The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 26, 1959 · Page 14
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 14

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 26, 1959
Page 14
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RAOINK SUNDAY BULLETIN iBly X8.1989 S m. 1, P «r« 14 Hunt Escapees in Wisconsin LANCASTER, Wls. — (yP) — Grant County Sheriff Naomi Seemeyer Saturday said that two men who escaped from the Virginia State Prison Tuesday were believed to be in north- em Illinois, southern Wisconsin or eastern Jowa. Mrs. Seemeyer said she had been alerted by the Illinois State Police to be on the lookout for a 1950 auto in which were believed to be James E, Hall, 37, of Rocky Mount. Va.. and Connie E. Plott, 27, of Severn, Md. The sheriff said that Illinois police reported that they had chased a car bearing Virginia license plates 942373 but List Congress' ^Musts': Labor, Housing, Roads, Civil Rights WASHINGTON ~(AP)—- Democratic lenders liavc put labor, housing, highway and civil fights legislation on the program for a stretch drive that could keep Congress running until Lahor Day. Also, if a satisfactory compromise can he worked out, Senate Democratic leader Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas and Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn (D-Tcxas) probably will agree to passage of a bill lifting the interest ceiling on long term government bonds. But the two party leaders are satisfied to let the Eisenhower administration stew in the juice of ilic President's vetoes of wheat and tobacco bills. Wheat Legislation Tf .1 • 11 costly flow of wheat into fiov- It there IS any wheat lcc-,„^„ • „, ^,„,„„„ t . I IT n I M^rnment storage, islation—and Senate Rcpub- otherwise, he said, the prcs- lican leader Everett M. Dirksen said he thinks there may be—the impetus for it will have to come from President Eiscn- cnt crop carryover of 1,300,- OOO .ono bushels may be increased by another 100,000,000 bushels V)y next July, with hower or Secretary of Afiricul- l^oun^ing storage costs and an , „„ J t, increase m the Rovcrnment's lure uenson. ipresent billion investment. Dirkscn .said he has real hope! What the House docs with a lost it near the Wisconsin bor-;that some agreement can bcjlabor anli - rackctecrinR bill. der Saturday. which the Senate previously reached on a "reasonabic. The (wo escaped prisoners sound program" to reverse thcj'"'"'' passed, may have a great were reported to have released; - - ideal to do with the length of Call Crash Crews a 79-year-old man in Washington, Pa., after holding him as a hostage since Thursday. The weary old man, still as Airliner Lands clad in his pajamas, drove into a service station on the outskirts of Washington, Pa., and weakly blurted out: "Please help me." Peter M. Niclson. LONDON — l/P) — Crash crews wore called out at London airport Saturday when an fP ^^gj.';incoming Boeing 707 jetliner the Congressional session. Some Action The Democratic leaders are agreed (hat .some action must bo taken on housing. Democrats on a Senate banking sub- commi((ce now are holding hearings in an effort to discredit Eisenhower's vc(o of a housing measure he called extravagant and inflationary. I if the response is judged requires two(hirds approval of[ those voting in both House and Senate. If support for the President's position seems solid, a bob - tailed housing bill may result. A compromise measure to continue the interstate highway program, perhaps at a slower than anticipated pace, appears to bo in the making. Eisenhower probably will get only part of the I V2 cents a gallon ga.soline tax increase he requested to help pay for the roadbuilding. Up In Air Action on civil rights legislation still is up in the air in both houses. Johnson has been plugging for the Senate Judiciary Committee to clear a bill but Southern Democrats apparently intend to stall there until they .see what the Mouse docs. Dirkscn got Senate permission for the judiciary group to meet all day Monday, when he .said there will be a motion to take up a telescoped measure approved by a subcommittee. The motion is debatable, meaning that Southern opponents may talk as long as they choose. But Dirkscn said he remains hopeful that a "modest" measure eventually will be .sent to the Senate floor. Sen. George Smalhers (D- Fla) said he doesn't see any need for passage of a civil rights measure. He said any new measure would only serve "to a/;ilate the situation rather than help it." Washington, D. crtaiiorrtoM ^^P^'"^*^^ ^'''''"'•e of its under- the attendant he had been heldi^^^'^Kc mdicator light, a prisoner by the two escaped The plane, carrying IK) pas- '^"^'f'''"'. effort may be convicts for three days. jscngcrs from New York, flew,"'"^'f^ to override the veto. Tliis Niolson said the two men low over the control lower soj accousted him at his home in control officers could chccl< ^ . , • McLean, Va.. early Thursday the undercarriage. They re- CniMP^I^ Cnn'ifnlWi' TiSkllc MnU/ and forced him at gunpoint toportcd the wheels were down'^ V*Uf/fCUIlOl I C?IIO nOW accompany them in his car.'and the plane then landed| Saturday morning, they sud-jsafely. i denly stopped and one of them; Officers of Pan American told him: "You take it from Dad." The two convicts fled on foot. The FBI identified the men as Hall and Plott. Hall had been serving 11 years for murder and Plott was doing three years for forgery. to Get 'Rich' Under Red Rule VIENNA, Austria — (m — "o( A -IRO-membcr delegation from Red China arrived for (he Corn- World Airways complained j^jjrp afterward that (hey had "asked for an aler(. "Neither we nor the pilot re- 1 1. ^ .t quested it," .said on Pan Amer-!'"""'^^ sponsored World Youth icen official. "There was no ;''Cstival opening here today need. land presented "one capitalist." "The emergency was ordered He claims to lie making as by airport authorities." imuch money out of his chemi- —AP Wlrcphoto Akiko Kojima, 22, the new Miss Universe, examined some of the teiegrams waiting for her when she arose Saturday morning. The breakfast in bed is oniy a pose. "I wouldn't think of eating breakfast," siie said, "before getting up and washing my face and putting on makeup." The Miss Universe trophy is at her icft. Japan Exports Top Goods Now, Say Countrymen of Miss Universe Bus, Auto Meet Head-on; 3 Die RfCHMOND, Va, — (JP) — A double-decked Greyhound bus and an auto plowed together in a light rain on heavily traveled U.S. I today, 25 miles north of Richmond. Three persons in the car were killed. They were not immediately identified. More than a score of passengers aboard the bus were hurt. The auto, mashed in the crash, bore Florida plates. The bus was en route from Detroit to Norfolk. It was full. Warren H. Morton, 48, bf. Detroit, who suffered nose injuries in the smashup, said the bus. had just gotten into a patch of light rain. "Those two sailors (not identified) should get a medal," he said. "No one could get out and everybody was excited. I don't know if there was an emergency door or not. The sailors broke out windows and helped the women and children out first. It was several feet to the ground." cal factory in Tientsin now as he did "before our liberation" by (he Communists in 1949. Western newsman asked (he "capitalist," Wang Kuang Ying how he did it. "People-Exploiting" "Before the lilieration In 1949, I was a people-exploiting capitalist and I made too much money. "Then 1 was re-educated. "Then I regained the confidence of our great people. "Then I was given back my factory and became manager. "Now I am a capitalist again." Gets Interest A.skcd how much money he makes now, he replied: "Same money 1 made before the liberation." Wang Ying said he gets 150 yuan per month plus an annual 5 per cent interest of the capi tal invesicd in his faciory. A skilled worker gets 70 yuan. Wang Ying said this was "very, very good income. After all, a ready-made suit costs only 90 to 100 yuan." The yuan is quoted at 2,61 to the dollar. — AP Wlrepholo SUMMER WATER WINGS — This freckled angel seemed to have sprouted water wings in front of a fire hydrant In Miles City, Mont. He is Doug Benge, 12. Now al Slilb 's . . . OUR ANNUAL VAUUEPACKED SUMMER SHOE SALE V. \ - > V Outstanding Values . . . Hundreds of pairs of beautiful shoes reduced far below their original prices. Select from our regular stock of famous name footwear. 97.9S to 915.0S VALtES Now *2.88 i« *9.88 A FINE SELECTION BUT NOT ALL SIZES IN ALL STYLES TOKYO —(/I')— "Well," said a .Japanese office worker cheerfully, when told a .Japanese girl had been crowned Miss Universe, "it just goes to prove what we've been saying for a long time: "Japan exports only the highest quality goods now." The news of Akiko Kojima's victory at Long Beach was flashed across (he nation by radio and television. Newspaper switchboards were jammed with incoming calls for more details. It was a great day for Japan. Although it was a Japanese lass who won, a lot of Americans in Japan were eager to take some credit. Said one who has lived in Tokyo since the end of the war: "If you me (he his(orians of the future may list her as one of America's greatest contributions to postwar Japan, Didn't we change t h e food habits? Well, what do you think got them sprouting so high and filling out (hat way— our lessons in diet, less rice, more milk and other body building foods." Other comments: A Japanese telephone operator: "It's unbelievable. I'd never given it a thought because it seemed so remote. But f am very happy a Japanese girl won." A secretary: "Miss Japan loked more like a western girl than an oriental. She was tall, unlike a Japanese. Maybe that'si why she won." . | It wasn't all praise and well being, however. Commented one disgruntled male: "Why the devil can't the outside world leave us alone to enjoy Japanese beauty?" "Export Model" He gulped down a glass of beer and said: "1 guess the Japanese male will have to add six inches to his height if he intends to hold his own against the new Japanese female." Said another, an obvious traditionalist: "She's just an export model. She's too big for me." In more serious vein, Misao Takano, one of the judges who selected Miss Kojima in the recent Miss Japan contest and one of the nation's leading oil painters, remarked: Old Traditions "Miss Kojima represents the new modern beauties of Japan. It is very encouraging indeed to know that the judges at Long Beach shared our judgment." Said Miss Chikage Awa- .shima, another judge at the Miss Japan contest; "This is the best news Japanese women have had since the end of jWorld War II. All Japanese women should join in sending congratulalions to Miss Kojima." Miss Awashima. one of Japan's top movie actresses, ironically represents the old traditions of Japanese beauty — petite, slender and oval-faced. Matsutaro Kawaguchi, chief of the panel of judges who selected Miss Kojima as Miss Japan last month said: "1 am surprised indeed . . . in my aesthetic eyes, she is not particularly a breath - taking beauty." Como at Bedside of Ailing Mother, 77 PITTSBURGH —f^P)—Televi­ sion star Perry Como kept a vigil at the bedside of his elderly mother Saturday in Mercy Hospital. Mrs. Lucia Como, 77, of nearby Canonsburg, underwent an operation Friday night for the removal of some infected tissue. Her condition was reported as serious. LAU'S Open Mon. ^ Noon to P.M. WHY PAY MORE EVERYTHING DISCOUNTED 310 MAIN ST. 310 MAIN ST. SUPREME Furniture Discourtt House" Racine's First and Only Furniture Discount House Open Daily 9 AM. to 5:30 P.M. Fridays 9 A .M. to 9:00 P,M. 1122 VltLA 4 i > > J JONES HEATING AND SHEET METAL FREE ESTIMATES ME 2-2724 There's a space in every home for LENNOX WARM Alk HiATING A place in every budget, too! Gone are the days when a "furnace room" was waste space in every, home. Today you can i^ide a trunk-size Lennox unit in the attic —or behind a closet doorl Your family will love that clean, silent, automatic warm air boat. 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