The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 15, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
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Sunday, July 15, 1934
Page 6
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I PARIS. TKXAS July 10. MM* WORTH TEXAS PGBUfiHESG BY O. O. MdNTYRE N EW YORK, July 14.—I dipped far back in- 10 the past a day this weefc and visited the Th* Thrill That Com** Onrelna Published Dally Except Monday SUBSCRIPTION RATES (Includinx Sundays) 9y Mall. OE» Tear 9y Mail, One Month , -*• , By Mail. Stx Month* 9±.50; Kctt*r*4 ** Second Cla»» Mail Hatter *t ils* Post- [_ - ^ v £ „ —. •ttic* *t Pari*. Texax under Act of Coa*re»sf incubator o f these daily trifles. Room 121 of M**c*. isi». 1 a p ; n near upper West'Side hotel is where the j "Jquixotic adventure in syndica-j Ition was launched. It seemed ^ forlorn. A jobless chorus girl ^in despair had only recently jvacated. la the corner stood the same j |spindly desk upon which l| ftvpea and mimeographed niyi or w ft***** en. or corpora, -***, •. "fe^eeds to send free, hopefully! land vicariously to editors over { Jthe land. From this room Ij had gone forth for countless I days wearing the busk of a j • journalistic doublet high- j To ii I had as often returned crushed and j a> of fine or corpot*xloz> w N«VB of tJ to City »at«eTtb*r« «ho s*k« co=rl»i=« frefor* « p. =.. hax** tfceJr prnpe"* «*st to titerrt CTOTD ifc» affie*. I* roo <*o «K>t g*t yonr piper pl«a*e crt«.j£* complaint If tfcer* te BO c c«pa&ite»tjoa »u a»«» <si»p»tcti** er«<it*<j to n or > d ""° ~* "^ """" a*. s error*, or any usls t*i» t»»s» r»r COP. .! error* ff oodtcard's ff" orthlness I dumb to siare out the window in melancholic \ ~ \ stupefaction much of the night. The problems j =nay : \vere never of the future bat the immediate j ~;now—how to pay rhe -$12.50 weekly rent, now] i to make just one editor a disciple, how to [avoid confessing failure. 1 ! The four walls of Room 121 had witnessed. \ \ I hope, the greatest defeats I shall ever know. I [ Tragedies rhat wenr beyond tears, blinding, j stultifyinc and breaking out suddens; T HAT The Fans News i= not alone in its SUP- , ironic laughter. Only the man or woman who j port of the candidacy of Walter Woodward has failed utterly time after time understands j f or "the office of attorney general of Texas is such a sickness of soul. j shown bv an editorial in the San Angel o " ., _ , T •! Standard-Times. Mr. Woodward lives in a. The little bathroom, outside or whien J.» coontr sear San Angelo and what a man's 1 smoked cigarettes furiously vrnue «v wiiej' -neiirhbo^ sav nf him is usuallv the truth. And fractured the invioiaDie rule "No cooking aH thiTis vnai~The San Aaeelo "newspaper says: 1 iowed/ ? seemed m advanced stages 01 los,; , , -~ • ' - ! ff-rand^ur. We orHv knew vears later teat <-.»- TesaassnoulaexeraseasmucDcareiDse..^ - McGraih . t fa eu proprietor.-*!*! may j lecnng an attorney general as tiiey use m, ^ ^£l-h*A pene - raT ,d ! pickup a governor In some ways tne 01ace , - ^ Jwo , of attornev general js morcjmpo«ant. ^ ^^ cOumrv kids trvinir to makc the ; closer to tse daily lives ana employments Ot > 1^ ^1 ip ' * the people, than that of governor. Tt calls -; i -- e £ raf e - j for a man'of ontstaBdiag amlity__proyed over j neighborhood of 20 vears l^^^-^^^^^^i^:—^^ f ^ - — fc j e t^ the comedian, around books, He was instmTaental, as a ] And nnost importast of -all, at j established the right of municipalities to nave , Thrf>U£rh th<5 archwav of ^rr* 121. ho^Hrs^ call on water of oar streams, tor comes-1 ^- ^ ^: ma ^ v , easant baekwar d tie pBrposes. But for ^ter ^ood^ard and ] ^^ o f d friends / not 5ee n for vears. f a iiandfu^ of other ngnung ^en =<> c«J « j were ^ dde3 i v cMv : ed up a l OE g the landscapes. | Texas eo-oid consrruct a re^^o,. °» » n ? | Bob and ^da Fi f. Jin; Scott. Frank and Nell 1 stream, no matter so^ msigmiTican^ -n-oiu ;^— ^^^ ^ ^ ^ Kauffer and j •fest asking permission oiAe poorer m.ere^s. | ^^ - Th)S "p p i U lh . Sobers. Nan Raop. BOW; The history of bis share m^tms ngat to pre- ; ^ ^ ^ —^^ - Dm ^^^ thel ^e the rights or^tfie people is sumeiem an- j ^^ £nd -3^^.- thc tituppy little ! 5 r_to -the any cuarge that ne • x a — i^.. ^^ k ^.^ th ^ Coekn9:r aeceBt fe SIOOn5ag h _ is J 13 " , „ , - ; chatter "vrlth "Blimev"' and "Hi say, old • One of the litest issues Derore tne people _^^^ ? ., * t today is ?rbat TO do Trirh the oil sirnation. The , u | task of enforcing^ the la^s fails chiefly or> the • j> ooin 121 ^rss the scene of tremulous waits ; attorney general's departmerst. Ha^ng R vP*; f or -j^c raorniEs- r>o?t. Everv syn-uo yeasted i ed to -sni:* the la-srsj-elaiirig^ to conservation : e3:a£:?erate< 5 prO n{ise ai3G qnick deflations. Al- ] of oiL isesator Woodward is not tai£!ri ^;-^avs'tbe manuscript back or the beseech-S -rhn-vrTe-li JT!^. V.Pt Tvr.fH he SSY5 : " • ~ t :—__; ,__,„__,* T1-.-4- *~ il- '- through his hat Trhen he says: if l "believe I can stop the hot oil racket Trhich is robbing thousands of farmers on -pilose land oil has been struck and which js destroyias: the price of oil by flooding tne market -frith illegally produced petroleum." Surely if anyone -LEO^S n j screws to the hot oil racketeers k_, should _ be tbe man i^ho has had s large ha-nd in enacting the la^s designed to curb them. ...s- letter remained -unansTvered. That is al- \ *.ravs bur once In the long upgrade. This -sras a ; =:-—5 check iroia Ainslee's. That night 've; basked In the rakehell giamonr of "Laloys—| •So cent table d'hote, vin eoniprss. ^""e slipped! ten sickels into the mechanical piano slot., cliaia fashion. «-iziked at a jetsam, eocotte and • rc»ie tritsmphantlv home in a mbr-er-tired ^ ic- ; roria as the tuoon sunns' high. Soil delirious ; ffAin. f>fir iul o p of fre.e<3O33. TS'€ save tne one- .• J ^ -• —^* - ** *f "^ • !-' CHAPTER SIX MAN '.FROM MEXICO An hoar later Marsha. made ; ready TO dress for dinner; Jean •• ran fcer **Lih. Marsha, saiu: "Thank j YouT Jean — **"•£& receive tso answer | beyond a. short, sniff. Once agrain . she had felt that life mighr be mu-ch more bearable If there -vv-re : only a serx-ant in Miss Gertrude's ; Tner,a.£re -who would answer pleasantly. She lay i^ "he tub rela-sinc. a.r!d st*ppiii5: from it, sl>e :?a'\" herself | in a IOTSST mirror- i»ovely sin-:- ^"/a-S. i sne kn«-.v. But if she had b<?*?n : plain sh« might have beat's ->?->• ; gooc and "beaxitifui — in all tn<? ' •arays that cotint most." That had echoed! ; She dress^c s!-'!*.v]y a^nd careful- • iy; Bob was coming after dinner. '; ati.2 they -rcould doiifcitess ro 5orr;(j wh^re to dance. She cbose a black <Jress that ^a.-as not so black as h*r , hair, coiled the hair ]o%r. snapped around her white throat the .«trir-;~ of pearls that had be^n her :r:c-th- ii. a"d she was at the point -when j j she had come to the feeUns: that t 'she <-t«uM r;o: "stand ii any moi e"" — tlvin^ ^"iv-ti her a/ur;t. Alice, a-not^j^r iKaid "prho had f b^en for y^ars ^'ith Miss !Moore. . ic-it the room stiff!?- wjih The sala<2 : plates; then Marsiia. -who had ; ^rown SL protective sh*!S since ihai • oa v "R'ncn th» :\r!»"w s'n-^ would 'tie unless "si-'irie one liked lier a. lic- ;]e." said crisply. *"Nc- sweet—' Sine did not * for s^^eets «~>f ; any sort no^'- She preferred the raw and biiin^: men who h;ur:v-I OUT hars^h truths, foods that made •. the eyes smart. HO-ET smug:, the ; proud oid silver on the Sheraton J sideboari. It had never been ar>y- j T.hinjr bui dull to ear at home. Xo, • it had beer s a rack. Well, that ^'as | ov€-rl ^fhe kn-:r,v her way around r an<J «rhe -A«~ s-j hard that no one : •••ould hx^rt her. j WEATHER BULLETIN BT I- ft. WESTOJS BACKWARD GLANCES »T I>eznan4L two cMldr«n of Mrs. £Iiaal>«th Bailey for settlement of their portion of the estate of their father. R. M. Jone* was settled out of court by agreement, mm I have atated in another *tor>-. The settlement in part at least, included the transfer by Mr&> Bailey to Mary Jone* Randell of the Jones Mansion lot in Paris from which the mansion had burned, in exchange for the youns woman's interest in the family home ajt Rose Hill. Choctaw Nation. mentioned in the deed as "the old homestead of R. M. Jones in Kiomatia county. C- X- and all hoss beioncinf; to the place and in the Jon<£* mark," to which Mrs. Randell had already executed the deed. This deed was dated ± March 1SS3. What settlement, if any. Mrs. Bailey made with her son. Robert Jones, who had sometime before killed his step-father, I>r- S. TT. Bailey, was not mentioned nor do I have any means of ascertaining it. In 1SS4 the city asked for a jury to condemn a right of way for the past 14, ehootlnc htm. Robert, , past 12. not old enough to mak« ligai choice^ J. H. Randel! jcaxe a. guardian's bond of *±0,00Q and several years later made application to the court for authority to sell some land* belonging to the children, in order to extension of Lamar avenue' some of the best and through this Randell property and from the estate *-«* insufficlfcut for these purpose*, that the property consisted of real eatat* la Paris and claims *nd improv*. m*nt* in Choctaw Kation. valued at $13.000; the estate had $4Of loaned at iuterect and #37 caah on hand, and had borrowed $3.006; that the children were at that !!»• atteodinff school in Con way, Ark-; and that their home was In Ro«« Hill. Choctaw Nation and in D«nlson: that the lands were -wort* probably $10.000. The court granted this application and the Jone» Mansion acres in Paris were platted into lots facing Clarksvill* street and Laxnar avenue and -urere sold rapidly and at very tood I prices and are now covered with prettiest Judge Moore appointed a jury which save Mrs. Randelt $550 as damages for rhe land taken. Mrs RandeH did not lone survive after receiving the Paris property. She died at Rose HSU. in 1556. leaving a small daughter. Elizabeth, who ^-as born a.t Rose HilL 3 April. 1SS3. and Kob-rt J-. born. 21 June 1SS5. Her husband. George Randell, lived until 1S37. and died in Denison. and in the homes in Paris- What became of Mrs. Jones-Bailey 1 <io not know, nor how th« estate finally passed. As there were no individual land titles ia the- Choctaw Kation the only property that could have been transferred by sale or legacy waa the improvements and livestock. The fine old ante-bellum southern mansion at Rose Hill burned year* ago and only its memory and the memory of the social affairs held fall that year his brother. J. H, j there remains, and that too is rap- RandelL was appointed by the j idly passing as the years call a.way Grayson coucrcy probate court i those who once knew tea place guardian of the children. Elizabeth and Its owners. First Facts In New Book Attend Meet A book surety destined to b« 1 A. H. Charnness. superintendent thumbed many times in the set- | of Paris schools, said Saturday h* school supervisors at This is "Famous First Farts!*" } Austin the- latter part of next by Joseph Nathan Kane, and sub- week. Mr. Chamness also eocpects titled "A. record cf famous first» to confer wJth the state superta- hapEvenin«rs. discoveries and inven- 1 te ^ d ^nt in regard to operation of tJemeut of heated arguments has wiu aiiend a meeting of been &fide<j to the reference! shelves at the Paris Public library.-1 superintendems and st:p * r school buses by the Paris district next school year. He said that operation of th» I buses win depend tipon the tions in the United States-" Arranged convenieiuly under alpha- betlcaJly chosen b« the sub- j<K?t» are also contain<td In chronological an<! t:»osrmpMcaJ iri-| b*r o£ children to b« dices, and tn*- boot is rruidc fur-s to the h"jrh school from nearby ther iriterestins by its numerous f districts. He has in^-it^ trustees illustration*. j of nearby districts to see- him be- The first newspaper cartoon, the j for - Thursday of sext week and first American political party, the j discuss the matter. first steamboat, the first dirigible, j M.r, Cham si ess «*Jd some of the the first malted rnilk—those are j schools wiJ! proba.bly have to cut j random "firsts" included in the {down th^ number of £ra<les taught | book, and each is described in de-I If there is a. suffSrient number of ] with documentary r**feret*ce | trwn*f»r^ to justify operation of to vouch for ever** one. j the bus«s^ Senate*- Woodward has a brilHant record legged ne^vsboy £ t the subway a quarter for aj a trial Iswver. Ke has served as as ass??i> -; Morn-TTig' ^Tor'd. An auspiciously jrhiek bead- j am attorney general auci TVOU-C ~<~ii{~i r*r tne pistoling of the I v •r - 4 s ^^y^'j^V j^T-ijT_LC*i ^**w> -^fc -' ^.' -j -_«--.-»--— — -~ : .- _ - - -,^ „ _ jKsa^/th^^or.tni «i office if electee. He eoul^ ; ^n-bler Herman Rosemhai in iroat of_ the^ ''step^nto" office tomorrow ano direct Tne ~ork : Metropole. ^e ^ere^in the midst, of ^hingtL | of thai huge department Trithosi missing a ' •' '* ~- J iriek- Tbe people of Texas will raaJie no inistsrve in eleetinjr "Walter Hooc^arC ss- their sttor- ng-bt -ve had dined In earsboz of a great; •orld tragedy. | next evening at note; s nev grenerai- He H e^p^riencec. able ana en- i Cj er^etic. Nobody 'zss ever questioned his in- ; oar rness. He has been a piano and. violin, we rneG 10 ^ear | oring honors with oitttand casuai--; or his agsr^e t fighter of thy in the attorney general's cepsrinient if b^ is"eleete<i. It is no li^c to turn the aff^rs of tisis iraportanr. office over to one lacking in experience or in denion>*rcte ; j ability. Bet. ter psck a man vno kno^rs -wrba: n is all s^out ai>d who is not afraid to g-?t in there snc fight preserve the rights of the cons21012 ness. To be or,e of the cro-wd as always. Sev-; era! TJT^S w» c-1 eared <?nr tnroat to say " i ou : sh-'.r'iv." The inii.iij'se was definitely srsl'ec! ^ v.-h^n *>•->;?•' ^r^ •:•»•• hit^d to a caller across the'. r>ar!or, Joseph Kergesb^inier. no less! ; In the great, and final transition, which •ion ir:?}5ts rr?u5t \ arrivin^r. -.vhpreve: She could see her mother playir«r with them, ihe •wh!2*s she t^a^e-d sorne man by turntn^ upon him the softest eyes*. Marsha hid eorrv- by her habits straisrht enough. sh«; knew- ; it was odd that the— sometimes troubled her, She di-ned- for the most j>art ir. siienc-e, w-itfe h»r aunt. Mis*s M'jvrt broke :» once to say "Anjf •«. ha.t do yo*; do lonignt?" H^r qii^i-tivr! •dec-eit would ivs Bs€l€»s: 1" a rns.n - ner that ha.d. to he jxsFt t 1 ",' Marsha b^^rj lisC'd !o"sr h-?fore Marsha Had con.siclered the weaving of, th<: tar5C:':<J w<?b. "Sob," Mar>ha as^-A-fir'ir'i. "1-ut you should ha~. e ^a!d who. or :.% ;• whom 7 I at'K'a'.".'- sret mJx«fi '^n progressive. I t is. if we shall not look bridges in s": he rof two or *"I am froiris to a ccrnmittee mcet- ;ngr." ?a:d Mirs Gertrude: "^e are *<"' clscxiss plans for tli^ Comtsiisn- It -pra= amazing bow arid and ioveles* those could !>e, who "«er\-- ed Jrurnarsily," Marsha reflected. -She •wondered, drinking h*?r coffee. now it would he to spend ST> even- irsc at home »virh some man- ^hc might rrj- it vrtih Bob. Doubtless cars glued to key holes, and no M ; ready to report. But they "sv-.juMn't ^ret much from BobT MartfSja, herseif. opened the door ' iy hiir,. • Y'JT a. mojrteTit he b^Ua'ed: rh*;n quickly he stepped •within thc : hall. i : !>in^ th<st ft as ever happened ' Tne-/* he said. FOR AUC* UNITE1> STATES iiorsday. July 15. 1334,—-Rains in scattering: shoxvers. about cen-1 trai U- S-, ea»t grreat iakes regions ] and alors:r rriid Atlantic coast; j ttiOi-t o: south and 90 us Si west clear; -A-arrner. Tsiesdav. July 17.— Xearly clear or but few Ii'srht shoxcers v.-est of the M3s*is3sli>Pi river; east of the preat iakes and atKsut rsi:<i At- f a n tic coast sorrte rain; cooler in west- rains a!,-out north'.veFiern states: TT-G,<L of cemral regions ciear: *hoivery rains on _Ar:antic se-ab«a.rd: south, ciear; coo! in west. Thar«uJax-. July 15.—Wesr and rorthwest of surest lakes arid In c*ri*tral regions sow*; ra.Jn: JLSJJO li?rht rains on Atlantic coast tin»: ir vr*M?f chrisre to wrmer. P'rida;.-. JaTv 20.—General U. ".v«*.t rr-^ai lakes regions and * - j ;a poutJ5'•'***'t; eas-t and soutneaL4tj earir:^: te?Ttperat«res ri"5nsr. Saturday. July 2!.- >r»«t centras -west and ^:fi to »ast sreat r-.i.-t river va5!?r. to e mtheasr; ver-v- much and excessiv* 5 o!ar beat. This sea- ) PLAN 2 son the Indicatfous are there wHI | b-e- CAMPS IN TALIHINA AREA short, sudden decline in terns 1 near the JRth. soon Tol- { --lowed by some rains and then a| TAt>Ifrns"A. Ok'a. — Two new- period of clear. wecewi^eJy no: j sets of tourists camps w!H T>e bniJt weather. It oftea bapjvenn. howr- \ *n the Kiarrt!chi national forest ever, that even Jn the hottest part \ within the next few months bj* J". of the summer when most o* the i W. Schis^rei of Heavener. Or** country 5s clear freqyetit utorrn j wi!i be located at Beaver Hole on cloada w*l! drift throGjfrn carry inp | Hoisum creek 20 miles nortne**t heavy rains, of short duration, pre- ] of TalihSna, the other at the cipitaied in &rr*a.k« and spots, ieav- } ! sprirjjrs on top of ins «• -«" !r sections almost dry. 5 moap.taln 25 miles east of Talihlna. rslns in —.on*. s Ark. I-s. Okla. N. Mex. 1 »- ;="„',- — July ',5 to 22. 1334. »* al " C*?*™* ThtVrU DOthiA? of The d^'agoV'ab^t' Sena- ^ck on the worW we qui^-i as I «1>OB "Tour f?o>'- "Not lovely ,-v*?"y, hi f For "I r Trsciu*: "** i ' "VV*f:k to i Texas and the aoutfefr,«t -R-ith fsir-y flear ant! quSt« warm „ ; weather. At first probahly r. ut. e rcsT of tbe s*-«t<r and its people coiue first; sr>d his every pubii' 1 act has oeeu s denjonstra- tion of that at*ITude. Ths*. -s v.- reverental touc o Also a qukkening realizing that * ha? h'^trre som^thirig I OUST outworn like an ^M cog*, hat or sboe. A p^a^e pncharsTiTig hrouzh time's ^ong tele-cope but disillusion- affair, rur- k. then. bav«» abo your sen t.-jftt you she did; In the News 13 Years Ago frttm the fttes •/ lfi_7 News thirteen j&org mge - -»*•-•-»•"* «;« TT **T T T — -•* *n ft * Tt irj". Ef I had brains er-uff I would say 1?-ss .when I vdn. But I'm jist nk<i you."—Marshall FEIDAY, JULY 15, 1921 i services -«-?r? hei<i for Captain iaaa Bell. 90, -«-bo died Thursday at tbe home of his son-in-lav and catigbter. Mr. Mrs. F,, D. MaHory, on Graham street. Information vras, received b>' resath'es tint tteath in Atlacta. Ga.. of Ed G. Bffjr.^'i, fora>er resident of Parts. ' Di<;k Parker end Miss Leon a Fiick of D;- r***,-t -wt-erp- inarrje-d a* the conn house by Justice H»H. ; ,M. E, Boltos. noble ?rrand. and other of- ficfi-s of Brojjdwav IOOF h>dsre vrere instil; e*3 'by «1. K. King, <feputy ^raod master aod team Carv-f-rh W^j's. explorer, says there are fish In *''•>&. M-j-S".- -lunarie s%va!;.i|,'^ 'feat ';«s.r> ^'.-Tfk one ev*^ Possib"';.' si^rsnying. "Tei! us anoth-; Jim Ferguson is bringiny up his sales taz - gffa^n. The vn;1f'.;I and felonious perpetration " of ^;*-s has gotta he penalized—Dallas News. - • "I i-o appreciate rce the Rame BOTU* i your mother." And ! fe!t her «y<» em art to turn ^ui'.-k'y : ' front him. "It wa* wr'/nsr." ^hn i ' a-d<!*"<J. "but I liked it. Aant'a out. ; ? Do you think you could »ta.r.d an j •eteTjIngr of 4o«w*at,ic turn?" '. 1 "Rather"" hr ars*wer«vJ fa^erly. ; I lie JaM his hat and y!oves on a f ? table: slipped from his coat to fol- 1 'iOff her into the small, prim draw- | i in KTOorn that -w»>t <J»pr*s»e<3 by ; ' «t.*rrj poTtrattj* of very Cio<l!-f«irir.^ ; ; fo-k: sf«!rttl*folk of r«?E>r*T!is*'<3 ir.- j ; *tJncts and *n un5"i^<t»JT*{f B^ns* of ; •.he proper. • f "Can you »*e th^m a« my anccs- ' -a " u ' r! *" t _ ' tors?" Mansha aj»-ke<J. after % Kh',>rt 1 After her ta.n^5e with the mu«-..- -, ^| ancc Ar own<! th* wa.i!«, Fhc ! teacher. *he had tri»ff no morr. i •w northern »»ctSoTi»> near th« 29th rainji are ex- c to becorn* much tnor«; sr<*n^rri.! fn al! rnsr th« avfra«<? for UP to th*> nor-ma.5. b that er= *tr<«>* had on hot fn-ii^na^S h but *«5">r» fr-r.ow»d p^ratu «"«>»», flna'Iy V3o!*r-* xtorrn b-at In thJ« country thw hottest Lh<»r of *t?* year comes OT* not fa.r from th« Jaw* t«Tj day* of thi» . a.B<! a.i« a rule th»r«» *re i <Jayj* of <jult' Solution of Yesterday's Purt!« IS. Sorrow It 15. Ttralwsr tr*« IX. oi>l«ct 10 HO* «r*OB July 22 — Scattering Jddie «••*-«*. central re- ]>w»st s.r.4 southeast, srreat lak<-s a*!<S in •a.-^s; temperatures hf-r. *a ^ pi • - her s "no C- U. C«vin«6« -iras yhen contract for a tMingj on S<*tJ?^ Tvi**nti**'h s'reet for It vas owned r»y F- E, Feuei, S. H. Uancock and JU ars to jrivf peop^ T?<?t!^y. Js always j ry r <?xc*»pt to thos* 1 who ronst put wp = *i;*? sDorspv tx> t>f JTJV^TI away.—C!su<3e Csiiati s In "__ I Per>ona.;ly vie do not aspire to great pub-? lie i«*rv£c^. but we wooJd like to b« as useful * as an expert golfer—Dallas News. Steel has jumped $5 a ton. Just at a time, • u>o. when we bad considered laying in a new «£. safety razor blaxies.—Detroit News, j That ther* ^ harS mad^s r-JarsJia S?»' J '««S in the dark., njjght af;<-.- ' B*?«sfns herself' a* ruir^':. | people s* KhtmnJnj; her. h*r 5if« a 1 thing to tit> Iiv^<* •j>oJog'«;tic*Ily, ;n | sha,.«Jow: fn»<-ing: Go<J tur a KtTTifs?- ; *<5 r^pHca of th«* har*1'-»T Puritan '[ i been. con«ti<Jfrr»ns: her ; of tif*. tftrs.nsr' 1 !;- jn- T n»>c*T3! of th« true form of i.he-*°** ; ^* Church School fcff&lr with Mr. | *t>«^' ; ?** Crmven. S?b* h*4 I«*ft only h*r h»n. ? !*ajrhed. ««r for «ff*rctlon; tJi* fact ih«.t ash*. < STWtly- he «n*U««> "Totir *ne««- om kind d*«««nded that her *» btst f think you are Niob« who the world. On« chili mc«t *»cap«d death. Tht oth*rr, w*r« ki>t*0 b«c»u»'B rre «o b*M»utifoJ—** *Tt "work* that w*y *OTn«>tiTrs«»«. yon they " Sit do ' rn ' ha<J dropped to * asm*.» old h « looked Ion*}» K !y at the ?*»«' r w * a *»' h f r - A«**n ••».* You may. * »h« «»id who Jt, had found <To B« Cootinued) Today** Amusement* Circa* Oown . Brww-n At Tb* Melody In Sprint Ann At Th* TK* Trwnp«C Blow* fi Al HM 3o 34 31* 32 /e 25

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