The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 20, 1932 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1932
Page 4
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THE DAILY HZWS. TEKDEEICK. MD, FEIDAY. WAY 20,1932b- OOaO£C!CCATIC5K of «ay tcrt et «·- ; CLAMOR OF THE WETS j To the Editor of The News- Beverly HT. C*l. M«y 30.--Soe K i?t of pictures o! Mrs Y-jicec'. Ast-or arc socl«y -a "sen «f NTT York taizns up r-ri.*ls on -ne street » aid the ani;-?ro. s abi-:'= cans- socicnr i CAN YOU BEAT IT BjKet Kihrc ~TssS*** ecsiSKJt a tSTtos. but It as=« ; STrajStad «s »--tfc=-".«r JOT ti» «*s«- « « « « » » ojiaioa scxrtcss ci »=y «= =M d »dT«tt*is« matt be wrtttt= Uel cr «i'. ·-= ii« «*'*- ' T * e T w -- tatea fcT te^piose- Such a* that *r« sure to *ns tbe sniall --o*r. anc "-he 'arm » oaten over Yes sir. r^jht ov*r tiie opipowt* sloe' I" bet there is s:or» 'jol tiiir,gs d:re f*r p-ibltc:'.;.'i S2.i-' that defeat their ovn pur»* than eirr sided :: The:* ii b-C. one read's that prohibit-on 'A ·.-."·. o* r^p^.**^ ar;£ "" rv r. -.mSx-.-s '·.-.her. I: s ooraua* trw iijrj; ?--^x- ^ar.t it rep*»!Ml. Yours WILL ROGERS ::!;:«. a. club Mr. , Pxr-.c K- W ?rs anc t.'scir gjei-js. iV.lliim B Leoherz is general in f'xr me and has aji- ! -_ne f-.l»oai!ig committees: supper committee. Mrs B. O . Mrs Claud* N'. Clary and Mr Har:.*·!.. lidlas golf commit- to : Ames HencriCiJiGn. Mr. alia Mrs- A.--~;~ Joruiitwi, Mr A. Prank Miller. Mr a:.a Mrs Arthur V. Myers. Mr anl Mrt A:--in G. Q.unn. Dr. Atlee A. Raa.-:ifJ Mr ar.d Mrs. Arthur Ramshurg. M-- Dus-as Maloce editor of the "D_c- tior-iry o: Biueruphy." OOi- i s-rs v» lU Delude PrtaericSt W. Aj*£ey of ·n» Library of Cocsrei* Mss* Ne»man s. a member of the noeiinatiiis com: anc Mrs Harry O. Schroecer. Mr ar-.i j::.'.;ee and 0:1 Siluroay at the ele-_- Mrs Lo Roger B. Wilson. Mr. and Mre Wo.!*. tee: Mrs, Jacnes A Lo=« and Mrs. R ', £ T'*"n: ^^nt.emen s so.. ooExmitt*^' , Messrs. Carl Snook, William A. Rid! ded, and C C Spares: tennis com- Dr. Esther E. Sh»w. head of the i department at Kood College, :.o:: of cfficerj, Apple w! 1 be ch'isri v:ce-p!«i2en». of th* Col'iai- ; b»n Library AstociatiaJi. has b**n »-Jl sail from New York on June n ior enKagemer .t of ?.!is5 Rcsalys t»o months' tr.p to Europe. Dr of the Ta»ee. Mas Lots TOUT- Mrs. Phllrp » t*o months' tr.p 10 Europe. »J- . caugiiter of Mr. and Mrs. James B. Wertheisser. lira. George Smith. Meotiz. j S'aaae will speed some erne in Ens- ; Ta-*es, of CrSsHeld, to Dr. John Wli- Ri-hArd Ramsourg and Adr-ja Me- ; land »her« she »U1 be joined by Mas j .^..j j.-ycLini. of Everett, Pa. The br-cle- C*rd«ll: bridge comautlte: Mr*. WlUiaai i B !Sherz. Misa Anna Brown. Mrs. , Pftrot:. Mrs. Harry J. Lobber* and THINKING XOBMALLY. Perhaps :r.e rr.^- r-:rr^riab aspec of :r.c bufx??s ar.-c ':i-i:.- ·-«· Q'-" r - "·· the par. three years .5 tail cred.t jtruoturc hju- ttood up «.M.e other cr"i-t :-·.-.:-ttirrs v.\-r~ The or."*::-.'-' and ir-sall- _ Mrs Ransom R. It daes swrn itrar.j* that there *ne : tvt ·»·:--·- thins thev can ride over th* , Plar-s f-r tr»e first dance to be hrid , A .:.·?. d- s* -.'.-v psa*. -Alien t.-^y ,-._v .,.«,,:.*· -he Ci'.o«'--i Country Club » . th *.V! n \"!^ ° : ii.j-i ·-·.-.-. .i :.«·' -r: z-'-.ernmfnt u trie Saturday r.^hl. May 28. are beiiig corn- re- ;?.· ;··--::. p'«d and niuch interest Is being .rnt-s M Ojcien attorney general «\ ;irneed, r^pec^lly among th« younger * T * · j.iarge of t;je dance »ill oe held Ur o » 630 a. ..*· I rur. up e-.^rv d»y i:;:?::'. a', the r«" of Mr. r.d ·/..:: t:i_s -A:!! oe a j Byerly. J r . thow.- coniposlnz tiie com- 10 :;*.:.'£ o' :r.o-,.e it.trs · jjii'.t^*.- b*-iii*;" Mrs \Vil:idm B. Lebherz. busir-sss .12-.e ;j ·«- *""*"''^ *"" M ; L doz.i.g -n'.il a:t«:noon in thousand- Mrs W. Clinton McSherry. Mrs. Ran- ·Jasestally sctir.d ·*.".;:: !;-it to ·_.? ac.~ · io .- a: . nesagX3 on leopard-siin rugs. «-a; R Lowis. J r . Mrs. Philip Wert- t£5t of abr.omioil eo:-.i.'.:;n.* ~»\- :-.ojirs are r.o Sw-tt'r than thjee o! : ;.«-:3ier. MLVS Lorraine Thoaiaa. Messrs ha-.e continii'-d f v '-- nd crcd-t to Dreis.T.. m.^.^ a...**s i Q^.nr. vice and Joyce Homer, ai» of the lac'ilty of the college, and later by MSss Marian WU*sms. of Kent. O. She will travel Mj «, c -rfce through Oerminy end Axistria and j wlfi spend » short time In Crecho- j Siovail*. and Pranoe before re'Jirntng | on she 'S. S August 31. to-be graduated from Hood College nd from the Combs Conserviuory oi ~g wiE tafco place The Frtdenck Chapter. Datighters of ] the American Revolucon. -»"-U UoJd a Monday afternoon a; 2.30 "T 4 ,._BV ' o'ckx-k at the "Y Hut." Hood CoUege. Mr. and Mrs. W. Clinton Mcfiherry . and Muter Jamea McSfaerry. East Second street, recently visited Master \V · ilrs C.inton McSherry. Jr.. who is enrolled ,-^·" e ;'*'- -** r=: at the Newman School, Lake-*xxxi. K J j ivitanior.c. ana OoanVtA. 1932, by World Fottart Senrla* ' as tnsy Lad.**' Day WAS oboerved as Taesdav a: tne ual ! Miss EUzabeth Sager. of PhUadeiphia. I The Ptuhugh Lee Chapter. Cmted . spent last veeit-end with her mother. · Daughters of the Confederacy. v.-iU hoitS Mra. E. R. Sigcr. West Church street- · a card party .'or its membership ana j i MLt; Margaret Sager had as her guest ; Jnends Tuesday afternoon from -- until' Gambril!. J.L-S. \Vilh_mion, Mrs. Pubert SIDE GLANCES Miss Margaret Yernck and Mas, ·* 30 oVlxrk at the re.--.d-.-iic^ of Mr., P.. Luckie. Miss Mary Angell Sappinj-j Elcise Wnnss. both of Scmnton. I'a.. : J"»-to OVT.-J Jones, Kast FVurth stnt-t , tea, Mrs. W W. Osotira. Mrs. Nathan ; ·who are alumnae of Hood College ar.t! ; The event is fc«?in; planned by the · J Eagbtad, Mi3o Mar' Esther Tui:. all · the May Fete there. ' Jinanie committee -of Ihis city: M.SS M=.rsarc-t Hopkins j ! snd Mrs. L. G. Msv:.arc. Ne-v Market: ' Bv George Clai Ransom R Lc*L5, Mr.' Janies H Gam- Misses Eva Thomas, Jessie Baker. "Waveriey Farms. the Exchequer. Engiacd. r:ii. IU. Mrs. Ern«t Hc.fenslein. Jr.. Pear! Thomas, Elizabeth Herman. -iLar ''' IcSherr ' and Mra - whole, contin-jed to meet their t-bhga- I ' ticns in Nearly r.ornia! fashion ar.d charge and Installment accounts were In about the same proportion to cash . sales as formerly. Emmitsburg EmmitAburg. May 20 --Mrs Here is a b.t of gov«r.-tmrnt research ! Whitmorr. Balllmore. spent several days »sth friends here. :n New York city. Mrs. Earl R. Masoer; ar.d children, j A larg parly of residents of Sluinutk- garet Thomas. Charlotte Motter. L::::e j ^5ri John Francis Saiith. M^s Mar-. Wolfe. Ev-elyrt Thomas. Edythe 8.3- ' s. MauUbv. Mrs. Dav:d C Winebro::- : ^ as " jer Ear: R ^"=oerg. Jr . and Miss mund. Marj' Motter ar.d Viola Stalcy. " ir.. Pa . en'ortaused iri of real value to everybody. It should BsaJu business rest, easier and get the i buying pubhc out of the notion that, buying under present conditions is the j -sheerest folly or at least is not being done and that credit from one'* merchants !c hard :o get. Anything that i Washington. D C.. visiwd Mrs. Rice's j Mr and .Mrs \v teflecaj normal cocdiaons inspires j lather. B P. Cs'.c here over the week- j Eis: Second street i . J a'-^-i' 4 - 1 1 ihtataag and buying. ' cnd - * " "" ' --Mrs. home here with her t Frederick lost -.veeri-cnd. the trip be- j Mrs. Jotcph H. Apple left Tharida:- :ier. Mrs Chirlc^ \V. Raas and Mr;. G-^orse R. Der.r.i= nio-.oreri to Balt:- mor-; Tur^day t j attend a luncheon 'r. Mrs Rooert. Garret:. rHoise Mas'corj. A ere caileci .roai Fred- enclc -.} Wisninsto:. Thursday due to the illness of Mr. Mcsberg. They have Mr and ?.In. George W. Lip.-;3. \\~cs~. I Fourth str;e: Today In History Antons those who _.,. i Reformed church in the United States. I " " · ' |May --M-1'8 in Cleveland. Mr^. Apple Mrs. William Cafae" Bruce, ar.d '..-..· A^DAY entertained at her alrr.a mater. Mism. Mrs J Arthur Shipman. Mr and Mrs. ·week-end tie Hokp. --Miss Gertrude Kump. Woodsboro. . i* BRUCE CXA6H OF 'POOR 'WHITE' | AND BLACK MAX. ' The iwrer-ending *poor -wtxite tr Isolated bactwoods ettte provides S_5vr,' The cent Colored \rt» lives Swamp and works s farm hand for a down-at-the-heeis trhite man. 'spent, the wrck-cnd w i t h her sister. | Jase ^ t | Mvss Ijaura Martin. j ·"·'_· --Mrs. Roy Bollmgor and dauehtero ' n |*; : visitc-w her mother. Mrs. Mollic Fisher. ' " ! --Mrs. Arvirt Jones and children. ' Dr | Miss Flora Frizzel! and Miss Jeannette i Byers spent Monday with relatives in ' Westminster. E Joucs. Mr and Mrs Ha;.- i Ci.\ra M-.::-cn. ML-5 Ida MJ- , Miss KasiKrine Pfouts and ! rick Steck. ali of Sharr.okir.: ; ar.d Mrs Reo.'c Cassard. rr.ore. Mr a:i(i Mr^ Cyrus G.»mbn!'.. College ''~~ Women. Oxford. O . \xi!! \!sit Antn.-ch C-l".ec:e at Yellov. Spr^igs. O.. and w i u aho spc.'.k in Akron and Canton. Mr-s Apple p'an^ to remain in Cleveland thr^ughjii'" thc- .·..;:; an Rex Jahn \V. Gun-.nnre. of l.s N .sessions -.1 the . . . . I Mr .ir.c Mrs Guv K ?,lVvte:, Mr. ar.d ' s» nar ? :ciety Syr-oaicil M.s: -"' r -- ~-' e - ir - -nterest.ns addre=s. illua- i tratrci pitturf.- on th^ prazr^s To3a;. "s Anniversaries. IS"2--*Vi'liam Brr.uf^rd. PhiUdelphia'a ::rst pm-.'er "1535'. tor 50 years the Ne-.v Ycric printc. "for 30 ye2..-s the --lie there i. four.c.'r of Nev Ycrl-i'i first '1T25). the Ne'v T3rk G.iirettc. born in Er.g.and Died in Ne-.'. York May 23. I15-. 1505--John S"-iirt Mill. English phi- { keep -;r ."."d econorr.i.=r. bcrn. Died i ?Jay 3 :E73 i be con- · 1SI8--'.V.u.air. G'' B-.i-Tilo. N j Y . snnicr cxprc-ssniar.. among she j founders of tho srret. American ex- j press ·r.Ttcm of today, b-jnt at Pc-ai- · pey. X Y. D.ed :n Buffalo. A'lgu 3. I3SI . »:ai- \Vash.r.;- ' ·-.-.·: .--ru .ur^ Mrs. Robert Cirrett. ·~5--An'oinettc I- B Bl^ick-vell. Um- at K-:r.r;e-tr. X. Y. D.ed at Eiiza- Car.oii Gurr.rr.ere. known as ;he "Pil-. 18i3--A!_:r" A Pope, viho introduced! tiie b.~vcie manuf.i. i-jri..s ct^uiesj ^i' ··I'm so slad, Mrs. Dobbs, that you have decided to see your face through, 1 IN NEW YORK s ^ ckin lf Simplicity This employer is a chronic invalid varua h-id six ice; and a chronic failure, inferior to ths black man in every way but the color ( of his stem. Ana his wife, restless and IngbJy-struns. fines her husband a ·Weakling, a poor Kick of a man who Iiardly deserves comparison with rus African servarst So rhe becomes enamored of thc b'ack man. her a-titt.ce. the frisr.t- eaeci negro rur_» a~ay a:.d becomes ^ laborer in the state car-ita'.. and while he is there he ;o:r.s wiih other s^.amp negroes in a c.u:er -racial equtlry"fl;h: --aa effort to E"t trie "csislaturc- ta recognise the 5wanip r.^-Jrr" i es ,v? Ir.Tiar.^ nisteaa of negroes, so iha.^ th^y v,;l! r.ot aesc to cs«r-.r- j.m Crr^v la^s. and the lurkles* nc-crc is ce'-yed baci to his horr.e by -_he vrr_-.o " j--:ar. rrialc relatives. vr:j ha-.? fdir.'i out hcra- s.-.c feels ab--;.: and :? cu:etlv killri All cf this rr.a.-:cs a ytcry of lieved triced; c..- Mr Flsitnaa.-.r. has handled tli-ras ccrr.p-;tn'-y. ar.d he A buck deer recently shot in Pennsyl- grirn Father" vho ccndi:c:s hundreds, c f per»:ui through t ::e Cathedral daily. ' described th-j po" : M^- of ti.e | B.Jtc::. D»:d Catiienral structure. mcluair.s the' sjust 10. 13C9. j comedies would have you believe is Afte.- the iuncheon thc · n5al " features, the proposed; 1851--Re;e Hav.thornr Lathrop 'Moth- populated by philanderers, jazz-iage faithless the Un.t?d S:a;e ir. IS73. bcrr: in j New York, Mai- 23.--Long Island, ;-li«set Mass.. Au-i vchica writers of so-called modem Twenty Years Ago Today In Frederick (Local I;«rns Irons the Columns o: .c-u to L CounW Cub^hcrr a U«e,ts played br:d 3 e and a: the clos, and _rose n ^ o o x . tne uarth porch' tV matoh -*a* placed bv -.-e lie- '^ 'he garner, a huge oa.^« «.« l h:C!1 **" D ^ Danced by iranen :ram ana -*ae« there were five ubS« o'f | bro -ht m u tne guest of hon,r. c.-. K - -.r 3 }* a " d , J l tee^n countrxs. t« bridse for ladies. d;-.d a .'c-.v ladies »!.·.; ! ta! rn:ig useful arnc.w for tne oriae's p:.iyea go:; Siturdav evenir.g the partv j " lt - lchen Th - rr.nrr.4Sc of Miss v. .-_·; rntcrtained i!if?rmil!y at the real: "° D^'d JI - Taj lor will take p'.ace _i do::,-,- of Mr and Mrs" Harry- J/Lebherz j Westminster on June 25. Mi«s .ir.ri later at at the Francis I* 5 the dau ? h; ^r of Mr and Mrs. J t fr^nt. ihe na-. c the apse. tl;s chapels, includjag that cf M^ry. the ' Mother of Cr-r^t. Bashlehem chapel.' er Ma-- A'.*;hcn.-a La.liropi. joung- ' youngsters, wisecrackers, Cot child if Xa-.ltanirl Ha-sthame. i wives and bedroom conversations, wiH \vhjs" I.:- v?s cjvottd to the setter- j return this summer to such old-fash- metit of condition* 3~;r.g the poor I toned pastimes as treasure hunts ace bom at Lc::o\. r.Jas?. Died 2*, Ka» - i croquet. tharr.?. N. Y.. Ju:y 9. 1926. i Mrs. Vanderbilt., oae hears, will pass he rerr.ajis of the : IS5I -- Smile Berl.r.- r. unions Anicrl- up the importance of an entire Broad- The No .vs. May 20. 1 9 1 2 ) Mctter. Dr and Mrs McCurdy ' o r s c ertiaca:e from the Peatxxjy C^n- I ! M--.X Gilbert. Mr and Mrs. William S jsenatory of Mus-.c. -a here she ;s su.l a -- 'iLebl-.cra and Mr. and Mrs Harry j ' | student m voice, che has been the THE BOARD OF SCHOOL COMMIS- ' Lobnerz Or. Sunday the group again j head of C " e Department of MUS.C in SIGNERS by electir.? the TM. T.tertair.ed bv Mr. and ^L-5 M e - j t h c We«:m«stor H-gh School for «:- :y.l3-.v^r.g o25.~cr6. rroiider.t. Jolin Shorn,-, that c\ent being cinner at Rose eral ' ears S. Xc-sr.iiti. s-'ipormu-.i-prx v\:«chvX^ls. . HiV. Manor. The y.i:-X-tow:i guest* Pr--f Jliii r. White: assistant i u r - l ' ^ r c registered at the Fran*is Scott .vioi: attorney. ;n* Wiisc,n and Admiral! rv*e». the chapel of Joseph of An- '· mathpi -»uci thr Children's chapel. Tho fl.c-es v.e:e afract.vely tinted aitc ·.\ere shov.n by Mr. Berr LEJI phor.c^raph | -?-ay music show as a aigri note in the rccorrl ar.d of -he nucrcprior.e n«i- ] season's Trhoop-de-co. Yachts «nll lie ing r-ici.t- broadc-istinr possible, a ! about in dry-docks and o«-aers had eajerataaient; of s- cultar*! i tare." On another occasion, tiie spoSesm opened up soaiething like trust "O original program had called for the a pearance o* Admiral Byrd. But he · ' Rev. Mr Gurrur.cre invited the guests, to tu-.t the Ca-hedrai and meac-i bcrs of 'he local ·»-.!! ma^e a ' ir.g riS.c- broade-iiti" poss crusader in :.:e field o." child hv- ! about the yachts. gier.e. 'oom ir. Ger-_ t r.:-. D.ed in j * * * D C. Auzuit 3, 1929. I Hcvivai of the treasure hunt, sup- L Csb'.cr.-- A tie -.ate be- Mr. ar.d Cyrus F A5 fir.a'.'.y broken. Nc~ ~-rr.- e:.. r-'sr a:-.a Dr C 1^. Wj-r.'er. j posea to have gone the way of tiddle- . in History- j de-winks, does not mean that the old 2506--Cliri»"t!her Cclurr.bu.~ died in, time costly prizes will nestle in. hidden o there later. Much !n:erest. Yalladolrf. Spajr.. ar--d about 60: his i troves. A well informed society editor | so expensive thai T7s nave, instead, 3J Oomelia OUs Sktsser. * * Trie chatterbox: Will Hays has tic ea thumbs do-sa on the Sim t!t "Merrily We Go to Hell." . . . Wia funny about i; is that the book o! t! titls TT3S Trrirt-en by I=acy Mary Ca eron. -srho is the daughter or a bisi in the Saglisii church. - . . Rudy Val Tcouldn't taire the tvage slssh ordered .,, .. j Georse White and is back ioaie . . A *~ while waiting for his nSt picture, Joison -Kill go touriaj for Fanchon. a Marco at $15,000 per Azid Judge, the funnr paper, carr our favorite Maaiattan lauzii of d-s-a:*- is a street -xijere tr pay SI for a sandwich named af S guy they'd ciu:h ratier bits ;ILBE?,T SWAST Ab-^ii: 15-1 persons attended the Mav ! me "t of she Traveler's Insurance Com- ! b . i l .-.eld bv too LodW N'o iP an '- ln t h ^ Philadelphia office. He is , ·?S-i. S ? O E.. Tuesdav nisht i;"v:n- ! thc ^ n o- M 1 "- and Mrs. Taylor. ! of Maryland -a-Li p-an to raise between ; Declarator., Pre ^f_ nc!c te M - a - Garrect stated that I J113--Prcsbytsriar.5 of Xorth Caro- ·souien. Lns forrr.--si th.- historic Mec-ilcnourg ar.-.c:patcc tae j erection -Declaret.-xi ·:·: a: PhJa-! The Circus Set" ' Loiij before the depression made a fine "Arr.'-r S^ :astn:;'.-- I: -= p icl^ o: Ci Flapper Fanny Savs -- S4 - GO ° ar ' d S5 c?0 Mr. ar.d Mrs. Taylor and , Braddock Heights. The even _ _, , ina. ar.a aiG^r£r.t. stunts tsat are otit- :irs. Herbert Hoover North Car.-Iu-.a :?.95-19-' 1 l\ author ci ic Tho Daily Lesson In English r.aa a lake." S "--as a -- .srepresentatioa." Ol'ten miipror^uniCv-: Sgu.r.e. P ar.d 2C"r.: :-.:;· ^ ; . - .-·;. one 5 ·^-r.- --r: *-^ incresoc ' ccrr.-.r- -.'. a: I:::-: c"---b'; ' He T^SS s ?.:^t^ P.ucy Marmret Sajer. Ana Dil- ---r-~ L.::_an Walton. 3c:tv Irwui. Bet- · - 3? 1. Jan.ce Archer. Charl-otte £.- :r.-".:.* Ff^cr. Grftchea W-.l- r".- ".Var.r. K.^.-TS-T, \V.lco"v:-n. Ellis ?yr- 7HE MrlZTIN'G OF THE MIDDLE - ;- Virs.l Atk.r..-^r.. Preitor. Tnomas ·\iffd at Ws-sers-.-le t.Tc c -x- H.r. C1-. .1* G ir^-y. Jjsci Ca-m. Jarncs :..-- c-t -It; :x"---.r; -'SS.-'--s. Pro--.- A--;r.der and ".c.-.src Moul RKDER1CK ·^·- ! iS LOOKING FOK A s -vrsr. a i; S-^-r^^r- 1,1 «d T M a r G- - c- · ·- B-vr-i ^. Traie v .is ?rt- nus. of Falls City. Nebraiia. Miss Elaine of Atch^or: Kansas, wha l-.av* been -iis:::ng Miss Bessie Wilrude this c.ty. ha-.e returned Mr ar.d Mrs Will-im H l.ftun have returned Ir-rr. np to Ha~Mosb;irs r.d Charlot^s--lle, Va C"".r r-.; K.r \- Si-- T'." e ;' ar.r-:al May bar jpor.-or- v» -33^ cor.c'.uoea ·sr.h tea in crAwir." room Those ^ho a-slc-tpo i ?nc: Mr? Georse R Der.n:^. Mvtfss Ann ir.rl Lo-.i5« Potts. Mis J A'_-. t -nc W:l.iarrj-n ?,:^v* Mar. Willj,-.--.;- Mrs.** \V. Ross J r . sr.-i Mr= :uosu -"f hor-r arc Mrs W C Strk if C1? . ar.S county M.s C'.iATlcs B 15C3 bo-- 5t years zz- t.^.=.v Bible Tliought Cvr-x- -o -" th«- Cr.ap^r Order o-: D-\Io.aj. -a' . Je hcli tonight, from 3 tin-il 1 o-lc,-i. .v, the Catoct-i Mr. ar.d Mrs. Jrhn D. th-^ w.!l hA'.e as »er v i-cr.d gje^t^ Mr* Kr.^hts co^sios. Mrs. Horace F ST..:.-;. of Riclimor.S. Vs. Mrs J Ann ar.d Tr-vil, Mi»s "-th t'.-u-.~s tl-.o- apr.--rt.i-ri -- -he land, j :*. oral S . - - A O c-.- i.--,v, care sl-j'ulc: be! gasps as :ar --es: as San Francisco. He also arrar.joc to have thc Blue Bol ladi-^ taS-; an rxrean dip in rosily eva- am- Srcis All the socta.1 »-orld to~- ' ders ; :. -sr.tat f-i-. raaa »-;ll d3 nert." cr. ^ h to his b»;y. ed s jeep Sticklers A CONCHHTIE FOHCH V.'Ac? SKSCTZD .- :rT' :f t.-." .-.irx -·: W.".Arr. C APPLICANTS ?OR THE FOc!TIO\' D. . C ·--.-.try Cl4; B.ib Cr^rss O-c.-=e»tr*. Sc'.csen Hobsc-n. from Upper r.vcr -.'.:-£··- rr.uic ^ hearci from trie S..r?er Mr* Smith ar.d Mrs. Kc-Sica. -aho are S-»rtn ,-vT t.i«- Envrs-r-n Hotel in Bilti- s-sters will motor here today. r.t-rt: will turn- 5 " "-··* for th* t\-.r.oe Attri.".\e :a-.v7s w.ll be g.v?r. ' :.-.· .ad:".= and appro\vn-.At-'y t x.Se* ant.c.pste v t t n d i n s T.-.e fkor o ·!:·: t xrrh ^ be.r.; t-axed :.r^ther .. .'. ;'- t - re;r..".sr rv?i' room :·- pro\.cf Mt.-. Mar. W.l.,.ir.v»K. Mr.,. \V RASS Jr. Mrs D Ha-ser Q-r.-.r. Mrs Lc-i:^ L W^sor Mrs D Chester Kcrr.p, Mr*. Ea«arri ? Ga.e Mr^. Ed- tares D S.vir;?r Mrs JM.n S Den- Mr.:. D?r.r.i5. Mrs Gler.n H Ccrr.o.ii Ot^ S' -- --ho ii O'.-s o\o ;%Tar.-.-ucsl o~ · 5k-i".r.-:ri dajer.ter -- reltrrr.od iir.^ jarrj Mrs Kiirv O X:c-doir.xis £«.- r;rs: s".-e»r -\ter.deii enter: A^- r^rd ch:h on Wednesday Pa:l nor Mary S N?«r;-.a.T. Mis? Mimm T.:e e-.ent s oc .aniiea cj a was.- Grace Neiclig aaa ri-ir-klm B 5r.-. h. Mrs I.-^by.! sell Da.iu-.l Mr= Francis II : Mrs Mir«sj.all Etchis. n. M.-= Dol.i,-'a...^ ATr.- K E T ..i: Katherinc . Miss Kauiecine Johnston, Mrt,. A sa.:.-- ftucs l-.i h.-ad Ir. the door'^res. Introductions given her oy .-' t.-.e n_2l.c oar anc M:^- · Does ; several cr-nrmen are particularly treaf- ;·· :" here TA-- t- firht" ' f ured in her log book. dzes. Mrs ' Xoixxl'- .-i.d ,-. -.v-cc,. f.-;5 the sailor! This, there -yas the evetimg -sriter. i II Markell, to right' ' iVTIIs -rr.ves in a chautauqua tOiTO. !.-= R E ! "X--X ,7.^-t" ;-^ .-. or.e o.d g^r.tie- cha-rman arose, and -with due cere-, · .r. !:54 .rt.-. N"^ 'Xie .:-. '.--"re "AT."* to f.ght '* | reor.v beca~- "I hardly sno-s- ha^ to ir.- - .. K-.-..H' T'.i^. ;--" " M'.d the .=?..l---r · Then j tree.:-' the guest of the evening You Cyrus 11; s sale to come in.'--Montreal Gazette.' see, up to th* occasion we have P-P^-^ -- T Four *o»e! and or.s corionsri! 2-e mkjxz from e^t 1 -. o!' tks ab-^e -wtrtk The fvU'.'e for t'r;e crsiiOTiar.", ^i each v.xffd. is indK-aiec bv the sta». Can you hi! h, !o c«rp!c;e she ^o:d=? Answers w^; be iouad oa last pag«,

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