The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 22, 1931 · Page 11
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 11

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1931
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY KKW8, PR OK, KD, TUESDAY. DECEMBER 22, 1931. Diagonal Line To Fashion MOTHER SETON MAY BE PROCLAIMED A SAINT Theater News | sborl Sibjects Case Now Und«r Consideration By Congregation Of Rites. Ba^anore, Dec. 21.--Elizabeth Ann Jouadress of tbe ScsseR, of Chartty, »ho spent her rel^.ous life at Em- ; mitsburg. »here she established the ' motherbouse of the order :n this country, s ose at the eight United States . j citizens, four of whom are women, who ^ } probably wiS. be proclaimed saints Jrcm j ' the cases noa under consideration by j j the CocgregattQQ of Rites, according to ; : a dispatch Irons the Vatican City. j i Mother Seton. although a native of ' , Neur York, spent most of her life in j ' Maryland, and it *-as in Baltimore that i j the more lor her ra.ronteitkni on-1 {gisated. The daughter of Richard and j i Catherae Charltoa Bayley and the j j widow of WJI'S-tn Seton. she had many j ' Baltimore eccnecOocs. among them I the late Arrhbishop James Roosevelt « Eayley and Walter De C. Poulteey. | The Sate Cards*! Gibbons asaag- · ; urated the motesneat to have her rarig ' the first North American sat;:, ta re- , i cognition of her religious life and many I charitable undertakings, and impetus , has been given by the present head ! j cf the Baltimore Archdiocese. Arch- j ! Tivoli. ! Pictures may owce and pictures may ; go. but "The Big Parade" goes on for| ewr A reisstie of t.hfr master ffim_ equaled -Brith tAnihry sound «Ce-t$. nas shown to audiences at the Moaiiv and agaui proved ·zii tha S^g Vxksr e?:c of tbe World , War a oae of the greatest and one ol ' the most emofoaaliy-ftirruvg i«« ever read*. It w-Ji be featured agam today. The sacple s'-ory c! the American do-ishixjT who goes to the frost and Ii--s :a Jot* »:th a Preach peasant ssri s -- has the tremendous appeal which ·»OQ orations for King Vidor, the director, and John Gilbert and Rene* Adore*. th« principal players, when the p.ctare was released in the silent daj». A virapboae and news ree-Js ase the I bishop Michael J Cur Jey. I Tae Sisters of Chanty, the Vtneen- jfcaa Fathers and the International (Federation of CathoHc Alumnae, --founded by two graduates of St | Joseph's College. Emmitsburg. taught j by ihe S:s:ers of Charity, all have play, ed active parts in furthering the cause i of Mother Seton's casocization. The process of canonization, however. !s a. loss. complicated and thor- 1 o'jgh one and the teal steps tc saint- i hood are yet to be taken. nilellers= look at this for a bikef · Designed by Barbara Scljtniir; from Forstniann tweed.) BY 3OAX SAVOY KEA Sen-ice Writer. If you are craJstag about for a. travel at for TKarmer climes, or rf ycu are terested in a coat now that win top- tch others for smartness -when spring , let your eyes wander from the aight designs. rhe diagonals get the smart vote for or tweeii coatings and suitings, and e ·wide diagonals, with a lace or xruh- space between the lines, are th» west and smartest. feme feature a couple of colors, bsrs three, such as the new blues ght feature navy and brighter blue the greens three varying tones of » color. Geranium pinks and the igertne shades are to be seen In the .folarti^ \rhich means they Tnli be us all by springtime. these new diagonals are perfectly and garments made from them i flssfctering beyond words. They have it invaluable quality of being able Bringly to slice inches off the ·width de ladies and even slenderize the Eider ones. A ssiart coat that anybody going South would yearn, for Is made of one of these diagonals that h?? three colors. The strzpe a made ol a very darfc ard lighter, L-.eiier brown and the lacy space m becween is the new string shade which is a, perfectly lovely deli- cai« beige. The coat ose»* the -jnaterial to the best advantage, "using-the stripe for the mosi decorative effect. The wide-shouldered effect uses it one fray, Including rhe sleeves in this section of the coat, and the hip yoke runs its stripes toe same way. The body of the coat above the wartime and the Cared section below the hips uses the stripes In the opposite direction, which gives a very nch eHect. Mosc novel c* all as the charming scarf collar which stands up at the *»"·» of the neck, in a modish military manner, then folds down, crosses grw; fas- teas with a big button in the back. Worn with brown accessories, the coat is ravishing. f l*jf-\t\ ClTCHEN BY SISTER MART SEA Service Writer TCTT ^^"hf^g for Christmas p to spread the holiday spirt over le longer time. Hospitality conies its own during the hohdsy, and Be the eatertafaung shooed sot be aorate. It must be in-cresting and supper is a delightful and informal to entertain the friends of the 3y. Since suppers often seem best 1 served buffet fashion, the hostess hout a amid -Will finii ihem tie lest of parties to manage. Cne hot i with relishes and sandwiches or te, dessert and a. beverage pro- e «a adequate menu. Make the 3e a festive as you can wst Christs greerc az:d red or green cano-ss. Seamed shrimps m bread cups, Be-made pickles, celery, an ice, s and coffee or cocoa ·-culcl ke a subs^ntal. ir-espersive acd Sting s-opper to serve Ary cream- mixtare is good serred a. the ad cups. beamed Shrimps In Bread Cups. 5nt slices of stale bread three inches ct. Cut into rounds. As easy --ay do this is to aadfc a crcZs vnth a iad CHtter cc too o* each sLce cf ad and to cm lion-gi arouzi the ·svith a. sharp pointed k^jTs. K«^ the center. !Ba"n£ a shell abcti' taca thicfc or, bottom ard s-c»s 6 tie top edse ^. sca;»r« - 'th ssors. Fry in deep far to a c-Ii-n L FiH ·wzta a mixture or creain- shriinps mads as fc£o'*^s" T^r c~ips imps, 1 cup cas-e5 peas, 3 taole- ons batter, 3 tablespoon flcr-ir. 1-2 spocn salt, 1-S teaspoon ssuper. C niHk. 2 hard cooSed eegs. 2 tabZc- ccs uunoed parsley. Jelt tat^r. stir is fio-r asc 7-hcr. jbliug sky*;" add rr.'k. st^rnng ecc- y. Season vrS's sal; and pecker 1 add pars'ey Br.r.g to the bcJ^ig at ar.d add peas drained frarr. t.-.cjr jor ard cleaced s'nrinps Bnrir to bo.ltnc pOiT.c ard f-I i/re?cJ 33. Put a slice of ecs on tea of each i garnisn a tmy rpr-.g of cars' and a. dash cf racrJca, Ham Ciiartrense. y J^vored zu^ttard sa'i ! Use 4 caps cooked rice, 2 cops j I chopped baked or boiled t«Tr}_ 1-2 cup stale bread crambs. 1 tablespoon minc- ; ed parsley, 1 egg, 1-8 teaspoon pepper, j Muc ham, bread crumbs, parsley and [pepper TetiL bea^n egg. Add mffr if , necessary to make of consistency to pack. Line a --e3 greased mold with cocked nee and HE -srith ham mirtare. Ccrrer ·with rice. Put ·weH greased cover ca mold and steam cce hour. .Turn cut onto a hot platter anct gar' alsh ·srii bro-sned pmeapple slices. Apple Snow. i Whites 2 eggs, 1-2 cup steamed ap- ! pie pulp. 1-2 cup poA-dered sugar, 1-2 tablespoon lemon ju.ce. Pare, quarter | and core four or iive Trell CaTored sp- Plss. Steam Trpt?" tender and rob through a sieve. Beat whites of eggs until stiff Gradaa^y beat in sugar and apple P'jlp. Beat in lemon jtdce and costiEUs bsatii^g until mixture is stiff enough to hold its shape. ChiQ a garnish of green pep- What Boy or Girl Would'n. Want One of DELPHEY'S Quality BICYCLES fox Xmas A. complete line of bicycles and children vehicles on dzsplaj. These presents make healthy and happy children. Lowest Prices In Twenty Years Open Evenings J. PAUL DELPHI THE HOME OF THE BIKE , , j Tomorro^'g Menu. i BREAKFAST--Haires of grape fruit. THE POST I cooSrcd -with ca^es, crsain. crisp I tocst, stBjk. coffee. ' L.T^N"CHiOX--Salt codfch souffle, bro^i-bread and butter, shredced cab- ba.;s i.zn EO-JT cream dressing, crisp DOCSIS mik. tea. DINNER--Creamed real mashed potatoes fc-jttered canned peas, fruit sa_d. toasted crackers, cheese. coffee. OR .. THE NEWS (Evening) Frederick County's Home Newspapers NEW rilk Gilberi S To the son or -daucrhier a-sray ar college; to a friend Trho -^as a for- Tn°r resident of Fred- crick or to anyone. * f j 1 I I jes s A. li 1 i Greatest winter labricant, top oil A for valves, B for crack case, tran?rr.i5sion. differential. One qt, each by parcel post for $330. Marylaad PYB-OIL Co. DISTBIBUXOKS Md. WANTED Phone I6-J P. O. Box 47. w We send an attractzre card to tjje y person who is to recefre § the paper. SUBSCRIPTION BATES n Three Months $1.00 s, One Year $4.00 y y Opera HOOK. "The Honor ·{ the PaaiCy." Firet National screen v*reioo of one ol Balzac's drollest, and ret most dramatic- aHy romantic uuw. is »t the Op*ra House tod»y ftatartnj B«rbe Daniels WXrrea WUUwa *nd Alan Mcortr»y Miss Dtinids plss UK part o: a co- Qurttish young lady who Js eotnpscaon and "nun*" to an aged and »ca-Uo aobleznan who succumbs to her chanr*,; His nephew, a dashing young officer. arrives on the scene, and alter duels cisastus and other amanr-g doings, Is able to fre* the oJd gcsilvinaa Jrom :be viks of Mile Laura--oniy 'o be snared himself A comedy aad coveltj film are aio oa the bo. LOOKING"YOUK BEST COSTS SO LITTLETO^E OPEN EVENINGS' TILL CHRISTMAS New* adrerttsinr pays big in it. No More Smoke. { I Annoying smoke which has bother- ; ed passengers on ocean liners is now ' eliminated by smoke deflectors. 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Acme Coffee lb tin CoSee cjr experts have created an eaitlrely different hea\!»r blend, and we grind !t uc^ors: to help yon get the best rcs-j.t- CHRISTMAS DINNER Sngar Corn Finest Sifted Peas Fancy Sweet Peas Lady Hancock Chocolates Hard and Filled Candies California Figs Vandyk's Pitted Dates Bob Roy Ginger Ale (plus dep.) E. E. or Atmore's Plum Pudding 2 ' ar.s 25c can 19c 2 cans 25c Ib. 39c In 19c 2 for loe pkg. 17c 3 "-»:-. 25c can 27c TOD 31AT HAVE IT SLICED OK Supreme Bread loaf 7 Let as do Ttmr Victor Bread B.g Pn Loaf Good Cheer Christmas Basket $1. $2. $3 B«ady filled or we win fill to yonr order. Lodges, Chorches, et., to porchaoc in qnantitics are entitled to special discount T£e$e Prices Effective to Our Store* and Wnt Markets In Frederick u4 VIctalty 11 North Market Street Between Bead's Drug Store and HcGrory's Five and Ten GIFTS at BIG SAVINGS PRACTICAL . . SENSIBLE LADIES' Newest Prints--Newest Colon and the Latest Styles. 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AH the Newest Shades. 3 Par 1 Children's Sweater Sets Sweater with Tarn to Match. Sizes 2 to 6. All Colors, .OO LADIES' SILK Quilted Robes Silk Lined and Warmly Interlined. Sizes 16 to 42. .75 Children's Camel Pile Coats 3-Piece Sets of Coat with Tarn and Mnff to Match-- Sizes 2 to 6 and 7 to 14. and $3-95 Ladies' Bath Robes Modernistic Designs. Small, Medium and Large. All Colors. .OO i L Infants Chinchilla Coats WITH TAM TO MATCH Colors: White, Pink and Blue. Sizes 1, 2 and 3. .OO Ladies' Sweaters Slip-over and Button Front. AS Newest Colors.

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