The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 15, 1934 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 15, 1934
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE PARIS NEWS, SUNDAY, JULY IS. 1*M W7ff //e/p Much Of LamorCountyFeed Crops "White much of the corn said Ot5**r i-eed crops of this section are already too badly damaged trom drouth to be helped by rain. £ansx«rs interviewed Saturday are of the opinion that at least half the feed crop would be benefited by rain. Some say too, that -a srood ^«nera! rain would help cotton, xvhile others say it is doubtful if •eovXon needs rain. The cotton croj> of this section is reported to be from 10 days to two weeks later ihas normal. Stalks are STT?a"er than usual and some farmers are of ;he opinion a good rain \vou:d increase growth aT*<I S-i-i^..-'^ TV;\*;T" - , ^ . * •• - ' * - ^- ^ on. B. D. Kui:o of Ko-okfor-2 said Saturday that cotton :r. that community has b^run shedding. He thinks the yi^'d win be cu: to tKUeh l-elo'-v r.orr.'al ur.!c-,<s there is rain w;*h.n the next week. J:m L.eiv;p of Hear-on said cotton is ho'cins: up ive:I. though feed crop;* are suffering t'ror-n dry weather. He scic much of the feed crop :? a'r*£dy h<?yc"d help •"•>" rain. ,:J-V-:T ity said cotton is fairly good but that feed crops on. the iiehter lands is poor- All crops, he said sre :seeding rain badly. Rob Jasnar of Brooksion said feed crops \vuuld t>e b-enefitted by rain, thougli it is doubtful if rain would help cotton. He said stalks in that, section are large enough to hold a ha!f--*a!e per acre- All cotton, he said, is holding up well. Jesse Gunn of Rockford said cotton is still looking fn*e and that it is doubtful if it needs rain. A :>&ri of the feec crop, he said. •should be helped by rain. Bob Hirdrnar: of Direct said Saturday a:i crops on the lighter lands, including cotton have iveeE I>ai!y damaged by dry weather. Much of the f«e-d crop is already beyond help by rain. C. B. Anderson of Cooper said crops in the vicinity of Cooper are needing rain badly. About 3? per cent of the feed crop -would i-,^ helped- by rain, he ss.icL Cotton •vvs.5 said ti> be ho'dirg *ai? vt-ell- Flashes Of Life RITES SUNDAY FOR MRS. HOWARD BELL By th*» Ajisoviate3 Press CROXVS TIFFIN, O.—Klmer Clemens's four pet crows helped a. lot in luring the wild crows he likes to hunt. Funeral services for Mrs. How«r<5 Bell, poineer citizen of L-amar county, TK.-IIO- died at ii«r CynninjrhEm home Friday ing:, have been twstponed Sunday afternoon. A son. Bell of Los Angeles, is expected to arrive here Sunday. The Rev. Curantinss of Blos- bead* »hail W ** Con- morn.,. j State. until 5 tkijcab of tb* <e*e*»c» foliows- "For the i»»ua pee, of i*«wer »irsction Bond*. J5»rte» "*i934.** The form of bailoi to- b* uee<i in said election for those voting against issuance of beads shall b» *s follow*; • Atairwt the issuance* of S«w*r Con- tructJoa Soadn. Seri«s ""19S4." 1 Tbw e3«etioB to be- faeJii is accordance with the Gea*rai KliretSos Law» <>j the in »c far «s iht- sa,rs« are ap- jkiicab!* and not it conflict with tb.« provision* o' the Czty Cfcsn«r. tvery owo^r of taxable property in the City of f*ari*. »'feo hus du!y read- «r*J said i/roj^rty for taxation, and w&ti is «iaalJfi«d to vote for rsi*«»iber» of tn« legislature- of tfa« state and was to recoru the cries oa a phonograph record. Clemens \v a s noncommittal ] about :he phonograph's first tria!. I COURTS MORE CROXVS \V1UL1AMSTO\VN. Al a. s s.— Crows have been flying do\vn on tlie fairways and stealing goll balls from the Taconic club course. \ Some srolfers are threatening to carry shotguns in their bags. DISTRICT COCRT Newman Phillips. Ju<Jge New Csuies Filed Eunice ValHer vs Harry Vallier. ' suit for divorce. James A. Green vs Jessie May Green, suit for divorce. R. G. Norman et al vs Northeast Texas Motor Lines, Inc.. suit —AND A CANARY ST. JOHN, N. B.—Pete, canary senate, of neighborhood fame. | -or damages. lay silent because of a broken leg:- f Claude M. Parsons vs National T'.vo specialists said the bird's deli- > Aid Society, suit on policy. cate cousiitutioii made an opera- ! tior. impossible, so a plumber and i first a;c man fixed the injury. i First mixing a thimbleful of | plaster and providing a toothpick \ for a splint, the plumber held the bird while his friend applied the Fete is slnsring- iisain. Marrinse Licenses Issued Curtis Bryson and Miss Thelma I-orade* •J. B. Self 5yrd. cast. ONE YEAR OF SERVICE Paris and Vicinity', We Thank You For Your Loyal Patronage During Our First Y''ear I •i-ir ersds. Let us serve you ^'iil" chocolzie, s:ra*svb?rrv, binsna QUART 25c PINT 15c Wholesale «nd Retail—Phone 22S Free Debvery—Next Tc T. P. &: L. SQUARE 1 JOHNSON CITY, N. Y-—Rev.; Free K. Lott has paid his debt to { the Rev. Cornelius S^vee; of Or-1 ange City. i The latter received the former; into membership in the Methodist I „..,* r.piscopal church in 1S?2. Thurs-i <- New Automobiles Mrs. Althia Thompson. Paris, route 5. Pontisc sedan. Al Gullick Motor Company, 1^ I Paris. Por.tiac coupe. J. E. Castleberry. Paris. Plymouth sedan. Wood Jones. Paris. Plymouth sedan. is to vote, of th* CJtv ot Paris arr»x*d ti»i» th* 6rh day of July. A. !>.. 1S34 J. ,M. CROOK Mayor, City of Puri* Astest: AJrs, Otious I'ark. Cily secretary, city of PurSs. THKSTATii OK TKXAS. County or Liiiia.r iSy virttt« o* an ortler oS sa;«. issued -»«i of i!ie Honorable L^istrict Cturt of 2>j*n.a,s CoUDty_ Sfc'fa JsicjctaJ Pis:rict o- Texas on Th* 15 tiav of Jaco A. D. 1?3*. by tb« C!*rSc th«rvol. in the ot Southwest«?ra 1-iJe- In- s«ra.EC<? Co.. a. corporation, versus M. E- Sc;o::;on a?d wife Rath tso:n*i»R^es referred to ss "Ruthie") So'.ortiors, K. J. Burrs. Jr. &n<J w:?&. Myrt'-* Burns K, J- tsurr>si. The Scottish Xwerscan Morts*K* Co L-t<J., a cori^oraTlon, the First Natto«i" Bank of Detroit a corporation. ai5-j Mrs tho- moot* «unv*y*<i Oa» Alii on Book 23S. » »bo«n ia Ljtrti»r County 1-1 by T. .B, 2i. 1911. >»K«- 55S. > corner of sat id JMJXIV* O»(ood Survey: Th«nc^ W«K 152 , stake; Tfc«nc« Sontb «9 S-4 pole* a' *tak«; Th*nc* JSa«t 1X2 1-3 pole* * «take in the K B. lift* o* said tlx *0 3-4 of I>e«tn3iiafc cos- taininc SO acres, raore or le«*. l*vi*<J oo the I5th dmy of Juo* £334. a» the property of E. J. Burn* to «a.tisfy a nt aiRottotinK Co *r4«±.lS in of Southwestern Uf« Insursinc* corporation. w«tl> iat«r««t and f S«!v. tbis ±Sth day favor Co.- Given under rtty jj.aa<J of Jan* A, r>. !?3i. C. O. Shrtton. Sheriff By Geo. R. Robertson. Oepwty. fKITEI> STATES POST OPriCE ANI> COtTRT HOCSE. PARIS TEXAS. Offi'.-e of the custodian — S«aled bidf <n dupiicat* *«bj«cs to the condit'ORs contaSned herein and of Kaecutive Order No. 6S4«. 3at*4 March li. 1924, wl!J b« publlciy opened !n thia offlc* 'at i;:00 p. w. AucU9t *• 1954. for faroishics el! labor and ir»ateHaS» and perform'.ni; a!t work for Re* 1 ra»K- n*sit<> floorins at This building !n ac- corrts.Tic^ with the !«r^c:f!cat:on. copies of which rf5ay be cbzafned from the custodian only Cyrus Vt". Cotaraa custodian. CITATION Th* Sta;<- cf Texas. To the *h«riff or SLTIV c-onstab'e of tjimar county— Or^et'.rgr: You ar* hereby cosnmarsded. thai you: st3ir:rnoo by makinr publication Jamts Moor* No. SiJS-C, and of this Citation in sow* as Sheriff directed and delivered. proceed to s*!i for cash. w:thi» l»ubJi«h*d ther« b* a in county of If r pub'.ished therein. 1M4. tii«<S is* o« 3.ttly A to coart. tt* . ui* on tb« docket oi said court •aid cowrt. OB tb.« aext Moo. t3S.?recr, tJWa nrrii. uritb soar »f No. pl=Jnu«; and TOCJ B*b*e i* Th* natur* of th* piaintsir b*itt« »» follow* to- wit: PUtaUff al- t*c«« tfcaJ; for snor* thaie 12 months prior- to. th* fUlnc of this p*Ution sh*- t» »n<l tuui . b««a AD aetua.) bona, t'id^ Jr?,haM5aLftt ef z2i* Stat» ot T*sas. aoa h»» r*«id*d .. ia Lauiar • county for a.t leawt »lx mont&s n«xt pr*c«edlc£ rh«? filing of tixis »ait; that on or about th* Jst day of Sopt. 1925. plaintiff and d«f«B<!Knt wer« lawfully »narri*Aj to *ach otb*r; that th*y lived to«ethtfr as hn»b«n<3 and wife until on or about, th« 15th day of B*e. 13^2. wh«ii by r«aaon of th* crutl an<J barsh tr^Jttitsertt an<i improper condoct of d^f^ndant toward plaintiff.. «h* vcan forced an<! comp^H«<i to permanentljr abandon him sine* which time they have not l!v«<i to- jetber *.s tnusbaix! ars<I wife. Plaintift all«C«s that »-ie was kind and af-*ot- ionat* to defendant wh51* IJvinj with him. but h« wa.» unmindful of th« dt>ti«» and obligation* of hi» marital voTK-m an<l p«r«C*d a eoura* of unkind. bsrsh. cru#I and tyrannical treatment toward h«-r which general conduct was ef such natar» as to r«nd«r their further livine together as Susband and wif* insupportabl*- and premises con- sid*r«d. plaintiff wa* forc*d and coia- p*!i%f to abandon blrn as aforesaid. Plaintiff fcilfs«« that d«f«>n»lant was a man of; violent tesiip^r and isnensp^rau* habits; that m-hil* th*-y lived tOE*th*r h« would cooe home drunk and abuse hamd ajetd * in Pari«, tlie •Civ«n under xuy »aid court, at tlxi» «th- dmy of _ K. I* L*tl]Dor* Jr. Clerk Divtriet court IAXBAT coaaty, Texas. ihb. plaintiff and eSt-d *o on oo.m«rous occa»ior>»: that about on« y*ar prior to their separation defendant i>*«ai> toward this plaintiff a constant and »:udied co«rs* of vexations and insults which kept her ia a constant state of an^uiah and worry and which condition of mind iniwtired h«r h •e<l i>rc-r>- j District court. ! i?tr county i Th^r«f*f. t<> t*^ t tfc« rs-st ret^-Sir term ] •soJ^^n in th« county of l &* just'y entitled to and si pray. In San AnUmio GUNTER 550 All Modem Catering Cool Open Air Roof WHERE FAMOUS BANDS PAUI> McSWJEELX, day. the Rev. C. K. FloyC. Paris. Plymouth se- officiated at the wadding of the Rev. S^eet. | p. p. Penier. Paris. Plyniouth $", and Mary Jackson Jones. 77. i sedan. 1 L~ T, Bonham. Brookstos. Ter- f Israplane s^dan. At The Grand . || co f chD - Rlbble - ?arls: Chevrolet !j S. K. TvTiittle. Paris. Chevrolet Georgre Raft's secorsd starring | coac... picture, "The Trumpet 3-ows," a story of Mexico and" the brl- ring c^nzes on S-jnday tc the Gran«T Th* stc-ry ii a ternpes:uQus romance ir a. background of ilexico ar.d George RaTt, who has just, coni- pieted his education in ihe United hroiher, a wealthy rancher, in Mexico. From ine first, it is evi- •der:!. tli£.t ihey £re very fond of sacs oiJu€r. Mcnjou -srants Raft to settle i rs daivf. now. marry and forgret all , ^" about bull fighiins- The younger "•rothr-r does cnang-e h;s m.-nd v/hen ne meets F"rs.nc5s IDrake. B —t ".^rer. learning his brother loves th«r ~ir] 100. he retcrns to his teacher, ar.d makes plans for his_ McCCRTATN COUNTY COURTS (Tdabel, Okla.* Marriage TJccnse j Floyd Bright ane Miss Lorene j Travis. I<Sab«»l. j Civ!1 C 3 *^ t Betty Colvins vs. Hood Colvins. \ A':^orce: Psnnie ", Spra" vs. V. T aI- i *«^ C. Harris et a!, debt &nd fore- ; closure: Guardianship of Nora i^>!ene Cooper, a minor, appeal from cours-y court: K. O. TVhala j ^^asrg-ie ^'hala, divorce: Annie j Garrett v«=. Ed.?:ar Garrett, di- Mae Touchstone, nee Tay- '-c~~ v ~- Jsc-k L.eBarr. alias T^uther --titche'I. absolute divorce. At The Plaza In^'tired. he loses his first fight: i J"os E. Hro^'n has come into his and his courage eone, ae "oecomes : o'-vn. as one of the few grreat come- 3. covrard. -drinking heavily- KOTS-- ] dians of the screen. • ••----.-. e'.'er, rhroirs-h a series of unusual j Those trbo hare liked Him have irrcldents embracing: the three peo- • gJn-ays felt his potentialities of — r ~>~:& cic*- ' -^3****"^* ^™d *^^ov^^ec h^nr* — '. extraordinarily larg-e ar.c ! n-.outh. ne^d only to see hiri 1 T&«- F:rst Nations.! p'ctur | Circus C'o'n.-n." which show I for the last time at the •theatre, to ackrs.--w!edse ''; • ror. For in this n:!aro^is i he "has everything-.'" | It is a great show.". It is ; piete circus, serving as th' \ g-rOwH-2 for ;he comJc, It : • comedy, but beneath the fa i real story, replete -K.-ith I s to-day P'asa a com- , back= farce ce ;s a New Low Price Un equalled for the Quality It Buys ;ovec 5 Joe !£. is at his coniica! best -. 1 he has p:er.:y of "stunts" :o I form, snd "The Circus CIo%vr ; with 3, Ii ! ..-n. in which, tnc^den- \ he neariy iost his i:fe: his < i pa.des on the f!yinsr trstpe^ 1 ?: LOWEST PRICE IN BUiCK HISTORY] m $enK 40 — $705 ^s $$:$. 5m"-= 50— li: ro ie $£250. Series 60 — f 15-5 rs * r^'j. 5t^=« 5>o — *i£75 ^ ^'75- ^-^ /"^«o tfl FttKi. Msec. All prises sxsjeci to cb^xge teit basts notice, JUjxstraie^ 'ocl-nv is rnsdel 48, *55j, ect flixt. Special fs-iijpirieni CXZT&. Ducc ffudtrrs o.i KG extra ceutrge. Firsi of all, the newest Buick is built to be a Buick through through. Then, it is gi^-en a price — lowest in A Straight Eight — 93 Horsepower — 85 miles per hour — 15 miles per gallon! Bnick history and unequalled to<iay for ibe qualitf it buys — which puts irs value beyond comparison. Big, beautiful, modem, it is upholstered in fabrics of exclusive smart design. Unmatched in perfonoflnce by any other balanced car, Its dependability is attested by Buick records of 3O Tears. For it has e^very famous Buick feature. Thousands have waited for such & car at such a price. They are buying now. They are getting deliveries now. ; -a-ith hyer.aS; elephants, th* ; ; panzee, all are thrilling, an ! Joe is the boob property b - the circus, the butt of ever; \ jckes. KIs love affairs ar 1 funny gj; the rest. ev«»n his -i uatior; for t'r.e.femaie imper ; t<-r whom he thinks Is a •?-< j Dona."'! Dilioivay, as the [ back ri<ier who is also a f' | laughter by encoura^injr :he ; uate-c Joe to m3.k<» love tc- ; tzu-er the Impression that h^ • worna.ri. Notice NOTICE: 'o a S.^*o.-t:os pass i*7 of July 13? * I thai *= «l*ct!os b o* if property ia ' *" * K *' II ^>* * I PARIS, TEXAS CALL 401— W* will btjy or traA«> for oW furnltor*. Com* tn to •«• u Cor the b«*t v«lu«* in horn* fur > BUILD -THEM O. H. Baker Furn. Co. Tfeaf F«r fora Genuine aire M- •?--i : sg^ss^g:^i^-:.--^ : 4; :.&,. v^^^s^Skr^ ^^l^i£« »i>;^^-?= to pot A nrw Frigi<i«fre *34 ia ytxir home. And veil giadlj do so tvxdxxxt TTJCCC making xaj doT^a P*T- coesz vfacoocrer. *Wbca k*j izrxcail«d yoa simply drop a. frw cent» a. day La a device c«Jl»d Mcscrr-Ice and yoor Frig- idmir* is qoickly p«id £or. Tb«*e pmxa&aa art ax Iof*r as 15c a day few die Standard Mod'-* 43-4 sho^ra here. The Jrigidairc S^Tdard Model •4M is dw a*o« eoooomical of aJl rr- fLl^eeaxuo. It actually uses less carrtCK thair one ordinary Tamp bulb! It's finished in Dulux -widi a seamless Por- cajzia istterJQ£» It fe«s «ntotn*ric Cray r»rl^» <ff r*g^~yntTTT jtTrff>rrt«fifr» Tly -^FfecO dcfrosdng Is cod pieced. S-4 square feet of ficod storage area. Makes 4 pounds of ice at one rime- Any one of these models «-»" be byd coder this Simple, easy plaa. >tatc your selecrioa ri^hi a-«r«y and start enjoyic^ yoor Friyidaire at once. Remember— oo down piynjesnt oecessxry. ONLY 2O< A DAT FOR THI FRIGIDAIRC STANDARD MODEL 534 HOW METER-ICE WORKS f"J »^ *«P « brtie sxna.Il ciutcge This i* the litrle derice rrtaa in Meter-Ice. "QThen your depos- tnaifes it possible to o*ro a its equal the price of your Fri Fri«3daire for as idaire, die Meter- Lnxie as 1 5c a, day. Each day Ice and the Frigidalre is yoors. g-e/ /^ SUPER FREEZER in any other electric refrigerator Frigidaire is the o«/j electric refrigerator rh*t give* roa the Frigidaire Super Freezer. It has this combination of rctnaxk- *ble features: ice trays that release axtomaticaUj — a. device that tarns on the freezer a&ioifiati&tlly -whets defrosting Is completed — ^. centrally located Freezing Unit that gives you extra room for tall bottles <T« &o/& sides and provides a more uniform temperature in the entire food compartment. Twenty-one other unusual features make Frigidaire *34 the outstanding value in electric refrigeration todzy. Come in and sec for yourself- IMPORTANT! *, IS a Frigidaire and not * refrigerator that merely looks like one. There is only one Frigulairc— a product of General Motors — that is made by the world's largest manufacturer of electric refrigerators. A million mod a quarter more Frigidaires are now in use than any other make. The thing to do is look for the name-plate "Frigidaire" oa the front of the cabinet. Then you'll be sure of getting what you pay for. It's a small thing to look for, bat it means you can buy without misgivings. And there will be no regrets later on. 25c A DAY Uo*ir oor liberal M«er-Ioe Par- cfa«« PUn. tbaz"* iH u ocMts to cr-ra eer 45*. Tfa* M tiAW it> w PtxcxLua interior. Fectcxwx ia- i» comr>l«*«i, ft.4 •qosre feet of food 7*4 frigitl*tre Master 6^4 or 5Oc A DAY * b*gpua. P«y nochioy Jo^» «nd ooly 5Oc » <i«j for s&» ?ri*i4- «ire Sep«r 734. Ice sny* ««U**e •»• - « * SaccrHoodx. It mun tf Tb«rc'» foe ettyriMCjr— tttd&dio* od3 bot- Slwlj o* Utility B«»k*t—«b«ad7 S«r*- •shctt Tb« dbioct s/ Lifetime For- ceJ«in— -iast4i« *nd o«c. It b** 1 5-6 fee* O/ food 3t&rtLf* «!«•. 13 povods of k* >t oo* ti«M. 834 *r «4*4—TlitT l**-|jirt*r>rm ««orc of Purl-, Teww

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