The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 16, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1948
Page 2
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·** -., ·.'{'".-' , .f. THE DAILY REGISTER, HARMSBURO, ILL., FRIDAY. JANUARY 1G. 10-18 I, The Daily Register -.: (Established 1869 as Saline ·',,· . County Register.) ·: Published evenings except Sun.'days and holidays at 35 South Vine »*trcet, Harrisburg, Illinois, by REGISTER~PUBEISHING'CO. of Harrisburg, - 2.MBS.-ROY, L.-SERIGHT, S President. .CURTIS G. SMALL, Editor and Manager. Entered as second, class matter at the post office at Harrisburg, » . Illinois, under act of March 3,1879. ' · Subscription Rates: By Carrier · 20 cents per week. By mail in ' ! Saline and .Adjoining Counties, . $5.00 per year in advance; $1.50 ^ · for three months. Outside Saline ' and adjoining- counties, $7.00 per ' year; S2.00 for three months; 75 . cents per..month. The 1 -Daily-Register is a private business institution. The management reserves the right to be sole judge as to acceptance or rejection of any statement for use either as a news item or a paid advertisement. Illinois Demo Caravan to Begin Slate Tour March SPRINGFIELD, 11!., Jan. 16-(LIE)--Illinois Democrats today announced plans - for - a candidates' "caravan" which will visit every county and congressional district in the state, starting at Hernn March 1. The plans were announced at a meeting here of the state candidates endorsed by the party leadership, state conimitlcemcn, and] county chairmen and chairwomen. All" of the candidates on the endorsed slate will travel 1:1 the single motor caravan instead of breaking up into two parties as v/as originally planned. The dc-| , cision was made because Paul! j- STtt^SS S W"I """IE NEW 1048 SERIES F-5 FOUD 1V.-TON. »»NCII «TMg, the University of Chicago iaculty l B ASE TRUCK with a ninc-foot stake body wa* *j'°*" to ..^ff £ - " ' - 'today by BarhanvGreen locally, and by l-ord dealers^erjwhcie. Dealer Angry 9 I f W* « · · - * _ - . H^- THOUGHT FOR TODAY ThoVthe divine spirit intimately contacts' the utmost star he is sensitive^ the fall of a. sparrow.-- the£:'.that'. worship must worship him;;in spirit .and in truth." BIBLE READING FOR TODAY Jan.' "16. God's Care.--Psalm 103:1-10. Aiiivh 17 1 MCll liie cuiiuiuaivo LJeiuii;. iium --j-iu" ^.*-» «,, , c -- -- - , ,,.,,,.. i,,,;it till invade Cook county before series F-7 and F-8. the largest trucks-the company ha_cm_bmlt. starting another caravan trip later. The candidates will make formal speeches from the same platforms at night, and during the day will split up into small groups for "get-acquainted" tours in me neighborhood of the community where they speak at night. Speaking dates include Herrin,. March 1: Carmi, March 2: Effing, ham, March 3; East St. Louis, | March 4: Decatur, Marcn 5: Dan-) ~ !tl - March 6: Kankakee, Marcn' Bv 1IAKMAN W. NICHOLS United Pros* Staff Correspondent ·WASHINGTON, Jan. 10--tU.-- Amount a folksy little group of 500 people here for Small Business D.»y was J. Frank Feck of Cincinnati \\caiinji his purple hat. And .urn can put it down that Mr. Feck was hoppin' mad. lie showed red under the purple hat. and more about the lid later. Here il was suppled to be the day when the little lights would shine. And what lit up like a beacon in the newspapers? Bis. bright lights. All about Gen. Wallace Graham. President Truman's doctor, and his dealings in the commodity markets. And about Edwin W. Pauley fixing to resign as special assistant to Army Secretary Royall. All well and good, said Mr. Feck, but what about the little iv? Mr Feck is president of the ·Feck Oil Corp. back in Ohio and has '20 employes. He considers himself a little business man. His is a little business if he ever saw one. he said. And when he chewed that o\cr he got mad all over again: Too Many Bureaucrats '·What's all this nonsense about rationing oil and gas again?" he thundered. "That isn't necessary and it never was necessary. Give us a little steel for pipe lines and cars and we'll get It Pays to Read Daily Register Advertisements Rheumatic Palws Yield To .bureaucrats, or are the bureau-. iM-its noiii" to control Congress? V I » I I O ("»"* *·"» * V ·w · » « · · · · · «· . - Emcrv said he thought it would . , ,,.,, . VVVJ ,,,. IV .. V . ..^....v... .,, ..... be smart if the government would one." v:iys Mrs. A. 11. Miller. 1003 W. whack expenditures to a point ^"if,^ ^ncrS' for ovcr (hrcc ycars where a million or so bureaucrats with dk-uniatic paiiK to such an oxicnt 'I will recommend Kcntox to any- w r K . u m a l c pani o suc a would have to pack up and get l!iat x could j, art n y ,. c t jm-n jobs in industry and on the farm. Spots-where they will become tax producers instead of tax caters, he said. Mr. Feck said he'd like to put a double amen on that one. Look at business, today, he said. Big and little it bends over low to trv to help the government. And - · - - · · · · · w hat hap- comes while it's bent pens? Uncle Sam guy L l l L l V A %.VUIV* * « ! « » VMJ f » v v v»" « » i ,'» v i « » »·· « often like to rjkc the lawn and it \\ns almost im|K)ssU)le to do because, my joints ached so badly. 1 have also sul- fvrcd from constipation And clirzy spelK so when I heard of Kcntox t Rot a bottle and lo my amarcmcnt after taking the first txttle I \va« no lotiKcr constipated, my dimness had none and the aches in my arms, back and ICRS were relieved. I am now-taking my second bottle a:id my rhcum.itic pains are comploUlv cone. I feel like a new person and can Up CVtTV . I V l l l l IK) . . n { othcr £ t h n t the notices I (EDITOR'S NOTE: re turn from Follow- Europe. Ydim SURE OF St.Joseph ASPIRIN WORLD'S LARGESf^S.5.LLER AT JO* Y i l l V f 1HOA V." **· *».*»»·- 7 f JJ.»^ iHJ » Wr fc fc*» M. -- -- -8- Joliet, March 9: Dixon. March Dreu . p ea rson diagnoses the 10; Rock Island. March 11; Peoria. dangers of war between the March 12; Quincy, March lot Baited States and Russia and Springfield. March 14 and lo: j, ow ^^ a catastrophe can be March 16, open date: Lake cran- aver t c d.) t\, March 17. i DREW PEARSON Says: Most [matung Douglas told the meeting to-: Frcnc h and Italian Commun- i tares, cay that he would oppose botn, | st$ are on i y s kin-deep Commun- communists and "extreme reaction- ists . ^ 5. could win these Com- they will get material reward. As And did the gov- him get one? some tank along." . Mr. Feck said he could amen ^·s/ed «he sc^cn* of^WUt^er,. ; ;»Thc Con-- ,, ^oing ,0 (gun*«r;!u,f 1^'iS .ivide up the land. I now n a x e , ^ - - " - - . .__..,,, b anrmet: one" Communist it: their annual banquet: going to control the {ota^ot U»cnt ? hec L make me a preu. communists and "extreme reaction- lsts . ^ 5. could win these Com- aries" in his campaign. Ke said, mun i s ts over by missionary he would emphasize holding the* prop aganda: What Europe line against further pnce rises. | nee( j s i s hope. -- ~~ , WASHINGTON.--In earlier 'col- The Daily Register. 23c a wees | uinns i cited some of the danger ! i t _-. A »p.!»^«rf J *·» t**^»rt/1t Sulphur Springs Sunday school was well attend- 1 last Sunday. oy c-irrier "ocv. Sr* ous and more pessimistic trends in both the U. S. A. and the U. HowlCutMy wttlHIuaker Oats Delicious Quaker Oats still ^ costs'less than 1£ a serving, d MilK and sugar, 3tf-to 40. So f'-, I give my family of four a | Quaker Oats break'fast for ^ only/200.-Other breakfasts v cost.up toJBO/for four people. So I save 60£ a day with . Quaker -Oats. This cuts my food bills S15 a month. Food experts~say whole-grain oatmeal gives us more of meat's main element* Protein, per penny than any common food. Get a big package of Quaker Oats today and cut your food bills many dollars a month. \ good farm. 1 ' Obviously this farmer hadn t the slightest conception of what Communism was: for no good Com- 1 vu ^^ rf . munist ever talked like that. j ^\t a review of Sunday school In other words, if someone did ] ess0 ns for the last quarter con- a better selling job on some other d uc ted last-Sunday. Miss Irmagene -ism'' and at the same time pro- Hargrave answered the most ques- duced greater material reward, t - lons an( j received a prize. Mrs. there would be a pell-mell deser- Golden Hargrave v/as second. . . ^ A»_ ^ 1« «*Mr]...n rt/-*«-l f\f T ^ O l -- t T-. ~ Z « .!«..«.*r«V. V*,ltrtl^O' i/vnj. v ..v»- ~ - | i«iy inoincr bays inai sue IIUIIIL~» iii,ii-i and gives a boot where it miris-- j,.w c so m uch more pep and vitality, in the pockctbook. Did Mr. 1'cck Alter reading the ingredients on the get any help during the war? No. Is he getting any now? No. I Purple is Favorite Color ! Take that purple hat. It's royal blue purple, made out of real beaver. 'He had to import it from Czechoslovakia. ernmcnt help t . Huuump. He had to get it himself, and look what it cost him. In order to get a jobber to order one he had to sign up to take three and three-quarter dozens. At $35 apiece. $1.520 for the lot. And as Mr. Feck looks at it. you might say $1.520 a hat. A can can wear only one at a time and hats that goo'd don't wear out. He chose purple because that happens to be his favorite color. In fact he's made it the company color of Feck Co. Everything connected with the concern is purple. Purple ink, purple around the company stationery. Purple oil , trucks and barrels and purple ribbons on the typewriters. Mr. Feck even wears purple underwear and purple pajamas. And be says he sees a combination of red and purple when he thinks of · what the government is doing to bottle. I knew it wnt ju-.t what I needed. J now K«-'t a ;ood IIIKIU'R bleep and can do my houwvotlJ with ease." \S liy 'do so many people endorse thh medicine? Well, perhaps it is le- can c they me. Kftiteful to have found a medicine that is just what they needed. I lumlrcdt of people are findini: out daily thU Erc« l1 medicine containing 26 splendid ingredients of herbs and other is ju^tthe medicine that they need for the relief of rheumatic ailments. KJI indirection, run down feeling. Helps to build rich iJd blotxl too. Relieves kidney .UK! bladder conditions. Why not start 0:1 the road to better he.tlth today? Go to your druggist and get a bottle of Kcnlox Compound. Ac- cVpt no substitutes, don't be switched lo another product, insist upon ccuuine Uentox. · 2nd Annual Legion Gloves Amateur ,111 uui." -"v *" "· --· -- -- - tnere \VOU1U ue a yuit-m-". uv.^-i \juiueil riaigiuvc nao oi-«-wii-». . i S. S. K. which might lead to war t - on fronl the oan dwagon of Ital- i Everyone is through butchering j 'with Russia. Today I want to deal ian c ornrnun ism. And the same f or the present, in this commun- iv.ith some of the more optimistic . . in FTance . a nd would be j tv i trends . ^ truc in FTance . an d would be £ ty jtrtie also in Poland. Czechoslovak- , ^ an d Mrs. Mart Justice and . rtie aso n . , r an . Most neople don't realize it but j a an( j O ther countries on the edgel sons Attended church at Jones in" Italy* exists the largest Com- j O f t jje iron curtain -- were it not I Saturday night and Sunday night. " of Soviet ! reason. wis H a r e r vis- in lullV c.vl^to nit A«^ O ^^« v ~--- \UL LLic llVii i-u* *.t»ii* ..^*^ munist" party outside of Soviet i£ 0r one Y ery potent reason. | Russia. Italian Commnnists in; _ N Y^Q ED GE OF THE 'the Italian Parliament control j c ^;j TA1 ^ about one-third of the votes, while j fo Czechoslovakia many people to break away ,,,,,,,,. -r-~'',,".. in tne Frencn of Depu- Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Harper visited relatives in Thacker's Gap a few days ago. Mrs. Childress of Marion. Ky., visited her cousins. Mr. and Mrs. over the week-end. the country. HEHKIX n,L. Monday, January 19 JOE MAYNAP 1GO LBS. -- HARRISBURG VS. But theselthe Big church met with Mrs. Mary and com- fc^^a^S/K^^f^siSi'"' i Communist, cannot ignore local Jj£ Wtnoirc uiy . iCommunist leacers. In tact, tne» £ ^u,,,. iu o -have to cooperate with Commun- no tne arm of tje g^- ^ in Lee Adams Thursday ist mayors. SMp there a^e not free agents, pleted a quilt. - In traveling- through northern Pe f ] f ^ ^ ° ne Polish "Se- Relatives of Mrs George: Har- ·Italy, Americans aboard tne " ^ ^ e £ ch long fought U n-'grave were her Sunday dinner i Friendship Train , meet and dc#( ;^" ur(i Against Hitler,'now has., guests. · _ - -, - f- " * ' ' - , Ideal with several Communist may- u^f, r evi\ed a-ainst Russia. And j ^KS -imogene Hargrove and iors. Many Italian cities are Com- f aee \^£?vf a General Mihailo-[Jackie Hargrave were dinner j munist governed, and most of the ^.J u ^ tn ik lieutenants are 'guests of Mr, and Mrs John Adams Communist mayors--though some *£/ oXfanizin" in Bosnia and and their cmldren, Donald and down to the ^J. lfrn f 0 - r b ; z ° Mary EUen Sunday. souiucm O-IUIB. ^ Sundav school is held on each T t ^ v k that those two Sunday "morning at 9:30. Prayer have not vet felt the heel meeting is on Wednesday night i ^ m v Their people are at 7 of each week. Regular serv- : Cents' when it^omes to .ices are ^?£^*S$£ ion- "people of' course will'day evening preceding each third at anvthing, and that is why. Sunday of the month. Crecmulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm", and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you j a bottle of Creomulsion -with the un- ; derstanding you must like the -way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. f^CouEhsTChestColds, Bronchitis ' 160 LBS. f ^h- fourth lime these boxers have met. The Herrin Prairie Post No. (513 is presenting a - f i n e group of amateur boxers. Maynard. a local tighter, will be fighting the featttre bout on Mondey, January 19 ADVANCE R I N G SIDE TICKETS ARE MOW ON SALE AT Eossles Aerie ' · On Locust Street V 2 Block Off Square As far as I could see--and 0th-1 er American newspapermen who " in Italy--many theoretical Communists or else .Communists by reason of political 'expediency And if POP" 1 .Y ffS ^^ColnWniVmTas 0 'won such a sur- ^^LY^C^BWKT P.TMing --- » --^ in The World's Best-Tasting Cereal t»n. iju»ii.v-" *·*"·' AV»5r-i.*»Tx-TCT pi'ismji iiiuiiuci ui i.v».w»»-. -- '^rJOH'^SS * StTsS.O HY ITALY IS COMMUNIST * » d Italv It is also why a is^^ In fact, a large part ot the Com- £ can bc WQI j back again , vhcn ^oiluSJOn io Keep munist population of f ortn ern ^ are not hungr y. ) c ^ * R-.*{;« C\ f f$ A t r Italy goes to church, gets along ^-^ Qf course j s where the . - ) * * » 3\CC«O V f « f**r well with the parish priests, and . ^ j and intcrim aid to TV . CHTV - T r.x- Tnn if5_(U^ "^ Cpmmunist camp long ago. f - 1 o o-f the -u. j "-However, food and money alone Rep. Jonn LesmsKi, u.. ..».K.II., will not win Europe back. The .people of Europe will always take idur food, but they will think we 'dfe bribing them unless we also itake the trouble to sell them on isomc of the things this countrv 1 _ _ . f · . .1 _ ! _ ? _ _W 213 N. Main St. Home Killed Meats Wholesale and Re£aH Fresh Frisits Vegetables WE ARE OPEN MORNINGS AT 7 O'CLOCK ·resr 3 lOc P. 53 I 5'3S^* ( a?^a£l b y s ^ p G l a ^ l i 6 for c iafoes, No. 1 Cobblers, 1 made the charge at a hearing of Ihe house Labor committee into relations' ot Petrillq'r American Federation of Musicians and the' radio and record-making indus-; tries. Lesinski is a member dt 'exes Navels 29e; 216 size Florida! dez Sc; Triumphs JO Sb, ^c 3e i ^vmt VA i**v. fc»»···-« »-.-«· ---.-- --. .---.*·; +,-»*-» Isbnd. for_c ? ce M-MUp a..4 '-^fTMTM^ or(Icr . union musi . "ssr^srss'sSPu ho- £?{%£££?? %z ^£A^\w'^ ! ^^ s * * ,p ?rsin^S{|f |S | ;Hi i s\fc sssusrs- · have been both asleep a*, ine : resh Side Fork^ si Our r ' side or half, Ib. 6Sc Sugar Cured Siked Bacon 69t I Smoked Ib, VvH 5^ ·«* -,"«"* My All-Electric Kitchen is the 'show' room in my home ·-.* Ii WATCH 'EM LAY! \vsth ' «-, «,, foh« *«r^^en.««A com. te«A gg *-«£ TM££ cfc AS£ a Sri :^*^£. a^ssi?^ « A ^ cocVoq results, more ic svc : C.*TJ. ^^ * - i . l l !..! «KH«J-,«' fc*fw« rtg rcsuUs. msr; i: '·'·"" '· -J?» Zt^^^l^Z^^^ '^^^^%g^^^^-^^^ Jrie Ki'eren. Gc? one. You too. can pofct « rfw* one iod«y. ASK YOVR EltCTR'.CM- CEi PUBLIC SEEVICE NEWSPAPER abroad--even the non-Communists u^c session. j --believe this propaganda." 110W RUSSIA DEPICTS V. S. A. i · Many have been led to believe, j j for instance, that the United | Stiles has 710 social security, no , j o'3-asc pensions, no!. insurance, is completely controlled , by V.'all Street, keeps labor in v:r- tn.1 1 cn«-bvcmcn;, ard is hcipinc jEarope only as a bribe lo keep it i from ^Oir.g Communibl. | That was why we on the Fricr.d- ' *hip Train were clad that we could j truthfully tell how the railroad brotherhoods in the United States helped to haul the train free, how »£e Teamsters Union helped to I !cvi3 the cars and how- the CIO i j Steel Workers, the- Musicians U n - , ion ar.d various other unior.s--in i r.dcJition to business, schools, | ] churches, veterans etc.--all helped j i make the Friendship Tr.un a M:C- | j CO?N The fact that American labor j I iicc'.y pla\od :'s pail seemed »o | ma':c a trcmendou'; impression on j j t:y French and Italian people. Tru:; in on'cr ;o V.-JP hick our j j 1^1 trour.d in Europe, the United , Slates has lo do more than merely cram food down people's throats. ; It al?o has to engage in friendly jinr-Horary and propa^rrsda wor):. Kq'nliy. if rot more important, it ihr.s lo'ghc Karopc new hope, new jrleaK .lew ^oais to work for. , That i where the Communists I have been so much smarter than . j we. Phony as their propaganda is,; Dorrisvillc it hcids out alleged hope for the future. And many of the peor-lc of Kurope innocently have fallen for it, as a drowT/ins* man grasps at i the last straw. i !b. 59c SU6M CURED JOWLS, Bacen Spares . . Fresh Oysters rvers Frul! Coddaii, Mssv? Swup S9c canlOc l bafiie, 15c Pegches g -j- csvy syru Or. Hor!L Be3ns ; 2 !h. 29e | PlnSo Bsass , « !b. 19e Arrrsour f s Chiffon Of.CH)!.NT I.iin;. Ma-!i i% a feed that tupplic^. an aiim- da.TCC of i!ic ·x.jan.ins rnir- craK an! pro:cm% tha: R«»«J l.-.vcr^ need. " K e e p O f C . J - Fioyr. Mothers Best f 2 in the fccdir as . II / ;'SJ, i tirr.c^. and v.'i'.r!: /. x' % / .*?? p r o d u c u o n Candies, Mixed and Peanu! Brittle i« «*j 10. /,, Murco Food Holland's Feed Hill Phone 220J{ ICy Wonder Begrss. 2 Ho c 2 csns 35c SLICED " »-. NEWSP-

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