The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 7, 1918 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 7, 1918
Page 7
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tffffil fftn?0tttHT30H NEWS. ' PAttfr SEVEN. HOSPITAL Germans Found Time to Do This on (be American front. BUT NO ONE WAS INJURED Patients and Attendants Both Out of Harm When I lie Explosives fell. ' With the'American army Iti France, Friday, Sept. 6.—(lly Tho v Assoclated Press.)— tiefmnn aviators scored two direct hits Wednesday night on the largo "Rod Cross" between' file Wings ot the French-American Hospital southwest ot Solasons. There were no casualties as the patients had been, feraovwi to nearby c&vcs when the bombing began soon utter dark. ,. Hit a. Hospital. Elg'hteeh bombs were tlrohpc'd, Lfo slrlUlflg the Red Cross which Is. built of red In a great Held ot white) When the alarm was sounded Iho attention of attendants Was turned to 1 the ,wounded who were taken to eaves. The Bllghtly wounded retired to shelter Without aid and there wero several | Instances ot slightly wounded patient* assisting., the attendants In carrying the seriously, wounded to places of. safety. The first bomb struck, near la. tent and two others struck the Red Cross. Great Contusion. Owing to the darkness to the e*- llnguishlng of all lights there was great contusion but not a single pa» tient or attendant was Injured. The hospital doctors rotated With pride the bravery of the women nurses and the number df Instances where hurBea wentf from caves to the hospital beds' during.the raid to make sure,all ot the patients wero under'; Bhe'lloi'. i» • —• ' '-Wi . Some folk Imagine they ar.e. Helping win!'the war when they crowd iwag^s down' to the lowest possible ipbint.— Modern Woddman. '"- / • The average politician Is not an bad as hlg enemies say he Is, but at that he Is none loo good^r-Atchlsori Globe, MoRt complaining against a (own Is done by men who have failed r DELUXE THEATRE MONDAY and TUESDAY SEROT. HAROLD OWENS WRITES OF ARMY LIFE tells Friends Herd That He is Trying to Do tils Best by ills Country. Amai^yofClotheslineAlley py Belle KMamates Scenario toy FrQlU^J ^irMion ,1)irkrtodiy She's?t wonderful girl ! She's a ; wonderful actress ! Wliethei-yoti corue to , see "America's Sweetheart" or whetheryou come to thrill at".her marvelous histrionic po\vers'/ ; Hye know/you'll come. .. Slond&y and Tuesday, 'but come early to avoid the'crowds 1 COMEDY DELUXE MARIE DRESSLER In - /•• Cross Red Nurse Wednesday and Thursday, Wallace Reld in Believe Me Xantippe. Next Friday and Saturday, The Biggest Show on Earth. M. B. Brooks received a letter recently from Sergt. Harold Owens, son qf former Policeman Tom Owens which tells ot his ambitions and aspirations to do hlB heBl for his country afid win for himself and bis race the best of honors. He Is a member ot the 803-Pioneer Infantry that Is located at Camp Clrant, Rockford, Illinois, Sergt, Owens Is a graduate ot-high school. He writes: • '',,' • Friend M. B, Brooks: ' • . ' I am enjoying tho army life Just fine. The only thing that a man that Is Ih tho service tor Uncle Sata must do be obedient to all of li)s officers. . « : Army life (s Just what you make it. If you-try to buck your Orders and commands'that are given, to you, you will tlnd It hard and your record goes .with 'you all through yoUr army lite. It has, been said that the smartest colored men come from the South, but In this camp I find It different. Some of the most Ignorant men come from the South. Some of the. young men had never seen an ; electric light until they reaehed'this'camp.Some of them only Itn'ew that their name Is CttaTllo or Jack'arid that la about all, but It has been said that they make the boat fighting men.- . ' >: 1 havobeon through three different kinds- of-gas with die American gas mask which Is one of the beBt made. We have about twenty' thousand negro soldiers and about, nine thbus-, and-- of them are unfit for fighting men. • '. '"'•"'.' v '. ' 1 am in the service to get all out ot The bigfrest picture ever offered at THE DKLUXI.C for regular price of admission. ' - > "The Whispering Chorus" By Jean MacPherson From the story by Perley Poore Sheehan. Produced by DeMille, who gave us ''loan the Woman", "The Little American" and "The Woman God Forgot,'" MONDAY and TUESDAY DeLUXE PlCKFORD 1 NEXT WEEK RO Y A L Monday and Tuesday Mat Murray as "A MORMON MAID" The Photo Drama With a New Idea i • Wednesday and Thursday Beautiful Constance Talma'dge in "SCANDAL" lO:; i • Friday and Saturday KITTY GORDON, in V. ? ——f 4rr •\&»•»!>'<•< —~— -—;— Coming Soon J ; , ~ *the Geeze* of Be^ittf A Travesty ou "THE KAISER,- V THE BEAST OF EERWN." 1 Made by tlie Same Company, The Funniest Picture You Ever Saw [t.AmrPAFTivS? i. ,\yjieh the history of the screen is written, "Ama'riUy of Clothes line Alley" will be ! the standard by - which! historians judge all Mary?Pickfprd •pictures. Riverside Park TONIGHT Bobby Barker Company ! for one more week in latest musical tabs. %mm( Sunday; Two shows Sunday night. Dancing Tonight Park PaviUlon Old Settler's Picnk Next Tuesday It a'Wait eta'Ahd to win honor for my race. . Tho 803 PJoneor baa one of the beat bands and ftomo of tho officers that are'now In thS fJntted Stales: It'hnU about forty* isfitoreiS of titers. 1 am glad that I aniii ftlcmSer ot-Uio *)3 I'lonects. Yb'Ura tfuir, SBRGBANT HAROLD OWBiiS. 803 Ploheer-1nf „*C6. C, Camp atant, III.-.. - s..••*'. '- " (Continued.Prom Page 3.) The first ts ft brand now nison west- itn atbry. rtt Is a flvo reel feature' boiled down-to tv^o wonderful reels of photodratna. The comedy Ja a big LrKo, madb for laughing purposes only. ; 'i Monday ,will brtng Marie Wnlcamb in the 14th eplsldn' ot "The Uoti's Claws" a good comedy, unci also Current events which shows official wa> pictures. , ; . ,.. "Midnight Madness" la tho title,of tho Bluebird feature to lie shown Tuesday. This dramatic masterpiece iwas produced by tho famous Itupcrt Julian,' The star Is Ruth Olltrord". . ' Charllo Chaplain In "1 A. M.5& will be seen at the Iris on Wednesday. A Billy RlKJdes comedy and the Iris Screen Telegram will bo added attractions. • . -. : ., ': . £ •'•••. ' Thursday will bring Mary Chnilespn In a great 5-reet-feature entitled "3o- tan ! s Private jiobK" i iPearivyhlle ln "the 17th episode of The House : oLlIato;" a Harold bloyd comedy aiid'the JHehrst-Pathe Ne*8 will combine; tdTSitlsfy the usual Friday croivds." "'^'S, ' •' ' '.'The Trail of no Return," featuring Neal Hart and Bllecn Se.dgwlcl(,''wlll be Saturday's ofj;ering and also the famous MCo BeanHes : will appear In " Jingling, comedy entitled "The Belles of Liberty." In "The Brass Bullet," the serial that will follow "Th,o Lion's Claws," Kir.'.Adams' has given to the, moving picture screen the type of serial that differs from the ordinary serial as a genuine gem differs from a rank imitation. The original etory carries tho title of, "Pleasure fsland," an island of romantic charm, tense and thrilling adventure, around which was entwined the sweetest love stories. RIVERSIDE PARK. 7 Bobby Parker to Remain Another Week In Musical Tabloids. Tho patrons ot Riverside Park will beitavored withi another week ol good shows as given by "The Make Yourself at Home" company, featuring Bobby and Zaida Barker. This clever company has made good in every, respect, the past week, tho weathei i terferlug with the performanco somewhat, and it ts favorable information when understo6fl they wilt'stay over for a second week. . Tho bill opening Sunday,and<continuing four days''"Is/entitled "The Three Husbands,"' styledta fartJB, produced for laughing purposes only. It takes three comedians to handle'the line ot comedy,- Mr.. Barker, Dan Diehl and Walter "St Claire. , Alt mirth provoking comedians, assuring sidesplitting moments.. Mfss Barker will Introduce ^jew solos, Miss Heath 'will be- prominently; cast, as also will, be ,'Miss Sco-yllle. And the chorus wjll 'be used in new numbers. Several 1 attractive specialties are introduced, by Jimmy Daley, Walter North, and Doily Nelson; Considering-the (act! that "The Three Husbands" is a new comedy, never before produced here, with the many added features in capablo hands, we have" every reason to expect .a performance that Is well worth tlie' time and money; •',''.'The above company will present (.he annual tree matiuee given (o the' old Settlors at their picnic next Tuesday. They are preparing a big treat..for the. occasion. Tho many shady spots and convenient places for picnic dinners in Riverside park, makes it an ideal spot to spend the day. So bring your baskets and stay all day. at the Old Settler's picnic next Tuesday. Tho pro. gram is so full of good things from oarly ift the monimg until late at night that, you cannot afford to mlBS one eyent. Plenty of parking room fpr your cars inside the park. Monday September Ninth Pegues-Wright's Autum Fashion Review P RESENTING Fashions for Autumn 1918 which adhere to the spirit of tho • times, meeting the war time 'demands for the elimination of elaboration in dress. Fashions earefullv seleefed for their simplicity,' serviceability and appropriateness for every occasion, preeminently suited to thcrrequirements qf today for smart hut simple att|rc. Women's Apparel, Millinery, Shoes and the Other Requirements of Dress We Cordially Invite Your Attendance. O&Y COOKS' CO< -IV— "MIDNIGHT MADNESS." Ruth Clifford in '« Feature Produced by the Famous Rupert Julian.^ When Rupert Julian and Elliott. J Olaw'son had 'finished their strenuous job of landing "The Kaiser, tho Beast of Berlin," as the winner of the photoplay race of 1918, they took a short rest, and then plunged into a production as opposite as possible tq the intonse drama of the Kaiser picture. A.y.ear.ago a production written and produced by this clevor pair under the'title I'The Mystenlous .Mr, Tiller,'! made a, hit. They decided to write a se'duel tp It, perpetu' atlng the same cbiracter 'ai This; tbqy havo> done in ; "Midnight Madness," which will he seen at the Iris theatre on Tuesday. - . Rupert Julian's career. Is .an or treijiely intcrpsting one,' and partly accounts for tho versatility which per"Tho Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin," and "Midnight Madness." Kenneth Harlan, supporting Ruth Clifford in "Midnight Madness," plays tho part of I»reiiUce Tiller, a much- hunted individual wbo always seems to leavo Just a fraction of a minute before the man-hunters arrive. "Midnight Madness" centers around the tbett of the wonderful jewels, a lovely girl and the thief. From the moment the first scene is shown the play is tense with convincing action. IRIS AS s 5c TODAY KING9LEY BENEDICT In • "The Human Target" \ arippJnff Story ot the Virile \Yc»t, Npaf Uurn« aiui.Rena Uugera In "Phoney Photos" It's a Ble L..KO Comedy. MONDAY— Marie Walcamp in "The LION'S CLAWS". .Nestor comedy and Current Events. TUESDAY— Ruth Clifford "in "MIDNIGHT I MADNESS.". • It's' k Blue-.' bird. 5 reels; .' . . . WEDNESDAY— Charlid Chaplin in "1 , A. M." Strand comedy and Iris Screen Telegram. THURSDAY — Mary Charlcsnn. In "SATAN'S PRIVATE DOOR." It's a 5 reol feature. FRIDAY— Ucarl White In "THE IlOySIS ,0l« HATK". Hearst-I'athe, News and Harold Lloyd comedy. SATURDAY— Neni Hart In "The TRAIL OF, NO RETRUN." , The L-KO DeaulleH in "THE DBLLES Ot' LIBERTY." - It cheers tho lowly in pocketbook by proving that all that glitters In this world Is not necossnrlly gold. Photoplay patrons undoubtedly will be pleased;to find Mary Charleston In this production's leading role. This prolty liitli) aetress is easily identified be her; valiant work as Henry II. Waftliail's leading woman in 'The Truant Soul,'''-unit other recent vo- bJeloa of thb?. (front actor. The good effect ot Mr. Walthall's tutelage- la shown in "Sataii'B Private poor." His pupil has done, the most pleasing woTk of her career, fere. The pictured- theme in this production la decidedly a novel one. Satan's private door hangs on hinges of misused wealth. 1 SATAN'S PRIVATE POOR •Mary Charleson In a Perfection F«s• ture at tKa Iris Thursday, The scourge . ot wealth, when Improperly used, ts vlvldjy portrayed in Esaauay's current feature, "Satan's Private Poor." ••• story well worth while is unfolded here. It sounds a trident warning of the perils of riches. Photographs of War. London.—Evidence of Iho destructive eharaotor of the British air raids, upon Thionvllle, Germany Is afforded by aerial photographs which have just arrived from France. The first photograph, which was taken during tho raid on Thlonvllie July Hi shows the stalling ot a big fire caused by bombs, among the rolling stack to the Must of lite freight station. The qecond photograph, taken by British airmen over tho same place on the following day shows charred remains of several trains visible upon the track. The freight station and, nearby buildings have been burned. The original fire developed Intp a huge conflagration, which was only arrested ultimately on the river bank, No—Not Work Cleaning with Diamond Spraglos Is not work. Just a little ot the potlsh on a soft cloth, slightly dampened, quickly, easily, safely, removes dust, dirt, dlscolorations and fine scratches from your^ furuituro and woodwork. Cleans as It polishes, polishes as It cleans, all in one operation. Brings out the rich beauty of tho natural grain of tho wood, leaving a hard, durable gloHs that slays on longest. No hard rubbing, no tired aching arms and smarting hands-— jusl wipe dry, that's all. 9 Freo from disagreeable odors, stickiness and smear. Kionom- ical because it takes so tittle of it. Until you have used' Ihltf wonderful new polish you can hot |#know how really efficient it is and how much better it will aid ypu iu your dally housekeeping. Buy a bottlo from your dealer today. Try It in your own home. If it does not do your work hotter, easier, and with Iran of fort, if It does not give you the most satisfactory polish, servile you ever bad, just return it and you can have your money back.; The Diamond Mfg. Co. Hutchinson, Kansas Ask your dealer for "r>kun> ond tipuirlea." It he daw not huve It, sand us his nam* ana twenty-nv« cent* In OCUD or «taraps and w« will nuUl yuu Kiut-piud a, full aUe twenty-fin. cent bottlo. mum 'AGAINST JttWWRHj m NEWS

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