The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 20, 1932 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1932
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

~~ THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK. MD . FRIDAY. MAY 20, 1931 THEE* FLEA BEETLE Five Queens Decked With Spring Beauty Crowns Many Farmers Forced To Re-| plant. Is Report. i INSECTS ARE IN SWARMS TOCY O DKAIl BILL \V. of^-s:;ed to lruig wis b\ Jui:e 1J his been ser.-ou^lv c^inase;: in pl^ce^ uie "."lea beet ' abcut tne size of the head of a ?.n that has appeareu | --il-ic'ns in ma:.y rielcs So ee- '·c- -e -s ···j" "«»r- ····· E^any firm- Serins time is Q'-cen t^r.e in all sections of '-"X c our try anc here ar- ar- hr-rroA-tiis \lx-r corn aeeei rale t.v".r re p*ct.i» tern-one* Left to right the are' Helen Costam of Hur,- "" , e ^=T.I..,.g"' vi'-ii fa\orable Dakxa 3ts"* College, B-j.ler, queen of the M .'=i?nis, Tenr- .··-: 1,^^' c-~--^s ·"" next *eek or ten City, M. queen ef tne Royal Purple. Kansas State College year Sxx*. Mar: cavTtne oTM \'.i:T^roA aisay frcm .ts Qu*en of Sa^it Ma-.-of-t--Woods College :n Indiana, and Mary Loux; «" r-~e;ny v..thoj* :ir'her damage Ole Mi^s" is tne prize beatxy of Uniiersity of ·reeks Henry On Ma\ -0 er-»ft b.'.'- v.x- 5 ^or. Th-- oiJ ·'. he bul -,r. \\lio had r«?..ihnj -lw age cf '21 since Pranvv v.di !:.$::·..· successful 111 a t«o-::u fv»i, : ea- MOB: K«:«r.?: oc or fv C.e--.v: _:·.-;. and toot 400 bet *re '.lie Germans reirea*.- Eir-\ -11 t-ie I*rc\ :\HI% i..ght Vengeance *is the fierce I-Yv-i^h aUAck. :!'or:'.!ii and 1 '.v t.-e Mrs. Karl Jacobson has just returned from her New York buying trip when $he purchased the newest styles for summer wear and graduation in all pure silk flat crepes, including beautiful whites. Prices ranging from $1.95 to $4.95. Also beautiful new summer sport hats Come in and look. Karl Jacobin · AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE HKt llitM rtCUPLKll OAMAGt LIABILITY HELFENSTEIN URNER ?ri of Brarc-n Miss c.r t ':x.s over F:o.:ch and Br.-.ith and over a Br.:.^h h^pi'.a! an;! »ere t.lled and »x«cnd«i. \ The Dandelion Poet Says: Fcr the pist ir. c.-nty has received. :rom f^rm^rs all *"er the county o tlie efrVct thit comf-elca bre be ng ' c-niagei by an m^eci that aopearec ^i rr»arms Many of the complaints cant* frcm ~ne localities of Walkers-, ill!*. Mi^idletoAn Jefferson, Le 1 *isto»"n., Market and near I^-ederxk. Mr. ·n.rj^er reported the appearance o f ' .:.e inject jo the Extens.on Service cf M^r: Isni and on Thursday Dr. Gscrge Langford. assistant en-cm^cs-st. cam* to Frederics, S.-C. con: c rred Mr. Sheniiker [ afternoon Dr. Lan;ford. : CONTRACT BRIDGE i spade tnck. ! This addiuonal up--don't fjrget to lead Us« spade once yourself, off-re ' you thro»" Bast tn ihe lead. FAMILIES MAKE PEACE BY WM. E. McKESXEY Secretary, American Bridge Campbells And MacLeans Of Scotland j End Differences. i London. Ens, May 19--Cables fron. ' london today flashfd the nen^s in a I beaere thr.t cne of the ntost c.f- small it«n that the CampoelL; one cult nands for the ocg-nner at con- MacLeans are friends again MacLean t bells ar.-i Strioe fv:: ' D_ke of Aj made 3" o Col S.r F. 'o'd wstf.-i- 1 A- :·-- !. .ic-d Col: t7* *' ·at -r.e chi'-f of :he crvd h.$ wile cf m- ,!.e ilan Ca.-r.pbel! o:^". .-re the Cao:p.-^ ^t?rnai rnrr.i: "When your liver's upside down; \ And upon your face a BARLEY MALT SYRUP \ frown, JACOB RUPPERT ARLEY MALT SYRUI l"TKe TaJk of tke TownTl ^ o^'i rcay. she ·;;e And thus ends a bifer ?nni_tv srcl Mr S-io.n~.2ker \.ti'ed a ni ·t-vv M; r .ird ^ .-: .a p r PC .i. ·.-.f brv'ujht peace ·. !.'·«: «."-·; 97 years'} : ·· Diiit ~-o-t l-is- J :·.· L-Io of M-ili J Luhl Michmf Hork--Gnu and Locknltb » SAFE WOEK A SPECIALTY J JAMES E. SOLT j J Llt-ilT WLLD1SG OF \LL MET\LS J « \ % O K K IV «R*«. ItRONZL {' ..!-.. -,..,. --- J A * u »«.V»N««.H ; :;ri M.icU-.«r.-~ are J 103 Magnolia Ave. Phone 970-J ' *ith»ui a take a Dandelion Just you go \ risk Lirge box C $1.00 tt Yoar Drujt""'' or AK-Q-9-4 VK-Q-5 4A-J-5 *A-Q-3 A 10-6*2 VA-6-3-2 * K-Q-2 AK-J-2 ..shed thrcugh the ground ana Mr-'^as an onr-na. b r i e f one no --ram^^Jv stripped the blades. Wtde the »* « *** requ-red t*o ana one-ha.. rear, had not been damaged the blades' tr.cks and on bicoab'.e suit. ere dwoured to such an extent that' splsntrcg vras regarded as the only | remedy. Dr Lir.gford staled that although i i:e flei is not a newcomer i; is far'. uore numerous and destructive, owing , -«- · . ·aeather cond.tior^. this year than ! i..^^-^. .1 i leretofc-re. The open W-nter he es- :^Lined. uas fa - .orab'.e to the propa- , ation of the insect and ihe cool eather of late, having retarded the | rov»th 01 "he co~n, made " suscept-ble t ;r the ^isec^ to feed upon He saiii. i.h a fe-.v cays of uarm -Reather the t om obtain sufficient growth to attacks. In the meantime ae re- · ommended harroT,^:g and replanting f i.elds that have been -badly dam- j geci. Ke ihc-ught by June 1 the in- j pets would disapoear. J Tne f!?a has also appeared in grass j .elds, trhich on account of pralif-c' rc^th ar e^n la-ches a dus: or spray can be effec- ] . , _ here f.elds ha'.e bees , anc "^ "~ " let; us l3ck a" tne Xortn hand -.tacied » a seno^- extent it e more economical w narrow, ana .e- qu _ t , mcks .,..- ««d that he had not ard of any serious carnage in other £ 1.12 .nst ser.ous damage had been mH-Cted this rcranty. A large attended meetr^g of the Xe's- rket Farm Btircan local Tras held in range Hall Thursday night, .n the mires- of the Eastern Livestock; Assoc.3- ;a. which corttentp.ates establish ng, ters in Baltimore for tKs e. Harry L. Davis, chairman of the :evr Market, local, presided and laiks ere made by WJbert L. Sntith, Mt easant. president cf the Farm Bu:au: Thomas S Anderson. Velloiv prings. secretary-treasurer, and Henry . Shoemaker, county agent llrs. orman Lease ga%e an interesting racing and a duet -sras given by Miss ccdenius and Mrs. Stevens. A nxn- :»- of those. present s.gned as inem- ers of 'he associa"i3n. A s:a:tJar meeting held in M' leasar.t 'WTedriesday msht at which the .arr.e speakers presented the associa- iion project u i small slam a' jomethine. ! D.stributlon 3s just as important a { factor in the play of the hand as ju.« I tricks. The \ ery fact that partner, in i T. no trurno. had annoiinced I North card. Ycu nave no long suit, to develop and ne.ther has your partner, because he opened 7.-th a no trump. It s -.cry fine to nut in a forcing bid of let us say, three spades the one no trump but v.hen partner responds Trith three no trump, do not trv to force the hand. Thousands cf DO-nto are lost annually bj* players Trtio are too enthus.asLc about p.3Tir.g large hands for nothing but slaves. You tvill v.-n a great many more pewits i in z year if you vnll take all of ;. our | re games ar;ci pass up even Dme of INEW 1 I am (ro-ng to let you play the hai^G i out -snth South the declarer, at three j no trump VTest »vould open a club. | ] The declarer ~ou!d lake tvro rounds of 'hearts. When the ten spot crops j j from West, this should be a --arning f I not to pull the th.rd heart--and here j ] -s the key to a pretty piay. Lay the j j hand out and play it yourself and ] you trill jLr.i thai you can strip Eas- j of clubc and diamonds and* thro-- him | in Ttlth a heart, forcjig him to lead j a space so that you -wtll lose only on' Puzzles ALL SIZES TO 500 PIECES Cards ^d Booklets FOR ALL OCCASIONS CRANE-S FINE STATIONERY CONKLIN PENS AND PENCILS EASTMAN KODAKS--FILMS--Developing and Printing Leonard Electric Refrigerators itorm . Shipley ELECTRIC RADIOS S25.00--SEE WINDOW smoke r ano ther.. --they don't keep it to themselves! r 7"HEN something pleases you a lot you want all your f friends to know about it. Smokers everywhere are talking about Chesterfields. That means Chesterfields suit them right down to the ground -- they're milder--they taste better--the thingd smokers want most in a cigarette I Stieff s Silver ROSE. PURI'I'A\ CLIMV.V PATTERNS U L l HM. C \ E K I l l IN STOCK EXCLUSIVE AGENT FOR FREDERICK J A M E S E. DOLL Jeweler for (h-er 50 Years 1 0nlinuou5 v. EVER ON AND ON Following the true, natural course of sound business principles, this Bank continues on and on in the service in which it was originally ordained. Recognizing its specific sphere, abiding by the dictates of both open-miudcdness and experience, it remains safely in the bounds of conservatism while practicing sound progressiveness. Farmers Mechanics National Bank Frederick, Maryland "The Bank of Personal Service' ESTABLISHED 1817 Extra Value Extra Savings On Your Purchases i r+ · 1 t t*4 A. -1 _ "feT^ __._._.£ !· Twirl Mesh Union Suits A lovely new mesh fabric. In plain pastel shades. Colors- Blue. Green. Gold. Orchid. White 29cyd Sleeveless Suits For the Utt'.e boy Sizes 2 to 6 years. Bioomer leg. Sizes 2 to 12 years. Another Sale of © 1952 LlGG£-- MlTiS TOBiCCO C$t Chinele Rugs 95c S 1.29 Size 24 by 36 Size 24 by 48 Crepe A Rayon Crepe printed in Use new light ground monotone effects 39c yd A BETTER Chiffon designs -- er.tJ-elv wa abie. A Sale of Fine Hair Nets All shades elicit ^h:tc arc gray 29c the half dozen New Sox and Anklets B;tter -sear--better jOO'i.n;-- truer shades- A r.e^ sis.prr.cnt of · Sand-White the snade for tie graduate Palmolive Shampoo Makes t« r-a:r rich aad ave^y. In attract, c ^ · -r S.z«s 6 to S'_ 25- SHOP Bennett's FOR STYLE AND VALUE

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