The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 2, 1967 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1967
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Weather Forecast Sunny and cool today and Sunday. Highs 66 to 72. Clear and cool lows in the 50s tonight. Monday partly cloudy and not as cool. Attend The Church Of Your Choice VOL. 84--NO. 272 Prn« Run Today i News--10,8» i , . . ,. ,,, (Post 13 550 Tc*al-J4,WC FREDERICK, MD., SATURDAY, SKPTEMBKR 2, l%7 TWO o.i IJ S E C T I O N S -" ' FIRST SECTION 5c SINGLE COPY 30c MKKKLr · Y CARRIII Tuition At FCC May Be Hiked College President Says Increase Needed Unless State Aid Is Received Unless some state financial aid becomes available Frederick Community College will have to raise its tuition, Dr. Lewis W. Stephens, president of the college said. Stephens explained that with increased operating expenses more money will be needed to run the college. He said that he didn't know jvhen an increase would come. According to Stephens, "Frederick is in a unique position be-cause it shares facilities with a local high school". This means that college also shares operation expenses instead of having to pay it all. Because of this, Frederick has one of the lowest tuitions in the state. But the college, which now operates out of the old North Market school, plans to open its own building and have its own facilities by 1970. "As the prices go up we will need more money," Stephens said. Concerning a resolution passed this week by the State Board of Education favoring increased aid of $4 million to aid not know if that would be enough. He said he would have to take a look at the budget to decide exactlv how much the community college Vietnam Terror Deaths Mount On Election Eve Commies Kidnap 109 Viet Bombing Choices Civilians ^^"·^' f« · A f*i Senators Rap LBJ's .'OI ICE CHARGE DEMONSTRATORS -M Iwaukee policemen wade into a crowd of demonstrators swinging their riot clubs last night as the group, composed mostly of Mil- AP Wirephoto waukee NAACP Youth Council members and sympathizers attempted a protest march. Po lice broke up the demonstration because it was contrary to Mayor Henry Maier's orders. WASHINGTON ( A P ) -- Sen. But Johnson gave no hint of Port of Haiphong. Hanoi and a Strom Thurmond contends Pres- *-u--h action uffer zone near the Red icient Johnson is playing a He said of ,i50 potential North Chinese border, numbers game" in saying he's Vietnamese targets recom- In its ,-eport, the Senate sub- authorized U.S. bombing of six mended bv the Joint Chiefs. mlttee sa id air raids to of every seven North Viet- obout 300--or six of seven--have L . namese targets recommended been authorized of the close or cripple t he Port of Hat- by military leaders. others, said Johnson, are in phong are high on the target "It is more than just the num- strategic areas including the priority list of the Joint Chiefs, ber of targets authorized for ___ ._ -g--r- rT"1 ^"""1 strike that is important," the Police Use lear ij-as SSr9S ^i""»* ioners To where the bone of contention lies." Johnson's statement at a Fri?i% ^m'tr^cfVE Responsibility for screening miss-oners, gather K-Iowa, who said: "The one in applicants 10 Montevue County l a r p ul ' · On Milwaukee Marchers All Montevue Applicants MILWAUKEE, Wis. AP) -- decided Friday to lift the ban Friday night's march toward seven not authorized would, in Home ha- been transferred from Police, caught in a barrage of beginning at C a.m. today. youth council headquarters, de- many cases, be worth far more the C o u n t \velf aie department bottles and bricks minutes after The tension is expected to stroyed by fire Tuesday night, ttian the Slx aulnonzea - Terrorists Carrying 20 Pounds Of TNT Shot Down In Tarn Ky Raid SAIGON ( A P ) -- Communist guerrillas made election eve attacks throughout South Vietnam today, including an attempted terror raid into the province capital of Tarn Ky where a terrorist carrying 20 pounds of 'INT was shot down. Most of the attacks were small but the over-all death toll mounted sharply. U.S. sources said 190 civilians have been killed by terrorists in the past week, 426 have been are to the Counts Commissioners. disregarded even before 1962. . ,, , . . school day that Father Gropp. said than four hours while lawyers preparedness subcommittee. . V ard ani - shov ered it with tear may attract the Rev. Dr. Martin tried m vain to get a temporary i . lc , nP ,, August 21. but »,th the welfare department =s . i -. » i i _ _i L \ ^ . u i i i i n ^ : i » . / i i ^ * : " » " e 3 » - * ·-"··- * * ^ -- T* i n * mv. »**-·»»-· -^ -- j -------- - strongly criticized the ad- ^ t r e v e a l e d u n l l i this week we ll as banks and other sources ould g as WOUW The . Luther Kin 8' Ne 8 ro ^median restr ainin g order blocking the ministrations bombing policies C o m m l s s l o n ers Charles E to verify that applicants qua i- issued d R ,, z H orman fie d for" the county home, Hort would be nrooortioned according to the college enrollment. Frederick n .) W nas 500 stu- p n n p tn walk in nnr going to walk in our m a unanimous report Thursday. voted for the motion which re- man said. police sweep that sent Dick Gregory; Floyd M^- rv,TMTM in tViA rocAintmn tear g as filtering into th e build- Kissick, head of the Congress of monev in the resolution. _.___ * { gt Bomface parish ch . Racial Equahtyi and H Rap " w e r e going 10 warn m our Joh nson responded to the pan- scmdVa resolution taken by a Mrs. Barthel said ;d a night of racial tension Brown, head of the Student Non- black neighborhood and no pow- e i' s assertions at the news con- p r e \ I O U S board of County Com- that she did not consider last resulted in 13 injuries and violent Coordinating Committee, er on earth is going to stop us," ference, and took particular m i SSK ,ners in 1956 givmg the week's action by the commis- arrests. A spectator collapsed No decision has been made as said Father Groppi to the^ dem care to downgrade reports of w c i f a r c department the respim- sioners final until she hid re- ZF£?£5£, «£ r V ~L, 1996 ruling had ton ^ £'§Jj h »# e 2S n ", *££ k-emen and many Americans assigned to protect the Tarn Ky, Province in the northern has been the o, ian p bu : u l a n t o haw 700 bv but plans to have 7 °° by w c . - p m i s L s mo ' au ' to where they would march but ° n strators assembled inside the f h arp policy differences be- M b l h l v £or certihmg candidates ceived word from the state wel- F.°TM mHupn J!jf d ^ trouble is expected if they de- playground "They'll have to twee n he and Defense Secretary t() the Countv c - hro 7, ic Hospital fare department. outskirts of fhV " ° torist Hurt Badly In City Wreck and died of natural causes thorities said. Among those arrested was the cide to return to South Side Rev. James E. Groppi, a white assistant pastor at St. Boniface, a parish in the heart of the Inner Core, where most of Milwaukee's 86,000 Negroes live. Father Groppi, who led the attempted march from St. Boniface, is adviser to the Milwau- vvar zone T h,,r«Ha , main target of pre-election ter- Thursda.v --*·- back with four and six the a mili- on the mortar kill us to stop us. She said approval from the E. state welfare office is necessary ,, " ld there. was the fifth orovin- and . J vt. John Tregoning charged Murray with failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. Three Virginia men received minor lacerations early today when the car in which they were riding clipped off a telephone pole and rammed into a concrete bridge abutment. Hood Names 13 To Faculty, ti Classes Resume Sept. 26 A Fort Ritchie man suffered ke « Y °uth Council of the Na- serious injuries last night in a t' onal Association for the Ad- two-car collision in Frederick vancement of Colored People. Luther F. Murray Jr , 50, was II was tne second straight to i ess t h a n 300 f ee t. admitted to Frederick Meni 8 nt in which the priest was ar- There were 1,800 when the loon was returned by a Marion morial Hospital for treatment of rested and the third night in ]0 urney began but only 200 re- S.C. man who said he found it possible fracture of the skull which police have broken up a turned. at Myrtle Beach, about 75 miles and multiple lacerations. youth council demonstration T ne travelers were balloons, northeast of Charleston and Murray was injured about that defied a ban by Mayor Hen- -^hey w e r e i aunc hed last June more than 300 miles from Lew- 9:02 p.m. when the car he was r y Maier. from the Lewistown Elemen- i.stown. driving west on East Patrick Tne ban on nighttime demon- tary School as part of a pro- Frank Autry said he found Street, rammed into the rear strations, originally in effect for j ec t to raise money for the PTA the balloon on Aug. 9, almost of a car driven by Ira W Mor- j° da ' s ' w a s declared Wednes- Each balloon carried a card t w o month. 1 -- from the day it was gan, 16 of B and O Avenue. day a ^ er two nights of violence identifying its sponsor and ask- iaunched He returned both Damage to Murray's 1965 sta- tnat accompanied youth council m g that it be returned to the card and balloon, both of which tion wagon was $500 and da- marches into masses of heck- school showed little signs of weather mage to Morgan's 1958 sedan nn S whites on the predominant- A transistor radio offered to 01 other damage. was $450 Cpl William Sheplev !' Polish South Side The mayor the sponsor whose balloon trav- Many of the letters sent to · - - ' - · · t h e school told o f where t h e balloons were found and some e v e n reported incidents sur lounding the discoveries. Some oi the balloons traveled far svhile others had trouble getting cff the ground and were found m a field adjacent to the school One was reported as landing Hood College has appointed one faculty member for every '" the midst of a Forrestville Tfc Gordon Smith said the 13 new faculty members to its 12 students. ' Little League game Charles accident occurred about 1:22 teaching staff. Classes begin at Hood Sept M u r p h y , one of the players a.m. as Beverly T. Huff Jr. 23 Dr Mary Frear Keeler. dean 2 fi with a record enrollment of V v r o t e "Somebody yelled there of Winchester, Va. was driving of faculty, said that while se- Approximately 756 students west along Md. 464 at Knoxvillc ven of the appointments rep- Convocation jxerrises. officially The car left the roadwav resent replacements for mem- opening the academic \ e a r . struck a telephone pole and ^ers who have retired, resigned h a v e been scheduled tor Sept crashed into the bridge abut- or are on leave of absence, 2 5 at 7 30 p m in Coffman Cha- ment. six are additions to the staff ^ on c a m p u s Huff, and two passenger; Among the new faculty will Dr Ernest H u r s t O i e r r m R _ William C. Sealock Jr , and ne a visiting lecturer from Inton Jr professor of a s t ronomy c ' d the enthusiastic reception Clarence E. Elsea Jr.. both 31 dia, an astronomer who is al- comes to Hood f r o l l l t l i e ln ;. ^.iven t h e ^ o n e versity of Akron where he a re- served as professor f astron- a s P e ' omy and dean { the i^radu- of educa- a t e d i v i s i o n He earned his A B . . .md M S degrees at Ohio Wes- The increase in faculty is in u . yan a n d h l s ph D (i( , Rm . d , keeping with the liberal arts t h e i T n i v e r s ) t v )f California college's policy of maintaining , B Pr kelev i favorable student-faculty ra- I)r C herrmgton has received tio to keep pace with the inv a r i o u s research grants and creasing enrolment. Hood has , el i owshlps and d u r i n p World tor to plav w i t h TM . ; . .. War II served w i t h the US simo of lhc "fl^ons found To Visit A r m y A i r Corps He h a s writ . "(ugh gomg m their trave.s ten numerous articles for both x ' r anrt , M TM . Robert Smith, professional and lav journals. KFI) 2 Woodbine found Mab'e Postmaster James A. Grove, a book cntit'ed -Let's Explore !al ^ halloon on tneir rf)O1 chairman of the Fredei ck the Moon Through Binoculars" County Red Cross Blood P--o- will be published this fall. gram, has announced the next He will teach courses pre- vmit of the Bloodmobile to Fred- viouslv taught by Or C S erick It will be Tuesday at »*e Yu who retired in June, a n d Evangelical Lutheran Church, 31 will offer new courses in the E. Church St., where registra- astronomy department relation of donors will begin at 11 '"£ to space exploration a.m. and close at 4-30 p m. Now in the department of About 200 persons have hcon physical sciences will be Dr scheduled for the visit of the George G Klemsnehn. profes- Bloodmobile, and the maien'v -sor of chemi.strv Since l%'. of these people have been noti- chief of the organic chenvstrv fied by telephone about their section of the "homjstrv branch appointments. at thp 4 r m v RaMistic Research The results of the telephon- T.-^rafM-ies Prin- n that he survey show-that less than one- '»"*V *»t ArMnhi r^'We and it half of the sched-iled donors will -Johns H^nVms Umvor«'tv ' be available on Tuesday for do- TV Xl^inwNi earned his natmg blood, and walk - in ;!- B S decree at Colgate Umvers- (Continued on Page 5) (Continued on Tage 5 Robert S McNamara on the one and ^i o n t e vue hand, and the Joint Chiefs of ' Commissioner Wallace Staff on the other. H u t t o n oppost , (i the motion. for any action concerning her - - -.- j hH Ms week b Red "There's no deep division ' in Minutes from the 1956 Board department. raids " policy on bombing of North O f Commissioners show that However, the assistant direc- · guerr m as a ttempted to Vietnam, said the President their action was taken at the tor of the state welfare depart- m t o the town about 2 a.m. '·There are no quarrels, no an- request of the C'rur,U Welfare ment. James Vidmar, said Fri- * , oradic fighting broke out tagonisms." Dnector ( , e n o v . . B. nnel day that deciding w h o should tn / almosl dese rted streets as Miller said later that could Horman -.,KI "I · r - !a\ t h p t screen candidates for Monte- they were spo tt e d mean only that targets recom- for as Ion" i- · t-ein a vue was a m a t t e i of ' local po- ^.^ r j. illas were s i ain an d mended by the Joint Chiefs r o m n n - · · · the h e y " which doc-, :..)t require arms taken from them included Thev traveled from 300 miles cled the farthest, was won by have won Presidential approv al ^-r- ' - com- .ipproval fr'n.i 1 - agency the TNT and about a dozen gre- ,aw't_nce Stevens when his bal- Balloon Launched From School Found In S. C. I of Whiteport. Va., refused treat- so an a uthor of numerous ar- men^ for minor lacerations llcles on the subject, Huff's 1964 sedan was de- search scientist, and molished. No charges were C l a l l s t m the field oref erred. tion FAST RESULTS THROUGH NEWS-POST CLASSIFIED ADS "Had Many Calls" For Sl»--7 iMri* power tractor with mower and wagon Call x x x - x x x x "Had Over 20 Calls" Waited--Oood h*m« for colli* puppy. Housebroken, exc pet CaM x x x x x x x Frederick CALL 662-1177 Fiom Montgomery County Dial M8-5145 MONDA V THRU FRIDAY t A. M. To 5 P. M. Satarday. 9 A. M. T* t P. M. ic a dollar bill tied to the balloon so 1 ran after it and got it Then all the other boys kept l i v i n g to get it because they thought there was a dollar on it Not all of the balloons receiv- c reception in Forrestville A Beltsville resident, for instance, returned the card but --aid he was keeping the bal- liKin u n t i l someone sent him "an envelope w i t h five cents in it Others, such as a boy and girl in Woodbine, were happy to send the card back but kept th( balloon "for our little sis- TK \ \ S P \ H I . N T U N I J o h n s o n H i g h S hou' s ( -i n e x a m i n e s sheet m u s i p; r tic 1 for p: oji'c l i o n in a in t'on progi am n h i c h w i l l h M i - s M i ' d r c d H T ood w h o A 11 be M. i . s t . n i t is one i t 1 to t . i t - f the \ \ t i t l i g h t Mis-, 1 i ev v e t t s teach: ' ( H I students e \ j ' ' i i i r . e n l a l eourse f 'ity On Tuesday card was intact but the balloon aopeared to have exploded into shreads (Continued on Page 5) IVo l*ap«T Monday TJ One Of 18 I . S. Schools Offering New Courses In Music Appreciation There will he no Frederick News published Monday, Labor Day. The business office o' the News-Post will he closed all dav Monday with the editorial office oprning at S p.m. Ml hanks and city, state and countx offices will also he rlosed and parking will he f ree in downtown Frederick Monday. Students at ',K n ,., I ' , , as Johnson H i g h sc 'in..; · \ . eltct to take one of the iieu courses in musu 1 ,ipp:ee,.r .mi this fall w i l l be amosig - « · ! · · company Only 18 high s hooK .K , o ~ , t h e country a r e q u n l i t cd ; if for the new experiment' pi gram in music e d u f . i t m n To q u a l i f y a sch-.i i : n \ i - ' have had a learner -.pVfrd · . ;it!end a · \x w e r k M r .n.i .1 Yale I ' m v e r s i t v to s t t n u .1 1 help develop t h i s new i p p - n a t h to mnsT education The program be^Hi .it N a n n 1963 on a grant fmm. 'he Lc I d i K . i t i d i aid s t u d e n t cess of mus.u\i the pro- nades. Military authorities said 14 houses were destroyed by the guerrillas and two vehicles burned September Court Term Jurors Pieked Forty-eight jurors have been drawn" for the September term of Circuit Court which begins Sept. 11 Presiding at the drawing was Chief Judge Patrick M Schnauffer Jurors chosen by election district were Frederick. Stanley J M v a- dows, Mav N Snowball, Mildred K. Henderson. Grover R. Ponton. Ella M Marendt Catherine Duckett. George I Smith Marguerite S Carlson l.c nard Green Buckev s t o w n . Dorothv Mu ·- rav Herber S Damazo. Middletown Leah C Hainos J Austin Mam Sr . Creagerstown Rubv Burn--, Hay L Mai t i n . E m m i t s b u i g E d w a i d Smith, Charlotte M E y s t e r Catoctm, John K \ N a r r e n f - ..' Urbana CI-.M ge \ m b u s h , i^e: nard F Cook. l.ibertv M Retina Du'.e: Viola S Sappmgton New M a r k e t M u n .iv E t / l o r , Lawrence H n t j r . t f u 1 . H a u v e r s J a n u s P R o v t ' WtxKlsboro lUissell S V\ KT- ter, FI ances Fo\ Pea-rsv illc C'harles F Mi 1- Mt Pleasant, Everest F D u v a l l . C h a r U s H Etzler Jefferson. Ruth E Ste nt i N o r m a n S Kemsberg. Thurmont Elmer D B i ' l r - ger, M a t 10 S Z e n t i , Jackson \lu-e V .loflma-- tor oniposition a n d .Toh^v i l l u l a d y W by s t u d y i n g hew-- i.,is chosen \ - !) K k sdc( ted Miss l i v e l y and s t i m u l a t i n g ma- · ; t u ho holds t e r i a l in depth, u cording to t h ' i n music cd p n i g i a m ' s d e v j ' l o j x ' r C'laude V , ( - ( i l , ( , p (i , I ' . i l i s c a professor of music his- torv at Yale i , f M M S K in Thev dr. t h i s svhile rHX-om- ing ' h o i o u t ' h l v fan i h a r v v i ' h s s'liall nuiv.tifr c f .nasterpiece-; - 1 i it .-over 'in- ; ost important , itet;ories and ;x'ri(Hls of nui- Miss T r e \ \ e ; t said the studies w i l l not t;e limited to the \\oodv die Hunkles I / n g a n o r e ai U-w i.stown Tusi-.ii ora Norman Marv B Dudd^r- tContinued on Tage 51 George Gre^n. Beatrice Mae Shuff. H a r r v C S t a l e v , B u i k i t t s v i l l o Ut R H l l a n d . BalltMiger, John M Zimmer- m a n Braddock K d i t h O Klein, R ( n C C ' l l l l e i . Bnmswiok Ixiuise Wenm-r. M a x me l.anglev Walkcrsville. Dons N NEWSPAPER! ,.,, NEWSPAPER!

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