The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 25, 1969 · Page 13
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July 25, 1969

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 13

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1969
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

r, The family Circus Perkins Stflltor $oip«r Saysi In a hippie wedding, the person who gives the bride away is anybody who can tell which one she is. i>i AMIS • i'i »f^f LATE I UNDERSTAND. V'A-r- THAT'S THE (OAV IT IS WRIN6 TIMES OF CRISIS / IT'S TME FAMILV 006 ( WHO ALOJA^ The Wizard of Id T-25" • 1M9, The. R»|i»t«r •nd Tribune Syndic«l« All Kifhti Kei«rv«l f "They brought THEIR doggy on vacation with theml" Judge Parker ^m^ ^^ «^»^"^^^ r "' Unscramble thne four Jumble* one letter to each iquare, to form four ordinary words. NEW YORK, N.Y. - Warren Bcatty was so impressed with the film "Alice's Restaurant" that he sat through two screenings—and without a date ... A famed actress refused to play rock star Mick Jagger's mother in a movie. JUNE HAVOC'S ghost in her haunted house of W. Forty fourth street was a moneymaker; she sold out at a profit . . . Gypsy Rose Lee, who sold her town house here through REMAPS INCADD nrr -—* Now unuige the circled letter* T I tofomtherorpriieaMwer.M •unested by the abovecutoon. 1 C tj«W«,UNWID PIKIR HOURLY OlOOtO fILLOW Tell It Like It Is June Havoc Max Rclbeisen for a profit also, now lives palatially in the highest point in Beverly Hills, with her bedroom so high up she doesn't have any blinds. THE "LAUGH IN" produc- crs'll do a TV'er called "Burlesque Is Alive and Well in Beautiful Downtown Burbank" (with Carl Reiner, Bobby Darin, Jerry Collins and others) . Footballer Lance Bentzel (Joey Heatherton's bridegroom) will open his "Pearl St. Warehouse" discotheque in Dallas in October. ROBERT CLEMENTS suspects his wife isn't mechanicalminded: Whence uses the toaster she puts^both slices of bread in the same slot."—That's Earl, brother. (Copyright, 1969) t-IS ft A BHZP! rri& A PUNE! THE TOMB INTEREST .RATH! Adult Crossword Puzzle ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Mocked. b Overwhelm. 10 Sorry about that! 14 Pontiff's vestment. 15 Further. 16 Conquer. 17 Germ-killer. 19 Unmeaning repetition. 20 Japanese dance-drama. 21 Fjord of Norway. 22 City on the Vistula. 24 Supporter of: Suffix. 25 Device. 26 "Girls and boys come out words. 29 Self-glorifier. 33 Dickens character. 34 Levantine vessel. 35 Jug. 36 Facial features. 37 Swarm. 38 "Give a chance:" 2 words. 39 Cuts (off). 40 Not aweather. 41 Composer of "Anvil Chorus." 42 Painted. 44 Creditable. 45 Predatory birds. 46 See 61 Across. 47 Order. 50 Printer's term. 51 Away, in a phrase. 54 Ancient mariner. 55 Unjustified seizure. 58 Caen's river. 59 Gypsy gentlemen. 60 Attendant of a Highland; chief: Var. 61 Social beverage. 62 Kind of cap. 63 English county. DOWN 1 French martyr. 2 River into the Ligurian Sea. 3 Way. 4 Ivy Leaguer. 5 Actress Kerr. SCOT SMO R *M»P R A M nccan 10U aoaaoa paasa Nonmouyu OHQ uaaa UIXlllEITIRIEIEISMHIOIOIEILl dQDBEJ UUCIUULl BDHGna UQQ Rronn Hrjunouuuuu DCLJH LJUUU UUULJL3 d»LJl'J I'JOlOLi LJUUULJ DDOd DQQQ QQULaa 6 Young salmon. 7 In' . 8 Swiss canton. 9 Hippie adornment. 10 Vocal score. 11 Glance. 12 Parking problem. 13 Heterogeneous victual. > 1 1 II 12 13 18 Britisher's exclamation: 2 words. 23 Musical piece. 24 P>-T.A, helper: 2 words. 25 Vainglory. 26 Fabric. 27 Celestial nimrod. 28 Child in Browning poem. 29 Divulged. 30 Perceptive. 31 Wrests. 32 Quality. 34 Fish. 37 Distinguishing feature. 41 Amount of electric potential. 43 Woolly beast. 44 Suspend. 46 Big game. 47 Social climber. 48 Of . 49 Able to judge one's actions. 50 At liberty. 51 Son: Fr. 52 Character. 53 Quartz. 56 Part of Rembrandt's name. 57 Poetic contraction. THERE WAS SOMETHING ABOUT HIM THAT SEEMEP IMPESTCUCTIBLE! POESNT SEEnA POSSIBLE THAT LUKE'S PEA.P.' IT WAS SOME THING I COULP NEVER TALK ABOUT ..BUT NOW I CAN! ,YOU NEVER PIP TELL US ABOUT LIZ, WIFE' 'SHE PECIPEPTO PIVORCE LUKE AFTER MANY EPI50PES IN WHICH HE MISTREATEP HER PHYSICALLY! ACTUALLY, SHE WAS AFRAIP FOR HER LIFE! I ALWAYS SUSPECTEP THAT LUKE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR HER PEATH.' Rex Morgan, M.U. rt<g/£ _ ^&A><5^ *^SI * THEY'RE JUST OPENING THE DOORS NOW ' ^WELL, 6 SHE^V"^ 1 DONT SEE HER &ETTIWO OFF ( VET .' >OU HAVEN'T THE PLANE ? J> MAPE A MISTAKE "ABOITT TME FLI6HT NUMBER, HAVE >OU ? — WAIT- ^ Blondie ( Pt_ASTIC REPUCAS v ^ OFTHB CAPeHATTEPAS ••IJSHTHCXJSE THAT'S RK3HT- HERE VOOAPE ./' Abbie An 9 Slats I CAN VOUCH FOR ITS AUTHfiMTIClTy, MRS. BUCKVSORTHY.-AAA06 UP IN THE HILLS 8V / ,.^vTHE LASTOFTH6 M ?A OLD-TIME WOOD P-A CRAFTSMEN. IT'S AUTHENTIC AMERICANA. ONLY $5OO5?/ THAT'S CHARITY, MR. JASPER. Steve Canyon WE WANT YOU TO HELP LfAEN WHAT THE 4TRIN(3ii-ANP WHO IS ATTEMPTING TO TAN<SL£ THE TAIL OF UNCLE SUGAR'S N£W KITE .' WE f ODLEP UP THE 6AP6ET, BUT UEFT IT ON &OA&P — NOW WE SHAUL WAIT FOK ONE'toPUU.THESTBINO PERHAPS WE CA UEAK.N THE PURPOSE -ANP HOW IT WAS TRYJNd TO MI&3UIPE THE VEHICLE,OR SOME OTHER fORM OF TAX5E/ FOUND THAT TH6 EAteR' BI/66EP Citizen Smith The Better Half s cent •And what has driven you into our clutches?" "Ut'j make abreak for the border. The computer forgot to toke out the deductions I"

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