The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 26, 1959 · Page 10
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 10

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 26, 1959
Page 10
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s*ci.F.f Pioneer Dies in Crash STUTTGART. Germany — iM — Wolf Hirth, 59, one of the fathers of the modern gliding sport, was killed Saturday in the crash of a self- built sail plane. Police said the internationally known sportsman-industrialist was injured fatally in a plunRC from 300 feet at the glidinR Rround of Peck in the Schwaehische Alb Mountain range. Hirth thrilled hundreds of thovisands with a spectacular glider flight over the skyscrapers of Manhattan during a visit in 1930. For a time, he held the world record for long distance gliding by covering 352 kilometers (219 miles) in 7 hours and 30 minutes. Last May he was honored in Mo.scow with the Lillcnthal-medal, highest award in international gliding. The hands of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa have been described as the most perfectly drawn hands in Italian art. SUNKEN TANKER RAISED — The tanker Transoil which capsized and sank in the East River in New York July II, came out into the open as it was raised by derricks. - AP Wlrophtilo Hand-in-hand with her fiance. Stanley Gaines, Jacqueline Hart walked through O'Hare airport terminal in Chicago Saturday before boarding plane to return to Newark, N. J. Fear Aluminunfi, Copper Strikes Might Accompany Steel Walkout GILBERT SCHULZ, D.D.S. Announces tht Opening of His Offices for the Proctice of GENERAL DENTISTRY ot 914 3-Mile Road (Corner LdSallc an<l l-Mila Road) FBI Says It Verified Kidnap Story as Hoax CHICAGO—(/T>i—Blonde Gay Hart, 21, started home to New Jersey Saturday as the FBI disclosed it had verified that her story of being kidnaped was a hoax. She came to tension over wedding, the l-'BI said Richard D. Aucrbacli. chief in Chicago, told nmvsnuMi that tlip younf^ woman rcnicci Chicago a holol room in Chita);*) and WASHINGTON —(/P)— Government nfficinis are worried jihnl aluminum and copper in- jduslry strikes may soon develop as a companion to the 11-day stoci strike—shutting down virtually all U. S. metal production. , Walkouts in aluminum or . .v-.,,.^>-..., ov.v.>i>v.u I/II(:,MI.>^I, her imiH -ndinc^^l'P^'"' ""'R*^^ causejhowever, for a copper industry „. iPrcsidont Kisenliowor to re-settlement than one in steel or 1.1^1 consider invoking the Taft-ialuminum. The mine-mill union Hartley Law's national emer-lwas reported considering nency provisions leading to court injunctions to suspend tlie strikes. So far rejected in New York negotia-dusfry-wide .settlement palternhave such reports next week. !in copper. ;Some smaller steel firms have Major copper industry con- A copper settlement mightialready reported spectacular tracts expired .lune .10. Thenot pave the way for agree; 1959 profits gains. Mine, Mill and Smelter Work- [ers Union, an independent, has been continuing work on a day- to-day basis. Prospects seemed brighter. an In steel, the Union has asked Kiscnhower has' ^ room ... „ alone by bus under cmotionalilislcncd to news reports about — her po.ssible kidnaping. i n n» ' He .said that after uUcmymiT'-''^ '^''^ of utilizing i^^^ AffomeV Hutf, movies Tlmr.sday. -in a " J . and m,l quite realizing!»'"^^",^' H"* White^ House ^ QQJ^ Q T 'lcket —-ently feels such a respitci ' five panic, what she was doing, and being Democratic Unit Assails 11(6 tor Veto I l tu-n followed her storv -if a WASHINGTON —The cross country terror ride as the parei all confused, she look a .ab out '"'''""•y POStP"ne the la- uuo the park. bov-management showdown "Shewalkedfora whlleami:'*^'.' .7"^/ then hailed the first police car ^^'\"/^'>' f^"'"<i. The theory II • II 1 Khn i'^ problems likely rlAllCinn VPin ^^""1'' ^-^^^^ »f""'- the 80 days llUllJlliy fVlU Tells of Terror Rldo Nan out. Then followed her story of a SuppUos on Hand vToss country terror ride as the . . , , , , , ' Democratic National Commit -.^Hsoncr of" two kidnapers. , -^'^t /"'k of metal for, , (lelense and civuian mdustry . ... 'that worries officials. There The VBI man said details of the situation were turned ovt menls in steel and aluminum,^ although it would tend to bring for a I5-cent annual raise in more pre.ssure on those indus-jwages and benefits. The pre- tries to reach agreements with;strike average of worker earn- their unions, hngs was $3.10 an hour. The In- Meantime, Secretary of La-dustry has refused any con- bor Mitchell returned to Wash- tract raises on grounds they ington to consult with offi- would be inflationary. Ste^l cials after a .secret out-of-town Hrms also complain of alleged- offer made by one of the ma-trip. It was .speculated that ly wa.steful work practices, jor copper producers. If ac- Mitchell had had some direct There is an estimated two to pected, it could become an in-;talks with principals in the!three-month steel supply on steel strike. Mitchell is oper-|hand. Government officials aling as a steel factfinder foriestimated there is a 30 to 60- ihe White House. day aluminum supply and at I Joseph F, Finnegan, direc- least a 30-day copper inventor of the Federal Mediation tory. and Conciliation Service, ar-l MADISON — t/P) — Madison attorney Cyrus Butt received two things when he entered a downtown street between two cars; injuries ....-,1 jw.m IUC-IUIH ann -Cj MAGNOLIA, Ark.— (JP)— and a ticket for jaywalking. ';the steel strike started July 15. j tester of Los Angeles, Police said Butt stepped I c «~o ,™i -v i ranged to bring the disputing S/n^eS O Fomiliar steel management and union " ' \Jin111\41 trcprcsontatives together Mon-i /^L ^-J All D'^Ll jday in New York. That will be'^""'"i i\ignT III! !"/f MAGNOLIA, Ark.-(>Pi- Separate Meetings tee said Saturday President 'J_J^,•i ^.J,' ^j^c ju^.f vecanled fr ,fHrh«,' n 'rovei 'lo bo '^ai "^'^^ on hand comfortable sup- •oHWv nho ..pnrmnlh ?fion .>f''^^ ''''' "^^'""'pUes of aluminum and copper, Rhbly ghosted compilation of , ^ attorney's office for \^ ,,,1.^^ are of steel unmuh, distortion and P-opa-, , ClZ!, 'The committee .,aid Its re-! "^^'^^^^ ^ ",o n. „,..n.^. The committee ."^aid Its re-i search division analyzed the July 7 veto mes.sage and reported Us drafters remain unidentified. It added the message, now under study by a Senate subcommittee, was a stunning blow to Congress and crushing news to mayors, urban planners, and the home building Industry. The President in his veto called the bill extravagant and inflationary. Referring to Eisenhower's contention that the government could have been obligated by at least an additional $2,200,000.000 compared with budget recommendations of $810 million, and that all of this would have become available for commitment without further action, the committee said: "Aside from reckless generalities, this statement contains two gross inaccuracies ... the fact is that his request for spending authorizations ran to $1,760,000,000, to which may be added his request for $500 million to aid college construction — bringing the total request to $2,260,000,000 . . . "All of the funds authorized in the bill would have to be appropriated by Congress before they could be spent ..." . . effect on , the nation's economy that has assistant U.S. attorney. ae-|„ff,,j_.,,, concerned. Al- chned to prosecute her for giv- estimated 78,000 ing false information about a ^^^^^^^ j„ railroads, coal and kidnaping "in view of her cur-industries have been rent and previous general men-i,,^.^ by the steel strike. With- tal and physical condition. ^ ^ ^^P^, ^^^^^ settlement. MISS Hart was shepherdednone now seems in pros- , Calif., while packing away Finnegan last week had been; his luggage Saturday, no- imeeting separately with the; ticed that the car parked Usteel companies and steelwork-' out of the ISth-floor hotel suite where she had rested under a physician's care. Her fiance. 25 - year - old Stanley Gaines, walked her to a freight elevator with his arm around her waist. He told newsmen, "We're going to be married." Scuffle with Newsmen At the freight elevator. Gay's father, Ralph Hurt, and two burly hotel detectives .scuffled with the reporters, preventing them from boarding the cage. jHart. his daughter and Gaines left the hotel. The Hart parly posed for photographers at O'Hare Air- pect, the layoffs will grow. If the approximately 120 000 aluminum and copper workers go out on strike, joining the 500,000 already-idled steelworkers, the Job displacement figure could mushroom quickly to a million or more. Would Dent Prosperity This would have its effects on purchasing power and dent tiie overall national prosperity. Aluminum industry contracts run out next Friday midnight Several ut\ions including the steelworkers, already on strike against steel producers, are threatening a walkout. Union port shortly before leaving on'"'!"f, " "^^'rl'^' a Capital Airlines flight '^^^^^t proposals have been Newark. ~~~~ " Miss Hart disappeared from; Newark Tuesday night after seeing Gaines off on a flight to Pitsburgh. She turned up In Chicago early Friday morning, and told police and federal agents the hoax story of two harrowing days as the victim of two kidnapers. Long Has Chat with Truman, Tells Him 'Lot of Bad Jokes' INDEPENDENCE. Mo. ~m — Said the governor of Louisiana: "Good morning, sir. You look damn well." to keep out of jail to follow all that." The governor spent three quarters of an hour with Tru- Said the former President to man and emerged to give re the governpr: "Good morning, Governor. Cointt on in." With Owt, poy. Earl K. Long and Harry Si^inuman went into the former President's office for t private cluit Saturday. All he did wis tell Mr. Truman "a lot 9f bad jokes," the governor told newsmen after ward. '^Hadn 'tHfMrdMlne" "He didn't tell me any, but he acted Uke he hadn't heard mini ^/M ^iilg said. Ailk«d.if he thought Vice Prealdiiit Nixon was holding Ma own againit Soviet Premier Krufhchtv in Moscow. Long l«ugh«dini«pL ISMijr ityinf. 1 porters a 30-minute account of his own chances for re-election, his views on segregation and his immediate travel plans. No Comment Truman left immediately after the meeting without comment. On segregation, the governor said, "I'm for segregation one billion per cent. All you got to do is look at Louisiana. The colored people there are the happiest people in the world." He said he "really and truly didn't want to run" for a fourth term as governor but, he added, 'I'm in harness and not ready to retire." How... Ernjoy Outstanditig Musical Programs off a walk and into the path of a cab driven by Leo Sauk Jr. Butt was taken to a hos- igrs union. He said the joint pilal and treated for bruises meeting should not be inter- and cuts, then issued a ticket preted as indicating progress.! for jaywalking. The ticket- u. S. Steel Corp., biggest of ing, police .said, was the first the steel companies, is to make to be issued in a newly public its six-month profits launched pedestrian campaign. safety .statement on Tuesday. Other' Major companies also are to^ next to his own outside the hotel was of the same color and make. 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