The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 20, 1932 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1932
Page 2
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THE DAILY NEWS. FEEDEBICK, MD, FRIDAY. MAY 20,1932 It's Felsch for full payment of the bocus »a poat^blc ixlor* June 13 e\en if the re- Representa- «*n»turts are obtained Countians Accused Of Stripping Machine Parked At Dance. OTHER CASES ARE HEARD Three youthful countjias. ^ho are accused of st-ppm* a Bal:jr.^e a,i- MoMbile o parts nh. i:s owner was attend.:;? a csri^ a: Oooc Insect Wecnesd^ r.-sr.' ·x«re hail«c before M3g-s:ra Shencmn P. Earners in Pol-ce Court Thursday Eight, ajkec f-?r a c-'nt-ru- acce of their hearts ana "»ere remanded to jail m drfmult of S250 bo-d e»ch for further Tbe yos-tfcs, farm -ab^rers *ere Truman Moms and Erc-r Str-g-r bow of Keymsr and Carmen Loe^-r.:::*!. day evening trv Dep^t} Sserlf W..'_arr. E. Foreman, who ocnducs"d s t'-or i.2h nvest«atian into the »-· and a^'vd jujc*ly in making the arrests 1-officer immediatel..- brc'-ght 'h*n: to this city, nhere Murstrate Bowers a-w holding PoLfe Court The couatau» arc charsec *. h sSr.jHJirig the a.:o!Tic*u^ «if fU~pl: Bohn. Baltimore, of an · j:o~ca 1^. horn, coal bom. 3»rkir:g l^h: H:I- a rug. valued at about 520. »h_e '^' machine was parkea at the a. Good Intent WedneKiay CMRIT.S T;.a: charge involving larcery th' rrjicii- traie told the jou'hs coald be cei.c.--! only by the grand j-rj a.ihougn :..c. could ha\e a preUzi-risrv; ^ they so wished On another stale au"crn"b..r 1^* vloiation, charffirig iaa:per:r.; and J.- terfertns -sri:h an au:^n::bile tr.c n-._?-;- trate said he nad j^r^dic'.or ^::d the case could be crcught up at jr.-. Ume. He set band as S250 ;-. ci.'.i case Deputy Sheriff Foreman ;a d ^e lound one of the autorr.obil" horr-s .r. a car belonging to S^.gcr and the tU'cr la Look^igbdl's barn It ·aos sti:-d that a friend of Bohr, s ·«al».xi Jv.; of the dance hall Wednesday n^h» ,-··. as the youths are alkrged to ha\e been removing the motor from the at.'o- mob£e He ran toward them and tht; Sed with what loot :hev had ob'.a Police Court Cases. A defense ·n.tness called hastJv to the stand from the courr-oan-. Th-irA- day night, served an en-.rely ciffrrer.l purpose than Edward Johnson co or- ed defendant -n a dlsturblnK the peace case, hsd expected Instead of tcit.f%- ing that Johnson was not :o blair.t ir. disorder xri'h his mister. Thel.-na \V..Kams, the is-.tness said that Johnson;actions precipitated trotib e at u t home on Phebus avenue Thursdav ai- temooa. Tbe colored man ^os accorc- -ingtjr fined S10 and costs or f.'.c cay. in jaU. suspended upon pa nient cl costs The W^liams vroman ixas $5 or five days, also sufpcr.ded Officer Lester Hoffman niad« the arrest Viola Brown, colored, who adrn.tU:-: that.she 'got hard' v.itii anoincr co.or- ed woman after words had passec !-- tween the two was fined S5 and cosi^ or five days and left for ja'. Lieut Fred Straley arrested her on a cha'cf of fighting and disorderl-. cor.dac: She admitted that sh? 'beat t:ie o!h«r woman up" and sa.d she had t3 lai." up for myself ' The niasisf ate a.dn i agree with her Charged oy his wife, Enr.a Yo-in" ·anth failing to support her and the r two children. Jesse Yos^ag. near Fe-iss- TiHe. was arrested Thursday b\ OCT.- stable Charles W doiith H" was released on bond for a hearing tonigh- Police said the case of Roy I_ Bau«her charged operaurc ar. autorncl:_: while under the influence of Lquor. ^ set for tonight ~ ~ Paunan, Democrat. The rwojuon nh-ch has b»*n pend- UK before the R'-1«B. Conuritw mor* than a »fk. tiouid fti^e a preferred i"S^aUve status to the Pat:r»n bonus redemption plan « the Wa;.« and Means ComtB-f.*^ r«~;«t«l Chairman Ed'.-arw w Pcu D«n- ocra' North Cir-li:i4. R -- es Comm.:- j te*. said lodav tha. with ur:?a'.orscx: con.rr. tv»e action a ·, o «· on 'h» PaV- discharge jx '.. i' :. »*juld nov be ». too at selay The Rules :: .: ^r : o d HST' Yes sir old Os-] -a- Ha;pT. Ffj?r*-.. -i.-.o used :o go f _· c ^ v I-T. . : .· v.vr garde;: for · . C -40 Wr '· 5V-x. Bjt bacK in. 1913 ti* W.T.'" S?s fot into a crooked ^ r'i sr « ar.a Hip and «\eral fam- j n-a*« TTTO r-frmar.rnt"'" suspended N'T* Hap is 5»-£ ».th permijslDn frm J^cje La-..iii * .'. is tald :: play bise^a 1 ''·" 'he T- ins"* Billiards, a a-d:o: ·'·ins '.-. M:.-Aauee He looks i .-i " ·· · J"a.w-- :r.3.r. .ie -jyd to. don't ; _ : - rv" W-rde- ir he can stUS 'h-r- KC re "tsod ··"* . f BONUS PETITION I'alman Would Discharge Rules Com- mittrc Of Rrsolution. Wash-nstor.. Mav 19 --A petition Jo I c_(.hirue : '.f R .'··- Camm-'tec of a re- ( f \ l . t i o i Jor special consideration of 'he ' Theater News Tivoli. A successor -o u- succc.-j. "Baddy Ixjngl'^s j saia t-- b.-- An-i- teur Dadcy" the -.en ; e sijrr.-.f Warner Baxter »t the T.'.^o.: theater ioc_.v He is supporJEd Sy ar. all star ca.: headed bv Margin X^.on A La^r-'. and Hardy comcdi r.o ' Arv Ola ?·-- fi^id a ne"?rs reel arc i^ie sho"t 5uO *vt5 "Peter Pan WASH SUITS JYEH Summer Siyles! 59c SIZES 4 to 8 *-- ,~s~~'--'· ( , , \ Is'^'VZA -i ¥i^^f \ Third Floor Lo;zC Pants Suits SI KEMP'S White Dresses For yiay Day! For Confirmation! to $3.98 SIZES 7 to 16 st-,-.? 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