Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 28, 1968 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1968
Page 19
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ANNOUNCEMENTS LtQftl lifts! •* June, 21 28, July S ttcSftg- 1 AVENUE the WU1 fice of the city clerk m«r, -*"?"» nilnol »- »«« 2!00 p.ttl., D.S.T. July 16. 1868 for the .eoMtruttlon of Mlarni Avenue & „ Improvements, Werges Wttlllerest Avenue. ? Th.* proposed improvemen 2P5SSS of the fo "°wlng major items Or WOfK! 4.5 Lineal Feet storm sewer Lineal Feet Miscellaneous Culverts 2 Special structures 13 Inlets Roadway Embankment and A-3 Surface 1.1.09 Instruction to bidders, form Of proposals, plans, specifications and form of contract may be exam ShepWd. Mpr. Murphy ft, Tilly, inc., Consulting En Bmeers. 7BS South Grand Avenue West, Springfield, Illinois; or at the office of the Alton Director of Public Works. Room 204, Ctly Hall.Al ton, Illinois. COPIES MAY BE 6B TAINED FROM THE OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR' OF PUBLIC WORKS, ALTON, ILLINOIS, upon deposit of $15.00 with checks made payable to M. O. Elliott, City Treasurer, Alton, Illinois. The amount of the deposit for one set of documents will be refunded to each party submitting, a bid to the City In good condition within ten (10) days after the letting. Non-Bidders returning the plans and contract documents within five (6) days after opening bids, will be refunded $5.00. 1.1.04 A bid bond, cashier's check, or a certified check made payable to the order of the City of Alton, Illinois, In the amount of ten per cent (10%) of the gross amount of the bid, must be deposited by each bidder with his bid as guarantee that In case the contract Is awarded to him, he will, within ten (10) days thereafter, upon receipt of written notice of award, execute such contract and furnish a satisfactory contract bond. Upon failure to do so, he shall forfeit the deposit not as a penalty, but as liquidated damages and acceptance of the bid will be contingent upon the fulfillment of this requirement by the bidder. The checks or bid bonds of all excepting the three (3) lowest formal bidders will be returned within ten (10) days after the open- Ing of bids, and the remaining checks or bid bonds will be returned within three (3) days from the date on which the executed contract and the required bond have been finally approved by the City of Alton, Illinois. 1.1.05 The successful bidder will be required to pay to all laborers, workmen, and mechanics performing work under this contract, not less than the current prevailing rate of wages as has been determined by the City Council and filed in the City Clerk's office. 1.1.06 All proposals must be made on forms furnished by the Engineer. 1.1.07 The successful bidder will be required to furnish a contract bond satisfactory to the City Council in the amount of the Contract. 1.1.08 The City Council reserves the right to waive or not to waive any Irregularities in the bids and to reject any or all bids and to determine which is the lowest and best bid. 1.1.09 By Order of the City Council of the City of Alton, Illinois. CLYDE H. WISEMAN, JR. Mayor of. the City of Alton, Illinois Legal — 21-28 STATE OPILLINOIS NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS For Work to be Consructed Under The Illinois Highway Code. 1. Time and Place of Opening Bids. Sealed proposals for the Improvement of the thoroughfare described therein will be received at the office of the Council of Alton, Illinois, Madison County. Illinois, until 10:30 o'clock A.M., COST July 3, 1968, and at that time publicly opened and read. 2. Description of Work, (a) The proposed work is officially known as Section 114Q.C.S. - State Street Resurfacing from Prospect Street to Madison Avenue, a total distance of 3,651.5 feet, of which 3,651.5 feet, (0.6916 miles) are to be Improved. (b) The proposed Improvement Is to be Resurfacing with 1V4" of Bituminous Concrete Surface Course, Sub-class I-II. 3. Instructions to Bidders. (a) Plans and proposal forms may be obtained from the Municipal Engineer Room 204. City Hall, upon deposit of J10.00 which will be refunded to actual bidders who return same within five (5) days of bid opening. <b) All proposals must be accompanied by a bank cashiers / check, or band draft, or certified check for not less than ten (10) per cent of the amount of the bid, or as provided in Article 2.7 of the "Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction,'' prepared by the Department of Public Works and Buildings of the State of Illinois. 4; Rejection of Bids. The Council reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to waive technl- C °By "order of The Council of the Clty ''"CLYDE- H. WISEMAN. JR., Mayor LEGAL 28 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice Is hereby given that the City Plan Commission of the City of Alton, Illinois will hold a public hearing In the Council Chambers of the City Hall Building • In Alton, Illinois on Tuesday. July 23, 1968, at the hour of 1:30 P.M. to consider an application to amend Ordinance No. 2911, being the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Alton, to re-zone the following described premises from R-2 One Family Residential District to C-2 General Commercial District, namely: A piece of land situated in that portion of the City of Alton, formerly known as the Village of Upper Alton, and bounded by a line beginning at.a point in the Southerly line of Lot 101 In the Town of Upper Alton, as originally laid out, platted and recorded, as per plat thereof of record In the Recorder's Office of Madison County, Illinois, which said beginning point Is 15 feet Easterly from the Southwest corner, on Brown Street, of said Lot 101; thence Northerly parallel with the Westerly lines of said Lot 101 and of Lot 102 In said Town of Upper Alton, 165 feet to a point In the Northerly line of sala Lot 103; thence Westerly, along and with the direction of said Northerly line of said lot 102, 49 feet to a point In the Northerly line of Lot 1 on the North side of Brown Street. In Sarah Ann Hunter's, Addition to Upper Alton; thence Southerly parallel with the Westerly line pf «ald Lot 1 165 feet to a point In the Southerly line of safe Lot 1; thence Easterly along and with the direction of said Southerly lines of said Lot* 1 and 101, 49 feet to the place of beginning, said lands fronting 49 feet on the North line of Brown itreet and running back there- 185 feet, In even width and , 34 feet off of the East side of West ends of sojd Wp 101 «»d 102 running North and South of •ven width of 165 feet, In Madison a»la n ^fopeAy ll iescrlbed above U commonly known and. referred to a»24Z9 Brown Street, Alton, pnojs. YOU we further notified that all ppripni Interested in subject re-ion- Ing way attend the public hearing *"• * h i tune and place aforememlon- 4 will be afforded an opport- . _ay'of June. IBM. DWJN M. LEAMON «J.and . \W. City oi th» ci Illinois . of ALTON EVENING ANNOUNCEMENTS Ugol ~T LEGAL 2* „. Pfomouoftal examinations for positions of Assistant Chl«f, C A CIVIL SERVICE COMM. JAMES OHLEY. chairman Legal — juhft ,21-28-July 5 —— OF ILLINOIS JIT COURT OF THE „; K;"" JUDICIAL CIRCUIT MADISON COUNTY, PROBATE DIVISION NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE ceased THOMAS HOSKINS, de- M .. , , , No. 68-P8-240 ..Notice is given of the death of the above and that letters Testamentary were issued June 12, A.D. "*8. to Alton Banking and Trust company of Alton, iffmois whose attorney 9 John Dale Stobbs of Alton, Illinois and that Monday, August 5, A.D. 1968, Is the claim date for the estate. . CI a)ms against -said estate shOuld ? fl led J, n 't 16 office of th<s C'erfe of the Circuit Court (Probate Division) - at the County courthouse in Edwardsville. Illinois, and copies thereof mailed or delivered to said legal representative and to said attorney of record. Dated June 12, AiD. 1968. WILLARD V. PORTELL (Clerk of the Circuit Court) LEGAL 28 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Not'ce Is hereby given that the -jtv flan Commission of the City pf Alton, Illinois will hold a public hearing in the Council Chambers at the City Hall Building In Alton, Illinois on Tuesday, July 23, 1968, at the hour of 1:15 P.M. to consider an application to amend Ordinance No. 2911. being the Zon- ng Ordinance of the City of Alton, to re-zone the following described premises from R-2 One Family Re- sidentlal District to R-4 Apartment Residential District, namely: TRACT NO. l:A tract of land beginning at a stone set In the Section Line between the Southwest Quarter of Section Seven (7) and the Northwest Quarter of Section Eighteen (18) of Township Five (B) North. Range Nine (9) West where the center line of the old Railroad Grade intersects the same; thence along said Section Line South 89 degrees 30' East 402.3 feet to a point, being the Southwest Corner of Lot Forty-five (45) In Phillip's Subdivision of out lot 60 and Lots 35 and 36 In Upper Alton; thence North along the West line of said Lot 45, 160 feet; thence North 89 degrees 30' West 57.3 feet; thence North 41 degrees 30' West along the Southwest line of "Sanford Road' 1 213 and 5/10ths feet to a point In the center of' said Old Railroad Grade: thence South 42 degrees West along the center of said Old Railroad Grade 200 feet; thence South 33 degrees 30' West along the center of said Old Railroad Grade 185.6 feet to the place of beginning; excepting therefrom a tract of land 45 feet by 150 feet off of • the East side thereof conveyed by Elizabeth Hessenauer to Charles M. May by deed recorded in Book 317 Page 138 of the Recorder's Office of Madison County, Illinois; situate in the Village of Upper Alton, now City of Alton, County of Madison and State of Illinois; TRACT NO. 2: Part of the Northwest quarter of Section Number 18 Township 5 North Range 9 West of the Third Principal Meridian described as follows, towit: Beginning at a point 15 feet east and south 23>/ 2 degrees West from the Northeast corner of a tract of land conveyed by James A. McClure and wife to Herman Luer by Warranty Deed dated August 10, 1911 and recorded in Book 358 Page 437 of the Recorder's Office of Madison County, Illinois; thence in an Easterly direction and at a uniform distance of 15 feet South of the North line of the McClure Tract, a distance of 302.9 feet to a point; thence South 120 feet to a point; thence West 70 feet to a point; thence South 90 feet to, a point; thence West and parallel with the North line of the McClure Tract a distance of 323.3 feet to a point, said point being IS feet East of the Easterly line of the Luer Tract, thence In a Northeasterly direc- rectlon and parallel with the Easterly line of the Luer Tract, a distance of 229 feet to the place of beginning; said land being now platted and known as Lot Numbered Six (6) in Block Numbered one (1) and Tract Numbered Twelve (12) In Zephyr Heights, as the same appears from plat thereof recorded in the Recorder's Office of Madison County, Illinois, in Plat Book 14, Page 24; Excepting therefrom 'a strip of land conveyed by Otis E. Glazebrook and Olive L. Glazebrook, individually and as husband and wife, to the City of Alton. Illinois, by warranty Deed dated August 21, 1947 and recorded in the Recorder's Office of Madison County, Illinois, In Book 1025 Page 231; situate in the City of Alton, in the County of Madison and State of Illinois; Said property described above Is commonly known and referred to as 2307 Sanford Avenue, Alton, Illinois You are further notified that all ersons interested in subject re- oning may attend the public hear- ng at the time and place aforementioned and will be afforded an opportunity to be heard. Dated this 26th day of June, 1968. EDWIN M. LEAMON Chairman,' City Plan Commission of the City of Alton, Illinois Cord of Thanks 2 — 28 THE FAMILY OF CLIFFORD FERGUSON, JR.—Would like to express their sincere thanks to all the friends and neighbors and relatives who sent flowers, brought food, sent cards and those who visited us during our recent time of bereavement. We would especially like to (hank Reverend Will* lam Bohnanon, Dr, 'Mendelsohn the pallbearers, Marks Mortuary, and the congregations of the Roxana Nazarene Church and The Vaughn Hill Church of Christ. Also, all those who helped In any way during this time of bereavement. The families of Mrs. Elsie Ferguson and Richard and Nancy Christian ANNOUNCEMENTS ctrdef Ttamki — MRS.. SADIE MeWIOOAN — We would like to take this tnetns 0 thankifis all cuffrtSd*, rwatlwi and neighbors who were *o Mat ""*» CTVMb vr«u\IB| KWWQ1K RI1U «uted in any and every tray. _ the Family 3 — 28 IR IN M. _____ LOV1NO MEMORY ef Kenneth . , whom »i lost cm June Your gentle fact and patient smile, With sadness W6 recall; You had a kindly word for each, And died beloved by all. The voice la mute and stilled the • heart, That loved us well and true, Ah, bitter was the trial to part, From one so good as you. You are not forgotten, loved one, Nor will you ever be, As long as life, and memory last, we wiu remembber thee. We miss you now, our hearts are sore, As time goes on we miss you more. Your loving smile, your gentle face, No one can fill your vacant place. Sadly missed bby Family and Friends. 3 — 28 IN LOVING MEMORY OF Kenneth M. Wright wfyom we lost on June Your gentle face and patient smile With sadness We recall: YoU had a kindly word for each And died beloved by all. The voice is mute and stilled the heart .That loved us well and true, Ah, bitter was the trial to part From one so good as you. You are not forgotten, loved one, Nor will you ever, be, As long as life and memory last We will remember thee. We miss you now, our hearts are sore. As time goes by we miss you more. Your loving smile, your gentle face, No one. can fill your vacant place. Sadly missed by family and friends Monuments—Cem. Lots 6 CHOICE two adult plot in Rose Lawn Memory Gardens. 377-9020. Personals LADIES — Abate monthly tensions with Abate Tablets. Only 880. Hon ke Pharmacy. Rummage & Garage Sales 8 — 28 • 8 GARAGE SALE—Friday and Sat urday, June 28 and 29. St. Paul Methodist Parsonage, 10 North Cen ter. Rosewood Heights. 8 — 28 BACKYARD SALE—Clothes, tools, household Items. Real cheap. June 28, 29 at 214 McCasland, East Alton. 8 — 28 RUMMAGE SALE—Concordla . Lu theran Church, 21 Circle Dr., Cot tage Hills. Saturday, June 29, 10 a.m. till 4 p.m . 8 — 29 BACKYARD SALE—Monday, July 1 Clothing. Household Items. Toys. Miscellaneous. 460 Whitelaw, Wood River. 8 — 28 NEIGHBORHOOD GARAGE SALE —Saturday, June 29 and Sunday, June 30. 9 a.m. 79 West Beach, Wood River. Turn west off Wood River Ave at Herr Pontlac. i __ YARD SALE—3208 Edsall. Anything and everything. Also 2 Pointer pups, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Societies and Lodges 9 — July 2 PIASA LODGE NO. 27 A.F. & A.M. —Stated meeting,'Tuesday, July 2, at 7:30 p.m. Visiting brethren welcome. William H. Wagner, W.M. 9 — July 2 PIASA LODGE NO. 27 AF-AM— Stated meeting, Tuesday, July 2, at 7:30 p.m., Visiting brethren welcome. William H. Wagner, WM Lost—Strayed—-Stolen 10 10 — 28 LOST—Black poodle, wearing collar. Reward. 466-0577. 10 — 28 FOUND — Pair of aluminum framed sunglasses. Owner may have by identifying and paying for ad at Alton Evening Telegraph Bus iness office. 10 — 26 REWARD FOR PURSE STOLEN ON Sheridan Street in Bethalto. Return for personal items would be appreciated. Patricia Ressler, 254-5542. Notices 11 11 — 28 I WILL NO LONGER BE responsible for any debts contracted for by anyone other than myself. Dated this 28th day of June 1968. DAVID P. FRYE 3164 Paul, Alton, 111. II — July 29 ' -OSE WEIGHf SAFELY With Dex- A-Diet Tablets. Only 98c at Honke Pharmacy. 11 — TF Mon.-Frt. PROJECTOR BULB BURNED OUT? FOSTER'S DRUG STORE carries most all kinds. 230 E. Broadway. Open 'til 10 every ntgbt. ALTON'S PHOTO CENTER. 11 — 6 I HAVE LOST THE NAME AND ADDRESS of a car body man that came on September 10, 1967 to rent or lease my service station, located 17 miles south of Chester, Illinois on Highway 3. I would like very much, to get In contact with you. Call me collect at Glenn Exchange 618-763-2190. 7 a.m. is best time to call. Ernest F. Roclewald, Highway 3, St. Jacob, 111. Rider* 11A 11A — 2$ WANTED .— Ride from Alton to Page Industrial Center In Overland, Mo. 462-3141. EMPLOYMENT 17 Help Wanted—Mate 17 WANTED PART TIME BARTENDER—Over 25. Evening work. Write Box 910 Care Alton Telegraph. EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT Employment Opportunities For Production Workers / FUU TIMI t SHIFTWORK t. ATTRACTJYI WORKIN* CONDITIONS • UIIRAIIMUOYIIIINIMTS APPLY IN PERSON The Nettle Co., Ine. 2101 Adomi ffrttt Ofiiitt Clry, Illinois Aft MM! Opuortwlry ImpJoytr EMPLOYMENT IF^CARPBTS LOOK DULL and drear, remove^ the spots as they appear with Blue Lustre. Rent electric Mtafnpooer $t. Bethalto HatdWftf-e, 104 E. central. Bethalto 17 «*> Jufl« 28 28 July 5 6 12 13 — INDUSTRIAL construction superintendents available to relocate throughout united States and to Join permanent owner - oriented engineering - construction group. Send resume to Olln Mathieson Chemical Corp Engineering and Construction Department, PO Box 611, Wilton, Connecticut 06897. 17 — MISSED YOUR SUMMER JOB? — Subsidiary of Alcoa, has 3 openings left. 18-20, high school education. Full time year-around jobs also available. Apply Lewis ft Clark Restaurant, .Route 3, East Alton, Tuesday, 9:30 a.m. Ask for Mr. Snyder. If qualified you will start same day, No phone calls. 17 — June 28 29 July 5 6 12 13 —— YOUNG Engineers interested In gaining Invaluable experience In planning and scheduling leading to varied responsible positions in a permanent owner - oriented engineering - construction group and who are 'available to relocate throughout United States. Send resumes to Olln Matheson Chemical Corp. Engineering and Construction Department, .P.O. Box 511, Wilton, Connecticut 088B7. Help Wanted—Female 18 18 — July 1 — HAIRDRESSER WANTED—Full or part time. Immediately. 462-2866. 18 — July 26 EXPERIENCED HAIR STYLIST— With following, room for 2 stylists. 259-9840. 18 — 29 WANTED REGISTERED NURSE— Also licensed practical nurse. Also nurses aides. Blu Fountain Manor, Route 100, Godfrey. 18 — 29 LADY—To stay with elderly couple. Private room. Light work. Some time off. 254-0474. 18 — 28 NURSE'S AID — No experience necessary. Wilt train on job. All shifts. Apply In person only. 1216 Main St., Myrlck r s Nursing Home. 18 — 28 COOK WANTED — Experienced. Days, 7 to 3:30 p.m. Apply In person only. Myrlck's Nursing Home, 1216 Main. 18 — June 28 - July 1 - 2 PART TIME BOOKKEEPER — Simple bookkeeping and general office work. Approximately IB-24 hours per week. Send resume of experience to Box 940, c/o Alton Evening Telegraph, Alton, 111; 18 — 28 YOUNG, EFFICIENT—General office work, experienced on the Burroughs E 1100 bookkeeping machine, calculators etc. 254-9255. 18 — 29 LADY FOR COMPANION—To elderly lady. $15 per week. Room and board. 465-4139. 18 — 29 EMPLOYMENT Situation* WNU»Mal« 21 21 — 28 29 PRINTER, EXPfiftlBNCED IN OFFSET AND lettertfttss desires part time employment. Evenings and Saturdays, commercial or in plant printing operation. Phone 259-3123 after 5 p.m. 21 •>- 29 WANTED—Saw filing and sharpen Ing. Phone 465-6768. 21 ^- 28 DEAN'S LIST COLLEGE MAN (SENIOR)—Will tutor high school or college engllsh, history, social studies . . . Available anytime. Call 462-5345. Situation* Wtd.—-Female 22 22 — 29 "— •** —"——' WANTED — ironing in my home. 465-1603. 22 — 28 ATTENTION — DOCTORS, Dentists, 20 year old girl would like receptionist position in your office. Please call 377-9998. 22 — July 1 WILL DO WASHING, $3 A BASKET ironing $4. a basket. 259-6538. 22 — July 2 WILL CARE FOR 1 or 2 children. Days. Well cared for. Call 465-3087 22 — 28 I WILL BABYSIT for 1 or 2 small children. Very reasonable. Call 259-8136 or 509 Harper Ct., E. Alton 23 — 29 WEAVER'S AQUARIUM—For sale due to sickness. -1233 Rodemeyer off State and Grand, Alton, 111. 23 — July 1 SERVICE STATION FOR LEASE— Excellent residential and highway location. All equipment furnished. Complete paid training program. Incentive rental, information: ph. 254-3836 after 6 p.m. 377-9694. — 28 BARBER SHOP—Modern, 4 chairs. Good busines and location. Fine opportunity for young barber. Ph 465-1352. 23 — 1 OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS — Billiard room for lease. In excellent location. $500 cash invest ment required. 462-3361. 23 — July 10 SERVICE STATION FOR LEASE IN BETHALTO HIGHWAY LOCATION. Complete paid training. Excellent opport unity. For. information Call 254-3836; after 6, 377-9684. Dressmaking—Tailoring 30 30 — 29 CUSTOM MADE DRAPES—Experienced. 462-5942. 31 — 28 FULL OR PART TIME—Pre-school teacher. Easter Seal Society. De gree and/or experience in special or primary education. Salary open. For Interview write giving qualifications. Easter Seal Society, Bin and Alby, Alton, Illinois. 18 — 1 HOUSEKEEPER—For elderly gentleman. Nice home in Middfetown. Prefer stay. Write Box 060, care Alton Evening Telegraph. 18 — 1 MATURE ADULT—To care for 3 children, days, at Washington Manor. Light housekeeping. Must be dependable and able to drive. 465-4120. 18 — 29 EXECUTIVE SECRETARY— To head large local organization. Must be exceptionally neat and attractive with broad education and experience in all phases of administrative practices at the highest level of organization. Permanent position with liberal benefits. Salary open. Send resume of education and experience to Box 930 % Alton Evening Telegraph. 18 — 28 WANTED The City of Wood River Is ac cepting applications for the position of Radio Dispatcher. Responsibility of the position Includes dispatching of Police vehicles via radio communications, meeting and talking with the general public, typing police reports and performing a mini mum of clerical work. This 'position affords responsible person with security, full fringe, benefits and the opportunity to serve the public. Prefer applicant to be a mature lady between age of 25 and 50. Applications may be obtained from the City Clerk at the Wood River City Hall. Help Wanted, Misc. ISA ISA — 29 EMPLOYMENT INTERVIEWER If you have the desire to work with people, have had sales or public contact experience, we will train you. $7-$10,000. Call Mr. Mann, BR 1-2921, Snelling and Snelling. Help Wtd., Male-Female 19 19 — July 2 FRY COOK — Contact Leroy's Lounge, 6th & Tennyson, wood Rlveer. No phone calls please. 19 — 28 July 5 12 19 26 TEACHERS: All levels, 446-6152. ver 100 vacancies. Illinois, Indiana. Baker Employment, Danville, Illinois. 19 — 29 WANTED—For data processing de partment — experienced operator and tab equipment programmer or qualified programmer on a part- time basis. Knowledge of account- Ing preferred. Position should lead to head of data processing department. Send application giving experience, qualifications and so forth to R. C. Scheffel and Company, Certified Public Accountants, 307 Henry, Alton. Salesmen 20 20 — 19 20 24 25 26 27 28 29, July 1— REPRESENTATIVE Due to expansion 76 year old company needs men in Madison County Area. Dignified sales to professional and business people. If you have been looking for a dignified career with high earnings and management potential this may be what you pave been looking for. NO EVENING WORK GUARANTEED INCOME For confidential interview call MR. PATTERSON EDWARDSVILLE 656-4841 20 — 28 FOOD SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE—9 years experience. Wants door to door solicitor to set appointments. Will furnish transportation, 9 am. to 5 p.m. Call 264-3365. IRONINGS WANTED — Reasonable. 462-9463. 30 — July 12 DRESSMAKING — Alterations. Sewing of all kinds. 465-2487. 30 — June 28 ALTERATIONS—Slip covers, draperies, custom made. Beautiful fabrics. Show, your convenience. 415 E. 10th, 462-7403. 30 — July 3 WOMEN'S CLOTHES MADE Me.n's shirts made, alterations on women's or men's clothes. 254-3676. BUSINESS SERVICE Business Announcements 32 32 — 28 WINDOW AIR CONDITIONER cleaning and repairing. 259-3506. 32 — 28 SIMONIZ—$5.95. For a mirror car shine, call 254-4701 any time. By appointment, no waiting. 32 — 28 29 July 1356 CEMENT WORK—Patios, driveways, sidewalks and basements. Repairs of all kinds. Free estimates. Call 462-9107. 32 — July 8 WATER WELL DRILLING—Water guaranteed or no cnarge. Free estimates. Godfrey. 466-6210 or Rood- nouse 217-589-4909. 32 — July 20 SPECIALTY PEST CONTROL — $1 per room. Bathroom and colsets free. Work guaranteed. 254-4546 any time. 32 — July 3 TREE REMOVAL — Tree trim mlng. Hedge & shrubbery trimmed Hauling. Free estimates. Insured 254-6588. 32 — July 30 WEED MOWING—By tractor. Yard grading, driveways, trees removed tractor work of all kinds. 462-3165. 32 — 29 NEW TUPPERWARE DEALER IN ALTON AREA—Would like book. Ings for parties In evening. Also have large suply of Tupperware for sale in my home. Call Mrs. Mary Bruce, 462-4843 after 6 p.m. 32 — 28 MEREDITHS STAR SHINE CAR .WAXING SERVICE 536 South Prairie, Bethalto SIMONIZ PASTE WAX $5.95. Open Monday thru Saturday 9 til 5:30. Apointments may be made by calling 377-6752. Building—Contracting 33 33 — July 10 ROOFING & GUTTERING—Interior and exterior painting and odd jobs. 460-4330. 33 — July 19 CEMENT WORK of all kinds — Also waterproofing of basements. Free estimates. 462-2063. 13—July 26- CEMENT WORK of all kinds. Also gutter, work. Free estimates. Call 465-1290. 13—July 12. ADDITIONS—Remodeling, repairs, porches, garages, tile, paneling, concrete, roughing, painting. Reasonable. 462-2901. 3 — July 27 BUILDING, REMODELING — Repairs, roofing, concrete work. Rathskellers Specialty. No job too small. Free estimates. Jess Bunch. 462-0473. 377-8068. 13 — 29 COLLEGE STUDENT—Experienced painter and capable small repair jobs. Free estimates. 466-2727. Jay Bumpers. 33 — 28 GENERAL CONTRACTING — Roofing, guttering, painting and home repair. Reasonable, Estimates free. 462-6044. 33 — July 2 CARPENTER WORK — Cement I block laying, interior and exterior painting and roof repair. Charles Stormer. 469-1437. 33 — TF PAINTING — Plastering, removln, wallpaper, carpenter, work, roo repair. No job too small. Charle Basden. 466-4308. RENTALS Di«*rafrliig 34 34 — July 17 Clean Your Own Carpet Host dry cleaning process. Host cleans without water. The carpet Is dry, ready to walk on immediately. Superior Interiors, 1616 Main St., Alton. And Wilshtre Shopping center. 37 37 — July 19 Rio DON coMPANY~sewers, sinks, downspouts cleaned. Reasonable. 24-hour service. Electric equipment. Fully Insured. 462-0720. 37 — July 22 FOP. YOUR PLUMBING and sewer repairs, remodeling. No job too small. Bob's Home Repair, Call 465-6058. Sleeping dooms 41 41—29 SLEEPING ROOM—For gentleman. Kitchen privileges. Can be seen any time after 5 p.m. 514 Central, Alton. 41 — July 23 SLEEPING ROOM — Also furnish ed basement apartment. On bus- line. 1030 Union. Alton. 462-5970. 41 — 29 SLEEPING ROOM 462-6507. 41 — 29- 401 Albv. 2 SLEEPING ROOMS—Gentlemen only. Kitchen privileges If desired, full unyllme before 2 p.m. ^65-7030. ' Apartments—Flats 45 45 _ TF —— FOR APT. RENTALS CALL LOYCE WOOFF, 462-9797. 45 — July 2 — ACTON APTS.—37 E. Acton, Wood River. Large efficiency apartment. Heat and water furnished. $60 per month. Phone 254-6471. 45 — 28 5 ROOMS — For rent modern. 254-6139. or 222 Allen, (foot of Broadway) 45 — July 3 AIR CONDITIONED — 5 - room, Brighton. $105. Ph. after 6 p.m., 372-3098. 45 — 1 THREE ROOM UNFURNISHED APT.—Gas and water furnished. Near downtown Wood River. $65. Phone 254-8906. 45 — :' L1VIING ROOM, DINETTE, kitchen with cabinets, bedroom, tile bath, attached garage 1st floor, adults. No pets. Upper Alton location. References exchanged. Dial 465-P02G. Owner. $75 month. 45 — 29 APARTMENT—Four large rooms & bath. Heat and water furnished. Adults. No pets. Phone 465-3493, 45 — 3 THREE ROOMS &. BATH—Clean. New. Private entrance. Ground floor. Refrigerator, stove, utilities furnished. Mtddletown. $85. Phone 465-1995. 45 — July 3 FOR RENT — 3 room apartment. Duplex. Adults only. $75 mo. 259-0116 or 254-5598. 45 — 1 VERY NICE GROUND FLOOR APT. — Carpeted Hvlnx room. 2 large bedrooms and large kitchen. Ail utilities furnished. No pets. Adults only. Alton location. 259-1567. 45 — 29 3 ROOM EFFICIENCY—Stove, refrigerator, air conditioned. Private entrance. Ground floor. East Alton and Wood River locations. 466-2094 after 6 p.m. 45 — TF 1. 2. 3 BEDROOM—Furnished & unfurnished apartments. Washington Manor Apartments. 465-2145. 45 — July 30 FOR RENT — Mtddletown. 4 big rooms. Air conditioning. Off the street parking. No children. Ph. 465-5039. 45—1 FOUR ROOM DUPLEX APARTMENT — Central air-conditioning, birch cabinets, garbage disposal] ceramic tile bath, full basement, in Wood River. Call 254-3888. 45 — 29 UNFURNISHED—Four rooms and bath. Completely carpeted. New ly decorated. Heat and water furnished. $97.50. 1115 East Fifth. Phone 465-1233. 45 — 28 UNFURNISHED—3 rooms and bath Private entrances. Ground floor Disposal. Garage. Stove and re frigerator. Heat and water fur nished. Adults. Call 465-2402. 45 — 29 UNFURNISHED — Newly decor ated, 4 room, downstairs apart ment, private entrances and bath $75 per month. Heat and water paid. 922 E. 7th St., Alton. Ph 465-9283. 45 — 29 FOUR-ROOM APT.—And basement Carport. Heat and water furnished 820 McKlnley Blvd. Call 465-6070. 45 — 28 SENSATIONAL IS THE ONLY WAY TO DESCRIBE THE DIPLOMAT APARTMENTS WITH A BEAUTIFUL NEW SWIMMING POOL. DIPLOMAT APARTMENTS Phone 259-8870 Helen Brodley. Manager .J5 _ IVY TERRACE — 2 bedrooms, carpeted. Air conditioned. Heat and water furnished. $145 mo. 254-8243 or 2S4-6882. 45 — TF 2 BEDROOM APTS. • Furnished or Unfurnished • Swimming Pool • Air-conditioned • Large rooms • 10 minute downtown Alton (No appointment necessary) Woodbury Manor Humbert Road, Alton, Illinois 466-0302 45 — TF , 1-2-3-BEDROOM APTS. if 3-bedroom townhouse ir Central Air •k Swimming pool * Closets galore ir Private patio ir Wall to Wall Carpet (your choice of colors) CARROLL WOOD APTS. 254-4269 Wood River. 111. INSURANCE EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Ford SALESMEN Because of our increased volume of now FORD SALES we must expand our Sales and Service Staff. We Heed Salesmen We Need Journeyman Mechanics Roberts Ford 1862 I, MOAPWAY, ALTON 4*2.9233 Heard about / the I GOOD STUDENT discount on auto insurance? 'Good students" (B average or better) in high school or college are eligible for discounts on auto insurance. All tie way up to 25%, depending on their rating factors. f there's a young driver In your family, call me today — and learn how GOOD SCHOLARS SAVi DOLLARS on auto insurancel RENTALS Apartm«ntt—Ban 45 OEStRABLfi—V«w clean. All private. Upstalrt. Three room apartment, call 462-Jtep. 45 — 29 -—-*— —— EAST ALTON—Beautiful n«w Townhouse apartment, air conditioned, carpeted, disposal, complete kitchen, full bath and H- 2 bedrooms at $117.50, .1 bedrooms at $127.50 46S-5781. 46 — July 2 FOR RENT—3 room *P«ft«H«lt. Duplex. Adults only. $78 jtiO. 239-0118 or 484-8598. 16 -« JUlV 2 i i i a-. n . imirtirnn. VERV CLEAN—RWecOrtted. tftf*6 rooms, couple. E*cenent Alton location. 259-7877, 289-7892. 46 — Tf Furnished Apartments 46 46 — 29 FOR RENT — Nice large 4 room furnished 2-bedfoom apartment, upstairs, private bftth and entrance. 462-OsU. After 4:30 p.m. or weekend. 46 — TF CLEAN 4 ROOMS A BATH •- «1 Easton, Alton. 466-5409. 46 — Juljr 2 ..i.i .•.."-. i- FURNISHED—3-room apt. entrance. Adults only. US West Birch, Hartford. TTREE ROOM ate bath and entrance, adults only. East Alton. 289-7113, 259-2987. 46 — JUly 24 • •r,nK,.i,;,i l .i l i.ii. ll .1-1 in n NICE PRIVATE APARTMENT — With board and laundry. 2 elderly men retired or social security. Go and come as you please. 462-7857, 48 _ 28 4 ROOM FURNISHED APARTMENT—In East Alton, 377-8128. 46 — 28 SHIPMAN—4 room furnished apartment. Modern. Private entrance. Phone 278-2448. 46 — July 2 3-ROOM FURNISHED APT.—Utilities furnished. Private entrance. Couple only.- Must furnish references, 254-4034. 40 — 282 ROOMS—Nicely furnished. Utilities paid. Adults. No pets. Call 462-8411. ' 46 — 33-ROOM MODERN — Near downtown Alton, $63. Utilities furnished. 402-1427. 46 — July 2 2V4-ROOM FURNISHED—AH utlli< ties paid. 465-2164. 46 — 28 AIR CONDITIONED BACHELOR— Efficiency. Excellent location. Private. Comfortable and • quiet, New brick. Beautifully furnished, Cleaning services weekly. $88 per month. 462-1968. 46 — 28 VERY CLEAN—Modem. 3J4 rooms & bath. Utilities furnished. Adults only. After 5 p.m. 640 East Acton, Wood River. 46 — 5 BEAUTIFUL THREE ROOM APARTMENT — AIR CONDITIONED, GOLD CARPETING. ATTRACTIVE FURNITURE, 5125. 254-S660 OR 466-4870. 46 — Aug. 2 : AIR CONDITIONED EFFICIENCY —Upstairs. Clean. Closets, cabinets, nice appliances. Adults. Nice neighborhood. Milton area. $60. 462-3168. 46—29 ' LARGE MODERN 3-ROOM APT.— Near Bastgate, East Alton. $50 per month. 254-8655. 46 — 28 3-ROOM FURNISHED APT. —East Alton. Utilities paid. Private bath. $15 week. 462-3612. 46 — 29 ROOM FURNISHED APARTMENT — Upper Alton. Prefer middle age lady. References exchanged. Good location. 465-5662. 46 — 28 3 ROOMS — Nicely furnished, air- condltloned. Bath, .private entrance. Heat and water. Garage furnished. Plenty closets. Adults. No pets. Phone 466-5714. 46 — 1 THREE ROOM furnished apartment. Utilities paid. Phone 254-5593. 46 — 3 THREE ROOMS & BATH—Clean. New. Private entrance. Ground floor. Utilities paid, Mlddletoown. $90. 465-1995. 46 — 28 3-ROOM FURNISHED APT. — 819 East 4th. Phone 466-3297. 46 — 28 3 ROOMS. BATH. CLEAN—Private entrance. Utilities furnished. Garage. Adults. 462-4041. 46 — 1 THREE ROOM FURNISHED BASEMENT APT.—Single person only. No pets. All utilities furnished. Alton loaction. 259-1567. 46 — July 22 FURNISHED APTS.—Neat, clean, quiet. Two and tlyee room apartments for 2 peoplei Stall parking. Utilities furnished. References needed. Ph. 462-2479. 46 — 28 2-ROOM MODERN—Front entrance. Adults. Apply 603 Alby. INSURANCE RENTALS Furnished Aportmtrtft 44 Houses tor Rtn» 47 47 — 23 — * 3 ROOM MODERN MOUSE 1 " Inquire at 81S Edwardsville Road between 5:30 and 7 p.m. 47 — 6 BETHALTO—New duplex. Two bed« room, l'/ 2 baths. Air conditioned. Drapes and carpets. $125. 377-6088 or 377-6011. -17 — 2 ROXANA — Clean modern 6 room house, no pets. Call 254-4978. 47 — 28 FOUR ROOM MOUSE — For rent. 2i/j miles north of Godfrey Y on alternate 267. 466-0689. 47 — 29 FOR RENT—2-bedroom home. Water furnished. Gas heat. Inquire 131 Greenvlew, Glendale Gardens, or telephone 254-0760. 47 — 28 FOR LEASE—6 months. $200 per month. 4 bedroom brick home. Large living room, fireplace, dining room. Attached garage. Acreage. In city. ELVIS L. TARRANT AGENCY 1102 Milton Road, Alton, 111. Telephone 462-9792 Furnished Houses 48 ROOM HOUSE FOR RENT urnished. $115. 259-6167. 48 — July 5 HARTFORD—3 ROOM—Furnished house, utilities. No pets. 254-9693. 48 — July 3 4 ROOM HOUSE—And 4 room mob lie home. 465-1860. 48 — TF NICE 4 ROOMS & BATH—611 Eas ton, at sunken gardens. 466-5409. 48 — 28 4'/i ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE— For rent, $100 per month. In Alton. 25EI-6167. S — 29 = 2 ROOM CLEAN FURNISHED HOUSE—Air conditioned, private, utilities paid. Man or couple. SOI Leslie and Beach, Wood River. 48 — 29 BRIGHTON—Two bedroom trailer, furnished. Limited to 1 child. $55 per month. TWO BEDROOM TRAILER — Furnished. Limited to 1 child. $80 per month. TWO BEDROOM TRAILER — Furnished. Limited to 1 child. $85 per month. FOUR BEDROOM TRAILER—Limited to two children. Furnished. $100 per month. Call GENE ST. CIN AGENCY 372-3464 Garages 49 — 28 FOR RENT OR LEASE — At Edwardsville. 40x60 garage building. Gas heat. Modern. Parking at rear. At Brown and Hale. Edwardsville 656-2532. conditioned, ample , divide and tamodertfi »«t _.. suitable for store, bsatity shop ej office space 499-5588 bereft 8 p.m., 462-6414 after 6. REAL ESTATE SALE A m mmf fi^ mmt* pin i iiivnn 36A — 28 - - 10% DOWN BUILDS SECURITY WITH INCOME PROPERTY ONLY 10% DOWN buys this Investment at 422-224 Allen St family with 2<£ baths. Six room* on one floor with 4-room terrace apartment. Two new gas furnace*. 16.2% net return. Can your Wttt that? It in good condition. Bar* gain price of only ....... < f&lOO EAST FOURTH ST. — FouMttit brick apartment building. Modern with four baths. Large lot la good, solid condition. Has $J40 income. Owner moving to Florida. Make offer. Excellent Investment for ..................... ... $10.000 STATE STREET near DOwntOWB. Three unit apartment building. Private baths. Gas beat. $180 Income, Located next to Library. OWNER MOVED TO FLORIDA. Willing to sacrifice for only $10,000. This Is a Dandy. 610 OAK ST. Brick commercial building with 3 room modem apartment on second floor. Ga» hot water heat. Neede some decorating. ideal for offices and otter commercial usage. Reduced for quick gale ........... ..... 110,500 EDGEWOOD. IN MILTON — Ftv» rooms down and four rooms up. Private baths. Two furnace*. Includes large extra corner lob $145 income. Ideal for home and Income. Bargain for ...... S9,000 FOURTH STREET — Nine room two-family with 5 down— 4 up. Private baths and entrance. In very good condition. Some furniture Included. Has gas hot Water heat. Carpeting. Large lot with 4-car garage. Excellent for ........ $8,900 LOYCE A. WOOFF REAL ESTATE REALTOR-EXCHANGOR OFFICE 462-9797 716 E. 4th St. Alton ' Ed Fleming 466-3312 INSURANCE INSURANCE representing I.C.M.A. Dwight Patterson Illinois Commercial Men's Association Income Protection For Professional Businessmen & Women Do you Have it now? If not call before too late! Ph. 656-4841 For Introductory Offer: Name Address • ; . •« i,. MAIL TO BOX 3M — EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. Charles S. Price 205 N. Central 254-9SH Roxana •33 N. Wood River Ave. Wood River 8M-1251 Gene Prosser 108 East Exchange St. Jeneyvllle 498-2921 H. K. McConathy MonUcello Plant Godfrey 466-8700 John R. Bloomer Mil Washington Alton 482-0417 When Insurance that pays only hospital bills just isn't enough Modi-Cash tides you overwtth cash to keep things going. For detail* on Medi-Cash, health Insurance from State Farm, gfve me a call. Robtrtt Robtrti Roberts r«|llbY MUTUAl INfWMNW M. N*OI«9N, WlfCOMIIN 11781 HERB WALLER INSURANCE ueiau STATE ST.-ALTON PiMMM 4RH970 Dovt Winnett It N. Wood River Wood River 854-5484 (TATI HIM STATE FARM Mutuel Automobfle UMUIWKM Co. Home Office: Btoomtagtofi, IHnofe State Farm is «H you need to know about Insurance* nHVlPv IwV Stork 111 B, Atom* . Height. 2584857 L. I. Williams HIM* Grltwmtr 4l«m 104-9080 48I4M

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