier. These are made possible by the Firestone j _ House Hardware Company Paint and Paper Department Joe Gillespie In Chug* Fbone 13« Exchange Your Cottonseed For Meal and Hulk Our Hulls are CLEAN and our meal Is YELLOW! Lamar Cotton Oil Company Friendly Ofl South 25tb St. T and Tnck* The two inost recent .conqueror* of the Atlantic by atr, Captais Maurice Rossi «ad Lieutenant Paul Codes, topped off their visit to the U- S- with £ •trtpto A Centcry of Progress -where they were guests at the Chrysler Motors* the Clujr'sicr Meters* qtiarter-rnHle track arid, sand pits. At the conclnsion, ' Captsfn ROSE resnarked, "111 fly the Atlantic aay rmt, bnr turning over in an aurceddbSe," Ere thz^ is daEjerons." Left to right are: Captain ROSK, •Oldfield and Lieutenast: Codes. LUBRICATION YOUNG MALLORY'S 333 SERVICE STATION 63 South ilain — Phone 355 ~- : Goodrfcfa Tires—Gulf Product* Rood Service Stephen A. Ruddy {above^ 1$ ont of thr*e chief contender* for leadership of Tammany HaH, He opposed the removal of'John F. Curry from Tammany leadership. The new Tammany chief will be selectee July IS. (A«socl»ted Press Photo) driven this far or farther and the winner had driven a. set of two U. S. Royal four ply tires a total cf 47.C-00 miles, according to Fred Morph^w. who was in charsre- of the "" which a *ser of x^o U. S. tires had 'contest. er pouci: or the auiosiobile traveler, and be glad to explain them to who t>Ian making a. trip this patented jrum-dippinsr process-1 suinn>er ** . Tfc'hich "scales and coats the high] "*" : * " '___""' " ~' ~ •"" ] stretch cor4s with rubber to & ive » M •H»I§| HA III V I greater strength, saZtty, and blo-.v- j HIAlf I III UAIK T out protection"In addition to the road tests over ail kinds of -roads, through / mud, on slippery highways, across \ AUDITIOKI deserts, and under all kinds of con- | H.1*I*IIIWH ditions- Firestone tires are sub- | ject to the most severe tests known. | The addition of a wing to the on rhe greatest proving ground in | dairy building at TV. K. Martin's the world—the Indianapolis Speed- I Dairy has just, beerj complete<2- %vay. During the past 14 years j raade necessary fcy .lie rapidly Firestoae tires have been, on the j S rowing demand for Sireley's Or- winning cars? in the annual 500- j Erssr^ace. distributed in this terri- mile Indianapolis Race, and engi- ; tory by this rrjoce-rn dairy, jseers have proven the worth of ] One cf the busiest dairies IT; compounds, design, blowout pro tec- j Northeast Texas before tne advent j of Bireley's Orangeade, wiih -i lar^re retail list of customers ari'3 drusr supplied ole:his axe busy every minute of tne cay, making" two deliveries each cay of dairy products, and being immediately pressed into service after- wartis to deliver the new drink to many dealers in 3. portion of Fannin county to iiandled out of Paris soon. Paris, River county, •with j At present 33 rush-rankins dip- \ lomats in the United States foreign .; service, are natives of Vir-srirsia. Paris Grocer Company * Distributors ot Quality Food Prodncti r the HZ-ri-e Trade Territory PAR-TEX OIL COMPANY L F. Cowley, Mgr. It •H-oaid take an automobile traveling 60 miles an r.our 175 yea:rs to reach the s~a~ from the earth. * » NEXT TIME TRY LORECO GAS AXB OIL TT. D, (Jack) Milliner. Agent Louisiana Oil and Kefinmgr Co- Telephone 2S7 TRUMAN E. JOHNSON ELLIS MOORE Jefferson Standard lusarance Co. SI 4 First Natl. Bank Ufe Quality Shoe Repairing loin oar tirong of 3atJs*i«d 'astomers who are enjoying our court eons quality, sarvfee. QUINN SHOE SHOP 3O Lamar Avenue Repairing & SpedaJty tion. a.nd rugged endurance. The outstanding' improvements, new by tt dred CADDEL'S for KELVTNATOR JE3«ctr»c Refriserat Telephono 1703 Stalling Roofing Co. "We Top 'Em All"* Genera] Roofing Contractor B. C- Stall! nss, Oivner 33 Grand Avenue Phone 52 (Scon Title & Trust Co. Blcg-} SUITS, DRESSES, COATS Master Cleaned : >0<! i and Pressed . . . ...... City Steam Laundry Telephone 21-22 MILK LET US DELIVER "Tbat Creamy Milkr"' To Tour Home Daily W. H, MARTIN DAIRY Lamar Ave, Rc^ad. Ffa- PLYMOUTH SALES INCREASE FOLLOWING PRICE REDUCTIONS , . . , , . * iie-w nealtr.iui wona—che laboratory- that vr.a. v .;-.a i, , , _ .... * ,,. . . ; taxed tr.e facilities r^restone to pioneer and G.ev-;-iuo the first successful balloon tire 1S29. Untie Your Most Useful Servant ELECTRICITY Put An Electric Outlet On Every Wall Texas Power & Light Co. Drive a New 1934 STUDEBAKER And you'Jl buy one OSCAR DUNAGAN Jaxrk Hanson. Mgr- Com«r Kaufnjaa and 20th CALL FOR SUREBEST It's Bc«cr Bread Southwest R*V?Tg E. C. GWJU. Get Tbat Good Pure. FUcfc and MiJV Ftom NELSON DAIRY It> better and costs no morel Northeut T- with MOTOR FREIGHT SERVICE THAT IS — Fast — Economical ——Efficient NORTHEAST TEXAS MOTOR LINES Office rarti ICE CREAM 2Qe Q UART Hildebrand 7 * "Get Gulf mod Get Ahead' 9 SAM WEISS Distributor of Galf Reflate*: Chevrolet Owners Our *ervic* department t» completely «qutpp«d jtxsd manned mechanic* to *erv« by tr*ln«d best. Lamar Chevrolet Co. plant an-5 to the utmost to handle "~ \ the demand for both products. The improvenients apply al^o ! bee^^lded"^ t^k'/'care 5 of "the new business, and the dairy trucks Orders for Plymouth cars climbed steadily ahead, of production this week as a resrult o* The price reductions recently announced, according to H- G- iloock. General Sales Manager of the Plymouth Motor Ccrporaiion. Hetall sales also scowed an increase for the -nreek ended June Sth, over the preceding -week before the reductions becam* elfec- tlv*. The price reductions are stirnulanaj: bxisMness." Mr. !VIoock stated. "•Orders have Increased to well above the production mark. The factory is scheduled for production of I,$00 units daily. "Already, we have noted a marked tipturr. in business aciivitiy ct the country. Sailes. arc and running far ahead of the corresponding period ISLSI yesr.*' Plymouth deliveries for the week :ois]«<i 6.SS3 units, a 3iS££st gain over the preceding week and an increase of IO.S j*er cent over the correspond ins week in 19S3. The Corporator, shipped 7.405 new cars. an increase of 29.3 per ceni over th* 1 previous tveejk's shipnients. to the Firestone Air Balloons which j provide traction and adciec riding comfort with low-swung style, w;th ! wheels in color to match your car. \ "Tlie tires of chasipions" are • available for your car," Tvlr. Lane- ( ford concluded, "with the n«\v i::i- ! provements which j:ive you the ; greatly increased safely and f skid mileage." } MARX PLUMBING Th« Better Kind Pbooe 6S» For Prompt—First Class FRIGEDAIRE SERVICE an I>oniestic or Commercial re- frisreration ect:!pn:eiit and air conditioning equipnnest call, lay or nijfct— PERKINS BROS. CO. Frisricaire I>ept« Paris. Texas Day Pb. 2424. >*!?:nt Ph. 220S Pontiac 8 ONE-STOP c-very service for the irrozorist Dod£re-Ply month Dealer Langford Motor Servic* Successors To Osbaru Motor Service See It! T>rivc I AI GuIIidk Motor Company 72 Sonth Main Streel 33 YEARS ON LAMAR AVENUE Water Hyacinths 5c of all Kinds 20 for SJ.OO ROBINIUS GREENHOUSE Telephone 724 Hudson T Champion cf tne Road Us^s Giampion Spark Plugs. ROSS IUFF MOTOR CO. Bnick Sates and Service TRY OUR MIXED HULLS AND MEAL IN 100 POUND BAGS SOUTHLAND COTTON OIL CO. "THE ORIGINAL E3ECHANGEKS" An Un£mhed Wbcle MHk M«rfcel LazxvHi Creamery Co. COMPARE OUR PRICES j! Before you b«y auto supplies it Hooteh-AIIard Axrto Supply I? I« Tl» EAST BARP4ETTS TIN SHOP and Galvanized Iron Work, GalT mixed Hi Radiator* Repaired and R*cort-d KACFMAN STREET PHON^; ak» XO. 540 Company Place Your Inssrztnce With Rainey, Love & Co. Offices si 2S South Main Street Phone 41T LAMAR TRUCK & TRACTOR CO. Sales and Service—FamiaJl Tractors—International Tracks 55 BOX HAM STKKKT "A Home S. SOtb Street Institatior. Tel. 260 HICKMAN & HICK MA l BUDWEISER Th» Kins of Bottled Beers Distributed Wholesale by EAT IDEAL BREAD "Ideal for Every-»ear* Ideal Baking Co, "A Paris Institution" LYON-GRAY LUMBER CO. Fh* ho:i:e of Quality S^ild iss ilateria.'s Phone 27S PHONE 336 When Your Car — Won't Start Easily run -with osoal ride or steer as good as \vtjen ne\v. We have the fiaesz equipineiit and the most highly trained BEJLCO TEXAS Natural Gas *'our cleanest, most efficient, most economical- fuel for heating, cooking and industrial uses. Texas Cities Gas We Have Money TO LOAN To Repair Your Home Paris Building & Loan Association Drink SIGNS A. M. WllXINS 1*» J*0. ATtto HOGAN CLARK Local representative and distributor CONOCO CONOCO Gasoline Germ Processed Motor Oil Phooc 173 2»2 Nortlt M*to ,<c AT 10. 3 and 4 Pari* Dr. P«pp«r Bottling John B*rne». Manager BUY FURNITURE MADE IN PARIS FILING SUPPLIES Everything you need to make your office thoroughly modern.

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