The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 22, 1956 · Page 31
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 31

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 22, 1956
Page 31
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Thursday, March 22, 1956 HUBERT 1956, King Fciturr.5 Syhdtatc, Inc.. World rights rcitr-^d "Maybe YOU call it a diet, but I think you're after the insurance money 1" Sun Classified 55. Work Wanted ?:HH, tor une or two flays a v.-ec!:. i It; your ]>r<.schuol age child share la 41. Houses For Rent Jack & Jill Day Nursery „ ___™_ Kvery chiM participates In t'roup I'U", Iclfty riioiiHInn, rhyLtim hand, rest perloU. GUI.I-'. 1"2 \VF.ST~-. r i-ri):jm f.irntolu'd j color irrnyon u-url'.. nursery rnythms nnrt h.ju-ii-. £tit).(ii> rni.nih. yo-.i !>.!>' WHS. | HOCKS. Hot lunch':"! at noon—plus mttl- 7rt,-t,'i. I morning and rntd-afsirnoim refrer-hmeru.i. All for only J2.0U per day. Jack and Jill nc.Hl.ANDS-Oak 5ir,-<.-t. two-bedroom i fjav Nur"aV ^.ill moilerr. ln,us? _H>r^ rt-nt.^ S« J. L. ! '.MRS." .NOVA VVA-N'G. DIRECTOR ilS^srnT^i^^^hj^riSOS Pearl Ph. 3-2400 G—Also small reaiotle!- Ing Jobs. Hy tlie hour or Job.- For Information L>hon« &731. n*.^:l'or- lioihl. I'll. HlKlvl-'iiliSs '.•'.-SlS'i "r 2-1 Mil. HIOHWAY I''.' ."i-riMim tinfuriilslifrd cot- C:u4.y'-]'iii;h!!in!i3 Kii. I'll. nfur -i r'.n-.,, j MAC.NOI.1.V 131'-' - HoiiSf.i. furnu.'ietl unri j 63. Lost Slid FOUfld luifurnisVd. dean, quiet, low rent, j o^Hi^hlands layfoimi »« P*9* 31 Report Highlands Nev« To Mrs. 8. 8. Talley Phono 3-1541 Willie Lee Herndon Is New Highlands Rotary President In Highlands -Civic Club First Regular Business Meeting Settles Down; Has KIRU n ^ .Si. Kcwar.t. and -.vhite «!« £•" 69 iff JIAtfNOUtA. i2iG—-e-room < unfurnished 3-3024. rii'Usv n^r refinery. Utliit.lea puM, ; *^r~^~ .T^fT IT*-' "•"",'""""T 17'" •~-~~^-"~ • ^"^~" i^J^.^-Z!—^" 6 : I t^irnrr,.;. w --''-'l^one-!. piel'U riiuVA Liirk'e fj-roorn furnished ?iou?e. C«-.;;i!e. Pnone' !516. _ ____„_ | y \zi\o. wo , i ,-/• . ! ,.r'K.:n «i)rn;.<.!ii>i! !)our.t. fjS.MI month. b4. I'li'Mie 73H aftrr -I:"' 1 J', I". ;' iparicra. P!i. 7313. Special Notices :,!r«',m'. and bath with K^Kt. Far! MRS. HELPER '^l^^LLei''. 3 -: 11 .?! ! TEA LEAF READING PEr.OV. 501—-t-'nf«rr.!»l)eii !WO-L.rrt:-,-..-in-. .Artviic on nil prohlema of life. One visit (•.PCI* v.-ith paras'?. SCl ! ..'iO. Kp»rKy r.o;:-::, -,..!![ {-> : n\'.:-:?* you. don't Jail to pee I'.tr. )>nitor, 9ii7 S. Main. D:n! S^-ic. ,N 0 aiipi.^nrurr.: nfcfMdry. Al-vr.js open. T^-^^^ : ^^< £ ^ : : tS^SJ,* sV"M!?{e w * y tt^'. l !«. e '?" n-.!'nth." C s'ynfi;v" Bn.-.£ iU-'ilVt.-.'1:1^1 S'J-I 1 *. | ' V ''''- J - _ _ w7ic^^Nr~"l : ti'^~iro,i7r'fr "2.t.i.,ir<wm i iMpOMF TAX ^FRVICE •jnfuit'.iM^r/! i/nirf:. Drure.T, ^nnflti.'i;i ; IM^>wivlc 1 r\/\ OCrsTiv^i— li'lnda" 1''-. n-S-fl^ ' Oay r-r nlRlit m your i:o;ne or rny o'fl-?, „____' • s Xant's End. Ph. M31. DOUR Walker. WOOKTKR ST.. ' - \Vith basic organizational work already accomplished, Highlands Civic club iHXs settled dov/n vo its first regular businpss session. Three ou.t of eight appointed committees V/ere read at a ri.-ce.-it meeting with reports of surveys mailo in thoir particular areas of work. V. O. Briggs. acting as speaker for the education committee, yre- senced an over-ail picture of proposed future development of educational facilities in the Goose Creek Independent School district "Recent Interviews with school heads and with members of the beard of trustees lead us to hope that a junior high school in our. vicinity is entirely possible within the next few years," Eriggs said. "Actual placement of the next junior high school plant within the district will pivot on several vital factors,'' he- continued, "among which arc industrial development, population trends and racial integration." J.Iilton Long, chairman of the committee studying roads and transportation outlined necessary steps to opening additional streets through sections of Highlands, in- chiding other through streets leading north and south across the M i s s o u r i Pacific raiiroad tracks. Long explained that on the tnickly populated vest side of Highlands between the main i thoroughfare, which is Crosby- i Lyr.chburs road, and the San I Jacinto river, railroad crossing's l number only three. These are ; found on Magnolia, Third, and j Eighth streets. On the east side one must travel approximately six blocks to Prairie Avenue before he can cross between the north und south sections of town, Loner said. The second cast-side crossing is i on Tompkins road, about a mile and a half from Main street. Long pointed out that the opening of streets across the MP tracks would nccc.-xsitate cooperative action from the county and the railroad company. Only a partial report was heard from the city planning committee whose spokesman was V/. B. Flournoy. A complete report v.-as unavailable because of the absence of several cornmitteernen who had been given specific assignments, F'.'jurnoy promised tht club more detailed information on findings made by his group by April 17, next regular meeting date. Due also to report by next meeting date is the group designated as the civic affairs committee, headed by Pat Patterson. These men are exploring the possibility of coordinating all the youth activities of the an-a into one unified program, in order that facilities and available leadership may be used to serve to the Dest advantage. Ri-trmmendations for action stemming from reports of the Investigating' groups will be made by the nine-member advisory pane; after a thorough study has been made of the issues involved. Members of the advisory committee include H. YV. Oliver. H. H. Ross-vr. W". L. Brough, George Kc-ith, .Mrs. Harry K. Johnson Sr., Mrs. L. F. Lc-ach, Ray Prince. Dr. V\". L. Herndon and Edgar Briggs. YV. E. Kcnrichsen, president, was in charge of this week's meeting held in the elementary school auditorium, attended by about 100 persons. Membership in the club has reached 144 according to Clifton Adams, treasurer. Book Club Makes Plans Plans for the spring tea in April for Highlands Book Renew club were completed at the March meeting of the club held recently in the home of Mrs. Robert Forrester. Mrs. W. L. Calhoun will be guest reviewer for the social scheduled for 7:30 p.m. April 19 in the home of Miss Vida Light, 207 Mayhaw in Lake wood. Officers for the ensuing year were elected at this week's meeting, with Mrs. B. C. Norris heading the slate. Mrs. Norris will be serving her second term. Serving with her will be Mrs. .T. M. Williams, vice president. Mrs. H. A. Barnwell, recording' secretary: Mrs. Warren Epling, treasurer: Mrs. B. P. Hooper, parliamentarian: and Mrs. G. H. Swenson, librarian. The resignation of Mrs. T. P. Hendrick as club membership was placed on file. Mrs. J. E. Knox reviewed Dr. Smiley Blanton's "Love or Perish." Coffee, cake, mints and nuts were served the 14 members present. Willie Lee Herndon, is the new president-elect of Highlands Rotary- club, following election of officers by that group on Tuesday. HQ will replace B- P. Hopper July 1. • . A native son, Herndon's parents are Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Herndon of Highlands. After graduating from high school at REL, Herndon spent four years in the U. S. Coast Guard. His college work and professional dental training were secured at the University of Texas. He finished school and opened his dental office in Highlands in late 1S54, where he soon became active in the Rotary club. Herndon lives with his wife, the former Miss Mary 2N"e!l Hargis of Baytown, and their 10-months-old daughter, Marilyn Ann, at 213 Be- gor.ia. He is a member of Highlands Methodist church, Highlands Civic club and Sampson Masonie Lodge 231 AF and AM. Other officers elected include Harry K. Johnson, vice president. Warren Splvey Jr., treasurer, and Jim Brazzil, secretary. New directors elected at the Tuesday luncheon and business meeting are W. E- Henrichsen and M. M. Long. '" • A film emphasizing research in industry was shown the club Tues- day. J. L. Hart and Dub Ward of Baytown were responsible ftit- the film. Other guests of the "club were Ted Lyman of Baytown, and Jimmy Bzell of Highlands. Mrs. Mack Ford Is Speaker "Mrs. Mack Ford will be guest speaker for members of Women's auxiliary to Highlands Volunteer Fire department at a regular meeting of the group scheduled for 7:30 p.m. April 3 at the fire station," announces Mrs. W. B. Haschke. publicity chairman. Twenty-four game tables secured. by the auxiliary through recent ad- selling campaign have arrived, and will be stored temporarily at the home of the president, Mrs. Johnny Goodney, 100 Begonia Lane. .These tables are 'available ' for : public use. ••'..-•'. A game party Tuesday night entertained members of the organization. Mrs. Odelle Owans and Mrs. George Coleman were cohostesses for the social. , . The muskrat is not a rat. He is an amphibious rodent and should be • called a..."musquash." l2—3-room.«. b.ith >in.. furr.!.-h«-!l »>ou«f. '-' vrnter jml.1. SM.OO month. J. J. !'.''':-. <!«y ph. VID>3.!u< fi.-.ll. ALCOHOLICS ANO.vrilOL'S Tr'-Otlr.i r..-o;: ; i.ppi. 24SS. US 5! Bay.own Group-1'h. 6076. - —•— iHlrhlnn.lj radiance S J n. 2-16i2 or 2-2731. ! WILLOW 1304 — "p-rix>m houtc on 50x100 __ __ .—. _ i ft. lot,' KfMonable. For Information Meeting I f~* M " ' C ( ,^S Pf i .3 Vx* t.-3 s S Vr '• For P-TA -eiiil. ______ _ L'NFVRNISHED -- 4-room 'house. Attic .'nn. cnriiKr. Kfni rt.isor.ab'.e. Apply WOK K ! SfTlTX ivT «'. ml(i llkt to jhnrc t'-r til,-* liome wr.h small family-i yonn.j: »i np J I .7 J SEWING MACHINE SERVICE Any mnkr i>r motlei - clfnr.rtl - oilti! - nnjiiieidi - !n your hum*. WORK OUAKA.NTEKD SHKHMAN SKWINO CENTER 1« W. TEXAS PH. 200-1 run or women. Television. .lUtumnr.c _ »ii«htr. drtt'ff""- r "'-._ 6 _ 1 .. 6 .": 1 WILL NOT BK R~EVFONS1 W,r. for oT'TjOI'SK rertnt'.y lrf!r.!.-.heiJ. I'"- l'lt nelcMjirhdod. Cnuj'it. 11ion« 42. Bedrooms-Board CRKOER HOTElr-Oean, quirt, hornc- imc c,oo<1 ncils, K.n.i heatrr». tu!) nrnl iihowtr hnth? lyijw nilri. frt« purklns 10! :*.i:o. 'KA!:fK. :IK, \\ T-.-.o ij"ilr<«>nif. Appl 5-irf.c r<l'lrr.i.K or roc's r-'ur-irry. jili.-.:!" 3-'~f*f*7, 51. Female Help Wanted madr t»y .tnyor.c otlirr than my- .^f-l.'. Pr.'nrt; V.":i!k^r. r~~WlLt. "NOT B"E~i{KiF6"NSIBLE fo^r dct'ts m,i'lc hr ;myone other titan my- !t\t. Roy T. Wilson. IT'S NO DISGRACE To H.iv« Rouchcs But it is to i:tcp them: to in us B«t r.a of them for you. All \Vorli Guaranteed Ph. a-^oi 65. Monuments-Burial Lots \V \ I Ti *-'\i r \VA NTKP — T C E M K T K R V. INC.-- t Frriy Hold, Oil-tr Rayon. A MMuti'tll ji-omfiictfiy "PEKFKTl.'All ("ARK" rrme- i '.TV in tin l.lcHl !or;itl"n. Beautiful ::T?.-. i NHV .*•!-'! .in.'j ur.ili-r development now. :!!'. V r.'OW AMI fJAVE. H. II. HnrJIson. • Mii.-iaci-r. K, i). H:i>'^, SaH-*ninri. J'n. . p.?!'.] ,.; ;;."S.*>7 rn That Extra Money :_•;••• m--,'.i-.i Vnnripy :i;i-'AVO-. \V:n. W U- ;!','.;•' .. M ; i:v.::-..'., i-'.3 L'-'J 1 'i™ p.,\. j;.-!!,. !.'.'.'.;':....'."'..I „ >\-it.' a Komi fu- '*'•'• A -* s '!'r*'-. Mnruie. itronr.c. Monuiriryitf!, : T''' '"ii"' -,^^''r' ^..^'.- - N| ' n c:<rr>-lr.f: rh:ir<;-.'.;. Til-Cl'.v ':; U «.,-,.,?, ,«,„.;,.' lii'l 'Co.. Mnrkej St. «t Wr>l .Main. I'll. <Tn2. A special, mecUng of the Highlands Parent-Teacher association has been called for 3 p.m. Mon| clay. | At this meeting a report will be read from the nominating commit- too named in February, and officers for tiic coming year will bo elected. Due to report at the? regular monthly meeting: March 19. the nominating commitleo, composed of Mrs. YT, E. Dunks, Mrs. C. A. Bed- ingcr, Mrs. J. O. Christian. Mrs. Mnry Kcrr. Mrs. B. B. Talley and E. P. Hopper, was unable to complete the proposed slate of officers, before that date. A ctUiod mootinfT became necessary in order to meet the provision in the P-TA constitution thru, officers shail bo elected in March. In line with the troditjon that ,1 life membership be presented ar.- nunlly to seme; member who has mnrlo ;\n outstanding: contribution tn tho organization, a committee? was nameil Mondny night to select the nominee for the honor. The Baytown junior high school band, directed by Elmer Hargi.s was prrsenlc.i in concert for members and guest;: of the Highlands P-TA at the Monday night meei- Lodge Notices "-•.'.f, 1 ,;, 1 --'. 1 ;,,-!: . ; u,-li.. s'i,iK : , ,-iii vr*- w - i-oage Notices »-•:•,;;!. ;; ..- :'} tn _n.V AJI.I.;:,' in lie:-.™ TT'T 77 7 r.^-^^^^ •:.--:;:.«.'-«», «™ ;K nr ^ \ £Ilglltands ;f" 1 ' ;i!!i " t ]^\':r- Wri:t Hox -'^' ^i;^; "^ c >.' ; M ft ^, E W- ! ,|i'i, ,-:,!•,- ..f 1, .-Mill. i'>«•!.' 111:11.' i:, ,;.«,. Creek '..-.-ill;.'. Mi--i.,.-.i,- j -\ y 52. Male Help Wanted . Hill. r.;iv;,-.w:-. TI-.-,ir.<iWv, M:.:i'.'. ' jn-o'i; ;:- Km ii:;i!-r ".' K.-.l \'\vf« .-'in! tin- j £> ivs THIS IS THK F.MA T .!.1-'.ST AI> but offcrR j M'.i'lil'il-ilV'l ' ]liin:n HC. V''".i.l-l Fuildlr.C. ~ "\VE~NEEbMEN l\''K"'K!JAr:I.V FAM11.V M:- - ." WITH !:!>rnNMHiMTY ,..- l; ( ,r-|. K:::"'. \.lin lii'nl in ni..:," ivini;" Mr : ••••ir (."11,!-.>••< -.••l-\ r ^.-i Oi in !-• ! rif! ;!-•• I'.ir v..:i. If .-. n'l :.r MR. AXD MRS. \V"Ilis Hunt M. WitKc-i'.""i-i-roriV.-r plupyini;' for Baytown Civic Musi: sT.M'i'n MKKTlNn i,i i'.-d:ir ] Associr-.tion . . . Oittoii Mr.v. A. K. B.;-,"'i ("!.:ipti-i- No. 11. O.K.S ' ;.-,,..,, , „ .. w |,i«,, .,,,,] -.,';.,, ,. ,|. In fii< M.-p.-,iMi,- Hell. Cellar • ' '' ' ' ' J " >l '' alt>1 ''"'' : 101 __H.i;.im. TMl;-,,i.iy, Man-!. !2 : k.'1-ilot frocl:, Doreih.v \'i';:p.S'>!H'r V iv.-'Ni^.-M 1 '':^ 1 !.^-.:;!." ' n< '"'' 1 "' s i S' 0! ' s •' ! - vi - 5 'l-n 1 • • • Oliver Hnrmon K.inii .•-!'•!>! .s.i-..MI. w.M, ; sh:il\es his- he;'il liubiou;-!;.- over n ;'\!,;.KTI \~~"K,Mf'!,Y i;.>i'<i- c-i-...i i makes :ln i:iiti:il trip u> i-i:.>;i-lap.vls. Mrs. .). i;. B:'irro\v misiity happy T l.M. N'i|;lil 11 ::lio. Hi' < ':;.v.H.'ll T . _ .. .X"' ' ''•'"• ^r'':'-!"'!."""; 1 ;: 1 :,:;' ^iu.:!; ; ^''iv.npiim''^ liospita! :ind ;i period of i-oiiv:Me.5- The C-srnaTIOn L^O. ,.-..,,!:•.;!.,- i,.vit,.,i. i enco. sponilin.-- some time v.ith he.!.. M. Mlt'.'rr TIM , . -.* dnriiis; tluisi' nays uviv itrv dau^ii- ter. Mr:;. !Y:vy Tyler of 1 ••.:•.:•.>n Koii»i-. r.a.. ami n ni.H-e, Mrs. ar Tiekfii of .S!ii::er . . . 53. Sales Help Wanted Heavily Concentrated i:. c i:-..|.i. ' A* I. I. I' Ii (.'ONVOCATICIN' i.^.'U x /•;....!.,• <-r,-,-k nuin.i- N... sns. \* t H A.M.. 1-rl.lay. Mm.•!. 23. \VaUlemilr Tick'.-ll of Sili.'ier . . l\X-.'« / I'-'-" -" '••'•" P.m. I" il'-« Mn- ,^j ,, ;,-, , . , ^^s.,?/,- ii:iu is.iyiowii. Pn.«t Mich | I'-una Mc\\ horler makes a mighty ,..' .,.!' 1 ! i1> '' t1 , N -^!,', ! ' , i , ; '," l "'ii l ''' m ',.'n."'; < .' r " ' '"-scions lemon v.vririiuie pii-.| rf.iile .i|p'en. Must tun ar :;n-l rum! i,',.;,,.,, .,', L ';|n,. n ii] SiM.inr.iiiii;" f.nn|.:u.ioiis I I-X'servi :',,<;• lienoi'Ji'ole mention for Sir B r'7i; n ,,«n,i m .io.KrV 11 "",f. 1 - 4 .fmi'.'..-^ J- 1 """" 5 ' i ". v!1 ", 1 ' , „'„,„„ „ ,. n pCMoa.-.l P.ivo-nwny program is if ynn .iinlirv. ,\l«p.'K.'ioil ri:y r.nile "l'»i. ]/ ,- K,.|'ni " sci- 1 -.-'. M'r.S. J. \V. SiiCeil . . . Kastoni H". f . 1 '' l " t -'~' '''-"- Of ." :iyui ^ i - sun — ?rM-KnMKFT!X.r',,r^,^ Star members mai;i!i. T an,! sellimr <.\ .<":< I.".IP- No. Mi. A.I--. * beautiful Krister ba.skeis- . . . Mrs V *»' ^"h'ft™ 1 ^"?- 7:n^ A V. .Tone, lends a pair of pink >,-V p.m. AII m, nn.i visim.p i rabbits . . . Oarry Oehler—a :iev <A \ Hrelliren oor.Ii.illy imilnl Ui | - , . • . • • mil-nil. ' >'-'" Old. MEN OPs WOMEN ur inn time. <'lioo.«- your own hnurs. j Onn.l <-:<rnliii:ii from »lnn. \Vrltn Bnyiovn i Sun. lir.x full. _ _ i OLDfR MEtsl" nf retirement nee whn M'.ini cn-'i.l yonr .-irnuii.i Inhume. Full nr pnri-tim*. Avr:-- .IRC .\S,.'ifl IIT li.i'-. • Younprr men "r ivnine-i rnnnlilrrrtl. Write llnx "lOO, core j of Hnji.wn .Sun. 55. Work Wanted L. C. (lontry. \V,M. lv«y M. Hrln.'ion. So.-'y t.P.O. KI.KS NO. llil! 1 . ri'R'.i- r nr moot, n K :il S:MI^ p.m. riiiirsil»y. Mnn-li '22. ISSfi. :'iin.«. IS. Porch. Kxnllc.l Itlllor .'nrl K. Mnnn, Soi-rcl.iry Legal Notice LEGAL NOTICE .i i Cooyo Crfclt Cnncollibtr.1 !n.ioi>r:iilrnt SVI'.ool llistrlot. in :!:.' Olfi,',- ..f M:t,n- tcn.-iiici'. iiiull ]2: rn'iui Mnaiii 'J6, l<i,-ni. d>'.- Laundry Kiiuipnion:, Wr-siu'r. Tirvor nn.! Kranu-i.ii-. ci-i'ss.-iry :\\:;y 1... ha.t l.v ' l-t;g<ll l-MUtlue Np(;i-.«s:iry liiforaints.n n;:ty !. t - ha,I hv Monroe's Day Nursery ^f^^ ( ^;L^^^^ •',,.,„, ,,/„, ! N'OTlCK fIV 1NTKNT10N f.f' THK ! "•'' r>g\H :„ n-jfi-t My .<in,: : i'l l.i'H ,-,r l.> (l:DO .-Y.rn. t.> l :nO ^.m. SI..." vrr ilsu or (<| T y yp n VYOVV'--' T.-. \--v'! Til KN- |.-i«'p>|pi uiiy hiii lU'i'n.i-ii most :II|V.-HV.:IK>-I,I:S 2.V h-Mir hnDy sltlinK cv*iilnic*i. lli>i*rcnce.i. T1 , ;n , NTO ' A cviOl'MHATlOX .\<iKKK- • "> I'. 3ii).i VVlsconiim. I'll, .l-2h.1i. M K N T WITH Till: 11 O V S 1 N r, , Ociv,;,. H. r.fimy LAWN MOWING PHONK n-l«i74 .LK BAMY SITTR AVAIl.A)il,E ANYTIME, .\\Y\VMKP.K 712 UOtSTKlt. PHONK 70(i» PEST CONTROL TKRMITKS. ROAOHtS. ANTS All Work c.uaiAnttf.l For H»»t Ph. 3' McShan's Button Shop Cnwm Rclr* Mtt(fin«, ntitlnntiftl*.'. Cnf- tifr Fjfir.-* Artrt S. Thlril. SPKOI A r'.T ?.( N''l •—! rt . . T.'HA Jm<MfftV/Wfn( T^.ins. OH I.. A. Sianifr, (.;-., A11THOUITY Or" THK CITY <>V KAY- TOWN. TKXAS, I'lirtiLirn iu a riiot:.,n iluly j.:is«il on D«ci.a,i-i 1:1. is;..-,, m- n,e c.!> ( 'OUIK-II lit »-'h ll. -J-J, :.!. " Sr , 1( , . " h , i . ... ..' , -,;'"'" , , ;•' ^v 1 ' ' " Ail'lmiux nf IU I'ily o< (::iyl,»«n, 'l>.\.,-i. j^Vr"!,!. Lipl-wil'"?!' 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Thanks again, - Joe, Tommie, Candie, and employees HIGHLANDS TIC 't WITH EACH $2,50 PURCHASE WE WILL GIVE OMi CHANCE ON OUR BIG ANNIVERSARY SURPRISES. FIRST PRIZE: A $50 BILL SECOND PRSZE: A Sunbeam Steam Iron THIRD PRIZE A Kord Deep Fry YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PRESENT TO WIN! WINNERS WILL BE POSTED IN NEXT WEEK'S AD. CENTRAL AMERICAN BANANAS 2 15 U.S. NO. 1 CALIFORNIA POTATOES 10. 59 CALIFORNIA LOCAL FRESK YARD BSI " frs jca •.» Doz. 39 LETTUCE 2 is, 25e TENDER PASCAL CELERY ...2 S, !9c ALL GRINDS Lb. Pko. BAMA PURE PEACH PRESERVES M .o, 35 STOKLEY'S FRC>ZEM fti^ JUICE 2c. M 35c te «a ui SB 8 IMPERIAL PURE CAME Lb. II Kfi B^ 4^1' i5 w H?-C " ^-oz. §^Q \TS H (Rim 4 'cT ^ m ' [ Washday Miracle Reg 2?c TIDE Size 14-oz. Bottle DEL MONTE ?9r PFAfHF^ 1 r i9 $ 1 CO a?L ! rLMVIiLJ 3 Cans I CAMELLIA MELLORINE ! /4 Sal. GOLD MEDAL Spaghetti p er -a A C « . Box ^ " Nkcaron? JASMINE HALF OR WHOLE UNCLE WiLUAMS POEK I BEAN5 Breasi--0-Chicken Chunk ^ <5 Cans •,'.'!:.) SiX.K .. 2^251 BRAND FRA7PM c ^«4TA{i ^WS?MP 12- « JWillAsL JfiiRtrM . .p^ FrtA'jr'lF ^1*1?" t ^PTi AWf Ti 1 ™^ 1 ^ vi. FROZtN bfcAyED OYSk^ . .pk. g . 12 BOTTLE CARTON COCA COUS Plus Oeoosrf DASSY HOOP RAT TRAP L8. «j U.S. GOOD VEAL SIRLOIN STEAKS ROUND STEAKS 49c 59c HORMEL ALL MEAT Wi^'ERS JASMINE SUGAR CURED HICKORY SMOKED SLAB BACON SUCEDF- a 39c uWc J"-,T? W ."-I I «T«; ... *"?;

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