The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 22, 1931 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1931
Page 10
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DAILY HZW8, FRKDKBI6K, MD-, TUUDAY. ·a, iwi Greeting Cards Say "Merry Christmas" In Simple Colors, Designs AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE rue mrrt rkonum DAMAGE LUJUUT* HELFENSTE1N URNER r Greeurgs: Here are sj.-r.e cf the carj* that i.t-ar the Z93i C.iristrcas spirit When the llap of the drawing shown left is Uited vrp. the flshs wi! becomes the plurr.c of tile caroler's Su: in the picture at the right of It. birds, h'^-r-- F cj_-.(i'.c5 and. o! course, religious theme* appear Ir: sonp'.c ne* laterpretatiorjs. By NEA Serried NCTT YcrS, Dec 2r--There are new styles te Christinas cards this Trtr-ter. Just as there are tr. c" and ;i-« V.-JY you do your bair Getting your Christum creet:ng cards out of the way early is one thing everybody can do to help lessen the Yuletide strain. Now is the 'or T3~EOWt~~men--and worr^n--to look orer the Christinas card 5?:c!. decide *lBt they ·Branl arti get them bough; Ksd ready to send. New Christmas cards may be modem to design and coloring, but they certainly are not "mod^rne" Bizarre. ZObist cards in fantast'c coloring ana tfeslga we out. The season's nc^ar flock of holiday cards ha'-e a simplicity aJxnit them that Is thoroughly sat's- ftctory. many of them reverting to old-fashioned themes for their inspira- Jton. Auother kind of Christmas card is 3Ut- And that is the smarty-smart tard that so many modems got up themselves and inflicted on the.r Irtcads. No one is expected to go Into * Saddle to thmk up anythir.? ' just perfectly screaralng and :r.di-.!dual" this year. Last trtnter tms ' wisecracking" vogue reached its ivafc ar.d today the srortest of young moicrns. sse going in for simplicity. Exotic lepers L'scd. SCaay new cards rely on an unusual psjwn? or combi!J3.tion o? papers to achieve d!5tincticn Not so much parchment is used as fc-rrr.crly. When Used it Is apt to give itself color by appearing as an overlay set o" by a backing of Trami red or exotic jade or orange. Or it may be patterned with . sll". er or gold Tne new papers for Christmas cards jre Japanese goya paper, which looks Ijce ncthir.a: quite so much as thin blo-.tlng paper: wood riber paper ?.:ich ressrables a «afcr-thln sheet of beaut fully grained wxiod. onion stln. velour, glazed papers of high luster and enamel-like surfaces and a variety of metallic finish papers Cotton Christmas cards are another novelty, .·ponsored by the South. Ne'sv among the designs Is the horsey Chr^:mas card. Single horsemen, horse portraits or pictures of hunts are all to be had It is runajred that the Prince of Wales LS srnding out a private card this year to h.3 intimate friends which has a riderless hsrse on it. Ski jumpers and golfers , arc popular Christmas card figures. All-o\er patterns of crystal snowflakes make mar.cJoissly lo\e!y de! s.gns in gold and sll\ er. Squared dc- £i?ns of simple Ilouers. amusing anl- rrils, snow-men or trees, obviously in- I spired by old-time patchwork quilts. appear as faior.tcs The modem ^ogue for antiques finds iC'.err.l new mar.LfC5tat:ons in this 5 ear's Christmas cards. Wood-brick | r r -nts r in black and white charcoal ef- , fccts. are good, those In gray are nc^er and some :n blue and white sure , most effective Some have a touch of ; vivid color. «xnd nght here let It be : knovrn that skv-linc blue, or turquo'se. , and a light, jade green arc much more ! popular tnan the traditional deep j blue and evergreen of other years. Or\ anse Is cround over a rich red | nd the reds that do appear are apt to j PC light cheery tones I Merry Christmas Fish. ! F-shy Christmas cards »re brand j new and some of them are cute as can ' be One shows a fish from the outside j but there is a flap that lifts up and the greater part of the flsh becomes the muCer around the neck of Christmas caroller inside. There are old stage coaches which are charming- and many quaint English tavern scenes. But there are Just 2s many flivver cards, and some air, plane ones. In keeping with this trend to bring things up to date, the ne-sr Mother cards show a charming matron of middle age. Instead of one who looks vaguely like Whistler's "Mother." Some of the new Christmas cards were designed by celebrities John Held. Jr. has done some cute ones, as have Cecil Alden, Janet Laura Scott, Johnny Gruelle and others. " Religious Cards In Vogue. Tills year religious cards are having a vogue they have missed for the past j 10 years. The Russian Student organl- ' nation has designed some typical Mos- ,ro - . Ite cards, among them one of the iainous Church of the Redeemer wh'ch is being razed to make way for I a new community building in Moscow. I Some Christmas cards feature the fa- I mous Madonna pictures hi traditional rich coloring and gold. Envelopes arc important this year. They voo have lost their multi-colored modern note of other vears. but come in smooth enamel finish :n gold, silver and colors, with light blues and purples and soft grays predominating. Flaps have a way of carrying a bit of greeting themselves this year. One flap has the word "Cheerio" on it. PAID $50,000 FEE Tork Politician Got Amount From Steamship Company. Tort. Dec 21 --The Xc-rth Ger- Kovd Luie- paid W..; - .ant K H_ck- la, president of the Xat.ona". Democratic Club, a S50 000 fee for negotiating the iease of 32. Xcrth R.ver. Edgar W. Hunt, several counsel 'or ibe Hne, testified before the Holr*cd - er iegislatiTe conuruttee todav. If mat sum had cot been pa:a, h; saic '.he cornpaiiT -jrcnld --ot have go: the lease Mr. Hunt said he rsd to Increase :he pajiceEt to ilr K-ci rj froT. T-J SCO.- 000. ·srh-ch ie resarceri as a fa r !--^a! fee to satisfy tne/ c-enr.ands or r-· --~^interests brought tr.c r.e;^ ......ons it. Hlcsin was sup^ited is t v e best man to handle me negro'-a'.^r.E bv ra- "rfd Msier, "x'so or.-?e jer 1 ;d a 77-502 term for br.bery. he said. said he otTercd Hlckiri 3 $15.000 f--e bji demanded $50,000. wl-::h he c\en;-jally go'.. Hunt said :Ia:cr once made a "con- :.c.~rtLil expianat^on" of what became of Uie fee. but he couldn't recall what it -A as. He added he believed that "only S20 COO -Rf r.t for lawyers' lees" and thai the balance \\ent to 'somebody else " He offered r.o opin'ori as to the possible recipient, but said he d:d not bciievj; Majer. v.ho accompanleci Mayor Walker to Eu-opc last summer, received ar.r part of it. I er, Japanese troops marched out of five i Manchurian garrisons yesterday to ,s\veep clean of Chinese bandits the i area north of Mukden and the zone to | the south of the Manchurian railway. Japanese authorities denied they were starting a push on Cnlnchow. last stronghold of China In the province. .but Chinese In the Shanghai predicted the city \vould fall before Christmas and that the Chinese army would have to retreat to Jeehol. JAP TROOPS MOVE Twenty Below Zro N'o Barrier To Ad- \ancr On ChtneSC- Cr.hrir.^rec; " 1 oc'i" zero ·seath- i Nauktogr. Dec. 21 --China decided today to resist any Japanese thrust at Chinchow. Dr. 'Wellington Koo. former minister, informed the League of Kat-ons. that if Japanese attacked the city the i C*i:nc*c army would be "compelled in ' wlf-defcsse to resist." fZ?S?^Z?^^^ilZZ?£?GiS!SX!SXf*^^ \ § ! ««A Useful Gifts That Serve for Years AMERICAN ORIENTAL RUGS HOOKED RUS VELVET RUGS AXMINSTER RUGS BRUSSELS RUGS LINOLEUM AND FELT BASE RUGS SMOKER BRIDGE LAMPS SMOKER DAVENPORT LAMPS FLOOR LAMPS TABLE LAMPS JRADIO LAMPS NOVELTY LAMPS SMOKING SETS AND STANDS HASSOCKS AND PILLOWS A Visit to Oar Store Will Convince You That Our Prices Are Very Reasonable THE RUG STORE K £ S K K % A % K £ ii * A! K' I' A «. MULUNIX BENTZ 4 EAST PATRICK STREET "r^'' '"· · 7 Hun Kttms Sai'e lime and Money Too HIS FAVORITE CIGARS V-.K rott Je Cortex ;r H Dallo V Jobn Butkin -- . ^ Forty Four --, IJC HlbADtllo _ lit Btack»lone V Metory ,, ^c Havana Kibtxm ~ . Sc liars Tampa 5« White O«!» :·) Adzairasion ----, Box of Si if Cakes Electric Heaters -."^ :*.!! c* the fr%i » a" ! 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Dressed in lT c*r*«5 nn3 n*^ ard . cir.e Piyrs and socfe?. Williams 9 Shaving Sets Cor.tals!=s a Tube of S-avlss Cr-a=l. AQ-a a.. Soap lr. Sale to; .19 SELECTED CHOCOLATES " s-rrct ~. c or r- d t ltc-=-- f«: c«« a". \ nch. luscious assortment that jtrall enjoy and that von will be proud to offer yonr friends. If* indeed a. Delected assortment. 5 pound box AGA1N-FOR CHRIST! FANCY--DRESSED--SELECTED TURKEYS AP Turkeys are identified by the name "Pilgrim" tagged on every bird as a guarantee of AP Quality, Ib . . . The ame unexcelled tB»l«y sold to oor Stores In the past and for which A*P b noted. Don't wait and risk disappointment- Order now. At so attraettre a price these Turkeys will p fast. 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Plain Olives Dill or Sorir Pickles Plum Pudding Cranberry Sauce 8 O'clock Coffee Pink Salmon 4 oz. jar 19c 3V-2 oz. jar 13c qt. jar 19c Ib. can 27c can 19c Ib. 17c .... tall can lOc Heinz Fig Pudding can 17c Bell's Poultry Seasoning pkg. 9c Pecan Meat glass 29c Stringless Beans 3 cans 22c Sherry Sauce Black Walnut Meat bot. loc Ib. 49c FEEE ANN PAE ONE ANCHOR OPELNEE WITH THE PURCHASE OF PRESERVES FREE Cloverdals G-ingerale or Litii-A-Limes Plus Bottle Deposit Higb Rock Ginger Ale 3 Large *"]JP ^T Bottles ^rfC^ Plus Bottle Deposit EAJAH SALAD DRESSING 8-oz. jar 10c Pint Jar 17c Quart Jar 33c ARROW SPECIAL, S bottles CLIQUOT CLTTB GINGER ALE 2 bottles 27 C Flos Bottle Deposit FANCY QUALITY NTJTS MIXED NUTS Brazils, Almonds and Filberts Budded Walnuts and Pecans Ib. 21c Ib. 29c FANCY CANDIES ASSORTED CHOCOLATES b - box Cut Bock Hard Candy Ib. 19c Mixed Hard Candy 2 Ibs. 25c Peanut Brittle Ib. 19c Chocolate Cream Drops Ib. 19c HERSHEY'S KISSES Ib. Celophane Pkg. 25. 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