The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 26, 1959 · Page 13
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 13

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 26, 1959
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

Airlines Won't Weigh Most Baggage in Future Steak Can Be Broiled on Surface of Motor Cl.KVi:i.ANI)— A molnr thni operates nt l.OOO dcRtccs Fnhr- cnliPit—so hot you onn broil n w/AcuiMr-TriM . . ,slPnk on its oiiifT siirfiicc —Is VVASHlNGrON —(/?)—• llipJiRiiruiR one nt Kit) pounds irvclpsiKiu-d to nu'ct Ihr needs of scheduled airlines announced|.suiiiniertinie nnd 105 pounds,!very hot supersonic aircrnfl Saturday a new strcnmlinedjlwause of heavier cIothinR. in! Special bcarinRs pure siivcrj''"''''"'' RACINF StTNBAT BTTLLRTtN July M. 1M» S*e. 1. r *W li Hold Funeral Rites for Douglas McKay SALEM. Ore. — (/P) — Funeral services wore held Saturday for Douglas McKay in the Mouse chamber of the state method of handlinR passenper wintertime. baRRage on domestic fliRhts. ! Under the new bagRURe rule. They won't weiph it any;'f y'""" bnR looks heavy the air- more—unless it looks like it e.\-,l''ie "ifi.V want to weiph it any- wire, and special insulation kept the motor RoinR 100 hours. At such a temperature copper wire oxidizes or becomes use- McKay, who died Wednesday of a heart ailment, was a former governor of OrcRon, President Eisenhower's sccrc- cecds the 40-pound free limit. |way—to see if you owe excess less as a conductor of eleclric-j lary of interior, and nt the time The Air Transport said ^•''"'•p'^ for poundage beyond ity. and ordinary insulntionof his death chairman of the the Rovernment has approved the new method of estimalinR passenger baggaRC loads in-: stead of weighing each piece. \ The association said it will save passengers lime nnd thc| airlines operating costs. One airline estimates the new pro-' cedurcs will save it $150,000 n year. Each piece of checked lug- igage will be figured as weighing 23'4 pounds, and each piece carried by the passenger on the plane at five pounds. For some years, tl.e airlines, ihave used an average weight for passengers them.solvcs — the free limit, burns or melts. I American section of the In­ ternational Joint Commission. Leading the procesfilon Into the chamber was Oregon Gov. Mark Hatfield in his dual role as governor and President Eisenhower's representative to the funeral. CONFEDERATE POET Sidney Lanier, one of the most important of American poets, fought with the Confederates in the Civil War. AP Wlif photo Mrs. Richard Nixon, right, smiled at a bouquet of flowers presented to her by Mrs. Frol Kozlov after the Nixons arrived in Moscow. With Mrs. Kozlov, wife of the Soviet first deputy, was Yuri Zhul^ov, minister of culture, center. Mrs. Nixon Distributes Preser)ts at Moscow Children's Hospital MOSCOW — lAn— Mrs. PatjlonR I'rench bread, the smilinRJtourist Nixon handed out lollipops and'"an i)ehind the stand gave chewing gum at a children'si'^^ "'^^ '^^^^^^ ^^^'t'ral to , 1. 1 c . I I lothers m her party. He wou d liospital Saturday and re-;,^ke no money, ccived sponges and flowers as Presents Flowers exchange U. S. Protests Attack on Navy Plane by MIGs WASHINGTON— (A') —The U.S. has fired a strong protest at Red China and North Korea over the June IR attack by MIG jets on a U.S. Navy patrol plane. The State Department JJPJ I termed the incident "altenipled 'I'he market administrator, a gifts at a farmer's market and a department store. j42-ycar-old woman in a long The lollipops and chowing |White coat, hurried up and in- gum were left behind in a mix- troduccd herself and then hur- up at Spaso House, the U.S. ried off to get a bunch of ambassador's residence wherclgladioli, which she presented! Vice President Nixon and hisjto the visitor. ^_ rates , three small mushrooms for SO.'iii"''!" "^'^ "^'^ '''R '^ S^"^ " j.p,^ts. T'""^ government dematuleii She attracted little attention;«he Communists act im at Gum. the big department!"i<^'''""^'y "> pnnent further store. She bought a couple of;''*'*"''^^- It asked that those Russian dolls for her daugh- rasponsible be punished for Hit unprovoked attack Sea of .lapan. over the wife are staying during their! Mrs. visit to the Soviet capital. But squash another mixup saved the day. — —~ Reporters, late because of ^a n M. II \kM language difficulties, got to ^hells rireci Dv WarsHiD Spaso in time to takej*"'••v.x* wj TT VAi^iiip the big white box of sweets along. Mrs. Nixon, already almost through her half-hour tour, happily distributed them in a surgical ward. ters, Patricia, K?, and Julie, 11. which cost about .$1, and five small lacquered wooden boxesj for about 68 cents apiece. iHikO Rate On Loons "I enjoyed it very much." , r It u ishc told the administrator of tor Lollege HoUSing Nixon iniught g small the toy department, "it's a love- for about 60 cents at ly store." Almost Sink Fishing Boat PENZANCE, England—(-q')- WASHINGTON —(yl'l— The government Saturday an nounced an increase of \\ of one per cent in the interest rate tm college housing loans. The new rate announced by the Housing and Home l-inance Agency is per cent, up from 2% per cent, effective .luly 1. The smile of a blonde little an investigation Saturday into girl with pigtails, who was just;^ 05 ,^5 ^1 and Sullivan comedy !neighborhood. A few minutes; Britain's Royal "Navy launchedilater the admiralty came on^ The agency attributed the in- that almost turned into tragedy. over an operation, showed just how important the gift was as she contemplated the dream lollipop. Sucks on Lollipop A 3-year-old boy .suffering'?,"*^'"'^*''KBest ""'s^"" from ugly back l)urns popped ^ <'"y f'^l^'^R an orange one into his mouth^"^ water, right away and sucked on it while lying on his stomach. At the hospital, with its 800 .... beds, she asked to be intro-'^'^P"'"^^" ^''^ "'Rf'^'"a'"ish duced to the children just as "P'^'''*^"'^^ ^f^^""'^"'^kinR Satur- an American visitor, not as the wife of the Vice President. Like ail children, she said, those she popped in on "seemed to appreciate a visitor," Mrs. Nixon, in travels with her husband, has visited hospitals all over the world. "It Is (he only way you can get to the people and lot them know you're interested in them." she said. Beside visiting the hospital she went to a free market. Rus-I "A few minutes later another aia's biggest department store.!hang was accompanied by a and then joined the vice prcsi- f'Tih and I shouted for those dent to attend an agricultural '^^low to come on deck. the radio. crease to a statutory formula "They apologized and much '"^^''^'''^ Vy^'" "^"^ regretted that I'd been «»ielIcd."i;';ji ;X ,ns. rate on all federal Within a few miles of this said Pender. "They .said the setting of Gilbert and Sullivan's;^^'"^ 1 L.-iOO-ton' "The Pirates of Penzance." almost FOUNDED HARTFORD cruiser Belfast that failed to seci Thomas Hooker moved from us on their radar. They said the Massachusetts Bay Colony 3 ""'r there w'ould be a full investiga-in 1G36 to found Hartford, "'tion." iConn. It happened Friday night. Chief Engineer Clifton Pender of the trawler Lyoncsse told "Great Crash" "Our ship is owned and manned by our family. We come from Mousehole, not far from here. Five Fenders were aboard. "We were fishing night when suddenly we heard a great crash. It broke the peace jof a very pleasant night. "I thought at first the propeller had hit a shark. fair. Sell Surplus At tlie busy market, where farmers sell surplus from collective farms, she was "They came just in time to .see a salvo of aliout a dozen shells pitch into the water with- producei'" V'-^rdR to starboard." The .salvo was followed i)y recognized by women in kcr-,'"^"*'^'^'"- chiefs and working men. Ai "By this time I was shouting crowd gathered and she shookito the Land's End radio, but hands and chatted with some of them. they couldn't give me any information — except that no "We must be friends so we;Naval exercises were on," can have peace everywhere,"! The man from Mousehole said a woman schoolteacher|Said he bellowed into his ship- who spoke English. "Life is soto-shore radio that he wanted short we should use every day to good purpose." When Mrs. Nixon examined some odd sponges shaped like Canines Learn Power of Press to talk to the naval commander at Portsmouth. Not Aulhorixcd "Finally." said Pender, "I got him on the phone, lie said no ship was authorized to fire." The engineer said such as- sin-ance was poor consolation when you're almost being hit by cruiser shells. But the commander said there was a cruiser in the KANSAS CITY—The Kansas City Star published R poignant front page story Thursday on hundreds of ! ^ homeless dogs awaiting Foreign Stocl Arrives death at the municipal ani- ^^^^ StrUCk Plant FONTANA. Cali.f.-^(-4')—Of mal shelter because no one wants them. Early Saturday a sympa- ificials of the strikebound Kais tlietic, unobserved intruder !er steel plant had the unhappy snipped two large holes in ;expericnce Friday of watching 1,200 tons of Japanese steel the pound's wire enclosure, setting the strays free. Attendants spent the day rounding them up, DEVIL AND SEA delivered to a customer at Kais er's doorstep. The steel went to the Graver Tank and Manufacturing Co plant, a few yards south of the The expression "l)etween the ICaiser plant, devil and the deep blue sea"j A Fontana Ciiamber of Com orginiated in 16.37 when a Scot-, merce pamphlet says Graver tish regiment was trapped be- which makes gasoline storage tween the ocean and the gun -i tanks, settled here to be close tiia of Swedish artillery. [to its source of supply, Kaiser fCeep up with Racine News TAKE YOUR KACINK JOURNAI .iniKS ami SUNDAY BULLETIN ON YOUR Keep up with th« N«wt at Homt, away from hem* . . . tak* along Tho Racin* Journal-Timot and Sunday Bullotin . . . jutl complolo tho coupon bolow and givo it to your carrier, logolhor with payment, line* vacation mall lubicriplient muit bo paid in advance , . . ai wall at all ttraight mail orders. Your paper will be mailed daily. 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