The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 22, 1931 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1931
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY HEWS'. FRBDHtlOK, MD., TUESDAY. DECEMBER 22, 1931. ADMINISTRATION MOBILIZES FOR DEFENSE OF ITS POLICIES "I ·arant to ca-jfratiilaie yon on the complete harr=c-y you have shcjrc to the people of the coun'_-y," 7ns Prss£ce~ Hover's gr«:u:g to -.i-.c sr-earbers of the FALL TO SPEND HOLIDAY SEASON IN PENITENTIARY No Pardon Yet For Former Cabinet Officer. Washington. Dec. 21.-- Albert B. Fall seemed likely tonight to spend Christmas and the New Year to prison cissp'-te a mrider to President Hoover 'rasa a senator today that the former Secrtlry of the Interior is eligible lor parole. j Se.n. Cutting. Republican, from Fall'* j home state of New Mexico, told Mr. ! Hoover that on a recent risit to the NEA Washington Bureau "It iras tins* for !aur.eS!at« ar.iou." said Secretary .,: ...-? lieniy L S'.::!ao:: -back turc?ci ro canierai wb*ss. is pK-turei here, he appeared before the Ho-use Ways and Cleans Coaircit:e :a Waiimston '.o ex:?:a ; n t*!«f Genr^a ,.-.»- Republican Nitiiaa! Oi3!=u:t« who. as shows here, called «i :h? Chi*: Sseeu- nonic crisis whloh prorcp'^d the adauntelratior. to aa noar.ce she famous "!?b: h XMxv" !a*t Lea-'las fo-- tive at the White House. Senator Simeon D. Fess, co=;aii::«e chairaraa. is isrard. the bescer to hear the State Department head. is Representative James \v. Co'.lier r v._vcsslpp:,co:r.:aiT:cv chair' -rsiia Second frora the left is Representative David J. Lewii, of the sixth Maryland d^t irig at the or President ar.c Mrs. Hoover. NEA Washinsrton Bureau Prawns Presider.t ;:s an lin;s.i.-i?x»:i«J address. Secretary of War Patrick J. Hariey is picturvd above as h* appeared before t!s* Republican National Conini;::e* in Washlr.gtor. to score an'.i-adai^iistraeioa criUcs. Seated in the left foreground Is James F. Burke, genera! counsel for th* committee. Priceless Mosaics At Stanford Church Brought Over From Italy LODGETffiST/IEETING ; Announcements Made About Confcr- ; ring Of Degrees. The regular weekly meeting of : Mountain City Lodge. No. 29. Knights : of Pythias, was held in the locige rooms Jat Pythian Castle Monday night. It ; vas announced that the rank of Knight ! irtH be conferred on a class at the iodge iroom o: South Mountain Lodge, No. i 145. Kriishts of Pythias, Tuesday even\ ing December 29. In charge of the (Frederick degree team. J. Clark DerU: biss, captain. A class of candidates i will motor to this city Monday, Dec- I ember 28. where they ivil! have the rank of Page conferred by the local degree team. Letters were read at the meeting congratulating; Supreme Represeata- ! tive Reno S. Harp arid members of the j local chapter for their active participa- j tion in the recent campaign for new j members. Three applications were re| reived. contributions for I the Pythian relief work, as well as that ! for the Salvation Army and the Msry; land Children's Aid Society were re! ceived. Several new members gave ) talks. The following were reported on j the sick list: A. Morgan, E. T. Grove. i N. Z. Cramer, Harry Young. Arthur i G- Virts, W. H. Harbaugh, Charles W. ! Speaks, Dr. Albert Pearre. W. S. Rev. |W. F. Schmidt. J. W. Faik. Russell jStrine. Car! Urban, Maxie HE. Eay- jhiigh Michael. Thomas Lipps. George JAbrecht, Charles H. Virts, George Roy j Martin, Ernest M. Parker. George D. I Wolfe, Washington, formerly of Fred- jerick. STOF»"V/,." MAX COCMRANI PtCTUIXFS ^/ r.rck It o'jsht to RO V.ius*- t Jut's the ' Th*::. wht-n the 'ob was "nulled. -.: ; p.'*c? wix-rc :: TV:;', show " "I can." ssado al' the others grin ·yxclaiased wee^Clovray. I -n tie cc* , To bf cost-sued.! j "All r$ht then, show us hnr it's j I lier.e." said Puppy Cop. "Now c\vry- j vTh.? Tinymit?s fly away or. a trip in joihr -stand baci a::d ft'.vo ':-...·: A-US oJ , ihu next *ury.) ; ry-tn." Tlxra Oor.y sa;lvd r-.jh: In. ' · j He spread the r.Wx-ii uut real w:de. ! News advertising psjrs. Glre it a i "You're doing Cm 1 ." one Tiny crkd. ' trial. Sar.t* Pe pcr.'ltentiary, he fcund the prisoner's health "bad." After his conviction on a charge of accept ng a brtbt? from Edward L. Do- h«iy ir. connection with a navaJ oil leas**. Rill was allowed to ssrve bis year's sentence in New Mexico beca'-ise of bad health. Mr. H-xm-r Ls sinderstood to have ·.ik:: the p.s;tion that a petition to? ·he parole of the former cabicet officef iixs a!r.?adj" bwn py. before Us* Federal Parole Board and that it is cap- ab':--- of p-.-jfinvt 0:1 Rill's case. The board has cons^iered the ease, b::t fraiij the Justice Department caine . 'Aor-J thit it wui^d cot act before Jaa, nary I. Even if that action wer« favorable. !t might ciake the date for rt-'carB some tlm? In the yprteg. Pall i became el'-glfcie for parole Jfovember :-!. S.-:i. C'-f.::-.?. an -i!d po'.itica! enemy · f' Fa!! :n the CAYS when tne latter was · A !·!:·.;·»" pov.-er in New Mexico, said ho i!t! not ur^e the Presidrnt to give . the ' cabinet- officer a parole or P.irdo:i. j Cutting was accompanied to the j White House by Sen. Lewis. Democrat. i X'.hr.ois. who served in the Senate with ! Fall from 1913 to 1919. !g 101 NORTH MARKET STREET COB. CHIRCB AND MAKEJTt STS. BEAD THE STORY, XHE.N COLOIt TH£ PICTURE STANFORD MEMORIAL CHURCH ... ITS MOSAICS ARE AMONG TEfe MOST FAMOUS IK AMERICA. j _ By XEA Service. A church whose priceless art is in stone, rather than paint; whose golden cade rises over the low, tiled roofs of the- "quad" in a glittering triangle t surmounted by a cross--this is the famous Stanford Memorial Church, central architectural feature of the Stanford University center. Approaching down the mile-long j avenue, one finds this golden triangle ' Is the upper part or s, magnificent j mosaic of "The Sermon on the Mount," j exquisftely wrought in naulti-colored j stone, as is most of the art. The mosaic --largest outdoor effort in' America-fills the whole upperpart of the church front in a brilliant picture. Biblical per- ' ·onages, allegorical designs and figures i of saints are used for the remainder of i the outdoor mosaic plan. j Tiny blocks, half an inch square, so ! adeptly fitted that they form what at i first seem vivid paintings--these are the j Stanford mosaics. They were made in i Venice, pasted to stout sheets of paper. ! shipped to Stanford, and installed by . Workmen sent from Italy. Sheets of pure gold and silver leaf, covered with a '. thin flim of clear glass also were used The Memorial church is cruciform. · ol a modified Moorish-Romanesque architecture. Interior walls are buS (ancstone with tooled face, relieved by i mosaics and carved designs. Behind the ; marSte altaris a replica of Cosimo Ros- selis- "Last Supper." from the Sistine Chapel at Rome. This is the only mosaic copy ever permitted. Mosaic ceilings, and stained glass windows of unusual artistic merit combine with the mosaics to make Stanford Church a mecca for artists and architects visiting California. Stanford Memorial Church is part of the great university erected by the bereft parents of L-eland Stanford, Jr. It is a "church," not a chapel, the Founding Grant of ths university enjoining the board of trustees: "To prohibit sectarian instruction, but to have taught in the university the immortality of the so-.i. the existence of an all-wise and benevolent Creator, and that Oce-Sience to His laws is the highest duty cf man." Services are under direction of Dr. D. Charles Hunter, chaplain, and clergymen of all denominations axe in- viteci to participate. Daily morning sen-ice is voluntary. The church seats 1300. "Work of construction was started under direction of Mrs. Jane Lathrop Stanford to 1893 as 2. aeiaoria! to her late husband. Senator Leland Stanford. It was opened fcr services in 1902. Earthquake in 1905 oamsged it, and it WES not restored and reopened until 1913. the mosaics feeing duplicated from the original design. RODNEY DUTCHER'S A 0 Featu Tht man who caaie from Santa Land to Puppy Cop smck out. his hand and said, "I'm glad to meet you. You can help me, if you will. A lad has asked o!" Santa Clsus for something you have here, beiause it's just a little puppy cos- Twill sire the laci a thrill. "So I came down to Bow-wow Land ·in hope that you would lend a hand. Ill proaiise you tee dog will get a home that's very Sue. If you will S-3t me ·look them o'er. II! find the pup I'm. loosing for. Please call all sorts of dogs and have them form into a line." "Your plan's all right. I must admit. and I can find no fault with it,"' said Puppy Ccp. And then he formed a lot of dojs in vic-w. The tnan from Santa Iand said. "Well. I think this little Scotty's swell! Most any lad would love him. so I'm positive he'll do." The little Spotty seemcd real proud that, he was picked. He barked out loud. Then Scouty said. "We ought to have a ribbon nice and bright." Then Puppy Cop cried. "I'ii get one. Well fix him up. Twill be real fun. When we set through with Scotty he wi;! CK? a pretty ^igct." 1 off and soon returned pt:y shouted. "Who has learned the way to tie a real nice bow? I; must look very neat. Around his ,/t/ffl/ff Greatly Reduced S Leatherette Coats fi.95 Jackets "Little Caesar" Off For Europe FREE with the purchase of a Frigidaire, your choice of any electrical appliance in our store retailing up to $10.00. DQWNE/MHEN ? i u IS II * II is? j » IS? i*r - v COATS GREATLY REDUCED Buy now at January Prices A Gift That s '.. EN now and December 31st, we are making you an unusual Christmas offer on Frigidaire -- making it exceptionally easy to own Frigidaire. Only Frigidaire offers allottbe advantages of advanced refrigeration ... extra power for all weather emergencies the Cold Control for faster freezing of ice cubes and desserts -... the Hvdrator for freshening vegetables..; cabinets of Lifetime porcelain, proof against abuse on the outside and acid-resisting on the inside . . . the Quickube Ice Tray for easy removal of ice cubes. FRIGIDAIRE A G E N E R A L M O T O R S V A L U E '·-v Will Please! One Of Oar Lavishly Fur- Trimmed "What h a n d- samc coats these are" we hear frora customers who praise them to the skies, as they so happily find just t.h e coat that su"s them . . . i n fabric . . . lash- ion . . . a n d price. 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