The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 20, 1932 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1932
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Edition WEATHER FORECAST FOR JL MARYLAND: Fair and slightly firmer tonigbi. Saturday cJcudy. Sho*en Saturday afternoon w r.i%rf. VOL. LV. NO. 185. ·**) Means Associated Press. Full XEA Serric* FREDERICK. BO), FRIDAY. MAY 20, 1932. 1»UI--U'S'ii FOURTEEN PAGES PRICE--TWO CENTS In Brain Test Notices Will Be Mailed To Busi-'. I ness Property Owners With- j in Ten Days." ! MANY DEFECTS FOUND ! · BY FIRE INSPECTORS i! But Most Are Easily Corrected j ; Rubbish Heaps Seen As Outstanding Fault. Notices Till be received w-.thin the j j nest ten cays by a large number of f owners of business places in Frederick. , listing specific fire hazards which are j K, be corrected ^ithux 48 hours of the : ime the notice is received. The notices ivil! folios the termina.- _on~ol Frederick's first complete fire lazard j-ispection of business places, m which approximately 1.000 establishments were visited. The survey is almost at an end, W. Bartsis Storm. ;eneral chairman o! the undertaking, j tated today, and blank notices are no* , ready to be filled in and sent to the j Correct addresses. ! Rubbish is one of the outstanding j hazards to be found in Frederick bus- · fcess places, the inspecting groups from ; fo-jr fc-e companies rerforted. In ; practically every case the accumulation j s Tyithin cellars, and often it is under J ttairways. Another outstanding hazard is the tareless use of wooden boxes, cartons. each baskets and inflammable receptacles for ashes. Old-tUne chimney out- in which the ho:e has never beers "bricked in" but simpiy covered over With paper or muslin, form a. constant: j ~ e ~.. ~ are danger in many of the older build- jj^"- ings, the report stated. the " Pennies For Fnses. FINAL MEETING OF YEM WHILU! Activities Of Past Twelve Mrs. Amelia Earhart Putnam Months Reviewed. At Harbor Grace. ADDRESS ON "FELLOWSHIPS", DO-X LANDS AT HOLYROOD Harbor Grace S. f . May M AP -- t Amelia. Earhart Putnam. v tempting . the first trass-Atlantic solo f'-sht by _ 11 30 Pello-a-ships. travels abroad dtinrsg the S -turner or 1932 ar.d *a election of rf-rtrr:. Jeatured the final arid cf the Frederics. Branch. Aaer- a t-orcan, landed Here tocay at ..-AS Association of University \Vomert. ; a. m.. e s t. ::eld Thur»da ni^ht a: 6 !5 o'clock a: - tr.e Barbara Fr.tchie Tea Room The : Leaves SI. John. dJaer "~ld by chapter, cuzpowd j gl John N B iliy 20 ^ A P).-- Mrs. ,. Putnam too* o« « OFFER TO PA Y PEACOCK'S EXPENSES TO NEW JERSEY IS NOT APPROVED BY HIM Dr. Condon Leaving Grand Jury Norfolk Clergyman Emphatic In Refusal ; To Go To Hopewell MAYOR WALKER GETS LETTER Esther S. Sha*. president and head 7 02 a. m . f . s t today for Hartxr : jf :he English department of the col- Grace. X. F.. the starting point of lier j -"' e - Folloxins the duiner. Dr Sha-ar made ! t.jenin; remarks resardms the activi- ' t.^s of the pas: year, after -shich Mas V.rjtnia X. CUne. ret-rmg treasurer. ; spoke bner.y of the advantages of membership of the A. A. U W. ir. con- · tacts until other organizations which , are branches of the Internationa! Fed- , eration of University Women Special ', reference *as made to Hood faculty 1 · members -srho are sr-ng abroad this ' Suntmer and of the advantages of mern- oc-rship from the standpoint of foreign travel An address on the subject of "Ft!- ', . loTsnips" was made by Dr. Mabel i projected solo flight across the Atlantic : Ocean. 1 Berst Balchen. who T.evr o'.er the , South Pole wsth Rear Admiral Byrd. j was ai the controls of lise red and i gold monoplane at the take-oS today. Accompanying them »'* a mechanic who will keep the plane in tune for the \ Iocs Atlantic grind while Mrs. Puinarn ' is anvaituig lavorable weather- j She continued to maintain secrecy : regarding her destination in Europe. i DO-X At Holyrood. j Holyrood. N. F.. May 20 iAP).--The j Bishop, head of the biology department giant airplane DO-X. en route to Eu- | of the'college, in which it xas stated · rope, landed at Holyrood at 920 a. m.. j ' :hat the purposes of the A. A. C. W.. | «. s . t.. after flying from Dildo. where '. ·a hen organized ir; :8S3 were main- i jt ^-as forced to land yesterday. j tenance of high standards of education. ; · j . ' cation of statistical and other inform; ation about education. The late Dr. j ; Elizabeth Baldwin, one of the youngest i NO ADJOURNMENT UNTIL REVENUE BILL IS PASSED! ' Now York. May 20 « A I ' ) . -- F«r two hours and a quarter | today Dr. John F. t\»ndii. aired "JalVie" of liu Ltiuibergh kid- 1 nappiiur c:i-t. i-'ld :hi- Cronx Kn'-.'i j»ry ar.sum to * u : » . » o o . baliy. I'T.: payment kidnap;«'r^ of tlio Lindbergh IK- irod \vlu-n !u came from the jrr; j u r y room at r.oon and jornrd hU s-n-in-!a\v. Kalph Hacker, of Lvyiia. N. J.. who \va w a i t i n g for h i m . Hacker said I'r. Condon \votild not lur; his lour of Now Jersey rojrues 1 jraU^ries today. but a f t e r lunch would drive to New K»e:u-l!e. X. Y.. to srive a · lecture in a school there. BEHIND THE SCENES IN -d and Tvc-rrs from the strain tf recent week*. Dr Jjh:: F Cor.ijr.. BV KOIJNHY DUTCHER , XEA Service Wrilrr. j Wash.njtja. M.v;. "0--A:: try u'f-r- ! ar.ces. perhaps induced by e'ec- ti?n wjrrses. a: 1 .;! fravej r.erv«. are frequent in Ccnrrejs during these days c-f strife ar.d strain. But members s-.-rc^tinios find them- 1 E.or *.:;? Curt:» confer- three days ! ago t h a t all his negotiations which, he ! nude in aw-ocint.on with D-bson-?ea- I cock n:id Admiral Guy Burrage . -.'.ore fak^d. S.icx-rir.tcndent of State 1 Police H Norman S-li-.Yir2k-?f has been e\t:,-n:*iy snxiius to have Dob- s.i::-?ej":rk come hero. j The Virginia mir.r.i'f--. hc-A'ever. has ; refused, partially or. the ground of ex- penve. "TMv, dot i bu-eaioiv n-a- ' heimert members of the executive corn- today to congressional leaders he ex- -.^--u-u u.i_.}.i«.^^- i,,,...^. Mr _ Ejj^a- H MeBride. Miss ; pected congress to consider no adjoum- TO GIVE RECITAL SATURDAY j IN SCOUTS' CAMPAIGN : - _ i - -- V ' Pro ^r am Announced For Brod- Meeting And Luncheon To Bel Witness, -.he uniiappv pi;*ht yf sen- · ; i =· i .ttcr H".»y Lonv. t.:e L."!-3U:ia "ri.n3- · ord:narj- ·* Vnhappy Huey pc PflFTRY WEEK "~ M;Bride. Miss Edith i SitaS, Mrs. -Stewart. _ Cone _. Ho _ ore ,,,,,.__ or ! Jacobs. Dr. Bishop. Miss Alice Blandy. j Tariff proponents, Dcoiocrats and j ciasses 3t Hood Coll?j Con ^ e Honors AcJior ui ^ L . uise Hea , h ^^ Margaret Weeber, , Republicans, accepted the defi and ! reciu; on Saturday at 10 ' "Quest." An AInmna. capes fadjuscable} minguisriers and lack o* marked fire its. is sucit unwholesome conditions j is the above that the survey would re- I | Mr. Storm stated that the committees ! ad not thoush-i of classifying the people of Frederick as being willfully uegli- ent, but pointed ou; that msny of iese defects are simple in form and an be corrected ·without much trouble expense. If they should not be cted, and corrected, he said, the of spreading Sre, in any iri- alumna of the college. President Joseph i Ruth Rerheicke. ^tance, irould be greater. j H. Apple presided. Each property owaer ^riH be notified! In speaking^ of the nature of t h e , N I C A R A G U A N N A T I O N A L peciScally what defects to correct. If I Poetry Vfee observance. Dr. Apple re- ; ,, , , . ,, _ . nn-r-r-i i-t» DCOCI O order is not complied with, the ferred to its purpose and stated t h a t ' G U A H U b!A! I Ltb ntotUO beck Hal! In Morning- Held At Hotel Frederick. Y He -Alii bo taken nest to the large r:;u«' gallenos of No\v Jersey, includ- 1-15 those in Noac.rk, Jersey City and Bureau and al- delphia. ! Jsmes B. Ranck. Miss Blocher. Mrs. Involving months cf work if the oil. Gardiner. Miss coal, copper and lumber knpon saxes Miss Florence are Sept in- *be bill Tiie pupJs of the studc:.. teachers ' Final report: m the pianoforte and via'.in iiormal . p^tgu f or funds will be returned at a i . u?h." »ho v.-as told that he couldn't say · Condon ^3 C3: -.ed as a v.-.tners todar i Sanator Joe RobUr*ra of Arkinsas. his j x:fore the Bronx i^ond jury Jnvestigat- thc Boy Scout cam- | own party's 2^or leador. was influenced i icg l]K S50 ooc fanson he paid in a · his rotes by hi- corporation law c.i- j futi:e h o , ob ^m a j the return of ll?je will present r at The par- ^ . ,^ »r»u-. r e' . mcotins: of the Executive Board and j They pu:;ed Paragr3?h -^'o of Rule j " s ,'^,~-^ .aid that Then he had " Ess Rath Perry. XEss Helen Whidden. j waited for a chance to vote, confident j c - c ; o: !r a Brodbeck Hall. _ - ,, ., - ,, ^, , ,, ' Miss Mabe' C Lvrtort, Miss Jane Newell.! of a margin of one or two in Hcxw College oosert-edaz.onal Poetry ·-^-^^^-^.^ i£iss Cail . y^ faTO _ "Week. May 22-29, on Thurst-ay -hen ' ^. 0 _ AVB _' Ij( J nbach '^^3 Grace Lippy. j TydinjES Offers 500 Amendme Washington. May 20 (AP).--Senator! from "Quest,- the recently"published j"a~ Grace He'.fensieirs. May Kohri.: Tydlngs, Democrat, -Maryland. book of verse bv Marv Esther Tuli. an Mrs. Wertheimer, Miss Cline and Miss 1 offered 500 tariff amendments revenue bD. after demanding President Hoover force elimination the four disputed import taxes in the : pn=cilla on Tuesday." BilbrD. measure ' ginia. Gambrillt pianoforte. "A chairmen of the campaign committees j XIX on Hury. -·-·adinc as fallows: "No ; con: .i at i c{ i his testimony investi- the feature of the chapel exercises in j Dr. Dorothy I. Morriil. Misses Mary Es- i Brocbeck Hall --as the reading of poems ', ;ner Tuil, Mary Catharine Thompson.' Vir- i were announced tod*y by Scout Execu- · :o G"-d ! tive Henry R. Co.itcs. Robert F. ?-i -o- j him to resume. * * * hazards be removed by the When Dr. Condon is taken to the Ncx J^rsry ror-cs' galleries he wUi be accompainied by a taxi driver per authorities and charged to the enant or property o^ner. i thor Appeal may be made by the tenant ! upon o'xner to the Mayor and Aldermen j --poe' ithin 24 hours after receipc of the | group ace. j ing Rcccmmcndatioas Made. j Bef The genera: list of corrections rec- i Hoi: amended by the inspection committees . "Under The foilo-rs: T7se metal receptacles for ashes. Keep oil mops and rags in tneta! oxes or cans. Do no; alloir an accumulation of mer- ise uncer £ .2 11 w ays. vSpecia^.y ader those leading to apartments ove. If storage of gasoline in small quant.i- is necessary, serars firom a store hardware dealer^ a iters' can. For light.r_a purposes use r.o fuse of ver 15 amperes per circuit. If the k has been overloaded, divide it ato cuits. Fcn-D^ing- a cantp£-?n rr.arlfd t-y bitterness, a petincn bearing the sigr;^- i tures of fs-enty-seven taxpayers, ob- Hecharge annually and date fire ex- ; jsct-ng to tne qualificat.cns of ?Jayor of the foam, acid ar.d soda. \ Ma-rice C. Duttsra. was presented to ; the newly eleocd Mayor and Ccunci. Test fire ho*a :r. butlclncs or.ce each OI Tarje~otrn Monday night. fear. Runr.'ns -ater thrcugh inter- Tr ~- pe-'-tonsrs objected to Mr. Dut- or hose ~tll serv^ ;o ke«? the3 · tera cn - nc ' ground that h-c- paid tow;, pliable. · taxes on cnly S575 north cf property. Test, oil and p»: in -s-orkinf can- \ "^-ercas -he Is-- seis the minimum .tion acjustable fire escapes. ', f -sure at SSCO accr-rttr.g t? the pet!Erect Sre shutters and Sre doors ' t:c ;"- lrr - Duttcr? q-talJied as Mayor -here they should be. This a es- ' ^'^'^ 1-2 receipt of the pet.tier, by i:lv aoplicablt ir. the ca?e of ware- ' ' ne t.c,Tn fat.-.r?. Scyjsts anc wh?re pr.e b-;ilcir.j over- '· °^- c - M - Csur.nlma-. in Keep firs palls "s-here needed -Ai3,or alroatir cua.irlC'Ci le^lly "se Sre drill? in schools and mant:- a ." a ; "* : ~-" s C-cuncil cc-;lc take r.o ac- acturir.T . lar.v. t ^ cn on '~~~ P-ct-tion Have exit sirns in all oublic build- : 1Jr - ^''-fra --as r-iectecl r-crn'ly frr ' ^i' fo-jrr2i term as rr^syor. by a large Every Violation Xoi«L nta.vjrif- over Harry Ohler. named cr..-.irman of the C urt I A "Harsh Lttle Girl." Gurlit:. Gerald.r.e Ba'^r; j demus Meanwhile, Congressman Fiorel'.o H. ttaci. leaving behina i p:n? and jist prior to the finamg ^3 ammunition. Xfat- , That seerns to be ; ;., t.-.e ii-pr.r;fi; Poor Gynt 5-.te. i-"t insurg- ! presiding. The larceny cases against Josephim speech. At the ccnciusior ing. Miss TtsU. prese-:ed by President Apple, briefly addressed these present aad later --as z guest a; luncheon in Cobaerstz Kail. WOULD OUST MAYOR sp--»«al under- ' Tane !"t ow "n Group Fi»hi; Recent Election Of 3L C. Datteru. irtft Long and Ray Miller, near merman: pians-for.". Valv;r: E Flat i.i- ! Lacjesbarg. charged irith stealir.-g a : 3O r. Opus 83 Dtirar.d. Ar.r.?. Gaitl-.or: 3--';t Sor.-" 43rd Ep-orth Leasue Annivetsarr. ; ^3g. irere tried before a jury and the , pianoforte. Tie -0--1 i,»agt:e cf the Walkers- defendant was acquitted. Warful Les- " Mend^feo: - "* M'V-odist Sp^copal church --lil; caleet. Uir.eytoTn. was tried before , ror." ' 0 -~ 0 ^j. t --_ e 4.3-^ inniversar.- of its or- I '·'"- cou - · ori charges s* larceny of "^,V,1^-^" g."--.,;",! n-gh: a; 7.3D cylinder head and battery for an auto- _ ^clc-ck"" J Tiie trserae of tne Anniversary : rnobil-e. the property of Clyde Koons. N Serv-.c* is -Tirchbearers." en --hi- A_O , H^5tr:c- -..:-- i". i.-.c Rcc'-r-struct. .n F-.nar.~e Cirporr-t.on th?.- ^r"-.'"-.' tr.-- cc^.rd ' ;-a.terr:on-45 from him. The G!a«s Charges The Ki': r c ; p^".::r--d in s.r. Gl.i -s ir.or;t-d tr.T- s .-:-.' C-i.c r= ho.rl h.rcd cr.o ··' ,t ;..-.,.-.,,,. ' " " rhich f Ml. rive an address. Another f -ture ·Kill oe the installation of t.-e r.e-sly-plectod officers The ?ro- jrarr. ~-li bet Prelude. "T^ril.ght R«v- er.e". ?-ection Men's chorost prayer. ^ffertcrv. "A Son? Without WDrds": vocal duet- M^s Thelma Crurc and Millard Cnini. reading Mrs William Miss SI?; hymn. "A automobile dealer in Taneytoim The articles were missed some ' in April The verdict of the court xas not guilty Marfccl Enronra^cd. Ne^ Yc-rk. Miy 20 .A?_'- Securi'..-= markets !"."ed -cnii^r.'.D:-: -nriura;"- ment txi-iy f"--m the ?r.r.3i:r.-err.--nt o: the format.on of a. ooird of ad^-.^ ·"- ar.d Lescaleet. Tho has been loczeci in .j-jstrtal^ts and O3r.;i?r= ar.d :." a.s=:=". t.i? jail in default of boil, discharge Ballen^er Farm Fajr-au Meeting. Tne regular monthly meet-r.g of 3al- n?er Farm Bureau ·s'as held Monday Tits the c'aa-rman. W.lli? E Derr. pre- siaiu-j. A ju*t Tss g-.ven by Mrs Rov ' reserve ;T_;rr. ir. cr;i.t -t:?3r_=tori. au: esr.y buymc n»n^ v ^.-m .-- ' * .^.-^.^ ban-t- ^rs t--^ .11 irtr.j :· carj act*. _j""d ce .^--rr.t.'.tca to R---cd or c"-'r. rr.ase sr.y Br -,.».r..r.? f Tcnr.--s.-t?. ».-.: «i' in :hf :.-.".lr. cr.-'d r n.-r.c; th-t ro rr.crn- ··-r of '.T- K".^o :r.:;ht ir. nr.,- TIJ re- ',733.r.g -r.a;'~r cr He · " rr;. prirrarr. t? Q-...J--. .., i^^p i Har*"- irrtallation · and Miss Mary C. Zimmerman, read- Wrv.'ce! selection M-ris"cWrI=. bere- '. ^?- MBJ Ruth Derrt solo. Mrs. Ed2*r dictic-r. PD "ab^ej^=«i::^ xilfhave DIRIGIBLE TRANSMITS trr^rtv^'^r «' teLr^ "rie'lS SOUND ON LIGHT BEAM ve-ry tr.o ;.f the scenes listec above ^skehurs-. X. j , i; 3 - 3^ ._^r -r--^ Z-.3--». he--ever h:-^ rrr.ODrtan: Till be - rival c_r;r.t) 1,-^ Ar.c--'"^ -* ;-d fxr a fi^rht of Hargstt: reading, Mi.=s Ida aer.r.: instrumental solo. Mrs. Preston Zjcrircer- :ed 1 S3 57'·. i" ~. of a rr,-r.f-y r-r.--.ri 2". 2". per ! , »ound-l"p" Held. Sprinr Sports Da-r At Hood Saturday, man t tali. Thomas S. Anderson, secre- ·· .c;.J_ 1 .""--", -- -^-~ ~ S3--;--v 15 annusl sprlr.z sports tov : t^ry and treasurer of th- County Farm jj-. A c-auducl-.-.-. ^ ?an.^ jpl.-- . ;/_-_-;., --' -7 ,." ^". 3. Hy-d C-c-llcre Th» fsur classes Trill Bureau. Ke spoke of the 3."k rcarirt- -^-.-of a-." oi rr.-:-ir-':r.- s ; .. i r . - · ; - _ · _ _ - .\ f ~"^,,',.,~".. . .-,-.rr.rje--r _i t-:-r.n tra-k. volley ball, --s plan tt protect both tr.e farrr.--r ar.5 ;ec -^, « a .;«; ar .~ ,= J- r. r.; c r*--iv .r.-o _ · , _ ;;' - ' ; ?er.-v,r call-:-; a repre- ,e carrv.r.r -ut of t.-:«.: Once the d-:."c-c-.c are corr-ect . saff r CXT from :hs car.rcrs of ' r^ore thar -oj bc-ra-- T-S- 5COUTING FORCE OF U. S. FLEET TO STAY IN PACIFIC ' A P ' -- The v-h^ch sotird --35 trar-rct-ttet! t'rorr. thr acy. N. Y or. a "sea-, ,-f !:;.-·".«: corr.mar.t:-:r F. T 3cr-- At the do.; 3t" ths" cois: -o c-ca.=t _i tc-r.r.-. tra-k. volley bal.. archery, ar.d tenaquoi; tccrnarn^nts The cla.^ the greatest tot^tl r ^cr.oer ol po-nts "srill be annt?u:.^.c-- *3 the "innc-r cf 'he d^y at the A. A. ;."cltck in the evening At this time ·he r-:-?. iierr.bers of tne board for next -·far -*".ll oe .r-st-^H-ed. anc various s-ars.5 --. be given. Fcllo--^s? the 'c,ar.3t:-»t. there -x.'.'. be a "ser.ef.t bridge ir ..i;:.-rir: hall I.ucy Carrmgton '24. ·s sjr.t-ra". chairman. The ·comrr.i'.t'ee tor Scld day includes Elinor Nich- .1.5. chairman: Claire Will:anis and to protect both tr.e tarm-r ar.3 stock sealer. D-c-cssicn ^-« reached that b^a-:ffylng the school erour.ds at PeaiaWle. Hefreshrner.u ir-re rarvcd ·his s-.= the rnf c?o"KJi; fr-arr^ of ch:: ·:· the fp.".; .r. i-,-c, Dr Hood Classes At Linjanore. The seniors and juniors, in Sve hay- Isden trucks, left the Hoc5 College campus arid dro-.e to I_tn:rar.ore to STC3K" the ''Pipe of Peaoe" on Thursday eventr.e The ccrem-jny l"kas o-ccri a trsdiuc-n at, Hood for -h-rty-tiire" years. After a picnic supper had o"-cn «M«ed evsrvone gathered zro'ind the fire, and Alva Durkc-e. prefidcr.t of the THE WEATHER TODAY Dr "V. "..3.rr. S'-cn- ·'·'. C\~. "..-.-· e-:.-im.r..r,; -,-.:*.:."i~ "Saw It in the Tapers" T : % ;-.- iry --f sj~h rul.r.r:.- Spcms Offer Of Expenses. Ncrf r.ik. v"a . May 20 i AP t --S?um- ir.3 an cfi?r to have h-5 expenses pc^d. Dean H. Dobson-Pcicock stuck tast to- dtv to his d.': s-.on not to go to H3?e- ^'-11 for q-,iOi..--nins by the- NET Jersey oHlc-i's abo-t the Lindb--r5h negotiations -which his associate, Jtr.n Hughes Curtis. conf-c--^ed ^rcre hoaxed. :.Icai-.v.hi2? m?mb-crs of the Curds sta'ed thci" are makinc rr.'r.U to secu-= the "n.-'-jtistorV re- ;^-cn cri ;; SJO.OC-0 bail under -5-hich, the .srlf-ccr.fe.-;ed perpetrator of the him is i:.r.g held in ;s-i at Felnung- t-.r. Rclati-.cs said Curtis comrr.uni- «'d them by !cnr;-distar.c-? t'--lf- ph^r.e :-» ray "hat "everrthir.g is all rizht." Kf save no information, they .0.2. rcsardir.c; his ccr.fe_=£icn. Dcni D-bscn-Per.Cjck. ·who has ststtd tr-it no -s Tfili.ns to be quest "out xs.ll not ~o to ^c" J-^r^ey for th3t piir- " C:-l has r-.y ansrsrer to ·hat already" hs said. ' I risve my legal adv^ers ^na I have bcn advised not, to co "n Hop^viell. I ha"e alresfiv h"*":rs er.d.r.s; at a. rn . 'r:-y--r.- inches. May prec.rii 6-.: ADMIRAL BENSON D!ES SUDDENLY IN WASHINGTON S- Br.f-r. .r-.r.; a j-,i*er.-..r.-. rr-acc -.r. Le«er Asks Walker For Safety. X-~ Y'rl-c. Mar 20 'AP.. -- 7h2 X^T Y.r.-: E- -ns? Past :-:-cay states .t -ias rr.°-d "r-xr. a .--"Iv re- a. tnat W.-.lsTM hs^ received r the '"rt'er can be o'o- Misyionarv To Speak. ! Junior cia«s. lighted the pipe from a cst actual Mav. ;93;--3 ^2 inches ; burning ember snd passed it to Louise Mi«3 Edr.a Sr.?l? missionary to Ir.d.a. Patterson. pr ..'. y :'-.£ spea'-ctr at the ar.r. j;al class T-.en the \Vorr.xrTs Day service to oe held in the ' Eiar.;el:cal Lut.ierf-. church Sunday; morning at 11 o'clock. Miss Eng'-e's j v,ork is antonj the Mohamaiedans Sl:e ; .'. M.dd'.e Cor.- around "he circle and t "Smoke Song" ^as sung. ic traciuona. A Brli-sh Insurance expen reports that bulldogs and Sa.nt Bernards are poor inst:r.i*if r^-ks. and that terrier? 1 ;ereace jsc-re on Saturday afvemoou. i and iuinue does are eood Excess in 1932 pre 1 --2 46 T.c"c,rs Histh terr.peratjr-- 1 -c^tc-rcla.----T4 L-C.V :en-.p--ra'ure la-'t n.zht--4! Lox temperature a year ago--62 Sun a-.ts "viAy--^ ~- ? rn Sjn r_%e.-, ··!". 'rj? --4 52 a m M-xi r. -; - - n . j r r :.-- 9 C3 p m ilooti _^ s '-;rivrr'j^--521 a. re. .iv . p/..:.c.". Ah- .-.-'.is -j-i-l.c orT.-e ·l-.T--^-n ·-.".- K-I.-C a-*-'.;. t-clcd ?.r: con- t ; An clt-..v.or In ti.«c in CarXjad ' ' C.\'.i .-:-., :* -5, M.x.c .1. -- :-.v^n;-rs up «r.d c l - ' n fr^ni £;.-:..:-..-! . ' «·'. ti '"·'·" 3.t«-r. r--f« T _ - as ^ r u t j ·xhat -.- the i'oout a fer.a -f safety fcr the ' ta.r.ed. The sto-- also c,u -trs Yorl; Tims tn-j' ' Ci.izcr..« -- Guarantee absclute f:icr.ce J.rr.niy " The letter received by tlve Mayor, it ·YAS fic^d. .moressed h.m and his ad-, j¥rs Its prec_?e nature T;as not. rc- receded it. rtuori ha

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