Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 6, 1965 · Page 16
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 16

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1965
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

«- 4 V YOtft FRKEDOM NtiWSPAP&t S i MiifVf U»t all mffi iit equally endowed by their Creator, tit SSVmutm, with aw «ift of.freedom and mat it tow mwi'i i&& $r God to pwwrve his own liberty and reipec* tlt« Ubertj Of tffwti. FWtttoffi to Mltaofltrbl. no more, no lew. TO fflififtifp thi§ Pttpunsibiiity, tree men, to Wf be«t of (heir , mm smderitaftd and apply to dally living the Rreat moral s txprewed in Uie T<sn Gommaodmenu, the Golden Rule and newsimyei in ucuiwcucu to ftttfilshlng thfoffiiatlon to «ir readers M that tt«y e&ft better promote nnd ifeaerve their own freedom and ifleoufase others to see iti biesslnA. For only when manOTde»tftftds Ffi«tom and Is free to control TVlfflwif and all he Swdtiek c»n he develop to W» utmost capabilities to Vrmony with the above moral ptindflei. Soys BY WAYNE 0, BRANDSTADT, M.D. StXTU AND - PIIONB 70S MSI Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Q—How do the symptoms of gastritis differ from those of a peptic ulcer? Will massive doses --,- i . ..-. .- -—, — ---, of vitamin B complex benefit Page 16, CLOV1S NEWS'JOtJBNAL, Thors., May 6, 1965 ei ther condition? " " ' A—Gastritis causes a loss of appetite and nausea whereas a person with a peptic ulcer is eager to eat whan he has his ulcer pain because eating gives him temporary relief. The characteristic abdominal distress in gastritis is spread over a large area and occurs immediately after eating, especially eating greasy or spicy foods or drinking alcohol. A person with an ulcer can I usually localize his pain with President gram hawked in Washington!the tip of one finger and the 'nmmittee during the ceremonies at $l.iPam doesn't come on until 2 hours after eating. THE WASHINGTON SCOTT REPORT FAUL8COT? Students^ is resorting to an stratagem to lick it. It's a 112-page profusely illustrated book priced at $10. Title "Inaugural 1965," with a Vice their President wives. Humphrey and'direct viewing of the stomach I Ilining through a gastroscope or j -IV ..rT.rc Book Two, titled "Spirit of the,* rays taken of a barium meal' Inauguration," has accounts of'will point to one condition or 1 leading events and scores of j the other. 1= amt morp' tVunTzOO color!pictures of notables, including: I tan find no evidence that A Vh«. inii«trfl«niw of nota- ; everv governor in the union.;vitamin B complex will benefit and other illustrations: olofn ° t ;f e ! Bo(jk - T jf reCi titled .. Thresho i d of either disease but in patients is made up of ar- with gastritis vitamin B-12 is bles and major events Tamnrv swearing-in activities,,the Future, . .-,,.. . t j iho ocfonn conies being printed tides by a half dozen name au-,?ivcn if there is an associated are expected not only-to wipe thorities, and the President's i anemia. Jut the hefty deficit, but pro-estate of the Union Message. mice a profit. Q—My doctor savs I have p r . Graves' disease. What is this 0 jl have had a toxic goiter re- Among the authors are l The"l96rkennedy Inaugural ; fessor Henry Steele Commager.ji nave Committee headed by Edward:leading historian: Bruce Catton.jmoved. Y£ one'timeT general counsel'noted Civil War chronicler, and,-, A-Graves' disease is another of the Treasury Department,surprisingly. James Farley, one- name for toxic or exophthalmic Sound up $222,OM to the good-: time postmaster general and goiter Although operative re- contributed to the United Givers Democratic national chairman.,mova of a part of the ovorac- coniriuuieu w i inclusion is explained on live thyroid is a time-honored contributed Fund. Although months have elapsed since inauguration, Committee man Dale Miller has no t will be possible to His inclusion is explained on live thyroid is a time-honored tv. thrpp'the ground he masterminded;treatment, recurrences are com-1 more man president Roosevelt's historic jmon. Some doctors Alliance — In international ately plun< politics, the union of two thieves who have their hands so deeply inserted in each other's pockets that they cannot separ- Everybody's Business Total Sex License Doctrine Subsidized 11V SAM CAMPBELL < So you can vote until you arc This past, week television view- choleric with indignation, but ers in Southern California were this vile spigot of gutterdom will ! treated to an interview with a continue to spew the imagina- ; vermin who advocated complete lions of his evil mind amng the sexual licence in and out of wed- young men and women who are I lock. the hope of the country. That ! This monger of immorality is shows how much your vote the author of a book that de- counts. 'scribes the odious practices he Hut you are not trapped. You favors He boldly declared that have one means of defense left he had written from first-hand - moral persuasion. Yes, you knowledge, lie went on record must continue to pay taxes, but ag;-iiisi child molesting, but said you need not continue to believe hi- grounds were that the child that the exation is right. When would not be able to appreciate you arrive at the determination what was transpiring that it is wrong, the nasty sltu- ln die course ol the interview. ;iti " n at UCLA will be on the way the inler\iewee claimed to be a '" :) Heanup. paid tea. he,- at the Cmversity T1 "' connection seems vague. of California Los Ani'd- To t'lear it up for myself. I The presentation was valuable Had to einsicier only one qties- for two reasons Kir«t it reveals ti() » ; » ^ professors at the l,,m leeble NOII are v'.en von try ••<' !l0 " 1 involved had been dcpen- tn mflner r.' the course of society bv \ our i i'.'hi to \ o'o Si fii:id it reveals how powerlul >ou can become ll you elei-| to re!;.' on moral persuasion As to the first point. \our ballot is a feeble te'iiedy because you did not vote tne tilth monger into his |o!> ,it I'CLA and \ on cnni'io! y>te him out. Yet \ * >\, a f i • r.;! I i; M 1 ! M -i i to :•:;!> t-!: /'(' hi •• w'Mrd (!•,• ': :!>i- w '.!' \ o u r t,i\ p.i;. ;]ie:.t 1; \ oil Will cvartl- . ill" I! 1 !- 1ei-':!..i i'.|',le . ol 'lie mat- ti-i \o'i wiii tii'id that e\eii the \l"'i -:,;loj V OlIC 01' t W O ol ll a man empties his i into his head, no one can it, from him— Franklin , oil vote or evil mind among the 'I'sii *.' 1QX (We the " 1C r 1936 landslide, when he carried giving radioactive and Ver . proper rel|lation of the dose , s | ,.._ Invite qr«stlon» -w eco- 1 now favor j nom | cs an( j the proper functions iodine but !of government which will n«t In- dent on customers' payments or voluntary contributions for a Ineihuod. how long would they h.-r e permitted that swine to loiter at the gateway'/ Why. >ou know he would have been busted off campus before he had time to collect his pornographic claptrap! Of course you can't refuse to pa\ taxes Nevertheless, when >ou come to the inner, heart-felt determination that lax subsidy H the wvng way to finance -(hoohn:: and that voluntarv contribution or payment is the correct way. you can rely on the verdict of history — change •1 No City Tax white onee friend of ^ *.«« rnth? a the » be some montns - ai me ear it nil riPnends on how «i• aifiirSI SfiV' sells Miller determined to close in on has elaborate clans nush mont. Just as tricky as knowing exact- QUESTION'. As per newsmap Don Petit, young Fl or i d aily how much of the gland to re-! 0 [ March 6, there are seven newspaperman, is listed as edi-jinove surgically. 'states that have no income or tor. Printing is being done. Q—Every afternoon for the salcs tax They seem to get by a Tallahassee. Fla.. firm,past month I have had a cluster along O.K. Why cannot the other put out the $1 souvenir pro-lheadache. The pain starts on iS t a t es do the same?" Andrew- Anticipated publication.the left side of my forehead and^ Bennett. Costa Mesa. we ll is sometime in May. I passes through my eye causing j ANSWER: Generally, we j The $10 gem will be launched it to water. Then it stops up;would say the states which do its financial rescue mission one side of my nose What no t levy income and sales taxes with the presentation of a spe-,causes these headaches" Car apparently do not spend as President i anvthih:: be done for them" imuch as" do those which have readv source of funds the sale""of cially-bound copy to rresmeni'anvthmg be done tor mem'.' :much as Commit- Jonnson at a wdl-publicized ,\--This type of headache. \ u, P mort bulk or- ceremony in the White House. called cluster headache because ; f rnm sales and income taxes, running into the hundreds Thereafter, copies will be on it rccurs daily for several days Tne ]%4 .,; r) " Facts ancl KiR . are "likely" from defense space sale at Democratic fund-raising , nen disappears for a while, is ures Qn Government Finance" and other government contrac- affairs. also called Morton's headache l)V Tax Foundation, Inc., indi- and otner governmem , ^ ^ ^ ]} bp Jun(1 3 , n ^ hislamme hf , a(lache lt cates that jn fisca , J%4 {h ^ [Washington at a $100-a-plate ( . 0 mes on more frequently dur- wcre ^Q s t a tes which had no in- A number of them are finan-, dinner in honor of Senator War- j n[ , t ] 10 night, awakening the iCome t ax anc j 12 which had no . , *°' in(l sk ' l 'P then general sales tax. Some of those and may be paid off in part by'of the Democratic Senatorial in tl)C afternoon. An excess of which do not levy income or taxes . - -~ property expenses. [head of the House Campaign irno thysergide 'also used in the So confident is Miller that the Committee. Plans call for the t roa tment of migraine i usually book will be a resounding sue- sale of at least 6,000 tickets — o ivos rellt ,f cess as a deficiteradicator meaning a net of not less than that more copies are..being,$500,000, to be divided equally, pi ease send your questions printed than advance orders.'between the two committees for anc j comments to Wayne G f\ IlUlllUCl Ut LUClll Ol^ »"i«* l ,UlJlII"i 1*1 iiuiiv/i ''» ».j%- »«M ••" * - - —. 1J[^ LIU. Hi-,' cial guarantors of the inaugural,| r en Magnuson, Wash., chairman v i c tj m f r0 m and may be paid off in part by'of the Democratic Senatorial in tl)C a ften _,.. sizable book purchases — which Campaign Committee, and Rep-: n i stam j nc j n the blood appears sales taxes, do levy state are tax deductible as business resentative Michael Kirwan, ()., to t)0 tne cause . Cafergot and or , p r0 pertv. PEACHES Swan K/ 5 1 00 ORANGE ...... 3/T° SAUSAGE 5/T° POTTED MEAT ifl/ s i 00 on I V/ I FLOUR White 303 . Hi-C 46 oz. White Swan Vienna 8 oz. White Swan Gladiola P.llow Case ,, lbv $29 large bulk or- next year's hotly contested elec-, Rrand?tnf j, been received, tion. " . :;hj s paper. Wii stadt canno' ar > lettei's lie will ai genera! inteie-l Also, whUe "no ders" have yet he is definitely going after them. President Johnson rales And to paraphrase a popular occasion so important he has song, "What Miller wants, Mil- agreed to be the mam speaker. this Jer gets." I Chief ca "Sure. I'll promote bulk or- Committee ders from companies and oth- Hop in the ers," he savs. "Whv not'' That's Tins alone s.' of ihr Inaugural' s hig dehut was the, >>ale of parade vats. I \\as around SlilKi.ouO D iii du perfectly proper, and I think below expectations. Also hea\i !i \u"- & l-.xenar they'll want the book. Also, adding to the red ink were siz- involving; certan such purchases are tax deducti- able expense accounts from star a stock scandal ble. Once people see this book, entertainers. While presumably sistant I am certain they'll want it performing without charge, they Herbert There will be a big demand all apparently cost plenty in ex- hem over the country. pense charges ,ures. "We may even place it in One choral group submitted a' POLITICALS — ln- bookstores. I think it would be $ bill. Another entertainer terior Secretary John Kellv i- a shame if every library and'ian in considerable medical hems discussed among New school in the country doesn't costs. .Mexican pohticos a. a prospect have one. I'd like to'see some Bi« money - maker of the for the Democratic guberna- foundations buy it and give it inauguration was the $50 - a -cou- tonal nomination next year. to them. That would be very pie 'ball Inauguration medals'While evincing interest. Kellv is educational and cultural." also did well; in fact, they are not committing himself either THE $10 "KKST SELLER"— still .selling briskly to the thous- wav . . Kena1»r Paul Doujlas. "Inaugural 1965" consists of ands of tourists now flooding the 1>-I11.. is writing a book on tar- three sections: .capital ills and trade Foremost amont; Hook one, titled "Leaders of Among Chnirmnn Miller's the subjects he will analw is America." is largely the same elicnl-, i- Texas Cult & Sulphur the seriou- balaiu-e-ol payments as the paperback souvenir pro- Co. piommeiitly in the new- Perhaps the best comparison of state taxes, however, is in the total per capita taxes levied by the various states. The 1964 totals, from the same source book, showed Nebraska had the lowest per capita total tax of $75.8,1, followed by New Hampshire with $77.82 and New Jersey with $7H.M2. The highest per capita taxes were in Delaware i$l>0!M;ii. Hawaii i$-J07.7f). Washington (§]«!» C9i, Nevada ($18,'!.• 77 1 , Wisconsin i£177.11.'}p. New e Commie-ion Mexico il7f>.l'.Mi and California top otliriaN in ($107.071. Last week As- Questions are limited to gen- Commerce S e c r etary eral human relations questions Klot/ i signed alter that will improve the wellbeing named in the SF.C disdos- of all mankind on this earth. Questions are limited (o general human relations question* that will improve the well-being of all mankind on this earth. i PRODUCE in care ot Dr. Urand- r individii.V !T le'ters of t' 3 Ears KKKS1I CORN 25c 1 Hi. (VHo Park TOMATOKS . . 29c KAD1S1IKS OK (iKKK.N ONIONS . . 2/15c 1 Kb. Olio Bag AITLKS 43c Cliiiiec ARM ROAST Cbdice CHUCK ROAST i.b Fresh GROUND BEEF $•100 Hickory Nut BACON 2 95 All Meat FRANKS I.b. MurkH Sliced BOLOGNA 1,1. Vaughns GRO. & MKT, South on Portales Hi Way E. C. and Polly Vaughn Owners COFFEE 69c GREEN BEANS ' i; -4/T° PEAS 5/ s r° PORK & BEANS 2/25c CORN : ''/ C . C '6/T° FROZEN FOODS >p.l ret line rni I'll.s ( hii km. 'I urke\, 5 \\niter <.«. i»K\N(,h ij O/. Can -II ICK I Kl IT .'0 O/ - I'lFS • Kiu-h 29c UH Sports Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS J Sport played on horseback | Cricket implement 5 Infantt 7TcnUcte« 12 Smell 13 Hail! 14 Verbal V Anathema 17 British ' 18 A/roan 20 Distend 23Sturg«on cgfl 9M Bowler'* term 27 Finally CL»Un> 9 Trieste win* measure TO Sand I 11 Abandon 19 Pronoun 21 Charged aton 24 African tree 25 Cushion* MKish «au<* 27Phyncal bott 28 Medicinal quantity »FaU« god 30 Consume* IS Sesame »3H*rein »4 City In the eu 38 Tu»lu of a 45 Jleum tcomn. wild boar furroi 99 Feminine 4BKoropean vd4 appelkiliofl rberry 40 Hot by exposure 48 Pigeon 41 Kvades 49 Pen name of 431x>wtT Charles Lamb •2 Vehicle used ta 44 Area on « flcU SO t« a winter (port of play 53 Winglike part J6 Ounce* 98 Toper 37 Attribute 4VU*«i in problem - •• in w Inch I'niver^ily ol ''hie;r.'u economic, prole-.'-or i- a leadin" author- its . . IvOol.le |{epre--entalHe Teiio Honcaho D-Wvo . is telling friends lie would like to run against Senator Milward Simpson H-Wyo. next sear, but te( Is President Johnson isn't i helping him To illustrate his ' point. Roncalio cites the admin- i.stration's closing of the hegion- ,al VA off n e in Wyoming, and bv the Defence, Commerce and similar shutdowns in tiie stale ; Agriculture Departments . . . 'Following is an inU iguing front- page report in the San Francisco Daily Commercial News I about Don Silverthorn. dousted i head of the defunct San Fran-' .cisco National Hank 'The man in dai k glasses at the blackjack jt a I) if IJIeles-.h to v.ed '.i $:'fi t tup to Hie liotiSebuv * J«-afiUi" . 11 if u .(ill a\ ol i e'jl ' hlbs A |i| ell , w jjlre- - Sel i, lir 1 a (Jl I'll. i >t anol her J"'. r i chip ti om tintack It was about 'J. '.',(> a m and Silverthorn was putting on . such a show that the crowd was three and four deep around the table .Silverthorn it was. learned, stopped off at Las Vega> on his return from tcstiu IIIL- before the McClellan committee m \\aslu;rjton. The casino manager refused to deny or con 11 rin whether he was gambling lue fcailei weekend. ' Man...that's real milk! Babies always know he r ,t about flavor! Creamy-rich Meadow Gold HGrno'vin/H Milk tattos delicious. Morn knows bo%t about n<HHr,hrnent! Protein-rich Moadow Cold Honio'vt.i/" i Milk helps the wtiole farr-uJy stay health/, hal.- .md tiafipy. Treat them to our "real milk" tod,!/...and every day. Ffiff GIFT STABS ^ I . •umu. i oow co. PfilCIS CfitAMlRIES.

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