The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 1, 1967 · Page 18
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 18

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1967
Page 18
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Page 20 THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland Friday. September 1. 1967 Only 'Miracle' Package Can Avert Walkout DETROIT ( A P ) -- United Auto Workers President Walter P Reuther Thursday accused he Big Three automakers of conspiring to shut down the entire auto industry. He said that "as of now it will take a very good package of miracles to avoid a strike" when contracts expire at midnight next Wednesday. The fiery, red-haired union chief, who will be 60 Friday, accused General Motors of being the chief architect of the conspiracy which he said also includes Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler Corp. He repeated charges that all three companies and GM in particular were trying to provoke an industrywide strike. But he said the union had no plans to strike more than one at a time. GM immediately issued a statement saying "there is no basis in fact now or in the past for Mr. Reuther's charges of conspiracy or collusion." Reuther's charges at an afternoon news conference came as a surprise. He had been expected to name the company the union had picked to bargain with in efforts to reach a pattern-setting contract before the deadline Reuther said the industry v-as getting 24 hours to "dispel our concern about an industrywide conspiracy to thwart collective bargaining." He said the target company will be named Friday alter meetings of the union's national councils at the Big Three and of the UAW International Executive Board, scheduled between i and 4 p.m. Reuther said he based his conspiracy charges, levelled before in other bargaining years, on answers received to telegrams sent each firm Wednesday nignt asking if they were willing to extend present contracts. Reuther said Chrysler was offered immunity from a strike if it agreed to extend. He said ;he company rejected the proposal However, Chrysler released its reply which said the company might consider an extension later. The reply was almost identical to GM's which Reuther termed evasive. He said Ford, too, was evasive, but it co«i d not be learned what the company said. Presumably it was the same. Re'tther stressed that an immunity offer was nit made .0 F^rd or GM He said the offer ·'·o.iirf hqvo been made to ine of them if Chrysler had accepted. T he union traditionally picks one company to set the pattern fi»- the industry, then drives to settlement or strike with tbat company, leaving the other u\o operating normally. GM supplies parts to Ford and Chrysler as well as much smaller producers. If the gi-Hii firm closed down us supplies operations it could idle more tnan 650,000 autoworkers across the country. The union has said that if it strikes GM it will strike selectively, leaving the parts operations going. Reuther said th e union had no plans to strike all three companies Reuther said Chrysler rejeci- ed the offer of an extension, but the company was getting 2\ hours to "think it over '.' Reuther said the industry reaction to the extension suggestion "proved" the presence of a conspiracy. Reuther said the extension proposals were made "to insure tht uninterrupted product of at least two companies " He added that the selection of , a target was delayed "in oider to aflord the officials of Chrysler Corp a chance to give consideration to a very constructive proposal we have made to it " He said the union had offered it immunity from a strike De- cause it is the largest emplo' T in Detroit area, whose economy has suffered from a week-ljrg racial riot in July that caused millions in damage "We do not question the right of the Big Three to cooperate But when that cooperation takes the form of a collusive conspiracy directed against the UAW,"' Reuther said, the union "\\ill take whatever action is necessary to pro'ect the rights of its members." Reuther also said that i'ie contract proposals made +y the three companies earlier this week, first answer to union demands in two months of ta'ks, were "a public relations gas- iure." Rocks, Minerab 'Unique' Frederick County Rich In Geology FARMS WANTED GENE CASTLEBERRY INC. 7720 Wisconsin Ave. Bethesda. Md. (301) 652-2611 NOTiCE Due to short crops of apples and peaches, we will NOT have the packing shed open to the PUBLIC this jear 1967. Valley View Orchard S. B. Waddell Son Scholarship Winners Attend Byron Picnic Senatorial Scholarship winners from Carroll and Frederick Counties met at State Senator Goodloe E. Byron's house Thursday night for a picnic supper. Sixteen of 28 scholarship winners were able to attend the gathering which gave them a chance to "meet one another Senator Byron said that jobs and other commitments kept the other winners from attending. Winners attending from Frederick County were. Christopher A Abalt, Wayne M. Bell, Virginia Birely, Thomas H Blair, Margaret Frazier. Micnael D Koontz, Nell E. Long, C. William Bargrabe, Jr., D. Douglas liam Margrabe, Jr., D. O'Leary and Delores Slagle. Carroll County winners ore- sert were Edmund R. Comfort, Richard Kuhris, Barbara Shipley, Robert C. Longford and [Winifred L Still. Among other guests present were Dale Ellis, Sylvia Puryear and Allison Stup 'Get ("ash Elsewhere"' Rohhery Victim Begs ELECTRV Tex ( A P ) -- Joe Mathews is writing his advertisements for burglars, roboers and thieves "Get your cash somewh^-e else," he admonished in a three-column six-inch ad in the Electra Star-News. Mathews, co-owner and manager of an Electra lumber company, wrote- "To the burglars, robbers and thieves who have By STAN GOLDBERG Statt Writer The entire story of the earth's geology can be told by the rocks and minerals in Frederick Cou.v ty, Edward J Kerns, coordinator of the earth and space science laboratory for the county said. "Frederick County, of all tne counties in Maryland, is uniquely placed in geology," said Kerns who prepared geology Kits for all Frederick schools *,.i-s summer "There a re pntire states that lack the variety cf geological formations that we have here," he said "In a few hours a class can go back one billion years by looking at the rocks and min- srals." He explained that Frederick is one of the few places that border on two geological provinces, Mountain and Piedmont, both of which are very old. "The volcanic, erosion and oceanic story of the earth cun be told here," he said. "For instance in Emmits'ourg we can tell there was a shallow river, there 200 million years ago. Wo have also found dinosaur footprints around there." He also said that a r o u n d Blue Ridge there are interesting specimens of red rocks whicli have been baked black. "About the only thing that this county lacks is a good t s sil collection," he added. Kerns spent the whole summer making up the kits for the schools. There are 24 specimens, 9 mineral and 15 rock in each kit. Twelve are from each province "The state made a collection a couple years ago and only found 15 specimens," he added There will be at least one kit in each school, and possibly up to four in some. A geological booklet has als been written describing geology in Frederick. "The book tells what Frederick was like '300 million ago," Kerns explained. "There is also a map drawn up with an index to show where the collections are along wife, a description of the 24 specimens and a geological time scale I P lating Frederick County to the whole earth," Kerns said. In the future Kerns hopes to show slides on geology includ'ng aerial photos. There is also the future pos^ 1 - bility of an elective course in earth science for Ihe h i . school students, Kerns added "Right now we are trying i show the teachers the way tn?t Frederick is uniquely placed i- peology," he said. 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BAKER - OAUVER, INC. 115 North Market St. Frederick, Md. 662-1117 r*prtMflt!rt( THE C O N T I N E N T A L I N S U R A N C E C O M P A N I E S HOLLAND-AMERICA LINE l'roudl Presents "THE 1967 r A K I K i l K A N ADVENTURE CUriSE-TOUR" P E R S O N A L L Y ESCORTED BY P E T E R OE BRUIN Aboard The World Cruil* Lln«r "SS ROTTERDAM" (·roiip From Frederick. Wash.. Ralto. November 11 To November 20, 19B7 Visiting R K R M I D V ST. M \RTIN. ST. THOMAS AM) S\\ .11 \N. P I F R T O RICO Indusi\e Price $.'{87 S A F E T Y INFO t»« S S Rotterdam r*qiit*r*d in tt« N*th*rlandt *ubtantially m#*t* Inttr- national »at»fy ttandardf (or n«w ihlpt dtv«lop*d In )*M BOYER TRAVEL AGENCY 2« South Market St. M.1-4155 person to apologize for making them. Mrs. Foster finally set up an appointment with Hackey on Aug. 17 at a store in tne Frederick Shopping Center. Police arrested him at this meeting. Magistrate Herbert L. Rollins presided. CORRECTION The News - Post incorrectly stated yesterday that s m a l l denim bags made by county Red Cross workers for distribution overseas to service personnel were to be filled with goods valued at $50. This amount should be $5. The workers made the bags under the chairmanship of Mrs. Ernest Webb. The U.S. produced 1.11 billion Ibs of butter last year GEOLOGY KITS -- All Frederick county schools will be supplied with geology kits prepared by Edward J. Kerns this summer. Kerns, coordinator of the earth and space science labora- tory, has 24 minerals and rocks in each kit. He hopes it will stimulate interest in the schools in county geology. broken into our office five tim^s within the past six months. "The safe is not locked "And no money is kept in it overnight. Money is deposited in the bank's night depository slot and has been handled that way since you got the $81 from th? bottom part of the safe "Stop breaking our windows and door glasses Get your cash somewhere else." 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Routzahn's Moving Storage PHONE 662-2145 GREYHOUND VAN LINES Ml'SIC STARTS 8:30 AM, MIXF.n DRINKS 75c ALL BFFR 50c NO ADMISSION 313 NORTH M A R K E T STREET OPKN 11 A.M TO MIDNIGHT 7 DAY A WF.F.K - PHONK 662 M 1.1 Magistrate finds Frederick Man Guilty Of Taking City Police Car A 24-year-old Frederick man Hackey pleaded guilty to mak- was sentenced Thursday to 18 ing u harrassing phone calls be- r* a^I* X^£n ^ August 5 and 17 to MK, he stole and wrecked earlier in Char'es Foster of West Seventh the day. Street State Police Cjpl. Victor Gail-1 Mrs. Foster testified that mino testified in Magistrate's when she started receiving Court that he apprehended Don- phone calls she did not know aid C. Hackey close to the pla:*i who Hackey was but that .ie on Route 26 near Ceresv.lle hinted at details of her back- where the police car ran into a ground, field and was wrecked Guilmino said Hackey alleged( She said he told her ne M PS ly walked onto the city police hired to make the first throe lot and found the keys in the calls but made the rest or ins ignition of the 1958 police tar. own. He asked to meet lei in Hackey drove the car from the lot and headed north on Market Street, Guilmino said. Maj. Charles V. Main tes'i'itd that he saw Hackey at the scene of the accident. Harkey voluntarily confessed his ga.'U, said Main. Hackey was charged on a criminal charge of unautho-i'eJ use, which offered up to a foyr year sentence, rather than the motor vehicle charge. Hackey was also sentenced .0 a one year prison term for making annoying telephone calls to a married woman. 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