Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 20, 1961 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 20, 1961
Page 3
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f'M'i .Ok' 'ihllt VtiU.Ttul , June 20,1961 MOM IT AH, MO PI, A I ft A MlA• IETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. G^endar Tuesday, June 20 The American Legion Auxiliary of Leslie Huddlcston Post No. 12 will meet Tuesday Junc 20 at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. E. S. Franklin, with Mrs. Mamie Gentry co-hostess. There will be a - : guest speaker. Program will be jn charge of Mrs. Charles Taylor. L f Mp . yUl members '• ' ' as iijiporlant •SOT. Hostesses arc Mrs. Gordon Bay- Texas, at 6 p. m., Thursday, June 15. The bride was smartly attired in a Maurice Renlner suit of navy silk with matching pillbox and harmonizing accessories. She wore a white orchid at 'her shoulder. The bride is a graduate of Newcomb College. She spent her junior year abroad in St. Andrews less and Mrs. R. D. Moore and University, Scotland, and toureiT Mrs. Jud Martindalc. Europe the following summer. Her sorority is Pi Beta Phi. The Martha Hairston Circle Meets: bridegroom is a graduate of the With Mrs. Connie Ward The Martha Hairston Circle of !f' ni ! y ... ... First Baptist church mct on Men- "° , ls n ™ ass ° ciilte(1 «"* I tycphcns Investment Company. : After a wedding trip lo Mexico make DOROTHY DIX CUSS and 1 : " Mrs. G. H. Bcckworth. Mrs. Rose Luck voiced thc opening prayer. Vic ' to The Tina Sunday School Class !^ vl ° pic ,* asM " Tc " ch of the Garrett Memoria, Baptist ' Baptist] Church will have its regular' meeting, Tuesday, June 20 at 7:30 p. in. Preceding thc meeting, dinner will be served in the main dining in Fulton. room" of Whites Cafe VWjnesday, June 21 The Hope Junior Auxiliary will meet Wednesday Junc 21, at the Community Room i of the First Huntlcy, Mrs. Luck, and Miss Sue Wesson. Thc hostess served cake and coffee lo those present. Can This Be Love By HELEN WORDEN ERSKINE Dear Helen: I had an understanding sister to whom 1 always went with my problems. She passed away last year. Without her I am completely lost. So I turn to you. I have been going with a boy j University of Arkansas. His tra-Ifor two years. Both our parents approved. Until a lour of duty in the Navy took him jto Japan, we couldn't have been happier. Then everything changed. His letters, though full of love, were infrequent, lie asked me to forget him because he would be gone too long and loved me (oo much to want me staying at home for his sake. In thc iiexl letter he would ask me (o take him back. I always did. Then he begged me to date other boys. I tried only lo prove that the Acapulco they their home in Little Rock. Friendship Sawing Circle Thc Friendship Sewing Circle icrelfe M";; mut Snlurda y "'8 hl - Junc "' Ul IP H.mlW W^ithC homc Of Mrs - DCVOU Snmucl ' Miss Judy Samuel gave a devotion based on Psaalms 1:1-6, and have no children of their own. At first I thought them the grandest people ever, t still think my father wonderful but my mother thinks I should do like they did in the old days, sew, cook and clean house, and has me working all the time for her. I'm not allowed to go out after dark, even lo the Youlh Center, being only 14. The other girls laugh at me. I hale my foster mother because of this. She says Weather Continued from Pago OM Highest Wednesday 84-B8. THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS .0!) Albany, clear Albuquerque, cloudy Atlanta, rain Bismnrck, cloudy Boston, clcai' Buffalo, cloudy Chicago, cloudy Cleveland, cloudy ilimcmi. cloudy fit 4(5 Knnsns City, clear fl4 59 Los Angeles, cloudy 03" 01 Louisville, cloudy HO 59 Memphis, rain SO Rfi Miami, cloudy (M 70 Milwaukee, clear 78 43 .. Mpls., St. Paul, clear (i!) 40 ,. New Orleans, cloudy 7R 72 2.50 HiGh Low Pr i New York ' dmul - v " ;1 (i '' " n.i n* I Oklahoma Cily, cloudy ill) 113 .. " I Omaha, clour !!() -I!) .02 • ^Philadelphia, clear 84 95 05 7!) 154 7;) 44 fl!) K) 4!) T 77 54 1.7(1 she's trying (o make a lady out iDenver, clear Mrs. Fred Mathenia Hpstess to Amanda Tinkle Circle Mrs. Fred Mathenia welcomed seven members of thc Amanda the Lord's Prayer was repeated no one could take hjs place in my heart. Up to his last letter back in January he continued to insist that he still loved me. I've written many letters since— all remain unanswered. I can't believe it's over. in unison. President Murlcnc Faught conducted thc business meeting, and it was decided lo dispense with to resume them September 16. „ ,. vu ... „» ...„ ^ .. ., v .->,..\VJll 1U1.1IIIJU13 Ul 11IL. /tllUUIULl ' ,,,, lt i l folionnl Bank al 10:00. The Ex- Tinkle Circle as they mct in her i , Whcn . lhc eroul ' pl " ycd a ....i* .- r» i ...Mf _ ._.. .1 ,-> «« . * , fhn iirrmim* \ufic ft/I t'C vulive Board will meet at ( J:00. home Monday morning, June 19, i at 9:30. Upon their arrival Ihel the winner was Mrs. Milford Warren . The door prize went to members were served coffee ancl Miss Faught. A club guest for Thursday, June 22 Thc V. F. \V. Auxiliary will m j ni . lUll . c do-nuts. Circle chairman i \ ...... _, ncct Thursday night, June 22, Mrs . Clarcncc Gcist , presidc , d Jnmes of Dallas, Icxas. ' „ IPO prrnm rnnkios. n over thc business meeting. Sev- l 7:30 al the V.F.W. hut. the evening was Miss Carol Sue ames of Dallas, Texas. Ice cream, cookies, nuts, and cral announcements of interest to Thc Ambassador Sunday School, thc circ i 0 wcrc madc ancl Sun . mints were served to 14. lass of Garrett Memorial Church have a pot luck supper at the ''air Park Thursday night, Junc 2, at 7 o'clock. beam Focus week, August 13-1!),. svas discussed by the group. The Community Mission and Mission Thc Ladies Coming and Going I Study chairmen reports. , j Mrs. Carter Russell led the Bridge Luncheon call lo p ,.., ycl . fol . m i ss j onai . ics vill meel Thursday, June 22, at b . lving | )irthdays on lnc prayer ; Jlaic 2:30, at the Hope Country Club. c . alcndm .. Thu pro ,, ram „„ "Prayer" was led by Mrs. R. E. Chism. Panelists taking purl Miss Mary Frances of Pueblo, Colo., is visiting her aunt and uncle, Frances and Charles Rcy- ncrson, during the months and July. of We loved each other so much. I live day by day in (he hope that tomorrow 1 will get (he long- looked for letter. I sec no one, go no place. Should I take my parents' advice and wait for him? He will of me and after I'm 16 will let me date. —Disagreeable. Dear Disagreeable: Your foster mother is right in so far as dating goes. I also agree about mastering the arts of sewing, cooking and cleaning house. Thc girl who docs is equal lo any occasion. Now, back to your stepmother: Having assumed the responsibility of rearing you, she should give you the privilege of enjoying friends in your own home. Everyone should learn the fundamentals of dealing with people. Thc best way is through social occasions. Dear Helen: I have just found my husband's wedding band (we were married with the double ring ceremony) in his watch pocket. I 113 75 3es Moincs, clear Detroit, cloudy Fairbanks, cloudy Fort Worth, cloudy Helena, cloudy Honolulu, cloudy Indianapolis, cloudy 7!) 51) DIXIE DRIVE-IN On Hiohway 29 South • TONIGHT - TUESDAY "INHERIT THE WIND" WED. - THURS. 7:45-9 Dick Clatk Tuesday Weld in "BECAUSE THEY •ARE YOUNG" (And It's a Real Blast) I Also GOOD COfAEDY LOADED WITH GINA'S CURVES 1 "FAST & SEXY" Starring GINA LOLLOBRIGIDA were: Mrs. Gus Hayncs, Mrs. Charles Johnson. Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Cue McAdams is spending her vacation in Houston, Texas, visiting her daughter, Mrs. and Mrs. Gcist. A short discus- jDwight Bailey. sion period on the- subject of prayer followed. Thc program chairman (hen led! the group in a prayer poem read! tended thc Arkansas-Oklahoma in unison lo close the meeting. Fashion Exhibit at the Marion hotel and the United Fashion Exhibit at thc Grady Manning hotel. be home next January. They say| f< ? cl <>ut ' marriage is falling apart. he only acts this way because hc:- rn( r fi . rst ycn1 ' was is so far from home. Or should I listen to my friends and try lo forget him? We are both 21 and mature in our thinking. Please help me. —D. S. M. Dear D. S. M.: Since both sets of parenls approved, why not. find oul what's what from his folks? Hard though it will be, I strongly urge you to go on with your own life. If he comes back in thc mood to pick up where he left off and, if you still care, well and good. If he doesn't you've built a life independent of him. Remember this: j Moping only lessens your chances BO 51 7!l 50 ill) -I!) .1)5 Phoenix, clear Pittsburgh, cloudy Portland. Me., cloudy .Portland, Ore., clear 7: Rapid City, cloudy Richmond, clear St. Louis, rain Salt Lake City, clear !!() -lit H2 57 .110 !!2 7!) 59 IM 511 'II 5;i 71! 55 (13 5(1 (12 (12 !)!) (it) San Diego, cloudy 71 (10 Sail Francisco, clear 155 52 Seattle, cloudy 71 i>'2 Tampa, cloudy 117 72 Washington, clear !VI (53 (T-Traco) Mrs. Paul Haley has returned! ™- , K, ;i , • n,u' , , ..., ,, , , , ,ol ever rekindling his love. The from Lilt e Hock where she at- ,,,,„.,, .. i f , rr - . , . more self-sufficient you are, thc you will be to Lewis-Robinson Vows Exchanged Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ansley Lewis announce t'he marriage of their daughter, Mary Rains to Samuel Robinson, Jr., son of Associate Mrs. C. C. McNeill attended a workshop for piano teachers Monday in Arkadulphia sponsored by Justice Samuel Robinson and Mrs. the Arkansas Slate Music Teac'h- Kuby Gray Robinson, of Little UTS Association and conducted by Rock. The double-ring ceremony'| Polly Gibbs, professor of music was performed by the Rev. La- at Louisiana State University, mar Clark* in the chapel of First ! Methodist Church of Tcxarkana, Velda Says: Don't forget the merchants who make the Wed. Matinee a Free Show for You — SAENGER THE AW Starts Today: Wed. - Thurs. Mat. 1:45 7:00 - 9:00 HAS THE SCREEN EXPLODED WITH SUCH SPECTACLE! Summer Vocation Movie M COLOR ...SPECTAMATIOf Wed. — "Major Penson" Mrs. Nticline Knight Brysoti of Aspormonl, Texas, and her daughter, Mrs. Jim Hunt, and her granddaughter, Barbara Ann Hunt of Fort Worth, Texas, visit| cd u lew clays last week with Mrs. Kenneth Powell ancl Mrs, E, P. O'Neal. Mr, and Mrs. 11. 0. Kylcr returned Melody and Steve Kyler lo Ihcir home in Riisscllvillc Tuesday and met a now granddaugti- Dear Helen: Both my parents arc dead. I have lived with the same folks .since I was six. They tcr, Martha Jane, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 11. O. Kyler, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Martin ancl children of Tulla'homa, Tenn., arc visiting the L. S. Burns family. thc second, he was sent to Korea and now, in this thc third year, though back home again, he is_ a stranger. At first 1 thought 1 was imagining things, (hen he began going oul nights. When 1 asked where, ho said, "To a night club." I got onesomc lying awake waiting for ')im lo come home. When 1 suggested going along, he said no husband or wife should ever mix their social lives. This seems all twisted to me. I'm far from home and have no one to talk with. I love my husband and don't want my marriage to break up. Pica™ tell me what lo do. —Completely Lost. Dear Completely Lost: Many wives of returning Service men face the same problem. You and your husband have got to get acquainted :i|| over again. Be I he girl he courted. Don't make the mistake of letting him take you for granted. Play hard to get and you'll have him on his knees begging for a second honeymoon. Caudle Texas, SAVE ON AUTO TRUCK — FIRE INSURANCE 1 ""*" 0 ! — Also Life Insurance — SAM McHENRY, Agent Phone 7-3461 or 7-2879 Mr. ancl Mrs. Tilman and children of Dallas, were here this week-end to visit their parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Q. Smilh, ancl Mr. ancl Mrs. F. W. Caudle. Thc visitors in thc Smith home wcrc joined Saturday by Mr. ancl Mrs. T. W. Goodman and children of Bodcaw. Mrs. J.erry Williamson and children returned to their home in Fort Worth, Texas, Sunday after a three-weeks visit with Mr. and Mrs. Leo Harisfielcl and Edward. Mrs. Jim Brewer of Helena lias been visiting her mother, Mrs. L. F. Higgason, and other relatives. Mr. ancl Mrs. Claud Sutton returned Becky ancl Richard Sutton to their home in Little Rock after a week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. Newt Pentecost and Mr. and Mrs. Sulton. Send your problems to Helen Worclon Erskinc. Be sure to en close a stamped, self-addressed envelope and address her care of (his newspaper. Helpful leaflets available. W rile for "Getting Along with an Adolescent." Dorothy Oix is a register e e trademark A Bell Syndicate Feature Soaring production will double demand for industrial energy by 1980 How rapidly is America's industrial output expanding? Here are some clues: From 1950 to 1959, output of petrochemicals increased 216%; plastics, 173%; aluminum, 140%. Total output of business and industrial equipment has virtually doubled. Production and processing of all these requires heat and heat is energy, this is just part of the reason why America's consumption of energy will double by 1930. Where will it come from? Much will come from present energy sources, some from new ones. Wherever produced, a large share of energy in its most efficient and usable forms will be transported via pipelines. Texas Eastern's natural gas pipelines, which stretch from the Mexican border to the Atlantic Seaboard, have capacity to fuel thousands of factories and heat millions of homes Our Little Big Inch pipeline system, largest of its kind, delivers liquid petroleum products from Gulf Coast refineries to Midwest markets. Looking to the future, Texas Eastern is growing and diversifying today to meet tomorrow's energy needs. TEXAS C EASTERN P/P* u*e *s OF TEXAS EASTERN TRANSMISSION CORPORATION • HOUSTON, TEXAS Two Open Race •or Representative MORR1LTON, Ark. (AP)—Twt orrilton men open their cam lign.s lodny for .st;ite rcprcsenUt vc from Comvjiy County. Houston Mallcll find Loid Sad r filed for thc office Saturday ist before the 1 ticket closed. Sad r is a memher of the Consvay ounty Election Commission. A June 27 election will scluc representative lo till the pos ft vacant by the death of Hep. lay Bra/il during thc 11)61 lu live session. Scholarships to 10 Students Monmt/f ON, Ark. (AP) - Ten outstanding Arkansas high school students have received college scholarship grants from the Arkansas Opportunity Fund, sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. VVinthrop Rockefeller. For the sixlh year the Rockefellers awarded gronls of between $100 and $1,500 to (he-students. The awards are based on jtcn- domic achievement The youths were guests of the Rockefellers at a presentation ceremony here Saturday. They arc. William Bright of Hope, Cheryl Lloyd of .loneshoro, Janet Owen of Little Rock, Jerry D. Cooper and Clyde I 1 '. Stewart of Foil Smith, James L, Chandler of Nashville, Roberta K. Hai'bcr of Blythevillc. Marguerite E. Maples of Pine Bluff, Leo C. Davis of Mountain Home and Robert Stnrk Galloway of Slumps. SPRING, SUMMER, FAlt and WINTER! We know no season at the Corner Store, you'll find Bathing Suits and Winter Coats, Wool and Sheer Dresses. You'll find Bargains in all. Shop now. We have gone through our stock with a sharp eye and have cut prices so low you'll feel guilty when you walk out of the store with these Bargains. SHOP! SAVE! ONE GROUP ONLY 57 Originally to 29.98. DRESSES $COO Sizes 3 to 13 — 10 to 18 J4'/2 »0 16V3 5 ONE GROUP EXPENSIVE DRESSES Were to 49.9B. 5 arc Mr, Mort's and Others arc Famous Brands. $ 15 ONE TABLE $100 I * GOODIES Voluns to $3.00 NOW ONE RACK BLOUSES $000 Values to 1.98 A few sleeveless Styles. NOW 2 SWIM SUITS Reduced as much as 0 ONE GROUP DRESSES Were from 17.98 to 29.98. Save as much as $21.98 Plonsc Don't Miss these Bargnins $QOO 8 ONE TABLE $700 VALUES TO $7.00 EVERYTHING GOES 2 PC. Play Suits, Jump Suits, Skirts etc. Straw HANDBAG $100 Plostic Lining. Natural Not Many, So Hurry — LARGE ASSORTMENT $3,00 HANDBAGS Now on Sale Includes some Straw Styles as well as Plastics. Plus Tax $199 1 FINAL CLEARANCE MILLINERY $100 Values to 3.98 As Low as — 1 Corner Store HOPE'S ONLY DISCOUNT STORE 2ND & MAIN ST. All-New PROM MH^MM^^^^ • • ^m^^^ • » • ^IHi ___ Rambler ...Sportiest Convertible Yet/ Smartest, Quietest.. .and Lowest Priced by Far/ Rambler American Convertible, a real fun-in-thc-sun car. Here is performance from thc 125 HI 1 engine that beat all cars in the Pure Oil Economy Trials for the second straight year. A quiet convertible, NEVER COMFORT LIKE THIS BEFORE I In the new Custom "400" convertible and 4-doar sedan models, bucket seats recline, adjust individually for leg room. thanks to rattle-free 100% Single- Unit construction. Rambler American costs at least $478* less than any Ford, Chevy or Plymouth convertible. See America's newest, smartest convertible now! Puce comparisons based on manufacturers' suggested factory delivered price}. Standard of Compact Car Excellent* THE TRADING POST, 305 - SIS - 325 E. Third St., Hope, Ark.

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