Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 6, 1965 · Page 17
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 17

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1965
Page 17
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" Ham O/ Coarse, For Mother's Day! The Best Hams At Piggly Wiggly, Lowest Prices, Too! I I Ji^^^m V ^r V Rodeo Dry Cured, Putty Cooked * i onkc N~ *] t; ClT4Mr»R « Shank Portion Pound Butt Portion Pound BACON Butcher Boy Thick or Thin Sliced 2 Lb. Package BRAUNSCHWEIGER A m s Steak ROUND Suitt Pn-iniuni Age Hi-a>y Beef, Vnlu-Trinimod Pound 8 a?.. Roll Rotlpo Liver, Loaf, Pickle Loe Hologna, Spiced Luncheon 12 SHARP CHEESE s ar c e r 29c 83c THRU MAY 29th FAIRLANE COMPLETER PIECES 8-1'J O/.. Pkg ROAST ^ n rr: um .^ d ;. Hl :^ B " f ... 45c GROUND BEEF "^r^r^?!!^ 70 .^.' 1 ! 1 * 3 , ta . $1 EFFECTIVE DATES: May 6, 7, 8, 10 1965 Pn-laU- Pink SALMON No. I ToUCan Chef Pride gfl A ib. Mf^^ CHARCOAL 10 49 C Lnt'kv Leaf m SAVE SUGAR Stokely's Finest uit FLOUR TEA APPLESAUCE 25 O/. Jar .. .Marvlami Club COFFEE Kcuular or Drip 1 Lb. Can No. 303 Can Sunlight Fully Guaranteed 1C Lipton Lb. Pkg. i-V j CUP THIS COUPON FREE 1150 S&H Green Stamps with $5.00 pur- Ichase or more excluding cigarettes at] Piggly-Wiggly. Coupon expires 5-6-65.1 FROZEN FOODS .luhiiMon AppU-, Peach, Pineapple FRUIT PIES Bt -"W Damita AnsorttHl Colors 4 Roll Pkg. C k Slict-cl STRAWBERRIES (j Oz. Pkg. HEALTH AND BEAUTY AIDS 69c 2p,79c HAIR COLORING 1 SZ;S U ^ $1.47 DEODORANT NYLON HOSE -fJLtMS S«Ws40tJ!tNAL» Green Beans . Roasting Calif. Fresh Ky. Lb. Calif. — Lg. Size For Avocados loch NEW-JOURNAI CLASSIFIED SECTION r u»»» S.57 4.79 Tt8 8.88 S.S8 1077 11.97 13.17 14.36 18.76 8 M«l 2..« 3.19 a. 99 4.79 5.S9 8.w 7.18 7.98 8.W 9.38 11.17 (PUIS STAtE TAX) CARD Of THANKS .85 .91 1.14 1 3? i.n 2.05 2.28 2.74 3.19 fnw A W»*» Kmm. WAKTED^MAl! BXPERIENtlP ALT fffy efpftnfaf pllWl. Alto MMn| ipplteft silk finisher. Could b* day*. Hilltop Dry CM Hilltop ftlaia 3hopping Af¥%$fAM Teachers wanted f«jf _ Will pay SSOO. hiweii Mt '" interview <••)( our ' Vine leaving naifte _ JPleaso call 7SJ-444S. WAn'ftEss '• "wXTri Eu™ perwin to lAr Silver Grill, «th WANTBD: Or ttofr. * p*r«on to Mr. K«tth WANTED: Single iad? to help With keeping and owning for family. At thn is working. Will pay salary iltd furnish sepnrme living qd Write Box 992 i7o Clovls CASH RATES i'en tin minimum 120 for each art- itlnnal MM. Above rate* are cash "ales id apply tf paid within wven day* of •inui inwrtlon. FOR BK8T RESULTS PI.KASE CHRCK 'i"<iur want M on tile first day. The r-ws- ournal Is responsible for mistake! only n the first day. If anv ml«tskp« not the • -lit of the advertiser, lessens the ef- 'ertlvenMS of the Want Ad., one extra; 'inertlon will he Riven at no extra charge. '•e sure to write a good Ad .inrt to orrt i nil. 1 ad for Siven tlmi's. Ynu mav rn- -el wiur ad any time and pay only for the lumber of days It appears In the piper. CLASSIFIED DEADLINE Ail Want Ads oanrdaHnna or correction!! 0«p«ftl* waitros. Applv to Hay *r LJ1 , K«ert. Bob» Cafa,^ WA1TKESSKS NKKDRI>fA0^ty In to manas«r. Stanley'* 86'»C«f*. Highway 8n.7iMt4,.>ait. mint ho ordered hy 3:30 p.m., the iipfire It appears In the paoer. 11:0(1 •ifltjnlav for Sunday & Monday. rtav| HELP WAHTED-MAlE ^ 38 EXTRA CASH — Men; l|n investment — work full or part time sell* ing the larnuus KNAPP AEftO- TRKD SHOES, Karit foj?3B5rnmis- sions plus bonus, plus free insurance, Previous shoe experience NOT necessary — write R. L, Jenkins, Kruipp Bros. SH(5esi:6401 E. Flotilla St.. E. Los Angeles 22, California. THK Reserves the right to reject or cnrreot any W.tnt Ad to meet th standards of high morality and the Clovls News-.I<rirnal will ' • il Knowllng accept a:iy fraudulent advertising. ! w« r h,m " NOTICE TO ui;\m,i<s The Oovls News-Journal «-iii not Knowllnzly run queatlnnahle advevtij- MK of any kind. However, it In not ahvuys possible to cstahllsh the icctt- imacy of some advertising offers without direct Inquiry. We therefore urge yoi" the reader u> make thorough Inquiry before sending cash deposits nr making an investment on any advertised offer. NEED EXTRA $ "I 4 ' I need EXTRA MKN-Hour*.,8-10. P.M. Call 7B2-1S52 1 to 5 P.M. HELP WANTED-MALE FEMALE' 39 EMI'LOYMKNT,, ^ WOMEN BOOKKEEPER . run charftK" . ."TOPS SKCUIiTAHY • S/H Kast Typist ... COOD BfTrilF.H si. in !...'. ,'K. AlXl>i:.\'l ANT • 2fi..r> .. HI si-iuxiL CIJAP • nn-.r-) ..... . -HOOD CIMtVIS ri.At!KMKNT CARD OF THANKS THE METCALF family «-lsh to express stnrcro thanks for the comforting v\m- pathy, flowers, food and many kindnesses extended hy friends durinp the illni--s and death of our beloved hitatiuncl and father. A. I. Moicalf. Mrs. A. I. Metcalf J. M. Metealf. I»s Ansoles, Calif. Ivy Metcalf. Clovis Roble Lee Mntlork, Sacramento. Calif FULLER BRUSH GO; has cstahlisherl roulc opening ,in JPor- falrs and flnvis Full or pnrt ttme. Man or l.iiilv, Inrnmr nvcramng"$8 to J4 per hour mcnt ., er hour For inicn-iew apiwlnt- phono PorUlos »'i«i-»M6. ' WANI'KI) ' " WATK1.VS UKALEI'.S 7B2-25.15 SPECIAL NOTICES CI.OVIS EMPMmiK.VT Mnny loud juhi avatlahl*. K ,, IIIB file 7«2-i:M3 SCHOOLS-INSTRUCTION ,41 WANTED ',4 Gal. Jugs. Will pay 35c when purchasing Galllon of World's Creamiest j ENROLL Tooav - New „ Root Beer. Dog 'N Suds. ! The richt srhcxil - The rlRht trahrinp WANTED: Two Safeway letters R & X 51(10 up. UR 3-OBW Amarlllo, Texas SI'ENCER GIRDLE?! & Bras. 13T, count on Nylon. Also Parity Girdles W. 7th 763-5110. Oirry C.xmty Beauty College' 1432 "Main Pll V'vViMX' , :••'*-, r» KKKP up \TttlT7h* modern ttflntl to Hiili.nmti.m. HIP s-cri'lnrinl Cuur«c. itltft- •M! i>>- lli>n<iiin Si'himl iif Cumrm-rff mm- tnriuiip^ HtM fanl I'uiirh and tl'vta- prn- n«,HiiiK. IMiiini- TH-j-vl-u tor nn trt\eFvlew. HAUNTED HOUSE Body * Paint Shop Now Open For Business ISjJOE.Brafly. BKNM>\ School of Commorre Sprint- Term Turn &Mth 400 Yds. SANCHEZ j star's April 'JI to May 3, inr.hw:vr. iiiONA'S Ceramic Shop. Tennessee & First. FREE CLASSES Mon. & Thurs. 9 A.M. to I P.M. Everyone welcome. SITUATION WANTED 42 FACED WITH A DRINKING PROBLF.M" Peraapi Alchollu Anonymous can r.eln »X) E. Secrnrt 3t or P.O. Box •>•>* Meetings, 7:30—Monday and Friday A1- Anon - 7:30 Tuesday. MAN \vir.t, l>o P.i;'.- '. : .C I.ijlii. . HniXiiic .... LOST & FOUND Plowlne — Ijiwn A Wrv-d Mu»'lnc. 901 Delta St. rhnnn 7f!U-!»<ii lu I Dliciklpcc Ann BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 43 I.OST: White & tirown colli.-- with collar] „.' and tags. Answers to "Ri-x". HEWABl). FOR SAI.K - Ruffa! m-"oriyp In located Call 765-7327 or 762-4741. m Melrose. Doms 8'«d business — Sell- Inn het-iiuse of n! h«-«|rh. rontart Don Msxwi-ll. Butfaiovy Drive In. New Mexlr.o. BUSINESS SERVICES 11 We kill Carpet Bert lei 7CI-4343 OnthltU Co. wn TYPING ABOOKKEEPIVG In m> home. 813 W. Pla?B. i MA.' OH OIL COMPANY has well located I Service station fur !rnse CnmflleteH' i <H)VI: »por| anrt stocked O;i nil majpr Hl- wa<- Doi'-i,' i,-ooi1 vr!.:rne now. GOO'I pO'.'V:,l! 1 •'Q-i' InvcilMieiU re' <|-.l ••'••! for r-'. 'ory. n-'-. i,;ii''i!'u'.| ope;-. «(•••- IMV) ttj)[ilv. •-. , I In ; Reeves, Inj:: i;.-. Urn*. O:i ("•• S'T, K l«t. !V FOP. vL.- I..' ou'i'de. | fu:,y n,ni[it i<ik. Good E. 14lh Twit Sliarpenlnff Service Sau* — Miiwert — T<mK — litscn laii'J g. 14th — I'll 7ff.'-u'J J .'g CUSTOM SPRAYING Mr. Farmer, to control weeds In yo 1 ,: 1 ' . Sorghum, tpray propa^me For ciutom i spray job call Tii-'-li'lS, Charles Huksii 'REPAIR Serylce, Laree or small. Pa'.'.os hunt or additions. Also pr.lnt:r.s. 7UJ- j 4759. 'YARD FERTILIZING — Liquid Fertiliser VH.I.AC.I: i-\\vv *in\i> ! — Kills cut worms and yard inserts. • Diamond Wrddm,; .S. •-. 11? T Also wead killing. Ver>' reasonable. 7S3-; Tin- vnimm Pawn >ln>p. Tih * slain MONEY TO LOAN 44 FENCE Fence your yaro now for simmer living. Stockade 'l\;- Cid'ly Other types al^o a\ fif;e estimate rail Bill .Vr ACr. 1.0 \\ I'AM.N SICOI' I.(HN MdlCI ON MIIK ITEMS K. lilli— \\li UtMlK-l'll. 18t.U*14. ; WK ii.t llll.l/S IK \P)INi. I'llVI l,d\vv ,,s AS\HUM, nr \ vi.i'i. At Ha-i* (.•!<>— \\K IKAMl I'll M" 4 ill II CALL 76:H-«94 for top qua:itv cabinet & repair work. T. t. Simpson 1Z19 Maple. ~MAYTA6~ SALES & SERVICE Gambles, 504 Mitchell MELVLN PAYTUN & SnN? General Yardwork. A': VOL. Guaranteed TS-'-CtoaO. c;i I.I.H; AN son w \ltu StKVKI lull\ I Herd Jjft-iail. Puri«le». VA1.L UK. rut IT I He'U 1U th»i diwt OWtlltM <* ltd< > • tMHK. UU PH.* Mto McAMl»o« I'O (-VIM MORTGAGES 47 DOGS -- CATS - PETS 50 (.I.IIM \V ^1 tut ».ll> 11 PHI lill IM I'S I'll. Hi'. 1 J'lSi'i I- . I'llh \ A\|(l\ IK < IIIMl \til \ M ' r i.'j;t' « ; .'' . •*t'fs i 1 '- 1 : -•••.ft I:* 5 * 1 i ( . i • . i': > > > •"> iOATS-MOTORS "'_ Pierce Marine •*.»!«••. A **rl \ h i. Jnhiifnni .v \l. < uiii.. h Miilnr x- H >„ i 1.',,' 52 nti* MIMEOUBArtUNO Cnttt BureM ol < lu»i. i Ho: • AJI M ' i;oor> * Tr»tl..-r BOX'S BEVTAi, SERVICE We rent * lot Ul Tttlny* fO ^-Ml> nil M. 1th. DRESSMAKING u RED'S BOAT SHOP AtTEKATlCV \\DHi. Wanted DRESSMAKP-f: A Alt«r»t»' ••* of «!i k.:n' '.:.>, -SMSHI i"i » i i MISCELLANEOUS i urj lluat .1-0 14,1 Hut. Mam BUILDING MATERIAL l.\Hf i-.-V! --I' !• > S II.K K 1>I i.: Vl'.i'.i. .^ 19A er» ,'tuu Si. rrluvc , (:h -.;: I. I ... i. ' -•. '^MHxrr AM PAINTWC 20 v\ : -.1 r C<iMMHUI»l rmnt taMiAeil A liikiir^tl. (•.!>»> \..-.. v, i l<. !!'n>«atfcd An .,,. ' ••'»> BHw UM-! M»rui ?<i J-.ttKW. 22 >ALKS & SKUVlCt: on »!' kri^li of Rv i.ei u* m*Ke yua i»n «*i'jt'.aie »" ^ -li ! « •' f in.iititi'in.'V ne«i1< St«i Kei: wi-'.'ttl'"' 1 lilt it* SneMon ?ei»l». by fl.. > BOOK Kl buur Al lilt ( I.II1UI-:* MM I HI FKJ rn..ic to CHECK ADS fUOLV

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