The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 8, 1948 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 8, 1948
Page 2
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Jaly t, IMf Committees Of Rotary Named New officers and Frederick Rotarians went "all-out for better Jar-Klin*." thesr Wednesday luncheon-meeting, at .he Francis Scott Key HoteL Incoming President J. Richard fcamsfcurg named his committees tor the ensuing year and turned over to the 19^8 program chairman. William E Hardy, the entertainment in promotion of Maryland Scil Conservation Field Day. August IS. la deference to the event. President Raxnsburx announced the local Rotarv Club V.-II hold no meeting on that date Ii=:ead Frederick BotariaBS wi-1 }O:n with the club al Towson in a ;o.nt program to be held there, for s supper-meeting August 19 Lawrence H Cr:ckenberger general chairman icr the field da traced the progress of the projected affair to be held near Jerfer- son, crediting Edv.ard F Holier. Master of MarjJacd Grange* and Kational Grange Lecturer for bringing the idea *o ths% State after se»mg an anrua: presentation at Des Moine*. ia A colorful film of the 1947 0e Momes so.! conservation demonstration which attracted 45000 spectators. v.a-« 5-ho-.\n The cora«r»ttee« na-red for the 194S-49 Rotary ear b Pte»jdcnt Ratnsburg are Board of Director---J Richard Baosburg, Ignatius. Bjorlee Edward C Hartmann William S em- nser. 1Va\ ne Xcel*. Lev : Dertz- baush Warper Bnttam John Fitzpatrick Wilhazr K:!'d Rogcs K Wsllard Aims and Ob;cct--J Bichard Ramsburg. chairman Roster H 1VJ1- !ard, Wayne C Necij. Edward C Harimann. \V«lliar" B Bennett. J r . Walter K!ei=t Comn'unity Service--Edward C Harunann chairmen San W. Maples Jr. Charles Broadrup Samuel Johnston Warner Brittain, chairman Vr.oti Service Austin Benn. chairman Rural-Urban Theron Green, chairman Health Vocational Sen ice--Vi ilham B Bennett, Jr chairman Robert Miller. Hugh McCormick Howard Smith. Guy K Mottcr. Wm Kemp William H Tbo"ias Jr. Earl A. Maas. International Service--W a l t e r Kleist. chairman Richard Hall. Francis Petrott. Elmer EsMeman, Bobert Warficld Club Service--Wayne C Necly. chairman- William Hardy, program. Paul McAulitfe. f e l l o w s h i p . Thomas W i l l i a m s . publicity- Michael E Puc Youth Service--Warner ~L Brittain, chairman E Eugene Thomas Jr., James V Boushan. Robert L Keyser. Frank H Lewis. Robert F Kicodemus. Robert W Ru^ell Fellow-ship Committee--Paul Mc- Aulilfe. chairman Brooke Parkinson. William D Morton. Lincoln D. Englebrecht C!\de Roney. Louis C. Forney. Ehas B Ranisburg. Jr. Richard Baumgardner, Program Committee -- William Hardy, chairman. -I William Broi- ius. Jr. Carroll Hendrickson. Jr Harry O. Smith Leo T. Waterman. Melville C. Stock-.veil .B Patrick Turner Rural-Urban -- Aus'm Renr. chairman Daniel Wight. Merritt £,ocku-ood. Alden Fisher Stuart Haiier. Harr;, LeGore Health Sen-ice--Theron Green chairman. A. Austin Pearre Byron B. White Charles Conlev. J r . William Schnauffer. Jes^e Fifer. George H Riggs. Music Committee -- R i c h a r d Baumgardner. chairman Justus D Buve. J Walker Cartj. Carroll Hendrickson Jr Publicity -- Thorns'; Williams Radio Program ABC . NBC c»s WOK MMAt, «· ·* «· M t«M k* ·M M Ministers To Debate On Devil And Hell NORGE Refrigerators 10 Cn. Ft. Size "NIGHT 1VATCET DEFROSTER --defrosts automatically 32 Lbs. Frozen Food Storage Norge Electric and Gas Ranges Xorge Washers Xorge Hot Water Heaters Storm Shipley THE BLSI COEXER Market Second Sts. Phone 266 Want Extra ' CASH in a. :HURRY: Ju«t Phone i Furr.ish us tisih a few . i s.njc]e facxs--ten ^s how · nrjcn to set aside for v oa. 3 The n-.oney woft IAeK T.; ! ] be rcaay for :-oa bv ; the tiir.e it v,! 1 ! take ;ou to leach oar office. : 525.00 to 5300.00 \ LINCOLN »fS W Patrick Phon« I 2 J O ·:30 -- X««» Report. 15 Slir.-- clx N««sc*st Kr«nr Dar-- b« ?v«ticor* Silect Hour -- abc-e«: KnMt*s Hoar tr*p**t -- »bc-w«*t ^··twcrfc SiVat 1 hr.)~Biba-*«.*t Kitidie* fiour (repeat)-- jnb»-w«»i ·:15 -- Sport*- ilu«-c Tsn:« -- abc rou and Pc;.rlcs -- cs t-JO-- Music TJire-- · clw-«a»t Luta and A!cer rep*»t -- cb«-w«*t i.*S -- Newscast br Three-- cbe L/xreli TnoTas tr«j»»t 51}-- cb« TOO -- Supper Club -- sbc-b«»:e T'se JL*wa Show -- cb» teltoa Lew.s. Jr. -- nib» laiir Coaaajetstauri -- tM N««"»: 0iacer Date -- aib» 7.S5 -- Van Da-mt* J*r*v Warn* S -- cfci t -- nsb* « Conjra*n:-- a ews E'OJi«lca»;-- t-t-s O'ta -- :nl"» Bo AcnoanftS-- ni IHxr'cr ia^s ii^rijT -- cS Jr ro: ; Fig-- »lc-«ant " Lacky Partr*r cjul»-- i»t* .S3 -- Xew Faces I5«* -- nbc i!r. K*«a'« Dr»m»-- » Talect Jackpot -- mb» 1I.I5 -- R:'.'.y Kos» Co-rmeit-- ar.b* 9.00-- Tb» Music Ha!'-- nUc Ha«aes \ »'.«·« -- cb» To F* AmourcetS -- ab CaL-r.«! iiealtcr. Commest-- snb» f 15 -- News Bro3Kca»! -- mb« 9.3O--J*ck Carson t Ev»-- nb« I'rici' Phoioirapher -- cb» Candid Mserophore-- abc-ea*t Annapolij. July 7 (JF--A. »outh- em Maryland Sunday Schcol teacher advertistd today for "any thre* Prot«stan i ministert" who would debate the ev'stence of the deviL Alexander W. Andrews. 64. ' said he could "prove that there is no devil and no hell" in ten minute*. He took a quarter page ad in the · Annapolis Ex eninj Capital to cbal- . lente any minister to a radio de- I bate. The ad was also signed by , General Manager Edwin R. Mow' bray. Jr. station WASL. who An'- drews said had agreed to sell him I on* hour on the air 5-»r the debate. Andrews said he was a New England Coigregationalist f r o m Gloucester. Mass.. who had been . attending Methodist church at , Shadyside. Md. for 30 year*. He is a Sbadyside hotel owner , Wants Only rr*te*tants s Andrews offered this "proposition" in his advertisement- j "I invite any three Protestant I ministers that advocate a devil and ' believe in hell to a jo.nt discus- ! sion; they to prove the itxiatencc j of a hell and a deviL They can , have fifty minutes of ont hour and , I will take t*n minutes to prove j that there is no devil and no helL" He restricted his challenge to °rotesiant ministers in Anne Ar, undel county and said. "I have no desire to enter into a controversy with the great Jewish faith or the great Cathohc church " "The main thing I object to," Andrews' advertisement said, "are the lo-called soul-savers that make great u*e of the tear* method. In other word*, they virtually threat- eft people with the devil and bell and their only hope of salvation it to join that particular moreiaent which that particular exponent advocates." j GIVEN DIVOMCE j Bv a decree signed Wednesday j in Equity Court by Associate Judge Patrick M. Schnauffcr. Krs. · Amy C. Marsden, Emmitsburg, · was (ranted an absolute ^ivcrce from Arthur P. Marsden. Lancaster. Pa. She was given authority to resume her maiden name. Amy Gillelan. The defendant wat directed to pay '.he court costs. Alton Y, Bennett was attorney for Mrs. Marsden and Sherman P. Bowers represented the defendant. NowlsTheTime For all carpentry work, repairing, remodeling, new construction, see Thomas Constr.£Eng. Co. 310 Jefferson Street Phone 2144-J Kera« -- mb« 9.45 -- Movie Bac.rroaBd-- mb» I0.0a- -Boh Hairi. QuSi-- nbc The PU\ house -- cbs Bot'fn Sports Show-- »:. Hmi:y 1 heater -- mb» -.0 JO -- Tin*. Pla'-e T.:ne-- n"w, JJoorrrav !s» I.Sf»-- rba Uai ce Music -- nib» 10. «S -- Eirl Godwin Tali-- abc 51:30-- Nens. V arl«:v. : hra. -- cb« -\6w» anil !»:ce Band -- abc ,V»n-3. Uanco Band 2 hn -- n-.b» 11:15 -- Xeiri i Variety to 1-- nbc rz:00 -- Dacclnt Con:!nu«d -- abc-we«t chairman Charles W Ross. Ill, Philip Wertheimcr Finance -- William Slemmer, chairman. William B Lebherz. Glenn T. Suisher. Rotary Information--Lewis R. Dertzbaugh. chairman. Ignatius Bjorlee. B. Ames Hendrickson. Guy K. Motter. Visiting Rotarians present included. Joseph Schreiber. Martiris- ville. Va : James Alban. Joe Mullan and Ernest Wooden, of Baltimore. Fred Van Allen Clinton. la. and William Workman. Mt. Joy. P«. Guests of members included: Parsons Newman. H. H. Bowers and William T. Dclaplame. Williams Grove Park SPEEDWAY MIDGET RACES- FRIDAY NIGHT JULY 9th 8:15 r. M. BIG CAR AUTO R A C E S SUNDAY, JULY llth 2:0« P. M. Championship 50-Iap Feature Race IN THE PARK Rides--Shows--Amusement* Massed String Band--123 Talented Musicians--in » Aeries of concerts Speciality Xumber* -- Dancinr. Sinsmc. Corned}--FREE IN PARK THE \TRE AT 3 oo r. M. SUNDAY Charter No. 12S7 Reserve District No. 5 REPORT OF CONDITION OF THE FARMERS MECHANICS NATIONAL BANK OF FREDERICK, IN* THE STATE OF MARYLAND. AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON JUNE 30. 1948. Published in response to call made by Comptroller of the Currency, under Section 5211. U S RevUed Statutes ASSETS Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balance, and caih items in process of collections 51,943.477 11 United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed Obligations of States and political subdivisions Other bonds, notes and debentures Corporate stocks (including 524.750 00 stock of Federal Reserve bank) Loans and discounts 'including S16809 overdrafts) Bank premises owned Other assets 434.500 00 507.273 56 ,114.853 12 * 24.750 00 ,031.165.14 10.000.00 258.90 Total Assets $13,066,277.83 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individual*, partnerships, and corporation* 54.781.261.39 Time deposits of Individuals, partnerships, and corporations 6.431.285 37 Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings) . 109.13245 Deposits of States and political subdivisions .. 404.809.77 Deposits of banks 234.254 76 Other deposits (certified and cashier's checks, etc ) 58,711.61 TOTAL DEPOSITS $12.019,45535 Other liabilities 58.944 89 TOTAL LIABILITIES CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital Stock: Common stock, total par $125.000.60 Surplus Undivided profits _ Reserves TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $12,078.400 24 .. . S 125.000.00 700.000.00 . 107,721,23 55.156.36 987,87759 Total Liabilities and Capital Accts. §13,066,277.83 MEMORANDUM Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other_ purposes t 920.000.00 State of Maryland. County of Frederick, ss: I. N Wilson Schley.'cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. X WILSON SCHLEY. Cashier Sworn to and subscribed before me this 3rd day of July, 1948. WM. R. SLEMMER. Notary Publ'- Correct--Attest. WILLIAM B. BENNETT, KENT C. NICODEMUS. RC3EHT B CROTHERS. Directors MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION COOL - COLORFUL COTTONS $7.95 to $15.95 Juniors' -- 9 to 15 Misses' -- 10 to 20 Women's -- 38 to 52 Half-Sizes -- 12 : / 3 to 24M Keep cool and refreshed in a pretty colorful Cotton . . . One and two-piece cottons that are the coolest and most refreshing thing in women's ready-to-w ear. You'll love them the minute \ou see them. ... , _ JULY CLEARANCE! 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