The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 25, 1969 · Page 16
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July 25, 1969

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 16

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1969
Page 16
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Des Meinw R«g!*t»rp>0a§ \ & Fri,. Jwl* 21. 1969 ' GRAINS LOWER IN EASY TRADE Thursday Prices CHICAGO (AP) — Thursday: High Low Closa Sfp Dec Mar Mnv Open WHEAT. .... Prav. Close CORN 133 1 ' r.3?" U7** usw i; 1.37VJ 1.37% 1.35V, 1. Dec Mar Mav Sep Dec OATS 1 27 3 /< 1.25V4 1.26*» 1.27W l!§3*» 1.31** 1.3M* 1.33 1 » - - ' 1.371/4 l.37Vi l.25Vj \.U US'/4 l.25"4 I.25** l.23V» ].nv» i.22 1 * 1.225* i.23'/i 1.28 1.28'/i 1.27'/4 1.27*4 1.28'i 1.31V4 1.3P/4 1.304* 1.30% 1.31VJ Sen Dec Sep New Jan Mar May RYE .61 ,63V, MVi .61 ,63V, .661* .60V) .63'/4 .65*11 , .66 .61V, .64 .6* Va 1.14V4 1.14V, 1.13 1.13V, 1.14>» WM*W»U6- •" 1.22 1.22 1.2P/4 1.22 1.19 1.20'/4 1.23 2.63 7 /i 2.«3V> 2.63Vi 2.63'/i 2.46 2.46VI 2.45*» 2.46 2.46'* 2.36Vj 2.36'i 2.35'/j 2.35»* 2.37 2.4m 2.41V3 2.40** 1.4V* 2.41'fc 2.46V 2.44V4 2.45V» 2.45"4 2.46V 4 2 49 3 4 2.49'/« 2.<l»*» 2.48"l 2.50'i .SOYBEAN OIL 727 7.28 8e= • "in ....... 7.28 7.28 Mdr ...... 7.35 735 May 7.34 7.34 SOYBEAN MEAL Auq ..... 76.00 76.00 SOD ...... 73.30 73.30 Or. I ...... 7030 70.30 Dec ..... 61.60 68.60 Jan ...... 68.75 68.75 M,r ..... 70.10 70.10 Dec ...... 27.35 27.40 7.21 7.26 7.32 7.75 7.55 7.38 7.10 7.25 87.30 7.34 75. M 72.85 72.85 8>3'.45 69 55 69 70 »7Q.4Q 67.80 67.80 870.40 68 10 68 20 68.90 69.70 69.80 a70.45 71.25 871.35 871.85 2900 29.15 29.37 27J2 77.50 27.52 27.15 27.30 827.42 27.30 827.30 a27.42 27.17 a27.35 a27.42 26.87 27.17 27.47 An Agreement On 'Paper GoW PARIS, PRANCE (AP) - An agreement was reached here Thursday paving the way for the creation of "paper gold," normally known as special Drawing Rights of the International Monetary Fund. Central bankers and government financial officials also decided to increase the size of the $21 billion IMF ordinary drawing rights fund. Conference sources said approval by the delegations home governments was ^expected In 48 hours, or at late« by early next week. Thus approved, the agreement would be forwarded to Pierre Paul Schweitzer, French managing director of the IMF, who was expected to consult and consider further before writing his recommenda tions. Details will be disclosed at that time. Paper gold, a now concept, is a necessary way ol i augmenting national reserves along with fold and dollars in ordor to facilitate Internationa trade. 9tifN 7.81 87.64 a7.37 7.27 7.31 87.37 1 7.39 | 76.201 considered Copper CHICAGO, ILL. (AP) - Corn and soybean futures closed lower on the Board of Trade Thursday. -sw^ New crop corn deliveries declined 1 cent before a minor recovery near the close. Trading was active at the start but eased laten in the .ses-lpSw'gWs?? wiii^e ^^nrn^x Silver NEW YORK, N Y. (THURSDAY) (AP — Silver futures closed 10 to 40 points h'nhor «»'•"! 1 i*0 cf>n''-,-Kts. July 162.20c Sept. 1SJ.50C, 0«c. U8.30c, Jim. ITO.OOc Mir. 173.lOc, May 176.10C, July 179.20C Scot. 1B7.70C. NEW YORK, N.Y. (THURSDAY) (AP -. Cooper futures closed 80 to 115 pointj hinder Sales 472 contracts. Seot. 62.20C Od 60.8'ic. Dec. 58.90C, 57.75C, " 56.75C, Mav. 55.75c. July 54.75C. Mar OFFICIAL PUBLICATION c.;^« nmoitinn a onvprnmpnt rc-|Hai SlOn, awaiting a goveinmuil ic cr port, released after the close, on stocks of grains in all positions. Wheat declined on a report of excellent crop conditions in Canada, a likely competitor in exports. Good to excellent crop prospects put new crop deliveries of corn and soybeans under pressure. Old crop com showed a slight gain at the finish but deferred deliveries were off by major fractions. This pattern was more pronounced in soybeans. Corn closed '/a cent higher to % cent lower; soybeans Vt to IVz cents lower; wheat 1 tp l'/4 cents lower; oats V* to % cent lower and rye % to l'!s cents lower. Des Moines Grain Des Moines price, less than carlot Thurs"Receipts-corn, 32 cars; soybeans, 13. Wheat—farmers No. 1 $1.09. Feed prices are sublect to ,wide variations In different sections of the sta e due f to transportation, handling and storage C °Pure bran-$2.65-3.40. Soybean meal—$5.00-5.30. Linseed meal - $5.20-5.35. Mldds-S2.65-3.40, Tankage— $6.20-6.60. Central Iowa Market County elevator bids on corn, oats, soybeans In an «"ea near Des Moines shows i MaPlelon, Iowa for Interceptor Sow Treatmen ... Wet Well, Lift Station, Plant, Laboratory and Compressor Build Ing and Polishing Lagoon all in accord with official Notice published In the Maple ton Press, Mapleton, Iowa on July 17th and 24th. Want Ad Rates Want Ads may ai The Des - • The Dej weekdays for one may create In rates. GENERAL CLASSIFICATIONS " M 7 nt. days per day per KM per day •"• ""• 3 days days per day |wr I'M par day 2 days 70c 77c 87c 95c 95C per line 1.05 per line Rates apply for'consecutive Insertions. .Minimum size ad—2 lines. ' . HELP WANTED FROM WITHIN IOWA per line f er / mere 1 daily 1 cofnbfmflM 1 Sunday (H,M«MMMf FURNACE ir J® K •V," Dubuque," la. Dams - Services for Jeipfl,' A 251J Forty-seventh, wiilJM PMet the waptoyer FV- id home furnlthed. C. J all Dairy Co., Ames, la. >f IM M?y Tidrlek, i»j4 Oakland will be Friday 3 PM at Dunn's on Grand. Interment Glendale. __. •LKHAUT TOmSN=5«rvle«s for "Harry Ml(lam Stanton *t Elkhart, wll be at Elkhart Christian Church Saturday, 2 P.M. Interment Rlsino Sun Cemetery. Moffltt Service.._ MIll-MIHiMB *-___ •*-'—^—m-.r.-r.—_ *.» t-uoene ... ,'riione b>")0i»" a.m. Tuesday at funeral Home^rrv.Jojfja. , wll Fwch clement* of )0; ner , Interment Elmwood cemetery, Asphalt Paver operators Asphalt Roller Operators To work In Iowa. Ph. M5-M1-OWI or MIDWEST PAVING CO Jox_l2A CujwnJiStJi burn. Iowa. parlance •nr " " , CARD Of THANK* Published in The Reolster end Tribune Is a fit- tin* way to express your appreciation of floral tributes, aifts and MS Locust ether kindnesses. Call JM-1141 for lueoetted messages. ASSISTANT MANAGER Man who can quickly develop Into an our..cdm- Florlitt ASSEMBLERS, MACHINIST, WELDERS, SHEET METAL MECHANICS op wsqdi, benefits, overtime. nforw tiwr 266-51 Tt, E. lith-Howard Dr. DBS Wines, Iowa, INSURANCE POSITIONS If you are • college Ireduate «r have 2 yeari of eotlete plus related work experience, we are in- teretted In dUcusslnq tne tollow- in| petition* with you: if tnuwt tti Model Cities Project Director To direct Plannlna .and coordination of model citlei program for Des Moines. program now enterlnq first year Implementation phase. Combination equivalent to dearae plus 3 years experience in public or business sdmlnislratlon, cemmunll piannme or or9»nitin», or rtiatei fields required. Our personallted training programs - r - ••• - — —-i ygij for pro- Pinx..MW!.b?.3J_«f $& necessary. ( Mlfirv id "employei"6ene'f it$. POSTAL THRIFT LOANS DM ATTENDANT Service «|atj«i». Part time. Ex- MTH AN'O DOUGLA4 t-Service Stat Attendant-Service Station Good waees, Insurance beneflti. 15 years or older, experience Preferred. Apply In parson to Harold ennine \441 2nd Ave. 1540 2nd Ave. 288-65H —FLOWERS BY OLSAN'S ISO* E. Grand 262-54W !V__1° ad-vMf^ '•2395 Slater, Iowa. son St. <-Unly. N Autb Body Winter rt time. alli. John- Jidvaf HAWKED "SKURITY INSURANCE COMPANY 10)7 Walnut '*&• Iowa »»? J43-2121 KITCHEN HELPER Linen Supply Laundry Production work, ateady employment AMERICAfT sale, estlma estad ca'l ( ,-vw»^ Loit 6A55ET bund v loop, owner Identity downtown COLLIE found near Moines. 26MOI7 P66 - fi— r '^^ brown, -anams . - , emale med. slfed, white and found In the vie. SE Peyton. experienced man. PHIL Wl 730 N. Circle, Colorado JMa n r SLOW lnot, Auto Glass Installer AND GENERAL WAREHOUSE U.iS'/i for Lineman or Lineman Trainee of approximately 1,000 popu .. public works laid, lowa.^ No experience required. hourr»3.«0'/4 per hour pSfleneed. Frlnse beneflt pfl of living Increases. See Bil FORMANFORDAND benefiTs and cost .see Bill Teer. tD AND CO. Black rims', bifocals. 262 rry. KEYS 'blTrlhg and Locust. Owner Identi TTttTstTct. prescripl MJeTe'alT255'659l." on hurun (rummage "BRIC BUS BOYS Must be.1«.^PPly to «rs. Saylor aft- 244-6231 er 4:30 P.m. Michael's Rest. __ ; ARE no longer responsible obllQatlons flneurVed for The Animal Shefter by anyone other than present board rnembers of United Humanitarians, 9105 N.E. 29th St., "BUS BOYS-NIGHTS See Mrs. Jenny Laffei THE POLYNESIAN 285-8291 — CAB DRIVERS HUAN CAB CO Rte. 1, Ankeny, n.rH.' Vjle Lelan'd .Ed le C. 105 .. ., la. Chairman of >d Davis. 445 1 be dwartl fc*u..-- - -. „..,. "will not be responsible debts other than my own. for Whm Shall W» Oo ' '0 —GOLDEN SPUR-WAUKbb 75c per day 94* P*rllM OJtC per day yellow, 13S mofs'ture, $2.51-2.52. Chicago Cash CHICAGO, THURSDAY (AP) - Wheat prices were lower Thursday; bases higher; receipts 87 cars. Corn lower, bases lower; receipts. 43 "oats lower, bases unchanged; receipts ""soybeans receipts 12 cars, Including _ ,_'_ ., ,»__.*.,.,4!tu Crrirlit COTP il.29 1 i; No. $1.29'.':, No. 1 vel- days 4 T days 92c SJov 3 days 1.00 ?Ud^ 2 days 1 AA ' "•"* I .UU per nrw cembhiaHM 1.10 per HIM 1 Sunday Rates apply;, for consecutive In- irtlons. Mlnlmym sire jKl—J rate Sunday Deity Ite6deys Tdaya Only on^y yellow, C whlte grease Thurs- Minneapolis MINNEAPOLIS. WEDNESDAY (AP) Wheat receipts today 316 cars, year ago 242; tradlns basis unchanged to down 2c. NO. 1 harU »VIUIM«">*» ""»-. Ti'i^.T i~aoi/'. Minn-S.D. No. 1 hard winter $1,44%-1 .82«.; fio. 1 hard amber durum, choice $1.71- V8«! discounts, amber 5-22c; durum ' ' . 10- Corn No. 2 yellow $1.2H4-1,22 3 4. Oats No. 2 extra heavy while 57-60C. Birley, good to choice 86c-$l 18; low to Intermediate 86c-S1.16; feed 70-85C. Rye No. 1-2 $1.11-1.14. Flax No. 1-2 S2.92. Sep. Dec FOUND ads run free for 3 day* 90 letters and spaces to each line. THIS 3 line ad contains approxl- i snsfsns rates for slngl- St^r'airdiVms-e-rtl Want Ad Rules Insertions are than quoted lions. Open Hlqh Low Close 1 52' : 1.51' 1.51 3 J 1.50 1.51'. 1.50' Standard bran SI lower, $39.50: starvinrd middlinps 51 lower, 140.50; red dog unchanged JS4.00. Kansas City KANSAS CITY, THURSDAY, (AP) Wheat 415 cars; 1 3 ,'<C ower to '*c higher; No. 2 hard andI dark hard 51-28-1 59',,- No. 3 Jl 38, No 2 red wheat $1.26'<-1.28 1 4, No. 3 Sl.24H-l.2m. Corn — 14 cars, unchanged-down i<jc. No 2 white S2.40-2.65, No. 3 sl.80-2.AO, No. 2 yellow and mixed $1.30, No. 3 51.20'*'Oat's — cars, down '•'JC-UP '<c, No. 2 white 63-70C, No. 3 62-69c. Milo — maize J2.U-2.16 cwt. Rye —$1.01 V4-1.05'.'.,. Barley - J2.63Vs-2.70 Soybeans — J2.63'3-2.70. Sacked bran — $39.00-39.75 a ton. Sacked shorts - S39.00-39.>5 a ton. Wheat futures closed down ".j-lVtC. WHEAT FUTURES Opon High 1.24 1.24V.I 1.38»» l^SH 1.32 1.32'i 1.33U 1.33's 1.31'. j 1.31'i Sorghums 1.89 1.89 Want Ads taken, 7 days • we riters on dul Sept. Dec. Mar. May July LoW ( I.'??''' 1.31 1.32'a 1.31 U Dec. Close 1.31 '"; 1.32'i ; 1.31''i 1.89 j Wholesale Meat DES MOINES, THURSDAY, Fed-State midwest carlot meat trade, Iowa and some adlacent points — steer and heiter beef 50c lower; cow beef and beef primal not established; skinned hams steady to * S°eer beef-600-900 Ibs $47.00; good 600100 Ibs $4600; heifer beef choice iOO-700 Ibs $46 00; BOOd 500-700 Ibs $44.00. Fresh pork cuts — loins 8-14 Ibs $56.00; 14-17 Ibs $53.00-53.25; picnics 8 and up Ibs $3/ 50; skinned hams 12-18 Ibs 54675-47.00; 18-20 Ibs $47.50; bellies, sdls 8-10 Ibs-$35.5035 '5; 10-1? Ibs $31 00. CHICAGO, THURSDAY (USDA)-Steer,i heifer and cow beef 50c lower: Iresh pork loins 8-17 Ibs. 50C-1.00 lower; Boston butts | 4-8 Ibs. steady to. 1.00 uo. , Meer hcef-«-hoic» 50C-9on Ibs $47.50; | 600-800 Ibs J48.00; flood 500-800 Ibs $45.50; hVlfer beef-choice 500-700 Ibs $46.50; 500700 Ibs $44.50; orimal cuts-choice steer hindquarters 145-190 Ibs $56.00; cho'ce steer and heifer foreauarters 130-210 Ibs $4" 00-40 '0; cow h°'-' comrTK'cial 539.50; utility (brkna) $39.00; utility (bonina) $41 CO; canner and cutter $43.50; bull beef-cutter and utility $46.50. Fresh pork cuts-loins &-U Ibs $55.50: 14-17 Ibs $53.50; 17-20 Ibs $5200; picnics 4-8 Ibs $37.00; 8-12 Ibs $38.2S; Boston butts 4-8 Ibs $4900-5000; 'soareribs 3 en $60.00; skinned ham, 12-18 Ibs $47.00; 18-20 Ibs $4750; 20-26 Ibs $47.50.- bellies, sdls 10-12 Ibs' $35.00; 12-16 Ibs $37.50. Iowa Cattle DES MOINES. THURSDAY (Fed-State Iowa-Southern Minnesota Direct Cattle) Sl-uohter steers and heifers st«adv to 25c lower; demand lair, but trade generally slow; slaughter caltle bought on plsnt delivered weights or FOB teedlots with 2-4 per cent pencil shrink or Ihe equivalent: cattle bought on carcass basis purchased Is limited .. r reeled ad In a providing advert! or omission on occurs. Deadlines Weekday Issues: t pj ceding day, except ad* urday which Is 10 ar Sunday Issue: Stal editions Friday 4 p.m. tion, Des Moines and surroui Ing counties, Friday 7 p.m. Lobby Office Trained ad writer' on duty: Mon.-Thurs. 1:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Frl. to 7 p.m., Sat. to 1 p.m. Phone Service ...... Ads I £«, 4d ment: Register and Tribune Des Moines, Iowa 50304 In Th« Des Moints Art* Phone 284-8141 In All Iowa Call Fre. 800-362-1836 INDEX Of Malar ClassifkaHeat (nneuncamenti—Personals SWING KINGS Entertainment lor W pleasure KENNY HOFER tjday_A.merleanJ.eaign Os.kaleosa TAKTROBBINS Hi Fl's- SATURDAY^ •r»onil« '* Single-Widowed-Divorced shop: Open Fareway Sf Jo*« ig 4 ?! a death. City, 'around work i retell . due to sudden "BStiralagi ^^WANTEb HAIR STYLIST 'his Is an excellent opportunity for the rlaht man. 755.743? S FASHION CENTER 3509 'ngcrsoll No ex .pply 1)00 Grand Ave. Salary open. Write: Personnel Director City of D«s Mojnes Des Moines, Iowa 50309 NI6HT CLERK SECURITY GUARDS Full or Part Time K-MART WEST 7501 HICKMAN Semi Drivers Over 23 yrs. eld needed to work full or Barf time to start Immed. Houri* rate plus mileage incentive company pa'd Insurance, and pension pun. Schwerman Trucklnfl G ""tmtuar*- '* auailfleation*) SrlcK and {._- iilnfi.. . l.owa and surrounding from T» Plie« t WANT AD 0«i CAll-AN-AD DlfMl, In !«»• 800-362-1836 HI f>M MtMM MM14I 2821 Grand inne trarr Excellent oppor •ntart DwiJaetwyn, Jr. « lit Body Snap. Clear take, MUST BE EXPERIENCED. PRESSMAN Experienced far burlap dept. Excellent fringe and company benefits. Apply between 9 and 11:30 MIDWEST PACKAGING CORP. Hot Thomas Beck Rd. OPTICIAN .__ all around nt salary and w~ •xperlenced Excellent salary !••.•-.•*-•»«•* tlons. Phone co[!ect;31?.-i83-3. Klauer Op 3X til, DUp R-OPERA screw" late' mod'ef "tractors trailers between Iowa and also tractors and reefer 232-4250. Ames, IOWA, to null Illinois, trailers. PARTS COUNTER MAN LINOTYPE MACHINIST for Immediate opening on nloht-shltt. 37'/i hour week with full fringe benefit program. Must be experienced TTS Elektront and intertype. Wply to Personnel Office, 2nd floor Ties Molnas Register and Tribune Company. ..,. 715 Locust 214-1212 An equal opportunity employer . TECHNICIANS (2) ALWANCE ROSS ELECTRONICS lon, la. t'ech- atip nlclans. Two years oparatlon and maintenance experience on color TV studio equipment, and videotape recording. ^Starting .salary $159.00 for forty hour week with reaular six months increases, P.l"» hn , un ]f:: ous frlnoe benefits, VVrltepirec or of Enuneerng, WCCO-TV, AAln- neapolls, Minnesota 55402 for appll- s n interested. Councll BARTENDER Dpmln.cs, Restaurant and Lounge^ BODY MAN AND PAIN I bR rlenced. 2134 Woodland.. ANC LINOTYPE OPERATOR Experienced for model 14 setting classified and corrections. Small city dally, 40 hour week, Vi day Sat. Good wages end fringe ban- Must CANVASSERS 2J-2.I-1U D o o r-to-door, home improvement "foldI. call Paul. 285-1479, CARPENTER Finish carpenter. 967-2731._ CHIEF ENGINEER Assistant Superintendent for Municipal Steam and dle^l p;<«»" plant of 11,000 K.W. capacity. Most ot power is ourchaseo trom U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. Starting salary $8,500 to $9,000 per VJB-, plus paid vacation, sick leave, hell days and hospitallzation. State age and experience. Plant located 65 miles west of Minneapolis by many lakes. Good hunting and fishing. Write X-WO OfaMtr andI Tribune. CLAIMS ADJUSTER Des Moines Area. Minimum 2 years experience. Salary, Incentive plan and expenses. No overnight. Replies confidential Write 0-165 Regls- ter and Tribune LINOTYPE OPERATOR service, sales and Installation. Top salary plus commissions, plus broflt-shar- Ing plan and other benefits. Please apply only In writing to Economy Gas Co., Box Ml, Lltchtleld, Minnesota. 55355 All Inquiries kept in strictest confidence. . LP GAS SERVICEMAN ave experience In service and bulk delivery. Top salary Plus commissions, plus profit-sharing plan, and other fringe benefits. Please plan, _ lease ap 1 ply"only B in"wflting'"tp j "Economy Gas Go., Box 561, Ltchf eld, Min- nesota.55355 All inquiries kept In strictest confidence, etest confidence. WHINE SHOP jNSfRUCYOR iacn machine shop and tool i making In post high school le ane level new" vocatibnaTt'echni- TOC To teacl .... die making prosrAfn .n ..»». .—-— , v-r-— cal Institute. Applicant should have minimum of three years lourney- man experience. Comoensatlon based on Mankato teachers sslarv schedule end experience and train- Ing. Apply to Director, Mankato 1920 Lee Boulevard, Nc ... kato, Minnesota 56001. Telephone (507) 387-3441. CLAIM TRAINEE Claims Adjustment. Call Mr. Milten, 288-3301 to arrange for an Interview tln " tPMP CO W S r MAW osreiBomfleld Rd M5-9741 reioomfleld Rd- or M5-9, FILMS DEVELOP*!) 3Vc ixpHurg. Black_ani_Whlte. ye,n &H Collector - Interviewer Installment Loan Dept. Credit or loan or auto tji perience required.• Oi— flni ood AAAN Insura'hce" and retirement available, ..Call qr. write io. > t, All :lear Inquiries % 3311 PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTION 1 man for day shift. J man for nl9 shift. Minimum educaf on hi. school graduate. Interest In. chemistry or science preferred, but not required. Excellent working conditions and benefits. Apply to person nel mgr. Diamond Laboratories, Inc. 2538 S E. 43rd st., Des Moines, la. To PHARMACIST salarf Good working conditions, " ~)all Don Hoye. collect, Es- AND YARD MAN . EXPERIENCE. uclM. WITH LUMBER CO. Apply 2425 West E . Des Moines Cashway Lumber and tire repair man. See 'arner, Macmfilan Oil Co. - 2nd Avenue. TTS Perforators Needed for permanent situations on our night-shift. Will be trained for perforating computer tape. Must be able to type. 70-80 words per minute. Excellent benefits. Apply Personnel Department, 2nd lloor, Register and Tribune, 715 Locust or call 284-8212. An equal Opportunity employer Experienced Man to install Black Iron Gas Line Residential and Light Commercial Yearly bonus Paid vacation Paid Sick Leave Year Around Work Write phone or apply in person to Ray Mitchell, Gen- gral Manager. VAN DYCK FURNACE CO. 2424 Harding Rd. Des Moines, la. Phone 274-3475 An Equal opportunity Employer neerlng background .for..machlnln and fabricating, plant with M to 3 employes. Challenging positron wit opportunity for advancement. Salary commensurate* with ability, plus generous trlnqe benefits. „ ----* •- county seat town In north. if Wence, giving, • summa- lucatlon, experience, _en/ ED CAR LOT 283-2561 MAN. cxp. Call Reply ry u .. « ;neral e r&TCvros 1 PRINTERS Permanent floor slti se. tribune iram. Apply tt Persi '., 2nd floor Reolster une or call 2844212. itlona a; . 37V> I.— Inge benefit avail- hour rsonnel An equal opp PHOTOS To represent Natl ny In Southern USA. . travel. Write or TUDIOS, .INC., 21» travel." Write "or cafl WOLT; ..JDIOS, INC., 21» New Yorl Ave., Des Moines, la., giving and experience. (515) 2M-7178. PLUMBEf Experienced. il After 5 PLUMBERS HELPER Experienced. Call after 5. 987-4868 !}£ K Permanent Position for a man who wants to build a, secure future In the electrical business. Liberal employee benefits, 5 day week. Employee owned company. Must be qualified for advancement. For personal interview call; Mr. Hiatt 243- Graybar Electric Co., Inc. An aaual opportunity employer PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR Trainee for Linen Supply Plant. Unlimited opportunity for man willing to work for advancement. Apply In . . W. MEANS & CO. 1100 Grand Ave. PRODUCTION WORK Light manufacturing, graduate. Good salar salary and fringe benefits. S day week. Apply In person to Mra. Marsh or Mr. Acyff, 3rd flow lowa-Des Moines National Bank. An equal opportunity employer MAN With lumber and torkllft experience Good pay FRANK PAXTON LUMBER CO. 205 SW 11th LOWEST ... FOR CAl OR SR22. .. terms. Call Ins., 407 .0 ... write Mjke ;ourt ave., Des Moines, dential. Florence 255-4321. for' u fiome M 64 CONCRETE FOREMAN FORM SETTERS Koehring 34-E Paver Opr. Season's work In Des Moines and We- Sioux Cltv, Iowa LOW auto, cycle or JTre Ins. Fuon if caneelied. Fast S.R.J Even If cancalle SADORE RJSSIE Rates, iling, JACKSON Construction Co., Inc. MAN wltn 2nd Class engineers cense. Contact Wayne Wheeler, 26o*5i3l graduate. Good salary. Hospr sucance. Steady employment, illndh Machine Co. 126 Fr High school Hospital in- ment. 126 Franklin American Can. Co. Maintenance Mechanic also an \ Industrial Electrician Deeded for the leading and growing plastic industry in the country. Both lobs require experience. The amount ' experience will determine the pay and where they apprentice program, fit into our ByprviiMie uiuHta"', .,, ., A lourneyman In each classification Is desired. Applicants should apply at Iowa State Employment Service 150 Des Moines St. , "An Equal Opportunity-Employer" $65 A WEEK NEWSPAPER ROUTE PART TIME ADULT, college or high school student with car. Consists of door-to-door delivery mornings by 6:30 A.M., Evenings by 5=15 P.M., Sundays by 6=30 A.M., plus collections. The route is 8th and 9th from Freeway to Forest. It is a well established route and collections are very good. If extra income, singer 284-830o. interested in call H. Glas- $35 7 $50 WEEK ADULT PAPER ROUTES These route In vicinity of East 161h and University and East 18th and E a s t o n, available Immediately. Consisting of morn., eve., and Sun. delivery Rouse to house plus collections. Mon. del. by 6 AM; eve. 5:15 P.M., Sun 6:30 A.M.; Sat. eve. by 3 p.m. Adults and Mature high school student who are ambitious call David Housh 284-8306. An equal opportunity employer STEADY EMPLOYMENT We want a young high school graduate, married and looking for a future in production. Our top rated national firm Is seeking an ambitious young man to work In a new and modern plant. Top benefits, steady employment and pleasant surroundings. No experience required. Apply 2700 BellAyenue 601 Ins Exch. Bldfl. NO FEES NEL, INC. 243-7687 CAB COUPON BOOK. $5, E your moon cllpplnss, ar- pictures, or comple?e papers stlc, Plastl-Pak, 150J Grand ,„ K,—. COUf UTH JEWELRY. SE 65;2567 IrttVaf JEW6LEHS iTICE: ftar&V nerly of 3315 7th, D within 10 days, Please eon- Tnvtl ISO WANTED W LeVvlng -" - Rider (o New York area • - Share expenses -fb~ 6004 Fleur Drive Des Moines, la. Ph. M5-2B5-0315 An equal opportunity employer CONSTRUCTION MILLWRIGHT-FOREMAN Grain storage and handling equip. Steel bldg. Must be experienced at . running crew, reading blueprints, planning and handling and handling ow Good growth opportunity. . Tribune^ ork. w . Many benefits. Write B-244, Register and MANAGER complete operation of TV club for unmarrlei ' % 35-45 years old, wing and train- Interviewers, Must have a genuine interest and likli * Potential earnlnqs PROGRAMMER Must have 1 year experience. Salary commensurate with qualifications. Good fringe benefits. See Lowell Barkley, Iowa Des Moines National Bank Computer Center, 6th and Walnut. An equal opportunity employer •• new country"c1u"b"for"ynma"rrr<ids" Must beunmarrle capable of interv Ing Intervlewi erest earnings 3-9 PM for Interview. Ing . uine interest and iB5.974l' .nq for people, unlimited. Call MECHANICS Need 2 experienced lourneyman mechanics for new car dealership. $3.76 per hour and company benefits Including hospital and malor medical insurance plus paid holidays and 1 week paid vacation aft 1st An equal opportunity employ RADIO ANNOUNCER phone, !XP to sum. full time, •rlence. Ser K.W.K.Y., Should have some experience. Send tape and re' 419'/a Locust, REFRIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING Must have 5 years experience In all phases. 40 hour week. Monday through Friday. Day hours. Frlnae benefits Include profit-sharing. Ap ply to PERSONNEL MGR. Diamond Laboratories, Inc. er 1 year, years. COOK. Friendly atmosphere. Apply mornings to Manager, Holiday Inn Sou" " CUST louth. 2101' Fleur Dr. STODIAN for churc . __IAN for church. Couple desired. Apartment furnished. Write E-609 Register and Tribune DELIVERY Dry Cleaning. Married, opening Permanent lob No layoffs in last 3 Ap'pTy to Service Mar., Leo McGowan DEWEY FORD 253B S.E. 43rd DesMpnes ENROLL NOW! FALL QUARTER SEPT. 8 Over 70 different Business Courses Business Administration, Account. Ing, Computer Programming, Court Reporting, Secretarial, Recep- tlonlst. General Office, Key punch. ., 1:30 a.m. rl. 7:45 a.m. . to S p.m.? . Florist, Merle Hav Plaza 276-4951, DESK CLERK EXPERIENCED 4 PM to 12 shift. Older person preferred. Must be sober, able to meet 'Write, Visit, or Call 244-4221 for Free 64 Page Catalog. American Institute Business 424 10th Des Moines „__,,. _ c ?? 30 * "THE SCHOOL OFJjESULTS" LEARN IBM 360 ^A APPROVED ilnn. Permanent lob CORWIN CLEANERS 1930 COTTAGE GROVE Immediate RELIEF NIGHT CLERK 2 days a week, Friday and Saturday 11 PM to 7 AM. Apply Mr. Spinney Howard Johnson Mot. Lodge RESTAURANT HELP Part time. Moonlighters accepted Apply at your nearest PIZZA HUT E.14th and Grand. P.M. 288-2271 DELIVERY MAN time. Apply In person "erle Hay Plaza 27«^, Plaza MOTOR GRADER OPERATORS Phone 515-832-3145 for Russ Klsllng, or 71 2 '255-8866 Van Buskirk Construction SIOUX CITY, IOWA An Equal Opportunity Employer ^MECHANICS^ 4 EXPERIENCED Due to our expanding business In our modern shop In Clinton, Iowa, st eoulpmtnt, top wages and I' - npany, LEE PAASCH FORD Clinton, Iowa *».nii7 ECPI 508-IOth Mg -° 117 n.. Mnlnl^lUa 50309 .W Auto'-Olese Mechanics. TfTARl : AMN>TITU 5 T6. Men—Jobs ol Interest ACCOUNTANT Recent college graduate with BS de- ,ree wllhrnaror In jccountlnsI Per. ¥ --• ~ - DRAFTSMAN immediate opening for person with training In mechanical and basic mathematics. Liberal employe benefits. IOWA POWER & LIGHT CO. MECHANICS Needed at once. Two Cummins dlese experience. Top wages, retirement, hospitallzation plan, paid vacations and holidays. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER SALES AND SERVICE SPENCER, IOWA Pontiac Motor Division General Motors Corporation Has opening for assistant car distributor In Omaha office. .Prefer recent college graduate with au- tomttlve sales background. Send resume or contact. Mr. Backenstose Jobs of Interest— UN ill Women 195 , An equal opportunity employer TOLEDO SCALE Need M .rv,c. j tech re ,.n or train* to train In s_ me . of within Iowa. Need high school, ehanlcal aptitude, knowledge .. electricity helpful. Age 21-35. Excellent benefits, interestmg work. For interview and testing call Des Moines 244-7156 for appt An Equal Opportunity Employer CAREER OPPORTUNITY Malor life Insurance company willing to finance you Into the life insurance business. Full training program, no sales experience necessary. $700 plus salary. Call John PENN MUT'UAL LIFE INSURANCE ALSCO ALUMINUM' INC. a national manufacturer of aluminum building products Ms an opening locally for an agresslve young man that would like a future (n office management. Guaranteed salary, group insurance and paid vacation. This Is an excellent opportunity for the right - 8£polntment call 26 Tfi man. For appointment call 266-310'i. Restaurant Managers and Assistants National restaurant company now Interviewing for a number of positions for experienced managers anc young trainee assistants. Opportunity In 20 states. Applicants with some college education preferred, but ability and desire tor advance ' Is most Important. Send KILLED! The this space been killed results. ad that ran in yesterday has because it got ment your resume graph. and . current photo- eflts. Write or apply to Personnel Off ice, Board of Water Commission, er", 144 West Colfax, Denver, Colorado J0202. Deaths ANDERSON—GravesTde services for Mrs. Viola E. Anderson, 3014 Thir- ty-tourth Street Place will be held Friday 10:30 AM at Chapel Hill ^Gardens. Hamilton's Service, East ' Sixth and Lvon Streets. CTJWTlS — Friends may call Friday and Saturday to pay respects to E. Ivan Curtis of Washington, D.C. Conlev Service Colonial Funeral Chapel _ 1428 High Street b'WVER—Services for Clara Dwyer of 4221 Urbandale will be Saturday, 10 AM at Holy Trinity Church. Rosary 7:30 PM Friday, at Dunn's o D Grand. Catholic Daughters glease attend Interment Glendale. E~GAN -Services tor MrT Mary (Madge) Egan of 664 Twenty-sixth will be Friday 1 PM at Dunn's on Grand. Interment Resthavon. GEKTSE'N"—Services for Mrs. Emma Gertscn of 905 Morton, will be 1 P.M. Saturday al Luther. Memorial. Church. Inlerment Pine Hill. Dahl- sirom Service. choice 1.000-1,200 Ibs. yield arades 2-4 419 00-S30 00. few consignments Includ'nn some prime $30.15-30.50; heifers .- .choice S7S 910 1 Ibs vield grade 2-4 $?8. 50-29 00; few mixed owl and choice 850-950 Ibs. SSEb BASIS - steers - choice VJO-900 ibs $46.50-47.50, few consignments wi-BOO Ibs earlv $48.00; heifers - choica 500-700 Ibs $45.00-46.00, tew early $46.50. HAiiMS-Services - - -> F i P.I I'nTerment Glendale'. Hsrms urday Grand Kenneth i 0/409 Fifteenth will be Sat- 2:30 P.M. at Dunn's on Interment Glendale. XTNNEMAN-Servlces for Robert T. Kinneman, 916 Ashworth Road, will be Friday 11:30 A.M. at Dunn's on Grand. Interment Reathaven. KOVATS--5ervlces lor E. P. (All Ko- vais, 2008 Seventy-third Street will be Friday 10 AM at St. Theresa Catholic Church. Rosary Society Rosary Thursday 4:30 PM and Parish Rosary Thursday 8 PM at the Westpver Funeral Home. Further services &nd interment Monday in South Bend, Indiana. Memorials acceptable to St. Theresa Building Fund or the Cancer Society. An Equal Opportunity I _EDP.INSTRUCT UCTOR needed MECHANICS New and fast growing IHC motor truck dealership needs experienced mechanics, 9as or dlesel. Fringe benefits and wages to fit ability. MIDWESTERN TRUCK SALES CO. Denlson, Iowa 243-414t After 5:30 p.m. 243-2M2 to com pro- ional- APPLIANCE SERVICE mmediate placement for experienced rogte serviceman. \Aust be experienced in serv- cing washers, dryers, ranges and etc. In addition to good starting salary, benefits are profit sharing, insurance, vacation, etc. Apply Personnel Office 9:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. 40M Merle Hay Rd. Das Moines, la. One EDP instructor plele three man computer gramming stbff in ew vocation technical Institute Candidates should have S-360 experience, three years experience In data process[Kir "BPSTBlff RAN languages. WelF "compensated oased ~ ~'~ ~ J 'M a to \ K. t Institute, V920""Lee C Boulevard," North Mankato Minnesota phone (5071 387 3441. position Tiased on experience and assignment. The attractive new f clllty Is equipped with a WO-J5 di! system with 24K. Apply to Dlrjcto. Mankato Area Vocaflonal-Technlca " ' levard, Nortt 56001. Tele- MECHANICS Experienced. One for tractors, i for cars. Good working conditions, all new equipment, Group Insurance available. L&HINC. (2) one OOWS. 152-4141 lie specializing .In automatic transmissions wantecT for Ford-Lin coin-Mercury dealership. Excejlen -working conditions. Ip shop, rate! ELECTRICIANS WANTED 244-1907 „. ELECTRONICS INSTRUCTOR To teach electronics la two year post hlsh. Khool prooram In the new *»»!#.»'? Ar«..yoca iona-T.echnlcfl irking conditions In clean, busy op. SO-SO, commission, $1.00 flat fa. family man preferred, must rnish references. Permanent. 5 ei :ali its Institute. Appl canTs should have three veers journeyman exeerl- ompensatlon es per Man- Laramle, Wvom d for extra Try. a space and .. sal*. Call i now. Director of Personnel Aristo Foods, Inc. P.O. Box 208 Topeka, Kansas 66601 RISK-MANAGEMENT CON tlylty and PART TIME HELP Apply In person KENTUCKY ROAST BEEF 3702 ind Ave. TED: Ticket i To place your dd, dial 284-8141 in Des Moines 800-362-1836 FREE from anywhare in Iowa Administrative Office Supervisor Outstanding career opportunity with one of America's largest com- panics, Prosgresslve salary schedule, liberal health, reltrement and educational benefits. Excellent training progem at full pay. High school graduate and some supervisory experience required. Able to relocate with expenses paid. equal opportunity employer. An MONY- HELP WANTED: Ticket sellers, ticR- t takers, et takers, traffic directors, public safety workers, and other lobs. IOWA STATE FAIR, Aug. 12-24. Write .'/JOBS", Iowa State Fair, State House, Des Moines, Iowa or call AC 515-265-5015. late House, D all AC 515-265-1 NTED — an e nt for C.P.A. experienced account... _ firm with emphasis Income tax matters. Contact § ' C o n n o r , Brooks, Ahrendt & rooks, P.O. Box 743, Dubuque, Iowa or phone 319-58-27224. . EXPERIENCED dry wall finisher needed. 282-1842. Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York 244-0145 Mr. Miller B.S. BACTERIOLOGIST degree. Employment with biological firm, Omaha area. Write X-521, Register and Tribune. Continued on Next Page ons. Position stantlal degree ofl " " ' Imagination —I" and specla lect .matter. Un.lversrty degree iced) requi ernati require lelity, i ....ty ana imagination involving highly technical, and specialized sublect matter. Unlvers plus related experience ,«MUI,CU. Limited travel on international basis. Relocation to Madison, Wisconsin required (at employer's expense). CUNA International, Inc., P.O. Box 431, Madison, WIs. 53701. ROOFE'RS ~(FLXt) 1140 per week plus hosp. and life n- surence. Experienced or will train. Must travel 4 days per week. Small town residents preferred. Apply at our Warehouse at Baxter, \ Iowa, across from Mllllgan Oil on Satur day, July 27th after 9 A.M. " ' ther Roof Co. ROUTi^AUS Home Juice Co. has opportunity for 2 men to learn route sales business. Over 25. No experience necessary. •Full pay training. Please call Mr. David for Interview 282-1405. " NotiMS 90 REGISTER NOW FALL QUARTER STARTS SEPT. 29th Write or phone for fret calalof C*lbf»«f 1681 ENGINEERING DRAFTSMAN For position with growing consulting!! engineering firm. Must be experienced In civil engineering. Excellent fringe benefits and working conditions. VEENSTRA & KIMAA Engineers and Planners 924 4th St. West Oes Moines! Phone 277-6161 An equal opportunity employ FARMHAND — married on dairy end hog operation. Partly modern house close to town. No milking experience required, top wages,' extras, bonus and vacation. 662-3363 Sac Cltv. Iowa. FRY COOK Good wages. Apply after 4:30 MAMA LACONA'S 3629 Beaver Metal Working Machine Operators Numerical Control Machining 'The Omaha Nebraska division of Control Data Corporation has immediate openings in it* new numerical control machine shop for: MACHINE OPERATORS MECHANICAL PARTS INSPECTORS \- If-you are experienced in either N/C or conventional machining such ai lathes, mills, drills, etc. and would _be interested in investigating opportunfiei in the rapidly growing computer industry . . . now is the time. A company representative of the Control Data Corporation will be in Des Moinet on Saturday, July 26th at the Holiday Inn South, 2102 Fleur Drive, to come in for « personal interview anytime between 9 a.m. end $ p.m. Excellent starting salary and fringe benefit package. We invite you, to explore these opportunities iin Omaha, to remember . . . Holiday Inn South Saturday, July 26th— «sk for Mr. Ken Raiding, Control Data Corporation. IMMEDIATE OPENINGS THE FIRESTONE TIRE & RUBBER COMPANY We are expanding rapidly in all locations and need management personnel to fill new posts or replace personnel promoted. ADVANTAGES OFFERED 1. Opportunity for rapid advancement, 2. Bonus based on performance. 3. Liberal retirement program. 4. Annual paid vacation, 5. Liberal insurance program covering employees and dependents. -ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS 1. College Graduate Preferred but not required. 2. Should have present or prior sales experience. 3. Must present good appearance, have good speaking voice and be aggressive. IMMEDIATE OPENINGS 1. Retail Sales—Selling inside store. 2. Commerical Sales—Selling to Business, 3. Service Mgr.—Tire and Service Sales. 4. Office and Credit Manager. Interviews will be held Fort Des Moines Hotel Friday, July 25th—5 to 8 P.M. Des Moines, Iowa Contact: W. L. Baird or J. L. McGee Phone for Appointment 515-243-1161 An Equal Opportunity Employer CltM HOUS6 wtt w A N T A D S SOL AntiquH Boats Cameras Dogs Electric Ranges Furs Guitars Horn* Furnishing* Indian Clubs Jacks Kettledrums Luggag* Motors . Nozzlei Oboes Pats Quilts Radios Sporting Goods TV's Umbrellas Valvts Washers Xylophones Yachts Zircons Air Conditioner Bik.s Cribs Drums Embroidery Rihing Rods Golf Clubs Highboys Insulation Juvenile Furniture Kodab Lamps Microscopes Nursery Furniture Organs , Pianos Quivers Rafrigeretore Staraol Tables Ukuleles Vaporixen Winches Yard Tools Zithers i I Call 284-8141, or Utetht ALL IOWA LINE 800-362-113* IT'S FREf

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