The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 22, 1956 · Page 32
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 32

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 22, 1956
Page 32
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Page 32 article text (OCR)

32 Jt *ittt Here And There- t • * • • in deer park Mexico To Increase Fishing Ground Patrol .Thursday,. March 22, 1956 'Hams' Study Mobile Rigs As Project A club project: of if, or .15 mobile station assembly room. Code cliis.s- \\7,NRS, .will conduct. bojrirmpr's By TEKV PRESOOTT l>r'Cr Park C 'orresrxiridciH I'liom- GR .4-Si5fi K 'n-^fMjvic-ir'ten&l ^•^•- *** "'*" ******** "* a - r "«' uw « f os wil1 ^ ™« ««=» Friday from ,,utio theory classes after the clnb ;"?!, "be Inc^^r^" month'o ful " re activilios ° f U ' c B «- vlow " "v^'? V'"" a ' Ui <"> »"••*»"* ^""^ ^ protect "our rich fishing- grounds Am !»''»r R-'irhn Club at its meet- £];• at 110 , ar '"ory .startinif at ~~ ! r the irom_ t'oroisn pirates who ' engage i"S .'it the Bayt.own National Guard . > ''°. !?;"^ Klll <Tf. L. Risingcr. "Try Sun Clu.oslfioil Ails. is to icseh boys building- and tvm- he feels "it's a good thine foi ing of motors and gives them a boys. It creates,, interest in the in fishing activities alrm- Vur .\rmorv i-han.-v to take part jr. a competi- youngsters and aive.s the police coasts" the nav miiv'---'"" -in ' A Hot Rod dub. unck-r the lead- live snort which makes them a department-an opportunity to »ot n ninccd Tlnirsd-iv" ""'' ' U'O Pohler, manager of activities. *rship of j. 15. Frasi,-r. hus hem nariy of -w^ty. better a.quainted with Uvn*ger\" The minislrv oniercd <ix patrol Sflld cost o{ lho u » ils - a<*™ibk-d • nwrn.** -n .bee, anc. U,> aU> points out that s omo Tlso organizaiion is temporarily lxwls imo Se ;. vic0 noxt ',„„,;,, , o „., a ,.,„,, projpot> u - 0 ,, Ui bo in Ulc ^.^f^'-i -r» isry^^'s/'s,:;: r;s,ir;;,ss ±NS-,s 3,j"' M ;s;' sss "sn-a -fr " -"r".™"* purpose, according to President "They ihink of ii as a plaoe where each Monuay. At 1 p.m. each Sun- the -piracy" clnr«e< in the V.<=t «» ci ri 'Mv to »o on the air. Jack .Moore. ":s to promote better the boys ran be rowdy an.i speexi day club members gather on P have been" levelled" against Anieri- Bo! > Franklin. \V;>OX, told of his Young Demos RALPH YARBOROUGH will be th<> principnl speaker at ,v meeting sponsored by East Hnrns County Young Democrat;? al ":SO p.m. jfon- ciay. The meeting;, open to the mib- )io, will be held at the Odd Fellows Hall on East Texas. drivers." in Suupeu-up oars. Thai is not the Fr«icr, .v.i'o mc-chflnies teacher object; ut aii." he said, Ir, Dc-f'r Park school, .said the club Police Chief H. R. SneH said Television Glances- 15y AtU.fAM KW.U.D lor l^rCi's "A Xiaht to Remem- XKW VOKtC -.-I."; 5 — From no« T bor," ,-i current Ivst-iioiler ::bt«.it on. the S:> Ti'rjrn.- ir-ny conio TO the sinking of the Tiwrsie in iSi'2. be known a? ;he ship that launched i, - Mmfi \ o ,; t w bt , a 1ob wilh a thousand>. ,, .hoi;san(i ;i>-pc-cts. Yoiril" set: the • A- least ;iro!;:;d T\"^s Krai! resiuis of iheir TiUnic efforts next "liieairr. v;ec4: on your home screen via 't -rt-p? VA\-}y iiu> >-car thai tiie XBC-T\\ : r K '" ^ n ^,f : l,y^'^\.;:^J 1 v' I r '^ By £ ' :ir - il i5 1he bi g?«3 '«'«? a no M'ciCinney. McKirmey. desipi- er of j'.iore tii.'iri 4.0tHi sets for Krai't over the past five years. "•.corked for three v.'eeks repixxhic- ifig parts o; the Titsaic, "Riyhi no\v it looks as if we'll have ~-> spenltittg- parts and 43 set=." s.-iid MeKinney. --Tnere nlli be 4S ?.e-,;r,r>- in the rirst net alone." "We itsral'.y -ase about four cameras. j.*or this production vce'l! - Ir.stallasion o: office:! 1 ? of two have six n-itli nvo in reserve. ZCh.HRnelview Psren'-Teacher-; As- ^"nere we v,.-=ua;;y have a crew of <so~miC'ns has been set for Aprii 3 about eight men. this lime it will i?: 'he KientenliirY Sc^oo; Auditor- ^~~ ^~ V*"e're sr^tKiiiisr about S-x!.- •jum. ' (< & l 0:l - sc-enery and effects alone, Mrs. Beulah Rniner. presiceni of i5 ^:bie our iisu^l outlay." for drsjj- can fi.-rliinsr boats. work on ino meters in preference ~" of the usual nmateiir hand of 10 The oil industry h.--s mannired to nunors The group has chfl.'iKed itt- code class iron', the Buytown Communi- .'•-,.., ,-.-;'.ii,j,.n'i.. .-.l.v i (.-^,1 ; v, ,. , ^ , Cv:!s OUon, ircR-snrer Hnbba Me- i"' 1 ' l '^, b:lnvls of 110VV .-^. A d,p : .ty from Shell Oii'co. (^ ^ 5 > !; i ^o Of . oi! .? lwl " Wtl du> - Groups To Install Officers April 3 Or';;<--r adults . . in the or- g-sni7.;it:o!i arc R. !.. Tranimi,-;! and Jimmy \V;vl!ctr. Thr-*t-' two. aioug- with S:io:i :ind KrsT.ior, \viil supervise the boys a: the regular nivot- ;i:g-s and u: tbf' ciras: ?;rip. Spectarors at the Sunday moet- ::•§•$ may observe from a park?n<r .lor. with a C.T con; charge required "or car. Proceeds from the !or. and concessions will be usej !or ciub oxpt'n.s''s. Sam Houston Student Is 'Practicing' Here Robert E. Lee high school Agri- culf.jre department wiH be hoft for the- next two months to Roy Young, "p r a c t i c p'' agriculture teaclu'.- from Sam Houston State Teaohersi Coiieg-e. Younsr I? majorin .sin Asrricul- ture education at Sam Houston. Vi'lii!.? here ;-,•> will practice reaching- Agriculture i, '2 and ." classes, in.? the 22 years. ty House to the Baytown police the 3 lib oistrict of the stats P-TA, a former actor who with J. E. Ethridge arid R. L. „, , . ^ ... ., _ Mc.Kinnev repj'oihicsd almost al Eleven lO twve wun ^frs. Bev- of , he f]oatine"hot?i-amon? other prn- are ^cuienant D- A. Swif. ,„;„„_ six of -- hc Til:!fiiC - s - cabln# Jr., vjts presiuent: Mrs. Joe Ber- t , vo ,~,^ Q rooms, the crow's ne-t, heri. secretary: and Mrs. O. \\. the three first ciass decks, the Tidmon. ire:i-~urer. steerage, the shin's Pajisian cafe, Mrs. p.ainer -will also Install Al- i«a sine-king roni,' boiler room and Jen Barnes, a? president; Mrs. lifebontF. Pauiine \Tard. treasiirer; Mrs. J. "We're braidins n duplicate of B. Pitkin, vice president: and Mrs. the ship's grsnd staircase which R. Storbie, r.u? officials of the Elo- '-"a.s SO feet across nrid SO fi-et imeniarj- School P-TA. ! '-^." said McKin.ney. "We're also Elementary P-TA officials -vill building- several duplicate sets- succeed Mrs. C. O- Lya!!. presi- "" e have a dry boiler room and dent: Mrs. Frank Fincher. vice ? - boiier room under two feet of president; Mrs. F- P- Dillor,. secre- water, we h?ve three- coi-ridoi-s drj- l-ir-.--and Mr? Perr-Gr-'ve= t-e?^- sn ° one corridor under four feet . urc : r . ' "" of water." Mrs. Fran'-: F^if rv-- ;« ti-o^ram ( - )ne SP *- * e ornate smoking" ' - -•• e "• room of th<? liner -.vhich went down on its maiden voyage, will be built so that it v.-iil tio in toward the audience at a 90 degree angle. "It's to eive the JlHision of the ship going- do'AT.." explained i Kicney. "Everjlhing- will fall irn;Hn «or the ffioaics, West German Cadets Begin U.S. Training In the iifebo'it scenes, he said. BOXX, Germany —UP— Nine ar;o!'.? P.ctunliy -,vii! be lowered West German navaj air cadets frorn a neight of about 12 feet in were to fly to The United States ^ --- ! -Mio. Thursday to beg-in a 21-month _" Ail ' 1; " - e!jr " A " i1 ' be full-scale, training course 5.1 ti)e U.S. naval Everytli.inz wii! be stithenlic— sjr station at Pensscc-in. Fia.. the where da mask was used on the U.S. eniba;-'.sy anno-.:ncc:-(;. "',11;.; of tho Titanic, we'll use d,i- The proarrsni is ;,;n-t of ti:e miii- n " ;a - c * : ' : - :; 'i'- McKinney. tan- defense- aw;: ; s;anr.-c prot'nmi M"ost imususl of'ail. ma.ny of the under which the U:-,!•;<••<; K aclor? actually will "nn flounoe heiping train the new 'Vest Ger- ' n 1 '^ r '-Z '&"•>.'PT. M^r-Kinney has man armc-d forces. s-isrn":''l his nrodaction so that the set." iivu are to be flooded will b? huiit ;n~id'-> giant tanl Cpif.v.jiks. rnii out of rsr.s-r. wiH r-xtcnd from the eds;t of the flooded sets to oui>:if.:«* the tanks. "ThP sctorj." said McKinnev. "will H!! escape on the catwalks— 1 hops." to-START EASIER, -LAST LONGER. 17" 19" 21" DUO-MASTERS V from Choke of 3Starters From the very Mort, yoj txp«ct ncre from Eclipse! But did ycu know thty octuolly cost you less to own? They give dependable service-, yecr ofter year, with minimum moirifencrtce tx- pense. Get the facts -or.d you'll bu/ on Eclipie. Sfork Sfops Mr. and Mr.s. Ben Dumas, former Baytonian.'i n&v.- jiving- in Kin;, viite. are p;m-ntr: of a K on. Phillip Benson, born Saturday afternoon. H-:- v.-e;ghed seven pounds. Granu- rnother.s are M.-.v ,J. A. \'."ard anf Mr.«. Blanche Dumas, both of Bay town. BARRO.V Mr. .'i.'u: Mr. 1 -- T. J. Bnrror. .Tr of Hi^hlar.d-i an noun,?.-; the birth 'j' a sor., T'-rry Mic.har!. March '19 in .San Javi.ilo hospilal. He w«?igh- t-d <ri(iht pounds and 13 ounces. Gr&jTSipar«rr.t.s art- Mr, and Mr«. Tom Barra:; arid Mr. and Mr?. Leo JanriiK*:. all from Highlands. ISAACKS Mr. nnO ^rr.-. Jerry A. 7.-aacks. 600 £ Hurnbi'-. announc'.' the birth of a djtht pound one ounce daughter, \V(;:;uy Jan, March 21 in Ellington Air Force base hospital. Grandpyrents are Mr. ar.d Mrs. Aijrin jMM(;ks ano Mr. nr.-l Mrs. J. L- ';e;;d, id; of S21 Million Set Aside For Mobilization Tools WASHINGTON" —UP— The gov- finifif-iit ;in:iounf-cd 7 t»y it h.!.- sift, tip a X2J n'jiiiiOM fund to insi.nt ;i !; start on production o! vital jniiciiirif tools in th«? event of ;iil oiit mobilixalion. Tijc Office o' lJ<-fcn«> Mobiiizn- !iOii .'-.-:)() work is iiniJ'.'1-w.-iy on li.-:t:- ;n fonti-iict.s pi.'Ked with j)i<xiiK;< v n,-. Oii':r> rnobiiixHlion is oidered, HIP conipKtiii^ e:ni :-t;n1 fuii prrxItK:- tion immnriiatcly. No funds will be srx'nt now, ODM said. Try Sun Ads r HOME LUMKR CO. 800 E, Tews i SA V E UP TO $1,000.00 O.V A NEW 1956 DODGE I ERNIE DITTMAN 1:1 ;« T:A>«T TKSAS I Beall's USE OUR LAY-AWAY CUSHION INNERSOLE • White • Black Beige Sfraw 98 Beall's QUALITY MERCHANDISE ^11 For Men Of Fashion Buy at Bead's and Save! Fine Beallpark Daron and Woo! Tropical Suits With the coot thot has 14 unseen quality points that give form and fit •k Get the quality suit that is usually sold for $50.00. ill •%-^ Beall's Low Price Only- •%....•"*• si * DACROH for hardness, crease and shape retention and wrinkle resistance! * WOOL for fuller body. Soft, easy drape, richness and cool, porous breathability! * BEALLPARK for fine workmanship, smarter good looks and remarkable low price! White Linen Sport Coats Rayon • Acetate - Dacron 19" Wings White Shirts With Guaranteed Airplane Cloth Collar! Tho sppcjally wov^n 2x2 airpiiiii'i <-Iotlt <'<tttnr will oiil-vvoaJ" i\if tiiifi hroad- r-loth sJiirt or «. nnv one tree'. Wing* Kw.-U*-i i<> '-n< for f-omfort Rn.J for smart, «f»'ril Beall's Store Hours: 9:00 To 5:30 MERCHANDISE ^^_ time The most compliment getting hat you've ever worn. All the new shapes and fashions, all the colors, whites, darks, bright and pastel shades. So lovely you'll buy several at 5.98. 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