The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 22, 1956 · Page 38
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 38

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 22, 1956
Page 38
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Peg* !6 QJlje Friday, March 23,1956 New Crosby State Bank Building Reflects Area Prosperity Foreign News Analysis-- Institution Nehru Thubs Nose At America pj^f formed Town Prepares Easter Pageant Written, Produced By Ranchers And -Wives By CHARLES M. MCCARTY United Press Foreign Analyst Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru has made it clear that no improvement in relations' between the United States and India can be -hoped for In the immediate future. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles conferred with Nehru for hours during his tour of Asia. There was considerable hope that Dulles might be able to soften Nehru's "hostility io American foreign policy. But it now appears that Neliru gave Dulles a "lecture on this country's shortcoming's. Nehru disclosed in a speech io his parliament Tuesday that he took United States policy apart, point by point, and expressed his disapproval of it insofar as Asia is concerned. A few hours after the news about Nehru's speech arrived, it was announced in Washington that he would •visit President Eisenhower early in June. What can be accomplished by this meeting it is now, hard to foresee. Undoubtedly, on the surface, it will be friendly. But the atmosphere probably will be chilly enough to offset any coincident Washington heat wave. Dulles went to New, Delhi, Nehru's capital, after attending the meeting: of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organisation countries in Karachi, Pakistan, Dulles said on his arrival: "Basically, there is far more of agreement than disagreement, between our t\vo countries. We do have some differences. But the differences are characteristic of free people. I hope my own talks here will considerably reduce these minor points of disagreement" It appears now, however, as if the visit was a conspicuous failure. It is indicated that the points of disagreement were major, not minor, and that the Dulles-Nehru talks just emphasized them. Nehru in his speech Tuesday denounced the Southeast Asia Treats*, the Middle East Treaty— the so-called Baghdad Pact-—and United States military, alliances. , - He said that the Southeast Asia countries were backing' Pakistan in its disputes with India. He disclosed that Dulles failed to convince him that the United States is not supporting: Portugal in its refusal to give up its tiny possessions on the Indian coast He said that he told Dulles that Nationalist China should be compelled to give up the islands it holds off the Communist-held mainland. He told Dulles that American refusal to recognize Red China is a powerful factor in the present feeling of insecurity in Asia. In his speech—and presumably in his talks with Dulles— Nehru called for the unconditional prohibition of the use and testing of nuclear weapons. There was no word of approval for the leadership of the United States in trying to save the world from Communist domination. But Nehru did speak warmly of the Kremlin's current debunking of Josef Stalin. He said it was Ekely to lead to further relaxation of world tensions. Back In 1913 'Keep BUSY' Is Actress Rita Gam's Advice •-•-""' K • That Is Her Philosophy For Hectic Wedding Schedule By ELIZABETH IOOME! r NEW YORK —UP— Rita Gam, beautiful actress who will appear this season as a bride and a bridesmaid in real life, has a hectic pre-wedding- schedule but a calming philosophy. "I have a theory,' 1 " Miss Gam said in her famous husky voice, 'that it is good before a very important oersonal event to keen busy." The personal event she referred to was" her own wedding, which will take place within the next few days although she refuses to BUY A NEW 1956 FORD BEFORE LICENSE TIME (April 1st) Thod Felton's reveal the exact time. Her split second schedule of preparations, however, includes getting ready for the wedding of Grace Kelly" and Prince Rainier HI in Monaco April IP. Miss Gam will be one of the eight attendants. By that time she will be Mrs. Thomas H. Guinzburg, wife of a good looking, 29- year-old' Yale graduate who works in the family publishing business. They will honeymoon in Europe before thev arrive in Monaco April 11. To complicate her life further, the 27-year-old brunette starred in a one-hoar television drama on Studio One this week, which meant 10 days of rehearsals and .costume fittings. She was interviewed during a hasty lunch between appointments. Miss Kelly's wedding is a subject which she discusses reluctantly. 'Til talk my head oft about a play or a -part I'm doing," she explained. "But getting married is a very personal thing. I don't think it is something for others to talk about" The .two actresses became friends six years ago when both were starting their careers as television performers. Her friendship with the ladylike future princess does not seem surprising when you meet the off-screen Rita Gaza, however. She is serious, aloof and as elegantly -poised as Miss Kelly. She saves her seething sex for the camera. Television Glances - By WILLIAM EWALD NEW'YORK —UP— "The S&i,000 Challenge," newest entry in TV's giveaway sweepstakes, Is snorting in the paddock. It'll go to the post April 8 on CBS-TV replacing* "Appointment with Adventure" which the network Jias decided to scratch. It •will feature such veterans of the TV quiz wars as Girra Prato, Joyce Brothers, Richard Mc.Cu.tcb.- en and JMyrt Power, all of whom won a fair degree of fame and fortune on "The $&4,000 Question." Like "The 554,000 Question," toe A Milestone . IN THE CONTINUING GROWTH OF CROSBY Best Wish'es fo the CROSBY STATE BANK 0 S T GARAGE Crosby, Texas BEST WISHES CROSBY STATE BANK We Are Proud To Be A Part of The Growth and Prosperity of Our Area. CROSBY DRY GOODS Mr. and Mrs. Campbell, Owners Dial 223! t'ro*b.v new program will be presented by the Louis G. Cowan Associates and will feature some of the gimmicks used on the older quiz program— the isolation booth, the, sealed questions and the money run from $64 to $64.000. But "Challenge" will unveil a few new wrinkles of its own, Champions Against Viewers The game will pit past champions of "The $64,000 Question" against viewers who believe they possess a large fund of knowledge in specialized fields. Eight now. the Cowan office has about two dozen candidates for the "Challenger" Yola Champions, that is anyone who has 'gone to SS.OOO or higher on "Tne 564,000 Question," number 20 thus far. This is the way the game will work according to the latest plans o' the Cowan office: Tne challenger will have to hurdle four questions in his category before he can meet the champion. That will put the challenger at the $512 level. Tnen a champion like Gino Prato or Joyce Brothers squares off against the challenger through the 51.000, $2,000 and -W,000 levels. The champ is asked a question, then the challenger is asked a question of equal toughness. If the challenger and the champ both answer these minor. posers successfully, they are placed in different isolation booths and fight it out ;o the Sfri.OOO mark. For these last four upper level queries, they both are given the same questions—but neither can hear the other deliver the answer. If the challenger missed at any lime the gvone is over. If they both miss at the same level, the game goes on. If the champ misses, but the challenger gets the answer (let's say at the $16,000 level, for example), then the challenger is assured of taking home at least that level of pay (in this case, $16,000). If neither misses ail the way to 554,000, the challenger is awarded 554,000 for having matched the champ. The challenger then becomes a champ himself, eligible to be challenged on. some future show. The champ is paid a flat fee for each appearance. Israel, West Germany Establish Relations JERUWALEM. — UP — Israel and West Germany will establish diplomatic relations sometime in the future, sources said Friday. Tne sources said an exchange j of ambassadors probably will take ' place despite the fact that the Arab states have threatened to I recognize the Communist East German state if Israel recognizes West Germany. The growth'Of Crosby State Bank parallels the development of the town of Crosby, one of the first rail shipping- centers between Houston and Beaumont. The bank was organized in 1913 »nd has done business at the same location on Main Street since then, but soon will move to a new building-two blocks south on Main. J. T. Hare, father of O. O- Hare who now is president, was the organizer of the bank and its first president. He served in that capacity until 1944 when he resigned because of ill health. C. A. Fortner, vice president and cashier of the bank for many years, succeeded to the presidency and continued the active management of the bank until his 1947. His wife was elected president ana served in an advisory capacity for six years before selling: her interest in the bank to devote her time to her insurance agency. O. O. Hare then succeeded Mrs. Former. A. H. Garbs who was employed by the bank since 1929, succeeded Hare as vice president and cashier, and T. A. Ramsey also •*-as named "a vice president. In addition to Hare and Garbs, the bank now employs seven people, all of whom are graduates of Crosby High school and most of whom have been residents all of their lives. >n«s Doris Henson, with nine years service is an assistant cash- 'ier. Mrs. Rita Gregory and Mrs. Georges Ann Smesny, each of whom has been with the bank for eight years, also are assistant cashiers. The other employes are Mrs. Gladys O'Brien, secretary; Mrs. Angelina Thompson, Miss Dorothy Drab and Miss I^vern Somers, bookkeepers. Crosby State Bank has served East Harris County for the past 43 years and its ambition is to continue to do so, Hare said. Court Rules State Entitled To Tidelands WACO. Tex. —UP— Tne 10th Court of Civil Appeals ruled Thursday that the state of Texas is entitled to about 4,000 acres of mudflat tadelands in Laguna Madre along- the South Texa coast. The court ruling held in effect that the seashore is the highest water mark—or where the tidelands actually begin. The decision was a test case which will effect title to tidclsnds from Brownsville to Port Arthur. Associate Justice Jake Tirey wrote a 32-page opinion which upheld the judgment of Judge James S- Graham of the 103rd district court in Brownsville. The land in question is involved in tidelands oil leases. Tne suit originally was brought by J. W. Luttes. a landowner, and Shell Oil Co. vs. the state of Texas. Attorneys for both sides hsd said the case was a test intended to settle the tidelands title question. Both Luttes and the state claimed title to the mud-flats which border Luttes' land. Luttes claimed ' title on the ground that the flats represented deposits of alluvian which gradually formed land and added to his holdings. The state clnimed title on the ground that th<j flats are part of the seashore and therefore part of the public domain. The main question settled by the decision was where the seashore begins in Laguna Madro. KENTON, Okla.(AP— The face of a towering Malpais Mesa— across, a huge natural stage—will be the setting for the Kenton Easter pageant lit its eighth annual renewal Easter weekend. Unique, in .that it is written, directed and produced by ranchers and cowboys, their wives and children, all living on the big spreads in the Kenton area, the pageant draws constantly increasing crowds. These typical westerners have the assistance and support, on an inter-faith basis, of *, churches, choirs and individuals in nearby sectors and from as far away as Boise City, Okla., 36 miles distant. Traditionally, the pageant has always bewn produced in two parts —the first on Good Friday evening, the second at*sunrise Easter Sunday morning. : The Good Friday pageant, starting at 6:30 p.m. this year, deals Junior Play At Hill Friday Night "Headin For a Weddin" will be staged by the junior class of Barbers Hill High School at 7:30 p.m. Friday in the high school auditorium. The cast of 15 juniors was directed by Rod Purswell and Miss Evelyn Robson, for the presentation by the 1956 junior class. The htree-act play has as its setting a. mountain home in Virginia, and all action transpires^ Within 2-1 hours. Included in the cast are Larry Dugat, Susie Brown, Guy Matthews, Glenda Harmon, Glenda Barrow, Bobbie Dove, Bobby Odom, Marilyn Hill, Floyd Rhodes, Sandra Harmon. Ts"orma Hightower, John D. Fitzgerald, Joyce "\Viiey, Jean Troutman and Darlenc Hightower. Assisting in the staging of the show were Lee Xeil Joseph, student director: Janyce Smith, business manager; James Church, publicity : chairman; Lee Keil Joseph, properties; Mrs. Rod Purswell, make up; and Charles Sager, art. Profits from the sbc'.v will be used to finance the annual trip of the senior class. largely with, the last week of Christ's life. Dramatically, it ends with three lonely crucified figures outlined on the brow of the massive mesa, as the black-robed angels of night slowly close the shutters of day. : , ; The Easter Sunday morning- pageant opens at 6 a,rn. with Christ's resurrection, just as the sun rises over the distant hills. Climactically, it closes with the ascension scene that has always awed the crowd, no matter how large, into reverent silence. The lower levels of the natural stage on the face of the great mesa remind many of pictures' they have seen of the Garden of Gethesame: while the huge and stern-faced Malpais boulders at the top ot the mesa, where the crosses are silhouetted against the sky, remind .them of the forbidding Hill of Gql- gotha, the Place of the Skull. The wide-winged stage even provides a setting reminiscent of the garden and the tomb where the Savior was the first to arise n victor over death and his shadowy kingdom. There is no admission. Highways converging on the pageant grounds on the Ross Labrier Ranch are plainly marked. Those who come from a distance can. If they wish, have supper Friday evening, and breakfast'Sunday Kefauver Forces In Florida Hail Vote V., MIAMI —UP— Henry Sinclair, manager of the Kefauver presidential campaign in Florida, said Friday the Tennessee senator's victory in Minnesota should "have considerable impact in Florida." Sinclair said it .will be "highly beneficial" to the campaign in this state where Sen. Estes kefau- ver and AcHai Stevenson meet in their next "head-on" battle Mav 29. SACRAMENTO, Calif. —UP— Gov. Goodwin J. Knight Fri- morning, following the pageant day withdrew his warrant for the performances, in the First Metho- extradition of Joseph Cavanaugh (list Church basement dining room Lynch to.the state of Indiana upon i\t Kenton. two miles from the the recommendation of Los An- pageant site. You may, if you .wish, gcics Superior Court Judge Her- view the pageant • from your car. bcrt V. Walker. CONGRATULATIONS . CROSBY STATE BANK Crosby, Texas On The Completion of Your Fine New Building • \ AIK COND1TIONTXG BY STRAIT REFRIGERATION CO. 3300 Minnesota Dial 827§ V E UP TO $600.00 Several hundred, wives of U. S. workers 1 at America's air bases in. Spain are learning to cook in another language via a free school operated for them by a government agency, the Spanish Olive Oil Institute. OX A NEW 1956 • PLYMOUTH ' ERNIE DITTMAN I 707 EAST TEXAS || Another Example . Of The Progress in Crosby Congratulations to the CROSBY STATE BANK INSURANCE 'm P5?^K^^®^*^S^S^5^^S!t!^f "I! pgfSr 6 *"* 5 *^^ r'-'-?;'.v> : :' •; ~ " i * iH "" i " ; "'-*-"iii'.'; 1 l., V/ • „,,• m m •» ftiA^y R III |.;^T! \'.;-:y^.! GOOD LUCK To The CROSBY STATE BANK Fixtures By WOOD - ARTS CO. 1709 Alabama Houston Congratulations And Best Wishes Tu The CROSBY STATE BANK HARE HOME I AUTO SUPPLY Did! 2801 Crosby OUR SINCERE BEST WISHES to CROSBY STATE BANK •il:V." m if* m -p Formal Saturday, Opening March 24 On ihe completion and formal opening of fheir new building. it is, we know, a dream come irue. VM VMi &f^' m^m^m^^^^^^^..,, j ffei^'^ii^ ^^f^^^^.'^^f^^^^^^^ %% :w V- •. _ _, -«;:,. •v;.;'',£.i< At^sn,*?* , ,',•-;•..>.-,«?;>•<*./•...•.,-'.•:; ..;<.,...-• •:•,..._._.. ., * > $«'?.•: •'•,•.;•//>*/ *'-4fAt*:i mt :-f$fl 111 i-ir^g l-'y$i ]&":/$ i&y tei M i:%>%4 r$ Th. ST NATIONAL BANK "The Bank of Courtesy" MEMBER F. D. I.C. wm S&&I ;*<*J m 1 " V ', ^| &S3

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