The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 8, 1948 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
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Thursday, July 8, 1948
Page 4
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I M*.. Tl»«n»«»r, Jaly S. 1»U THE NEWS Livery Altemoo*Bn«pl cmtTsoi k*Tl»: When p-id to 75 eratt: *2-CQ; $6.50. *3-50: . . _ _ . . . - _ . - Aadit Bureau of OrcuUUong Dorothy Dix Says Among the baseless superstitu- tions that have warped the judgments of mankind and brought untold suffering upon niilhoas of people is the belief that there is some 1 conjure in the marriage ceremony ; thai will completely alter the na- Washington Davbook V Dewey Fe*rs Taft. Itslleck And Allen Stumbling Blocks Entered at the post office art r :k. Md~ «· second-etas* patter. THURSDAY. JULY S. 1948 tures of men ar-d women and TKIS COFFIN n July change them from what they are to what they should te. Rarely, if ever, does t [happen. For we are, for ths it Nature nt of br 8 -- Governor Dev-ev. \vho is a man to look way, Today In Washington Truman's Fws.Trying To Use Eisenhower \ A* A Means To Defeat The President By DAVID LAWRENCE Washington. July 3.--Some Dem- [ wing of the party. It co«ld b« that ocratic leaders who want to draft j if Douglas were named, Wallace General Eisenhower despite his ex- j might consider that he had -won piicit declaration that he "could, his battie against Truman and that v.av ab_-ad. is already worrying!not accept" believe they can per- he could, therefore, support the T» r » - if ~~pr r"f«» *-;: r-i~-c'« ' a '=cut hov.- he will handle Congress, j suade him to change his mind when | Democratic ticket again. It would -'_ eer - see.. ·'" ,, . Tne-e last two vears, the leaders!confronted with an actual nomina-i send cold shivers up and down the ippen. For we are^for .as . -t5- on ^^ Hi| , ha .; e had a SEOrt o£ j t|BL j Republican spinal cord if Wallace | part, wcat Na.ure mace u=, ". independence from downtown, and There is, however, a deeper strat-' withdrew and if Douglas were it is a pretty strong drink. Thisjegy than this in the effort to bring nof-nated and the Democratic is the reason why Dewey will soft-about the nomination of General "icket had the enthusiastic support cal any cries for a special ses- * Eisenhower in the lace of his un- s of General Eisenhower. ;n. I willingness to run The idea is to, There is always a possibility that Some of the key trouble spots ; p u t his name into the balloting 1 President Truman might turn the s for Governor Dewey in Congress along with that of President Tru-' tables en the opposition within the ' ar £i _ _ iman. If the Eisenhower r.ctnina-!party by offering a man to sue-' Cpniasittee. j t j on ; s actually made, it means the ' ceed himself That man might be { - _ , . , ,- ^ then,'General Marshall. While the Sec- And fcr They Need Faith *,x ;-.*,-. ^hou'd meet gen- l h e «ral SpwaTbas'beea annoti=ced ' «gj^ · "-atomic Cooperation Ad- w faa To encourage priv- : O y; n ^ nf t u a t v , e v tSve j ? mt« gifts of food a"d clothing, .o: y ears ; n accuiririg ard the needy abroad, it will pay part p r -, c .; ea i;.. un brea'ab'.e of the "shipping costs oa_ relief Yet in sp ; ;e oi al i o£ t h u w h-ch TM and bra:r;s ' ^;ti"n that she the ether part. .»,,. ^r» .ha. are _ _ _,-. - , The House rules packages addressed to 11 foreign ; s a i^attp- 0 £ ccmmcn knowledg^. _ wh:ch_can make or break legisla- j elimirtation of Truman! credulous enoup.h ~ -·-·-·- Fall Outlook Is Discussed By Babson By ROGEK W. BABSON New York, July 8.--Business prospects for the second half c£ 1943 are now forecast as follows: Optimism, tempered by selectivity. Tne second half of 1948. I predict will b« better than most businessmen expected and be almost as good as the fabulous first half. I wish to stress strongly, however, that selectivity will become of ever - increasing countries. It is a wise prevision in foreign assistance set that makes this subsidy possible and it is good that the ECA hss beer, quick to utilize it. In the physical sense, it may be, private contributions can oriy have a limited effect. But thev carry a message that speaks louder, because it is more direct and perse-sal, than a!'- the tons of \ve are crecu'.ou? enoup.n to; ; - the thst when we get married ve CC.M net only rr-.^ke ever our husbands and wives to c-jr h ear's' de»-:re. but that we wi'l be automatically turned hcasehold arijicLi cur- selves In proof o: the blind faith tnat we have :n this fallacy, t-^e the letter that I got today from a young worn--ri v. no writes me that she is engaged to Side Glances " j tracts. Automcbiles, steel, petrol- food and c"-Oth.r.g that will be paid young man with \\hcir. ^he :s- muc for by billions of government J13 j OV e. as he :s with h instead of billing and These packsges say that Ameri- lovers are supposed to do. they ss ~z* individuals, understand , Sght like the Kilkenny ca:s. T:iere the sufferings of others. Each one is r.o subject so innocuous that thcy , T . . , T « « - - ' U4l^e~ tu ^.u.,-dJ. A i*c *.v.l . «;-4,.v.i v^*.*~. isolationist. H-s oelegation. Illinois, j WO(lM {hen be wiJe A-as for Taf. a Philadelpnia. u ^been sugges:ed by a few · The Democratic convention may eum - electric power, food raaau- Clarer.ce Brown the hefty Ohio w a , ound he-e--maybe they are' wind up with Truman as its nom- factoring, and mining rosy beat ~° ~ Kr Jl 5S T n ,, ,, . ? a . mpa ' g " Republican wags--that if all the'. -nee for President and Douglas as aO- previous records. Near-record: ·;;^- (S -?;- -^^r^H^i^W'' are interested in is a - Vice President. The drive to draft crop turn-outs should stimulate the j .,,"1! well - advertised name, without Eisenhower has kicked up a con- j railroads and cosiness in general;! might ] ers - an( l cement producers may nomi-! drag. Bing Crosby? Or why not Spe.".- · in a year which most observ- policy as does President Truman. Robert Taft. the one-rnan Senate brain trust. Taft is chairman of the- Joint Committee on the Economic Report, the Lat ^r and Educa- ,. ,, .v,.,, cumstances ox er Ae. a personal sacrifice to ..o.a helping hand. ou. a Those v.ho receivc c ays . QJ . has ard , h f y ajrnov . come to blow? over a book, or the movies, Committee. and un- leader. Taft is , 0 . r . r ; aHy _ the an individualist who likes to have his own way. The first time Dewey calls Senator cer Tracy, who did a masterful job ers have considered would bring a of running for o5ice in the movie ' Republican victory, and the same Automobile Outlook The most magnificent performance for the last half will be by play, "The State of the Union"? man is now being urged to accept: th e passenger car builders. With i Some Democrats are making a j a Democratic nomination to save a j labor, management asd material tion Committee; chairman of the shambles of their nominating con-. party and a group of office-holders (suppliers now pulling together. I _ _ ... . t m :_.. .,-.. T- ·_- ·,,,, .. i.. j -. ... t ~ -- v e j predict that the auto passenger car ?" i output will be better than most test. They are using the Eisenho-.v- v.-ho just simply don't want to give er name primarily to get rid cf up their jobs on the Federal pay- i output President Truman, who. for reasons · roll of his own. stubbornly refuses to j xhe spectacle is not an inspiring ! truck demand. (2) A tapering off withdraw. Every day. however, that' one . if -he effort to get General! of the steel needs of other than i expect due to: (1) A decline in ! 4 these parcels cannot help know- or wnere .j-. e y shall go \vhen they President ing that they come from the heart. s » cp ou ». : Taf i to the White House and gives j the recurrent drive for Eisenhower : Eisenhower to run had been built ] auto makers. 3 A gradual expars- There are countless numbers of . } him a list of bills he wants passed, keeps going makes it evident that. up around a particular issue of I sion in productive caoacity of the who need the things these : Peaceful_ marriage. . and ic t- ls him how to dot the "i"s. Truman is not considered by the : fundamental importance, such as j steel industry it«elf. ·My nance, goes on ...e gi.t. the Ohioan will stalk out in a mood Democrats themselves to be a good . tne Republican tendency to revert candidate to make the race r to isolationism or the "straddle" " · plank on foreign policy adopted by idea which the "left Democrats have nutured for some i . been almost crushed because tne mc ,j, a j a ft e r W e are married and tice? ' hower is drafted and offered the i be on a higher plane today--and Petroleum, electric power, coal operators and food manufacturers will continue to provide a powerful "Why not get a classy sports convertible with snappy lines, D»«-* We all need the fresh air--and my friends go for that type of cari" | Drama Being Presented By Mountain Theater Players ·f ' f By BETTY' SULLIVAX Forsaking light comedy. the , - - recent convention at Philadel- SUDDOrt to the general level of time is that once General Eisen( p h ; a the whole situation would business. Furthermore, those in- can only be revived by proof iha there is a solid basis for it. It W p^ uir t^j7! wivVwhose interests: whose \a^ ! about his party's standard bearer doiiars to finance jiis subs.dx. The . ^.^ connic . , no , v nr c not sweet love. Even be- ECA will spend far greater sums ^ « ^ have a lhousand ; fore the convention, there was for other purposes. But it can - morc ^ Jo re! over tnan : some talk that Speaker Joe Martin hardlv hope to ?et a greater re-, th h and if before , thouRn. Charlie was getting too Bible Thoughts j " -- - - · . . - - · _ · - - · * ; r"CDl3CC riage they will either fight their j Tfce " Dewcv way to the divorce court or else . kicl r ing 3ro ^ ,,.. become one of tnose pitiful couples ! ^^ . Q think of ,. . . . « -t"e jjewey councils of war in way to tne divorce court, or e se . kicking 3round thfs problem havc - ^ , r · t ^'^ So think of some device to whose wnole married li.e is just , dii r use . the powcr now held by Persecutions, afflictions, which i an endurance test. j Taft. Halleck and Allen. course, there are husbands j came unto me at Antioch, at Icon- j ium, at Lystra: what persecutions ' anc j w ivcs who arc natural scrap- | Farley's Comeback -- Jim Far- I endured: but out of them all the · p ers -, v ho xvere born with a chip on · ley's attempted political comeback Lord delivered me.--H Timothy; tbejj- shoulders, and who enjoy j was turned down in a firm but 3:11- ! nothing so much as handing each ; friendly manner at the last meeting * * I other knockout bloxvs on their ! of the Democratic National Com- Thou are never at any time · mofi vulnerable spots. Each to his i mittee. nearer to- God than when under; tas [ e And if thcy get a p i easure ! A Democrat bigwig said that tribulation: which He permits for j Qut of in=ulting and abasing their ' Farley would like to be a good the purification and beautifying of thy soul.--Miguel Molir.os. say them nay? i bo ' ap - d raake a nomination speech Fifty Years Ago Local Items From The Columns Of The News, July 8, 1S9S. P R E L I M I N A R Y ARRANGEMENTS have been made by the employes of the Palmetto Fibre One of the up But the great majority of mar: for ^sident Truman, ried people cio not that is ground. ] peace and quiet and love a^.ci ten- u - ars » to | derness. They are not looking for ; jjg,,^ defeat""all ,. a sparring partner. They desire ' let ' Far , cy nominate Mr ; ^^~ ea-er. someone v.-ho will .There are too manv people who way m- W;U re: 1 l k e £' States, who more than any other ; c i O3e i v related to either a national man today, except possibly Henry ! or an " international crisis. Wallace, represents the radical I (Reproduction Rights Heserved) Know America Reds To Probe Todav's Anniversaries i"TI /^l 1790^-Fitz-Greene Halleck. New frafifUe CilieerS York bank clerk, eminent poet- ; satirist of his generation, born', at Guilford, Conn. Died Nov. 19. j 1367. 1794--David Lee Child, journalist, j Prague, Czechoslovakia. July 8 For E. Benes -- The Czechoslovak government investigate a Solol Congress editor, abolitionist, founder of first American sugar beet factory (in Massachusetts'*, mate of Lydia that evidenced public enthusiasm Maria, noted author, born West , for former President Eduard Benes Boylston, Mass. Died Sept. 13, ; and apathy for his Communist juc- 1874. i cessor. Klement Gottwald. passed Gottwald in 1805-- Samuel D. Gross, early Am- j Paraders at the Slet, or Con- erican surgeon of note, teacher , gress of the cultural and athletic and author, author of standard j Sokol society, Tuesday cheered for medical works in his day. born ; Benes and in Easton. Pa. Died May 6. 1884. i silence. 1839-- John D. Rockefeller, famed, j The Prague radio said yesterday legendary oil man. philanthrop- ministers had been ordered to re- ist. born" at Richf ord." 1C. Y. Died; P«rt on "results of the Slet" at dustries where a decline is expect- iy no means candidates sharp slump.--with the pos- ·xception of cotton textiles. About Building? Building construction to be completed may be sky-high compared with the first six months of 1943. but I am predicting that new build| ing contracts will suffer more than ! their usual seasonal decline. Likewise, our railroads will be held at a high rate of operations until after the October crop peak.--at which tSne I expect a more than seasonal recession in traffic. There is a possibility that the Vextile industry will witness a sharp recession. The cotton surplus promises to cause uncertainty in the price of this important fiber. Such a situation may induce a suspension of buying during the transition from the old crop prices to the new fiber quotations. Hold off before stocking up with shirts, sheets or most cotton goods. Miscellaneous Forecasts Apparel and other merchandise buyers have been flocking here into New York city in unprece- May 23. 1937. 1844-^-Mary J. B. Lincoln, cookery ] teacher, author of the famous j i the next meeting of the Coramun- t-led cabinet. "The question of future partici- born at Attleboro, Mass. Dec. 2. 1921. Died coast said. xugosiav. Russia. Polish. Tries- acco: Winfield Spanish AT A 3 -JP^J .r^**^..-, TJrner was instructed"to draw up warning. a~d if a set cf resolutions expressing ; they take it. i the pride the people of Fred- i (Released by The Bell Syndicate. Inc.) ; crick tske in the brilliant I --_ I achievement of Commodore; i Schley and congratulating him · 3IeillberS Of Carbailgll ·ucon his victory. A number oi' . T TT i i T · """ ' - prominent citizens expressed f a m i l y Hold KetimoiJ : themselves as feeling that Schley deserves all the credit. THE ANNUAL STATEMENT OF good fall retail business. Actual buying, however, is not yet heavy. Summer resort business will be good generally. But, aside from that, free-and-easy spending is less. More liquor price-wars, at retail, are said to be ahead, although I am not an authority on this business! Motion-picture industry sees cloudy weather ahead, partly because of television and also because of court orders to "divorce" oroducers from theater ownership. Men's clothing volume has been "of?."' although leading brand-name .manufacturers have their output " ' for fall well committed. Men's i - t . ,, s'^oe indust'-v is bad and vou will delphia. cracks tolling for the /«-. ^r HulL PravVTharSM^nl I s ° on £ee , "*"* interesting mark- struction was beginning in the aown Sa!es " . ,, Meat prices are unlikely to drop dented numbers anticipating the Revolution in New York. j 1S35--Historic Liberty Bell. Phila- ' The chairman of the House con- neral of Chief Justice Marshall. ferees on the bill. Frank Fellows: 1S52--Fire all but wipes out Mont- -^i";^TM" esta"bli«hmenT of Maine, was completely disgusted j real, Canada. _ . . . . _ . . , Demonstrations for Benes much. A big corn crop, however. The annual reunien nnci r»!cn:c of the Carbaucb fcrnily v.-as held at s . _. . .._ th» home of Mrs. Nellie Carbauch. · o: v i£ -- an a Revercomb of W. Va.. told them they would not get any Company for the period ending ' were games and _ June" 30 =hows that grosc earn- prizes giver, bo'n your.= ?na old S1S.OOO. a consider- Those present included children. affairs of the rrederick and -Middletown Electric Railway - near Thurmont. ^^./^ . D? b)H shal ^^ The bill, as written primarily by Chspman Revercomb. a mellow-West Virginia lawyer, is They were as fol'.ows- -"·-/--_ to«Sh on Catholics. Jews! Mrs. Nellie Carbr-ugh Thi;rmcnt: Oscar Smi'h. \ \ i f e Nellie arid son Jtir.ior. K-cers:own: W'.ison Fisher, vvife Johsri^a. and datich- ings were able increase over last year. AN UNKNOWN COLORED BOY er.tered the yard of Mr. Caspe-r Cline. East Second street extended, and stole a bicycle belonging to Mr. Robert Trar.e. Precmcnt, W. Va.. a guest of the family. A FREIGHT TRAIN FROM THE Pennsylvania railroad started from the yard and ran downgrade with such terrible velocity that residents of the east end thought an earthquake was c-rnins. When alongside the trestle, the fore- present included grandchildren. and £r:end= 1S96--Historic ' Cross of Gold" policemen blocked off about a third · and other vegetables and fruits, speech by William Jennings Bry- O f Prague's Central Square in an · Consult your grocer. Chicago: ' You shall not down on the brow of this crown of thorns . . . _ i of gold." ciij- worsers. ims is how it · 1916---German sub "Deutschland" w a s cone. | _ l : __ : _._ Chesapeake Bay. Premiers give more months to dis- an at Democratic convention m apparent effort to forestall more Mountain Players this week get their teeth into some lusty drama to do their best performance of the season to date. Experience in working several weeks as a unit has knit the company into a cast that paces "The Petrified Forest" at the fast, smooth clip of good theater. Director James Decker adventures out of the safe comedy rut, conventional for summer stock. with this -week's play with which movie-goers will identify the late Leslie Howard and Humphrey 3o- gart. W'^dnesday's opening night audience (a lot smaller than the production deserved) met the final curtain with the hearty applause of. people who've enjoyed a good play. Jean Osborn, always lovely to see, makes the emotionally bewildered, heart hungry, groping Gab- fay a flesh and blood person. In the Howard role of Alan r Tyler Carpenter plays opposite her. Very adroitly the two handle the worcy scenes with which the play's first act drama is built and with almost no action manage to create a sense of suspense and impending disaster. Carpenter brings to the Mountain Theater a background of 12 years" experience in entertainment varying from tent shows through aqua- | hard convincing realism unligfr* ened by humor, and chalks up fj himself a personal success. \ Don Koll is the lusty, lu-"' Boze. a man of uncomplicated i tional drive whose yen for Gabl contributes the play's broadly hi; orous, often hard worded " scej Another versatile actor, Koll's formance this week is no less ab|| than his Joe Pendleton last we Brad McCall, a personable youij man. does a garrulous, scrag looking grandfather, the kind characterization he did with undel standing when, he was Grandq Vanderhof two weeks ago. Ade Fortin, Kathryn Eames and Clarke in supporting roles are e] ceilent. Frederick's ^Walker Jolliffei Cabby's father again proves self a capable amateur who hold his own in fast professior company. Tom Glass, "another r«! ident familiar to local audiencij does a swaggering, menacing ster very welL Jack Byerly through a political harangue to his lines admirably, only his el treme youth misfitting him for[ mature role. Charles Spelvin. Harry- James Decker. William Stultz Roger Allen round out the capat cast with understanding interpretj tions of small parts. The company more than suppl any lack the community may ha| cade swimming and musical comedy i f e it ia a Fourth of July minus dancing to such demanding roles as Alan. With three top night performances (Paul Sycamore. Mr. Jordan and Alan) he has shown the versatility of a fine stock player. Theater patrons who saw the Players' first two shows may have difficulty identifying Duke Mantee. the fleeing killer, with the shouting Russian of "You Can't Take It With You"' and Max of "Heaven Can works for in the last scene guns ; fired on and oS stage at furio pace. A young arsenal vras cumulated for the play. The Mountain Theater has "ass bled this year an unusually fine and each production has ea critical acclaim of audiences. to be regretted that these audienc are not larger. With top flig entertainment available Frederil Wait." Baraet Biro plays the might bestir itself and build auq straight role of the gangster with a ! ences worthy of the offerings. Speed Over 70; Forfeits $101 Curt Messner, same address, be reckless driving, S6.45: Ronald McKnight Pittsburgh. Pa.. Otto Fiedler. Pontiac. Mich., passing i a hill. 56.45; Charles C. Doll. J| ' 240 Carroll Parkway, failing, exceeding i " D J Trooper Ridge and Sgt, Charll 70 miles per hour and State Troop- i · " lc - n - er L. iL Ridge said that in his j -- . . pursuit of the man on the new i 17-Year LoCUStS Are Frederick-Hagerstown road it was ; necessary for him to drive his pa- : j\Ot Heporfed. JoLere press dernonstratior.s there. labor cross trol cruiser for a five-mile distance j ..,« oil industry, mindful of fuel! at over 100 miles per hour. j Seventeen-year locusts may oil shortages last winter, is mov- I The man. Nathaniel Carroll, was j appearing ^ in some sections T _/ ing toward voluntary allocations. ter. Viola, i-rcder. Guy Fuher. \\ .fe Ju".:^. and sor.s. Frederick End Ariincion. Fr o aer:ck. Jo?ec-"n Car- ba-jch. wife Clsra. sen Harry and daughter? Flr.teil.i and Dorothy Frederick. C3:i:cn Carbatseh and uife. France?. Tiiumcrit. Herbert as or cf the entered ce-.t of the Jews in DP camps. ^ For some unknown reasons, the Reverrorrfo bill .cax-e a prefemce D? n pogroms. This gir arm, Tive of America"? rew 10.000-ton cruisers found defective. SufHcisnt supplies next winter are I OUQV probable, assuming Jlideast-Pales- Bv Earl L Donslass B. D. - j iine is not cut off and defense BUT AIX ARE CALLED j needs are norrnal - . But ° eaer or - Tb Ti-io-3^ crmp- *rn- 1 ' der 3" our fuel ~ COal Or Oll ~*°* r a G^ek^rd-wS m^S ^ I Complaints by small businesse^ arrested on Saturday evening Maryland but there nave be Because difficulty obtaining averaged a speed of about 70 miles. entomologist of Canadian, found dead in XS^She Allies again take the of- e ^ ? a:rs of bro{hers in the apos- ; tion reserves. about 6 55 o'clock. The trcouer ' reports that tney have been sig. said Carroll was operating a new , ed yet in Frederick county, ^ontiac with about 170 miles on i A scientist v,-amed today th the speedometer when he finally j should the locusts appear, in 3 stoaned -5ra Pacing him from ' case should DDT be used in an 4 ! Frederick to the top of. Braddocfc ternpt tp_ drive bank! Mountain. Ridge said the man i " DD ^-' . s ^ :d . ., , , . , . . , , Ijdl - !v i - °. . . -- -, D r,f«^,«i«^,rf «· the Bartlett R at Stamfor hem happ locusts sii Only the male cicada or 17-T Deyilbi?5. wife J-/--. f^ri James up to half o: the D? quota to dis- most'car jumped The track. The · and daughters tcir.a* Clare. :-:ar" front truck \vas completely de- Frances, cr.a Shirley. intsrrrT.; Bradley Carbaucb s-id v. ife Helen ar.d son Cavin. ~r.i:rr.~cr.t. Carbaufh. Thurmor- T-Ir a-.a Mr? Connie ar.d Rc?r.:e. Hagcrstcv.r.. Xr. ar.d Mrs A;v:c ?rycr n-.d c"-.:".- cren R^JC. I^l3r:e. H?;f" ard Ed - .v:r. Greersburc "r- a-.d Mr? Harry Butrow and sen Dcr.a^a. Ha;er=- to-A-n: Mr. and Mrs O.rk Crav ford and children Char'.otte Irene ar.d Robert. Karerstrwn: :.:r._T;o:- ccs Ftsher and w::c. Virg.nia rred- ISected to break the heat reave. . crick: Grayson Fisher sr.c v.-.-e The mercury dropped to only 71 'Jessie, and son Rcn?.:c=. Frederick. Mr. snd Mrs Guy M35?cr ar.i children Levere arA Vickev. Franklin Devilbiss and v.-;:e Doris.;. Followins; are the friends \vho were present: Mrs Graushe Da-vsin. Philadelphia. Pa.: Mr. ar.d Mrs. George Dawson, New York c::y: Mr. Donald Rogersor.. Thurrr-on 1 ': Mr. J?~ves tacneci and throv.-n into Carroll creek. The broken car was left barging over the bank. No one was in the front cars. Twenty Years Ago Local Items From The Columns Of The News. Jcly 8. 192S. THE TEMPERATURE REACHED 56 degrees yesterday and was -t the 93-degree mark at r.ocn today but thunderstorms are ex- last night, warmest o' the sum- ? :a cec persons from the Baltic tste=. iney are predorninantlv Prnrestan; And. there's a 50 pef- eyn^ro rent preference for farmers. * although the clothing industries had 1946 -- Tne askea for trpi-eci carment workers. Aeairst the advice of General i-ucrjs C!a". the U. S. commander in Germany, and the State De- rartmer.t. Kevercorr.b accepted the Lar.cer arner:dments to admit ethnic German? from Crechoslova- kis. These were the same Cer- who built v Cc:;:r;-r. fensive in Normandy. 1945--American soidier-s;;ard at Salina. Utah, machine-guns sleeping German war prisoners--killing eisht and .wounding a score ~. S. House oper.s British loan debate. 1947--U. S. House subcommittee recommends widespread reform in ar-ny cour: rnatria"? tolic circle, but brother was not among these. Thomas went on to spiritual triumph ar.d a great service in the and Master, i Srr:prure makes whatsoever to the rwlr. brother. j than 100 miles per hoar. Trooper Ridae said the Negro : Copyright 194S Pub, tin. Bureau. Inc. I Sna iiy "stopped after a farmer pull- ' locust sings, oy viorating ! ed from a~"= : "» rnsA fiin ih^ -p~ drums on the underside of C. D. A. MEETING HELD . , _ _ road and hindered his speed. Col- , bodv ; iMiema!e_ does great and^nade trees, spl: ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ _ u k of twigs by a sa-; no ' reference its rnorr.hTy meeting on Wednesday ' 3. Hose.ncrantz. Route 2, pleaded ^ s iristrument to make a nest * Cour: Maryland No. 273. Cath- ; lateral of S101.45 was forfeited. f 3« l °. olic Daughters of America, held \ I n a hearing this morning. Paul t:T ~ ? '"' career 01 the evening at eight o'clock in the guilty to operating a motor ve- Kr.ight? of Columbus home. Mrs. · hicle with inadequate lights after ne£ eggs. i"wigs. tzsually three feet may we:! make us ponder ser- Pearl Whisner. Grand Regen;, pre- arrest by Trooper Ridge'and paid leng^'n. then dry cut and are brok ' riyirss disc" ir New iously the way certain people in ' ciced. Mrs. Florence little. Mrs. a farr.-.Iy go on to spiritual triumph Marguerite Hess and Mrs. Jane *.vh;li-* ot^f^r^ nn rr*t ftri-n^*i-^ioc /-\-T nn ^.. ~,.^TM^ ^^^»^-^-£w^ -^ ^n--r?- 2 sine and costs of S5.75. Arthur William Peomroy. Fred- off by the first stig breeze. E| tomoiogists report that 17-ye tr-.e Nazi Fifth ^y Globe Synd.) ile others do not. Sometimes O'Lean- were a?tj:nted a com-: erick Route 5. charged with cperat- - oc «sts are being iotmd in gn turns_outjo be a battered wea'.n- gcary parents have godless chil- mittee in charge of a minstrel show Ing a motor vehicle while ur.cer aamoers this year in New Jer ._ ,.-·!·!.- drer.. occasionally a child of mark- ' and bazaar to be held in November, the influence of intoxicating bever- P^ 1 "^ of ^Pennsylvania. New Yi_ eri :nir:t-?a::t-.- v-;M come from a ' An invitation was received from ages or drugs after an accident at ^Maryland. Delaware, northern "Vj er balloon. MASTER HORACE OPEI-. SON of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Opel. Jr.. Braddcck Heights, while at f!ay on the Heights playgrounds, fell from a see-saw ar.d fractured his left srrn. WITH THE ACQUISITION TODAY cf the section of property DST^ Today's Birthdays David E. Lilienthal, chairman of the Atomic Encrcy Crm-ris=ion. born in Morton. Ill. 49 years aco Gertrude Niesen. actre??. bom at sea 33 ears sso. Nelson A Rockefeller, corpora- Tie "rias had no en- the'r.ts of Columbus to a joint the intersection of Sixth and Mar- gia|a*Ohio and West Virginia. " o;cn:c to -"S most on warm. rec:pi:ation for 24 hours ending ] tion heed, ex-assistant secretary- of P rorr.:s:r.g member does not. " cay this month. · = -- t-d.iy---,o-e state, former president of Rocke- There is a serious process eoing tons?. ^Irs. Fanni Precipitation. July to date--.09 cf an inch Norrnal July precipitation. 3.97 inches; act-jal. July. 1947--535 inches. en spiritii horns where ccuragerr.eni along such lines. A godly wife and a godless husband 50-netirnes go through life with "ness different interests. One member of a family responds to the , evening o call o: God and another equally members who observed their birth- | Officer Harry Phillips. There is a serious process going Long, Mrs. Fannie Jvennedy. Mrs. ; David B. Crebbs. Route 3. John C.' CnQ//S/} LSSSOH ^^ T^«._. i "^ July 23 to honor all, S100.75. He had been arrested by awa 5~-ved their birth- ;.-- -- -Miss Catherine ' Collateral forfeitures were by _, .- ,,--=, ^«..^, . -- - . - .Javid B. Crebbs. Route 3. John C. feiler Center. New iorK. Com fear on whereby some are being chosen Ruth Smith, Mrs. Rose Hart and Hume, Baltimore. Lester F. De- owr.ed by T. K. Alexander and Albright. .Jr. T^\Ir Ger- j.^jy i_ 5 4i inches". £ " xc 5 55 .^ rl * ? ^ precipitation to years ago Harbor. Me.. 40 year- ?go George Romney, manager of the Automobile Manufacturers Association. Detroit, bom in Mexico. 41 ~ - . . ....^.^^_- ^.j..i^ ^i.(_ ^s-i.*^ \..^W2CrtA XXU^-i O i i l i w f , -»*.J. A.fc^J. A*ti» fc u .. u i l U . i i C , £ll4.1ii.Ui C. i^"2l.C« JL . J-fe^ TT- ^ -1 and others rejected. This is not Mrs. Frances Swing were named Wait Pittsburgh. Pa. Donald W. 1,..-- " s oueri misused: Do not because God v.i!is it so. but be-' on the committee in charge of ar- ' Griffin. Baltimore. T h e o d o r e ' f .^ _^° not^speak to me,^ cause the persons involved will it rangements. - - ·· - ««,,«« . -- i · c-___ -,* so It :s the will of God that all msn be saved. When they are not ·wife, necessary for the widening of Bentz street new bridge and street, the city is now in DOS- session of all the property it adline Abrech* Frederick- Mr aid between the Mrs. Herman Sharkey and dauch- · West Patrick, ter Yvonne Lee. Thumont: Mrs j Pearl Bell. Frederick: Miss Louise j Null. Frederick: Mr. Charles Beall. i Setori Porter, chairman ci" Na- it is because with deliberate pur- thanking the Court for its financial VJ:*. i.l-4-tJi* *^^**.*.*,iWi^« A A A ^ i V ^ ^ ^ V A f i . , - . . . . _ 3 - « A letter was read Humphrey. Youngstown. O.. Doro- ' ln ^ a j a 1 C2red - Say, "as if I care - --" - -- -· -- - · ' Often mispronounced": Impiotj i's as from Father John of the Mission- ' ihv S. Black. Reading. Pa., Joseph \ ary Servants of the Holy Trinity. SeVaSn, Highland. Mich.". Mary ; Pronounce im-pi-ous. both i'j Hickman. Doylesburc. Pa.. James i ^accent first syllable. £-:gn tr-iperature yesterday--7S \ tional Distillers Proo.\ict? Corp. pose they choose otherwise. ter-iporsture a year ago--76 . born in New York. 65 vears ago i Copyright Batson Newspaper SyridO priest Another letter was re- , G. Fiedler. Pontiac, Mich.. William i perscribe. ·*- -- . . . · » . . ,, * ^ , - * · _ _ ^ im. m ^ ^ . . _ «-^ T-*__ «·__ ' _ _ - _ _ t C ^ assistance in the education of a . L. Smallwood. Middletown. Otto i Often misspelled: Prescribe; Low temperature last night--56 \ Thomas H. A. Lewi?" of Los" A n - ' needs for this improvement The ! Creagerstown: Mr. and Mrs. Maur- Sun. rises tomorrow 5 51 o-cvv- tcrr.pora.uro a ye^.r ago--53 i geles. radio company head born in Sun sets today--3 40 p m. iTroy. N. Y.. 46'years ago purchase price was 52.500. STEINER SMTH, A MEMBER ice Potts. Helian-. Pa : Mr. and Mr?. Nelson Sloat. Manchester. Pa : Mr. of the Woodsboro County Lea- i and Mrs. Lester Potts and daush- ol a. m. j Percy Grainger, famed composer, -j ra jj s t Many mosses still have names ivcn them by the Greek botanist Dioscorides snd the Roman nat- I ceived from Mrs. Mary C. Duffy, i c. Deninno. Pittsburgh, Pa.. Carl- I Supreme Regent urging all mem- j ton- R. A n d r e w s , Cambridge j bers to listen to the radio broad- j Springs. Pa. Howard A. Belser, i serrated. Synonyms: Holy, hallowed. ^ sacred, saintly, blessed, co| tomorrow--3 o4 a. m. i born Moon sets tomorrow--11 15 p. m. Condition of rivers: Monocacy Today's Horoscope Australia. 66 vears ago. gue baseball team, was struck in [ ters Mary and Marlene. Hellsm. | muddy at Buckeystown Dam: Poto- the face with Union Bridge i jaw. a batted ball at and sustained a Pa.: Mr. and Mrs and children Gene Frederick, Austin Fisher mac clearing on Virginia side, and Patricia, m i l n y on Maryland side at Knox- I ville. A r friends. By his nervous energy and force of character, he will act as a j gram will be reformer, and with strong plane- Father Flanig Today should produce a person of great executive ability, v.ho by , energy will push a way into a lead- tary aspects may become a really me position HP will have rnrpv ~ "' on° cast at noon on Sunday over the NBC network heralding the national convention to be held in Pasadena, Calif, July 12-16. The pro- dedicated to the late Flanigan of Boys Town. Tne meeting closed with prayer by Rev. Fohprt T. Bo7el- ' i Cleveland. O.. C. Standifer Peak, Arlington. Va.. Frank B. Welty, Youngstown. O., James C. Palmer. Akron, O.. all exceeding 50 miles per hour, S11.45: Alex Weinzimmer, Brooklyn. N. Y.. passing when way ahead was not clear. S6.45; Robert W 'Rpllwnorl. Pa . Word sfl3dy:J'L"se a word thr times and it is"yours." Let us crease our vocabulary by ma ing one word each day. To word: Revelation: act of disclosir or that which is disclosed. "Diffici_ ties in revelation are especially f il en to our f-i»Ti NFWSPAPFs

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