Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 21, 1962 · Page 22
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 22

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 21, 1962
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

j TUB., AUGUST 21, 1962, Lake Cnarle* American Press [YoUtH 1$ Injured * ! Q|(QV ' *•%*"* fc FHl* **«% : was a member of the Indian Vil- Aftfif BotflO Hlf ' f? * ^ ft DEATHS ItltNIt CUMMINGS was a member of the Indian Vil' Jagp Pentecostal church and 6 life' I long resident of the KimJet area. Survivor* art hii wife. Mr*. E«- telle f. Savant Of Kinder: s i x s. Elli* and filtie SaVant. both Pills dimming?. 53. of of Kinder. Jim Savant of Wiscon- Lake Charles died at 5:20 p.m. Monday in a local hospiial. COLORADO SPRINGS. Colo, iAPi—the canopy of ftn F88 jet ! strip zoning and the cmmciPs action would be consistent with the •formre policy of the zoning commission. j Vole on the zoning change j passed 5-2. Cotmcilmen J c f f y Harloss and A. ,!. tTtibfey) Ly«n§ 1 opposed the change. , Kirkman street, from College Kirkman street is now cOfhflter- On ... fc i >*«» A *, * * ««•• 1*1 nun otl *t.Cl| I I UllI VsUllCKC- , -*XIJ rvillClll iin cw*. IO IIV»» feUllltllCl f.ghicr blew off Monday white two to Sc t 1w >i rtreett was re zoned ; cial from Tenth street to Sehwl the j commercial at Monday's Lake: street. The council's decision tn 1 2 Seeking Beauty Title AtOakdale Susie HromadTca. Linda Sullivan, Cammie Guillory. Catholic activt- Sherry Crow. Charlotte .rowers. ty : Percy L. Monceaux. cotin- Pat Crawford. Jane Crawford, Su- cfl activity: .Toseph W. Fusilier, ste Wilson, Pat Taylor and oracle public relations; Eugene Frtige, Gilley. The beauties will be judged in formal attfre for &e«rty and hi costumes tor their talents. fh* body was to he sent'to Al- Disca Savant Jr i.f Mlchlttni two j ^play aircraft at the Air Force' fhflrles City Council meeting, 'favor Of the ordinance brought a --•-"• -: . . The much-discussed issue hasi rnun d of applause from specta- gfers today for burial in the St. daughters. Mrs. Allie Palmer of! Academy. . Mary's ce'meterv there Wedncs- Iowa. La., and Mrs. Jovcc Pack-; .. ..... . .. „. bccn under consideration by the.W" at Mondays meeting. dft¥, HixsOfl funeral home was In ; son of Kinder: two" brothers, j J§me " llillcn> R " as slttin S, council for months. Previously Charge of local arrangements. Amada and Joe Savant, both 6fi a <°P "« ploxiglass canopy when. that portion Of Kirkman \vas A-i A native of New Orleans, Mr.. Kinder: one Sister. Mrs. Alodie a Companion accidentally fired a:rcsiden "W. Cufttmings had lived in L ak e frtigenl of Kinder; 25 grandchil- detonating device in the cockpit. ; Under the provisions of the ord- Charles for 14 year* and was a dren and four great-grandchildren.: inance adopted Monday, the af Free Parking Proposal Is Voted Down the explosion hurled Gillen.fected area Is Kirkman, from j against the aircraft. He suffered i College to within 800 feet of a skull fracture and was in criti- i Scnoot stl ' eet °" the west side, Widow of Former Secretary Dies Lonnie Fontenot Grand Knight Of Oberiin KC (SpU-Twelve Ofck-i dale Mgh school jimtor and senior girls will vie for tl*& title ef "Miss Oafcdale" in a beauty contest set for Thursday, September ft at the Oakdale high school auditorium. The contest is being Sponsored i by the Oflkdale Business and Pro-i OfifcRLtN (SpU - Lonnie Fon- fessional Womin'8 club and is a tenot is the newly-installed Brand! prelude to tht Allen Parish Fair Beauty Pigfcant Which will take member of St. Henry's Catholic church. He had been associated with the Louisiana ftating and Fire Prevention bureau for 34 years. Surviving are his wife. Mrs. Garner C u m m I n g s of Lake Charles: one son. Timothy Cum- minps of Lake Charles: his mother. Mrs. Nellie Cummings of Al- ... __ ... „. ..., . . , _ giers: and one sister. Miss Rita parking rneter payments in Lake!™ Investigation to determine^vhy cilman ft. E. (Dick) Watson said, Cummings of Algiers. HOUSTON, Tex. (AP) - Mrs.!P Ia « during the festivities of Oc- Jesse H. Jones, 90, widow t>f the of ; tober Tlie winner of the Oakdale con- cal condition at a homital here ! and from 20 ° feet south of Co1 " i j ui-u 7.u O ' comm ; rte . test will'be named Miss Oakdale; Her. warden, Alb( cat condition at a hospital here.., cge to m ^ ^ Qf Schoo ,, a nd publisher of the Houston first runncr . up Dutche5s of Oak : c^ing sccrctary ; <*» _ I * t I™*— J *• _ , _.. li*«w il*^k ^.«^t _U-. _ t T.»*..1 ._ rr^t i /"*l»H«***!**1 A Jf« J *Kf«._.!«.. f\^i^ *»f _t_i .t . _ ji ... r>i.i_»* . Robert L. Freeman, 14. escaped harm. Maj. Gen. Robert H. Warren, ommertded the area remain un- Thei-e \vill be ho change in;academy superintendent, ordered,tier the A*i classification. Coun- on the east side of Kirkman. The'Chronicle, died Monday. One of!dale and, second runner-up, depth on both sides is 200 feet. Texas' most noted philanthropists,! Countess of Oakdale, All three The sonlng commission had rec< Mrs j ones am} her )ale husband I titled winners will compete in the fnl , M j.j Iounnea iMiss Allen knight Of Oberlin Council No. 3353 Knights Of Columbus. Other Officers fire D. C. freed Jr., deputy grand knight; Ernest Moore, chancellor; Benniel Fuse- Albert Karam, re- John Cronan, financial secretary; Joe Karattt, treasurer; Percy Monceaux, ad- Vocfite; Leon ftuHo, inside guard; Irvin Bass, outside guard: E. J. youth activity- Arrel J. Carrier, fraternal activity; awl John F. Cronan. membership and insurance activity. Eugene Fruge was named "Knight of the Month" for August for his outstanding work with youth. SIGNATURE LOANS $25 to $2000 ARRANGED ft¥ PftONE loan fet phone. Charles, for MRS. A. JOHNSON NVhcn tlir ordinance camp up . . for discussion. LaFlcur presented .lohn?on ' ': voring his proposal. Eight of Hie 29 signers were downtown businessmen. ; That was the decision reached i : by the Luke Charles City Council' : at its Monday meeting. Council- BASILE (SpM — Funeral scrv- man Isrcal LaFlcur had intro- ; ices for Mrs. Adelida Johnson. 75.! duced an ordinance providing for of Basik were held al 9 a.m. free parking on Thursdays and Monday in St. Augustine's Cath- Fridays, but the ordinance was olic church here. Burial was in defeated. the church cemetery in charge of : Ardoin funeral home Born in Basilc. Mrs. ,,™ • ,. } ^ signatures fa- lived here all of her life. She died i..J.,__ ,.: i S:-i. t ^ .,.last Saturday in a Eunice hospital. Survivors include four sons, "Armand Johnson of Lake Charles.' LaFleur said many of the city's Benoit ahd Gus Johnson of Basile. | parking meters were not bringing : and Ivan Johnson of New Or- j in enough revenu* to justify their; leans: three daughters, Mrs. Abel i existence. He proposed sortie me- j Duplechain of Oberlin, Mrs. Mur-'ters be transferred to Enterprise' phy Fontenot and Mrs. Clarence i boulevard and Railroad avenue. I Chaumont. both of Lake Charles: i Some council members said La-i 25 grandchildren and 25 great- ! Fletir's petition was not a suf-1 grandchildren. ficient sampling and requested i • ; that Mayor Alfred Roberts c o n- j n <\ MFBrWAMT duct a survey of all downtowns \j. j. fviErv^nttni -businessmen to get (heir opinion: 0. S. Merchant, 84. of Lake on parking meter policies. Charles died at his residence at : When LaFleur realized his ordi- 11:20 a.m. today. Date and time inance did not really provide for: of funeral services will be an- what lie said he wanted, he vot- nounccd by Hixson's funeral c d with other members to kill : » omc - his ordinance. Mr Merchant was a native of, He plans to inlroduce ano|hcr 'iXlrLl f B « «" ordinance uhich wl " transfci - lott '-! w, » > H °% 33ryCarS - , ie 'revenue meters from downtown toj ^s^^^r^r.-^^^" 1 { T r? member of Trinitv Baptist church ° n ** A ™? a ][ enue f fd otl . Rai H c • , 'j ,i , , roan avenue from Enterprise to Survivors include three daugh- ' ;tcrs. Mrs. Irvin S. Hebert of West; Lake, Mrs. Allen Pofahl of San' A- -no. Tex., and Mrs Jvilc^ W vc - v was P lanilc d to determine! M'i'cr of Lake Ch a r I e s: one whetll(?l ' m llot if ™ parking would ; tienhew, J. W. Merchant of Lake bc allovve d on some days. •Charles: and seven grandchil- " ~~~~ dren. In Bahia Felix, Chile, rain falls •—- an average of 325 days a year. > But Iquique, Chile, farther north, ; i once went 14 years without any ; KINDER 'SpU - Disca Sa- 'j"" at a11 4-ant. 64. of Route 2, Kinder, died ~ at ti:55 a.m. today in his home M f||J i Atl CA /*A«" Jollowine a three-week illness. j |||Q flt TV DU 0"? i Funeral services will be held in I afl A , «.•.' JL ,, Jhe Indian Village Pentecostal mail, GetWlSe! PepUD •church at a time to be announced : Thouiands are pe PPy m 70; So-UVou M .later by the Ardoin funeral home ' we ? k J° w . in ^ neriR ''" o) , d ," llt40 ' SOor60 f „, •.,• j quit blaming it on age. H you want to fwi •Bl rvinaer. younger, try Ostrex Tonic Tablett at oner. t?rH^,,.mont tnn ! M18S Alie " ^arisn Fair contest, Jrvm Bass, oUtsioe guard: E. J. omKmmeni inc.. according to Mrs Johnny stroth . ^ ancc lccturci .. ancl A E Dar . educational, religious C| . pres id c nt of the BPW. bonne, three vear trustee. the present at least.! tnc canopy device had not been other portions of Kirkman h a d.and other charitable undertakings, j The contestants are Dixie Seals,i D. C. Reed"is general program A •• removed or disarmed. 'been toned commercial under 'Jones died In 1958. Claudia Htidglns, Lynn W i 1 s o fl, I chairman. Other chairmen are Pick op »ht cash ti fotif day service. 24-Monfti Pfan 14-Mnrtth pfnn *bovt poymentj in DIAL FINANCE CO. Dial 433-9426 M! RfAH St. Meanwhile the downtown s u r- i D1SCA SAVANT SR. --•••• — "••• J Miiu^t. i , u * v>9LJCA 1 VIUJV, 1 BUlCLfi ill UIJLTt Burial will be in the Indian Vil- ^^^fh^Ka^fc^u'n^ •4age Cemetery. i call-beinR old". Puts pep in both >exes.Try ' Mr. Savant, a retired farmer,! ^n^$ !%?o\FKd{*& K f£ CONSIDER THESE FACTS I THEN ] YOU BE THE JUDGE! 1. At 67 and in excellent health, Judge Fournet, when re-elected, will serve until 1970. The people will then elect his succssor. 2. This full eight year tenn is longer than the term oi any President, Senator, Congressman, Governor, or any local elected official. 3. Judge fournot has 23 years' experience on our Supreme Court and has received wide acclaim for his progressive leadership in the highest judicial office in our State. 4. In his H years of practice as a lawyer, Judgt Four- net'i opponent has not srgued a tingle cast befort th* Supreme Court. 5. As former Speaker of the House, former Leutenant Governor, and as a Judge, Judge Fournet is identified with programs and decisions which benefit school children, teachers, working men, small businessmen, veteran?, homeowners and all other citizens in every walk of life. KHIECT Ho, 19 JOHN B. FOnilMT CHIEF JUSTICE SUPREME COURT John B. 1 ounu't 1'olilital Ad ! We enjoy real comfort all year 'round, thanks to our electric heat pump" ... says Mrs. William E. Hall, 2512 4th Ave., LaU Charles "And our total electric bill averages just $24.81 a month" "We couldn't he more pleased with the ^ay our electric heat pump cools and heals," Mrs. Hall told us. 44) The Hall's 2300-srjiiarp.ioot total electric Gold Medallion Home. For an average monthly electric bill of only $24.81* they enjoy electric cooling: and healing, electric kitchen, electric laundry, electric water healing-, plenty of good lighting — many other electrical helpers, *!///* vary according to the ji'ze of horns*, families and habits, of . Buf whqfever your needj, e/ecfric/ty is still today't b«*f buy. 4 We never have any dampness or mildew, and the house slays so clean! The heat pump both cools and heats, and it switches from one to the other automatically, as the weather requires. "Whenever we've hccn away and return to a stuffy, loo-liot or loo-cold house, we turn on the heat pump and in only about 10 minutes our home is really comfortable again!" More than 3200 families served by Gulf States already enjoy heat pump cooling and heating. If you're planning to build, buy or remodel, remember, a llamcless electric heat pump could help your family live better, For information, call your Gulf States office or your heat pump dealer* GULF STATES UTILITIES COMPANY The Flomeless Elecfrlc Hear Pymp Today 1 * btft year-rpwnd air-conditioning BARGAIN

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