Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on February 26, 1942 · Page 1
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 1

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1942
Page 1
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feiijfcV ^ PAGE TWQ—TKE MORNING AVALANCHE j.ubbock, Texas/Thursday, February 26, 1942 ppension Of 40-Hour Week Asked iemoval Of Sec. «! jerkins Sought •ll WASHINGTON, Feb. 25. <£>>— Demands for suspension of the ^0-hour -week and removal of Sec- sretary of Labor Perkins were made in Congress today as union- jpianageiysent disputes led to two -additional work stoppages. . ;* At the same time an informed Source reported that the administration might ask soon for a Drastic "work or fight" measure ,^nd some' senators discussed the (feasibility of legislation to formu- •iate a definite policy, which they ^jjeld was now lacking, to govern Settlement of disputes before the sWar Labor board. ^ To Offer Amendment * Rep. Smith (D-Va.) served no- jSce, during House consider; 'jot a. new war powers bill, ths would offer an amendment to ;rnorrow to suspend all the various .eight-hour day and 40-hour weeks -laws which he declared were "now ^handicapping, the war effort." i'( Miss Perkins' removal was de Tnanded by Sen. Byrd (D-Va.) in £ speech detailing what he term'- J '''nine years of incompetence." ? Bossy's Menu Has Been Increased During Winter And Therefore She's Participating - In Program Of Greater Milk Production n _ _ . 'He declared that "her influence in , rC " ICA «°' Feb. 25.—A record: all labor disputes had not been P reakm £ demand for milk, plac- ilxerted for the best interests of lng f P«mius upon Bossy's per•the country as a whole." sonal , b ^ U1 . e o£ Production, has prompted farmers to feed their luxuriously this winter, the •the country as a whole. *> Byrd also urged that Congress , , . £adopt a definite declaration- of ?° w | }"*u«ously this winter, the Rational labor policy," saying that. Department of Agriculture said 'because the administration had today 'failed to effectuate one "time and While Bossy's menu would not *.**¥.*iM v..i+\.1~~_ 1-1 1 3_. . ._ i= '- !igain ruthless labor leaders have ent ice human connisseurs, jt taken . advantage of this failure." Phases her, and farmers are an- •^ Rill TT^^A* n;*........: XioUS to maWp hf»r Vlpr\r»\r Bill Under Discussion xious to make her happy. ff -_-_-iii-_-.i =-.;•_- -z-;i- During winter months, which >ator disclosed that a biH had been cows in most sections of the coun- oirider discussion for several days try spend in barns, farmers feed them grain and concentra ted manufactured food products. This takes the place of pasture feeding in spring, summer and early autumn. Feeding Is Increased This winter, the Agriculture department said, cows are eating more grain and concentrated feedstuffs than in any of the eleven winters the department has kept records on their diet. Feeding is about 15 per cent above last winter. Farmers have found this step- up -in eating habits proiitable. What they give bossy has a lower monetary value than what Bossy, in turn, gives them. Or, as the department puts it "the price relationships were such that the margin between the value of a given unit of dairy products and the value of the feed usually given cows to produce that amount'was among the highest in recent years! Milk Production High Milk production this winter, as a result of diet, has been unusually higb. On Feb. I output for ^ might .provide for the im- onediate drafting into the armed •services of striking workers who Jiad been deferred because of employment in essential industry and 'for the blacklisting of strikers not Subject to selective service. £ Calling this proposal too drastic, Sen. Ellender (D-La) of the Labor ^committee said he thought Con- .gress ought to enact at once leg- 4slation freezing open and closed -'thops for the duration. * Sen. Taft CR-Ohio), another ^committee member, proposed that 4a addition to freezing open and Closed shops, Congress, act to link £var-production wages to the cost •.of living so that pay increases rcould be granted only when it was ahown that living costs had increased. W«ld»rf Strike •£ The day brought a strike of CIO ..•welders at the Bethlehem Shipbuilding corporation repair yards In Hoboken, N. J., in protest ,againts a foreman's "abusive con- :duct.and usecof vile and abusive Barnes," according to a union ..spokesman. The union reported -=ihsi cKoush strikers rciu—sd to "continue without, interruption jwork on naval contracts." ^ More than 1,800 CIO unionists struck for afcout an hour at ;the Minneapolis Moline Power Implement company, which has war contracts, in protest against delays in negotiations for wage in- *r Production at the Monarch •Aluminum Manufacturing Co. in ^Cleveland, makers of aircraft jparts, approached normal after a Two steps jr to amazing new pep... vitality... letter looks / T» ' * :A fru/y marre/ous change can 'At brought about by over- Scorning miserable digestive Complaints, under-weight, •xluggishness, lass of appetite %—aII by two important steps — 4> digtrtive juices J» ffc» stomach... year with rich, It's smart to be mentilly ^ If you are one of those unfortunates •who have worked under a •train, f ailed to eat IbB proper roods, t»ve been vezefl by overusing -worries. or have suffered with co] Os. the flu. or other nin V ••« • J«t hava no organic teoubie or focu infection — acd cells have become reduced, in Tlt=I- tty and mimser. . . >t your stomach digestion refuses to work properly. then here Is what thould help ^S.S.3. Tonic la Especially deigned to build up blood strength whca deflclent . «tltnu2at« those ctczaach, juices Wbicb. digest the food so your body can Jaake proper use or !t In rebutldlne yorn-out tL«ue. These two Important resiilts ensbie you to enjoy the rood you rl"*! ^' v tj ""^ «** ° f 't as Natura Iptended. ^hus you nay cet new vitality . . . pep . . . become t-nlmated . . . Wore, attractive! * Build sturdy health Because S^.S. t» In liquid form It be: *ins Its worfc as soon as you talcs it. Surprliitit: results may be had by aiaJc- Inp -Ac S.S.S. treatment » part of your SalJt? diet Thousands and thousanas or «ts«rs have tectJfled to the benefits S.S 3 Tonic has brought to them and sclentiac rtsoarch fhows that It vjualJy gets remits— tint's -why BO mi.ny say "SS^. Tonic builds sturdy health and maSes jwi fetl IlSet j-ourscif »iSaln-"CS-S.S. Co, S.S.S helps build • STURDY HEALTH —idT. He Just Got Mad And Slugged. Burglar 'Youth Comes Out Winner In His Battle With Prowler (By Tho AsiocUted Prtu) CHICAGO, F^b. 25.—A 13-year-old boy. armed only with «n old, rusted iind unloaded pistol, took on a neg».o burglar ransacking his home early today, and, although tlunn«d by a blow on the head, came out the winner. Donald T. Morrison, Jr., momentarily left alone in the apartment by his father, he&rd the burglav In a bedroom. H» picked up ihe old revolver, entered the bedroom and ordered th« thief lo "go." "He called me a name," Donald lold police laJer. "I got mad p.j\d slugged him with the revolver. Then he grabbed a bottle and swung at me—I ducked and trippud him. "He csme xip with a shoe—with a wooden ihoe tree in it— he swung. I ducked but I gues* I was loo glow. When I came lo, ha was gone." The burglar left behind him a pillow »lip filled with jewelry worth 5100. Donald suffered a scalp cut. By WILLIAM FERRIS Associated Press Staff Writer CHICAGO, Feb. 25.—A record- work Stoppage in a dispute involving recognition of CIO union. each cow was up 5 per cent from the preceding month and 1 per cent above Feb. 1, 1941, the previous peak for the date. It was 10 per cent higher than the 1931-40 average for Feb. 1. If the war is at present a battle of production, ihe cow is definitely in the fight. Her output, in the form of cheese, evaporated milk and dried milk, must make substantial contributions toward feeding Great Britain as well as car- First Applicatior Agoaliing Itching o£ ugly eczema, Rath Tetter. Ringworm. Pimples. Scabies, To. Itch Is checked In ONTO APPIJCATION o UL.UE STAR OINTMENT. Repeat E needed as nature helps heal. Money back 1 FIRST Jar rails to s&tlafy. Try U today —AdT. Tech Plans Annual Garden Short Course At leasl; two taiks pertaining specifically to defense gardens are included in the program arranged for the annual garden short course at Texas Technological college April 14-15, the chamber of commerce was advised this morning by O. B. Howell, professor of horticulture. One subject, "Combining Flower and Vegetable Gardens," will be discussed by a speaker still to be selected. The other, '^Thrift Gardens for Victory," will be led by Miss Beatrice McCurdy, city home demonstration agent at Amherst. The chamber of commerce will, as usual, assist in publicizing the approaching event. Tenants or landlords in Australia dissatisfied with the rent may appeal to Fair Rent Boards established by the government. ing for home consumption. Domestic users require fluid milk and butter. Some indication of how production must expand was shown in 1941 dairy product shipment to Great Britain under lend-lease terms. These totaled 91,033,833 pounds of cheese. 29,328,775 pounds of dried milk and 443,556,493 pounds of evaporated milk. Actual purchases made for shipment were larger. With these figures in mind, and with the prospect that 1942 exports will be larger, the department found cheer in learning Bossy was getting more to eat, and was responding in the expected manner. -HEADACHE , When your head aches and nerves ar V m «f& ^t relief quickly. plelH ?^ yi i? U » Ca P ud 'ne. Acts fast bf- All^U" R1 "? Uld - Vse anly « directed. All druggists. lOc. 30c. 60c. I Lubbock General Hospital Clinic Formerly Lwbbock Sanitarium Clinic GENERAL SURGERY GENERAL MEDICINE J. P. Lattimore, M. D. H. C. Maxwell, M. D. G. S. Smith, M. D. W. A. Reser.'M. D. J. D. Donaldson, M. D. W. F. Birdsong, M. D. OBSTETRICS O. R. Hand, M. D. X-RAY AND LABORATORY James D, Wilson, M. D. RESIDENT PHYSICIAN Wayne Reeser, M. D. .J. H. Felton, Burtnuj Minaget . PATHOLOGICAL LABORATORY X-RAY AND RADIUM, SCHOOL OF NURSING J. T. Krueger. M. D., F. A. C. S J. H. Stiles. M.D., F.A.C.S. (Ortho) H. £. Mast, M. D. (Urology) EYE, EAR, NOSE & THROAT J. T, Hutchinson, M. D. Ben B. HutchinsDn, M D » E. M. Blake, M. D. (Aiitrw) INFANTS AND CHILDREN « M. C. Overton, M. D. Arthur Jenkins, M. D INTERNAL MEDICINE W. H. Gordon, M. D. * R. H. McCarty, M. D. (c»rdloloKT) ' * *"-_P. S. Army Strriee. CHfford E. Hunt, ; '^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 Leadership . . + In this fast moving . . . ever changing world . . . little important details are apt to be overlooked in manufactured products. HOLLYWOOD YORKSHIRE and S&QCLOTHES . . . long acknowledged for their in- integrity . t . and . . . STYLE LEADERSHIP . ,_. realize now, more than ever ... the importance of keeping these standards. To YOU . . .who appreciate these qualities ... we proudly present our new SPRING clothes for 1942. Hollywood Suiis $ 50 ( Yorkshire Suiis S&QSuils 1108 BROADWAY For The AValanche-Journal Offkti , . THOUSANDS OF BEAUTIFUL SOAPS FOR YOU ... FOR YOUR GUESTS ... FOR GiFTSl & ^o ® , nO °.'« & % £&0 & •' W ^L £ft ^d © H^ O." Each box! STOCK UP NOW! TELEPHONE AND MAIL ORDERS! We anticipated advancing prices and ordered early to give you values we won't be able to duplicate! Every brim-full'box is overflowing with beautifully scented soaps in favorite floral fragrances! Every one is a gem of exquisite modern carving 1 You'll find glowing colors to add beauty to bathrooms and guest rooms .. . that will find a welcome placemen your future gift lists! X 011 '! 1 w ant to order immediately! YOU'Lt FIND IN EVERY BOXi * Exquisite Floral Fragrances! • Glowing Colors and Designs! « Savings on Large Orders) toiletries,'first floor Because Marks It He Wants

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