The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 17, 1924 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1924
Page 14
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PACK FOURTF.F.N. F H E HUTCHINSON NEWS, MONDAY. NOVEMBER 17, 1924 BEGIN HERE TODAY lir>ni:1.\* Iifi.VJi"t i!. fimii-l Allot t'lnUillii tin. heart In tin- cii'ly >v»- nintr nti tJw. Ji.n.r of iJr.- :iin renin nt V'li>\v<*r Ai'K's, hi* 1 .MIU i-'mul liuim 1 . St until TIK t>\ r-r I li" rh •.<•] >n.tit, f^i'-l 111 tut in I, I ft Malcolm Fin !<->•, fi-miiT ^uiM'lhi 'ari uf Iliiyiitit'rf v. Nrt!ir>. Kva 'I'm ti"r. l!n\ IHT '.-: nm.^. >tmnls liv the lirht aw it'-h- Tl.. :i .\;ui> \ ; h. V >.nt!h<;:. i'>mlk> Kent, K /Tn i !.' H !'1: I MI. Ifi.-ml . f Fl!>!»•;. . .Mi-: .\»i,ui.\ it\ : , - ll'H-'S J -ir -ll 1 !'. iilliJ r-thiTH, Itlt'T III'- mom. i'ctiiiin ^ti .n \\ i.-a. n <•.•(, hrai.-il i il.-U -rth.-. a tut 7 .11'i, hH MUl u .-'M .-Hiint. ! ilic calli<l to talii- ill** '-JiM' 1 'Hit (if li;" ! IlItTHl.* rif I M-lrct i VI I >ol lijtiM, ".\ II v I Jury UoiiM r\i.m-r;i t t > N.tticy lt:i > nn'r JT Mix 1 Juid Nhot lit r luisijund." WIMM tt'Hfl Zizi. "l.'ttl 1 v. mil to a ir<iVA UIUL sli--. .titln'i." NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY "That, would bp almost, IIM had, wouldn't It.?" Wis-- «=mil"i| uu-nilly. "Anil so you'i t' fMPtm: to m.'ilo* up si minimi! to i*nt hi thi'lr plnct '7" "No, He's alrciuly made uj»— lua 'H UIR man who worn the rubbers." "And wu'i'f! poini: to thp Vn\\n to look Tor 1 tv mb^'-rs?" "\V<> nr.'." "KfiMitf .M that's tlif liidinn place *if .4. K.niior vluw: for the ? IK>I*- liltinn biilUcH^ yuti think ih>- rulitjnr iniin rlioPo ilio Piinu 1 hiding pliu*i »7" "True, oh. QiK-i'H." "U*i;!l— tako it fmm mt\ you won't, find thorn lln-ro." "Winy MnppiMl HtoukstUl. "Thou thpro 'H no IIBI .» Rninp on," "Oh, eomu nlong — 1 mifiht be nils- tlmm. So, all rlRhi. tlio lulls lii^t.. and :iftor thai alt'othnr possible: nine* 1 a." ! Ibit tho most careful oxamlnntIon: of tin* FIIIIH failed to disclose a illa-j ( i nrd''d pair of rnbbiTH. Malcolm Kinlny approached them as Un\v stood there. "A cmiotiH case, Mr. Finley," W't.vf waid. In tin* colloquial tone of out* wlio add reuses n fellow enthusiast. "Where are your clews lend Ins yon now, Mr. Wise?" Flnlcy asked. "Nowhere, for the reason thnt 1 have few or no clews. Mxeept for the iH'w overshoe. I cun find nothing to call a clew." "You call that one?" ''Most assuredly. If I can find those rubbers—" "You will convict somebody?" Finley looked alarm. "K mn y be so," Wis u wat eh ed liim closely, without seeming to do so. "Then, Mr. Wl^e, plve up yonv scarcli. It Is unneeefssiiry, I will tell you now what I'm goInK to tell the police litter— 1 confess to the crime myself— 1 shot Douglas Raynor. and I sivt.» myself up." Wise restrained his smib*. "It Is most interestlnp. Mr. Finley, how people love to 'trive them- aolves up.' It would seem that to "JF YO TTHINK SHK IS HO\Si\ TO OWT lIFJt TWTV." TO BH ARUKSTEP, I'M GOING taken—of course, I never am, there has to be a 1'irst time." but "You're an Import incut youns thins. But. VAz, l'vi? KOt to' find those rubbers!" "All right, we'll find 'cm. You aee—wait a minute, lVim>, was tho criminal one of the house people or not'."' "Yes—I think it was." "Then it was either a man •woman wvuring n man's rubber Now, he or she—we'll say he, mean JtiK either sex—he must have hid- his confession was received, den the rubbers, because he could- "i do not," Wipe returned, "on n't destroy them. You can't bum the contrary you have removed any rubbers—they make such a smell— i lingering doubts I may have had confess to a crime tfe a positive pastime of late! If many more confess to this ono, we shall have to arrest them in bunches. Why are you conft-'ssin?,' to, Mr. Finley?" "Your amusement is decidedly ill-timed, Mr. 1 cannot feel a KOUMUU confession is an occasion for mirth." "Yours Is," and Zizl's uncontrollable dimples came Into play as i. or :i| she oputily grinned at Finley. ihbers. j -You don't beliuvp me?" said, Finley quite taken aback at the way and you can't throw them down a •waste pipe. 1 think they're bidden ' —they're easy to hide, you see — ' »nd if they are, we ought to find ILA to your entire innocence." "So a confession convinces you of a man's innocence, does it?"' "Yes, In your case." And then | Wine beenmo very Kntv^. "You are : ; nmkliiK tills iniiti'ssion, Mr. Flnlcy. ] i In sliinld Mrs. ttaynor—to *nve her, 1 If possible, from further suspicion or linvlng killed her hushaml. Answer me truly. Is not this so?" j | l'Mnlny looked tit the detective, iind seelnK his earnest face, siiil-, • detily felt thnt ennilor WIIK his best | . imllcy. . "Yes," he answereil. I i CllAPTKll XVIII. : : The Man Who Wore the Rubbers. \ ! "Now, Mr. Finley," Wise said.! j "you must know tliat what you Mfpuest is Impossible. Yott eer-' lainly kttow wiiat rompoundluK a' felony means, and you are not so | Ir.norant as to think you could put • stieli a thinu o\er, or that I should allow il. 1 think you speak honest, iy when you say yon are not sure whether Mrs. Unynor fired the shot- or not—and. of course, that lets you out, If you had really done it, your attitude would ho very different. Also, you must agree that from all the evidence we. can wet from the people on the scene nt the time, it. looks as If either you or Mrs. Raynor did the shootinj-. "With you on!--by the way, why did you clean off lite plslol so quickly?" Malcolm Finley looked troubled. Then. "I will tell you," he said. "I think I'd better he perfectly frank. 1 picked up that pistol and whipped out my handkerchief and rubbed off any fiitRer-marks that miclit be on it. because— 1 did think Mrs. Raynor had fired it." "Why did you think so?" "Because as I entered a saw her KoitiK out of the opposite door- • just as Miss Turner said she did. j There is no doubt, about it—she was fleeinp. as ^\liss Turner expressed It, out of that west door. So I assumed she had shot him. and It enme to me like a flash that her fingerprints would bo on the revolver, and I must remove them. So 1 did. That's all. Now I tell you this, for I wnnt your advice. If you think Mrs. Raynor Is goinK to be arrested—I'm RoinR to take steps to Ret her away. 1 tell you frankly, because I want your heip." Wise stared at hint. "My help to net. a criminal nwiiy?" "Yes." said Finley, coolly. "You know as well as I do that s*te'd never be convicted, so why drni! through n trial? Why not spirit her away?" "Mr. Finley. you talk nonsense. Now, I propose that ive go—you and I—and have a little talk with Mrs. Raynor. Have and she talked frankly about, this matter as yet?" "I have tried to." Finley said, looking trouhled, "but Mrs. Raynor seems to want to avoid the subject—" "Yes—she would. Well, 1 think we'll have to ask her to talk." The two men started toward the house, and Zizi drifted off hv herself. She walched the men for a moment, then, turning, she strolled down to the lirldRe and across It towards Dolly Fay's house. Zizi bad already met that, vivacious youns person, nnd since see­ lnK the photograph of her in Kent's room had desired another talk with her. The two girls seated themselves comfortably in the swing, and Zizi came to tlio point at once, "You want to lie)p Mrs! Raynor If you can, don't you, Dolly?" she asked. "Oh, yes. Indeed—what can 1 do? I'm a born detective—and I've rend—" "Xever mind that," Zlzl smiled, "but Just tell me a few things. Where's your Vrist watch?" "Now how did you know I had one?" "I saw It on your arm iu a photograph of you that Mr. Kent has —n. snapshot—and a good one." "Yes, that is a good one—the one In that mauve organdie—though of course it doesn't show majive. In the picture—" "Yes—whero Is your watch?" "Busted." "I knew It!" Zizi nodded her black head In satisfaction. "1 saw from the plcturo it was one of those cheap things—forgive me If I am rude—but this Is Important." "My watch Important!" "Yes. Now tell mo, when you did wear it, did it always keep the right time?" "Never!" "Then—think now—then when you stood on the bridge that night OUR BOARDING HOUSE iW av JOVE <zrC. CL.A\P.--'^6^ v-:/ -josf-tWe. WAvJ I AM » ^EeKikievtovJ WOUL'D VOL) LIKE TO ACCOMPAIJV ME ~TO A CO^CE&Y TOMOWOUJ lJiGM-i"?-« IfWOS-f MRS. <3f. CLAM? VOILL Gf?AtJ"T VOOTWE EVEUiklG, TOR 90C\A .Al-i AVFWR OV C0L .-T0R6 j ^AlJt) rllCirl ARTl&TlC VERV GLAD To GO vdrtrl MOlJ VlOOPLE, MV MAlJ ! 1 PO (JOT UAVE lb (SE-fTMe \ti\V£!c, &AklCT\Ok}.~I AAVE A MlOD o\= MV OV«M AviO <=.UE !<=. AWARE ov rr! — TOMORROW] I EWe >JlkiG,Er\2~*» / COOvJT oU NAE .' • y LIKE TO STRtXT TllftTTvlEV ARE , TtV MAIiJ 9PRMJS,—~ BUT IT'S TVt' \*I|FE "WAT VIHJ-DS 'EMr coiJ (:eRT5ouurA| LIKE 9M0XET6 ME'.-^'STCL.AlW BETTen WA-tfcv* U\<^ WtAEEL,">- Tv*' MATO» CAKI GET A VELLA , \Krfo MORE , -jL ^CRAPESTaAIJ, Ss*j. A WEAR J reaching Gannon's house they found thai worthy, as usual, sitting on his porch, smoking. "Hel!•>. Crim," cried Dolly, "we're going in to see some butterflies— Zizi wants to see 'em." "All right. Be sure to shut the cases after you." The girls went Into the room where the specimens were, where almost all the rest of Gannon'a belongings were also. "What a mess!" said Zizi. "Yes. Here are the butterfUeB." (Continued in Our Next Issue) How about some work on your Fonl today? Better get it iu condition for cold weather. Phone all. Ragland-Kiugsley Motor Co. 17-lt SAY "BAYER ASPIRIN" and INSIST! 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Into a pint bottle, put 2% ounooa of I'inex; then add plain granulated sugar syrup to mnke a full pint. Or you can use ctariiied molaBscs, honey, or corn syrup, instead of sugar syrup. KHher^way, the full pint saves about two-thirds of the money usually spent for cough preparations, and gives you a more positive, effective remedy. It keeps perfectly, nnd tastes pleasHnt —children like it. You can feel this take hold instantly, soothing and healing the membranes in all the air passages. It promptly loosens a dry, tight cough, and soon you will notice tlio phlegm thin out and disappear. A day's use will usiinlly break up on ordinary throat or chest cold, aad it is also splendid for brua* chilis, croup, hoarseness; and broa- chial asthma. Pincx is a most valuable concentrated compound of genuine Norway pine extract, the most reliable rem- edv for thront and chest ailments. To avoid disappointment, ask your druggist for "-V 2 ounce* of Pincx" with directions and don't accept anything else. Guaranteed to give ahso- wlth Mr. Kent, and you told him lute satisfaction or money refunded. It was seven o'clock by your watch The Pinex Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind. —was It?" "No—[ guess not—tor when 1 got homo I was awful late, nnd mother gave me a wigging But, yes, it must have been right, too, for when 1 said It was seven, Mr. Kent looked at his watch, and agreed." "What do you mean agreed?" "Why, he said, 'So It Is.' or 'Yes. seven.' or something like that. What has my watch to do with it'.'' "Maybe a lot—maybe nothing at nil. I say. Dolly, you know that old tlannon man, don't you?" "Oh, yes, very well. He teaches ino natural history.? "Well enough to go to his house and browse around—and take mo?" "Oh. yes. Want to go now?" "Right now." The girls started at once, and There is one sure way that hns never failed to remove dandruff at once, and that Is to dissolve it, then you destroy It entirely. To do this. Just get about four ounces of plain, ordinary liquid arvon from any drug store (this la all you will need,) apply It at night when retiring; use enougri to molBten the scalp nnd rub it In gently with the finger tips. By morning, most if not all, of your dandruff will be gone, and two or three more applications will competely dissolve rind entirely destroy every single sign and trace of It, no matter how much dandruff you may have. You will find, too, all itching and digging of the scalp will stop instantly, and your hair will be fluffy lustrous, glossy, silky and soft, and look and feel a hundred times bettor. 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HUNTER and ASSOCIATES are devoted to the diagnosis of chronic, pelvic, special and rectal diseases and their treatment by advanced, non-surgical office methods. CALL AND SEE the wonderful advances of recent times In disease treatment, as exemplified by the equipment of a truly modern clinic. Refer to Hundreds of Former Satls- i Caney, Kt. Dr. Hunter & Aiaoclates cured > me and I Was saved from an operation for female trouble. I heartily recommend them. | MRS. F. BOOTH, Office hours 9 to 12, 1 to S, except : Sunday. Wednesday and Saturday fled Patients. Consultation and | Night, from 7 to.8. advice free—Moderate charges 14 S. Main Hutchinson, Kan. and easy terms. Entire Second Floor. Read the Classified Ads in The News-Herald.

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