The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 22, 1931 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1931
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK. MD. TUESDAY. DECEMBER 22, 1931. TODAY - TH WOftLD WAR ANNLVCR ~ o BOLSHEVIST PEACK PAHL£Y. Or. Dec. 22. is: 7, peace siego-:: bey2 between tixe Central Powers and the Bolshevist government. Count Czercic, speaking for the Central Powers, proposed y-^ inxnieti^itc peace without, forcible ari-esat^ocs a=i indesn- The AOies lost heaviSy «n nral warfare--France .'-s: nsie sii-ps o. over I.GOO tc^s iura^ the ^reei ending on t-'-.-s daw, criS EngSasd suffered tie joss or three tcrpedo boats. 13 officers and l^i K:C ; orf :ae Dutch coast. Tor- '-··-oes ..r v.ere tisough: to have ir'.iscc :l:e exploi-ont. Ssg-jiid successJuUy repuJsec at- U?JES near the Bapsuzse-Camhria road arid 3ULhires£ of Arzneritieres. while rega^ied the ground !cet in the cf Mocte Asolozw on Dec. 19. Ccristmas S«rice Wednesday. The annual CinsiiKas sertrce o5 the L«vlssov M. EL church in!I be held on Wednesday a: T.30 ?. m. The program: Opeaiag s»g. "Joy Bells of Jude«r~ St-p:are reai^ig; prayer. Rev. !_. J. Moore; recitauoa. "A Welcome." Mary Marsha)!; reaction. "A We=coa»." Mary Virginia Kelly; a'-m»«y, "Sing Te Angles;' recitation. "The Stsox Msa." Paul Renaer; reclntios. "A. Christmas Wish." Gladys Mane Hessong: eser- csses. "Bells of Hope;" recitation. "A Wish." Johnr^e *W!s: recitation. "Ciratmas V:s::ari," Albert Powell. Jr.; vifTg. "Come Ys x BerhZehem;" reciauon. "The Christmas Compass." Claude Hasssb:irg; recitatKKi. "The Truth o! I:," Lester Renrer; esercae. "Chrtstaias Morn;" rec:a.i:on, "Send Me a Star." Elizabeth Raacsburg; solo and choras, "Blessed Nigh;;" exercise, "Well Croirn ^Him Sing;" recitation. "Whafs tise Matter With Santa dans?" CliSord Marshall; recitation, "Why?" Be:ty Jane Hame; singing, "·Chimes of Christmas Sing;" reciia- ticn. "Chriscnas Day," Charles Ed, Green; exercise. "Chr^tmas Candles;" recitation. "t.,:ite the Shepherds," Pauline Marshall; primary song. "Wonderful Star; rec;:a£:on. "Just Before Christmas," Wilfred Wisner; reci»iion. "A Christmas Telephone," Raymond Wiles; play. "Looking On the Bright Side;** duet and chorus, "Carol of Christmas Star;" recitation, "Christmas," Reno linton; exercise and pantomime. "The Coming of Peace;" sing- tag. "IJght of !4gh;s;" recitation. "The Bethlehem Shepherds," Hilda Stoster; recitation, "On the Program." Marlin Green; recitation, "Chnstases Offering Prayer;" singing, "What Have Ye Brought Him?" address. Rev. I. J.Moore: exercise, "Merry Christmas;" closing sen?. "Christmas Light Eternal:"' benediction. (Photo by Acme) PL1EBS PICKED CP AT SEA--Paul Zimmerman, left, and Ed Moodie, right, who were downed off the Delaware Capes in their attempted New York to Porto Rico tligtu, are lio»-n arriring to Boston with their rescuer, Capt. H. J. (HUmtjr. center, of the freighter Frieda. Velvet Rangers If yo'-i have trouble with your even- lag frocSs slipping off hangers and getting mussed, velvet coat hangers are the thing you need- They come inexpensively, singly or in hall dozens. (Photo by Acme) A CHARMED LIFE ENDS!--Jack "Legs" Diamond, notorious 3few York gangster, who three times escaped assassination from gangster foes, was shot to death in bed at :i lodging house in Albany, where he had gone to celebrate his acquital of a kidnaping charge. His body is shown being carried from the bouse. Watch'f or it! WiU Be Here Tuesday Night and Wednesday Morning The Biggest BaUoon Tire the \Vorltl Has Ever Seen! Price 85.OOO.( To celebrate its stop here, on its tonr, we will offer Goodyear Tires in other sizes at the following low prices. Sore On AU Sizes and Types! A. few examples-GOODYEAR PATHFINDER Sapertwist Cord Tires Biff Oversize Cords SOxSJs CL S4.4S Six* Cl 7.67 32i4 Cl 7.9S 33x4 Cl __ 8^5 32x4 ;i Cl ll^v Oversize Balloons 440-21 S5.9S 450-20 5.60 45«-21 5.69 It's 12 feet tall, 4 feet wide--a "regular" Goodyear All-Weather Tread Snpertwist Cord tire, except for size. The inner tube alone weighs 125 pounds. Yet this giant of tiredom can be inflated in 45 minutes-it requires only 3 pounds of pressure. It isn't merely a "stunt." Some day huge airships may land on tires of this size. Goodyear will be ready. You can see the World's Biggest Tire at (insert details as to time and places). 473-19 500-19 6.S5 6.3S GOOD Mounted Free--Standard Lifetime Guarantee AU Sizes -- All Types -- All Prices Free! Booklet giving full particulars a b o n t the World's Bissest Tire. Free to everyone who will call at our store. Special Trade-In Proposition on AU-Weathers and Double Eagles! Sowell Tire and Battery Co. t33 South Market St. Phone 938. i NationallyKnownCigars ?·?. IW\T MAY Right Reserved to Limit Quantities! 19c Admiration (SmOe) !-J5 A. * C. (Cab.) -_ 3-S*c A. C. (Qoccos) I-2.Se i\dmimi«ti (CsUnete) S-SOc Admiration (A. D.) l»e Bl»«-fc»ton« (Cab.) _.. 5c Blue Ribbon Me ChancctlMr (Ubrrt?) 5e Cretno M h \fL.A tt ifi l«c CorU» (Bostoa Grande) Iff Dutch Master (Pert.) ... l»c El VMM A«J.) 5c El Yen* (Jr.) 15c El Verso (Amb.) Me El Prodacio (B«j.) !-JSc El Prodttcte (P. F.) ,, 15c El Producto (Far.) S-5*. El Product* (C*c«it) .. Me Garcia Grande (804.) .. Ivc HBnaiifita (B. T.) «._«.. Me n»b«nrn» (Blonte) PAPER SHELL PECANS OXE POCND 29c 85c TWO rOCXDS THREE POCNDS These are n«r 1931 crop direct irons ·..» world'* finest pecan grores in the -u:;sy Southland. Shells are so thin ·.·-At they may be easily cracked In the :uad This cross section view gives \oii state Idea of the plump sneats . . . r:;h and flavorful. You wiU be de- ^shted with their goodness. Not to br confused with a small. haid-*hefl variety. You Will Find the Right Gift At PEOPLES! Salt, IT* For "HIM"- Give lf Him" something practical ... he will appreciate it more. Our salespeople will be glad to assist you hi your selections. Hair Brushes 98c up Pocket Knives 49c up Men's Toilet Sets 89c up Pocket Lighters 98c up Assorted Stationery 39c up Fountain Pens 98c to $8.00 Fountain Pen Pencil Sets 98c Tobacco Pouches 49c up Clover Lea-? Golf Balls 3 for $1.00 Westdox Watches $1.50 to $2.50 Complete Flashlights 49c up Brief Cases 98c up Shaving Mirrors 59c Biltmore Watches .98c Auto-Strop Razors 95c to $5.39 Twinplex Stroppers $1-49 up Gillette Razors 98c to $7.50 Leather Bill Folds 98c up Shaving Brushes 49c to $4.98 Briar Pipes, W. D. C. 50c to $3.50 Lincoln Electric, Clock 1S3 N. Market St. Frederick. Md.' 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