The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 17, 1924 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1924
Page 11
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE ELEVEN. AFTER ADDITION TO POST OFFICE More Space Badly NNM at VolniM of Mail Increases| Appeal to Business Mann. Enlargement ot tho Hutchinson po3tolflce is being glvon Borlous consideration by tho r .-ited States Pout Office department, according to T. 0. Armour, local post- matter, vrbo states that the present building In altogether > small to handle the present volume ot business. "Tho postal authorities at Washington had no Idea that the parcel post service would be taken up when the present building was con. attracted In 1905," explained Mr, Armour. "The parcel post service was started in 1912 and it ' s greatly Increased the work of the post office. Tho large number of packages which Is handled through tho local post office tako up a great deal ot room and the crowded conditions make It Impossible for the postal employes to do their Work aa efficiently as they could With more room." Want Cooperation Mr. Armour reports that the lo- fcal postofflce la now handling about 1,000 sacks of mall per day and In order to handle the immense amount ot mall, he Is asking the business firms of the city to help the post office employees toy doing their business with the post office earlier In the day Instead of waiting until the last thing In the day's work. In order to get the business men to help the post office service by mailing tholr parcels and letters earlier and ottener, Mr. Armour has mailed all the firms In the city a copy of the schedule of mall trains, so they can look up to* x- rival and departure of the malls, N*w **a*ral nullalne} . Agitation has been launched at various times for a new federal building here on the assumption that Hutchinson needs and. should hav a division of federal court. The Lions club recently took up the matter of establishing a federal court division In Hutchinson and such a thing Is more than a possi- btlly, Hutchinson Is the capital of southwest Kansas and thero would "-o plenty of work I r a term of federal court here once or twice a year without disturbing Wichita's dlv'-Ion. r ADVENTURES OF THE TWINS. By oilvt ftafetrwi iarton. A UBTTE* FROM THE FAIRY QUEEN Tha Globs Trotter. Down in a small Southern town a motorist stopped at a shack to seok directions to the next village. A lanky youth ambled to the door. "Boy," asked the tourists, "how far Is It to Hlckhatn?" "Waal," drawled the youth, "I doL' rightly know. But I'll call Jed. Jed's traveled all over, Jed has. Jed's got shoes."—American Legion Wekly. Afttr Stadium Fund*. Mr. and Mrs. V. E. Whan of Manhattan spent" the weekend here. He la connected with the K. S. A. C. stadium campaign and solicited funds for that purpose from (ho Hutchinson ajumnl while here. Where'* HI* Big Stick r Bobby: "Shuh. you needn't be afraid of that cop!" Billy. "Why not?'' • Bobby: "'Cause ho lives on our block, an' his wife can lluk him." —American Legion Weekly. The Vfncennes fortress, which la located outside of Paris, la to become a war museum. According to legend, it was here that the "Man With the Iron Mask" was Imprisoned. It also served aa a prison for political offenders under tho Bourbons. s We clean $1000 gowns but we are Just as careful with |2U dresses. Lewis Cleaners. " Phone 13S5. 11-lOt Thsra stood fat, dear, old Daddy a andtr, his maglo dust-pan tucked under Ma arm. The Twins found a latter from the Fairy Queen one morning under their porridge dishes on the breakfast table. Or rather Nancy found It under hers, for, of course, ft letter cannot be under two porridge dishes at once. The letter said: "Dear Twins: 'Mother Cloose and Daddy Gander asked me to send you word that they have Invited tlia Riddle Lady to Mother Goose Land to spend a few day*. "She Is going to stay at Mrs. John'a house, or rather, at the House-That-Jack-Bullt, for it's the same thing. Mrs. John, being Jack and Jill's mother, people call it Mrs. John's, you know. "Everybody In Mother Goose Land lovea the Riddle Lady because they have to much fun when she la then. Every day aha asks a riddle and gives a prist to the person who guesses the answer first. "Mrs. John will serve tea and cakes, or maybe cider and doughnuts, and I am sure everybody would be very glad to hav* you Put on the magle shoes you will find hidden behind the umbrella stand, and then wish yourselves up on the. roof. «Daddy Oander will be wnltlng for you with, his magic dust-pan. "I hope that you all have a very good time. "Lovingly yours, "The Fairy Queen." "Oh, goody!" cried.Nancy. "Hooray!" shouted Nick. "What's all the fuss aboutt" aaked Cook, coming in from the kitchen. "When your Mother's away, I don't Bee how you can be so happy!" "Oh, but we're going away, too," said Nick. "Shi" whispered Nancy. "What's that?" cried Cook, "An* where ar* you going, I'd like to know." "Oh, Just out to play," said Nick. "My aakeal" said Cook. "The way you two do gallivant around outdoors I* the queerest thing! Done all day sometimes! And at waya talking about fairies and brownlos and things!" , But she went away still talking to herself about never knowing what children were up to nowadays. No sooner had her apron strings disappeared around the corner of tho kitchen door than the Twins slipped down from their places and flew, out to the hall. And there, just as the note had snltl, were the tiny shoes tucked behind thn umbrella stand. The Twins slipped them on and making a wish found themselves Instantly on top of their own roof. But was It their roof? No. It couldn't be!—their roof didn't have (lowers and trees growing on It and a brook tlnlillns merrily along between mossy bunks. "Hn, ha, ha!" roared a merry voice. "What makes ynn look so surprised? You'd think you'd never been to Mothor Goose Land before 1" There stood fat, dear, old Daddy Gander, his magic dust-pan tucked under his arm. He laid it down and'said a charm, and Instantly it spread out like a floor. "Jump on," he said. "They are waiting for us on Pippin Hill." (To B* Continued) (Copyright, 1024, NEA Service, Inc.) exhibit at the International Live Stock Exposition to be held in Chicago, November 29tu to December Gth. Awarded Prizes: At the Armistice Day celebration In Liberal prizes were ^awarded as follows: Klilest man in attendance—G. C. Plersall, npe 8-1; eldest woman with bobbed bnlr—Mrs. Allen Lamb, age (17; largest family—E. A. (Happy) Gardner, wife and nine children; family from greatest 1 distance—Jacob R. Frlossen, Meade. Car Turned Over: As Mrs. Charlie Josscrand and Miss Eldora Wright were driving near Sublette the Ford roadster they were In turned over on the grade. Thoy met a truck on the grade and It was so narrow they hit the culvert around which the dirt was washed away. Eldora fell from tho car as it. turned over and tho car foil on hor bruising her pretty badly. OVER THE DISTRICT Hailed at Raflo: Hall, which residents say fell In piles two inches deep fell at Rago Wodnesday night about 7:30 o'clock. At 11 o'clock that night It began raining and before morning almost an Inch of rain had fallen there. County Officer Killed: Dnvld B. Houston, county clerk and recorder of Moffat county, Colorado, was accidental killed while on a duck hunting expedition south of Craig. Ho died instantly when the shotgun ho carried was discharged Into his left. side, it Is assumed that the weapon was discharged when the official was endeavoring to climb through a barbed wlro fence. The Tight Little Island. The English Instructor was drilling a bunch of newly-arrived Canadian recruits, and hod given the order to form fours. One burly son of the Dominion did not move. "Why didn't, that man stop back?" roared the Instructor. There ensued a muttered col- louqy between the huge one and til J corporal. "Please, sir," volunteered the lat- EPSOM SALTS NOW TASTELESS World's finest Physic now Pleasant as Lemonade ter. "He's afraid he'll step oft yo".r Island."—American Legion Weekly. BABY BEEF CLUB AT PRETTY PRAIRIE Thresher Back -fired: Willis HantlR, of Meade county was unfortunate In losing his separator, feeder, weigher and belting, also two stacks of wheat, as the result of back firs' from his threshing machine. He waa setting hie equipment, preparatory to threshing the next day, when the fire started. Bhowa Fine Stock: C. B. Talley, a Meade county stockman Is showing sixteen fine Galloway cattle at the American Royal live stock enow at Kansas City. Ho will also J. B. Siebert, a purebred Hereford cattle breeder noar Pretty Prairie, is organising a boys and girls baby beef club in that community. Each member of the club •will purchase a calf to be fattened under tho supervision of the club lender. Records wilt be kept of the feed eaten by the calf and tho time which Is required to care for the animal. Tho calves will be shown at the state fair here next fall. Alcohol for your radiator, 1SS proof, Formula 5, at Hockaday'a. tl-,!t WEAK WOMEN are iiittrafift wtaen ICCHM wetkMss icv- er attratts; H always reials. Titrtftri, if VPMI^*! ^9S8MS tbs •acMtk iitiitttt af gari italtti takt FORCE TONIC FertifetyM How aibont some work on your Ford today? Better got It In condition for cold weather. Phone 59. [ Ragland-Klngsley Motor Co- 17-lt No other laxative acts so perfectly, BO harmlessly on the bowels as pure Epsom Salts. It has no equal In medlcne for constipation, biliousness, slck^headache. Doctors and nurses depend upon Epsom Suits. It never gripes or overacts. "Epsonade Salfs" Is pure Epsom Salts made pleasant with fruit derivative salts—nothing else. It tnstes like sparkling lemonade and costs only few cents a package at any drug store. Try It! "Epsonade Salts" Is guaranteed by the American Epsom Association. Can't Stop Joint-Ease "You can't stop people from buying Joint-Ease for sore throat and cold in chest," writes one of our druggist friends, "They say it 's the bast ever." We know that, of course, bnt please remember that Joint-Base Is for stiff, swolen, painful loins whether rheumatic or not, and Its tremendous sale for that purpose proves that It Is the one Joint remedy thst gets the most satisfying results. A tube costs 80 cents at A AA Drug Co., and druggists everywhere. Just rub it on and In a few seconds It disappears completely' under the skin, and relief follows Instantly. Always nmMbir, when Joint- Ease get* In Joint agony got* out —quick. Mall ardor* filled, oaah er C. O. D, Pop* Laboratorlsa, Hallawell. Main*. 8Anniversar Now Going On Come In Early Hi Heaps has Sold Thoiisands of Cars of the Greatest VALUES in the past. Ask any one who has bought a Superior Motors used Car. EACH CAR GUARANTEED AS REPRESENTED Now Going On Come In Early FREE GASOLINE AND OIL Each Car Sold will be Filled up with Gas and Oil. HAVE LUNCH WITH US. All out-of-town Lookers before noon are to be our guests for Lunch Free. FREE RAILROAD FARE. - We will refund R. R. fan to any out of town buyer who live* within 200 miles of Hutchinson. Brine your R. R. receipt and get your refund. Come Early to Our Used Car Party. "The Early Ones Get The Choice. NO. 1595 43 Good Used Cars to Select from, including all standard makes; Chevrolet, Fords, Dodge, Buicks, Oakland*, Overhauls, Oldsmobiles, Essexs Etc., all taken in on Chevrolets. CASH—TERMS—TRADES-NO ADDITIONAL INTEREST OR INSURANCE CHARGES—FREE GAS AND OIL Pick Out The Car; Ask to See It by Number. Bring a Copy of This Ad With You. No. 1733 Prices Have Been Cut to the Core. It's Going to be a Clean Sweep Anniversary Sale No. 1662 Baby Overland touring, light car, good, look* good. Pay $120.20 Down, $13.32 per month. 12 month* free service and your insurant:* for one year. i Ford touring ear, late model, $102 down; $15.23 per month. Include* insurance for 1 year. Full gas and oil. Special term* to farm. No. 1626 No. 1674 . .Chevrolet touring ear, a dandy light ear. Pay $12044 downs $15.13 per mo. including interest and insurance for 1 year. Full of gaa. Look at it—drive it. 1 Chevrolet Roadster, 1023 model. Pay $132.10 down, beL $10.95 per mo. 12 month* insurance for you. Full gaa and oil and your lunch if out of town buyer. No. 1783 No. 1786 No. 1796 3 FORDS $75 Each No. 1741 Buick touring car, run* good. Pay $89.44 down, bal. $11.50 per mo. 1 year insurance. Full ga* and oil and lunch if you are from out of town. Dodge tourng car, good tire*. New baked enamel paint job. Real buy. Pay down $89.90, bal. $13.35 per mo. I year insurance. Full gaa and oil. No. 1737 No. 1744 1922 Buick roadater, Duco paint, six tires, looks good, run* good, good curtain*. Pay $24946 down, $34.21 per mo. 12 mo. 1 year insurance. No interest. Look this over. Chevrolet No. 1748 TRUCK, No. 1753 ESSEX COACH, NO. 1768 Ford touring car, new baked enamel. Looks like new. This is a snap. $112 down, bal $14.23 per mo. 12 mos. Insurance for one year. Full ga* and oil and your lunch if out of town look- No. 1754 Chevrolet touring car, good condition. There is a lot of good service in this car. Pay $4040 down, bal $11.35 per mo., 9 mo. Free gas and oil and your lunch. Motor Cycle, Harley Davidson, 1760 A good one. Pay $35.00 down, bal. $15.00 for 5 month*. Full ga* and oil. Ready to pop. FORD TOURING, No. 1770 TERMS CASH TRADE Ford truck chassis, new tire*, good shape. Pay $80.40 down, bal $1140 per mo. 12 mo. Insurance for 1 year. This is a buy. Looks like new, good cord tire*. Run* fine. Pay $363.18 down, bal. $46.02 per mo, including 1 year insurance. Full, gas and oil. No. 1762 FORD, NO. 1763 1924 Chevrolet touring. A real buy. $186.24 down, bal $26.03 per month, 12 months. This includes 1 year's insurance. Full gas and oil. Com* early and lunch with us. . .Roadster, good one, $89.76 down payment, bal. $11.35 per mo. for 10 month, including insurance, oil and gas. DODGE ROASTER :.. Flock of Ford tourings at your own price. A car at any price youtwant to pay. TERMS CASH TRADE Dodge touring car, a good buy. $10342 down. bal. $15.13 per mo 12 months. Insurance for 1 year. Full gas and oil. No. 1767 1924 Chevrolet coupe. This is a good one. $218.88 down ,bal. $32.39 for 12 months. Say this is a snap. Lunch is served. / REO TOURING 1921, a snap. Looks good. $89.76 down, bal. 11145 per mo. for 10 months, including insurance for one year. Full gas and oil. 1920 roadster, winter top, all new cord tires, looks fine, not a blemish on it. Runs like new. A real buy. Pay $174.88 down, bal $22.40 per mo. 12 months. See this. 21 MODEL, TOURING No. 1789 Ford, a good one. Pay $80.40 down, bal. $12.41 per mo. for 12 months. This is a snap. 1919 model, 5 cord tires, like new. This is a good car. We are pricing this car so cheap that anyone who wants a car can buy, $85.00. The tires are worth it. No. 1786 Trade Your Old Car In As First Payment FORD ROADSTER $50.00. 'Two new cord tires on rear.' See this. No. 1720 1921 Ford touring car, new top, new radia- \ tor, new battery, tires good. Pay $89.76 down, balance $1145 per mo. Insurance for 1 year. Full gas and oil and free lunch if you from out I I of town. No. 1687 No. 1788 No. 1787 1923 Chevrolet touring car; cord tires, runs like new. Look* like new. $236.24 cash, $21.49 | per mo., 12 mo. Insurance for 1 year. Full gas I and oil. .This is a big buy. Auburn touring, all new rubber, just the 1 thing for a large family. Pay $88.90 down, I | bal $1145 for 10 months. Full gas and oil. I Say this gas tank is a big one. Moon chummy roadster, all new tires. $116 down, bal. $15.13 for 12 months. Cheap- i er than to steal a car. J SUPERIOR MOTORS CO. 8th Anniversary Used Car Sale—Buy Now While Prices Are the Lowest Phone 3582 HI. HEAPS 106-108-110 WestFirst

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