The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 16, 1948 · Page 5
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 5

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1948
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY REGISTER ^ . ' FRIDAY, JANUARY 16, 1948 PAGE FIVE [Tin- i );iil ' I flange lo |jj ear Grease ,.,,,.;,( SKKV1CB , U W * ··"-- ^ f · T H A N A BAP OPVS/ATER. k I '-,!, I, Wn, 1 H fi' ' b^w W / k\» ' V' ' ''I y-~ vv \rY( fel?~;!o I , M go SAYS: We can quench C,r desire for having a good '-'n" auto -- We do body work , d palming. Wi- can restore your iar to its orii:ir.;il. beauty. 1UMM MOTOR GO. [27 So. Granger Ilarrisburg, HI. Humm .Motor will make yoor motor hum. L'lL ABNER Victory on Foreign Court Will Raise Hopes for Title CHICAGO, Janr ji_lU!_Sup- porters of llic once-defeated I l l i - nois basketball team will find out lomorrow what chance their favorites have to bring home the liijj Nine cage title denied the postwar "Whiz Kids" last year. The basket-popping l l l i n i face Minnesota, a twice-defeated title favorite which has yet to win a Icnguc game, at Minneapolis before one of the most partisan crowds in the loop. And if Illinois can win this one, it will have a chance to start the last half of the campaign on even terms with the league-leading Wisconsin five. Illinois, which romped through seven straight games without defeat before conference play began, lost its Big Nine opener to the Badgers. Since then it has defeated Northwestern and Ohio State to move into a tic for second place with Iowa. A victory over Minnesota would leave Illinois in second place, but it would indicate that the lllini can win their share of league games on strange floors, and it would give the Marry Combes five a chance lo move into a tie with Wisconsin Jan. 24. Only Loss to Wisconsin Illinois plays Indiana at Champaign Monday and will be favored I The f dir#rt«eit Man By Al Copp I\GH' GOTTA CITTH' u TOP CFFA THIS VAT · 0' KiCKAPOO OCrf JU!CE. -OP. THEY'LL OF STRUMS DP LI'l. ANSR, AFORE: V/E. KIM DRINK A TOAST "' HIM.''/- r SfASJD C5A.VOK.ltf 1 -' 5OLt POWER EVEN MORE. DEVASTATING THAM THE ATOM HAS DESTROYED THE ATOMIC CURTAIN.'/- IT , MUST BE A NEW 7 HORROR WEAPON.'.' 'CEPT ME, FELLAS// HEV-FE.U.AS--Vj 1Z? It Pays to Read Daily Register Advertisements * «. ! ! By Fred Harmon All South Six iaskeSbal! Teams in Aclian Tonight , ... . r , , All South Six .basketball confer- nulay and will be favored ! t will be in j oop acti on o win that contest. I he next toni hl wilh Wcst Fran kfort play- game for the IHini then will be at Harr i s buFg, Marion at Cen- against their Wisconsin conquerors tr £ Ua and Mt V ernon at Benton. at Champaign, and that game will | H a r r j s b u r g and West Frankfoi rate as a tossup. But a victory for| h a v e j,j cnl j ca i league records--two Illinois, duplicating a triumph v , ins apd three i osses --and the two lover the Badgers at Champaign tcams ; yjll bc batt ii n g to climb to 'last year, would deadlock the two a 50Q percent agc in the standings. ,. l . ,, 1-... f T n l ^ ^ f f e*r\m rt/ir*f» H r ^ f i f i ; \V l c_ . . . - » i i 1.1_ ~~ Completc Stock of Washer aad 1 Radio Tarts Prrr;: SoniM On Rco.iirS JRobson Radio Electric Service Centralia continues to lead the p Fuller Brushes Phone 678 ' 'clubs. Unless someone beats Wis- _ ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,. jconsin before then and that ap- Ipa^'wiTh no"defeats in loop play pears unlikely. j ^ n Saturday night four confer Thus far. Illinois has won ninc' c n c e teams will play non-league out of ten clashes, losing only at · f oes . Harrisburg travels to Carrier Wisconsin and winning eight jMills. Marion will be to Her i games at home and one away. |rin,'Mt. Vernon goes to Pinckney i The Minnesota-Illinois clash ; v ni c and West Frankfort will plav headlines a slate of four league j n Carbondale. * games. I other southern Illinois games to- Wisconsin entertains Michigan, I n j p h t . . which has a record of one win and | Junior High Loses To Marion, 26-24 Marion Junior high school nosed out the Harrisburg Junior. high school cagers, 26 to 24, yesterday afternoon in the local gym. / The Harrisburg five definitely was not clicking yesterday, as it was doped to win by a substantial margin. Marion earlier in the week lost 32 to 17 to a Benton team that only last week bowed to Harrisburg 41 to 28. The local seventh grade, team also bowed to the Marion seventh graders. Next game for the local outfit is Jan. 26 at Benton. THEY R£ HOLDItf UP 1H£ TRAIK5, ALL RIGHT-' I HOPE THAT POSSE'S -** NOT FAR . . 0EHWO OKARCHEE'5 RIGHT' SPOTTED STOP "Good morning," says Molly the Milkmaid to the little calf. "1 love you and your relatives for giving us kiddies health- building Dairy Brand milk ycar-around. How could we grow up to be big and husky without it?" I 1 t t I o lo* in the conference, ="!·! ' · [nn ..' h nrn at Snarta Ches- AnnaJon^teo rt Spa-te, Cte Joe Maynard to Fight at Herrin XV I A steaming hot tub, a cold I don't know how long the tele-! shower 'and a' brisk rubdown. 1 ,-*«·-- ·!,,,,! i ,.;,,«;«« h«fr.r.- lust had time for that and to run Joe Maynard, a HENRY L. LIGHT/FOOT LOANS · Signature and Realty Collection Adjustment r Service Ska£2S ISlclg. Pho. S93-W and the home team again will , Ch^ophcr .t be the favorite. The fourth tus- , Saturday night contests: here several years ago, dons his gloves Monday night to fight an old foe, Earl Mix, colored, of Carterville, in the Legion Gloves amateur boxing tournament in the Rollerdrome at Herrin. Neither man has fought for three years but both desire to fight each other again. In four phone had been ringing before it penetrated my slumber like a fog bell off Santa Monica pier. I struggled up out of the depths and lay there blinking at the bright sunshine and finally realized that it was daytime and that the telephone beside my bed was ringing. I lifted the receiver and said, "Hello." "Miss Donn?" "Yes." "This is Madge. Narney. Are you going to be at home this morning? I--I want to see you." I was more than a little surprised. '-Yes, I'll be here. You know what has happened?" fl«ht favorite "I didn't until I reached the studio. It's horrible. The papers xJI'U 1 UiAlUi; U t iJtll*! * V J L I U . i ^ w i i . " - ,**v .»_-·.-*-£,-- i T - - western defeated a favored Michi-1 Metropolis at Evansville Memor- gan five Monday, but Purdue has , ial. the better record and the home j floor alone should enable Boilermakers to win. jjiic -- , the The Daily Register, 20c a week. carrier boy. three times and Mix has. won one decision. Ringside seat tickets to the box- other-person thinking wetrnao -a ing program are on sale at the | wild drinking party the night be are full of it." " I still didn't understand why she wanted--to see me. "Well, come on over," I said "Do you know where I live?" "Yes. I found your address in the phone book. I'll take a taxi." I crawled out of bed and looked in the mirror and decided I'd better do something before Madge Narney saw me or there'd be another-person thinking we'd had a ·» t J * _ 1 _ : --..-* -nnr-l+T *Vlft TllOllt H0- just had time for that and to run a comb through my damp hair and get into a rooe wnen the doorbell started ringing. It was Madge, of course. ''Come in," 1 invited. -"I haven't had breakfast, yet. Ferhaps you'd join me?" She looked at me nervously and hesitated. Then, "All right. Tnat will be fine." We went down the-stairs and into the kitchen that was golden with bright sunshine and I attached the toaster and measured four cups of water and four tablespoons of coffee into the glass coffee maker and turned to Madge. "What was it you wanted to see me about?" They're Jtssfr Like New WHEN WE FIX'EM! All the good looks -- all the smart lines -- are retained when you have your shoes repaired at Ebb's Shop. Service while you wait at no extra charge. S 10 South Vine Eagles lodge room. 'fore! Keaster Rug Upholstery Cleaning 303 W. South St. Phone 859R Ilarrisburg iJvirby Vacuum Cleaner Dealer COLLECTIONS . _ »'.i f.. Vr'c «!!«! fron anjon^'any- !· JT \'-.r. ^o collection, no chargel.." 1 *· D. Ncslcr Collection Agency w E. Walnut Phone 113 JIOTSIXGER AND ROSE Bonds and Insurance "" !«': S. 3IAIN ST. ---- I'hone G53R J. E. "?«c" e of Sweaters D. A. LEHMAN . EAR, NOSE. THROAT Glasses Fitted « Xorlh Vir.c Street ' }-Harrisbur« Hospilal ^ GOODRICH TIRES gcr. Truck. Tractor The Athletic House has in stocK many sweaters both men's and ladies', which they are offering to you" at. a,huge reduction. V-Necks, Crew Necks, Long Sleeve and Sleeveless, Ski-Sweaters. THESE VALUES i.75 Louis 6sS§ f A!! Wool Slip Over, on sale . . . . . $4.95 si's Ail While Sleeveless, a bargain . . . . . . $2.95 ^ lob Brown r J- Poplar Terms · 174ra Wool Slipover Reindeer Sweater . $4.95 for the Women *a Ladies' Glen Scot SHpover Sweaters, Reg. $6.95 N o w - ----- $4.45 Solid White Background, Red and Blue Stripes Collegiate -- You Bet! For one who had been so eager to talk to me, she seemed oddly reluctant to begin. She twisted ner gloves in her hands. Her face was quite pale. "Who was here last night, Miss Donn? I mean while Avis Vaughn and Art Cleves were here?" I told her, adding, "Weren't] their names in the papers?" . "Yes-- but I thought there might have been someone else, too." sne looked me full in the face for tne first time. "Are you sure, Miss Donn. that there was no one else iiere 'all evening? Nobody, who stopped in for just a few minutes, maybe, when they 'were passing by?" Or something like that." ' Her words brought Jimmy Peters to my mind; and his skulking around outside the night before. And I thought I saw light. This girl was interested in Jimmy-- and she was jealous. That must be it. She knew about the crush he had OR Avis, and she thought he'd been here with Avis last, night. " T assure you, there was no one else here, Miss Narney. Not while Avis and Art were here. Jimmy Peters was here later-- but that v.-as after the accident." j I thought I had guessed right. She seemed instantly relieved. She. took the cup of coffee I offered her and a piece of toast and some marmalade and began to cat as if she hadn't had any breakfast cither. Having eaten me out ol groceries, she apologized again for bothering me and left and I was free to go back to sleep. I decided to finish my nap in the patio which was awash with warm noon sunshine by this time. * $ s I awoke to look straight into as cool and noncommittal a pair ot grav eves as I have ever seen. I" struggled to a sitting position in the deck chair, glared at the intruder and gathered additiona facts. He was tall ana he had thick dark hair combed straight bi,ck from his forehead, and be was too thin and his face looked awfully tired. . "Sorry I frightened you, he Tonite 6 p. m. He and 40c "Sure They Call fifte 'Riff-RaffT ' * ' PAT ANNE V/ALTER Sun. 2p.m. -- Mon. 6 p. m. -- Tues. 6 p. m. 14c and 40c Barker Miley FRANCE AGENC Tree For Ail 1 Specid for the Men a Soort,Shirts, Regular $7.45 Now on Sale $4.50 AU Rayon, A Beautiful Shirt Made for Action Out They Must Go! Also in Our Srcck: Button - WhitC ' P «'P le ' Rcd G ° Id Emblems -- Chevrons -- Any Color -- Any School COUNTY KUREAU. · "· iv?.?. IT REPORTS- · . SEE ^ohn B. Owen, J. P. .3 ^. M»!» ph()nc 65 ^ v . Main w' license, CES ARE RIGHT! 1/2 Block West of Square LAUGHS! GHOULS KAYE Jn SAMUEt COtDWYN'S VIRGINIA MAYO BORIS KARIOFF- FAY BWHT£R ANN RUTHERFORD -THURSTOH HMl ROREKCE BATES -* The Goldwyn Girls - · ' '. -1-.-? -::·· *4 ~.!Mir ^:-ii'- .;-j.u T · X 1 -! --"- m should bc." I was trem bling. "Don't you know enough to ring a door bell?" He said patiently. "I rang it for five minutes and then I started looking around." ' Some authority in his checked my anger. 'Tin Lieutenant Lciphan ol the LOJ, Angeles police department, added. . . I asked him to sit aown and \\hcn he did so 1 noticed the dis charge button in the lapel of h:s plain clothes suit and about the same moment 1 noticed his right hard with its stiff unmovmg lingers. My eyes went back to his 13 m; held his hat between his 4wo hands, swinging it casually bacK ;,nd forth. 'Tra here to ask you some questions about last night. C 'Tvc' already *o1d the police everything that went on here last "'-I know what you told Radcr and Matthews. I've rcaa jhc'. notes. But I want you Jo tell mt acain. 1 want to know who was here. Everybody. And cxacUy what vou had lo cat and dnnK. "1 "don't see the reason iov this." I said. "Just because z couple of people were killed in an automobile accident . . - "Tliey weren't killed by accident," Leiphan said. "What do you mean. "They were killed by premeditation. "Murder is we call it, Miss Donn." (To Be Continued) Ton if e 6 p. m. Double Feature -- I2c and 35c "North of Rio Grande" Starring . ·William Boyd Russdl Haydcn Gabby Sunday 2, p. m 12c and 35c ·PPW^^^^^^TM" · Monday 6 p. m. a WOLF! :AY M I L L A N D BRIAN DONLEVY NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER!

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