The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 17, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Saturday, January 17, 1948
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B- JV-i . ...-..,.».-, «,J The Daily Register (Citabllshed 1869 M-Battue County Register.) . PttbUtbed evenings except Sun* 4m and holidays at 35 South Vine itreet, Harrisburg, Illinois, by RE6ISTKR PUBLISHING CO. of Harrisburtf, .-..MRS. ROY. L- SERIGHT, President. . CURTIS G. SMALL, £-nEditor and;, Manager. '· Entered as · second · class' "matter at 4fce post office at Harrisburg, UHoofs, under act of March 3,1879. «d5ubscrlption'Rates: By Carrier 20 -cents r per. week. By. mail in Saline and Adjoining Counties, $5.00 per year in advance; $1.50 for three months. Outside Saline and adjoining counties, $7.00 per' year;-$2.00 for three months;! 75' cents per month. ' The Daily Register is' *" private business institution.,! The management reserves the right to be sole judge as to acceptance or rejection of any statement for-use either- as a news item, or a paid, advertisement. BIBLE.. THOUGHT FOR TODAY c,sGid has indeed' heard many prayers.*.- He 4s .neither blind nor deaf; s-_ Of ten nwe might avoid the abyss by holding close lo. Him. -- ps. 18:16: "He sent from above, he took me and .drew me out of y; waters." BJBLE READING FOR TODAY -Jan. 17.~ God's Pardon. -- Psalm . . Jan. 18-- Worshipping John 4:5-26. . God. -- i\ ~^ /Filament of Globe ^Ilie, fine wire., or filament, that glows in ..the,ordinary electric lamp made of tungsten. It is bard enough-to scratch glass and at high temperatures passes directly into vapor without entering the liquid ^stater "'--" ' MERRY-GO- ROUND Boris Karloff startles Danny Kaye and Virginia Mayo in KKO s Techtfcolpr^jofcase "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, showing at the Orphcum Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Aged !ndion Pleads for White Man's Freedom By HERMAN W. NICHOLS i It was assigned to conduct hearings WASHINGTON. Jan. 17.--(U.R)-- I on two bills introduced by Sen. · » i i f c ^ . * * . » * - - * . . « TV _ - l T* i 1 _ _ _ f · V Y - n l k u M A!.«. f l V t 4* Adam Castillo, an ageless, mild- mannered Indian, took the white man's way of travel clear across the country to plead for the white man's way of life. Adam wasn't ramrod straight DKEW PEARSON Says: Paul Porter "spells" his price-control comment; President Truman finds himself without airline administrators; New Veterans Administrator Gray boasts about his blue blood." WASHINGTON.--Paul Porter, former OPA director, was asked by a newsman to comment on prospects for a Republican- approved price-control program. "The only answer I can Rive," said Porter," is a four-letter word." "We can't print it." warned the newsman, "but I'd like to know what the word is. just to gratify my own curiosity." "I won't say the word," replied Porter. "I'll spell it. T-A-F-T." EXIT AIR WATCHDOGS President Truman, after firing Chairman Jim Landis of the Civil Aeronautics Board, is now in^the position of having not a "sin- President Truman will have lo do' some tall explaining to get anyone else of high calibre to step into one of these jobs. 'EU VETERANS Gen. Carl Gray, new Veterans Administrator, seems to have been greatly impiesscd by the federal witch'hunt. Appearing before the - - - - - - committee last Congressmen: the glory from Coii«i'ess\\oimm| Margaret "chase Smith, his leading, contender for the Senate, who j really deserved the credit for | pushing federal assistance. | Truman probalrly didn't realise J \\hiat he was getting in for. b u t ' he was being used as a megaphone t by a governor \\lio has opposed niost of his policies. Note -- Ilildreth's constant adviser in Washington is Senator Owen Brcwster who gave a breakfast in his honor, and who. when "··; federal disaster bill came up a vcar ago. voted to slash it to The ballv KcKister, _^e wrrh-r House | week, Veterans he told Hugh Butler of Nebraska. One would remove restrictions on P r oP-|gf e ' t op" administrator "to regulate erty belonging to members of the f h .fa airlines of thc nation . Hoopa, Mission and Sacramento tribes in California and give them and tall like the red man in the history books. He was short, a little guy, a little bald and a little fat. Indeed, he was rather a pathetic figure as he shed his worn coat and tip-toed into the Senate committee room. He begged the committee's pardon for taking its valuable time. He said, please, that he wanted to make it clear that he hadn't spent five days and nights sitting up on a bus to come to Washington to scalp anybody on Capitol Hill. His people had saved their pennies to send him here. All he wanted to do, he said with a somewhat sheepish grin, was to send up a few smoke signals. As president of the Mission Indians--some 25 tribes in southern California--he -- ---.- ·· , had a few words he wanted to say. wants, above all else, he said, is The «roup which was willing to; his freedom. The American way A U G t,LWp ..i.iv.1 ,o . » _ - -- ·* Tn^Inno A TMflY»lf»O-nc? complete citizenship. The other would provide for per-capita distribution of certain funds in the treasury to the credit of the Indians. Adam said a few words off the cuff before he began reading a prepared statement. He said that the Mission tribes added up to 2,500 Indians in southern California. They were very poor, he said. Sometimes they ate "second day bread." Sometimes very little else. Some were farmers--not very good farmers. Some painted; others ..._ ..... airlines of the nation. His other top airman, Ted Wright, most noted air technician of the world, has just resigned as head of the Civil Aeronautics Administration: while the third man, Charles St year leave , There isn't anybody any more American than I am. V U . ,,, tal. ,,,,,,» ot ,, .-.actors « - · « « ribbons. UNDER THE DOME There's backstage talk of selecting Chester Bowles. cx-OPA administrator, for vice president. Bowies' boosters point out that nothing could bother the Repubh- came to this country any later than the 18th century." stant reminder -mistakes, the man who blocked in,an the 18th century. MoT as a running mate on thc Committee members then cach, T an Ucket Jonn L ocke had a few words of welcome for Grcen Rcpllbhcan leader of noi them Virginia, offered to bet $1,Clarence the new administrator. When it IHU HUM 4UUIII1I.S"«·.«·· ···."·"·· crn rg came his turn, able, skcpticaMNal-1 OOQ j t h ter Huber Akron. Ohio, Demo- B of ohio thal senator Tall crat. pointedly told Gray he hop-| , d t bc nom j na ted. Brown, ed he would "carry on and imple- h . Taft - s campa i gn manager. r.M\»t ttio «nnn work none bv vour , , . «._. ,, i,,,.ii,t;rni nient the good work done by your predecessor. General Bradley.'' Grav had said nothing about Brad- refused to bet a beautiful 1V* UOVVi. ».V w v - v · · · "- -Hungarian waitress has turned up .i i VI t Ifn «·****«*» · i ».·· v »·---.--' t in the Senate coffee shop. Alice ley. JBuzazi--so attractive that one ·'And I appreciate your May- su itor flew down from New York flower ancestry," Huber went on. lo spc nd a few minutes with her. "But what I hope is that we can drinking coffee in thc shop. Immi- work together on behalf of the lit-' g ra tion authorities, suspicious, tie fellows who came over here p a ;j a visit to check the ladv's pa- tion- while the third man, tie fellows who came over nere pa jd a visit to check the lad\ Stariton has taken a four- on crowded cattle boats and whose pcrs out found she was OK ve of absence to build up , names we cnn't nronounce.' Senator Glen Taylor of Ida salary he gets from Uncle Sam. ' man." replied Gray, flushing. · aho is Vcitl lt*i* * c l/i «Uodlvv Wv Uiiii\* U^ i ·*"··*"-*·' ·- -- -- h j v t i u v w A ^*^. ·· * ·--»: -the Brazilian airlines at twice the I -We certainly wilr. Congress- demanding a probe of an alleged - -- - - - - . 5100,000,000 which he tnmks was spent by the Chinese government This leaves the nation's airways MERRY-GO-ROUND spent by the Chinese government denuded of government adminis- Senator Pappy O'Daniel of Tex- for lobbying in the USA. Taylor trators. It also leaves lower per- as threatened to duck out of a claims it \\as taken out of u. b trators. It also leaves lower personnel of both the CAB and the CAA with morale shattered and ready to follow their chiefs into private business. "Meet The Press'' radio program relief funds, unless the newspapermen who interviewed him were his own per-} sonal friends. "Meet The Press" 2nd Annual Legion Gloves Amateur HtiHKIN. ILL. Monday/ January 19 KiO LBS. _ HAKKISBUKC; VS. MIX LBS. The fourth t i m e these boxers have met. The Hcrrin Prairie Post No. 6-15 is presenting a fine group of amateur boxers. Maynard. a local fighter, will lu fighting the feature bout on Monday, January 19 ADVANCE RING SIDE TICKETS ARE NOW OH SALS AT On Locust Street Y 2 Block Off Square i v die uuo*ii^^«3. ; ^v/ii«-i xi A\,I*\»«J. i»A.^*-t A..I- ^. . u u u farmers, some painiea; ouieis Behind all this, it seems fair-| is supposed to be a tough, two- were carpenters. Their lot was not to recall that one Harry Truman fisted radio interview, but those happy, being wards of the govern- j has made some fine speeches at Pappy finally selected to face him * h e were Wal- me nt listen was a Senate subcommittee. BETTER CLEANING s^ -we give you better cleaning, much better. Your clothes have that new, fresh, soft look and feel. Simply because they are really clean. Clean clothes, are warmer, feel better and last longer. No-other cleaner can give you that NEW SOFT FINISH. Call us today, try our NEW SOFT FINISH. e n Princeton University and other across the microphone were Wal- Th«n he adiusted his "lasses and ' places about the importance of ter Trohan of the Chicago Tri- began to read in a faltering voice, young men making a career of bune Bob Johnson of the Hous- Tnc two bills were fine as far government. But when a man ton Post, and Sarah McOlendon as thev went What the Indian does adopt government service as of several small Texas papers as tnev went. viwt uie iuu m ^ careei% Harry Truman seems to They covered Pappy with verbal go out of his way to fire him. kisses . . . venerable Senator Bob Two days after his Princeton Wagner of New York is some" . of life. Aren't Indians Americans? Adam said--and he looked Committee Chairman Arthur Watkins of Utah right in the eye -- that his folks back in California are smart enough to tend their own business. Then he went into the second bill on the matter of money and said the Indians sure could use what A VW ««Jr ^ di-lti HIJ -L. * U.1VV-W" » I U^iH_l Vi- i « V " J L . V A . * * »«J u «»**·». speech last" June, for instance, he times accused of being too ill to fired Ray Wakefield. a JRepubli- be on the job. However, he was can. from the Federal Communi- able to conduct a most significant cations Commission, despite his housing survey. It showed that long and meritorious career -first nine out of ten mayors in cities with the state of California, later of 50,000 population or over be- with the U. S. government. , lieve that private enterprise can- Regular Call For and Delivery Prices' . Men's and Women's Suits and Dresses Cleaned and Pressed Cash and Carry Prices ;.. .Men's and Women's Suits and Dresses {^'Cleaned and Pressed 65c 49c ; · Call us today for that new soft finish. *-V ! : " We Call For and Deliver Or'if you prefer bring your clothes in and save the difference--you get the same finish either way. HART S CLEANERS 7.05 West Lincoln 20y 2 West Poplar Phones 855 and 550 1L1I V* 1C W . lj. V * t* 11*11** A l t . j l i t t. L t i f c l l r Jh/ A A * M b ^ v, » * » . * * * f *- *«J V » * « . - lra r-nniri H;P what On top of this he fired Landis not take care of low-cost housing. «irfp for them in a s head of the Civil Aeronautics The government, they feel, must x7,T«i,M, thpv npwr «ot 'Board despite the fact that Landis do it ... The State Department ... but which they never »ot had ^^^ failhfully as chairma n is getting ready to recognize the ' Adam looked a little tired. He - ·· ~ ·· -^ t ·,, ·, __*. j-^-i-_ :_· /-»_»--i finished by saying that the Mission Indians finally had scraped together enough to hire a la\vyer to tell them what to do. He sighed, took off his spectacles and leaned back in;his chair. Chairman Watkins said the committee sure would like to talk to all the Indians to see how each felt about this freedom business. Sen. Zales Nelson Ecton of Montana spoke up and said. "Non- tration. sense."' Did Congress send out a TM: ~ subcommittee to talk to all of the slaves before the emancipa- of the Securities and Exchange bloodiest dictator in' Central Commission, spent grueling years sae America--General Somosa of Nic- wartime head of Civilian Defense;^ aragua . . . prodded by President plus several years on a meagre .Truman's plan for health legisla- salary governing the airlines iof tion, the Republicans are getting the nation. .busy. Senator Taft's Labor corn- Then just as the Senate was. re-' mittee will hold hearings in late buffing Truman's plan to repjace, January on two opposing health Landis with a military man, Maj. bills--one. introduced by Taft Gen. Laurence Kuter, Ted Wright' himself, calls for federal doles slammed in his resignation as head to state health agencies: the oth- of the Civil Aeronautics Adminis- er, offered by Senator Murray of *--*:-- iTr^^to^o v,^rv,.-;xio^ fo r far-reaching i insurance. The tion? Of course not. Watkins said that he wanted to be fair and square about it, but that a lot of Indians he knew didn't want to work. Ecton said that was a normal sort of thing-neither did he. . Adam begged the committee]s pardon again. He said all of his ^^u^. .. . 'Montana, , This is_-just as' great a loss as national health ·nsa SiOS Open 8 A. M. to I I P. M. Landis." ~For. - ' AJCLIIUXO.^ X V* 'j t^AAAAW .J,JLJ«i-»^i**J, uo head- ^6f?" G.A : B J ;.«' allocated airline routes and fixed"'general policy. Wright, as head of CAA, regulated airline safety. -Every country in as,, doctors 'don't like 'the latter. DOWN 'EAST* POLITICS Maine's" Governor 'Horace Hildreth, elbowing energetically for the seat of retiring Senator Wal- amme saiety. -Jiverv' country in rne seai or retiring aenaior vvai- the world recognized him as the | lace' White, pulled a neat publicity A, L. f _ _ f _ . L . A --. -.1- -- 1 J t ^ -- . _ 1 r~4'*fr*4- ±l~tl-i J^+1-l/T.T* f ] r * 4 P T« f l l l l T * I f k l l l top air-safety technician. Wright gave as his reason for i resigning not only low government salary but the lack of opportun- stunt the other day. In full view of the press, the governor paraded into the White House to thank President Truman for aid sent to ^CJlCll. ¥ I J U L ' U l t 1C41.A. V/i- \J£* l/Ul I. Mi.A A A. Vd*JAV*.^ ** L. J k * V « * * « f c * « » A W k w « w w « » v fc-w ity in government sen-ice. In oth- Maine when fire devastated the er words, politicians were appoint- j Bar Harbor area. pardon again, tie said an 01 "*= er won j s . politicians were appoint- j Bar Harbor area. people liked to work. He sam ne e( j to j u j cv p i ums OV er Jiis head, i It- was a clever way of stealin knew what the committee was driy- j : Scientist Predids Wave of Epidemic Diseases wiih Oyibrsak o? Sysispols taxpayer if they got their freedom. 'Another committee member said the situation was awful comphcat- |ed Some smart white man, he said, might own the whole reserva- ' tion in six months if the government didn't keep a hand in. And now about such things as water rights? Adam begged the committee's pardon again and said the- Indian wasn't so dumb. He could still find his way to the old water hole whtn he was thirsty. f: '"·· l Miss Your 0AILY REGISTER? This edition of THE DAILY REGISTER will find its way jrilo the homes of several former subscribers, who did not ;' .renew through negligence or for other reasons. " # ' · 9 You Are Invited To Renew Your Subscription ,: Just fill in the blank below and mail it to THE DAILY REG, JSTER, Harrisburg, III. By JOE W. MORGAN i a one-way ride.' 7 Petersen added. , United "Press Staff Correspondent! "Genius is a frail plant and it! CHICAGO, Jan. 17.--U.E--The ! is possible that more are destroyed ! chances are that waves of epidemic under the condition which produce diseases will plague the world this them," Petersen reported in his year. Dr. William F. Petersen said t book. today. "Just as we produce more '««.»· just as \ve prouucu inuit: geu- And it is likely that more people j us with late winter and spring will die than in a normal year.' conceptions, so too. we then pro- Petersen said. But on the brighter duce more schizophrenics . .. more I Wan! to Subscribe:to Tha Daily Register, by Mail. NAME Address j wi j| pay my subscription the next time 1 am in Harris- burg. side, more geniuses will be born. It nearly always works out that way when there is an outbreak of sunspots. Petersen said, and 1948 probably will be the biggest sunspot year in nearly two centuries. Petersen is director of research at St. Luke's hospital and former professor of pathology at thc University of Illinois. He has just completed a book. "Man. Weather. Sun." summarizing his years of research on the link between thc sun and the human being. Man Acts Up When the sun starts acting up with a flurry of sunspots. man is anti-social individuals.' . v . likely to do likewise. Petersen has operations, found. ' Sunspots. Petersen explained, arc "areas of violent disturbance of the sun' surface," something similar to cyclones on the earth. They rile up the earth's weather, he said, and tin's, in turn, disturbs the balance of the "human organism." "With mcn'al and physical fa- tjque there m?y bc obvious reflections, sn frenzied states, sexual ex- IcitcTTicnt. dancing manias, religious exaltation, crime waves, strikes. and revolts. Petersen wrote an his book i "And \\ith all this, epidemics of disease." Cholera Outbreak A. evidence th:.: epidemics in- crfa-e with the sunspols. Petorsen pointed to a current outbreak of cholera in Esypt. "ITs one of the brix-si cholera epidemics since that of 1893 in Hamburg." Petersen said. "Dunns; periods of simspols with resulting disturbances of the weather people are moro unsettled and move around more T3?cy have Ic^s resistance because of the strain p;jt on them by variable weather ind they have more contacts with other people, making pebble the spread of t'TSoaso." On the other hand, there's a better chance of a qemus being born during periods of "solar tur-," "but this is by no means A P Employees Honor Midwest Head The rise of an employee from ·warehouse clerk lo division president of the A P Food Stores will be honored this week in Har- lisburg with the observance of "C B. Austin Week" b com par.v employees, it was announced by Mr. E. H. Schwab, supervisor for this area. The event commerales Mr. Austin':; first anniversary as head of ail middle western division ·wners or fnes, Juke Boxes, Pin Ball MCB- erators and Ail Pisces of Amusements sn Saline County. li@ti is for sf Blanks csre now available at the County Clerk's rsce irs the Court House. Chairman County Board 'SFAFLRI :WSPAPLRI

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