The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 15, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
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Sunday, July 15, 1934
Page 8
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MGC EIGHT PARIS NEWS, Buildi odeling .SUNDAY, JULY I* 1«M Home Buyers Are Offered Bargains Now Magazine Editor Say> 4-1 Per Cent May Be Saved BUILDING BRIEFS Tlie Sanitarium of Paris is paint- I iug the nurse's homo. j T. G. Henley Is. papering, his: home on Bosliam street. 1 Roy Hodges is doing some pap- i er:r.g at 55S "••Vest Kaufman street. ' Building Of Toilets Will Be Resumed W OFK H'111 DC Ijnaer Re-, lief Proicram For This i - National Housing Act Is , Praised By Business Men Leaders Say Successful Administration of Plan Will Give Employment to Five Million Men In Making Repairs to 6O Per Cent of Homes "'Llr 1 — DecIarir:C : ** r - ^- *^- Lowery is doing some! Construction of pit type toilets,! barsain time to buy : ; t-aper:ng a: his home in Cooper, j stopped when the Civil Works Ad- J or build a hoi^-. Bernard L, ] {ministration program ^nded. has j Joferisor. -editor "Air.-r:can BuiM- • Herman Haekleman is papering j been resumed. Joe CaldweH. gen-i er" •hasraa'n-". Chicago, recently ; bis rrorne on East Hearer; street-j era! foreman for sanitation in La-} outlined" to :h-= Nations! Realtor | ? mar county, has announced. The] convention in. ?e<>:on h-?r-: The five; Professor T. t. Ga> i«. repaper-j work now. however, is under the j cost factors in buying and occupy- I ins: his home. j relief program. Any person -de-1 i n2 , a v, 0 rr:-:.. A s-iv-i.g •-.-; 41 peri .; j siring the construction of one off cent is iht- te:nv't:rs: bait t-:t"=r-;-d [ The Interior of the Ideal Latin- ! these type toilets may secure it by | the present-dny h:>:ve buy-rr. he dry is beinsr repaintec. I notifying Mr. CaldweH at the La-j iitiiaated. i ! ^-£r County Relief Board office j Lee Ca-. iiie*:? is repaperia^ his • fc-y mail or otherwise. | home buiSdir.g costs." ITditor John- ; Jv.>n'.e at ^n:cota. } All labor is furnished free from! son explained, "has i>-:-en aimed at } f the- relief roils, it is pointed out. j •wage rates and material prices.- Repainting of tbe exterior wood-| the individual being required to j rfc.e factors c-f actual construction ; tvork of the First National Bank j furnish onty the necessary mater- ; costs, at the bin IS. in;: s;*e. whereas i has recently been completed. s ials> and. nave them placed on his | This is only half the st-jry. and \ ! property. Old lumber niay be- { probably front thi cost reduction " J. R. Giil of \Taxaliacbie. for- ; used and \vire, bolts, hinges and [ angle the less important half, ; merlv of Paris, is havinsr his home ] vent pipes may be salvaged from j "Kome bnyinjr and ownership J j>n pjne Sluff street reoar>ered. | other structures. !No expense will ] •costs -must be recognized an in- j I be entailed for labor used in re- j eluding: I Mrs. Sam Hearon i* papering a j pairing structures now being used. 1 (1) Cost of the lot, complete i ren - v, O r; SS cn South Twenty-third, j Here is* the* list of materials nee- i •water supply. sewage dis- ! s - reet ! essary for construction: | , electricity, gas. a.n-3. street ; ! Slab and riser: 1 saclc cement; ! improvements. ^ j J. R. Johnson is paperiac his | 5 cubic feet sand and crave!; 151 (-) Promotion ano ex- • j, or *, e at the corner of Fifteenth ; square feet heavy •nreMed hog -wire: j p«nse. i ^^(j Sherman streets. ! 4 pieces reinforcing rods 3-S inch <3) Constriction costs. ; ; | ov s feet ^ ai i nches ions:- 5^ <4) L,egra! feei- snd financing; >.--•.costs Incl-ading interest, premium •; ^ Q . SJ2.S, periodic refinancins ch.s.rge&. \ v _ <5> Occupancy and ownership p" cbarges, such a^ taxes. heating i By O, VV. BOS Secretary. Paris Building and loan Association The Xational Housing Act has been aeclairried by leaders in aiany linens or business as one of the administration's most important moves in the right direction .for economic recovery. If the federal housing administrator is successful in harnessing the forces directly connected with the building, repairing and remodeling of home^ the number of men ,to be pat to work is estimated at 5.000.000. There has been a decline front about 450.000 homes built per year un'Ser nortHa! conditions to 50,000 for the past yea; a«cf there is now a pressing need of new homes- The X. K. A. estimates that over 60 per cent of existing homes needs repairs, Federal housing administrator. James A. Ivloffet. has in the process of formation, the rvzles and regulations to govern administration of the act. and it is expected that actual operation of the national housing program will be tinder xvay in SO days. The setting up of the machinery for actual operation is a gigantic task, but it i» anticipated that the various home credit agrencies eligible under the act for insu ranee and guaranty of their nvortgages -will coordinate their plans with the administrator with th-=> view o* aiding as rapidly as possible, employment in the buiM- ing trades. "S\"hen the rules deal- in?: with detailed operations are available from the federal housing administration, their operations will be described in a subsequent article. The federal home loan bank board is now working out the rules and regulations for the federal Savings and Loan Insurance corporation. This corporation •will insure building and loan association, and federal savings and loan association - accounts against loss up to ?5,000 per account. A detailed account of the operation of the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance corporation.^ v.-hich is title four of the national housing act, will be explained in a later article. Carload Of Steel Monday For Building Arrival of Material Hastens Work On iVew Building Here p-e- - ^^ad painting some rent p a,. G ^Pf~ "^ .vVti"-^-" '^ Sou-h -if-enth street. ut tne ufe o. tr.e p,o H -j-- - J -' Guest is papering a rent : linear feet of 1S inch chicken on Xo-rth Twenty-second » ^ire, 1 inch mesh: 4 bolts T-. by 5 \ "K-ith. nurs ajr-^ -R-ashers; S bolts 1-4 • by 5 -K-ith nets and Trashers. Dirnlap"? Snack Shop on ; ?i* cribbing: 1 Xo. 2 grace 2 by sorth Main street has recently j -* -0 feet long; 20 pieces Xo. 2 or een remodeled and refinished. S rough 1 by 12, 3^3 feet long. { Foundation for slab: 1-3 sack C. W. Chamberlain Is papering i cement; reinforcing iron for corn- rcpertv t ers - •= pieces at least two feet, long | and 1 inch thick; 2 cubic feet of „,._.-.„-„ . _. I sand and gravel, ccnsrrurtio^n cost! Claude Sanders has repainted! Seat and lidj 1 Apiece 2 by^S. 19 75 ^or.e-^^^ -^~b '•• store on South Twentieth street, I " Ds ?^ € and groove flooring 19 ^ ~^~ *~ 1 -- 1 -'^- *"V;~ I = inches long, Xo. 1: 2 pieces 1 by _ , . ... _i .,—v: *^..-~.*- ^-^•s~^-=.-^^ '. 'Vfr-c -Ti-iViri <nmr»l^ of TV^Tmir is; : ^* ~'~ • : ^ 3 ^--^S iOng, O»O. i, _ 332.H Tip •ever, iiom-e buyers and home «rs: are getting a better break- j Tiey find, much of these prelinii- ; Waiter White tiag started re- 2s2Lrv -investments gt-ing into actuaz • rsa.irins' his home on Xorth Main construction. ; stree "Jr-or instance, improved lots ere ! away co"wn- Tneir original de- | MI-S. j. G. Wooi-en is repaperin; rs s^d c'^-riers, iti manj ; ^., apartment in ii-er cou=e on L have been -wiped out; £ preseut buyers ca^ take advant; of their loss by acquiring groou ; Clement Ferr is doinsr some pap- \ venV W-a-=« cing csar-es and fees making | Mrs. John Sample of I>etroit is j ^ ^ r*^*^ i< £ i ^' , ' i: _ ~ ^ ?ieces •t'fiA otr-^- rLai"". Tc-cav. ho 7 ^-- ; t>anerin£: and refir.ishins: the inter- i ~ ?** ~' _-- - ncri * s lO --^-_ - °- -• 0;t19 u— ^.. _ _ . - - _ - •; pair o inch strap ninses wzth - >,^-rr!i5 Vvtf-v-^—c fr,f^ no-ne DUZiC- : -nr- fyf r??>r nnrr?^. ! ~ home btiildir-g sites tc-cay at a frs.criou of their former cos*. •"Promotion and sales expense. bulked as large as 20 to 25 I screws: one pair 3 inch strap hing- Vent pipe: $~ feet galvanised Pipe •= inches in dianseter; one 4 recently damaged by tire. ; ^^ ve _ t c& ^ screened. Stiilding: Sills—one 2 by 4 by ; 15. Xo. 2; front and rear studding r—t—o 2 by 4 by 12, Xo. 2; top Xo. 2: ne 2 by 4 by 1*. Xo. 2; one 2 bv 4 by 1C. Xo. I- A. -Jones at S5S X\"est Kanf- | i-^- -or.e 2 by 4 by 14 and r by 10. Xo. 2; laths—i by ! 2, Xo. 2; facia— by 12. Xo. 2; roof— in s.rt era per cent: In the heyday of sr-ecti- ; ___^_ ^ _ __ ;r ..j rE . tVlJS j r ,- er ,-, ? _ OT " :-^-^i" ^i-cts"""' ^"?o-i* " --.',~,'^n __ , ,- -r-.. .o.... . ---^ . The interior of tile \ValI and; Xo 2. ^.j* i "Thomas ^"afe c~ I^smar A'-'er-tic ;' Hardwar* and nails: one pair 5 — ^ ; : ha= r»" been reflnisrse-d. '"' . inch strap hinges -R'ith screws; 2 [K^ i ; pounds IS common nails: 5 posnds >, e Mr?. John Brc«derick L~ repap- ! S common nails; ^ pound shingle erirg her home on Xcrth Twenty- . r.s.:ls: 2 pounds rc-ofir.g nails dead ra sixth F*r=-e". ' head^}; 1 hook an£ eye door fast- tor practically so"' to buy 'construction HOT TV ill ~~jc-y '<• .stantta! saving by avoiding Ttsns.1 selling costs. ' - **In "^he past, horn* fins H-^-^- "Vvdfi^ *S"^"r"»T~V; 1 ' ~ -O T*l *" ^OSXS- ' iXS-'^-*^ -?^ - - - -^ •'- -•• - ^' * u * : " 1 * * * having been *ven the j^rry •under a«fr fmanrir-g r.-roce-iu being' set tip tr.s.t ^.-ill ^' president ir c-'Jt for " p r ~ v>r sornt buyers on to run no: Tbe land Gin Company at repair: " anc re- DEKALB YOUTH HELD r^: aratc . ASSAXJLT QHAKGE are ; O. B. Tlirasher i? paperinr and : Ci-ARKS^. iT^Lz. —Gracy 3ra.s- '"•:- pa:r; T :r.=- the ir>t=rir:T of h:s home ~. v "''^- 20. of D-cKalb. ^vas remand- rhc- r at Xorth S'-"*r-r<*•*—•'-, --;--J "^"est '< ^^ *° -^ 1 ' e county lal: here -si-ith- "=-:- 'Cherry s-ree-r. i --" bond pending grand jury in- :-rt- : I vestieation of a criminal assault -=,= -= r.- 5.- -r^, Laoaar Cotton Oil Coropany i cbar ^ e ^-^^^^' ^^-- riled in jus- . years., but I» anc 2-^ o-iid fn-ortgag-e?- with t terest ar?<3 pre~^;_r-' Dr. tiberr Gool«-b- is rcfinis !5~ norn*? S5 ^'*r:l s.. 1 ? t'n* 1 trjTeri^i j . "-. ;s- fi f *".r*f- »— *>*«> ^"-7-ft"- "*^~^3* : & SON \^-^«;. - J.W.HARRISON •y Justice i om t Ker.-der after tes- Jmony -^as heard in. a prel:ml- c-h'daled to beg'n its regular ses- r ; i sic-n Jlotiday. " A! | tacketf a r-our.g" ^c-rnsa n'iar Oeneral Contractors [ n c- long-?- b* needed. AH fir.a No Job Too Urtle or j| ifiy':;.,:/ ^'"-"J^^" 1 ^-^ Too Lsrge j: g^ " th y' r ',; t re"' re Y 0 *^^Y-om»'o' Estimates Cbeerfolly Given PHONE 1162 'NT '••-V •*- ? He ^T I last ; ' s< ; to * •*-»- \ Vr-H was arrested about 2 o'clock Sunday morning a,n«3 brought he county Th* victim about sir rr:!»r so^th of i, ^^^^r. ^ *--..f- ^•r. — * * ^ BUY YOUR WALLPAPER AT ALEXANDER'S We m2Jn*z:n t^r 1 Urre$r stock cf ^'2^Ir2r£' 5n North- cast Tex' 5 ^. ?"^ j"^ 255ure 'i.'C"j tha* vou'H find The Jar^est 2y-:- T r'--"- .-„•? ra'Te^n^ to self;:* f^<rn at our stcrt. We «-il! i^e gi;-.j 10 :urn,ish estimates for palming and papering !'•? re f T,.:.-c£d rv the Home Owners Loan ''ALEXANDER BOOK co. | Two Bridge Parties At ? Honey Grove Are Given | HOXET GHOVH;.— MI» S i,oui£» .5 o„• iDTz^jfi •&*« .i^'rT' ?^om*^ f 5T.isr*i s^^or*** I At the cios* of rhe grarnes. ice • c.-earr z~2 cake an»j a fruit punch ;* &*rved. Misa I/aci!> Black of ' rJ.c'jF-"?" a.n-i Mr?. Harord Vausfbn i i-f Dallas --*«>r*- out vT to-* n gruec-^. ;• 'or four '.a<•>;«£ ''.•* pia.;.*r5. the Clsj-^on r*r«-:T«-'i Th.i» K'.crn s' 'OLD TIME" PRICES PREVAIL AT THE CITY STEAM You still ,s:et tha* same £Ood Master cleaning, f-u? >ou no^- get it at "old time" prices, L.'dies' piain dresi-e?, and men's si'Jis. Master cleaned and pressed. oit onlv 50 CITY STEAM LAUNDRY Telephone 21—22 Enzelian Oas* iVfeet Held At Hone Grove HONET GROVS, — The E* liars rlas^ of the Baptist chu ha<! a. y.-arty Thursday evenirsj^ the chores annex, iSrs. >*•". Booto-tte presiding <3«rlnjp session an<J Mr». T. n<J acting fh* <J«?rot e. 3klr»- Roy Balcer yave 'whistling: rmra&erx ac bjr 3tfr». Jo«ie Sherer. Ot'ber tatrrrn^r-t featured a rnork ch in Ahe H. Brick tee cr«a,m *nd c*k< were «**rv*<j to 26 members an<5 six Two Killed By Clarksville Negro Peacemaker inFray lSVILiE. — Efforts'' of six negro women to settle an argument of fot:r years' standing^ ended Siturda^ morning in the de-ath of two ft vhein and serious injury to three others. Willie Stisrhtow-er and Ruth Daniels are dead, from bullet wounds said to have been inflicted vrhh a si^-shooter by Xe-llie Hignto'n'er. and Addie- Lee Higrhtoiver suffered a severe gash, across the forehead., from an ax^ blo^. T?ro others "^"€-re jess seriously hurt. Knives, razors, axes, ice picks Paint Uses To Be Shown Announcement has been nsade by authorities of the 1334 "Cen- turv of Progr&ss" ttiat the Siitr- paint an-3 varnish makers In the •^•orlc, have signed up to exhibit according to A. M, Ko'vard. loc-al manager- according to C. Tvl. L,*rnp*rly. publicity director of tr-s company e: Clevelan-i, anc L. B. Quinn. district manager at Chicago, : ; s pa"- tific and *duc3L T .:onal standr-C:r.t and -^.-as designed by V.~. K. Rychtarik. irsternaTior.ajiy kno^vn di- The exhibit spa^ 1 ;; is 1 5C > feet ;or. =; and 3(' feet ceep an*! traces :r. entering into the rnaniifacJure ;.-f the company's paints. varnishes. other 7>ro*5uct.s. Xh*; acfual ra^~ rna*eria!s .'!"• map cf th? -world an'J rrac-o<j '>n snd equiprr.en*. an-f form there-:"Cover the Earth" from a scher*;-; this is in constant fiovring motion of tbe finish"^ mat«?r:a" ccrtinu^s manner, buildings a-<i thi ^.-M^ range of articles that are D3:n?-rO Eeneral I'J'j-a. beinir "fro™ •!' and hoes were used in the battle royal in the negro section of Clarksville. when Ruth Daniels, just returned from Avery, engaged in renewal of an ancient argument witb. ^-lilcred Parker, and four more won-.en joined in the melee, Xe!l:e Hightower, deciding the struggle had gone far enough, tr:ed to stop the fray but whea pacifist gestures proved unavailing she resorted to firearnis. But she toM officers she shot her sister accidentally. And nobody seems to know what the original argument was abou.t- TVith one carload of structural steel already received and put in place and another carload scheduled to arrive in Paris Monday morning, work on the new $30.009 building that will house the show rooms and repair shop of the Lamar Chevrolet company has progressed rapidly during the week just closed. The building will be two stories high, of wood, steel and brick construction throughout, including trick walls reinforced with steel, wood floors, ceiiingi. and joists. LJoyd M. DeShong. manager of the Lainar Chevrolet company. said Saturday afternoon his company hoped to occupy Its new home not later than September 1. Mr. DeShong said the contractors expected to be finished with construction work by August 15 and If this is accomplished Mr. r>e- Shong estimated an additional 15 days would be required for final painting, cleaning up of premises and other odd r.a<k«x that would delay the formal opening of the company's new building. Beginning Monday the contractors will lay brick on the north wall, a portion of the building that had been held up pending the first shipment of 120.000 pounds of steel. The floor joists were laid during this week for the first floor and by about VTednesday noon Mr. BeShong said it was expected all the additional stee! contained in the second carload would be erected. tVhen this ste*l is erected the workmen will be able to go into erection of the walls and then the second story flooring. Once this stag« is reached, orogress is expected* to be more rapid. PERSONAL NEWS OF HONEY GROVE FOLK HOXEY GROVE. — Mr. and Mrs. W. W.- Bomar and Mr. and Mrs. Foster Boma.r and daughter Olivia, are attending; «. family reunion in BaJlinger. Mr. and Mrs. Deskin Self, and Mr, and Mrs. Guy Self and children o£ Vemon arrived for a visit with various relatives, the two men having returned Friday. The Rev. Marshall Masters and family of Waxahachie have been visiting-here. Mrf and Mrs. Albert Blocfcer and daughter Mary Ann ~have returned from Detroit and -"Chicago, having made the trip overland in ±1 1-2 hoars. Misses Mildred Dobbs and Willie Mae "Wheeler are visiting relatives in Vernon. Huso Methodist People Visit Antlers HUGO. Okla. — The Young People's Society of the I>urant Methodist district, held a picnic Friday evening In Antlers. Supper was served on tbe church lawn and Pearl Herman presided at a. program in the auditoriuns. Those going from Kugo were Rev. A- R- Hutchinson. Ben F. Herman. Pearl. Oscar asd Edgar Herman. Misses 3Iary Lee, Rtith. Kate and Margie Evans, Johnnie and Ruth Evelyn Smith. Dorothy o,nd Virginia Grafford, Loir and Alma C"ar?ps. BROKEN BOW GIRL BIES OF POISONING <J Taken f>5 For Mediciu«; Funeral S I.DABEI>, Ok*B. — Misr. Da.'* KTir.kapilJar <?f Broker: Bo-w. T'- year-O;*; *Ja'j?hrer of Mr* T.a':-^ T *^^3t" * OT* *i * *^<5 *^*Ti^3 ^* J rr^ "^'TTT C ™~ C" 3D<s;;» 7:3'"> o'clock <T'f r""^cnj.r? ^*-' •f-3"bC'liT zr.i'i ft r,~\ f -\ i»<5 '^ ha." *5 v "* e '". taker? r.y rr-l?s>,al.e '''' rr e-i'-ir,': •?.'!} ich Via*! r-**" pr^*r"ni' s e'J V v r.* > The fyrs-rs! *Ti!J' b* h«-M F;;n-I»: aft*irn'?'K? IT. Broken Bo'sr ar, •r ir ; Christian church. *he Hev. F-^r- '< El-is of Tdab*! coTi'l*:c?;r,« p f"r.'- B^r-.'ire*, The sir! J* wur<. *"*•<; r-*/ B«;r m*>th»r. a i*iwt»r. Srarsrar'" Hankapi'Iar an-J a half -bro-.h-r. r " H- Taylor. NOTICE All water bill* reraalnSn* UN- ] after tb« 15th of tb* montJi: to b*ie«r cut off with- j r nptlce, | OF WATER <5fven Oor Prompt Attcoti<m PHONE 1133 B. F. BERLY 8aec«»eor to D. /.KENNEDY Coker On Buying Trip H. C, Coker. manag".- of the Io- eal Perkins Bro«. Co. store, left Cv2.ta.rday for New Tork and other eastern market citi'.•<?. Mr. Coker will be one of a party of Perkins buyers who •n-i]j select ne?.' Fait merc5iand:s<j; for the- entire group of Perkins stores throughout Texas an<I Oklahoma. Others in the party ar--- Harr:." Perkins and H. B. Kicks of Dallas. V.'illard Perksns and E. K. Pettu? of Corpus Christt. Tlie buyers -R-il! be in >•"«•*• Tork about two •week?. 3£r. Coker sa.M: "The prosp-ects *«n tn« immed:at« ^icln"!*." look except JoTially bright for the corniag season and -sve ^-ih gauge our buy- ins according!;.-. This seems to be a ir.ost propitious time to enter t!i« market. V*> Til! tak-s every advanta5<5 of <5uantlty Ice Cream Company Ha? Anniversary This -5r*»k th* Hen»l78T" Ic» C r e a rrs company, located on ksviil? s-»r-»t ncx* to the Tex- first anniversary Ir; ant! has rr»a<i*! many Ls dur'nar th«? past 12 months, i or thi Equip Truck To Load Steel "HugV Thonipson and G ThOTtipson of Blossom Tvho operate wo tracks for hire, have built a loading crane which can be attached to a truck. They used the crane, operated witb. a winch connected to the truck rnotor, in unloading a carload of steel received for the DeShong building on South Main street last Thursday.- The crane can b<; used to pick cp one of the tarsre st^rel grlrders or columns and place it on a truck. It may also be used In unloading the truck. The Blossom men also uj=c- their crane to set telephone and power poles. WOLFE CITV r LOCAL NEWS OF INTEREST WOLFE CITY.—The 3'«thod;«=i revival under •fay h*r«^ *n & |>a*t jivo Ti-e^k? 1 under direction of Presiding: "Eider D. B. Doak. of Sxil- r-hur Sprinirs, closes S«rday, A hujte tank, -rdtb a capacity or 2Sf? barrels, is beln^ constniCted h«?re by I. B. Bo-s:gess, tin man. for the Farmers" Co-opersilve gin ur:d*:-r construction h^erc. R. A. GaskiU veill pres*r.t art athletic exhibition here. Monday. July 15, at S ?. m. An a-vi-ard has b?*n rnad* Mrs. 1^. B. Geor*:", maryJ5»r of the South-A-estcrn B->H Telephone coin- psny h^r». for f:v«j cons^ttztlv* years of strvic**. Miss Mamis- Laura. Cbaytafu ^rilt «?n£»rta-*n -antb a shower at her hotr,<* h«2r*; "*\>(2neaday. J^'y is?, in honor of ilisj" Rcna R.u«se!I, of Dallas'. Tvh^se betrothal to R. Os- waM Dauffh^ty, stip<rmtenders, of Centra' Texas hospital at Brown•wood, ^-as anr.oisnced recently. This by j"jpp5yins r ^h^m -w-ftb first ic*. and we wish to thank rrra-nr fri«rn«ls *-ho have, **b?f th« Kpro^'th of our «;aid Mr. Hrasha*/. i- i Tour Home nd jon >AilUS MATTRESS AND AWNING COMPANY SO W. Sherman Phone S7O If -IS N. Clrarch St, Money to Loan We •A'iil f»n2nc<» the buiklin^ of a new home for vou, or for the improvement of your old one. PARIS BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION Jlember: t>d*ral Horn* Loan Bank S5'«t«w», United fit*te* 8aUd!n( &:-«<l L«jn League, Texa* BuiMtOjt *n<l Ixxtn League. A.«i«rl<au* £*vlnc* BuiJ<JJn« und Loan Institute. and Loan Confer*nc« 1,000 More Catde Due Additional Beeves For Canning Assured By State Commission Receipt o* .an additional 1,000 head of cattle, which will brins to 2.007 the total received for the Paris beef canning plant now in operation ?^nder the. Texas Relief Commission's, program, has been assured. Fat \Varner, La.mar county administrator, "said Saturday. Mr. TVarner received a telegram Saturday advising him. the 1,009 head -would be shipped, a. fetv cars at a time .over a. space of about one week to 10 days. Already 1.007 head have been received and 4SS killed to Saturday night at 6 o'clock. That the canning program as •svell as the remainder of the "program of the Texas Relief Commission is benetittinj: rural residents to a. greater extent than it is Parisians is seen by figures given out Saturday by Mr. Warner's office. "iVhile exact figures -were not available, Mr. "Warner pointed out that more than one-half of the total of G45 who received commission pay checks Saturday live outside the city limits of Paris, Its the bevf canning plant the fi?rures approximate 50 p-e*- cent of the workers. The pay roll for the tveck end- iirsr Thursday, including workers in the beef canninsr plant, •seas S4.S77.S6. Of this amoust almost alt was paid •Corkers !n the canning plant, -which continues xo operate antl process an av<5T-a£"e of SO beeves dail^. MedillMan In Co-op Post J. S. Sharp Is Nominated To Be Director In Texas Association J. S. Sharp of Medill -was nominated director from District 14. of the Texas Cotton Cooperatly* Association at a meeting held her* Saturday afternoon. Lee Cavinew of Chicota, was chairman of th» meeting- and C. B. AndersoH of Cooper was secretary. District 14 of the Texas, cotton association includes Delta. and Latnar county- an£ representatives- from both counties were present at the meeting here. Mr. Sharp is a well known farmer of the Medili community and has been, a member of the Texas Cotton Cooperative Association since its organization in Lamar county. He is also interested in a. one-variety cotton seed breeding project in the Medill community. Mr. Sharp operates a gin on his farm in Red River bottom. I The town of Manteo on HoanoJe* I Island in Xorth Carolina was i named !n honor of an Indian chief j who helped Sir Walter Raleigh"* I colonists when they settled there in the sixteenth centurj-. *A good portion of Louisiana's strawberfj- crop is sold at public auctions at shipping centers in the belt each night during the harvest season. | The remains of Emeline Pigott. : fsmous Confederate heroine aad I spy during the civil war. are bur; led at Morehead Cit>\ N. C, I , For Quality Dry Cleaning Phone 198 We are still paying NRA and hours and doing a Quality type of dry cleaning ror Southern Cleaning & Dye Works Coker. Otrner Red Cross Secretary Starts On Vacation I Mrs, Mary B. Jonjison, executive secretary of the I^amar county chapter, of the American Ke-d Cross, will leax-» Monday to spend her vacation with her brother. CB. Berry and family at Arlinsrton. T>urlng her absence the Red Crosw office wilt be open from 5 o'clock in the morning until 1 o'clock in the afternoon each day except Sunday. When Building or Repairing If I n N«d of AiMtr&ct» or Tide Wotk S«* U» Scott Title & Trust Co. Texas Power A Light Co, CHARTER NO. 10* \LOAX AJ6SOCIOTION OFFICIAL STATEMENT OF TKB FINANCIAL CONDITION of th* Paris BulSdSnj- as<S Ix>an Association at Paris. State cf Tejcas, *t the clos^ of business on the 30th day of Jan**, 1534, pablisne*! fcs The Paris Morning N«w». a. newspaper prjisted and published at Farla. State of Texas, on the 15tb day of Jury 1?34, ASSETS Real Estate Ix?*iw to 3f<jTr.i«rs ... ....... « Stock L,oa_n.K ..... . .......... . Stock Jn Federal Ho;n<5 Ix>nn Bank Home Own*rz Loan Corporjttion Bon<5s ...... *>c«- from Banks . , . ................. . earned by«, not Insur?»nc«. Tax««, Etc.. paid for o!<J Una«r Corttr>*ct ... - . ; «>ffice ^ui!<51nsi:. I'-xs de precision Estate »o5o!re«5 !>>• Fumi?»jre An<5 Fixture? Tof-ll ...... ........... LIABILITIES Installment Stock , . . . A*5vcnc« P^ytnent Stork ......... .„-> Fully Paid Stock ...... ____ , for Accrued Interest ..... . f497.453.ST . 24,616.33 6,000,00 . 17.925.00 . 2S.55S.12 47.QO Z.3 27.19 5.TS1.S1 S.40O.OO r 10.J44.00 f 6S4.7S3.4* 1 Profit* . . . ....... ......... - , R«?i!«rv« for Lo«s«* on Heal E*V»T* Loan* . . , , Other RewM-v**, Taxrt ......... . ... Dividend* «*rcr«»rd **tn<-« test Dnid*n«3 Paym*nt Incotnp!«t« Loans ...... . ..... , . . Borroweil Money. Federal Horn-? tx»airs Bank . . Other !,la.b!l!ti*s. D»V,i3«>rj<3# Total 94.7S4.S3 1 25.750.00 517.12 3,921.3* 34,104-35 1. 371. 77 1.500,00 3,S34.&« S7.«7 €3,700,00 22?. 19 107.430.1 3 State of T«*m*. County of L*m«r: W«. Henry P. May*r, *» Pr««W«nt. an<! O. XV, Bo*w<-n, a* S»cr«tary of ««4d AmoclaUon. e«cb of u« do solemnly »w*ar that th« above stat«- m*nt 1« tru* to the b#«t of our knowi^dse and belief. HEXRT P. MAYER. President O. W, BOSTVKLL, Secretary Correct— Attest: Morris Fleming. Ed H, Mediation, Ertward Xorm*n». IMrcciorK. , . . 3ub*crtb*d »nd *wom to b-for« m* this th« 13th day of July. A.. IX, K«<**7 L*m*r County. X

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