The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 17, 1948 · Page 1
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Saturday, January 17, 1948
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Register Classifieds Gel ResuHs THE AILY REGISTER Continuously Since 1915 THE DAILY REGISTER, IIARRISBUKG, ILL., SATURDAY, JANUARY 17, 1948 NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. TRUMAN LIMITS HEAT IH GOV1 BUILDINGS -V~~~-- r j. CTOA r\r\r\ \A/ I -*i- Dewev Readv winter's.Worst Cold Wave p res jdent ^ Blueprint $80,000 Work at Jj*/ ^^-^^ ToConserve I .. . ·· I . __ Irt _ I _ * L A --,,._ ^. ·* J» S»/VlVll _ _ · _ ! · _ By United Press I las Tex, northeast through Nash- 11- -f £..-1 *·--^ print $8 isburg - Ralei Local Authority Studies Building Setup for Field Carl Rude, president of the Har- Lan - - i « ~-» authority, ost from »««-· ""-- Department Vronautio and that a certifi- Mtc of appeal for construction MHO -i.rDorl is expected soon. , ° f R c"th" v-cek received t h e , blueprint of the plan of airport! development [torn Robert Acquit Farmer ! Killing Husband eighbor Woman ROCKFORD, 111., Dewey Ready To Fight for GOP Nomination Abandons Hope For Party Draft at June Convention By LYLE C. WILSON WASHINGTON, Jan. 17--(U!-Gov. Thomas E. Dewey of New York has abandoned hope for another shoo-in presidential nomination and is ready to fight for , .he would be acquitted | his paramour's father, just as he * was acquitted last night of murdering her husband. A jury of six men and six women found Marsh innocent of killing Vernon Anderson, 28-year-old husband of Mrs. Katherme '/Kit Anderson, even though he had confessed to the charge. He still faces trial on a charge of killing Mrs. Anderson's father. Grant Muhrlein, 52, on the mgnt By United Press lias Tex., northeast through Nash- Snow covered the fields of Dixie ville, Tenn. The storm was point- ey's Albany, N. Y., statement yes terday that he is a candidate for president again. Dewey said he would be too busy on his ]ob to campaign but would accept the nomination. But he already has named a three-man team to conduct his pre-convention campaign and his own strategy consistently has been toward the nomination a i)ewey's smashing 1946 re-election as governor of New York was - today, spreading east from Texas through Tennessee, and the winter's worst cold wave wrapped the Midwest. Parts oi Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississipoi and Louisiana were blanketed with white. Memphis ·A as burdened with 11 inches of snow and parts of western Tennessee reported more. Southern California was so warm and dry that drought threatened urigation projects, and some communities rationed water. In the Midwest, little relief was promised from cold which ate deeply into already short supplies of fuel and gas for heating. In dustrial plants cut or halted production at some cities. Thermometers in Chicago registered 10 degrees below zero, the same as at Fairbanks, Alaska. It was the coldest Chicago temperature in three years. Snow began falling last night in a 200-mile wide belt from Dal- ed toward Georgia and the Carolines but was expected to diminish. Flight service was suspended at Memphis and Nashville. The Chicago Weather Bureau piomised that temperatures would warm up throughout the Midwest beginning tomorrow. Until then, however, the mercury was due to stay near zero with the intense cold continuing to eat up oil and gas which was being rationed in many communities. A disastrous drought developed White House is Included in Conservation Order WASHINGTON, Jan. 17.-- (U.RV-- President Truman today ordered all government departments and agencies to cut down "immediate 1 ly" on the use of fuel oil, gasoline and natural gas. In the face of a fuel oil and in southern California which has u ne shortage, the President said been burned by a mid-winter heat office buildings and other estatf wave for the past week. Yester- ]i s hments shall not be heated above day's 81 degrees in-Los Angeles 68 degrees during working hours , _ A* ^ .»?_·* I. _4«A! rtl-t4 rlotf o n/MfO . ° . · *»· * . i _ * _- L. was the sixth straight day above 80. No rain has fallen this year. Santa Barbara and Ventura, Cal., were limiting water usage to thai necessary for sanitation, cooking and drinking. Thousands of farms and citrus groves were forced to irrigate, something they had never done before in wintertime. 'of Nov 7. There was no immedi- the ki c k 0 ff of his current t ate announcement on when the dential campaign and all^ hands case would be called. . The state charged that the pud- farm "Romeo" killed the two * Uvli net*. \*«*»*» r O _ ii_ i. ^fVi e\ here are well aware of that, ine fact that Dewey now changes his Truman to Barkley Claims ! tactics somewhat to come out m OFFICERS OF THE EGYPTIAN COUNCIL, Boy Scouts of -- noraeo *i UC u »- -""IMCUCS wineTM.-.. w - aoi . 1UH .^ -- t . -,, . America, at the council's annual meeting held in llarnsburg last week, w h £ d Mrs Anthe open as a candidate merely is Sc^W ~ Se ? tcd v ! cf ^° U« h L«S n ^.Si^K^v: aSon*.* accompany him c* j! ai} acLowledgement ** thejnan ThcTiucprmt bhos\s the plans for 2ual d^elopmcnt f _for future do m pment. and for future ultimate development Estimated cost of the initial dc- «lopment-the work to be financed ti the state-is in the neighborhood of SSO.OOO The.state will let the contract for the job. Work Proposed The initial development includes th" following uoik on the 180 acres under option to the authority in Raleiqh tov.nship between Har- njburs and Raleigh: Complete grading and drainage for the t h r e e 300-foot wide landing strips, a portion of an apron, the ta\i\%ay, a strip between the apex of the apron and the Carbondale- M H. Detweiler, president, Zeigler; Jo V. lilUa*V***-* » V/ot U V l » M » * V 9 *·'· ·"·· ***** ·"* j *r . . . A T T C*v*f\'n\* \T\nC* WJ.AU. A iuv* v«\.» vw - 4. " " w " · »-- . . n WalKer, treasurer, Herrin; standing, left to right, A. H cronk vice renege d on a promise to get {ight for the nomination. J president, Rosiclare; J.E. Stine, Carmi, vice president; and Levus e and marry h W on't be any "draft" m 1948. *L .. · _ _ :,],,_* ur n «.:r-Kii»-rT (A. SWGat r^nOlOJ ,,,, _ i..*.·(,*, v^in!" March rm.r_j i^«r f«i- TbAurpv vi^v,^...^ ^ --- - tui ai-rk.iiwv»*v-^o* 11 '""*-- --.,, ,_ 4. across the state when who w j ns this time will have to · - .. . .._·-- t ;-- There Fulkerson, vice president, Harrisburg. New Local Union Officers Elected by Progressive Miners of District 11 I'm a lucky man! Marsn shouted to his fellow prisoners when he was returned to his cell in the Wmnebago county jail after the jurv returned its verdict. "I'm "sure now that I'll be'freed entirely," he said. The jury had deliberated five Name Fad Panel In Rail Dispute CHICAGO, Jan. 17-- COB-- Federal railway mediators said today Third Try for Dewey This will be Dewey's third shot at the White House. He lost tne il4 . -- -- , -- ?94C T nomination to the late Wen- that President Truman will ap- dell L Willkie Four years ago po int a fact-finding panel next he ran away w th the Republican ^veek to avert a strike which would national invention in Chicago. He tie U p the nation's railroads Feb. Senate to Okay Aid by March 1 and not above 60 degrees during non-working hours. This applies also to the White House. Residences and residential quarters shall not be heated above 68 degrees during waking hours or 60 degrees at other times, he said. Mr. Truman said the order applies to all government owned office buildings and other establishments including residences and residential quarters, "except where full and rigid observance would impair or endanger health or safety." Mr. Truman also ordered that: 1. No fuel oil or gas-burning equipment shall be installed in government buildings without approval of the Interior Department's Bureau of Mines, except where "tire road Icldmg from Route 34 to the airpoit and the initial auto parkins area: and the surfacing of sections of the entrance road, the cuto parkin? area and thc apron Thc entrance road is one- fourth of a mile long. The estimate of cost calls f o r j c\ca\ation. surfacing, laying of | storm sewer pipe, liming, fertilizing seeding, sodding and fencing. Three Rum\a\s The airporl plans call for three ruiuas as, follows: North-South, 2430 'feet lone. Northwest-Southeast. 2 490 feet long: and the Northeast Southwest. 2.590 feet long. All will be 300 feet \\idc. Ne\t step of the authority is to fill oat tneir applications for a certificate of approval, to be mailed to the state department of aero- Today's Register Pages Dedicated to Soil Conservation Two pages of today's edition of The Daily Register are de- MoTea to the- .wqrK £-the newly organized- Saline county Soil Conservation Committee, and. to soil conservation in general.. The Register anticipates issuing these pages from time to time in general fanning interest and in promoting soil conservation practices. hours. The foreman, Mrs. Mary .Humpal, said "we felt there was Board Member office of District not enough evidence on the states £Z'^S^^~^^3*F££. of officer, of working locals rfo sa.d, "**TMJte ****£*£% ino other verdict." won a first ballot nomination after t Daiiou Hum""""'" ~- , u. , , . ,,,,_ f.c withdrew. His principal Fran k P. Douglass, chairman of Sea. John W the board, announced yesterday were elected recently. The officers: Wasson Coal 106: President, i , TM« M;ITor Har 'stunned into silence. A guilty ver : viS ^rSident L-vis^dict.had ^erfed almost-certaifi r j% viee ·president; ~vi£i v i ew O f Marsh's admissions to po- irner* lullis: rccoruiu = ,_ **» * . _ , , _-_.;--,] ,,,, k i nelTa C1 H?Ss " Hugh M(Nabb, 70, Dies While Working At Dering Mine Hugh McNabb, 70, of 200 West College street, was found dead yesterday at 2:30 P- m. at Dering mine TM uiu »idi« UCJ1U11J..S..V ^ ---«- where he was employed as a mm- nautics .\ppio\al is expected soon. C r. It is believed that a heart ai- The =tate air program is a pro- tack was the cause of deatn. * grcss'.ve prosram. Rude pointed out. with improvements slated for tach \ear The state's future development program includes the surfacing of the rjn-vavs. taxnvays, and the remainder of the apron, and the future ultimate development in- 1, E l d o r a tary, L/Ui R $ ^w ····--- -- -- -- T - - ^ Route 1, Eldorado, Jack Gualtney ; Harrisburg. Sahara 7, L. U. 115: President, Thomas Stroke. Eidorado; vice president, William Hughes, Route 1, Harrisburg; recording secretary, Doad Bowman, Muddy: financial secretary, Wilburn Sanders, Route 2, Harrisburg; committee, Martin Hooper, Eldorado. Roy Turner. Harrisburg. Blue Bird L U. 116: President, Ralph Roark. Route 2, Harnsburg; vice president, Clifford Pyie. Iiar- i isburg; recording secretary, rJul Pearson, Route 2, Harrisburg, financial secretary, Earl Knowles. Harrisburg; committee, L c w i s Elms, Carrier Mills, tanno Bledig, rural route Harnsburg. L. U. 117: President. and hfs confessions cone a Wayne ei, cenung_the night of the murders. ,, ' ' Eled New Diredors Of Greater Egypt governor of Gov. Harold Minnesota. and this *£ settle their wage disputes: said he would notify vear the going wm be tougher. M r Truman that a national emer : sSssen is a candidate again. gency exists as soon as he receiy- ISr is supplanted by Sen. Rob- | s official notice of the unions BncKer « s FP o ; ihe,a?P^trike date.,.._,,, - ---. who 'haS-Tlepublicans In'ati^r is The Nat i on al Railway Labor act DwighTDr'EiVenhower There provideHo^a is no certainty that Ike will run £ earings b y the - itar board lo liu fc.^ifc***"»j "· . , , u*--* iicaJLj.*ie,«j "j --" -- - - - _ _ , -- £ (- ._..ji i f i n a l e HP eXUieSScU. I;UIIIIMC**V.«^ for office but unles he takes him- d an additional 30^ "cool-' g^ ne^agrg* self out of the P»con*wi ion con^ ^ of p riod be fore a strike can , ojmj^J ° enough support on test he undoubtedly win nav | b e called. f'both sides · of the aisle to beat commitments already have been made. 2 Government vehicles shall not be driven at more than 40 miles an hour, except in emergency, and they shall not use premium grade motor fuels. 3. Use of electricity must beltept at a minimum consistent with safety and working efficiency. 4 No hot water shall be wasted. 5 Where funds are available, all buildings should be insulated weather-stripped and provided with storm sashes' to the maximum , _. f a reporter ,?f *«blj; d ^ ndccupied spac ^ he does not-'anticipate "too - se- " v be heated above t^ nun- vefe" modification of the program [mum temperature required to prevent damage. WASHINGTON, Jan. 17--(UP.)-W. Barkley he believes Senate ' Democratic" leader Alben the senate will approve the Marshall- plan -by March 1--a full month ahead of Presjdent Truman's deadline.. · · The Kentucky Democrat predicted that a sufficient number of Republicans would line' up with administration forces to block any drastic cut in the proposed $6.800,000,000 down-payment for European recovery.- - · t v With senate hearings on the Marshall plan in recess for the confidence test some them. Ike is knows it.' . He sat happily m »*-»* ·- -- -- · ---A native of Fife Shire, Scot- . . land, Mr. McNabb came to the j chandler. Eldorado; vice Presented at the meeting. United States at an early age and had worked in the mines since he was nine years old. When a young " man sident, Charles Simpson Eldo.-do recording secretar% \\ illiam Cool- ev, Route 1. Eldorado: financial i Base Chaplain, Major Strippy: of Scott Field will be the featured soeaker at the January meeting oi the Greater Egypt Association to be held at the Southern Illinois bniversity cafeteria, Carbondale, Thursday^ Jan. 22, at 6:45 p. m. Major Strippy has spent several \cars in Russia and will give his firsthand observations and impres sions of that country. A forceful speaker, his talk will be both interesting and informative. The new officers of the Asspcia- foi the year 1948 will be the Brotherhood : SS back . _ Engineers, said be woum bi^, Albany four * r . no ou t strike instructions for a i n g out years ago and let the nomination Fgb 6 unless tne President ap come to him. His cocksure man- poi n te d the panel within a few aeers at the Chicago convention £ were 'not even permitted to name Th ' e unions a i rea dy have voted Dewey as a candidate until a cou- t strike if ne cessary to attain pie of days before the voting be- th j deman d s for a 30 per cent *? TMt ____ 4_«t;nf /ImvA ni; OD- - _______ _ gan. These tactics drove his op- Uents slightly nuts_and ultimate- t , unions involved R 0., said he favors cutting 600,000,000 from the President's budget requests for foreign aid, including 'a .$1,000,000,000 slasn in Marshall plan spending. Tail and other GOP leaders contend that congress will not complete action on the - plan before May ,v u, withdraw before the Dewey are the Brother hood of Locomotive steamroller flattened them alto- Firemen and Enginemen, and the gether. Switchmen's Union of North Uon America. [iiem-a. «.·,,.» The three unions, representing 125000 workers, asked the 30 per cent wage boost, with a minimum raise of $3 a day, and many changes in working rules. couuir* wiiciv ***~ *···**- --- _ · . v u.v.,,,-« U v.» vr .» Sarah'King. They were married dudes thc sradms* and drainage I j n Scotland and in 1910 tne mc- of tne iandmu strip extensions, x a bb family, which included Mr.- the surfaciiu of the runway ex- McNabb's parents, his brothers, tensions a-.d the grading, draining his wife, and children returned 10 and suriaup-4 of apron extensions, the United States to remain as connecting ta\r»\ays and future j permanent residents. """ ""' · - The group of immigrants totaled twelve, nine of whom are living today. His mother Mrs James lit v^uio v*v«. ....*.-- -- « ' : . · * ' C . JLXVUvt ·«·· A^**-- . he'returned to his native S e Cre tarv-, Jim Scales. Route 1, v whom he met his wife,. p-M rt rarin: committee. C n a r i e mail ,.«.«-»~ ..... T. - f , country where he met his wife, E i dora do: committee 2uto par.:n^ areas Plan Han:;ar. Shop Mcanuhi.e the authority is in , lie . ,.,,,,,,... _ the proc?»«. of studying the build- McNabb, now 94. lives at o!9 in; situn for the field. Rude said Elm street in this city. Mr. MC- thc 2roun n m plans to have a main Nabb was a Presbyterian by laitn and was a member of the Pro- Bates, Eldorado. Turner L. U 124: President. Minard Talley. Route 1. Stoneior : Directors for the coming year just elected by mail vote are. C L Biggs, Cobden; Virgil Center, Eenton: \V. L. Cummins, Vienna; Vic Davis. Golconda; Wes Gentry. Carterville: Will Griffith, Carbon dale: C. C. Kern. Cave-m-Rock. Morris Kugler. recording secretary John ^asulis. j iilchcll Bcnton: Oscar fchafale, Route 1. Equality: financiali sec«- JIarton E C. Sp.vey, Shawnec . rv C. L. Blackman. Carrier^Iills. Committee. James Price;· Harm- burc. Edward "Hack \\ilson. Har- Blue Bird No. 7 L. U - ^(aiivi 1 . ^" **' »-- * ' it ·/. town; Scerial Thompson. Harris burg: Earl Throgmorton. Carbon- cklc- Fred Wasson. Carrier Milb. and'Walter Whitehead. Murphysboro. ing .John E. Marion: ard -hop. T-hangar and an c huilamg/Thc group a mo\ ing a live-room ica. j ard Turnc.-, , nouw. fro-! nearby to thc airport' HJ $ body, now at the Gaskins Guy Lynch. Route ~. i ate ana c'n-.crtin^ it into an ad- fureral Tfeme. will remain there J Rav Lanham. Eldorado sam-tr-i, )n building. until timct for funeral services! ^ hafa 2 L . L -. 128: Prcsiaent The ainx-rt side, one of five in-' w hich will be held in the chapel of i ncrshal Brown. Harrisburg: vice ' " and federal airport ] the *"-»-' h " m% on Monday at J ..,,,, i« C c Jonkir.s. Harris- !b, ·" .T:d approved by them. t v e t n t c r of Section 21. Ra- John P. Morse, 89 f Dies; Riles Sunday John I\ "Hopping" MotSC. 89. 3'^rm* T Tf*^irl^»t^1 r*f /""**»*«**»» ^lillc which will be ncia m uiu «...« P v. ^ n crs hal Brown. Ma '--'" T^^K \ loiirr thc funeral home °n Montorat idcnU Jc ss Jenkins. Ha.ns- Better 2 n m Rev Stewart Radford will i _,. rec ordins: sccrctar\. DcimarjO^ uenson «fKi c and'burial will be at Sun- 4S Harrisburs: financial secrc-jzola You Former Resident Describes Blast at Plant in Arizona A letter written by Yeucll Young Death Takes Mrs. G. D. Lighlfoof, 90, Stonefort Resident Mrs. Mary C. Lightfoot, 90 wife of G D Lightfoot retired farm- ^^ er of Stonefort died this morning - mediation~efforts which began at 9:30 at the home of her' daugh- after the col i apse O f negotiations ter. Mrs. Mable Aldinger of Alton. 24 th three umons had re- _ _ . * n f ^_uA- * A*« Tlrt^TlV » * V * « _ . « » _ * __.«. JT«JH. f*f* jvhile.-the senate moved to counter Russian'inspired f a l s « propaganda and misinformation about U. S. aims under the Mar- snail plan. Members adopted on a voice vote a bill authorizing the state department to continue and expand its "voice of America" broadcasts' and other oversea* brotherhoods, accepted a 15 1-2 cent hourly wage increase last f 11 said that throughout uon efforts which began collapse of negotiations . . Residents of Stonefort for many years, Mr. and Mrs. Lightfoot had moved to Alton a few months ago. t lower their wage de- Small Sisters Burn to Death as ' Fire Destroys Home Man, Boy In Auto Crash Near Lawrenceville LAWRENCEVILLE, 111, Jan. 17 an elderly returned to Stonefort tomorrow for burial in Pleasant Ridge cemetery Upon Arrival the body will be taken to the nome of rri-L . n T.ioMfooL where it and burial ^Survivors include his wife, his mother and the following child- Sef-E^S».T h A« fiSfl** *« Pand a daughter. Miss Jessie; Mc- 3'£d Ihf h of Carrier Mills. H r.O a. m. yesterday at ' of his son. *Clell Morse, ·ith Hobson street follow% r.rfrahtic stroke which he Tuesday. His body" to thc Gibbons funeral "«herc n will remain until f r the funeral. i KCS -.Mil be held at the First I t church in Carrier Mills on'i i · , * ! · » f» v^ »* i *· £ p. m. Rev. D. H. P^tor of thc Dorrisvillc (hurch. will conduct the and burial will be in Salem near Carrier Mills. Morse leaves four daugh- Ajp Olhc Owen of Harris- j'rs Mcde Cramer of Chi- irs Nellie Hancock of Ches^ Grace Durfcc of Cedar"is; ard three sons, Clcll Nabb. at home. Three *«*«»: William and George McNabb of Harrisbnrjr. and James McNabb of Detroit also sumve. as do three grandchildren, two greaVgrand- childrcn. and a h-"-««««- ^«- Agncs Thompson, Scotland. Sen. Ball Says Will Support Stassen For Presidency WASHINGTON. Jan. l 7 - Scn. Joseph H. BalL, R., Mi he will support Harold foTlhe Republicar , presi- nomination because he con- him "by far^the ontstand- 1 Harrisburg: commiucc. gene Duncan, Carrier Sahara No. 5 L. U. dent. Inland Oolc, \ice 165: Prcsi Harris'nirg: McMichacl, ,. wj . Ariz., to" his sister. Mrs. Young Sloan of this «t. vivid description of t»« which occurred at Apa- company near Benson. , ,,,,,,. ^ killing lour men Mr. Young, a lormcr rcs'a cn } of namsDurg, is employed in a mschmc shop of the company, and was at work when the olasi went off, destroying a dynamite mix house and killing thc jour iv.en working within, i^rther dam- .,,-*,., ^ · * · jfc «t*««e *»«·* V/»Tli**tl sgc and loss oi hie was Carl SnViih." Hamsburf Gcersc. Jamcr- /in Csiricr Mil's Co L U. 130 and Sal ? a rL NO " Vw. ,i« - --~^«"»ilanlP. thc blast cffccu . Mi. Young, who moved to An a su.i, i/. ~. --»----.. r ,,,,.., . DANVILLE. 111.. Jan. 1«-- will lie in state until the funeral, _ Thrcc s i s tcrs. five to 13 « arrangements for which will be an-, old wcnj burne d to death to nounccd later. . . when fire destroyed the: home:0t Mrs. Lightfoot is survived b John Morrow , eight miles north- her husband, and the foUowmg f hcrc ;. children: H. R. Lichtfopt of Har- Thc dcad wcrc Morrows daughrisburg: Henry Lightfoot and D. Bi t c r s ^^^ 5: Gladys, 9, and Lightfoot of Stonefort: Mrs. Mablc Mars j ucritc , 13. Aldinger of Alton: Mrs. Flossie, T fc ird dcgrc c bums were suffcr- Eads of Louisiana. Mo.: ana Mrs.] - - - .io,.«-,r_nM ron- Gladys O'Neal of Harrisburg. Numerous grandchildren and great- grandchildren also survive. Two Boys Avert Serious Damage To Home by Fire jl^ai\t A V " * * · · * ~*~ ~ *·' " - · . Two bovs passing the Ted Spurl- thc Dan xillc fire department, buj ing home at 500 East. Mcllrath thc housc burn cd to the ground street at midnight last night caus- bcforc thc firemen could reach ed a serious fire to be averted. thc sccnc . Powell drove the injur The boys, whose names were not ^ mcmb crs of the family to a IcarnedV saw thc wcathcrboarding Danv ,He hospital and helped cxtri learncu, i«. ., and railed ,,,,,,, ,»,,, charred bodlCS of the unavailable. hr 0? dcasl that fs . the endorsement will stand, re- l u «««! »ons, vicuiiiic tsuw"""-"""". ci^crcon ; Tom Morse of Car-l^rdless of whether Slassen ' Mills: and Harlcy Morse of I ports him for re-election to l,scnatc. - Mlr4ES "Sahara 57^6 Washer work. Peabody 47 works. Wasson B5ae -Birds works. Dering works. ^ood healthy swing at me with a toard After I realized what hao toara. Aiier· outdoors an d cu bv Morrow, a 49-year-old construction worker; his wife. Hazel. 37. and a son. Leo. 8. Two other children escaped the blaze. Thc fire apparently was caused bv an overheated kitchen stove, authorities said. It broke out while the family slept and cut off an exit from one of the bedrooms. Isaac Powell, a neighbor, callec near »U ^Cl** *··*· " ·*· *« j 4xei»i»«»«^ ··v^- I the flue ablaze and called calc t h c charred bodies saw a huge black cone-shaped cloud that seemed suspended in tne SN- Pieces of bodies, the n»»muro size of which were about as large i* a strip of bacon, were scattered You would never strip ?11 around, dream the pieces were flesh." human pieces of the weather boarding and Linda LOU, 2, and John, Jr., lo. extinguished the blaze with thc booster tank. Fire Chief Ray Johnson chimney was the :" department made a Farmer Found EFFINGHAM. 111., Jan. 1- )f John Deters, 74 run to Muddy yesterday to extinguish a small roof blaze i LiUy vill c fteW " ' UJ CXUIIgUUMI a oi«i«« -- '.roc . the Disney home adjacent to the was r Moliharolo store. The caused by a spark on Damage was slight a hcart attack u sasr Star! Action in Eldorado to Secure Athletic Stadium Atty. Ralph W. Choisser today said that representatives of tne Eldorado Township high school board and the Eldorado-Raleigh park board would meet with the Eldorado city council Monday- night to attempt to get action started for an athletic stadium and field in Eldorado. The high school already has the ground. Five acres of land at the north end of Organ street^ near the downtown section, was deeded to the school last week by Dr. Lee Pearce, .with no strings attached. The interesled groups hope to build a concrete stadium to seat 2,000 persons, lay out a football field a lighted softball diamond and a hardball diamond. They also hope to have a playground and locker and shower room. At a meeting last Monday of Atty. Choisser, Mayor John u. Upchurch. a park board representative and the school board, irwas indicated that if Jthe park board could furnish part of the funds, the school board would sme an OLE)--Two persons, an eiueio- Tothfrs^eirwayTaVifh fc-^ board w O U l d g n ? - chool basketball game were in-j ca sement or dee d tc' PJ*. jMhe 3-lastmight in a head-on col- land so the park board could hae uted -last might usion 14 miles south of here - A.-W. Freeman;62, ol Lawrencc- 'ille Route one, was killed instant- v, and Tommx Brothers, nine years oYd, died shortly after the crash n ML Carmel. Tommy had been a passenger in (he car m which lis father was driving Mrs. Kers and'four teenaged girls to ie Lawrenceville-Fairfielfl high school basketball game at fi AU of the injured were L token, to ,, Princeton, Ind., hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Brotners were f" critical condition, and the fall iana sw i"^ ?***. -- _. partial control of the venture. The hVh school would issue bonds; un- dCTlhe plan and 52,000 would be availab/that was coveted last summer for construction of a softball field. Negro Woman, 28, Admits Killing Lover With Butcher Knife not wxrc one. ing a quarrel ler an oral confession she said Joseph, a truck driver, had threat- nikLIlU aw****'- ·-"- , , ;St her mother at Jackson, Mich. The Weather Southern Illinois: Fair and qattr cold tonight: Sunday increasing Herrin Youth Held For Grand Jury after Traffic Fatality HERRIN. 11L. Jan. J 7 ^-^' Carl Gardner, Herrin high school cnnhnmore. was held lor grana , vlU4 .»....v-~ - . ·-., « n j iS-o^f S^TK'SGS: US ££ S^o'k 1 which ruled last night that Klcei Clifton Pierce, 44, died of injuries suffered when he was struck b Gardner's car Thursday night. Pierce was struck as he alighted froaa bus her*. He died in Her- S p i rin hospitiil yesterday morning. 32 m,d. Local Tcropcratarc Friday 3 p. m. . f. p. m. -- Saturday 3 a. m. 6 a. mi. 8 22 21 ^ -- -- _ IS 9 a. m. 7 18 12 noon - - »» 'U Mi .Ni-M'SPAPFRf

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