Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 16, 1972 · Page 9
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 9

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1972
Page 9
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CHURCH NEWS PAMPA. TEXAS Nth YEAR Friday, June 1«, 1172 Women Will Discuss Faith, Law, Justice FORT WORTH-Whit faith has to do with law and justice will be the point of discussion in the annual Assembly of Women of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Texas here June tt-JS But the 300 women expected will go beyond talking about their "Faith, Law, Justice" theme in sessions at Texas Christian University and nearby University Christian Church, In their opening session on Friday afternoon, June 23, the women will be drawn into an audience-participation drama on making systems of law and justice more humane. Joint Youth Program Continues "While We Were Yet Helpless" is the sermon topic of the Rev. Martin Hager for the morning worship service at First Presbyterian Church. Assisting Rev. Hager will be the Rev. Dennis Povey, summer youth director. Guest soloist will be Stephen Skoog with Donnie Jones at the organ. This service begins at 10a.m. Rev. Povey is the director of a joint youth program of First Presbyterian and First Christian church. Young people at the junior high level will meet at 5:30 p.m. Sunday at the First Christian Church for a snack supper and a panel discussion. The senior high group will have their meeting in youth lounge of First Presbyterian Church. First through sixth grade students will meet at 9 a.m. Monday at First Presbyterian church. Junior high students will have a mystery bike and hike party meeting at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at First Christian Church. Each must bring a sack lunch. The college group will have a swimming party at ?*,p.m, Thursday at the Whit*, Detr pool. '""'" \ \ Elder-Deacon calling is set for 7 p.m. Wednesday. the next evening, they will pay $3 each for a meal of rice and give away the saris they wear to a "hunger dinner." Both the money and the cloth will go to Church World Service to meet human needs detailed in a multi-media presentation and panel discussion. Keynote speaker on Friday night will be Dr. Dorothy I. Height of New York, director of the Racial Justice Center of the Young Women's Christian Association and president of the National Council of Negro Women, Inc. Two lectures based on selections from the Sermon on the Mount will be delivered Saturday and Sunday mornings by Dr. Stuart D. Currie, professor of New Testament and exegesis at Austin (Texas) Presbyterian Theological Seminary. After his Saturday morning lecture, Dr. Currie will engage Dr, Height in a dialogue on "The Scripture and the Secular." The program also will include a series of clinics on church programs and "laboratories in living justice" in which the women will talk with churchmen whose professions daily require decisions crucial to lives. Presiding will be Mrs. Clarence Williams of Corpus iChristi, president of Texas 'Christian Women's Fellowship. CHURCH RELIEF GENEVA (AP) - Material relief supplies valued at nearly $12.4 million were shipped to 73 countries in 1971 through programs of the Lutheran World Federation, it was announced here. Witnesses Plan Meet At Amarillo Seven area congregation* of Jehovah's witnesses met in Amarillo last weekend to receive instructions for accommodating thousands of delegates who will attend a four-day district assembly beginning July 13th. More than 8,500 are expected to attend the "Divine Rulership" district assembly in the Coliseum at Amar.llo's Civic Center, according to Lyman Pinard, presiding minister of the Pampa congregation. The convention in Amarillo is one of M assemblies to be held in the United States this summer with over a half-a-million expected to attend. An invitation to the Pampa congregation was extended by Lawrence Pillars, convention manager, who was the principal speaker for the area 'Kick-off meeting. He spoke before several hundred volunteer workers who will assist in a search for rooms in Amarillo to supplement the commercial facilities needed to accommodate the visitors during the assembly. Pillars recalled the last District assembly held by Jehovah's witnesses that drew a record 10,000 in 1970 to Amarillo's Civic Center which was the largest ever held in the city. Commenting on local participation in Pampa the speaker indicated previous support of the preconvention work has always been very encouraging. "The 500 or more from the Panhandle that expect to attend will share as hosts in making this assembly another milestone." Pillars indicated the highlight of the assembly will be a public discourse "Divine Rulership—the Only Hope of All Mankind." BUILDERS SOUGHT SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) — Carpenters and other workers are being recruited by the Assemblies of God here to help build new churches in Mexico, Chile, Ecuador and Panama. Besides carpenters, the church wants block layers, cement finishers, plumbers, painters and electricians to volunteer for a minimum of two weeks' labor on missions building projects. DAVID POLING, D.D. Jesus Movement: When Good Is Bad By REV. DAVID POLING A belligerent note has been struck in the encounter of the Jesus movement and the traditional church. It was bound to come and it carries the seeds of continuing conflict for the Christian church. There appears to be three aspects of the Jesus movement which blend into one as far as the public is concerned. This is unfortunate and the several manifestations of religious "happening" need to be carefully sorted out for they differ drastically. The first aspect of the Jesus movement is commercial. It centers around the record, and Broadway production, "Jesus Christ Superstar." A folk rock opera, it has catchy tunes and a pounding pace. The theology is thin, presenting Jesus as a confused and bewildered humanitarian. The material, cast and song have enjoyed popular acceptance—like any other commercial musical. It will fade, for Broadway always looks to new seasons and new stars. The Children of God is now an international movement, spun out of the Jesus people that blossomed in California and Texas. Absolute, total allegiance to their fundamental brand of religion is demanded of members. Young people change their names, often leave home, and proclaim a message of immediate doom. Most of them seem to be a wrathful, furious sect: The traditional church is the enemy and American society the villain. In some areas the conflict within family and community has become so intense that a counter-organization has been formed, called Parents' Committee to Free Our Children from the Children of God. While proclaiming valid truths of the Bible (judgment of a sensuous culture, criticism of a lazy church), they appear to ignore the love and peace and reconciliation of the New Testament. The third and. to this writer, the most significant aspect of the Jesus movement is the stirring of so many young people and children to a new and vital relationship to Jesus Christ. The rise of religion for many is nothing less than the moving of the Holy Spirit in individual lives. It is activated by a need for certainty in a century of change. It is a yearning for moral and spiritual depth in a society drenched with sexploitation, an advertising avalanche to buv-buy-buy and a nation that talks peace and builds bigger bombs. For hundreds of thousands of young peo- ole the New Testament has become a relevant and thrilling book-but the book is about a Person, not an idea or concept. The result of all this is mixed. One comment, by Peter Adgie. the pastor of the United Church, Los Alamos, N.M., is timely i "During the past month a number of high school students in Los Alamos have committed their lives to Christ in a manner which perhaps can best be described as sudden and wonderful, although inexplicable to some Some of those who have found a new vision of Christ are from the United Church, but many are from the community at large. Their zeal, earnestness and eagerness to learn more of their Savior is amazing to see; heartwarming to some, disconcerting to others. "Clearly these new Christians need support, understanding compassion, and love, as they take their first steps in the Christian life. From various parts of our community they have already experienced ridicule rejection, severe critfcism and scorn, and there are even those who are attempting to stamp out their faith ere it can be anchored in prayer and the Bible. "Christians in the United Church! Talk with these students, help them whenever you can, go out of your way to know them, and pray for them! . How happy and thankful we are that the Holy Spirit has found them. First Baptist Plans Youth Evangelism A youth-led weekend revival has been set for June 23-25 at First Baptist Church with Larry Gilmore and Bruce Hysmith. The series of services will begin with a rally at 8 p.m., Thursday on the north parking lot of the church. Gilmore, who will be the preacher, is pastor of Bolivar Baptist Church. Sanger. Hysmith, a native of Pampa, is music director for a church in Duncan, Okla. Some of the young people of that church are to participate in the musical program of the revival. "A Night Time Interview" is Dr. C. Gordon Bayless' sermon subject for the morning worship hour. "Lord, Is It I?" will be his topic for the evening service. Mr. and Mrs. Woody Northcutt, Shelby, Mont., will be heard in duet. Hoyte Phillips will direct the song services with Miss Eloise Lane at the organ. George Warren, minister of education, reported an enrollment of 483 in Vacation Bible School and termed the school a success in every aspen. The young people of the church will leave by bus at 6:15 p.m. Thursday from the church for a Youth Rally at Panhandle. Myron Porter is youth director for the church. The Sunday worship services of the church are telecast on channel! 13 and the morning service is broadcast on station KPDN. 'Exposition' Set Tomorrow In Central Park A Mormon "summer exposition" will be held in Central park from 2 to 5 p.m. tomorrow with various displays and exhibits set up. Two missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) will be on hand to answer questions and discuss aspects of their denomination. Besides the various displays and exhibits, pamphlets and other literature will be present at the exposition, including the "Book of Mormon." Mormons believe the "Book of Mormon" to be a record of the ancient inhabitants of the American continents. The two missionaries are Elder David Powell, of Pyason, Utah, and Elder Hal Clarke, of Arlington, Va. They are serving in Pampa as part of their two-year mission. The public is invited to drop by the park anytime during the exposition. ^ ••••^ The Weekly Message ef Inspiration Interim Pastor First Baptist Church Pampa C. GORDON BAYLESS Why Men Remain with Christ Then said Jews unto the twelve, Will ye alto go away? Thea Simon Peter answered htm, Lord, to whom shall we go? then hast the words of eternal life. John 1:1741 A MULTITUDE OF PEOPLE HAD BEEN FOLLOWING CHRIST FOR BREAD AND FISHES. They wanted something for nothing. Our own period of time is not unlike any other period of history. The multitude, as well as some professed believers, had been impressed by Christ's statement that He was the bread of life, and that faith would provide all things. These were such comforting words to a lot of lazy people who thought He meant literal bread, when He was talking about spiritual bread. They thought Christ meant that if they would exercise enough faith, material things would be provided them without the necessity for work. ,So multitudes followed Him wherever He went. Jesus decided the time had come to weed out the economic parasites, the social loafers, the curious, and the religious adventurers. He lifted His voice and told them that following Him was of God. God had to be in it; God had to initiate and consummate the relation. It was to be 1 a divinely inspired experience, a new way of life involving a change of heart and attitude, based on repentance and faith. It was to be an experience that would tie them Church Directory .425 N. Word Adventist Seventh Day AdventiM R. D. Murray, Miniiter Apostolic Pampa Chapel Rev. E. Waterbury 711 E. Harveiter Assembly Of God Auembly of God Church, Rev. Robert 1. Bailey Skellytown Bethel Aiiembly of God Church, Rev. R. C. Van Amber 1541 Hamilton Calvary Aiiembly of God Rev. Jerald Middaugh 1030 Love Fint Aiiembly of God Rev. Jimmy Phillipi 500 S. Cuyler Baptist Barrett Baptiit Church Waylon W. Bruton 903 Beryl Calvary Baptiit Church, Rev. Johnny Thamei 824 S. Barnei Central Baptiit Church Rev. Bryan Halliburton Starkweather ft Browning Hobart Baptiit Church, Rev. Ronald Mooney 1100 W. Crawford Fint Freewill Baptiit L.C. lynch 326 N. Rider Fellowship Baptiit Church Rev. lorl Maddux ... ; .........': '.. .217 N. Warren Fint Baptiit Church (Lefon) Rev. Dudley Briitow 315 E. 4th Highland Baptiit Church A. E. Burni, Pallor 1301 N. Banki Fint Baptiit Church, Dr. C. Gordon Bayleu, Interim Paitor 203 N. Weit Fint Baptiit Church Rev. Milton Thompton Skellytown Pampa Baptiit Temple Rev. Cliff A. McDougal . % Starkweather « Kingimill Pregrettive Baptiit Church, Rev. l.B. Davii 836 S. Gray Pampa House of Prayer .940 S. Dwight Catholic St. Vincent'i do Paul Catholic Church Father Francil Hynei, C.M .2300 N. Hobart Bible Church Of Pampa Rev. J.S. Smith 307 W. Foiter to eternal life. There would be a cross in the center of this experience which would involve isolation from their previous ways of life. Loneliness would walk with them and self-denial would be their daily companion. These words were too harsh for the multitude. Christ could have humored them along, played to their whims, and have held most of them. That is a common practice of some religious leaders today. If a preacher wants to be popular with all his members he can I become so by playing to their whims, stroking them just right, and withholding the truth of the gospel. Christ knew it was far better that they knew what they were getting into before they went any farther along His road. Among the multitude who went away from Christ were "many of his disciples." Without a doubt, these were spurious disciples, and, like Judas, they were not a part of Him through repentance and faith. "Will you also go away?" is one of the most pointed questions Christ ever asked. If they left Him, all could be lost. What would He do then? Would He recruit and train others? Must He go through the same pattern of preaching and) discipline with a new group of < men that He had gone through with the disciples? Or was He seeking a restatement of their faith and confidence in Him? His was an affectionate question. He said nothing to those who went back to walk no with Him. If the unbelievers must depart, let them. He had never had them, so He suffered no loss. I think He was saying to His disciples, "This is the hour of temptation; if you are going to leave me, now is the time. It may be easier for you now while many of your friends and neighbors are leaving me." But He would not detain them against their will. He does not I want drafted men in His army; He is giving them the power of revocation. They have had plenty of time to know Him and His doctrines. But I think the question implies that if they do leave Him they do so at,their own peril. He is trying to stop any inclination they may have to leave Him with this simple question, "Will you also go away? You do not hang at loose ends like they did. You can go on out to Calvary with me or you can go back to your fishing nets and farms. You know me more intimately than the others. Therefore you are more responsible for your actions. •The longer you stay with me and the more benefits you [receive from me, the more obligated you will feel toward 'me. I have reason to believe you will not go away. I hope for better things from you because I you are of those who have • continued with me." Church Directory Christian Hi-land Chriitian Church, Harold Starbuek '•'» N - • anfci Fint Christian Church (DISCIfllS OF CHRIST) Rev. Ralph T. Palmer 1633 N. Nelion Christian Science Chriitian Science Church °01 N. Freit Church Of Christ Central Church of Chriit, »°° N ' Somerville Robert I. McDonald • Weitiide Church of Chriit .«««»!... L Jamei B. Luiby, Miniiter '« 05 Altotk Church of Chriit, Mary Illen « * Harveiter Miniiter Jock Pape 1717 Duncan Church of Chriif, Wayne Umeni Oklahoma Street Pampa Church of Chriit Jerold Barnard "8 McCullough Welli Street Church of Chriit 400 N. Welli Church of Chriit, David Oennii Miniiter Lefore Church Of God Church of God, Rev. John B. WqlUr 1123 Gwendolen Church Of God Of Protinecy Rev. David H. Solar 701 Campbell St. Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints Biihop Laron B. Voylei 731 Sloan Church Of The Brethren Church of The Brethren Rev. Bryce Hubbard 600 N. Frail Church Of The Nazarene Church of The Naiarene Rev. Fdward J"rlcion 510 N. Welt. Episcopal St. Matthewi Epiicopal Church, Rev. Richard Saner, Rev. Sam Huliey "' w •'"-nlr.Q Foursquare Gospel Founquare Goipel Church Rev. Sam Godwin 712 Won Full Gospel Assembly lamar Full Goipel Aitemblv Rev. Gene Allen 1200 S. Sumner Immanuel Temple Immanuel Temple Mike E. Owont SOI E. Campbell New Life Tabernacle Rev. Kirby Trew 701 E. Campbell Lutheran Lutheran Church, Rev. M.G. Herring ..1200 Duncan Methodist Fint Methodiit Church, Dr. Lloyd V. Hamilton .201 E. Foiter Harrah Methodiit Church Rev. W. O. Ruckor, Jr 639 S. Barnei St. Paul Methodiit Church Rev. J. W. Roienburg all N. Hobart St. Mark! Chriitian Methodiit Epiicopal Church Rov. Monroe Woodi Jr. ......406 Elm Pentecostal Revival Center Church, Ruby Burrowi, Paitor.noi S. Welli Pentecostal Holiness ' Fint Pentecoital Holineii Church, Rev. Albert Maggord 1700 Alcock Hi-Land Pentecoital Holineii Church Rev. Charlei McCauie 1733 N. Banki Pentecostal United United Pentecoital Church, Rev. H.M. Veoch 608 Naida Presbyterian Fint Pretbyterian Church, Rev. W, Martin Hager 525 N. Gray Salvation Army Capt. L. Z. Sullivan S. Cuyler at Thut •iss l> These Business Firmt and Professional People Are Making This Weekly Message possible. Joining with the ministers of Pampa in hoping that each message will b« an inspiration to Everyone. GIBSON'S DISCOUNT CENTER "When you buy the belt for leii" 1405 N. Banks HARVESTE1 PIT BARBECUE Served Family Style Banquet Boom-Order* te Go 105 S. CuyUr UNDSEY FURNITURE MART 222 N. Cuyler WRIGHT FASHIONS PAMPA OFFICE SUPPLY CO. 211 N. Cuyler 220 N. Semerville SHOOK TIRE CO. 317 S. Cuyler LEWIS SUPPLY CO. Took and Induitriai Supplioi GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 125N. Somerville 417 S. CuyUr 410 E. Foster DIXIE PARTS ft SUPPLY CLAYTON FLORAL CO. 669-9048 665-3121 665-1633 669-3353 665-5302 669-9851 665-2349 665-5771 669-3334 COSTON'S HOME OWNED BAKERY Coronado Center 669-7361 H. R. THOMPSON PARTS ft SUPPLY 312 W. Kingsmill 665-1643 ADNNGTON'S WESTERN STORE Wettem Wear ler All the family 119 S. Cuyler SOUTHWELL SUPPLY CO. Oilfield and Induitriai Suppliei 805 S. Cuyler PAMPA GLASS ft PAINT CO. Floor Covering Headquarter* 1431 N. Hobart 647 W. Fatter TOWLES TILE CO. "Seamleo Floor Covering" 669-3161 665-2391 669-3295 665-5075 TEXAS FURNITURE CO. "Quality Home Fumishing»--U*e Vour Credit" FORD'S BODY SHOP 111 N.Frost 665-1619 MONTGOMERY WARD ft CO. Coronado Center 669-7401 SOUTHWESTERN PUBLIC SERVICE FUII'S CAFETERIA CORONADO CENTER PAMPA AUTO CENTER ft SKIDMORE FORD TRACTOR 126 S. Houston 665-2387 BENTLEY'S LADIES STORE Butt) Huldierw, Manager 113 N. Cuyler PAMPA PARTS ft SUPPLIES INC. "Automotive Parti A Supplies" 52S W. Brown 669-6877 FURrS FAMILY CENTER

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