The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 4, 1965 · Page 13
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 13

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 4, 1965
Page 13
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That Transition from 'Actor' to 'Star' Lee to Shock No More Clerks , * • ' . - at Unemployment Benefit Office By Joan Crosby NEW YORK—(NEA)—Obviously Lee Marvin is not going to have to spend any more time at the unemployment insurance office. After 18 years as an actor, during which he has worked more often than not, and always given good performances for the producer's money, Marvin is suddenly on the verge of being a star. Two movies will do it: "Ship of Fools" in which he plays a washed-up baseball player, and "Cat Ballou," in which he gives one of the greatest comedy performances ever recorded by camera. Almost Three Role In "Cat Ballou," a Columbia picture he calls "part satire, part farce, part comedy, part melodrama, part drama," Lee plays the dirtiest, drunkenest cowboy ever, as well as the most sinister vallain. His two roles are very nearly three roles, since the ; drunk straightens up and, in •a hilarious scene performed -with all the ritual of a mata- Idor being dressed for the ; bull ring, Marvin turns into a • glittery, steely eyed hero. Over the years, which have ; included two television se- -ries, "M Squad" and "Law.' breakers," Marvin has played .'straight the roles he spoofs ;in "Cat Ballou." He's a tall, 41-year-old, ; profane, gray - haired charac- ',ter. He slumps over a lunch' eon table drinking screwdriv- ; ers, mumbles a bit from time 'to time, makes sound effects and sprinkles his conversation with pows, bams and ; booms (all accompanied by appropriate gestures. ; . "Dump Him" : 'When Merv Griffin leaned over from the next table to say hello, Lee said, "I'm in .features, he's in television. Dump him." ' -Admitting that "television made me," Marvin says he ;w;ants to stick to movies in •the future. "I don't want to do another series, and I don't ;p^an any guest appearances on television unless the ' story is very good. I say that ai if I'm successful, don 't I?" 'At the moment, he has no contract with any studio, "but v/e all sell out sooner or later. Age gets us all." "They Frighten Me" While in New York, Lee refused to attend any Broadway shows. "I don't want to see any of them. They frighten me, because I don't want to see anyone good. I did Broadway early in my career. I was awfully good and only got $75 a week." Marvin is married and the father of four children, three giris and a boy. "I'm rowdy around the house. I call out 'All right, men, let's go.' My three girls draw themselves up tall and say, 'We're not men.' My son is 12, and he spends a lot of time looking at me kind of funny. Do they have any acting talent? How would I know? "When I was making 'Donovan's Reef I took the family to Hawaii. We were there eight weeks and I worked five days. That's rough. One day my wife visited the set. Tliat was the day I spent in an outrigger canoe while 200 broads on the beach rush up and embrace me after I land. I couldn't talk to my wife for a month." Felt "Cheated" Acting has been jgood to himi Lee admits, even if a fe^ dry moments have sent him to the unemployment office. "There is nothing I can think of that I want. But actors coniplain when they make $25 a wedc and when they make $25,000 a week, so nothing has changed. After 'M Squad' stopped production I went to collect unemployment insurance. I felt very cheated by whatever it was I was cheated by. So I got my $55 a week. Then I did a week's work. When I went back the next ^veek and I came to the place on the form where it says 'What did you earn last week?' I filled in $10,000." The woman at the window looked at the figure and said, '$10—you have some change coming.' I said, 'No, sweetie, that says $10,000,' She passed out. A typical government worker. "I signed more autographs standing in the unemployment line than I ever did at a premiere." How fo Write a Best Seller HOLLYWOOD — (JPi — Jack L. Warner's autobiography, "My First Hundred Years in Hollywood," sold 15,000 copies on first printing. J. L. Explains why: "I bought 12,000 myself." These photos from "Cat Ballou" show Lee Marvin as, from left, a bad guy, a drunk and a good guy. RACINE SUNDAY BULLETIN I ^ A Sunday, July 4, 1965 '^'^ Return to Movies Gives Patty Duke a Workout SUNDAY SUPPER • HENNY PENNY CHICKEN! Mondoy Feoture: Corned Bnf and CaBbaa* Serving 11 to 2 and 5 to 7 (Chicken & Pork Chop Dinners Served All Day) Russ's Tap 2203 DeKoven Ave. 634-9325 Russ Jensen, Prop. Duke is making her first movie since her Academy Award triumph in "The Miracle Worker," and it's even more strenuous. As Helen Keller in the film that won her the Oscar as best supporting actress of 1962, she had some battles with her fellow Oscar winner, Anne Bancroft. Now young Patty is here for her first Hollywood film —"The Miracle Worker" was a New York product. Adapted from the play "Time Out for Ginger," it is now called plain "Billie." In it Patty runs the 100-yard dash and hurdles, pole vaults, dances the frug and sings four numbers. "Hurdles Did It" Patty, in her dressing room at Paramount, was suffering from understandable fatigue —"I think it was the hurdles that did it." But she remained as cheerful as ever. "Billie should be a breeze for her; she plays only one role. For two seasons she has been playing a double role on a television series entitled "The Patty Duke Show." "In fact," she said, "this year I played a third role: the girls' Southern cousin. That was real fun. I put on a platinum wig and used a Southern accent and played her entirely different from the other two girls. We even had a split-screen scene with all three of us at the same time. That was something. The scene was so tight that I couldn't move my elbows." Billie is much different from all three of the TV roles, she said. She'll look different, funt, at 50, Aims at Putting More Punch in 'Candid Camera Will Build Theaters for '67 Montreal Fair MONTREAL —(JP)— Plans for two theaters to be constructed in time for Montreal's 1967 World's Fair have been approved by Quebec Premier Jean Lesage. The premier said one structure will seat between 1,250 and 1,500 people, the other one about 500. Cost of the project is estimated at $5 million. too; her hair is now in a very blonde Beatle-bob. Is Now 18 The film is being produced by her television boss, Peter Lawford, for • United Artists and marks the beginning of the Californization of Patty. Her TV show was originally scheduled to be filmed here two years ago, but work laws for minors proved too stringent for a young actress who had to play dual roles. The series shifted to New York. Now Patty is 18. Lawford and other production minds have decided to shoot the series in Hollywood. How does she feel about the move? "Oh, it's hard to leave your home town," she said, "but I like it here. I could be happy anywhere." Is Grateful She is exceedingly grateful for all that has happened to her in the past 10 years—she started acting at 8. But doesn't she feel a loss of her childhood? "Not at all," she said. "Oh, no. Why, I've had a wonderful time. And how lucky I am to know exactly what I want to do with my life. Most girls get to my age and have no idea. I sometimes shudder about where I would be if the Rosses hadn't found me. Probably behind the counter at the five and ten." She referred to Mr. and Mrs. John Ross, mentors of her caree.r. They are in constant, attendance, and Patty lives with them in a house they have rented in Coldwater Canyon. Her father is dead and her mother lives in New York. NEW YORK — UP) — Allen Funt, the fellow who turned elaborate practical jokes into mass entertainment and an extremely profitably source of income, has declared personal war on fat—all kinds of fat. On the physical side, Funt has reduced by around 40 pounds in the past year. On the cerebral side, he has informed his "Candid Camera" staff that the program is going into its sixth year and he wants to see the show pick up some new momentum, new life—or else. fitn etuise fo Miehig^n ^•S. MILWAUKEE Jerry Lewis to Visit Andy Williams Show Jerry Lewis will guest star on "The Andy Williams Show" Monday over channels 4 and 5 at 8 p.m. Brazilian composer - guitarist Antonio Carlos Jobim also will appear on the program. 14-hour lake excureien on ••deck luxury liner — Treat youweW to fun . . . romance . . . excitwnent on a wonaerlul one day vacation. Danciiur to a fine orchestra, entertainment movies teloviaioo. ouper- vised children's playnjom — all free! Relax in comfortable lounges or on spacious decks, enjoy delicious food and' refreshmenta at moderate prices. A glonoua tnp for so little moneyl iftt «ri .t ,hoitcut-Low auto r.te.l 8 .v. 275 driving mile, betweon Milw.uke. and Muskegon . . . svold conge.ted highways. ,-„. T»M.. Tkur. Sat. Iv. Mllw. .. •>00 AM II135 PM „ «.00 AM 10.00 PM Ar. Mllw. PM 3.00 PM* 9 .00 PM I-.00 AM* .1I,4JAM I3.S0AM' .(,00 AM 2.00 PM tun. Men'.," wid.. Prl 4.00 PM 6.00 AM' •Arrfv* Mllw. *ir foltewlns <i«peirtuf« WISCONSIN ft MICHIGAN SKAMSHIP COMPANY • Milwaukee 2. WU. Municipal Passenger Pier, 500 N. Harbor Dr., Lake Front, 414/271-7905 r« In Racine, Contact Your Travel Agent For All Your TRAVEL Arrongements: Coll 637-5694 or stop ot: World Wide Travel Fronchised Agent for AMERICAN EXPRESS 524 Mpin St. — On Monument Square "The TV program has been on for five years CBS seasons," Funt ticked off, "but it is the 17th year for the program because of other TV and radio shows before. But this new business started when, as I had my 50th birthday, I started a new life." Amicable Divorce Funt's "new life" included an amicable divorce from his wife and marriage to Marilyn Laron, his former secretary. By working out an hour a day faithfully in his office gymnasium and watching his diet Funt started slimming down and getting back into condition. As I started getting healthy and vigorous again found I really wanted to work. Suddenly all my personal dimensions changed and I found I was working—and playing—^with more zest than any time in the last 20 years." "Cutting Comers" Then Funt started looking for signs of fat in his "Candid Camera" operation. I found that I, as well as others on the staff, had been cutting corners; taking the easy way instead of the best way. I traveled for the show about four weeks last season. This year I'll be on the road for at least 15 weeks. That was true too of some of my executives — guys who had started with me earning about a third of what they are making now. We were all making more money and doing less work," Funt's Sunday night show remains consistently high on the Nielsen list of most popular shows and rewards him with a five-figure weekly income. He maintains that, despite his dissatisfaction, last season's shows had "more good but less spectacular ideas" than in other seasons. "But I'm interested in see­ ing if we can make it come alive," he said. "And one way is traveling more — like 50 weeks during the year." Practical Jokes Although the show will experiment with various types of sequences, Funt says that the practical joke is and will always be the prime ingredient of the show. "For variety we can observe human frailty, explore the minds of people or just do a short sequence like a series of close-ups of people at the World's Fair with tired feet," he said. Funt has a definite technique in handling children with concealed cameras. "There are three schools of thought on talking to kids," he asserted. "There's the Art Linkletter technique of going after the smarty thing. Danny Kaye amuses and entertains children and brings them out that way. I treat them as grownups and present myself as someone in need of help —T can't seem to remember the story of Cinderella, will you tell it to me?' It seems to. work." Many Opposed However, those bits with children, however sensitive, are not the most popular portions of the show. Funt says "about half the people who write in hate them and say 'No more kids, please.'" Funt says that out of every 100 feet of film shot for the show, 99 are unusable for DRAG RACES See the 3 most famous jet racers in the nation—oil ot one time for 3 BIG DAYS - JULY 3, 4, 5 Jury 3, 8:30 p.m.; July 4 ond 5, 2 p.m. Time trials start 5 hours prior to race time all 3 days with a completely separate race program each day. UNTOUCHABLE VI one reason or another, but not necessarily because of censorable language. This can easily be erased from the sound tape if the material otherwise is good. He personally thinks the greatest piece "Candid Camera" has ever done was "a simple morality play in which unsuspecting applicants were confronted with a "Mr. Good" (dressed in white) and "Mr. Bad" (dressed in black). Mr. Bad tried to persuade some part-time circular distributors to cheat the man who hired them. Mr. Good tried to persuade them to do the jobs for which they were paid. "These people never tumbled, but the nice part was that every one of them sided with Mr. Good," Funt reported. "It sort of restored one's faith in human nature." Introdudns tho "Qiiieky" Week End Vacation You are invited to spend a week end in the "Land of the Sky Blue Woters." • Bus leovcs Milwaukee Friday evening . . . July 16th. • Dinner Friday evening en route. • Two days at the Chalet including all meals and' lodging. • Tourt of the reservation both by .car and beat. • Dancing Soturday ave- jning. • Swimming at the white sand beach. • Water skiing. • Fishing (guides included). • All lawn games. • Return to Milwaukee on Sunday evening. All above included for $29.95 Bus leaves July 1 6 at 6:00 P.M. Busses also may be scheduled for weekdays, leaving on Monday and returning on Wednesday — leaving on Wednesday and returning on Friday. These trips include the above with the Indian Pow-Wow on Tuesday and Thursday evenings Jazz Session at Looey's Chateau 305 Sixth St. SUNDAY 6 to 10 P.M. Call: Vagabond Travel Service, Mliwoukee, 276-7566 or the Greyhound Travel Bureau, Milwaukee, 272-1617, or Racine 634-7333. MODEL'S Kimrock Chalef Lake of the Flaming Torch Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin—-54538 ^-^.v^•V\•V vvN \ N \ www v\> 'Off the Cuff Subject to Be Paraplegics The rehabilitation of paraplegics will be discussed on the two-hour "Off the Cuff" conversational show moderated by Norman Ross today over channel 7 at 11:35 p.m. NSHI & GR Taylor Ave. knd 17tb St. TASTY CARRY OUT • Chicken O Fish • Shrimp "Befr Hamburgers 20° DininR Room Open Dally to 13:30 B .m. Csrry Onts DnIII I •.m. Call 634-9732 or 637-1259 Low Prices on Paekac* Qoode Dine and Dance to the Music of the Rocco LaPetina TRIO from 9 p.m. 'til 1 p.m. Friday and Saturday nights The Spinning Wheel Highway 32 at 5 Mile Road Monday, Wednesday Thursday, Friday. (Closed Tuesdays) 1 .00 to 2.50 SERVING 11:30-2 Treat Yourself and the Whole Family to . . . Many Sunday Dinner Specials, from $1.95 HIGOIiVS HOBIVOB Highway 32 South Phone 632-5176 INOOMPAKABLB BROASTEO SUPREME CHICKEH $1.89 $2.84 $3.69 $4.49 Complete* Chicken Only 4 Piece Plate $1.25 $ .99 8 Piece Tub $2.39 12 Pieces .. $3.59 16 Pc. Barrel $4.59 20 Pieces ...$5.74 •Includes french fries or broasted potatoes, bar - b • q sauce and your choice ot American potato salad. German potato salad, cole slaw, macaroni salad, or baked beans. — CATERINC We Cater Wedding Receptions, Company Picnics, and Parties for large and small groups. DELICATESSENS NORTHSIDE 3358 Douglas Ave.—<37-855I SOUTHSIDE • 3523 16th St. — 637-8347 VS. ART MALONES US T Alio See ART ARFONS 536 m.p.h. World Land Speed Record Holdirtd "GREEN MONSTER" More than 300 drag tocers will compete eoch day. Grandstand seating, modern restrooms, delicious food. GREAT LAKES DRAGAWAY From Racine take Uicbway 11 juat 15 miles west to UNION GROVE, WIS. Cominc, July lltb the IS foot wheelstandinf "Little Red Wsfon" 4™ Music Spectacular SUNDAY - 7 PM. HORLICK ATHLETIC FIELD Adults'20' Children 1 $100 NATIONALLY KNOWN DRUM and BUGLE CORPS Competing for Top Honors It ^eef Heat! RACINES GoUen Anniversary SPECTACULAR! 100 MINUTES FROM THE NATION'S BEST! See ond Heor the Performonces of: ^ MEN OF BRASS (Formerly Skokie Indians) Skokie III. SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS St. Louis, Mo. ^ Toledo DEMONS ^ Madison SCOUTS Toledo, Ohio Madison, Wis. ^ The KINGSMEN ^ YMCA KILTIES Kenosha, Wis. Racine, Wis. Pius Exhibitions by • the ELK'S AMBASSA-DEARS • 'BOYS of 76' • Racine JUNIOR SCOUTS • Miss Goodwill and her court will be present • Note: Rain Site Memorial Hall ADVANCE TICKETS Johnson Music, Inc. 1502 Washington Ave.

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