Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 17, 1970 · Page 99
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 99

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1970
Page 99
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50 The Arizona MAILx BULLDOG Mia Kefnnmc .,. Pnoenlx, Wed., Jnne 17,1970 NBA Governors open annual meet today ATLANTA (AP) - The Board of Governors of the National Basketball Association opens a two-day meeting in Atlanta today with the possibility of a merger with the American Basketball Association likely to be discussed. But any action in that direction is legally barred by a court injunction. Until last week it appeared that both leagues would be holding summer meetings here at the same time but Jack Dolph, the ABA president, announced his league would meet in Denver because some western club owners wanted a "more convenient location because of other business reasons." The NBA Players Association has filed suit in U.S. District Court attempting to bar merger of the two leagues and also challenging the NBA reserve clause. Judge Charles H. Tenney New York signed a preliminary injunction order on May 4 barring merger until the players' suit has been brought to trial. On June 3 Dolph announced Dog entries APACHE OfcEYHOUND PARK Official Entries for Wed., June 17, l»70 ist-5-U, or. J. that the ABA would be meeting in Atlanta on June 17 and 18 and that it was "more than a coincidence two leagues would the same city at time. that the meet in the same On this date •YE, '<?'!* triui Arizona . tentlon for title with 4-2 ehu setts. ONE YEAR AGO Sfati over Massa FIVE YEARS AOO •loore and ' « finals I Tnament state iun- Coutv EN trd ti t 11, win over ball's Word a row over record of 1:4 Golden Gate. YEARS AGO «sed a four-hltl.. leading Arizona, to lor try Jim War uck out basefaa , , .TWENTY YEARS AOO Irish-bred Noor made It thre« In -—• over Citation with a world :4«4 tor iVi mile* at tossed a four-hitter and . Arizona to an In College . Power Shan San T O.B^'s Red Wild Punch M. Formally 6 L.DA Curley n Tan Misty M Bucksheen Blue 12 2n*-Apache Cr., Or. 1. S.D.'s zoete 9-2 Dean Hills ^.ed_Jack 5-2 Roving Mike ypress 8 Jack's Bully "I 10 . O. .. .B.'s Re J.L.'Movin Ofl' i-'2 L.A.. Fonder 10 Too Barb's Jewel Bwana ret 12 rte7e Come Da Judge 7-2 „£*-*», Or. 3. JUD8e O£-'s_Andy ig De.eon Hunter I Ml s i./ r ? n ?!?. * Proud wjlon 7-2 Diane Maooe. Adams ''Dell 9~; Apache, cr. :jr uitie jo 7-! .'» Rr • .. Gl Red or. Thii IlKSTooltor i| > "•£""" *•" '* »I"e I Round Super. m.-s Opal 6 Dusty Spec a G.M.'s Last _ Dance 10 Coeppah s 8th—s-u, cr. i. Fur Baler 12 Adam M. 5-2 La Bel ley a 7-2 O.B.'s_S Over 6 •XlLPff™ C T-J 8r. Third Round Super. O.B.'s Lucky Jack 7? Quail craft "« ChanneTmaster 12 7-2 Goal 10 Caroline 5-2 7-2 9-2 10* .... Rush Stakes Iowa Buck 7-2 Ramble After 5-2 Lou nor 12 O.B.'s Blue Lace 9-2 Lote Linen Demosabay M.'s Johnny G S 0.d She Ma ,'s Henry 8 9-2 8 Lonesome _ Flapper Dl:A,st.r , Lay Mu -. Espanto'lO tarlka See 01 lie 6 Sir Lad Honk] Tonk Girl 8 Bull 'n Bear lel'by' "Lynn iggle's Flyer 10 Sold Rush Stakes Shanker.Sandy 5-2 Prairie Vixen 8 Mae Bell Ballou 8 Diorama 9-2 Socks 8 7-2 9-2 ,1 l& Petre'x op put in outfield LOS ANGELES (AP) *• Bill Sudakis, shifted from third base to catcher this year, now moves to the outfield for the Los Angeles Dodgers. With the Dodgers having lost four of their last seven games, Manager Walt Alston decided to bench Willie Davis, move Manny Mota to center field and put Sudakis in left field. Andy Kosko remains in right. "They've been acting like they need a rest so 1 might as well start giving it to them," said Alston of some of his regulars with Davis the first to go to the bench. Sudakis has been working primarily as a bullpen catcher but on Sunday he hit a home run with two out in the ninth inning to bring a 5-4 victory over the Chicago Cubs. 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I n t Hi in t i( in.,; ti ; Four Wildcats in NCAA track Four members of the University of Arizona track team win compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association track and field championships which begin tomorrow at Drake University. They are Lorenzo Allen (high jump), Steve Ounzel (discus) and Jack McEwen and Roy Waddell (javelin). Allen beads the contingent with an all-time best leap of 7-1%, and he's made 6-11 this Prep star signs PORTLAND Maine (AP) — High school pitcher Tom Watson of Portland signed a contract with the Atlanta Braves Monday. year. He is second ranked on the Arizona All-time best list. Gunzel set a national freshman record and a UofA record with a throw of 185-6. McEwen ranks third in Arizona with a best toss of 236-1 while Waddell, fifth in the NCAA last year, holds second with 258-10. AUTO AUCTION 1 TONIGHT 7 P.M. 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