The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 16, 1948 · Page 3
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 3

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Friday, January 16, 1948
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and Personal Items i,. meetings l Hie ol the al en- oi Prayer. ',!,,.,-!, and two i' 1 '" i, c Ik-inc and her ,, Mr; Vuu. attonUcd the lit^- f s , ! s ,,,,ii W.edemann ;ing °y |,,,,,ie of Mrs - Gl fv J r f ' and l " . the devotional, l n os ,kctt pre ' ..,, Ifrld by Koyiil Daughters Class Thc Itoya) Daughters class of the Social Brethren church mot 'I'luirsday night at thc home ol Mrs. Lacy Mtillinix for tlu Jan- tiury meeting. The devotional given that evening was taken Irom the book ol Acts. Following the business meeting entertainment war fin nished by Mrs. Cordelia York and Mrs. Mary Barger, and a delightful hamburger supper was enjoyed by the lollowing: Mesdames Christina ICvans, Carrie Randolph, Gertie Cook, Cordelia York, Mary liarger. Eula I'inchofi, Hachel t u d v The Year | :iv, given by Mrs. hei . , Smith, Anna llagler. Golda Dunn, Pearl Aldridgc. Lucille Rilying and V.lson circle met ,,..(! tin 1 ll ' ss Mr- 1- M lies'- S.J" 1 liook twin daughters. Diane and tivl't li 01 MOOIC of 118 South . \\ is hostess to lo 'u^^ c V;r:±: ificiiil'ei s °' ' ( ' ij'oth thc dcvo- Thc l 1 *)^ 1 '^ »· r jj 0 oi of Pray- tional aiHl «J-j O ' na | | CSS on. "Mar- ·· *in(l ·*'* ** 1 « »i/ ** w**is Ol'C* I atuncr became a ' eha Gregg circle ifternoon. when the home of Mrs. Pamela, and the hostess, Mrs. Mullinix. The next meeting of the class will be on the third Thursday of next month at the home of Mrs. Kachcl Smith. Mrs. W. D. Richardson, of Johnston City, mother of Harry Hich- ardson 01 this city, is a patient at tht llolden hospital in Carbondale suffering from a broken hip sustained in a fall a week ago. Tom Manning, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar llanning, returned to Harrisburg yesterday following 18 months service in the Army, including 14 months in Korea. He was discharged from the army ·^--»----««^-'^--S=ii»»-«*£ Feed Prices Force Cut in Hogs r Cattle tty United Tress The prospect of another meat shortage developed today as corn belt farmers reported that they are raising fewer hogs and cattle despite record high prices. Farmers are becoming wary, a United Press survey showed. Many recall how thc bottom dropped from beneath farm prices after World War I, and they fear the same thing could happen again. But most of the farmers interviewed said their main reason for cutting down on the fattening of livestock is the sky-high price of corn. Most animals are fattened on corn, and the crop failure caused by last year's spring floods put a serious crimp in livestock feeding. The Department of Agriculture reported that the number of cattle being fed for market Jan. 1 was the smallest since 1040. The department estimated the number on feed thc first of the year at 3,774,000 head, a 12 per cent reduction from last year's 4,307,000. Less Meat on Counters Last year's meat production hit Ballad Ottered As Tribute to Carl Shelton FAIIll'IELD. III., Jan. 16-- Karl Shelton offered a "beauti ful nibute to my brother" today] in a ballad about the ambush slaying of Carl Shelton, a notorious gangster. , . .. ,, Karl Shellon said he hoped the song would lake a place alongside "Casey Jones" in American lolk music. . lie wrote it in collaboration w i t h Fred Henson, a radio enter ^^^^m^^ff^tf^^Bn^f^mf^^vmrn^m^f^^K^^^^^^^^B^^^^^^f^^^m^mmiHi^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^fm^ ··^^·B ·^^^^···"·····················^M^^^^^^^^^^^TM^ · · Organize County Tickets, Demos Told SPIUNGFIELD, III., Jan. 16-|Ua"y would return to the Demo- R--Illinois Democratic leaders cratic party. U.R--Illinois Democratic leaders want their party to give its candidates "grass roots" support by setting up complete tickets for county offices wherever possible. Adlai Stevenson, endorsed candidate for governor, asked state com- mittccmcn and county chairmen at a meeting in Springfield yesterday to organize county tickets. Local interest will have to be stirred up to get out a big enough vote to insure defeat of the Republicans, he said. Paul Douglas, endorsed candidate for senator, told the meeting cratic party. The meeting also endorsed State Rep. Ora Smith, Biggsville, as candidate for state treasurer to replace Fred Harrison, Herrin, Mob of Students Sack, Burn British Consulate in Canton HONG KONG, Jan. 1C--U.I!-- cd and burned tho BrltUh C o r i ( sulntc and British Information Scr* it vice building in Canton, telephone I! reports said. . '*' The mob, protesting British evlc-'^ 1 lion of Chinese squatters In Kow«'* U, Jail. ll--IV.K»-- '"» «·· vuuiyac »uu« «..» u i-.««- . c in full iv»ni» kit loon - stormed the buildings, w««k- !; s in full battle kit d th f u r n U u r c and sct apm , - · · - , , ,,,, . . . vo mi: furniture and set r - K v.» ., dispersed a mob of 5,000 students a fj rc . British officials s«ld all !! who withdrew because of poor ,~ health. today three hours after they sack- w th Fred Hcnson, a radio cniei- "·»·-*«" »viia««, w «i ·...« I..VWM,.* taincr, in commeralion of his bro-|he be heyed Henry Wallace had .u...... .I.....1. t ,,«·;../, i-ic» OP to- been misled. He said ne noPCd Wednesday at Fort Stoncman, near San Francisco, and came home by plane. He plans to enter the ·it Uic noun; "i »ni-- [jy piane. in: i««uia iu cmvi m^ ilaui^biirg. KFD 1. i University of Illinois at the begin. one guest. mother of the ilarri ·' ' I X t C ii^rri T:iM°l , Hi" 1 -'"-' ·"-,""" 5' M eiuk'd the meeting Mrs. Loran \\ | 3tC -r, \v 1 IK'ui and Mrs. Edgar. Mitsdarffer tiiianrt » '*·"". ..:...,,,! fli/i flo- i«.i ,,^,-t^ ning of the next semester. S^ V"S SS|: ' ,V t,,e Ictoon. Ihc pra\er was given Announccnu-nt u a.s made^ at a ^o^uonal mecung and 10 in IH held on Wednesday, inn ' r , at the cluirch. Dinner will 2 1 a - All members to attend. Wasson and Mrs. Louis were in Vinccnncs, trier's death by gunfire last Octo her. "I think it is a wonderful song ;md a beautiful tribute to my bi other," he said. It starts this way: "Near a little country schoolhouse in a county known as Wayne "It was down in Pond creek Bottoms on day a man was slam "He was riding on the highway to see about some grain . "When they shot him Morriogt Lictnstt John L. Ewell, 21, Harrisburg Route 2, and Florence Gidcumb, 23, Harrisburg. the former vice president event- by carr i t , r boy. The Daily Register, 20c a week, East Moline Lady Lost 50 Pounds With Rennol down an all-time high, but so did consumption. The American Meat In- Ircm ambush: Carl Shelton was his name." Thc remainder of the song gives dr-tails about the slaying and aoout Sliflton whose wars with a rival bootleg gang two decades ago resulted in nearly 40 deaths. 'Hie choius tells of thc bereavement of the mother of the five Shelton boys, 83-yeai-old Mrs. Agnes Sbc'lton. "Ma the Angels hover ovei loY she hasn't long to stay. stitutc, which represents the meat | hei lor she hasn't long to stay, packers, predicted that this year's And 1 hope she meets her darling v.omen's Missionary entertains ' Id ceremonies local people p,ci, tolcnl ' s xed saxophone and flute and the unusual combina- of lhe,c instruments uas my rood Thc-c %oung ladies added Iffheir performance w i t h a vocal i ot one of the numbers playeo introduced the evening Ind., yesterday, where they at tended a meeting of the Blackard Glass company. They were accompanied by iMrs. Lafoe Bradley and Mrs. W. J. Blackard. Louis Mitsdarffer, who has been a patient in the Lightner hospital with a virus infection, is improving. He was returned to his home today. Don Scott, city attorney, left this morning for Hot Springs, Ark., where he will vacation for the next ten days. Miss Bess Pemberton has been in Ml. Vcrnon, 111., for the past few days with her cousin. Miss Annie ^Pemberton, who became seriously ill while visiting at the home o*f a relative, Mrs. Vernie Render, in Mt. Vernon. The condition of Miss Pemberton continues to remain critical. , supply would fail to keep pace with consumer demand. The meat institute estimated last year's per capita meat consumption at 156 pounds, and predicted that this year each consumer would have to get along on 12 pounds less. II. M. Conway. market analyst for the National Livestock Producers association, estimated that the total cattle population this year is 3,000,000 less than it was a year ago. All these estimates mean that the housewife will find less meat at the butcher's counter, and she may have to pay even higher prices for it. There will be more meat than Americans were accustomed to eating before the war, but not enough to satisfy the present heavy demand. 'liu;;h Walkci the 'crooner l!V .,,,,,.... sang cvcral _ numbers in his pianist. in a better world some day." A home recording of the song found great popularity when n was played in a Fairfield restaurant, so" thc two men decided to put it on the commercial market | They said the prqlits would be; givc'n to their families. Mrs. EUie Rockwell. Box 703, East Moline, 111., writes, "Since I started laking Rennel I have been losing weight right along. So far I have lost 50 pounds. Rennel has done wonders for me and I feel much better." . . Hundredsofothershavcobtamed similar relief from the wxrial and physical discomfort of being overweight. Rennel is thc original grapefruit juice recipe for taking oil-ugly fat. It's simple. Just go to your drugekt and ask for 4 ounces of liquid Rennel. Pour the contents into a pint bottle--add enough graoefrutt juice to fill the bottle. Then ta.1e just two tablespoonMs a day. That's all there is to it. If the very first bottle doesn t show you the simple, easy way to lose bulky tat and help regain slender, more graceful curves--if reducible pounds and inches of excess fat don't .just seem to disappear almost like magic from neck, chin, arms, bust, abdomen, hips, calves and ankles; just return the empty bottle to the manufacturer for your money back. You need never know a hungry moment while taking Rennel--no starvation diet--no printed diet list to buy --no vitamins to fortify you against weakness while going hungry, for y°» WON'T be hungry. Don't be switched to another product. Insist on and obtain genuine Rennel. U A I B V * * * l f c l i l « l VA*BV*U«*» 0«.*M «··« .| the consulate's archives were lost. ;' VACUUM CLEANERS Should Visit Skaggs' Regularly Give your vacuum a frequent check-up and adjustment to prevent costly repairs and replacements. Skaggs offer this service at such a low charge you'll find it pays off in the long run. °- n i t t ! I ! » I, ALL MAKES AND MODELS ELECTRIC CO. Phone 37 HARRISBURG, ILLINOIS BIRTHS Calendar of Meetings grand warden, will The initiatory de pleasing style. Bill Han, a talented Ha\ed se-.fial numbers. .f . s Iludgms gave a number fci imperburutions and the fact iiiat his :rnpi-rMnations v.crc ol lumen seemed lo add to thc plea- Lre of the nuests. The arduous hsk of a woman getting her fam- [!} oh lo Sunday scnool was especially enjo\cd as given by him. A "Madam Knou-K-All,' was kteented. ar.d .she read and angered her accumulation of daily uhtch included a variety oi 1-tercbUn^ subjects. Oi course ch ot '.r.e inquiries she opened jsd aibv.cred \\as represented by fie-Madam" as coming Irom one l{ the guests Mrs. fc. M. Oakcs pas recogni/fd as the madam who raid sec nil. know all and tell a About 35 were present and scv- ' members from both societies A district meeting or I. 0. 0. V District Ill will be held at Gnlatia at 7:30 tonight. Ludwig H. Kocpke, be present. gree will be conferred by the Harrisburg degree stall. All mem- iiers are urged to attend. Lee Morse, district deputy. All Bonn Fide Federation members having tickets for the Hazel Harrison concert arc reminded to make their report tonight at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Mabel Raw- To Mr. and Mrs. James Starnes of Marion, a boy. born yesterday afternoon at Lightner hospital. Parallel Tracks In the United States there are 29,879 miles of 'railroad consisting ol two or more parallel tracks. Should Be Chesty The northern sea otter cracks shell fish on a stone held against its chest. . A FEW DROPS OF VICKS * Wa-fro-nol (DOUBLE-DUTY NOSE DROPS) Relieves^ SNIFFLY, STUFFY DISTRESS OF Head Colds It's wonderful how a / little Vicks Va-tro-nol ' in each nostril acts fast to soothe irritation, open cold-clogged nose' and reduce stuffiness. And if used in time Vicks Va-tro-nol helps prevent many colds from developing. Try it 1 : Follow directions in the package. FLASH! JUST Winnerman Jewelers Hove Received a Shipment of Thousands of the Latest Designs and Types of EAR RINGS PEARLS PINS NECKLACES a- . ' absent due to illness. A special bon by Miss Rice tnd Miss E\ans. was dedicated io Mrs L-uirn Kpperhcimer who " confined tw her home because : illness. Refreshments were served b% J-Irs-Mynlc Adams. Mrs. Bess Hag- |?r srd Mrs Nellie Brackncy. Keller. 2«c a week, carrier boy. Cold Wove i |Meansmithin«i to the family whoe house is Rock Wool Insulated Cheaper Than Ever i»efore up to 36 Months to pay, all ,v m for free estimate. [Home Comfort Co. I.l!or;ulo. 111. K'AYNK GUEKN Russia to Resume Talks on Debt WASHINGTON, Jan. 16-- C.E-- Russia is read\ to resume negotiations with the United States to settle thc Soviet Unions 51V 297.000,000 lend-lcasc bill. Soviet ambassador Alexander S. 1'anyush- kin disclosed today. Panyushkin made thc statement following a lo-minutc call on undersecretary ot State Robert A. Lovctt. Me would not say wne- thei the Icnd-lcase mattei was discussed, or give any other details of the brief meeting. Thc Soviet-American Icnd-leasc talks adjourned six months ago B-A-T-T-E-R-i-E-S -·I*, . Made to Retail Up to $10.00 SPECIAL AT $1.00 For A3! Cars $13.95 and up $1.50 For Old Battery LEO RICHMOND'S SUPER SERVICE Plus Fed. Tav We were very fortunate in being able to obtain this merchandise and we want our customers to share this good luck with us. Unbelievably Beautiful! At such a low cost you can afford a variety of this costume jewelry at a small total cost. rs Winnerman Building Harrisburg Moscow because of ill health. Slate department officials for some time have expressed their v.ishes that thc Soviet account be settled as soon as possible. Dur- ir.q the past six months several iniormal approaches have been made to thc Soviet an effort lo get thc talks .-.gain. Coal Production in State During December Totaled 5,427,093 Tons SPRINGFIELD. 111.. On--Illinois coal production j:iu December of i£M7 totaled o, 427.093 tons from 93 mines com- nr'-cd to 4.957.278 tons from 11- ni'nc* during the same ynUi^J ihe Department of MUIC.N Decenv hcr prwluction was 000 tons greater than 19-17. _ Lighlncr Hc^pital Notes Louise Wilson, daughter of Mr. and fyte. diaries Wilson « a Ig- sillcctomy patient at the Josprta . Mcdica! patients at the hojw tal include Mrs. Ru^cU B«v,n ing ot Rosiclarc: Mrs- Kldcr of Rosiclarc: K C. of Harrisburg: George Clark of Carrier Mills and 1'ilchcr of Thompsonvi lc. Sur serv patients arc Kmcstinc Sm, U of ilnirisburs. and Mrs. Lo-s Box, dy. also oi Harnsburfi. y*nkrc' Doodlf Born , It was on thc well-curb of Fort ] Crailo. Rcnsselacr. N. Y,, lhat Dr. Richard Shuckburg. a British army surgeon, sat watches thc Colonial troops gather In 1753. Here he whistled thc tune and composed the satirical Ttf-scs of the We invite you to see the new collection of 1948 Spring Styles ! ( (1 i; ' l; n 1 2 I ' ' f ' ' i »' 1 I " ' -I ir *\l .."* *?4 · 'tr-vf -1 ,. :« .·i I t. ~? SPAPFRf »-.. NFWSPAPFK!

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