The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 25, 1969 · Page 14
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July 25, 1969

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 14

Des Moines, Iowa
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Friday, July 25, 1969
Page 14
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DENY MONEY FOR COLLEGES Rites Saturday For Mrs. Dwyer American Stocks By Richard L. Lyons ® Th* Walhlnaton Post WASHINGTON, D.C. - Provisions designed to slow school desegregation and punish col- . lege rioters were added by the "J House appropriations com-l church mittee Thursday to the educa- w m j^' tlon money bill for this year. ; ^ e cemetery. Services for Mrs. Clara Dwyer, 73, of 4221 Urbandale ave., who died Wednesday at Northwest Hospital, will be at 10 a.m. Satur- Mrs. Dwyer MRS. ClAftA The desegregation provision was identical to one approved W a S " b orn last year by the House, strong-; Benton, WIs.. ly opposed by the Department an( | had lived of Health, Education and Wei- j n Des Moines fare and then watered down to 70 years. She was a member of an ineffective state by the Sen- i t h e Catholic Daughters of ate. i America and the United Corn- It would forbid the federal i mercial Travelers. government to force busing of I , s " rv vors are . h . enr students, abolishing any ^ two sons ' John school, or requiring any student to attend any school against his parents' choice. HEW feared this would give congressional sanction to free choice plans designed to pcr- Moines, and James 0., of Overland Park, Kan.; 10 grand!children; one great-grandchild 'and a sister, Mrs. 1 Gcraty, Des Moines. Frances The Rosary will be recited at 7:30 p.m. today at Dunn's Funeral Home on Grand avenue. Report Strikes Down This Year WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) About 1.1 million workers were involved in strikes during the first six months of this year, sharply down fromJast year's petuate segregation and otherwise hamper Its efforts to end dual school systems. Last year the Senate added a phrase saying the government could not require these actions in order to overcome racial imbalance. HEW said it could live with that because it was not attempting to achieve racial balance. Campus Rioters -W^ h '«J- ""sUbcr Depart- r , . i ment said Thursday. The campus unrest amend-, The strikers involved ment would deny federal aid to ^ to L8 ^ cent o{ college students or. teachers who use force or the threat of force to try to change the cir- riculum or interfere with instruction. The decision of who is to be denied aid would be made by the college, and it must certify periodically to nation's total walkouts costing 18 million man-days or two-tenths of one per cent of estimated total working time, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The figures compared 1.7 million strikers in the first HEW that it was complying •, six months of i 96 8, amounting with the law or aid to the col- to 2 . 5 pe r cent of the nation's lege would be cut off. HEW Secretary Robert H. Finch and Attorney General John Mitchell have vigorously opposed cutting off aid to colleges, as distinguished from student troublemakers. But congressmen eager to punish rioters contend that colleges will not act unless it is made mandatory. Two two provisions were added to a bill providing $15.6 billion to run HEW this year and $997 million for the labor department. Set Aside More than $3 billion in other requests, including the war on poverty, were set aside because their authorizing legislation has not been enacted and must be funded later. While approving language aimed at slowing school desegre- gation,Jhe. committee~voted the full $6 million requested for civil rights enforcement. Anti-Inflation Progress Seen WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) For the American consumer, hit hard by inflation, relief is| Several batteries of SA-2 sur- still over the horizon. But some face-to-air missiles were trans- total workers and costing 29 million man-days or one-third of one per cent of total working time. Strike idleness in June totaled 3.4 million man-days, a little more than two-tenths of one per cent of total estimated working time. Soviet Air Spies In Algeria Cited LONDON, ENGLAND (FRIDAY) (REUTERS) - Russia is using Algeria as a base for bombers to spy on western navies in the Mediterranean and is protecting them with missiles, a defense expert said here today. The Daily Telegraph's defense correspondent, Clare Hollingworth, said the planes bore the insignia of both the Soviet Union and the United Arab Republic. All of the bombers were originally based in Egypt, but after Israel penetrated as far as the Nile they were sent to Algeria where they are stationed at the desert's edge, she wrote. NEW YORK (API-Following, if an abbreviated Hit of stocks on the American Stock Exchange with wiei, doting prices and n«t chentti. Corp hrench Ph co Corp »»tx It xqu eblen. H sbd iir eimonf 01 adman in Ind tevtt Tel »'/*— '/4 W/t- ' Pit— "A 9 - V< im»- v* ! Am Ba» F>e L Chem row Ch«m OBtri Corn orilni LMI inous leourd Ind Wen voy Ind _xon jnd •vr« FUfir cope Indyi curry Rtln Jtetro.. t«m«n Br 5«rvo Corp III Derm 0 •nn«r Ind arnn End »rt»l aruch FOI ell Eltctrn enrus eth Corp 19 Apple I shop Ind ofitck Cp olany Ind Bowling CP ar In HlltOnHNwt •loerner W •<olm Ind Home Oil A Home OH B Hormel GA House Fabr HOUM vu HuiKv oil Hycon Mil am dn dn Homitd dn Javelin dn Marc 19V4- f! ** •rwr Ac irnatlon AM tury Oto p Hem tea ind Kslvex Inc Iller t __ I i Ark rt not! Hotel afay .Radio ake Short aMaur Ine "oniput Eq [omput I nil t'/t 11 - =» U'/4+ V .on' •" %& osmdynt 9i Unit Albeit US Leafing US Radium Un Contain anstld TR Marltne Marley Co Marsh Ind UB?* iiryl Ind ita Cent ite P >•« PJ ,ierlcan Stock Ex- NEWYORK change Index-. High Low S2J.76 S26.34 THE TIOI= Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Earnings Vp 6.9% Leased Wire to The Register Pittsburgh-Des Mointt Steel Co., which has two Iowa plants at Des Moines, had a M per cent increase in net Income for the six months ended June 30, compared with the same period a year ago and sales rose 4.4 per cent. DM Mointt ftttjtitarpaat 14 Frl., July It. IM * bright spots were seen Thursday by Treasury Undersecretary Charles E. Walker. He said the continuing decline in stock prices may be a sign the government's anti-inflation policies are taking hold. The Dow Jones industrial average posted another loss Thursday, hitting a new low for the year. Another indication, Walker said, may be a slight drop in retail sales for May and June. Retail sales for last week were almost the same as the week before but three per cent above the same week a year ago, the Commerce Department said. However, the department added that "inflationary pres sures remained severe." E. Ivan Curtis Dies at Age 57 E. Ivan Curtis, 57, formerly of Griffinsville, la., died of a heart ailment Sunday in Washington, D.C., where he was employed as a printer. No service if planned. The body will be cremated at the Colonial Funeral Chapel in Des Moines. • Mr. Curtis was a 1928 graduate of the Iowa School for the Deaf and a 1933 graduate of ferred from Alexandria to Algeria by sea to protect the squadrons, the correspondent said. HOGS STEADY TO 25c HIGHER CHICAGO. THURSDAY (API - Livestock receipts at principal markets California Seeks Smogless Omaha . East St. Louis Thursday. Chicago — Kansas City 2,400 : 'wo 1,600 2,500 . 300 . 300 . 200 . 100 . Sioux City South St. Paul Cincinnati Indianapolis Fort Worth Peorla 4,000 5,500 5,000 4,000 5,500 6,000 1,300 3,000 100 2,500 200 100 200 400 500 100 None CHICAGO, THURSDAY (AP) - Official esflm»'«iJ lives' are 3,000 .cattle itock reeelots tor Friday ; 3,000 hoss; no sheep. House Tribute To Apollo Crew WASHINGTON,'p.C. (AP) The House paid tribute Thursday to the Apollo 11 moon mission, and Speaker John W. McCormack (Dem., Mass.) announced plans for a special session of Congress to honor the three astronauts. No date was set for the Sena t e-H o u s e session, but McCormack said it will be as soon as possible after Congress returns from its recess, sched uled from Aug. 13 to Sept. 3. The House approved a resolu tion commending "the magnificent team" and singling out the Apollo 11 mission as "the first real step by mankind beyond this planet." CHICAGO, ILL. (AP) Hogs were steady to 25 cents higher in fairly active trade Thursday. U.S. No. 1 to 3 200 to 235 pound butchers sold at $26.75 to Scolaro Charged As Drunk Driver By a Staff Writer CEDAR RAPIDS, 1A. - Anthony R. Scolaro, 45, chairman of the Linn County Board of TREND OF STAPLE PRICES NEW YORK Press wtlohttd' (AP) — Tht Allot.... wholesale prTct ndtx of .ssoclated (lf]4 average (quill 100) Net income for the latest pe- - % rlod was $6W,914 or 94 cents a share compared with $653,6)2 or 68 cents a year ago. Sales billed (completed contracts) amounted to $36,996,961 vs. $31,434,317 a year earlier. Cost of sales and other expenses for the latest period rose 3.3 per cent to $35,467,777 compared with $34,305,765 a year ago and the backlog of unbilled business at June 30, 1969 was $61,473,645, down 14.3 per cent from $71,704,308 on the same date a year ago. The company's stock, traded on the American Stock Exchange, has a 1969 range of $30.50 down to its recent level of $23.50 where the yield on the $1.40 dividend rate is 5.9 per cent Iowa Utilities Iowa Electric Light and Power Co., Cedar Rapids, had a 6.5 per cent decline in net income for the 12 months ended June 30, compared with a year ago, despite a 9.6 per cent gain in revenues. Net income for the latest 12 months was $6,811,629 or $1.67 a shafe compared with $7,279,299 or $1.82 in the same period a year ago. Consolidated revenues were $71,709,158 compared with $66,311,149. Operating expenses and taxes rose 10 per cent to $62,027,275 from $56,353,778. The company's stock, traded on the New York Stock Exchange, has a 1969 range of $20.75 to $26.25 and closed Thursday at $21.25 where the yield on the $1.30 dividend rate is 6.1 per cent. Interstate Power Co., Dubuque, had a 14.9 per cent increase in net income for the three months ended June 30. Net ,for the period was $1,514,168 or 31 cents a share compared with $1,317,243 or 27 cents a year ago. The company's stock, traded the New York Stock Exchange, has a 1969 range of $22.87 down to Thursday's close of $18.87 where the yield on the $1.24 dividend rate it 6.5 per cent. ourt, claimed the alleged con- piracy had been going on ince at least 1954. Atty. Gen. John N. Mitchell aid the suit charged Kendall defining Co., a Witco division, with making agreements with distributors to confine their ales ot Kendall products with- n specific markets and to certain customers with facilities in several territories at a uniform rice. Vei*v Bank RuUt Federal banking agencies ent directives to alt banks hey supervise, directing them o calculate earnings per share m the basis of net income after ains or losses ransactions and SACRAMENTO, CALIF. (AP) — A bill has moved to the State Senate floor which would outlaw in 1975 the sale of automobiles with conventional gasoline engines in California, which already has the nation's toughest auto smog law. The bill mously in approved committee unani- would Gallaudet College for the Deaf | Supervisors, was charged Thurs- in Washington, D.C. ! da y ni 8 ht with operating a mo Survivors are his wife, May 'Kohen), Washington, D.C.; mother, Mrs Mary B., Center- ) tor vehicle while Police said the intoxicated, charge was filed after Scolaro was involved vllle; three "brothers,'including '« a two-car accident at Fifth avenue and Tenth street S.E. Scolaro was being held late Thursday night at the police station under $500 bond. Bob of Centerville; and four sisters, including Mrs. Caroline Bills tnd Mrs. Evelyn Cort, both cf Des Moines. R. T. Sullivan Rites in Boone (The Regllter'l Iowa News Service) BOONE, IA. — Services for! Bankruptcy Petitions Bankruptcy petitions have •Des Raymond T. Sullivan, 71, of 527,been filed in federal court here Fortieth St., Des Moines, who by the following died Thursday at Mercy Hospi- residents: tal, will be at 10 a.m. today at Sacred Heart Church here. $27.25 and up to $27.75 for 1 to 2s. Steers were about steady with not enough offered to fully test the trend. A few high good and choice sold at $29.50. Spring slaughter lambs were steady with choice at $30.50. Nixon Wo'to Gun License by U.S. <S> Tht Washington Pott WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Nixon administration announced its' opposition Thursday to federal gun registration rjal make it illegal after Jan. 1, 1975, to sell a car in California which is powered by an internal combustion reciprocating engine. A companion measure, sent to the Senate Finance Committee, calls for a $1 million study of alternate power sources for cars. Industrialist William Lear told senators he hopes to deliver an experimental ste'am-pow- ered car to the California Highway Patrol later this year. FORD QUARTER PROFITS LOWER DETROIT, MICH. (AP) Ford Motor Co. reported Thursday that its profits during the second quarter were $7 million below the same period a year ago despite higher sales. Ford blamed its decline in earnings on a "continuing upward trend in wages and mate- and licensing of gun owners. The administration's position spelled out in a Senate judiciary subcommittee hearing was a reversal of Johnson's administration's support of controls. Congress rejected licensing and gun registration proposals last year. Candidate Richard M. Nixon last year endorsed federal legislation, subsequently enacted, to control mail-order sales of firearms. He proposed mandatory jail terms for persons using firearms in the commission of crimes—a proposal now being advanced by Senate Agreement For Bank Western Holding Corp., Des Moines, has completed its agreement for the previously announced acquisition of 94 per cent stock interest in First Na tional Bank, West Des Moines. The acquisition will be for an exchange of an undisclosed number of shares, but J. D Kent, jr., president of Western Holding, said that the transac tion will not dilute Western Holding's stock. The acquisition will be made by Western Holding's subsidiary, Continental Western In- sura nee Co., through outstanding shares owned by the subsidiary. Kent and First National's president, Roy M. Mes- Mrschmldt, who founded the bank tn 1939, said that all approvals have been obtained and that all documents have been executed. Effective date of the takeover U Aug. 1, they said, but shares will be held In escrow until final tax clearance. The 94 per cent interest in First National is presently hel by Messerschmidt, his wife and his son, Roy W. Messerschmidt Messerschmidt will contlnu as president and a director < the bank until Jan. 1, 1970 when he will become chairman His son will continue as a d rector and will become th bank's president on Jan. 1970. Western Holding is the paren firm for insurance, financin and other companies. Moines' Democrats. Administration oou,,., ^.. ... assets of Stewart, J»i Btwdoln it., eralor. listed debts of S5.0M, $2.<UJ ' J witnesses The automaker said its net income in the second quarter was $180.4 million or $1.66 a share, compared with $187.2 million, or $1.71 per share for the same period of 1968. Consolidated sales la the second quarter were up S per cent at $3.1 bllllM, compared with la»t year's, seeond quarter lalei of $3.7 blilloi. Ford reported first half consolidated sales of $7.5 billion, down from the $7.6 billion in the first half of 1988. Net income for the six months was $348.1 million, or $3.20 a share, compared with $390.5 million, Mr. Sullivan was a retired clothing clerk. He is survived by four sisters, • Miss Florence Sullivan and Miss Lorene Sullivan, both of Des Moines. Mrs. C. E Walker of Le Mars and Mrs. Robert E. Cox of Parkridge, III. «s., ? Thursday said there has not been time to judge the effectiveness of two crime-fighting or $3.57 a share last year. Worldwide factory sales on security after allow- nee for actual losses on loans. Banks currently calculate arnings per share on the basis f net operating earnings, ex: 1 u d i n g results of security ransactions and loan losses. The new requirements were ssued by the Comptroller of he Currency, the Federal Re- erve Board and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Mortgage foreclosures by avings and loan associations dropped to 5,930 In the first quarter from 6,68f in the fourth quarter of 1968, the Federal Home Loan Bank said. It was he ninth consecutive quarterly drop. leads Guilty International Systems & Controls Corp., New York, N.Y., pleaded guilty to four of nine counts of an indictment filed against it Wednesday on charges of violations of federal securities laws as part of a 96647 takeover attempt of Hoi- y Sugar Corp. The court imposed fines of 12,500 on each count for a total ine of $10,000. The remaining TOP BEEF AT COUNTY FAIR By Don Mohm (Tht Hituttr'i Ftrm Editor) Jim Falvey of Cambridge exhibited a 142-pound Angus steer to the grand championship in a field of 230 beeves Wednesday night at the Polk County Fair in Des Molnss. Tfc* reserve fraud eltm- •tea was • Hereford welgWag l,tM ponds, shown by Mark Rooney of Maxwell. The champion Shorthorn steer was shown by Brenda Brockway of Runnells. The reserve Shorthorn steer was exhibited by Dan Aalbers of Runnells. The champion Charolals crossbred steer was shown by Mark Perkins of Maxwell, •with reserve honors going to Mike Fltigerald of Mitchell- vllle. The reserve champion Angus was exhibited by Craig Griffieon of Ankeny. Reserve Hereford honors were won by Mike Sweeney, Runnells. Mike Sweeney also was selected champion beef showman. Champion first-year beef showman was Tyler Stockton of Altoona. The champion club group of five steers was shown by the Beaver Hustlers 4-H Club of Mitchellville. New York Bonds i ltd "A rfK Vk y, «!J I vi + 4 ajr 1 '/I + Vi HOUItF EARNINGS (LttHd Wlrt to Tht jltf Itttr), PiriM ... . ^j ive counts of the were dismissed on the U.S. Attorney. indictment motion of A .. Amtri Ne't Income t ••nk NM« Ce. Mutch 4 ricomt Arntct Sittl Ctrp. 8 ijtl Net earning* «3,4 A ihart CoVmSIa •mdMillm System < nwnHii 37MOO,00» f M.004.1 Cfirii Oil CO. 4 IM Ntt Incomt c$ttiV:.b«iy Ntt Incomt CeViVWierimenths, *m * "'»"'«?? •«•: ' S,4M,fl! .72 cAnt4nMnmiJ«ml Ntt Incemt $ 3 A shart Delta Air Lint* vttr . Nat Incemt i » A ihart .,, 207,430,0 Collins Order Collins Radio Co., Dallas, Tex., and Cedar Rapids, has been selected by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to provide two 210-foot diameter space communication antennas for deep space instrumentation facilities. Cost of the antennas was estimated at $30 million. The antennas, to be located near Canberra, Australia and Madrid, Spain, are expected to be in operation by 1973. They will be used to send commands to and recover data from National Aeronautics and Space Administration planetary mis- Prudential Insurance Co. of America said it entered the mobile home field by forming a partnership with American Mo- )ile Corp., through Pic Realty Co., a Prudential subsidiary. Prudential said it will provide approximately $20 million or the development of mobile lome parks and the sale of mo- rile homes throughout 13 western states. Each park will have space for from 200 to 1,000 mo- rile homes which will sell for an average of $10,000 each, the company said. B. F. Goodrich Co. again urged its shareholders io reject the Northwest Industries, Inc., exchange offer for Goodrich shares. In full page newspaper advertisements, Goodrich pointed to antitrust problems, the dismal outlook for Northwest Industries and the favorable prospects for Goodrich. Top Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc., officials recommended rejection of a $35-million tender offer by Los Vegas hotelman Kirk Kerkorian, for 17 per cent interest in M.G.M. "In our opinion, the offer of Kerkorian to purchase a million shares of M.G.M. common stock at $35 a share is inadequate and not in the best interest of the shareholders," Edgar Bronfman, chairman and Louis F. Polk, jr., president of M.G.M., said. Philip Morris, Inc., announced that it has purchased the balance of W. R. Grace & Co.'s shares in the Miller Brewing Co. The acquisition boosted Philip Morris's holdings in Miller to approximately S3 per cent. On June 12, Philip Morris paid $130 million for all but the 3 per cent of Grace's S3 per cent. The firms agreed at that time that Philip Morris would be able to get the remaining Incomt 1»e,5W,000 431,5tt,600 1,1)3,000 UJOO. M,57S,0'00 *34S $ 3,J75,«J ),OM 140,700,000 »'month* Ju'nt 2.000 $ 4,031,000 PrttMrt Sulphur Co. I'll NtTTneomt » W Athtrt Net Incomt A shart ;,*i 47,770, I 4,343,000 '« IM75.0I , 112,445,0 Intrv Item < Itnal inc. < 'AA P'tfo fSKft KiiVk lncrr,jv4H» no i +i'/4 44 101 II 7: 42 4: Ttnnteb Ttnntce IV* 10 74* V4 I V4 10 '/4 —'.'A KJ; NEW YORK (AP)-N.Y. Bond, x tlnal total 9us day no „._... i too ftar tie - vtar* ar- lan ;• 'to daft Ml to data .. — to datt.-.. IM7 $J8lM7 ' <> ttV.rrm.nm. $' Natlneomt S 2,7 frit 1.3S Norf Am.rtcen Reckw.ll » month, jui "tebmtt * u,m.m $ n-ni^ ecttn'orllllM * •wltrtlltn Ct. 1 mwlht NtTtietmt t 1,341,000 $ 1.SM, 4*?& month. »t ,,,'7,4000 Net Incomt I M.IM.OOO » i«,7t4,uw - *tr h Affc«H » •"•"«5 i ,i 11 W 1 , **j 9 ,u o» gat Ineom* I 4,244,411 f 3 ' 5M y ) {J UhYiS Chemical. IK. f month. Ju'nt Produce Markets Iowa Produce jrally .._. luceriat! mdtei u .m. diyi hour* tndtd 11 t.m ' for No. 1 qugllty JlgH tots or more 7-evie, i l-7c, moitly Chicago Produce Ntt Incomt A ihart Ntt Incomt A ihart Sales. , 3,*37,( t 3,407,000 14,441,000 Icrtw » itll 4 mtnlti* J Ntt Incomt t 1,0 LJ»: sAtta TJef Incc fmwitnt J Incomt 11 7,117,000 751,7,7 lit market ttetdv. ..... $4.75; California round S; Text* round rtdi not tu Produce Futures uying nof CHICAGO, THURSDAY (AP -Future* trading on the Chicago Mtrcantlle exchange Thursday: &•• R£ Apr. LIVE 11U5' cars, trucks and tractors in the UM ndam and claimed ex iisteq oeois or »,UM, ind claimed exempt ;Claln, MU i. Thirty$ ? ^USt» 5 «'"S : laws "enacted last year:" The: first six months ( ...,..,,.-,,„ v ». Control Act and the Crime at 2,520,064 units, down 5 mad 5 ' exUpt Control and Safe Streets Act., cent from the 1968 figure sMf.**'/; T ne y a " so sa 'd nationwide i 2,659,348. '" * ° registration would vastly in- the costs of adminis- and would overwhelm sions during ofi 1980s. the 1970s and of Kendall Suit The government filed suit asset* e « f "Sfe 0 ' I56C an<( c '* lm * < ' Memi " and clalmed IM existing exempt er. enforcement manpow- Cocoa NfcW YORK, N.Y. (THURSDAY) (AP) res c her. — Cocoa futures closed 12 points lower to 44 Points higher. Salei 1,772 contr ' July 42.Mc, Sept. 43.f ~ - ' 4\.»4c, May 41.I7C, <2.04c. Dec. s—nominal. 41.3SC. Scot Accra s49V,c, ts. charging the Witco Chemical Corp. with conspiring with distributors to allocate sales territories for Kendall Petroleum Products. The civil antitrust complaint, filed in Erie, Pa., federal 3 per cent available. when it became Decision on Mars Soon: Von Braun HUNTSVILLE, ALA. (AP) An elated Dr. Wernher von Braun told a crowd of 13,000 celebrating the success of Apollo U Thursday that the United States could commit itself within a year to putting men on Mars. The German-born rocket expert who designed the Saturn V rocket that launched Apollo 11 on its historic space voyage said two unmanned probes now nearing Mars will provide some information for such a project. "If we find that information interesting enough, we will have a commitment within a year to put a man on Mars," Von Braun said. ItuiSoYetck-wt I Ntt Incomt A shart 31 15.5M.U4 nfnittt'oH t* MIIM Tmtnlk* Juw Net Incomt U h ; ^fernV^l July Japt. Oct. > 40,1*0,000 tfl.OOMN 1',,, '•*** I 1.101,1 1*1 *>•«•'$ WORLD BANK BONDS Tht _ W and and thirty tsKtd vices quoted In dollar* —indl. Potato Futures V$ W sr 1 ^ 42.55 43.30 i 47.1t «i i'Jw. 1»1 rlOtl EC ?? ,:8 m** 6 3 S « at, sTTtf a Bitter Market rtatrt on Iowa- i ry Sulk butttr as milk and crttmf mostly moitly mostly , ven by <ha Federal-State Market New* Itrvlct: Otmtnd uneven generally no more than lair) prlctl Unchanged; *up- Csffee (THURSDAY) (AP) — Inactive. Rr • ,„ WM llnhf ' iTtrll Inactive. Aoaster as light. Price* the rlie in 4 NEW YOB 1C (1 tato future*: Mt] w VS - IM» tantoi No. 4 tx-dack closed ®.wWrfWl* tulurn cloMd quIeT, no tales;

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