The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 17, 1924 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1924
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE. THE HUTCHINSON NEWf, mm MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1924 Today's Markets-Grain, Stock, Produce Gci WHEAT FELL OFF ABOUT A CENT Increase in Visible Supply of United States Affected Market. RANGE OF OPTIONS Furnished By Grain Marketing Co. 810 Rorabauoh-Wiley Building f.'liicnuo, Nov. 17.—Annonnco- silent that the- United SttiU's visible, supply Intnl '.mil he™ Increased to ncnrlylOO.Uuii.OuO bushels, tended to {ill 11 down wheat prices today In the lam ptsrt of the board of trade session. The close va» weak, to net lower. jTecewber JI.MlVj to 11.1.3 s ., and Way Sl.liOH to $l.6n*/». C'hlcaRo, Nor. IT.—Honoris o[ frost In Argentina, toRether Willi higher rhmtutions at lluenos Aires and Liverpool, sent wheat prices hero upward today during I ho early dealings. On Iho advance however, some recent heavy buyers turned to tho selling side. The volume of transactions was fairly large and sentiment rather moro evenly divided than has been the rule ot hue. OpenltiK prices, which rnnccd j from v, to l'4o higher, December) Sl .54% to JI .55 1 .!, ond May $1 .02 lo $l .G2-% we followed by sllfilit further pains and then a moderate temporary sag. Corn and oats wore responsive to wheat strength and to wintry weather. After opening at !•<• to IMc up, Way ?US»; to $1.lfl%, thn corn market receded somewhat, 'but soon rallied again. Later (he corn market developed Independent strenglh owing more or less to reports that very little new corn was dradlnR as well as 7nlKhl have been expected from tho pxeellent weather which had prevailed the last two months. Corn elosed unsettled ~'„ lo iy,c net hither. May *1.1!M, 1" Oats started unchanged to ',4c liUher, May oS'.to and late" showed ft trotiernl upturn. In the provision market, tho effect of lower quotations on hogB was moro than couulerbalanced by tbo riso in grain values. M .I v.. July.. 1.1. r. .. Mu.v.. July. . life . .. MIIV. . July.. !><•<.-. .. M:iv.. July.. AT CHICAOO. Wheat. —Closed— Open lliffh I .tiw Toduv Y>.*l'y 1..-,!•':',, l.i.rti.m i.e.'.' i .«:i .j i.r.n^'.n l.iii-K, 1 .4^ i.s:i% l.-iu;, i.4t Corn. 1.I3 1 , l.M'l, I .12T* l.u l.l"V4'i, 1.2" l.lSVi l.ll".t 1.11U ].2'1 t.l'flj l.lll'i 1.20 1 .1S;4 Oats. ,.M .r .i .r.ri .:,::<-, .:,:>u •-• .5s f.s-Js .r.ii'.i .;,«!„ .r.e-t, Hye. i.::i i.aii» i.3fi?'o 1.1" l.:i7»i Las** ].;.-, 1.2*. 1.21 l.!4»j 1.2.V,i AT KANSAS CITY. Wheat. life. Mn> . July. |i.f. May. July. tiff. .M.iy. 1.1.V i.r.i"' 1.33 l.fir .i l.tti 1.13'' —Close il— 1.44 'n 1.44*', i.m i.r,m 1.;;.'•••» l.J2»« 1 .4111 .4 1.43»1 t.:,: r ; i.r.i'-i; i.;i:i*» i.3:'.i Corn. 1 (.r, I.or, I.OlTfc 1.01'', 1.111.. 1.10 1.1"?» IMIVt 1.1:11; i.ijlj 1.1s?* 1.11% Oat«. ..'.3 .33 BETTER OUTLOOK, SAYS HOOVER Advancing Farm Prices and Recovery of Industry Outstanding Features. STOCKS BACK TO NORMAL AGAIN They Had Reached Record-* Breaking Proportions Fol- , lowing Election. 2B"i .I.S 1 at 1 at 3 a*. 3 at 2 nt 1 at Kansas City Cash Prices Kansas City, Nov. 17.—WHEAT Iteceipts 277 ours; 3c, higher to lc lower; No. 2 dark hard J1.47C' 1-4S: No. 3 dark hard $l.-!G(<Xl .r .S; No. 2 hard tl.46ffi-l.5li: No. 11 hard $1.45 <ftl.r >n; No. 2 red $1.57(3.1.00; So. 3 red $1.48«j>l.(i<i. CORN—Unchanged to lc higher; Mo. 2 white $1.0li; No. 3 white ^l.OH',: No. 2 yellow 51.08; No. ;i yellow *1.O70M.O8; No. 2 mixed $1.05; No. 3 mlsed $1.03® 1.04. OATS—Unchanged to Uc higher; No. 2 white 52'ic; No. 3 white r.l'.ic 1 Dark—1 at 1.55. 2 Dark—1 at ].58; 1. at 1.54: 1 at 3.53; 1 at 1.51; 3 at 3.41 sinutly. 3 Dark— 2 n't 1.58; 1 at 1.53;1 at 3.53, smu'ttv. •1 Dark—2 nt 1.50. 1 Hard: 1 at 1.5.1; 1 at 1.52; 1 at 1.4s; 4 at .1.47; 3 at 1.4BV4; 1 at 1.44. 3.48Vi; 2 at 1.411'A; 1 at 1.4S',i 14.11 14; 1 at 1.44. 2 Hard: 1 nt J.54; 4 nt 1.533 1.52; 1 at 1.51'.i; 1 nt 1.51; 1.50; 1 nt 1.49',-i; fi at 1.49; 1 .46. Smutty: 3.4! to 3.43. 3 ard: 3 at 1.5:1; 2 at 1.52 3.50; 1 at 1.4S; 1 nt 1.46Vi; 1.411;. 1 at 1.45. .Smutty: 1.41 lo 1.4SVJ. 4 Hard: 1 nt 1.52; 1 at 1.46'i. . 5 Hard: 1 at 1.43M.; 1 at 3.-13, Sample: 1 at 3,43Vi 2 Mixed: 1 at 3.50',. •1 at 3.47; 1 at 'Mil. 3 Mixed: '1 at 1.55; • t 1.53; 3 at 3.48. . 4 Mixed: 2 at 3.47. 3 lied: 1 ut 3.50. Corn. 2 Yellow: 2 at 3.0S. 3 Yellow: 3 nt 1.0S; 4 Yellow: 2 at 3.06. So. 2 White- 1 ut 1.06. No. 3 White—1 ut 3.01 1.03 VJ. No. 2 Tdlxed—2 at 1 .00,-1 1 .05Vi; li at .1.05. No. 3 Mixed—8 at 3.04; 3 nt 1.03; .1 at 3.03. No. 4 Mixed—2 at 3.02V.; 1 at 1 .02. Oats. 1 at 52 Big. 3 at SOU. nt .50. Kaffir. 3 at 1.(18. 2 at 1.00. 1 at 3.56. Rye. , 3 at 3.23. HUTCHINSON GRAIN .Sft 1 £H of 11 an 1 a u d iln rk whon t uiicliantferl loouv. cent lowur. Fair (leiiKind, heavy rocolpU and samples slow iii coming nn the floor. Unlit trading In Kaffir up to the close. Slow demand for corn. HRCtilptH at wheat here today: 191 cars; barley 2 cars; kaffli and milo 1G cars; oats 1 carcom 1 can. One week ago today 4G curs and one year ago today It cars. HncotpU ot wheat nt various Wichita 'G2; Kansas City 277; St. Loute Si; Omaha 11*5; Chicago 40. Minneapolis 477; Duliith ^52; Winnipeg 3007. Sales hero to basis; 1 our « dark ... 1 1 hard ... 1 cur 1 !mrd .., 1 car 2 hard Kinutty 1 car " hard ... 1 car 'J. hard ,.. 2 cars " liard ... ii INKS 1 hard ... 2 curs 2 Lunl 3 car« 2 nuril ,.. I i::<r 2 hard .... 1 car " Jiftrd 1 cur 2 hdrd 1 car 'A hard ... 2 cars 2 hard ... i! card Z hard ... 1 car 1 cur 1 car 1 car 1 car B hard a hurd :> hard .1 hard 3 hard .& h. cars 3 hard 1 car fui f fir 2 white .... ay, Kansas City r.ti ! 1 . r. 5 r,o 1.19 11U.2 ii.'j'i 1.43 r.s.l l.r ,i ss 12.76 i.e.: f>s 12.711 1.51 r.s 12.00 1.-10 r.s.n ii. sn 1.49 r.s.a li.r .o 1.49 11.50 LIS r.n.b X 1.113% 5S ..... x 1.63 cs X 1.113 Mi 11.00 X l .M»i F.9 11.00 X l.c:\i IS.« to 13.411 3.D3 r,r..r, 11.711 l.r.s r.7.:i 12.70 1.51 r.7.r. 15.00 1.49 U.4 13.24 1.53 t .8.1 11.00 1.4S to 13.40 1.53 1.04 MARKET GOSSIP The ram situation is very bullish, according to CI. W. Itnldon manager of tlie local office of James K. Bennett & Co., who has just returned from Shenandoah la., where he found that the corn huslilng returns were very pessimistic. Practically all the corn raised in southwestern Iowa will bo fed on the farms, because of it jioor quality and low yield. i ; 2 nt I.M; 3 at 1.52; 1 1 at 3.07. 1 at at The wheat market is very changeable and likely to continue thu way for the rest of this month, ac cordlnR to wire reports received on the Hutchinson Board ot Trad Those who believe In higher prices prefer to buy the May wheat, for wheat Is expected lo be scarce i the spring which will force tb price up. Washington, Nov. 17.—The advance In agricultural prices, the beginning of sound policies In German reparations and tho recovery of American industry, aside from agriculture, were characterized ns tho tlirou outstanding features of the last fiscal year in a review ot business conditions made public today by Secretary Hoover. While Ihere was sonic slackening In activity In pome lines during the latter part of the fiscal year, the report said, there has since been n complete recovery. Agriculture More Stable, 'The IncreasliiR stability in as- cntiire," the secretary said, "is further marked by the fact that! holosulo prices, while in a large . art due to general world economic readjustment and to settlement of European economic conflicts, has been favored to some degree by ocal and special causes such as the decrease in corn crop and the fact that tlie abnormal world wheat rop of 1923 swung over to a slightly subnormal crop ot 1924." Secretary Hoover declared transportation facilities for tho p4st _ ear were adequate- In every way for the first time since long before the wur. Ho pointed to the greater stability of foreign currency ns another factor In tho economic betterment of tho country, and declared conditions generally have been aided by the ratification of the Dawes plan. Foreign Trade. The. foreign trade of tlie nation so improved during the fiscal year the secretary said, that America's favorable trade balance Increased from $176,000,000 in 1922-23, to $757,000,000 in 1923-24. This was due principally he said, to the in crease in trade with Oceania, South America and Asia. Kansas City Livestock Kansas City, Nov. 17—CATTLE Receipts 33,000; calves 7,000; very slow, killing steers very dull quality mostly plain; few early sales she stock lii@2f>c lower; can ners and cutters $2.2503.00; bulls 10ifji3ac lower; native bologna $3.25(Ti-3.75; calves lower; practical top veals $8.50; mediums nn" heavies $3.0006.00; etockers nnd feeders steers steady to weak, bulk $5.00fj.6.75;' choice stockers $7.75 stock cows and heifers steady to weak $2.75574.50; stock calves weak to 25c lower, mostly $5.00{t C.50. HOGS—Receipts 14,000, slow shipper market 20@25c lower; top $9.25; bulk of sales $8.G0@9.15 better grades 180 to 2S0 pound av erages $8.85@9.20; packers bidding mostly 25ff7o5n lower; packing sows $8 .25 <!i:.s.:i5; stock pigs stea day $8.506.17.25. SHEKP— Receipts 4,000; lambs generally lOdir.c higher; top fed lots $14.25; natives $13.65@'14.00 clippers $1.3.95; odd lots sheep strong. Of the 95,000,000 bushels of visible wheat, it Is said that between 20,000.000 nnd 50,000,000 bushels have been sold for export later in the season. The export buying has been checked because of the advance of 18 cents on wheat In Iho last 10 days. It Is not expected to be renewed on u large scale for a week or more. 3 White: 4 Whlto: 5 Red: 1 2 White: 3 White: 4 White: 2: Wlnlpeg Markets: Nov. whftit: 1.05%. Ilec. wheat: 1.01'/,. May wheat: .-1.65'/,. The marketing of grains ot all kinds has fallen oft. The receipts of all grains lasL week was Ihe smallest since July. The wheat which Is held on ihe farms is In tho hunds of Ihe well-to-do farmers who are able lo speculate on their own wheat. Thu trade sentiment on corn Is mixed as to Immediate futures but bullish ill the long run, according to Ihe authorities. Wheat, is In u strong position ns indicated by tlie world's requirement of 750,000,000 and the exportable surplus of 725.000,000 bushels. Traders are predicting that wheat will go to $1 .75 or *2 before i other crop is harvested. Minneapolis Markets line, wheat: 1 .50"i. May wheat: 1 .5 (i%. LOCAL MARKETS Sunflower Produce. Heavy hens, 38c; light bens, 13c; ipriogs 16c; I^eglioms ond blacks, nil weights J 3 c : old roosters 7c: turkeys, N\>. 1 ISc No. 2 Sc; old toms 13c: ducks 30c; geese Sc. EGOS—Fresh, por iloz. Silc. Local Grain. WHEAT—(yuotod by Win, Kell> Milt) wheat $1.30. ' SHOUTS— $3.00. 1IRAN-$1.23. Swift & Co. llUTTKHl'-AT—No. 1, 33c; No. 2 30c. HOTTER.—Creiynery 3S@40c. 150GS—i'resh, 40c. Chicago Live Stock Chicago. Nov. 37— HOOS—Receipts S7 .000; fairly active; most! 25c lower; weighty butchers 1." 25c off; lower graOjs and mixed kind 25(ij>35c lower; increased supply; top $9.00; bulk gol nnd choice 20U to 325 pound butchers $9.00# 9.50; bulk packing .'sows $8.50" $8.. majority strong weight: pigs $7 .00'f />7 .25; heavyweight hogs $9.10(fi.0.60; medium $8.90?/9.55 light $7 .C0'?i9.15. CATTLE—Receipts 40,000; most killing classes steady, slow; good to choice yearlings scarce, about steady; best youngsters held $13.00; few loads sold early $11 @ 12.50; all except yearlings weak to 25c lower; she-stock and stockers and feeders showing decline; latter class In liberal supply; practically 5,000 western grassers in fresh receipts; bulls about steady; bulk heavy bolognas early ?4.00C(i; 4.15; feeders 25J(50c lower; holiday Influence weakening trade; btilk "$7 .50#S.50 to packers, according to weight and quality. SHEEP—Receipts 20,000; slow- early sales fat lambs strong to 25c higher; natives and fed westerns $11 .(10(1 /14.25; tat. sheep unchanged: early fed lots $7 .50. New York, Nov. 17.—Reports ot further Improvement In business, together with an abundance of money nnd the apparent dlslnclinn lion ot professional traders to ( make heavy commitments on the short sldo of tho market In the face of an enormous public demand for stocks, .brought, about, another sharp advance In prices In today's market. Buying orders wero distributed over a broad list, but were must effective in the high grade rails, motors, public, utilities and merchandising Issues. Sales approximated 1,600,000 shares. New York. Nov. 17—Trading in stocks, which nppenred to be getting back to normal early today after reaching record breaking proportions In the ten busiest days following tho presidential election, developed another burst of ctlvely around noon with the re- suit that more tlian thirty issues were lifted to new peak prices for the year on gains ranging from nearly 4 points. Total sales in the first two hours exceeded 800,000 shares, ns compared with million or more when the boom was at its height last week. General Electric Soared. General Klectrlc was the individual feature, soaring 8H points 275, or.within 5 points of the ear 'B high. The stock sold as low as 19314 last January. Radio Corporation, American Express, Wabash preferred "A, United Railways Investment preferred, Advance Rumely preferred Maxwell Motors "B" and Mack Truck first preferred all sold 3 or more points above Saturday's closing quotatlonslW^hilo ':.mong the muny issues to show net gains of points or more were Union Pact?., Sloss-Sheffield, Crucible and ulf States Steels, Mack Truck common, U. S. Industrial Alcohol S. Cast Iron Pipe and American Tobacco "B." At New High Levels. Profit-taking sales continued to pour into the market And stock after stock sold at now high levels, but the offerings were well absorbed, Indicating that scores traders and Investors were still altlng to pick up stocks on the slightest recessions in quoted values. In Wall Street Today New Ycrk, Nov. 17.—Stock prices held firm as trading was resumed today, at u more moderate pace. ?ractional gains were recorded by most ot the active industrials, with several Issues, including White Motors, reaching new 1924 top prices. U. S. Steel and American Woolen moved a trifle higher, Price fluctuations in tlie early dealings were narrow except in few instances, but the main tren continued upward with tradin featured by a Jump of 5% points General Electric. Demand for th motor shr.res broadened, eendln Mack Truck and Maxwell "B" to new 1924 top prices on gains of about 2 points. Other issues which eclipsed their previous high records wore Gencrar Asphalt, U. S. Alcohol and Radio Corporation. Wabash preferred "A" was one of the most active stocks in the railroad list, advancing a point to a new high level. Foreign exchanges opened irregular. An Upward Trend While the volume of trading was nearly back to a normal basis this morning, the main pri;^ movement continued upward. Speculative Interest ceiil..'cd largely in the public utility, motor ^nd motor accessory shares, T-hich are conspicuo :s among the two dozen new 1924 high records established before non. Considerable profit, taking was again in evidence in several tions ot list, but the ouen: ;s were unusually well absorbed New favorites cropped out from time ' 1 time H ;:;e specialty ..J,. Advance Runiley preferred rising 3% points to a new maximum price for the year. General Electric was the outstanding Individual feature, soaring 7 l fc points above Saturday's close. Call money again renewed at 2 per cent. MOTORS: „_ncrnl Motors 552* Stucleiinker Motors ' J'Ji Hup Motors 10H 1 'leriD Arrow ». llurl.tfiu Motors t £S t'hniiiller Motors 0IJ4 •Inml ..Motors 8*4 Mack Truck lno Ill Kr.||y Springfield Tire Co l'JJii li s Hiibbnr Co Jlj"a "ondrlcli Hulilicr Co .., i<JM Uoralvcir T rt 00% AJnx Ituliher Co 95» Amn-lMseli Mngnoto Co Ills chnlmora Co ..... .Maxwell Motors "A" .. M'.IKWPII Motors "U" .. Nash Motors Moon Motors Htowait Warner Mfff Co Slronilicrif Curb Co .... "Imkon Hollor Hearing INWIJSTItlALS: inn Hoot Sui;ar Industrial Alcohol mn Can Co » mn Car & Foundry' .. \mn Locomotive Wiihasti A mn Htce! Foundries .. Amn Tol & Tel nin Tobacco .......... mn Woolen ssoclnted Dry Goods • ontpomery Ward . Baldwin Locomotive Continental Can 0110a Coin Co ..lavldson Ctiemlcal Co Corn l»roilucts Uerinlng .... Fiiir.ons Players Lasky .... Conuoleum Co ulum Amn Sugar ipcre &• Co lupont De Ncm mn Asphalt Co elierul lillectrlo ., lntl Harvester Co,,.., _nti Paper Co Pressed Steel Car ' ullman Co -jenrs Roebuck We.itlliBliouso F.leo & Mfg United lirug Co Woohvorth Kayser (Julius) Silk Co .. ..100*4 .. 20Vi .. 67 ... B8J4 .. 37*i .. 41 ... KDfi ...150 ...172% ... 8414 ... M'i ,.. 39Ti ,..129 ...104 ... G2 -31 ...lasvi ... 41% ...125 ... r.sH ... 78>i ...40 ... aS '14 ... 87% ... 43H ... HO>.j ... 14-}i ...132H ... 51« ...273 ...102% ... n% ... 45 ...13414 ...132',i ... 04% ...107»i ....112V4 ...23 Foreign Exchange. New York, Nov. 17.—Foreign exchange easy. Quotations in cents: Great Britain demand 4.61%; cables 4.61%. France demand 6.23%; cables 6.24. Italy demand 4.31>4t cables 4.31%. Belgium demand 4.81%; cables 4.82. Germany demand 23.81. Holland demand 40.05. Switzerland demand 19.26. Greece demand 1.80. Poland demand 19%. Czechoslovakia demand 2.98. Coolidge Checks It To the Board Washington, Nov. 17.—President Coolidge today put up to the commission of representative farm leaders he has appointed the problem of mapping out a program for the permanent stabilization of agriculture. No statement was forthcoming from tho White HotiBe ntter the oetlng. Robert D. Carey of Wyoming, chairman ot the commission, said tho investigating body would meet this afternoon at the deport- mont of agriculture to organize and discuss a plan of procedure. "ROOM n'tii' board, »f.00 a wcok nt 800 Wont 4t)i .St. m-n.nm, FOR SALE—Now glorndlant gas Btovo bargain. Phone 1S41-W, 31-17-2dm. Rubber paving has proved a failure in parts ot London and 1b being replaced by wood blocks. SIX ROOM house clOBo-to business district; modern, sttrage for 2 cars; chicken bouse. Phone 203$. 56-17-4(lm ItUEK ROOMS furnished for housekeeping; also 1 Bleeping room. 3111 First. West. fi2-17-4dm. USED CLOTHING and funev worn exchange. GIFT & THRIFT Shop, If. West 6th. Phone 1753-W. 29-17-Bdm. 1 Call Money Now York, Nov. 17—Call money firmer; high Vk; low 2; ruling rate 2; closing bid .2V4; offered at 2%; last loan 2%; call loans against acceptances 2; time money steady; mixed collateral 60-90 days 3'/ 4 @3V4; four-six months 3Vi03 ; S',; prime commercial pap er 3'.i©3y 4 . L16ERTY BONDS Final prices quoted by the 'Mo Naghten Loan company today were: 3'i% 1st t%% 2nd 4!!% ......... 3rd 4Vi% 4th 4US U. S. 4H% ....J100.17-: .... 1.01.20-3: .... 101. .1-32 .... 101.14-32 .... 102. l-3. r .... 105.14-3! CROP REPORTS FOH SAMS--BlffRflBt Unrgaln In fclec- trio ,W«ahlng Machines ever offered to tho public. The "Anox" now being sold nt special h»1c for ono-hulf th? retail ilea lore price nt the Hutchinson 1'iotiflod Warehouse—701 Enst Sncond street. afi-i?-4dm. iron SA1.I3—One Mahogany __. desk and one Mahogany chair* l.ibrnry . CflU at 610 East Sherman before noon. < i sn-17-Udm. FOH KtilNT—Modern ilKlit-nousfikeort- Ins rooms, oloso In. I'honn 1747-J. nS-lT-ftimi. "Apt'X" Electrlo Washing MachtmiH at one-liaH tho retail tlnalcrn prion. A first flass-A-l 'Standard Wnalilng Machine has never been offered to the public at this ridiculous bargain. They aro to be seen and had nt Tho Hutchinson Bonded Warchouso—*0l Kust Second fltrnot. 31-17-4dm. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY 'OR SAM3~-W1iUe Wyandotte ana White Leghorn Cockerels, 37*fl-J ;in, .) i #»-.(. 4l-l7-uum. FOR SAtiB—Heavy duty wagon; i gasoline garago tank; galvlnleed water tnnk with faucet nnd cover. White Lumber Co.,-101 W. Sherman. Phono 65. 26-17-6dm. "WANTED—Boy to work; one not going to school; steady position to right party, Quality Grocery. 11U Kast 7th. l!»-17-ldm. WANTED—Uood man nnd wilo tor general farm work; lady to Keep house. Address A. Brooks, Arlington. Knnpns. Ii)-i7*ium CUKTA1NS laundered. Phone 19 !>S ,1 is-i7-26dm OassSffSosdl PHONE 4400 AND CALIj POR CLASSIFIED AD DEPT. A-10—1 C-7— 2 D-ll—l B-ll—3 1-11—3 .1-10—3 K-11—3 liJLIND AD REPME8 1.-3—I P-SI—1 M-9—2 (J-H—1 H-10—3 S-10—2 V-7—1 TRICIS, npholatorlng, phone 324. 14-17-25dm FOK RKNT—Furnished or nntlirnlHll- ed 5 room cottage. Call iitosi or 1,022-J. E7-17-onm. SUBURBAN DAY. SHIRT SALE $1.45 Band Shirt* in good fast colors, Madras and Repp Cloth, worth up to $2.50. Tan Collar attached shirt* in Pongee, Soii- ette and Broad Cloth KINGMAN: A half inch or more or rnln falling all over Kingman county Wednesday night has been a wonderful help to the wheat which was beginning to show much need ot moisture. All the wheat Is up in fine shape anil the wheat pasture lias been counfed on to furnish feed for livestock this winter. | MEADE: Kafir and maize crop is all harvested and threshing has begun. The yield is reported the best in years and the price, while down a few cents from what It was a month or more ago. Is still good. As a general rule, taking It year In and year out, as much money will be made raising kaflr and maize here as in raising wheat. There is too little attention given to growing these two great staple seml- arld grains, especially in the preparation ot tho ground. NESS CITY: All of the indications point toward another bumper wheat crop for next year and the feiy. light rains we have had tho past week will be a great benefit. Most of tho farmers are putting their stock o.. wheat pasture. This year's crop Is still coining to market in trucks and wagons and the elevators aro busy all of the time. Wheat was $1.30 Wednesday. 1 $5.00 grade $3.45 | $4.00 grade $2.95 | $3.50 grade $2.75 $3.00 grade $2.25 $2.50 grade $1.95 urden lo clmngo or duuontinua ntlvcitlsomentfl for the current day a Issue cannut be accepted Inter than 12 a.m. lor Tho News una * for Tho Herald. All clmngei and kl Is rccivcd alter thoae houra will take otfect th fololowlng day. Th Hutchinson News-Herald la a member of Tho Association of Newa- popor Classified Advertising Manaira. which Include, reading newipap.ra thiuugtiutit the country, and baa for Its alra tho ellmlnAtljn of fraudulent and mlaladlnn clnsalflcd advert!.Ing. The Hutchinson News-Herald as wel. as ovory other member of tho aaaocla- tlon, endeavors to print only truthful Want Ada and will appreclnto having Its attention called to any advertisement not conforming to tho highest standards of honesty. All classified uds will be Inaerfed both morning and evening Issues of the paper. An ad which la accepted for a single Insertion will appear In both Tho News and The Hernld. Classified advertising terms are oasb. rhona orders are accepted fot convenience, but with the understand- Ing that bills will be paid on prden­ tation. ^ WORD AND LIME SCALE 5 Words or Icaa i l Una 6 to 11 Word. 1 Una. 12 to 17 Words I I.lnea 18 to 22 Words 4 Llnea 23 to 28 Worda 6 Lines 20 to 33 Words > Line. .14 to 39 Words 7 t.lnea 40 to 45 Worda 8 Llnea 4(1 to (>0 Words • Line* SO to 65 Words 10 Line. For moro than 10 lines figure 3 lines to each 1fi word, or fraction thereof RATES ON tlUASSISIED AOS For consecutive insertions .am. oapy. same day. Minimum chnrge I •« 1 Day —Per line 10 2 Days—Per line 50 3 Days— r>cr line J" 4 Days—Per line 6 Days—Per line J; 7 Days—Per line >J» 8 Days—Per line 10 Days—per line .7j ; Weeks—Per Una J.J" 1 Month—Per lino -..•••••i" llS0 Special lodRo rate, per line for hoth Tinner. • r ' TELEPHONE ADS The News and The Herald will K' v ' careful attention to all ads receive! over ihe telephone, but cannot gua'- nnti'p accuracy. One Lot $1.00 Ties I.- F oster s M ain! QUALITY CLOTHES "AT FIRST AND MAIN' LEGAL NOTICE "'"TFkstnrulTuHhMM^^ News, Nov. 15th, IfLM). Notlcs to Contractor.. - Blda will be received by the Boar* 1 of Commissioners ot the City oi Hutchinson, nt the City Clerk", office up lo 3:00 o'clock p. in, l.'rldny. November 21st. 1921. for the curbing, iruttcrlnp and ravlni? of Seventh Slriet from Main to Monroe ant! KlKhlh street from Main to Monroe with uephitltlc omtTcte. The work to b« done in accordance with tho plans and specifications of Ihe City Knglneor on file lu the Clerk's olflce. and under the superintendence of tho Cltv Knulnecr. A certified check for J1.U00 must accompany ^ach bid for pnvlnir. also n certified check for $T.OO must nccom- pnny each bill for curbing and KUttcr- uifct of .-.nine street?.. Tho Hoard reserves the right to reject any and nil hide. Nov. l.-.-St Eli .Mt;TZ. Cltv Clerk. CARD OF THANKS. Infected Tooth Causes Death NEW YORK STOCKS. Reported bv James 1C. Hennett & Co., »SMJ ItoralmuKh-Wilcy building, by wire fi'um New York. Dodge City, Kan., Nov. 17.—G. E. Hooper, nged 25. engineer for the fitnto highway department in charge of federal aid road work here is dead nt Kansas City, as a result of an infected wisdom tooth. Tho infection followed the extraction of the Impacted wisdom tooth. He was In a critical condition for some time and two blood transfusions were used lu an attempt lo save his lite. , Kansas Ity Produce. Kansas! Ity, Nov. 1 ".—HGGS—lc higher: Urst Sue; selected C'.ic. MJTTEU—Creamery lc lilslier I 'Jiii lie; linckliiK uneliumtoil 21c. Hl'TTKH I'AT—lo blither. Mc. l'OULTUY -- Hens If. higher, lllc; other poultry liitchanuetl. rooskTy 12r; HpiinKS 2K-; brulb-ri 2 ;!c ; tiirktys and young loins 22c; old tonus 17c. Wichita Live Stock. Wichita, Kan., Nov. 17.— HOOS —Iteceipts 1S00; looks 3c lower, prospective top $9.00; bulk $S.7G(i{' 8 .115. (.'ATTLK —Receipts . n,300, including 700 calves; active nud .steady on till kirn's: beer steers $5.2 "ift S.10; beef cows and heifers $3 .2r .'!!'7.00; bulls f2.7r »f(!3.50; veal calvfs $:\JM<u .S .UO; stocltel's ami feeders ^a .ulKj 11.40. Supt. Allphln In Pulpit. A. S. Allphln, Btipeiintcmleut ot the reformatory preached the sermon Inst night at the South Hutch- iUBon Christian church, A quartet from the institution sang suveral Heiuetloiik. Itussin has limllell prizo fights to thro* rounds. Chicago Produce Chicago, Nov. 17—U UTTER— Hither; creamery extras til' i c; etuiiiliii'ils ;:s 'ic; extra firsts i"<!j 3'J Vi.'.'.S- Higher; Firsts •17','j'ii"'lc; ordinary firsts -lull?44c; refrigerator uxtrat:)(!'!! :t7i", firsts 35£| 35«tC Chicago Poultry. Chicago. Nov. 17.—POULTRY— Alive, unchanged; fowls Hi(tt21c; springs 22c; roosters Die; turkeys 25c; ducks 25i(i2(ic; gucse 2U&21C. Chicago Potatoes. Chicago, Nov. 17.—POTATOES— Trading moderate, market slightly weaker; Minnesota and Wisconsin sacked round whlto $1.Q0©1.05. At Denver l'lt 'U .'er, Colo., Nov. 17—All rcc- IXuver Union '.lockyards were filKittorert today when 28 ,000 bead weru received. The old record was 111,600 hung up 'if . .Monday. Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, Nov. 17.---HAY— fUnchanged to •$) higher; receipts Vo cars. TIMOTHY—No. 1 $10 .00017 .00; standard S15 .00@i.'i .n0; No. 2 $13.50 <i\}\.m: Sn. $12.00*1. 13 .011. l'llAlIUK--No .i 1 $13 .00i?n3 .n0; No. 2 ?1 l.OO®' 12.50; .jo. 3 ?7 .00@ 10.50. ALFALFA—Choice »23.00Jf23.D0; No. I ?21 .00 ©'22.50; standard S18.00 ©20.50; No. 2 $15.00@17.G0; No. 3 S12 .OOSjH4 .50. CLOVER—Mixed llcht No. 1 ?H.50@'15.50; No. i $11.50014.00. ST14KLS: r .ethlehem Steel Corp Colw l-'uel & Iron Co ....... Cnieihlt* Steel Co (*a«t Iron l'lpe Co f'.ulf StntfH Steel Ci'.'iit Northern Ore Itupubllo Won & Steel 1.: S Steel/Corp Common .... L' S Steel Corp Preferred ... COPPEK8: Ainu Smelling & Kerlnlng .. Aiia'onda Copper Co ........ I'lillulian Zinc Lend ...... Chinu Copper Co Chile Copper Co liutt* Ai Superior Inspiration Copper Kenuocott Copper Ituy Cor.;i • Uluh Copper Co 01 I.S: Sinclair Consolidated Murland Oil Co Pio-lfle Oil Co Piin-Amn Per & Trails "A' Pan-Amn Pet li. Trims "U" l'uro Oil Co Phillips Petroleum ......... Cosden & C HnVnl Dutch Ski-U.v OH Slandard (ill of *N J Standard Oil of Calif Shell Union Oil IVNSL'I CO White Hagl.' O & It liAll.ltOAliS: A T S V HaUlmoro .t Ohio (!aoadiaa Pacific Krlti Ity tlrent Northern K.v Illinois C.lili'ul K C Southern Louisville. & Nashville ..... Mo Pacific Common , Mo Pacific Preferred ...... N y Central Northern "P:tclflu .v... I'ennKylviinla Uy .*....-*.. Iteadlng Ity .-• *•• Itoek Island Ity Southern Ity St L & S V Ry Southern PacKIn lly Union Paclflo Ity »....—»- Close .. 41% .. 41% .. Cl?i ..140 .. 7711 .. 'J.'i' .. 411 ..114 C 'l '.-t 16 2S',i 411 *i 15 *i . 79% . 17-ii . :p >^H REPUDIATION BY THE FORMER PREMIER. Thanksgiving Will Soon Be Here! We wish to express our most sincere appreciation and thanks to our neighbors ami friends for the kindness shown during: the Klckness of our dear wife and mother, and tho beautiful floral offerings. .T. T. miENMRN. Mr. and Mrs. Kdward Brcnmen; Mr, and Mrs. Paul Martin. 1-17 -lde. LODGE NOTICES URNEPIT COS',4 N. dance at yeoman Jlall. Main, tonlpbt. 2-i5-Tiie-Snt-lSL).M Plan Your Dinner, then See Ui. » (By Tho Associated Press) Paris, Nov. 17.—Former Premier Polncaro today answered accusations that he was partly responsible for the world war by publishing lettora In which .Jules Canibon, Stepheu I'lchon and Emile Daeach- ner repudiate entirely tho lalo Georges Louis' supposed conversations as recorded in his dlury, extracts from which wero printed by IVOeuvre yesterday. Pumpkin, No. 2 Can 10c No. 2[/ 2 Can 15c Lee Brand Pumpkin, No, 2 Can 17c; No. Z'/ 2 Can....23c Oysters, 10-oz. Can 34c 6-oz. Can 18c Pineapple- No. 2 Can, Broken Slicea, 23c No. 2 Can, Grated 28c No. 2 Can, Whole Slices... .30c Lee Asparagus Tips, Small Can 30c Red Pitted Cherries, No. 2 Can , •..., 13c Brown Beauty Beans, No. 2 Can 14c Red Kidney Beans, No. 2, Can 14e Spinach, No. 2 Can 18c ...25c ...15c ...25c ...75c ...45c .. .45c . ..25c Orders Taken at Any of Our Yellow Front Stores For— TURKEYS, GEESE, DUCKS, CHICKENS. Sun-Maid Ralains, 2 pkge Fresh Bulk Dates, lb.... Fresh Layer Figs, lb Candled Citron, lb Orange Peel, lb Lemon Peel, lb Mince Meat, 2 pkgs None Such Mince Meat, pkg. 18c Cleaned Currants, pkg 15c Fresh Shredded Cocoanut, lb ........35= Dromedary Cocoanut, 14 -lb. Can 18c Pure Cocoa, 3 lbs ..25c Chocolate, Yz lb 23c Dot Sweet Chocolate, '/ 2 lb. Cake 25c WALNUTS- NO . 1 Soft Shell, lb ,37c . Manchurln, lb ^...24e Brazils, lb 18c Fllberta, lb ,.20c Almonds, soft shell, lb 30c Drake Almond*, lb.........24c ioc JiutLhttiaon I^irlgf; No. KniKlits of Pythfus me«t« TIM .*0ay, i p.m., HUfi^t Aluiii. Work in Uank cit Vast: L. McIJenned, Chancellor Commanii*r 2-16-Mon-29K All Odd FollDWH «ro njquivited lo mofit at the toinifle, at 1:30 P. M. TutJ*iUiy tti ottenc! the funeral or I*ro. W. \u Shoup. iSiKnet! I'. C. Snyd'-r, A Special meetlllB tteno 110 A. P. ic A. M.. l'.lul P. 11., 18th. To attend fuuenil ot Brother \v. Shoup. A. li. ItOKcrs. W. M-. o. L. Bateman. Secy. 2-17-ldni. SPECIAL NOTICES 3 10c $1.10 mi.'H 45'.-j .. 6ll' .. 2fl .. 1'-^ -. ..113% . . lill ^H,2"i .. :iii»i .. f. Mi ..11 pi .. 50M, ..16374 -'!'* Nazarene Revival Meeting. A large crowd attended the revival services last evening, conducted by Ilev. J. A. King at the Nazarene church. More than 3(10 attended the bible school classes In.the morning. ur. nsri, CSVj 4I'.'/ B r.4»i SH^i 7llVi ..... 4»fi 102% Campbell'* Pork and Bean*, can Borden'* Evaporated Milk. Small Cans V 05c Large Cant, cac Doz. Cana* ...,55c Doz. Cans Each Small Can Entitles You to One Guest on One of the Six Wagont Which We Will Give Away FREE. Each Large Can Entitles You to Two Guesset. Lee Pickled Peaches, No. 2 l / 2 can Spiced in Heavy Syrup, 36c can; 3 can* $1 .05. Dillon's Fresh. Roasted Coffees • Will Give a Finishing Touch to Any Meal^and You'll Especially Want Good Coffee for Thanksgiving. DILLON'S BEST COFFEE, lb. 61c—3 lb* 11 .M DILLON'S "RED LABEL" lb. 48e; 3 lbs 11.40 DILLON'S "HOSTESS DELIGHT" 45c lb.; 3 Ibt $1.30 These coffeet, blended, roasted and ground dally at our stores, Insure you of better coffee at a saving of 10c to 15c lb. \o Free Delivery; No Credit; Satisfaction Guaranteed "Right Price*; Right Quality J.S. Dillon & Sons'Stores Co. Eight Clean Yellow Front Store*. HUTCHINSON—NEWTON lll.'Y a cedsr chest now, II down, 51 PIT week, Xnias delivery. Jiurmon Furniture Co. 3-H-CDM DKAD stocK removed froo of charge. Phono 481, U-KI-13HI MAOAZlNl'l subscriptions at reduced prices. Mrs. W. it. Hover, Phono 2S47. 3-11-2-.DB I101.I. Hospital. Call 31178. H-10-2idm LAINCIIKON served dally at thu Blue Teupiit, lDVj Koat First, from lllStl a.m., to 2 p.m. Chicken dinner on Hui days. Make reservations, 3-12-CDK "AUY Al.MA OIFT AND Al'ltON SHOP Pancyworli exchange. 627 East 6tn. 3-l-2fldm PKAf'TICAL nurses reBlsterlnu. 3308. 3-l-2Ddm BEAUTY CULTURE MAUlNKl.l.O Heauty Shop, 4U4 West 8th. l'hone 25 fo ruppolntment. 3A—U-Zodm. MAUOKI .LlNa, day or ovenlllB Mrs, Ltnvllt. 830 liast 4th. I'hono'3MI0. It-l -'Ji 'Mltn MAKCIll.l.lNU. K. 1st. I*h. WHV, :i-2f.-2l.l)M MAUClibLLNG. 60c. Phone SCUJ. 3-2U-25dm MAItCKI.I.lNG, day or evenlnB. Call 3900, 83ti East Fourth. 3-8-2.'idin MAI'.CKI.I.INCi. 5IIU-, also fiU'lal trual- milll. 101 Wist li, 111. 3-lS-lUUK MAItCl'U.l.lNU. phone 32iili\V, Mrs. J. B. Kathary, 321 North Logan bt. 3-H-9MIIH MAItCELLINtl—U.ny or rvrnlliK- .Mrs. • Talbott,' 813 13. 4th. Phono I0I17J. MAttClvl.I.l.S'O—203 1-1. 1I82-.I. 17th. Phone S-17-8rtin. MAICCELU.NU, 60c. Phone 1177 W. 3-14-lldm NlOI.LI.MUl.LO BMAUTY SHOPl'lu Paper eurl a specialty. 4211 Kiisl First. Phone 37110. 3-8-2'.dm LOST 1,HST--I.adli s' brawn hnndhaB, Sunday afternoon between S00 iiiul 12IIU block, r,ih Kast, lteturn SU Mast 6th. Reward. 4-17-3dm. LOST—Man's overcoat. Northwest, lteturn to News. Reward. 4-17-2dni LOST—MeshbuB. Howard. Pli. 3074W. 4-1C-4UI3 FOUND FOUND—I'ocketbook coutulnluB money and other tirtlclcs. Owner can > have amine by payinR for ad and describing contents. 449 S. Justice. fi-17-3om.

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