The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 15, 1934 · Page 5
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 5

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 15, 1934
Page 5
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SUNDAY. JULY 19, ItM •ne r A*ts NEWS. H. McCuistioh ELIJAH HEARS GOD'S VOICE Reported by EUaabeth I>uvall The time of this lesson is ap 909 years B. C. W ieft Elijah in our last lesson under the juniper tree In the very depths of depression. He had beeu a conspicuous hero only But God was not in either these great spectacular evehts- But the still small voice followed, in that the prophet recognized the voice of Jehovah and at once covered fais face with his mantle lest seeing God he might die. Jehovah repeated his question and the prophet gave about the same answer. God gave him two answers. One was that he was not v i o u s. had thought that he had reformed the kingdom o£ Israel, that ido!- ttry was stamp- id out. that the of Jehovah \vas exalted and triumphant. But he received a message from a. wicked woman •which made him lose courage and tlee for his life. "While under the juniper tree in •uch deep and real distress lie tell asleep and an angel touched him an<i suggested that he arise and eat which he did, then slept a few days pre- alone, that, there were 7,000 per- again. After a. time the angel touched hint the second time and reminded him of the necessity of taking further nourishment for Hugo Host to Aged Doctor Who Sought Many Groups ^attire's Treasure Dies mountain*^ I>r. bad collection of ~anil*n. At on* dm* h* probably h*d tto* most unusual collection of antlers in the entire -world, bat a, fire •which destroyed a. cabin in •which he, lived way back in the HUGO, Okla— Ku«o * Ul be the freaks TAI^HINA. dt*. - CollecHn^ in e various healin* herb. and thin«. produced -toy nator* coald | Baptist Rem*l hare .had an interesting rl»lt -with the doctor but &e kept secrets darkaville !• i th* Kiajalchi mountains only for | CLiARKSVHuL.E. thoee who really cared aa<3 the curiosity seeker was not encouraged- He was taken about a week valuable thins* Pro- , other objects , and found meetin* place for several ersaui- duce<1 by nature for amusement i visiting: singers from bite «d he 1 Buffertos" a complication of aii- Oklahoma, Texas and meet at the Methodist V vbo died Wednesday aa <i when soaked and the Matthews Sisters of l>al-} j ty o f Pennsylvania, he lived ^^ las. quartets from Ada and Ida- j many years in a little log cabin I ^^Tg "Jntij ~- bel will attend and Congressman j[beside U. S. Highway 271 n « ar !<Jrawn out the Doctor said- Wilburn Cartwright is expected to j Clayton- ' ' the «tonc address the afternoon session. sons in Israel who had never bowed a knee to Baal nor kissed his image. The next answer was that he should set out of seclusion and pessimism and go back to his work. He was ordered to the wilderness of I>aniascus which was a neighboring country. He was commanded to anoint Hazael to be king over Syria, also to a.«- oint Jehu to be king over Israel and then he was to go down to a little farm home in the Jordan valley close by the city of Abelma- | ha!a and anoint Klisha, a prophet ' in his stead. The young man who was anointed king: of Syria was a captain under Ber.hadad the Second. He proceeded to assassinate his king in order to make the prophet's -word good. John succeeded Anab and tlie journey ahead of him -vvas | Elisha became p-opbet in Elijah's long- The prophet was obedient j stead. and in the strength of that meat j -This completes the lesson story, he wen 40 days and 40 nights, j xiie thoughts to be emphasized arriving at Mr. Horeb. This was j are f j^t O f all that Elijah was the .scene of many historic and himself a spectacular man. He •was erratic in his movements and his dress. Ke was dramatic in Use utterance of bis prophecies- He societies from the odist Protestant churches in Hugo, Paris and Cooper, Texas plan a picnic supper at Roebuck Lake- Beginning Wednesday evening •with an open house program a district association meeting of th-t Rebekahs About his sabln in a -well con- E»r. Richards came to the KJa.-1 strucied fence wh i c h encloses a {series of large bo to hunt and fish and enjoy his va- 15 inches and shaped like the blade of a scimitar. He also has the antlers of two bucks locked together. Both were full grown and died from full 1 lack of nourishment after their pine cones which were Dr. i horns had become locked during cations in the pine forests. His , Rictj3Lrds - nia j n source of income- a fight. Dr. Richards said. health failed him in the city so He conected p j ne see ds for the he brought his books and moved | governnient and received orders out into the hills to regain that j f<?r thejn f ,^ m pr iv a te firms in i Announcement Made Of morning: and evening Sunday tctarlc the close of a revival campAlga i» progress the past two w«*k* i» First Baptist church under direction of Dr. vV_ E. B. Ix>ckrld«e. ot j First Baptist church *t. 'Terrell. ! He has been assisted by Mr. and song services and young CLARKSVIIX.E. — Mrs. J. Milan of Clarksville announces the 1 Services held rwice dai&r hav* marriage of her daughter. Mrs. i been attended by increaain«iy Majorie Bnney to Clarence Colbert ! large congregations and tne pas- of Har'.ingen. the ceremony ha-.-- | tor. the Rev. J. P. XeaL announce* ing been performed in rbe parson- *a large number of new members age of the Methodist church on 1 has Keen secured- Oth«r churches July 7 in Harlingen. They will live j dismissed evening which he had lost. He be held and Thursday evening the I and fish : | in Georgia. Alabama and other j. the plants, animals j places. He got these seeds by col- j probably is not flecting the cones and putting them ; bottoms regular lodge work will be put on. 1 a ny° n « in all of eastern Okla- | in the frames, the ' homa's mountains who knows -which are a heavy meshehd screen Approximately 100 out of town visitors are expected. 1 more about them than he did. The Monday evening at 7:30 a train- I i loss of his books and earlier col- ,ng school will begin at the Kiret j Actions in the fire did not hind- I er his research as he cawied most events. God had sat '"the mountain for a time •when Israel was encamped at its bass, Moses talked with God, J probably relied too much on these - plans were laid for the further j outward evidences of inward historv and welfare ol the Hebrew i power. The storm, the earthquake -•* • j and the fire were experiences in his fear and dream given to convince Him that God If he could be near the -as not dead » be had P"babl> thought in his moments of deepest depression and that noisy and sacred, mountain it would be a comfort to him. his faitli had fallen to a low ebb. x\Thi!e there -_- ^ unl<?ss . here the voice .of Jehovah came to him j P ^ sufficient re ^on. and the Question asked was. • Ed- \\ f ^^ ^^ t-eco»-d. tells us that God jah, what doest thou bere? "} ; vas ^ e tther'to' the storm. the There is an air b£ rebuke ia the | ear:hQU3ke r _or the fire. Men can- Otiestioa as though Elijah had no •. nQ business there. The old prophet : at once began with a long list of excuses: he had been very jeal- Baptist church here under the | direction of the Rev. and Mrs. ! of h!s information in his head. "VV. A. Roberts. H. Tl*. Young and" He knew the curatve affects of Miss Blanche Mays of Jonesboro, Ark., continuing throughout the the herbs, which he collected and sent to the houses. He Sunday ! tain folks in superstition regard- •week. Mr. Roberts -w-ill teach } studied the beliefs of the moun- "Building a. Standard School." Mr. Young's course will ! be "What Baptists Believe," Mrs.! Roberts will be ia coarse of the | young people's work and Miss j Mays will have charge of after- • noon social meetings. i When it rains, the cone shuts up tight keeping the moisture out and > thereby protecting When the sun shines the cone almost doubles in size and opens its petals like a shakes the cone and the seed falls out to be caught in tne screen at the bottom of Ever since coming to the Kia- At The Lamar convinced by • and cruelty. Appeals in of our heavenly father _ be made in harmony with on* for God, he was heart broken ! t fc e jrscidc-iit of the still small voice. Israel had slain the next thought is that in de- prophets. had thrown dotrii tfce j pre ssion. in hours of loneliness altazv finally winding up with the j a _ re ver;-" apt to think that we slone that ha oi all loyal Jsra- are Comedy. romance and beautiful music .will attract many to -the L^amar Theatre Sunday and Mon- t5ay to see "Melody In Spring." But more people will come to see tae new leading man I^anny Ross. Ross, hailed as a second Bing Crosby, is given Jus screen debut by the same studio that presented j Crosby to the film fans a year | ago. And he fulfills all expecta- j tlop. Ross, has a marvelous tenor f voice that records as well on tb.e! screen as it does on the radio. He j is young- and extreirely handsome. I And he turns in a neat job as an actor in his first screen appear- i ance. . | Charlie Rugrgles and Mary Bo- j land, that grand comedy j.eam. are en band to assist Ross in his ini- ual film appearance; and. as usual, are immensely funny- Ann Sota- ern. Ross's "love Interest." is dec- the elites" -was left and his enemies j v, e a i one was left and that b!s sougiJt to take his life away. God j ^r^jj^g sought to take away his commanded that he stand at "the ( «fe, Jehovah made it clear to znouih or entrance of a cave, he | him that there were 7.000 in Is- Elijah told God that j orat ive, and sings well d tiers. "Melody in Springr," with a Kiss," and "Tee Open I Road r * are tae three songs Ros? j there. witnessed a storm of such j rael who have never bowed their j sjng^. All three give evidence of j inrensitv that it b:ew and split ; knees to Baal. This ^-as a rebuke | beincr outstatuiins hits, and were I the rocks and then there came S to the prophet. If he had stood j ^j.,;..^^ by I>ewis Geusler. an earthquake that shook the { his grrotind instead of running ne j lyrics by. Keetie Thompson. j and then there was a i might have changed the fate., of j u is easy to predict an extensive! = _„ f 4«- wv-*ch licJt-'d up all h" e -J"= d » ni but he fled and l * fi [screen future^for Ross. Kss voice | •*»---* - . fce T,0oo who wouia have been f j s ' y-iifcc that of any other screen ; loyal supporters if he had remain- j s ;y«g.»r. and he plays a different . ed true as a leader. type of character, bringing a fresh | combustible matter round about, j is J. E. Trumble now ]prrTJis..t!ent.Jr*' located at the Bonhs-rn St. Jewelry Music Store where he has .-opened an, -office for repair. piajios -and violins, and rehairing bows. Call SS4 \Vbcn Too Kee-d The next thought Is that the I 7.000 had been greatly heartened j by the bold, daring and asTrcressive | stand taken by Elijah on Mt. Car! rr.el. They had been too tir->id ' previous to that time to stand in S ibeir Ftrengrh ari-J manifest their I loyally Sn th*s fac* of such terri- | h'e opposition. KHjab therefore i lost thu greatest opportunity in • Is is life o? doin?: good wheTi he <3e- ] j-crtf>a bis post irs fear and fled i for hi? life, ' T<HE Cold \Vmrermelons- g f teed. \V. A. NASH. p-ersonaUty to the screen. : Pushniataha Contniittee Discusses Farm Bill AXTT-SRS. Okla, —Twenty community comniitteemen, in charge of field work in the county cotton adjustment plans, under the Bankhead BUI. attended a school of instruction here Saturday, supervised by the County Farm Agent George Irmes and Robert ^ cotton adjustment officer. f Entire Legion Post of j Antlers to Convention j Sec the Sensational New Electric Refrigerator Features, Exclusive With The Famous CROSLEY Shelvador Tested and Approved By- Good A br»3«t;f jx housTh^M rt:r"5*l with Shelvaclor. Shelva- he % r-*.'if v «*"f ; .-•: i?ror:ibin. i^e V«?nttJ»ted Front and all -j.^j .y f.;. : .;vjr-fs. ^.5 t~;luc fr*"t NET capacity; •?.*» f-rt. of ?lr*Jf !»pac«*. «N- C- M A, ratinsK Two ic* tray?. uniy of "1 c-«J?*?- 4C cub*s in all. and OT>.«? o. for fre^EJnj: d*-ssert*i. Porcelain interior. vs whir-? I."»<NJ«»-T *-xtcric»r Trimmed Jn Mack, ^*:s: "^ ;> ?-:&" h!?:^: "3 7-S" wifJc; 24 7-16" de^p-. $135.00 I>«lJvcry. Installation. Ot>c Tear F>re Sen ice The Greatest Advanc^nent Since Electric Refrigeration Tins 1 Sh'el^-t^or f«-r»tHi«* sS<rnf off^ru -*o many a<ld«d convrn- i«n«rm and tt^vflnisK^*; thHi H \\** pained -wldwpread r»coj- n**Jon as th". KTS'-i'-rs* dfv^Iopmrnt slncf electric r^fr'sfr^- tion. Th« 9ih*-'lv*>* ;r? ti.e door Jn' s r*%-*?.f th«» usaM^ capacity 5« p*r CfSJt- Jusit ihft pL-rc^ for butter, *x»con. *5HfS atid other nail articl'-x Opon tn<? door sn<1 th*re th*y are. V findas-'r. Sa-v* tStr,*, ««ff<>rr. cxirr^nt and Value! Vnmatched Outstanding Beauty! Long* Trouble-Free Service UQDGERS ANTLERS, Okla.— I-eaders of ^ the- American L.egrion POST, in- j eliding Leo C- Sharp. Post Com- ; macder. Lewis IsbelL District Ad- | jatant, and Biii Brock, commit- ! te man. Saturday announced tbe j body of tic local post 73 paid up members, attend the district meeting of the Legion at At oka. M on day, Juiv 15. Former Hugo Resident Dies At Siiawnee Home HUGO, Okla — Mrs. Gordon Moore a.nd sons, Gordon and Kenneth. ai:d Bob Woodson, Bill Kii^: a.nd E- H- Basley leave early Sunday for Sliswnee to attend | the funeral at 3:30 p. ra, of Bdwtn ' Moore, father of Gordon Moore. I Mr. Moore di-^d Friday after a \ two weeks illness, tie formerly ; lived here where he founded the j furniture busness now- operated •; by his son. Survivors are his sons : A. G- Moore, Hugo: Charles and | H. 1. Moore. Shawn**. XV*. E-' Moor*. Okmulgee. J. 1*. Moore, | Oklahoma City; K, P. Moore. ; I Bald Knob. Ark., and Mrs. J. T. j 'idwell. Beebe. Ark., a. daughter. I | and a brother. Sam Mcore. Lrittie j \ Rc»civ. i P 1>" CHOCT.VWT COUNTY R-\CE VO K1*GO. Okla.—-XVlthdr»'wa?s in | political races OT«r th« state was foJ!ow*d Friday by -n-lthdra-n-al from th« commissioners rac« In th» Huj-o district of Fr«*d XVhite. runn*r-ur to K. M. Durland, pr*sr»nt cTTr.missloner. Mr. \\*hJT« received t* rt l to Mr, Emrland's IIS? voies. Mr. White era**e as hi? reasons for •« ithdrawing frons the rac« that it -\-ou!d b« possible, for htm to continue ss foreman of the C. C. C. camp la McCurtaln county. TO THE VOTEKS Op PRECINCT ONE J. A. < Arthur > Johnson, jtcrvjnjr his first t^rm r><t Justji ppace. Precinct On<», Place - vlt«« the closest invT*5tigation of] his puMic «n<J private record and { yolicits your *«prort thereon for | on* more t^rni- • Political Adv.) of In- NOTICE All water bills remaining: UNPAID after the IStfc of tfco month | »r» subjtct to tv*Jn« cui off with- J out further notice, SUPERINTENDKNT. OF -WATER WORKS Largest Assortment of Piece Goods In Northeast Texas NEW LOW PRICES Savings Are Greater Now! SPECIAL SILK SALE 1,29 and 1-49 Valo*» SUMMER COTTONS 9Sc Chiffon DC Chine f f 89c 5e«micker v^l"lC, 1.25 Eyelet Batiste V/V/W Group m fine conon sroods .... all the light pastel snides .... and sJ! at this ridiculously lo« r price. A s^eat saving for you! 1.66 Organdy Cellars -". ..."."59c Sheer Cool SPECIAL Voiles, Batistes and Organdies Hundreds of yards for your selectio for only 17c, lie Organdies, Voiles and Tissues Xe~f patterns in a bis selection of mid- colors 22c person really interested in ' in Harlingen. SUMMER STORE HOURS: Week Day* 8iOO to Saturday S:OO to »:OO *lNTWt PU6UC FAVOR »NCt I9OT TRAVEL SUITS and DRESSES your vacation and wear later NAVY TRIP! SHEER Chiffons For Trarel §> Cool: and verv praciicaH 77^ Specis.1 .silk deau-up! 25 pieces of-triple .sheers a.nd flat crepes in summer patterns, stripes.. dots r/very speciall - Special Broadcloth and Romper Cloth e* to 13c at & cleaa-cp price-. Mcrst are llsrbt pastel yh yd. MEXICAN CURTAINS 2 IA Yard* color combinations !<J-?a! for «s*mrner- tiine- 1 19 Wise Women Know CaddeFs HOSIERY Ringless Silk Sealed Dexdale, Ring Free Hummin.c Bird, and Gordon V Une. chiffons. Very deiaU . - dainty lirrle patterns that suggest smartest summer designing. Srnart collars that form a jacket-like neckline. Long and short sleeves. You'll be gl^d to l?e seen any\vhere in these smart sheer ns.vjes ihai sre H of any smart One and piece styles that «'ill be so important later, too! You mus* nave one of these smart suits for your 'vacation! One thrills ^ith the dramatic details of rhese one, r-o and three-piece SAT- with tailored \vhite and flesh oraed sus. Black, browa and navy lead the parade and you ^'i!I lead the fashion "vearirt? one of these $100 H,. New Felts Small and Large Brims of Course Black Brown Navy 5 Decidedly pev .. and just received in time for yt>ur summer travel and early fall wear! Everyone that has looked si these rse<.v smart felts has been intensely interested. See them. l\ Thr^e outstanding tines that we absolutely guarantee satisfaction or another pair. All the new mid-summer shades. Why Not Let Your Child Go To The Chicago Fair? Mrs, Alexander Is plann*ng another party for th« fair to l*ave about>mt .First.- Se« h*r for fxill detail*. Th*s cost is surprisingly lo-w. SKCOXI* FLOOR

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