Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 7, 1965 · Page 1
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 1

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1965
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MICROFILM SERVICE &' SALES CO. P.®. BOX BCC6 DALLAS, TiiXAS COMP "Tfylng to fce all thingg to all people find yon befn* nothing to no one." — Cole Sweeney VOL. 37, NO, 32 NBA, McNaught Feature! DPI Leased Wires "YOUR FREEDOM NEWSPAPER" CLOVIS, NEW MEXICO, fRIDAY, MAY 7, 1965 18 f«fei today DAILY OH SUNOAf lie SATELLITE PUTS FUGITIVE BEHIND BA Miami (UPI) — Deportation proceedings on accused Canadian bank burglar Georges LeMay, captured with the help of the Early Bird television satellite, were postponed today until next week. LeMay, who for awhile didn't believe he had been trapped by bery of a Montreal bank. Me was arrested Thursday on his $25,000 yacht in Fort Lauderdale just north of Miami, after an informant told police about seeing his "most wanted" picture on a television program flashed between the continents via the satellite. brought here lodged in jail LeMay was where he was without bond. Robert L. Woylych, chief of immigration for the south Florida area, said that a deportation hearing on LeMay had been postponed at the request of the alien and his attorney, Harvey 2 YANKS FREED Atl*«ti a satellite, had been sought since 1961 in the $4 million rob- St. Jean, of Miami Beach. "It'll be held sometime next week," said Woytych. "When, we don't know yet." At home Lemay is charged with cleaning out some 400 safe deposit boxes at the Ontreal branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia. Here he awaits federal action on charges of Illegal entry. He was expected to be taken before the U.S. commissioner today. Lemay, described by an FBI agent as "one of the most wanted men on the North American continent," was picked up as he strolled back to his 43-foot sloop, Trlanao, wearing only bathing trunks, sandals and a straw hat. "I'm Lemay, all right," he said after seeing that arresting officers had his picture and fingerprints. He said he had been going under an alias of Joseph Rene Roy. En route to police headquarters, he conversed quietly with Fort Lauderdale Detective Capt. Robert T. Smith. H« asked several Umes "how'd you fellows get on to me?" BY REBEL UNIT rine Holloman Pilot Dies In F-4C Big Push Readied tors carried them to the sauit carrier Boxer for , MINNEAPOLIS. Minn. (UPI) !—Workers pried through twist- !cd and crumpled houses today SANTO DOMINGO (UPI) —.chine-gunned a medical convoy for more victims of tornadoes Two U.S. Marines captured were released unharmed Thurs- ttlat tort> through suburban Thursday by rebels who ma- day night. communities. "" i Three Marines were killed At least 13 persons were : and two were wounded in the kn °w'n dead and more than 400 | attack on the convoy, which in- werf> injured in Minneapolis- flicted heavier losses on U.S. st - Paul's second disaster in a forces here than any other sin- mo "th. The damage ran into Ing incident so far. The new millions of dollars. : casualties increased the mili- In the South, another band of j tary toll of the U.S. rescue op- '°rnadoes slammed through Ok- jeration here to 13 killed and f>2 lahoma. killing at least one , wounded - I;, 1 ;;,!"" Tha " d W" rin * threc SAIGON <UPI)-An American Two Miami Herald Newsmen. S,h J w sduZd^to" * '•** f ° rCe °'' 6>00 ° Mari " eS and VIRnEX (UPI,- A pilot was Latin American Editor Al Hurt ditch. The twtste H rack seven * If"^ ,°!i ' S °^ Vlet ' killed but his navigator-instruc- and chicf Photographer Doug towns in a 100-mile stretch in v. ' d , 3y t0 build •- ' ' --- . ""'< m nevv air bag,, f or i auncn i n g ••••' riviliin risinlti,, nf .V HlOma between Sen- f ,von mnrn ™,„;„!,! plunged civilian casualties of the opera- to the desert near V i r d e n tlon uhen lne - v wm ' accidental- Ttnirsday. '. v s!l °t and wounded by Ma- The Air Force said Cap* rim ' s '''"'"""'lay Marine liolicop- Jack l\ Brick'ey, .12, of Hollo- U ' rs carr '«l them to the as man AFB. rode the streaking Phantom to his death. ment. Capt. Jerry E. Crown of Ttic- The two captured Marines, f'usive suburbs At least 10 per- kr „ (ton Ariz, ejected from the jet tentatively identified as Cnf sons U( ' rf -' known dead and ,„ ,,- , - " at 15.000 feet altitude and told Ituben Garcia and Pfc D J morp than 400 were injured i! ng i Vietnamese and wound- authorities he did not see an- Southwell (no home towns Thp tornadoes which roared ' n ~ , ! y other Vletnam ese other parachute open. : available) were brought to a nnrth of Minneapolis Thursday "£T,, as . missing and P os ' Bnckley. assigned to the,M ar »>e forward command post ni « ht dawed at a dozen towns. i y ca P tured - 390th Tactical Fighter Squadron i on the waterfront in a gray T!lo . v cam e less than a month; A U.S. spokesman described at Holloman. was on temporary P anp l truck crowded with reb- after the devastating Palm Sun- the guerrilla assault as the big- duty with the 4453rd Combnt eLi. day twister onslaught of A p r i 1 crost this year. The Viet Con" Combat Crew Training Wing at The rebels surrendered the' 11 - w ' nen Midwest tornadoes stormed the camp at Hai Yen Pavis-Monthan AFU in Tucson lwo m <-'n to Marine Capt. Pony cu ™ins south of Minnesota i«o miles southwest of Sai«on An Information officer at Hoi- FJaker. who handed them on to kl lL pd mo "' than 250 persons .,\j,ere Father Nguyen Loc Hoa loman, Lt. Bill Spenrrr. .<aid Hra/ilian Col. Lannes de Sou/.a T" 0 fma! toll of Thursday '.nown as South ' Viet' Nam's Phantom Jet was on a <'anunha and Panamanian Col. n '«"fs disaster was just being --f^htin" priest " has Ions held Francisco Aued. military repre- assessed as dawn broke. , )ff tnp Communists with a pri- sentatives of the Organization slrrns s «und Naming va!e army called the ..^ of American States. >\ blast of sirens in the Twin Swallows" j 1 The medical convoy, two PaiiT soun^eT^ie'* wirnin^ In the a ir w 'ar against North; jeeps and a G-ton truck carry- Within 30 terrible minutes m*n N "'i 1 ^ am ' U S ' Navy planes at * ^ :ing seven Marines, was shot up and women were sucked'from T! 1 trans P° rtat ' on targets ! :when it took a wrong turn and their homes and Surfed To rhursday "' ght m tW ° Separate blundered into a rebel-held sec- the streets. Homes were :i1 ' SS '° nS - :tor of the city punched into matchsticks. Minks, released when the South Viet nuitu uui ma ndvi^aior-msiruc- .„ ' ft .u^.m 4 /w UK iuwns in a ilXJ-mue stretch in tor parachuted to safety when Kp nnedy, became the first U.S. western Oklahoma between Sen- L "I!" an F-4C Phantom Jet plunged Clvilla n casualties of the opera- tinel and Hollis % n m ? rc Pushing raids f,» «(,« ,!„..„,-« „„,.- if : _ j _ _ lion when ihev wcr,. nr/-iH»Tii-,i. v .. . asainst Communist targets on .National Guardsmen and vol- both sides of the 17th parallel mm^-rtaV'^^ 10 for , ^ landi "S P^ ty ~ i more xi,-ti,n, o a ba, 1 of £ Tr" 0 C PP?. sltlon ' Bllt three! I«T tornadoes winch rhpod !°^ "I ^ ^ C ° ng ^'errilla-; some of Minneapolis' most ex- r? S(l , * C3mp . Rom a n suburbs. At least 10 nor. al ™.. r °I, l ! ge " in . the Me ' Thursday night, kill- * * * * * $700 Million Set For War In Viet WASHINGTON (UPI)-Presi- ed the "precipitous haste" k PARATROOPEKS FIRE SHIP - A 350-f^bomimcIn freighter burns at its pier in Santo Domingo after it was shelled by paratroopers and set afire. Rebels aboard the ship, anchored in the Ozama River, fired into paratrooper positions on the east bank and they returned the fire. The thp practice air-to-air intercept mission from Davts-Monthan. Santa Fe Attorney Kflls Self S.VNTA FK <UPli- A 43-year •% . D . old Santa Fe attorney died of BafS PQCK Jin apparent self-inflicted Run*hot wound Thursday afternrwn, Santa Fe City Police said today. C.MtSLIUP. N M Acting Police Chief Georjje The bats are back at v „...„„„ , Craig said the body of Freder- Caverns, and park nautrali.sts s ' trtH r t , irk Gordon Shermack was are planning public programs: T he" twister* «trmk found m l*><i with a .32-caliber in connection with the animals .'.I. ,,? rj, \ automatic pistol clutched in his beginning Saturday ij/,, ' Ulan " asse n. rijjht hand There was no e»vi- Some 15.000 Mexican freetail dence of foul play, Craig said, bats have returni-d to the cav- but added an inquest jury erns after spending the winter would be held later today in Mexico f ° r Survivors' Benefits For Viet, Dominican dent Johnson today signed the special $700 million appropriation to fight the war in Viet Nam and warned that U.S. willingness to talk peace should not be regarded as a symbol of | cowardice. "Until the aggressors have indicated their willingness to talk, we intend to press on," Johnson said as he signed the measure providing funds for new landing fields, planes, helicopters and expanded operations in Viet Nam. "Our patience and determination are unending." The President signed the measure at a White House ceremony attended by members of Congress. Congress approved the special appropriation as a vote of confidence in his Viet Nam policy within three days after he made the urgent request. Two Skyhawks jets from the Tf-raft carrier Coral Sea public the Re, . siau ' ( ' a ™ nvo - v °" will receive survivors' JJUUUL win receive survivors - 15 benefits on a wartime basis *out ' o Hanoi. deft>nse ° d veterans adrnS " " aammis twister tore up their cages at Glencoe. Minn., ran loose in urn-use aim veierar the town Cars had been tossed ! ll ° ts reported probable dam- tr ti officials said like tennis balls. Hospitals and W <° tw '° trucks. ' lratl ° n ° lt!Clals said centers were flooded Another Skyhawk and two F4 The plus 12 per cent of the serviceman's base pay, plus additional allowances for more than one child — is paid during peacetime only in cases where the widow's income is less than $3,000 a year if she has children. volved. Morse and Gruenin^ said they feared it would mea:i "undeclared war" in Southeast Asia. Liuzzo Jury Asks For Instruction By United Press International An all-white Hayneville, Ala., jury deliberating the fate of a Ku Klux Klansman charged- with the murder of a civil rights worker asked the judge today for clarifying instructions regarding accomplices. The jury, considering the first-degree murder case of 21- year-old Collie Leroy Wilkins "This money will be spent Jr., deliberated only about a for arms, for weapons of war, j half hour this morning before for heu'copters and ammunition filing back into the courtroom to pose the questions to Second Circuit Judge T. Werth Thag. and said. planes," the President "These we use not because we want war but because the aggressors have made them necessary. ard. Wilkins is charged with the murder of Mrs. Viola Liuzzo, Johnson promised that U.S. 38-year-old mother of five who a f\r\r\v%et vtmul rt V.rt *ti t4- «n*«4s%i U7Qc> *•!« iv« lt)Tn wxiL nc _ f U P were I'hantom m lht ' at Mound. jets also from the „ " _ of «w « *he has none, it is $1.800. weapons would be put aside when peace comes—"and we hope it comes swiftly." He noted, however that the American offer of unconditional i was slain March 25, a few hours after completion of the massive Selma-to - Montgomery civil rights march. The state's case against Wil- At a Ctance Clay- Listen Bout Plans Canceled BOSTON (UPI) _ Plans to hold the heavyweight championship fight between Cassias Clay and Sonny Listen here May 25 were canceled today. Counsel for the promoters of the proposed bout did hot immediately give a new location for the 15-round title match but said they hop«xi to stage it on the same May 25 date in another city. Pope Urges Fight Against Atheism VATICAN OITY (PP1) — Pope Paul VI today warned the powerful Jesuit order against following the world's latest schools of thought and urged an all-out battle against the "fearful danpe* 11 of 20th Century atheism. The pontiff addressed 224 delegates of the world's 36,000 Jesuits who are meeting here to elect a new superior general and reform the structures of the Catholic Church's largest religious order. Soviet Union Launches Cosmos4e . WOJM50W (IIP!) —The Soviet Union today launch- eq the 66th in its series of unmanned "Cosmos" satellite* to gather information for manned space voyages J^5*' 1«« ^ oviet news «B»"Cy, said "Cosmos-86" carried «cientinc instrumentation for continuing the space ex- ptoration program." Park, Is View, Fridley, Nor- Glencoe, Navarre and Coon Rapids Some of the tosvns, in the Lake Minnetonka area, are among the most expensive suburbs in the Minneapolis area. Horse Hacked To Death To Save Aircraft Curtain 'Erosion' Urged WASHINGTON (UPI) -President Johnson, reviewing the lessons of 20 years since the end oi World War 11 in Europe, •toda> uri;fd the Atlantic nations t<> hasten the slow erosion of i.'if Iron Curtain. SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) — A •'" !ir " () " sp<'ke from the White also applies tc servicemen, who are < disability payments ranging from $20 to $250 a month in most cases. This is 25 per cent higher than benefits allowed for .servicemen in ordinary peacetime accidents. For widows of men killed in action, the rates of benefit payments are the same as in, peacetime but on a wartime j Thursday's high at 2 p.m. 85 basis the money is paid wheth-; degrees, er or not the survivors are ins Todav . s low at need when the benefit is due. i pr j^ ay S 10 at The payment — $120 a month,! * .-tuici i\_au uuiri ui uiiiiMJuiiavJiiai < »»«v avail, a vaac agauiai W41« peace discussions in Southeast [ kins hinges on the testimony of Asia had produced no response.! ar > FBI informer, Gary Thorn- 'For months we have waited as Rowe, 34, who said he was for a sign, a signal, a whisper i w 'th Wilkins and two other that our offer ... has fallen Klansmen the night Mrs. Liuz» on receptive ears," he said.! z ° was killed. Rowe testified "But not a sound has been tfl at Wilkins leaned out the CLOUDY AND MILD (heard. Not a signal has been j sighted. Still we wait for a re- jsponse. Still we are anxious for peace." The Chief Executive s,iid he regretted that it was not possible apparently to convince the pm 53 de . ill live television forces of communism in Southeast Asia that armed hostility I is futile, against the bill. Nelson protest- ST. IGNACE, Mich. (UPI) -, A Great Lakes freighter and a Norwegian merchant ship collided in the fog-shrouded Straits of Mackinac today. The Coast Guard in Cleveland said the 588-foot freighter, Cedarville, owned by U. S. Steel Corp., went down two miles east of the Mackinac Bridge. It carried a crew of 9. [.••-iui miamii. iicai/ wi£auu.a-i The Coast Guard said rescue was in no mood '. tion Forces in Western Europe,! ships picked up 28 survivors all apparently 20 Years After V-E Day, Ike Still Working Hard window of a speeding car and fired two shots at Mrs. Liuzzo at almost point blank range. Freighter, Merchant Ship Collide „, — Violent Anting has erupted hetween the Iraqui army and the autonomy- demandJng Kurdish rebels across mountainous north- era Iraq with heavy losses on both sides, according to rebel information reaching Beirut today. The reports, which could not be confined, said fighting was now underway in the Exzakho area near the Turkish and Sv- rlan borders to the Sulaimriya and Khanaquin areas near the Iranian frontier, 250 miles to the southeast IrititJi Ubor Forty Hit On Sttt I LOJTOOV (IVI) « The Labor government was accused today of selling out its steel policy to win a crucial House of Commons vote on nationalization of Britain's steel industry. A government "White Paper" outlining plans to nationalize 90 per cent of the nation's iron WA|^ J industr >' was approved Thursday night bv a SIQ-306 vote - precisely the Labor party's majority in raruajnent. It now awaits final passage later. harness racing !ll);1 - 1 ' m a horse panicked aboard an air- lm ' adl ' a; >' to the American peo- liner 8.000 feet above the Paci- P' e and Dv satellite relay to Eufie Thursday and almost leaped ™P° on lne 20th anniversary of GETTYSBURG, Pa. (UPI) - generals had come to surrender |first supreme commander of into the cockpit before the v '£ Uay. Twenty years ago today, a dele-; unconditionally. | North Atlantic Treaty Organiza- flight engineer killed him with 11)e * resident spoke in glow- gation of German officers head- Eisenhower was in no mood tion Forces in Western Europe -_,-- r . a , f ' re ax ''"» terms of achievements of ed by Col. Gen. Alfred Jodl for social chit-chat with the de- and finally, for eight momen- j and one body, , Despite tranquilizer shots, the !he P ast two decades, but he dumped into a bomb • pocked,feated enemy "- ~ ' | New Zealand-bred stallion, one sa >d there were some divisive chateau near Rheims, France, 1 "Do you understand i Of th6 WOrld'S fillCSt Oilt'^rs iOrt? toil A v "trv r*»nlar>o rtQt»*.i^«j — t.. — i.. _ _t_ A _ j _ t- _*__,.-_ *~ .. j jumped half way out of his ! a few feet from the \\ „ i cabin before he was hacked to tions not return to "narrow j t was a regulation military frozen "in"a" grim "mask i death. Five men pinned down'nationalism which has torn and salute - not the "hell Hitler'"' Jodl nodded "Ja ia " the kicking, thrashing animal bloodied the fabric of our socie- Nazi salute. Gen. Dwight D Nut until the surrender was which otherwise might have «>' for generations." Johnson Eisenhower had insisted on completed and the Germans u° |wrecked the plane in its fren--aid that members of the Allan- that. And he was in a position had left did the Eisenhowe?. : Zied death throes ItlC COinmunitV shnilM roHnnhla ... ,<;„•.,•„ . n:. AI :.j -,._:_ i..._ amnvfwd . , ts, the !ht ' P ast two decades, but he dumped into a bomb - pocked,feated enemy. tous years as President , one > a «l ther e w <?re some divisive chateau near Rheims. France. 1 "Do you understand the ™ acers, ^forts today "to replace part-land glumly saluted a five-star terms of" the document of sur-' c «T he former President P uts ^ s stall nership with suspicion." ; American general from Abilene, "render?" He asked brusauelv •%" Ur Week at *"* office pilot's L-rging that the Atlantic na Kan. his normally amiable face ysburg ' workin « on the ed logons not return to "narrow j t was a regulation military frozen in a erim mask third volume of ^ memoirs. crewmen from the Cedarvtije. The former President puts hi Rfids To SIlAIAI n_h«,,_ ...»«i, _* u:_ _«: :_ i »%W*»* I 1* «*HVW Search Resumes For Heiress r ... " " •*-— >•***•».- "»<»V»ll^Ht^J) 111 t*ljt_/jlt 1WJ1 11 MV4 jzied death throes. jtic community should redouble to dictate terms. His Allied ar- grin break through He held j There was no gun aboard the their efforts toward peace in mies had crushed Nazi military aloft the two pens which the |P a " e - . , . common trust. i power in the West. The German Germans had i lhe chartered cargo plane j landed safely with its occu: pants bloodied, bruised and - - - 'completely unnerved by the air-' kJlCCIMM i^m U^M iwrir r:!^^v« JSSfcss^ ^^-^ tc ^ .tlSi'VJ Hf £»'$£?»,£ i % i sa b sisrsf •«,. sr^rr^aii.? aia MCJNUII. the stallions di.s. railroad heiress who vanished Yager apparently fell to her" ,, , MOSCOW (UPI) ~ The ?^l 0 ^ me ^ e ' d ? y -. h ™ b ^ n i viet Union on Sundi two ^ ed to unveil a giant • «-,, ^ Octobe _ r jental rocket and two .is filled months sites never previously with trips and speaking! (Q urging of photographers, ar-!**"" 164 to Eur °P« ^ "» ranged them at a "V for vie- Earty Bird communicatiooj fat-i ( £° d ? y> ** was ' Informed sources »ald today " be the focal point of a parade icheduied in Red tory" angle. ellUe.) the 30th aflflivemry of the end of World War U ia EjT rop*. **^ 7'

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