Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 6, 1965 · Page 15
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 15

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1965
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

WIN UP TO $1,201°° Play Confederate Maney At Safeway NOTHING TO BUY —NO OBLIGATIONS — ENTIR TODAY HAMS Center Slice Lh 79« SHORT RIBS SNAPS Cocoa && Lemon 2 Lb. Bag 2 I Smoked CLOV1S TTftff^ May Wilson's Fully Cooked 6 to 8 Lb, Avg, Hickory Smoked Lb. SLICED PICNICS '""•""'"*" 35e Chuck USDA Choice Heavy Beef Tlade Cut Juicy Tender Lb. 45 C Chuck Steak 55« Lower Your Food Bill-Shop Safeway! I .S.I).A. Choice Hfav\ Ucr-f - Lb. 100% Pure Ground Beef 3 Lb. $100 Pkg. | Roast PORK ROAST Fresh Picnic Cut Pork - Whole or Shank Half - Lb. Fresh Pork Center Cut Shoulder -- Lb. ... BOSTON BUTT Fresh Pork Roast Semi-Boneless -- Lb PORK STEAK Fresh Pork Lean & Tender - Lb 29< 35« 45' 59' 79 • ^T Luterne . Ice Cream ; White Flour ^ "• Dog Food ? 1 2 s $ 1 FRUIT PIES Save on These Values at Safeway! ORANGE JUICE ~~ 4 NU MADE OIL Certified Thick or Thin SLICED BACON 2 P £,$1.29 G Oz. Cans Safoway or Armour All Meat FRANKS sk S 59c Pure Vegetable H'oQt. Btl. 69' KRAFT SAUCE BK* 39« Buddie Smoked SLICED MEATS 'j oz. Pk«. 39c r r or FROZEN POOD BUYS! 10 (>/. S<-ot( li Tn-al !'<•;!>. 10(>/. Bd Air >V;itflr«. 11 (>/. lie I Air I'dlatii I'attii- Ki ()/. Hfl Air Turnip (ircrii- Pi (>/ Hrl-Air Hash Brown Stock-Up and Save on Froien Foods at Safeway 6 PUqs. Only $ 1 PORK a BEANS $ Van Camp Famous Quality Beans No. 300 Cans 1 Pickles and Olives! STUFFED OLIVES fffK 49c SWEET PICKLES ^r pd 33c DILL PICKLES y£.?SV:£ 55c WHOLE DILLS K?.r 55c Shop Safeway and Save! ZIPPY RELISH ,yr;.T rRe "' h 29c These Prices Good Thru. Sat. May 8th at Your Safeway Store In Clovis, New Mexico Biscuits Green Beans Drinks Mrs. >Vrij;hts Buttermilk or Sucetimlk 5 8 Oz. Cans In Tliro\\a\va> Cans—All Maxors (.ireen (iiaiit Sliced Beans Breakfast (iem Grade 'A' Large LEMONADE TUNA TOMATOES 'i 4 ° 69c Safeway Values! JIFFY POPCORN — 29 e SILICOHE LOTION li\f Day Koll-Ou DEODORANT «=" FRESH EGGS 2"87« * s WTV |iri-akln>i l,i in (inwle'A* MnJimu FRESH EGGS 2 79' (ira;M'lruil JUICE CHARCOAL 10 ,:;; K 49c I ll i IMIII'I \ CHARCOAL20 95c TANG-ORANGE 99c Ail l-'l:a,.i •« It. n/ t'.in^ HI-C DRINKS 3 ? $1 1 .ll.llS III I./ t 'illl "' $100 TOMATO JUICE 37c c ' m " SALTINE5 ,,.„,-.,- 35c 3 « «* $| C.n« I t.iuh la\ NortUeru NAPKINS DUZ DETERGENT liamn Bra a SKINNERS T»*li - Uif t I'uJbH> PINEAPPLE lifiil li<A&fci PEANUT UTIEI 2 m ct 10 0* 79' i 27' 61' C - Can lb. 27« 79« Safeway For Garden Fresh Produce!! California STRAWBERRIES Fancy Ked TOMATOES sr Bad 39 SRIAKPAftWJJIUKSII t^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Bf^^^^^^tB^^^^^^^^^^^j^^^^^ti^^i^^^^^R ASPARAGUS Lb. •• fl^lC Frttk 19 POIIAGE PUNTS E . We ONION PUNTS ur orvt 19c MICHIGAN PEAT 100 -51.89 50-S3.35 we BEsrsvE'fSk «iSHT TO i Save 10c On lJ('t;. or I'iuc (<riiul Coffee & Tea Values! Edwards Coffee 6 ^^H^^v Jr COFFEE K, 3 '1 $2.07 mSTANT COFFEE ., Jlr 84c TEA BLEND ,c, n . 57e 1 •• *j \~^ > "3^1 Walker U ;l A*U De Set In July ROSWELL (tJPlj*. ntf 22nd Strategic Aerospace Dlviaita It Walker Air Force Base wfll tw deactivated In July the A1 f Force announced "•--•-•*-The decision will affect '« military personnel and two el* vilians assigned to the divialofl, which exercises command fe* sponsibility over a strategic bomber and tanker unit and an Atlas P Missile Unit, now beinff phased out. A spokesman said the deacti* vation decision was prompted by the phase-out of the missile unit. Legal Publication - — Jfo. -jft April 29, May 6. I. 1 ?, 20 IMS i.v TIIK imruirr count or CCRWY SAFEWAY Pooch Dog Food 1 25 Lb. &£ .. 10 U. Bag corporation, i Plaintiff, 1 DELTON C. SPURUN and ') N °" BESSIK F. SPURUN. hl» ) wife, KKNNETH E. ADCOCK ) and SANORA ADCOCK. his ) wife, MELVIN D. ALBERTS! ) And JKANETTA AUJERTZ. 1 hi« wife. THE CITY OK CU)- ) VIS. NEW MEXICO and ) UNKNOWN CLAIMANTS OF ) INTEREST JN THE PREMI- ) SES ADVERSE TO PLAIN- ) TIFF, ) Defendants. ) xotirr. OF SAI.K Nntirp Is hereby given that on the 28th day of April, ]%5. In Cause No. 1fi,:>(* In the District Court of Curry County, New Mexico, styled Federal National Mortgage Association, a corporation. Plaintiff vs. Delton C.-Spurlln add Bessie F. Spurlin. his wlfr. Kenneth E. Artcork and Sandra Adcork. his wife. Mclvln D. Alhertz and Jeanetta Albertz. his wife. The Clly of Clovls. New Mexico nnd Unknown Claimants of Interest In The Premises Ariveisp to Plaintiff, De- fi'iirinnls. a judcment was rendered In favor of the plaintiff In the gum of SI 1,2-11 47 with l<n per annum additional and said sum from the date of sale unUI paid, and for all costs including- court costs nnd expenses of sale; that the n»- tun- of said aclion Is to recover on « I certain promissory nole and to forCCliisr. n renl esiate mortgage executed by th* defendants Melvin D Alliertz and JeamUa Alhertz, his wife, as security for mild note, and m said action H won nrdet-cil aiul decreed that said real estate mortgage he foreclosed and that the real e«tate hereinafter described and all the Improvements thereon be sold to satisfy said Judgment. After cost* and expenses of sale. the funds from sBifl sale should he applied first la satisfy the .ludcmcnt of the plaintiff nnd thereafter in the order of priority as determined t>v the Court from the judcment on file herein. NOW. THKREFORE. notice is heretiy given that the imilersinnert Harry L. Putton of Clovls, New Mexico, as Snecial Master on Ihe 3iMh day of June. IStJS. at the hour of 10:00 o'clock am., at the front door of the Curry Count v Court HIIIIV Clovis. New Mrxlro, will offer for sale and sale at public vendue to the highest bidder f'>r cush the f'lIlowinB described real estate Rivaled In the City of Clovis, Curry C'o'.inty. New Mexico, and the improvements thereon to-wlt • I,OT T\VO IN ni.OCK SIXTEEN' OF TIIK DEI.I.A VHTA AUDITION TO THE CITY OK CI.OVIS. Snnl s.ile livn'ln ln-i'i!' minli- to satisfy i .ludi^rnein, cosfy ,>r s;iit and expenses <if '< <siiul juU^mont ouMs »V salt and I'Mwn^•' \ of sale in tin- order nf pnolly si'l fnrth In D.ill-d tins Bill, iln.\ n! Apul. tftiS. « HAItrtY I. PATTG.V Spefial Master i I.KC.AI. NII. ii ; April -!' Miu (i. 1<W~> MiTIf I III lllMllt IIS The Clovi.- .Miinu-ipal .Srn<>"K n-i|lli"-l-i liirts "•! ;u Anienr.-in nut'lr- -:nml:tni l\!>r virlter- with pif» tvin>. »[K'n ,'lectnc nacc with swrial lo:.;.| mh<n,l Uii There i viiall !»• a Hade In ol ''.n K".v«i Manuiil lypewriters. Hirt t,i he upened Monday Mny 1 17. HKiri .1! ID-.IKI A..M The Buatfi »l mi is a I >o reqnest- IDS nid* fnr cu*t>id an sni-plles If he opened M.I"I)H\ Ma> IT iH'i.i H! 11 1*1 A.M Drtaiu'.r i.:>.T>!irav.n* iriiv ''i- oliminprt In ,•,nine-tins the li-.iMii.'Ss Ollice of thi CI.IMS MIIIIIC ;i«! S(-ii"'-ls. K.u-hlii anil Pile • rpipusalii will he ivceivKt i:"-til the '.hove ma'id t.irn-- ami l^H'n niH'ned and Th.' l'..i«:-d of Ed;ii-ati.m H'servek the n<-h: !,» M-i.-fM aru- nrir' *-n nl! of any hid • and to waue nil teeh'i.i-ali'ies -/ Al.YY P SMl'IT! I V. M. '•* . is nil' I'lsiiiivrr < "i IIT or ri'ititv mrvri >T\TI in \i-.w MI-AUO is THI-: MAI n-.i: I-K .mr-'r 1,\<!' \V|i ! AN''. • TK- I .V ' M! NT ill- -AM HI-Mil'K ynil .n-:v. i;i i r.ui M "K HI i'1'H Mill* I III III \KIM- I I'lt l'HI>\IV»i \MI.I I., \vtii M M •>; u 'ii ' I.I; N ' MI,ii i - '..-•• ! .•-'•• ' !i ''i ••• '• • n '';, ,1,, ,,f \ [ i 'Ik. - I'-. '•»:>! l.a-l «y' 1 |-.'.,', I,.," •!,- - •'••"' I'!'' 1 ' !l " t"0,.l'U ,,V i ;,, i i ,«.i» :.l!,-ii---i l-.t |-;.il'..'i- in Mir ,: . „„•- ,. ....- m , ..-.,. .-,.-'. ^ew M^ ir-l A' '• HI 1 -' H'i ll,'l>-'l^ ohi'''' 1 ' 1 ^, t'i 'Hi' |>-.,I>«U. ..f ».-l»! \\'i; «••' "l-iH.) Cu!l:ri«l ,,, t ,,. n .,.M--.' .r- "<e <,'••:* ilnv nf May. l«i=, ,.i 'I--in iici.k-i- -.n the i,Ten.j,in. and •>-'..,-., , ,1.11,, n an> i:i.-> in.,v have why vt ., \\ .; v-n'i nni t',- adminci-l to Pro- ' ' \\ "\!'^-'. !'•> ! ia:;i! a-'.d *>' : i'> ot ltu ' : p, .,i,-,Vi. "l '.HIM ••' Cjrr-. C'Ji'ty, N«-w . M . ,; i ,-, * New Mevico this ','-,;,, ,!;,,, ,,| A;•• : t'l".'• . . . from our Dairy Case! Coldbiook ) Lta C'ns MARGARINE 2 ? 35c Luct-int- Fit .h BUTTERMILK c 45c SOUR CREAM 33c i'jct'iric he;,' ifc oz. Cm POTATO SALAD 39c I ,,| il'l-l li »lluN I "1! l ml on I N~I • . :. I .» . n • •'• " ' . .,,.,, I-..,... P. II .;•!.".• Wil-'... H,, i i,- . .n i'l I 'in'"" i^ '" - ' , - . :.-MI-II iir ,-, -li*}* 1 ;.*'"-'» IJi'<'':-' . ;:! ,,; ; .,, u ,,,i »•. NU -,-,.„ pnn.e «.,» ^A';;:' ^l'naM..w --»"«* whv (hi. .p- iili. ii : i'i". v!i"i.M n.'' i»- utiiirini-d. ••I"' • •' :«l'''i'i ir'"ni-M"m'iH'Mni! :• I" V.,.l«l May 3' ]» . :,' I'l'lUl. I II.• H'> H t: Batji.jck. li . Duel*"! DlM»iOi "' LilJUOl- COttU'oi I.K.V V"^ ( ^ I.N lilt "l'U«il»»lt: IOI.KT ur CiitMV. SI4TK i>t Nt.W "" IN I UK MAn'KK Ul-' ll-it > LASS \vu.i. AM; iK>i\- ' No. 41*8 MtM OK KAilNt-ST I (• HUV i ' I'AKl'tMivK. lilSl'fc.ASi.'.L). l ' MOTH I Tt> WHOM IT MAY CON''BRN: |."ii|i,iriini' i<> he itir i-w-t Will and •ft»l- UHllt'i! Of t':il'lc*l J.l-l-V •• . 1 -if.. Countv. W Ul M.i« COUrt, tt •' ><> o'ctock A . I'ii'MKf Judje* ' W.U T»»'*m*t!i »t.y -- Ji" »: >;' •*' uf or ;ij»line'*ot iviil l.»it will af.«J T«»l»in«« i fci« h«f^t'.v nuU/^U u> f^v their oO^H^KHi* ; in lh» of V* of Uw iJuunly Utrk. Curry -'•• — M«XJIX> on or Ixttuf* tit* ! UU> N«M Mexico, lhl« UM> AAtf^HI County f CHILE t<

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