The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 7, 1918 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 7, 1918
Page 3
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PACK TTTHW. STRIKE AT PROMOTERS Speculative Stock Selling Is lo be Discouraged lit Puiiitt. TO HELP THE LIBERTY BONDS War Emergency May Force the Curtailment ot Marty Shaky Issues. Washington; Soot. 7.—Plana tor strangling hundreds of millions of dollars worth of oil slocks imd other Bpcculnlivc securities which tho government considers unnecessary In the wur omorgeucy and hindrances to the sale of Liberty Bonds, were announced today by the capital Issues committee. Within a few weeks tho committee hopes to stop absolutely the Bale of all BtockB and honds not. previously submitted to the committed or lis district ngoncles for examination to dotormlno whether the Issues could not he bettor bo postponed until after the war, To Conserve Credits Although this Is only part of the government'* general program fot conserving credit, along with materials ahd men; the action.was hastened by reports thttUpromolers are taking "millions .of: dollars of Ubertv bonds in exchanged tor-.stocks of doubtful value, luring investors with the speel-, B i,„.. ,» ons plod that by this means thelt-i RovAL MONDAY AMD TU6SDAY money dees double service for tho i K • ,.- r. t ~—.:' „ , „ government, the traffic in doubtful Ot- '0lnal« of Ku Kltix Klan Garb Seen securities alohe heretofore hot submitted to the cspltanssuos committee nmotlnts to between $860,000,000 and $600,000,000 a year, the commlltoe estimated STOMA Ifl "A Mormon Maid That the tnysWloiis garb of the Ku Klux Klan stories of which have thrilled booklovers the world over, . , _ . , •, did not originate with that secret of-John S." Drum of San *VaftdMo/.!'ka n | M t|bn out was copied from'that Winker and member of the csplt.ali.of the Mormons of antebellum days, Issues comntlltco will have charge- of the national campaign against un- tepoghlsed Bbcurltles, assisted by Paul A,: Slnshelmer of San Francisco, '' Everyone lo Help. • "Economic vlgllanco committees," will ho organized Immediately. Iti each federal reserve district with at least ... revealed for the first time In "A Mormon Mnld," the six-part photodrama of early Morlnon days, of the Friedman I'Jntorprisos, Inc., In which May Murray npponrs in tho title role, which will be seen at tho uno member In every oily, of more | r .,:Js'~,~'li: rnu ,< i,,,.™'. In inpir h!sH4'i" 1 '"" "" M,CT > "» " > ,m > '" .»"" than 15,000 Populutlon^o^athor an-tj.^ Talmajlge appears at her best report Information concerning operation of Individuals and corporations trying to sell securities wlthtfittcltie approval of the -capital. lssties^Bom- mlttoo. It was announced that Uieso agencies hnve been promised the cooperation of the Investment Wankers Association, Associated Advertising Clubs, American Bankers Association, American Newspapers Publishers' Association and other organizations. All committeemen will serve without pay. - The committees It Is -announced today, also will report on nil seemingly unnecessary projecls, such as construction of new buildings, Industry extensions and road Improvements. long flowing robes'and hooded hoi- motar"'Tho Avenging Angels," four hundred fanatic .Mormons, disguised in a similar garb, spread, ft reign of terror among enemies of the "Faith" on the outskirts of the youthful Salt Lake Colony, in Utah. Moreover, "A Mormon MaldlL shows that the mysterious costumes of the man with his newly married condition. In a whisper she adjures him to "play up" which he does, but Inwardly rages at his anomalous position. That night he accompanies her to her room, locks himself In with her, and in true caveman fashion denounces her tor what she has done. Later he leaves tor hts rooms In town. From then on complications ensue. Yorke, Skotrtlcal of the newspaper story or the wedding, attempts to blackmail Frartklln, the family Insists on sending them awB>- on a honeymoon trip and Beatrix Is forced to the wall consents hut smuggles aboard the yacht three perfectly respectable Royal theatre on Monday and Tues-I haperonPB> flow tho tan R le'tsiinally tlay. '•,•'', YoarB before the notorious Southern smoothed out, scandal laid and hop plness won, makes up a piny in which MARY PICKFORD In "Amarilly of Clothes Line Alley" At De Luxe. At tho DeLuxe theatre Monday and Tuesday, Mary Pickford in .,er lateai Artcraft picture, "Amarilly of Clothes Line Alley," will be shown. It Is (he there It do "cart* but tetlaf It often brought by— ZYour fiodviiusm ICRS VAPORlJB x m NEW PRICES—30c, 60c, $1.20 Presidential Decree. Paris.—A presidential decree directing that the price of food served In restaurants must be plainly shown on placards Is now in effect In nil parishes of over 3,000 Inhabitants throughout Fiance. The decree Is Intended to protect American sojdlers and workers from being fleeced' by restaurants. At Ihe same time It will be of use to the Ministry of Food for the control of retail prices. The Imtrnnslgoant tells a slory or ml American officer being charged $1.00 for a slice of melon In a restaurant which did not mark any prices on tho menu. The paper points out I bat the melon would coal $3.00 and Would give ten slices, so <hat the restaurant miide a profit or 150 percent. Stovepipe and coal bods at O'Donnell's, Fourth and Main. 7-3t Letters From Boys in A. E. F. Received in Hutchinson Writes of Trip Across. Mrs. 13, B. Bloom has received word fruni her nophow, Prvt. Herbert I). Bowman, a former Topeka young man who Is now overseas. According to his letter he thinks he bus struck the ralnest part of France. He writes: ; "Wo seem to have struck the rainy part of France, for it showers about every half hour, "it Is quite cold and dreary out tonight, but at that t believe It beats the heat at home."" We arc busy all the time now going to school or drilling. A great deal ot emphasis is put on the gas drill and It Is required that we carry our masks with us at all times—except mess) and that we wear them for an hour a day. "We turned In our campaign hats the other day and we now wear little cloth caps, patterned sbmewhat after Ihe little Scotch caps worn cocked on one ear,. They are much more easily packed uwuy when we gel to tho front and wear ahrapnel lids, than hats would be. Easy to Spend Money. "The road lending from camp to the village Is lined with stores, booths, wine parlors and other kinds ot separators for the '•benefit' of American soldiers. The benefit lies mostly on the side of- tho French, however, for they soon learn over hero that If the 'millionaire BOldlers,' as they call us, want anything they will pay the price, whatever 1J. may be, "Went io a picturo show the other evening In a tent on the 'midway' and saw what I bcllovo is the origlnui movlug picture, at any rate it was of very ancient vintage. Charley Chaplin also performed through one reel ot his very earliest comedies. "Our trip from Camp Doniphan wus started |u standard Pullmans, but those good old days are over. Our last move was made In box cars, lately used to transport horses. In fact all the railroads seem to bo government property as they are marked 'IStat.' Every bbx car Is labeled 'Homines 36-40, Ch.cva.ux 8,' meaning 'Men 3040, horses 8.' These Frunch box ears nro not much larger than a Belt-respecting army truck and as for smooth riding, they make an American box car ride like a Pulman dfi luxe. Don't mind It a bit, though, for it's nil part of Ihe game and besides It beats walking all hollow." Sees Submarine. In an earlier letter dated Juno, 30 Mr. Bowman said: "We had very little excitement on the water save for sighting a couple of subs. One ot them immediately disappeared, but tho second came up right, in our midst .Said sub didn't hnve a chance, though for we were so well guarded that it had no sooner appeared on the surface than several guns were trained on It and several Bhots flrcfl Tho Smb will never again bother anybody. We landed at Liverpool. Bug., and then had a very protty t rip by train across KjiKltind to our rirst rast camp near rtomsc.y. From there we hiked to Southhampton and stopped for a day. We crossed the Channel at night, but the start was made early In Ihe evening and the first part of the trip down the river was out around the Isle of Wright was very pretty Wo landed at Le Havre. That is as far as we are permitted to describe the trip. We are now Just 'somewhere In France.' "The New'York Herald and the Chi. cago Tribune print liuropean editions In Paris of their papers,' lelllfls all the latest war nows so we are able to keep up with what Is going on."— Pvt. Herbert D. Bowman, Ordnance Detachment, 130 Field . Artillery, American 13. F., France." K. K. K. is an exact rcpllctt of tholmost bunioous picture In which she "Avenging Angels," with the excop- - > ni-i... n„. AI. Hon of the symbol on the front ot their robes. On tho garb of the latter appeared the "All-Seeing liye," a large reproduction of the human eye symbolizing the far-reaching Influence of the clan, which ncceutuated the hid- eousnesa ot the garb. Later when tho K, K. K. adopted this garb tho eye was displaced by tho large cross. "A Mormon Maid" vividly portrays the Insidious activities of tho "Angels" who wgre under the bidding ot the Council of Elders, and who formed a ntework of guards through which no tale-bearer could escape and no Interloper break In. Heavily armed and expert on tho swiftest of steeds, these "Angels" v.-ero noted for tho despntcllPnnd brutality with, which Ihey carried out every whim of tho Elders. ' . Furious night rides to execute missions of the "Council" and secret meetings of that "Council" make somo of the strongest scenes of tho picture. "SCANDAL." Letters From Soldiers .Still in the United States Camps. Following is a letter from Winford Dundy, who Is enroute lo a camp In Toxus. He was In a wreck at Enid, Oklahoma, and writes and tells about it. His letter follows: Comanche, Okla., Sept,. 5, 1918. Hear .->nes and All: " 1 thought I would scratch you a few linos to let you know that 1 am all right, I'm rather stiff and sore but fool lucky that I am able to loud on. One of tho. boys was killed aud several others hurt. The coach I was in was the one that caused the wreck. The most of them.that was hurt were oh my couch, too. 'There,'was a stool rail run clear through our car and It Synopels of Play at Royal Wednesday and Thursday. As the headstrong willful daughter of a wealthy New York family, Constance Talmadge scores an unqualified success In her new Select production, "Scandal," which Is a grip ping screen version of Cosmo Hamilton's novel. The picture which will be shown at the Koyal theatre next Wednesday and Thursday is filled with tense moments and reveals this newest star as an actress, of unusual charm and ability. The story deals with the dangers attendant on bucking the old conventional standards of society and shows how one' small He will begot thousands, Beatrix Vanderdyke, ono of the season's successful debutantes is impatient of restraint and'fond, of her own way. Her parents'swopt here and there In the social whirl pay little heed lo her, and the girl Is left entirely to (he caro of her adoring but weak-willed ehaporone, Mrs. Keane. Intrigued by his lurid reputation with women. Beatrix enters into a gay little flirtation with Sutherland Yorke, a fashionable portrait painter, and so far defies convention as to visit his studio in the evenings. He breaks up her assurance, however, on attempting lo hiss her, and with the indignation of a young empress she quItB his apartment. In a day or two she is summoned to a conference In tho VandykB country hbmo, where she learns that her visits to Yorke's studio have become known to Ihe ramily. Horrified atj.he faintest bint or slander In connection with the Vanderdyke namu, they have arranged to ship her west until tho matter dies down. Beatrix, who has not the slightest desire to view tho country west .of the Mississippi Is aghast at tho Idea and her quick brain searches for anes- „» . .v. . eaP"., At the moment she catches oro all of the seats out. My worst t sigh or Belham Franklin, one of tho luck was that I got my sweutcr-aH^j«, U se guests, coining down the broad black Well, we are starting on to Texas now, so don't think that I can write very much more. Wo hoys suro hato lo leave our boys hero but we can't help It. There are some of'tho boys that will never ho able to go. That's what they get for sending us on- a coach that ought to have been in tho scrap pile. They sure are trealipg me nice now. It happened at 6 a. m. It ts now 10:30. You don't need to worry about me though, as I am still abie-lo Bit down. Will write as soon as we get to camp. WINFOnD BUNDY. has over appeared. Clotncs Line Alley Is typical of the tenement district of a great metropolis, and the characters, from the star down, are all Indigenous to the precincts that form so large an4l picturesque portions of the city. Mary Pickford, ot course, Is Amar­ illy, daughter of a tender-hearted Irish washerwoman, and mother of a large family, the»boys of which are messengers and newsboys. Amarilly makes her living as a scrub girl in a theatre, while her fiance, Terry McGowan, the pride of the Alle^, is a bartender in the Midway saloon. Aside from tho fact that he holdu tho heart of Amarilly, he Is celebrated as the Inventor ot the famous Hick- ey-Boola cocktail, though he himself never Indulges In liquor. The happiness of tjic inhabitants of Clothes Line Alley is well portrayed, aud the moral attitude is compared to tho bored and restless life of the upper crust, Including one of its leading members, Gordon Phillips, whose mother Is anxious he shall marry of social prominence. Mother receives a sevcro shock; when she discovers that her son has fallen in love with Amarilly. The events that' ensue prove conclusively that the widely separated elements in tho social world cannot mix happily. Old Settlers' Picnic Riverside Park, Hutchinson, Tuesday, Seplerabar 10 All Day Program f.OO a. m. open. Free to e*'ury- body, including automobile*. 10:00 a. m. Concessions open, stands of all kinds, the Kilter (Joaater; the Old Mill; side shown and many other novel features. 9:00 to t2;O0. Iteunlon of old friends and ^acquaintances; ynu are invited, to uso IIMI .comfortable seating capacity of the theatre, swings and lawn brurhea In all ports of the parte. U'.'OO noon. Dinner, 1:30 p.m. Dancing begins In the dancing pavilion and continues throughout Ou> day. 1:30 p. in. Speaking in the theatre. Speakers or the day oetng .7. N. Tinchcr, W. C. Lansdon, Sain Amidon. Major \V. I,. Brown ami others to be announced. •J:30 p. m. Special entertainment, at the cabaret. 8:30 p. m. Special free matinee in the theatre, consisting of vaudeville! and mus- leal comedy. Do Luxe Wednesday-Thursday. For a man to be betrayed by a chance • expression after he has eluded Ihe | ,^'b£ 8 » t pollco for eleven months, and when he is just about to win abet of $20,000, —Ihls Is thd curious predicament in which George MacFarlaud, played by Wallaco Rcld, In "Believe Me, Xan- 1 tlppe" finds himself. And the expression was the ono used for tho title of the play, "Believe Me, Xantlppe." MncFarland makes the slip, and it |s. a, pretty girl who finds him out, but later It Is tho same pretty girl who sayes,him. The stpry.'which is one of the most enthralling screen romances shown here, in a long time, will he the attraction at tho 'Do l.iixo theatre next Weduesday and Thursday. staircase nnd a solution to her difficulty suggests itself. She tells the family audaciously that her evening v'Slts were to Franklin's rooms which,were directly across the hall from Vorko's and that the painter had no placo in her scheme of tilings. "She asserts furthermore her right to he In Franklin's rooms atTmy hour of the day and night, declaring that they had boon secretly married. The family, who have long seen in Franklin an excellent matrimonial proposition, draw a combined sigh of relief and Beatrix flits aoros» the hall to acquaint the unsuspecting young De Luxe Friday-Saturday. Tho patrons of tho Do Luxe theatre have a treat in store for them when 'Tier Screen Idol," tho newest Paramount-Mack Sennett comedy, featuring Ford Sterling, lyouise Fazenda and Jack Cooper, will be displayed. It is a satirical comedy of the highest class and its humor ts as contagious as it Is wh,otesomo. i A real old-fashioned one-rin. circus, ono ot the kind that were popular in the days of our grandfathers, when the clown nnd ringmaster were supreme, is tho big feature of "The Biggest Show on Earth," tho now photoplay by Florence Vincent, in which Enid Bennett, the beautiful Thomas IT." Ince:Panunount star, is the leading figure. DeLuxe Today. Delineating tin; story of a man who makes tho supreme sacrifice in order to preserve tho happiness of his wifo whom ho has deaertod and who Is eonviote^ ot being his own murderer, "Tho Whispering Chorus" is a photodrama of exceptional power and heart appeal. The largo cast includes many cinema stars of magnitude and It Is, therefore, in every respect a production of a uuallty of artistry seldom presented. . Program at the Iris. Today's attractions include Kingsley Benedict In "The Human Target" and Nenl Burns in "Phoney Photos." 5:30 p. m. Supper. 6:00 p. tn. Free trato to park closes. T:iVl> p. m. Hpc-ilt-insf in theatre; wateli bulletin boarU ft»r speaking program. 8:30 lo 10.00 p. in. Bobby Barker Mis ioal Comedy company, of 30 people, in a .«pectaouliu* production. Reserve seals at ticket office, or rhune GCO. Mklnlgiit. Gains eluse. Come a^aln. Otliclal Statement of the Financial Condition of the THE FONTRON LOAN AND TRUST COMPANY of Hutchinson, Stato of Kansas, at the close of business on tile 3lHt tlay of August, IBIS. KEROIIIICISS. Lonns aud Wlscuums % Kt .uy7 .f>- Loans on real «*tutu 171,053.011 Htocks 3.237.00 Furniture and fixtures l.tfi-l l!nlUxl Slatey bonds on liana ... s.7H1.3i Other bonds and warrants .... 3.y^i.3 Cash and sight exchange, legal reserve 28,051.'J7 Collections lu transit l'J,(H».7t> Accounts receivable 9,73-l .fi 'j (Continued on Pago 7.) . .»333,844.03 .JIOU.I/OO.OU . 10.5O0.0'J TOTAL UAHI1.1T1B8. Capital stock paid ia Hurplu.s fund Undivided profits, }02!)3,IG: Interest $3,518.13; commissions, 1.3S0.88 fll.U60.77 current expenses, interest and taxes paid G.O'jo.'Jl 5,101.80 Other deposits requiring notice notice of less than 30 days 12y Time deposits: Certificates of deposit due on or after 30 days 3I.1S7.70 Hills payable 55,000.00 Dlscounus (Unearned Interest),, 4,ti&7.82 brokerage (reserved) #037.27 TOTAL .' $333,844.03 Stato of Kansas, County of Hono, ss. I, .luo. l'\ Koutron, ca-ihlor of said bank, do solemnly swear thai the above svale- meut Is true; that xaid bank lias no liabilities and ts not endorser on any note or obligation, oilier than shown on the above stuUment, -O the best ot my knowledge and belief. So help me (lod. J NO. F. KONTUON. I. 'ashler. Subscribed and sworn to belore me, this 7th day of September, 111IH. 11. 11. HOSSKH. (Seal.) Notary l'ubhc. (Commission expires on the 2 1th day of February, 1520.) Correct—Attest; J. F.. OONKLIN, I,. K. PUNTllON, • til*J. II. CiANCi. I''. L>. I.AUABKK, Directors. To Walter E. Wilson. Bank Commissioner, Toi'rka, Kansas.. Hats You'll never regret buying a good hat such us we sell in the Stetson and Borsatino—the world's best hat quality In the best shapes ever. "Quality Firtl" Suits and Overcoats WOMEN BEHIND LINES. Are Taking Ploces of Men Who Can Go to the Front. Behind the Lines, France.— (Correspondence of The Associated Prix 's.) — Within one month 1,000 members of tho Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, will be enrolled in the United Slates Army Service Corps. Three hundred aro already at work here In the offices, laundries and service of the American Expeditionary Force. They will supplant nil equal number of able bodied youths who will leave lo take their places In fighting units. The valiant service that these "Wanes" given in tho British army recommended their adoption by th" United States staff ami as many as can lie spared are being transferred tn Ihe United States service to relievo some man for duty near the actual com bat. The British "Wanes" are tliorouglily mllUitry being organized on military lines. Tho corps is officered wiili regular ranks corresponding to the army aud the. same Insignia as army otft- cers l.i worn. The ^arracks of the "Wanes" is sa d to present a model In military precision. In addition, -1.000 French girls are being engaged Jn tho salvage depots to supplant the flglitliiK men. 2,000 Pairs in <<f^Wi^ Children's Dept. We Have What You Want #A QJJ buys boys' gun calf •£•93 Ulucliet; shoe 9 to 13 ,'u $3.45 iiuys 1 to 6 •A AC buys boys' black or «0i9v Urn Hnulisli, 1 to 6 AF buys Coy Scout VWatf V urmy lust, 1 to 6. $2 45 Iiuys R ' r ' s ' H °' it ' >nt " 1 1 Yi to 2. SI .75 ton all solitl shoe, for child's cult or goat, 5 to S. S3 95 For l>c ' t,t i|u '''" v ' 11 luce iTiiglU S3.95 to 2, in patent or j.;iin I act' iTiiglNll. for chilli's tun Russia calf, lace: ')lo 11 $4 50 and $r ' ,U5 f " (1 " 11 to 2, way unit tan '7/ It's Made for tne Kiddies, Wa Have h" PETEY DINK ja Petey Won't Have Anything to Put in Them, Any way ja| By C. A. VOIGHT

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